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„It doesn't matter who you are. What matters is to reflect on what is going on in a world where the power play has shifted to the fifth domain.” When international relations shift because of one person taking USB drives for a tour of all three superpowers, when single exploits are worth tens of thousands of dollars to military and law enforcement agencies around the world, while at the same time the underlying vulnerabilities are being declared dual use technologies, a.k.a. weapons, in international arms trade agreements, hacking has definitively changed. A hacker without an illegal past, a voluntary NATO mission co-director that never served in the military, a university teacher without a high school degree – it doesn't matter who you are. What matters is to reflect on what is going on in a world where the power play has shifted to the fifth domain and what that means for you, your families and your country.

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hello I'm effects that I had the pleasure of In addition weird as called for you so that everything else after we knew that looks and sounds technical even more so than I was told I so say something about me around it and get basically I don't know why I'm giving keynotes about like giving them and so this basically there is about why do we do what we actually do which usually looks like this you will want to do that we really want to run system D. no you don't have so that basically word we used to do is playing with computers with technology on enough because it's fun because it looks scary hex wow cool um then everyone else decided to use technology when I still don't understand where those people that would say that work in a bakery the need to have a computer because it is I think it was an MIT professor is that I'm not in computer science because I like computers and computer science because it wanted to deny on those markets and and that is very true for me as well so that and I also like to not being told what I do with my technology from so when up a lot of money for them on a piece of technology I don't want someone else to tell me what to do you see this is what happens you know you're a nice to 1 side show infinitely other this is actually attached the song so the thinking In who am I have uh those that work in the will of course not only all become like this 1 that takes ages
uh basically I am running 1 of its but within phrase that that my best friend runs that a company forming around called Richard let's reduced security consulting um high and security consulting world model of the columns of smoke that is also presented here have them in the a room so we basically get to see a lot of stuff in the industry which has all kinds of computer systems that are usually in things that are not meant to be computer systems that drafts medical devices cars that I think that I'm there and we by we do a lot of research in general research and some of which now turned into a another company um where basically we're teaching computers to trust like humans because you know about computers those days basically trust you for everything we write that in this as well as the certificate checks out your guts but it also this is a banking website and you only wanted to make sure it is you're buying there now it can actually install software on your computer and do all kinds of things I mean and this is not how humans work in your interest also does not have the concept of revocation use if I stop trusting you I'm not running around world telling people 3 billion people itself were actually telling them that I have a file that you can download which can tell you that so but in the end so you have it in my spare time of which I have very little that I never went to the military and and know development the next thing you know what turned out to be Edo director of 4 of the biggest non-military mission that they do their own because securing controversies so easy so you have want took the task to secure an entire country which is the country of afterward so that I much about me I usually don't do that but they asked them some of the things instant of time don't be confused I keep looking at the slides and I finished neurons data source so what is what are we actually do a rate that is striking words and everyone else in the world thanks to the media that contains United States evil people with a ski mask uh you know that that sit in front of a computer that because I'm a wider policy and so I don't actually have a let's see what it takes to wear a ski mask and figures that that's how I have against like it does on years that have sort of a wider scheme at greater than so that that so is this type of war is possibly determined referring to people the Indian right here uh and toy train the clock that actually managed to run a bunch of trains without smashing them into the other traits that's actually what it term comes from because if you have a rendezvous the entire training system that you will know all those little pieces that you can view the flip open to have permanent or of hammer on them and this is the term hacker because that's the sound and the the right so that the . possible way is well maybe you are great hackers if you manage to burn the material that you actually have sworn about 5 volts to protect the uh the net on a CD label lady gaga and walk out of there and get out in terms of the deal only person the flies around the world without a passport to them that in my way in my world is not hacking is used you know there's a definition of whistleblowing does not involve you being illegal that involves the other part of being in legal basically of proving oneself is acting in not giving a shit is not set there at the end of today it's actually up to you whatever hacking is is up to you how every be prepared to live up to that on the consequences of trusts you make them bigger this is no longer just about you it used to be when we had an his DOS and get a single-user single-task singer responsibility there but in a connected world from the hiding and would you do with it is actually affecting a lot of people and this also changes the perception of who cares about what you think so defense but what difference um can use to the purity of the word to Crassus meaning that no matter how happy you are not the and if you're skilled compared to your friends in your call guess why I started heck if it if it it is and well being skilled like kind of failure with but being updated and I did that so it was then later a little bit about the him which is fine as long as that is in your uh in your friends of circle around then suddenly frame equaled money when we look at Loftus the became at state that the most popular Semantic and stuff like that so I mean that we are talking about a hacker group that was bought by semantic I mean people that Hong Kong to security of it bites the maniacs so nowadays so that its competition so suddenly your friends are your competitors that how about your employer if you have an employer that actually is small enough to have a internal security gene well enough that were to listen to it almost never happens that some basically it and during rest employers job so in the in my work would would donate for example I realized them to military almost never ever dustpan tests on their own networks simply because there's 2 cases case 1 D general has a very bad gut feeling them about the security of their networks and suddenly is something unexpected happens which is they finally notice that they have someone else in the network right there's 2 types of organizations in the world was that got hacked and those that didn't notice that in and what happens then is he goes in front of the camera media and those my but the other cases he had a penchant before and he has the bunch of paper on his desk playing saying you stock and you need to do this and that and then get hacked very bad for the career you're just pension so basically it in every pen-testers killed by the highest possible general but use of it In skill before it happens so we else here your plancks let's say you're 7 employed and it used to be quite unique role you needed to tell people why they actually dryer hotter than in nowadays and once you're done and that all let's assume you're dying and let's assume you don't completely 2nd neutral report on gender free refer Hamilton referred you also annual report because it didn't find anything else like that passwords that are all over the code that you reducing everyone's but no space because now they have to do something about it to spend money on security which means there is less profit which means to getting bonuses um I mean guess how a why white everyone is putting what we're partners in the networks that reduce didn't to go to
the CEO and tell him that he gets a couple of billion Celeste owners for year just because you're having a bad gut feeling about the bunch of Chinese people would drop rotation time of a couple of weeks inviting the code of tobacco products mn she doesn't even know what electron brothers and what the government and out of the the it was a unique resource for what's didn't but had the influence of yes they existed and governments it's called and say that the now I mean basically it became a commodity then the commodity got a price tag of because every military in the world and every signature was in the world community wants to help holdings and it happens to be the case that we all want to have voted against the same target for example I told them so that they can get up the basically the you turned out to be a very inefficient back on the program the big enough either you get paid for their work where you get paid for the box the 2nd as a backbone to prepare and what happens with that is that full disclosure died that's the 1st victim basic that it is interesting that well it and also the mating this but I mean given mind evil disclosure meaning there's the have as much trolls as them for translation the um that the only troll that managed to piss off when the including the people running it to extent do something meaningless was someone who did not understand that he had all back in the fuckin vendor didn't pay him about and about wasn't even crawl in fact it wasn't even about some of the data that pissed off people so much do people start hacking because of when something like that mean it is said them the reason and full disclosure we used to exist some years by the way is the whole reason that we're having this conference here the whole reason that we actually have that all the issues that we're dealing with them because full disclosure existed to shame vendors into fixing ship back in the days right when you let's say you have a Solaris server it actually managed to get it working them and and sometimes you're basically locked in are locked in because it doesn't and that's didn't take a passport might in in you reported that 2 sons during paying customer mind you and you're like so functionality is you know functionality is the a good part of them in and in order to tell people that would do problem is so they could fix it so you actually have to publish it which is just get out of running the risk of that the bad guys also know about cost right and and then the systems get updated but then they need to get updated quickly it's about because if you're not updating the system then you know that that known about about a building that you plot this became compliance so you don't for everyone and you that works in copper world compliance is usually the opposite of security that there and the well you can spend your money on taking the right check boxes for Egyptians vendor money them you know not needing the check boxes because you actually understand what you do then and and the thing is the unpublished ability does not exist nowadays there's anyone heard of Oracle I mean the thing is this this 8 vulnerability in today's world because there's so many of you you disagree them is a PR problem is you if it doesn't hit the process it's not a problem because the compliance people will not know about it so there's not a checkbox for it and you know your your CEO was 1 his parents because you know that this company is mentioned in the evening news them this is where everything went and that is the reason why the United States changed your entire um International's hybrid policy to things like that today than that used to be well if you have a IP address Texas we just nuke it and it was a proxy that for the property that they changed it to 0 let's control the on what them the arms would Damien is 1 abilities and the idea of that comes from lobbyists that I suspect to go be um this paid by apple and oracle them because if it's controlled items which it happens to be now so the ban on agreements that arrangement which is uh basically defining what the weapon is that is controlled worldwide so you know that contains parts that used to build nuclear bombs and stuff like that also has a section in the house that want to use of cyber weapons here and that is very practical for people that consider abilities PR problem because now they're basically the short of it is that we can call any country that is the underwriter of devising arrangements which is most of them in as they go with the rest this guy and thrown in a hole and not let him out for the rest of his life because he wrote a generic thank you so this is what happens if we don't pay attention to how we are perceived those from the other side of the table which is this all you deliver if any is more problems so that you know you're affecting you people I felt who mainly birds that as you know that gender discussions on ministers and them in another life happens on facebook still don't have a Facebook and this is how most people actually use them obstacles and perceive what we do in computer security so basically uh yeah welcome to the dark ages of hacking the ends so please bring your criminal records from a couple of fingers that you have left so you can print them in and around Europe didn't certification for success as a clown incapable of system or sulfur protection also known as the as bad which I at the that it never really area that's that's basically if the if anyone has evidence of Don ACS is desertification and you know what I mean that how that come to that that history repeats so the it because we're not creative phenomenon were because we're humans I guess the 2nd so the definition of a human is that in an animal that only house consciousness in order to you know be driven by 2 things if you're angry and not necessarily in this order so that's that's basically the each 1 of great them and so because everyone has different understanding of the great what we do is we have that rule of the lesser evils also another that's that's what we call social long and you have the smallest common denominator is what comes out of it that is what we are facing today is basically witchcraft so you know when you're hacker is really needed is of no M do you know what have you learned witchcraft in schools also who do you think it ever existed there may be a dead but some in fact so we actually want to make fires all of people all of the people that potentially cold of known anything about a plus a couple of other people that's what we call the dark ages of medieval times rate but I mean basically that was used in a couple of hundred years in a big can grilling
session in the world Nothing hurts right now so Campbell barbecue them it was sometimes about knowledge but not always in the and the thing we're doing the same that right now in it is even understandable why people do that they use they have no damn idea would security and hiking actually is about the only 1 of 4 would derive from so that a big in the medieval days right you have the slightest idea how to you know fight the plague which not 60 per cent of the the people around you dying um because your idea was that maybe we should not use the debt that maybe we should you burn 1st but on mistake right up here you go really hopped around you're asked that it has not been tested in the way we wanted to do it right away what as and get an idea how to use you want but were suppressed fever gives you actually knew a couple of plants that you could do on you know the body and then suddenly the diffuser goes down more which all but at the moment there is very similar to how you have an idea that the firewall Saxton is not providing security and burned to go to draw it's the same thing goes on a right to give an idea of how to keep mother and child alive when birds doesn't go well um today is known as cows can't move my against got burnt but very similar to how about not using SNP to control the plant but absolutely same them yet and don't even get started on in a communal knowledge which means yes I don't need to source code to read your code because that's called disassembly and the years so I can see that you had stupid and so on but then what we're told we were told by industries for example is we have cyber enlightenment means that we don't bring people on state in word simply because our social media experts tell us it would look bad on Twitter and follow me on facebook is basically later please use my name on the tall and wall is what I did have a bucket them now let's talk test which is the text comes from actually lying in the In fact all the technology got pretty much more that's invented by actors in the book are sometimes unintentionally hackers contemporaneously admits to groups that we a license to get at impacted when I went to the MIT and the time trend clock and then you know can that there was after he came up with this stupid thing different did note it is less of their way by the exciting he called that's when you proposed what we call the web the stupid idea is the part where it says whether act and that was not of and so short story from the disease and and already running out of time any them in the national policy so I'm sitting in a room with a lot of great but diplomats that decided about the international policies of most leading European countries in terms of computer security intake and uh 0 my god it's all that M and all the advisers from semantic conserve and I'm a hobbyist and the only obvious so that does so them the stones as well the analysis of actually like before regulating all that stuff you might you want to talk to the people that run the Internet in them ABC in Europe through which the current official of response Y we already did this and I'm like Wait how did you know who runs the in it I actually looks at the layout and took totally to is like we talk to all 4 of them OK uh which fraudulently in the day that doesn't understand the question because of the Microsoft makes the operating system will make search Facebook makes social and semantic make secure that is how international policy what's today right so just to give you an idea of why people get burned at a for knowing what you fucking opcode is that and I mean the basically the dissident comparison to like post world war 2 of technology that it was absolutely evil technology when a bunch of absolute evil people use search which yes Nazis where those but the moment you win the evil people you should everyone else to get technology a in look at the space race right and the space race basically began in 1945 where the people that invented it raised to the Americans because didn't we didn't want to live with the Russians and the Russians wasted to get all the technology of before it was burned by the Americans of so there there is a lot of technology that suddenly was really good and really cool simply because of jury was no longer enough to use as then as a big scandal everywhere in that our is monitored towards nope that so the star would again this is you just the try to some of courtly even in this city they have to write technology already in what is called since then threat so an analyst called only access data relevant to the task of about that and the judge had actually to sign it off right in to sign it also meant to actually provide secret key to a public key data used for recording so was cryptographically some it moved there and do some really was a budget a new interception system in both stone followed the sky uh those budgets come from lobbyists from defense industry to that you know when you get a bunch but then the and as a technician peoples said but we're done of pre onemillion to rule it out worldwide that would be nice a budget was 2 . 8 billion woops but so don't have it was canceled that because it was too cheap and because the defense contractor worlds not get the defense contract because it was already dead so it was killed and then there was believes that the defense contractor got to the defense contractors 3 . 8 billion on that never worked than there was 2006 in people click the randomized phase and download what Indian they had a into a problem in and so that basically if you're the the world largest signal intelligence agency and you can't use intelligence that looks back I mean given might do UnitedStates the military the Department of Defense all little research on the internet I had the internet builds hadn't ruled out and let us play with it now they want it back right so that is really really hard for an an estate to argue that they can't actually listen to everyone so what could they do basically they copied google because google already is a global signal intelligence agencies that do the good thing is that and the annotators love in late intelligence that and the analyst is interested in intelligence about a certain female uh and and not supposed to be there this happens then about 300 times a year uh work no 300 cases here and the thing is those also people that are screened but military don't take polygraph tests and stuff like that right Google has a higher coverage from the sodium as actually surpassed the will intake only like 2 years ago and that just for a small margin and go has a higher coverage and the chief security officer goes on
stage instances never happens at Google every share you know how reduce works every intransigent very aim at reducing put the MapReduce variant of the network and there's XQuery domains and 1 is called the male never happen it's no area but when I look at them like an understand few people at Google on q and nobody has girlfriends in his company but there are a lot better than so continuing we've only as I that this is what they make money with the in city needs 8 task someone needs to tell that get intelligence on X Y z a Google makes the money with that 96 per cent of their income and that's moving from I think the 43 billion the year of because you're do were rare all elementary at the 2 if the sources for Europe product I think that is clear and Facebook Facebook he that's tcpdump like when you when you sniff network them Facebook stores every single packet that ever regions or exits their networked since for every for every period that is funny if you're not a physical cues if which of them but actually that now I wonder where Snowden this right I mean the 1 guy is what it is the we can tell them to not do it that way we take away during infrastructure the called a bunch of them from informants which is not practical to was invited profiles I want I have done to it so we can still regulated on the topic of regulation of some meaning there when people made the rules that have no understanding of how the computers of works so in 2nd year remarkable since people have not understood what it's the because what happens we also get medieval health care just what even if you like 19th century and the medieval times really really sad because there's no good restroom there's no health care what so ever healthcare basically many leading you know a bleeding is right so that is to cut you open and led to believe for a while because that is against the evil spirits what actually happened and more scientific from where he is basically work twice because people have so let's say in form of blood poisoning there OK it had worked twice so we do it all in this is what we do in computer security today it's called update and entire virus there are only about what a pastor was made fun of because that people you know that there is little things you can't see them and they're do like animals but a smaller and and you know I don't think they make people sick in no 1 was like invisible thing it's show in in in all he wanted was that it was therefore hands between 2 surgeries right because this is the fact that the students that patient with a 1st but everyone knows that I'm talking about material here right so basically the same what we do today in Turing machines undecidability now we know we could we could fast everything of the regular expression is certainly making sure that there's no because I had people running uh the biggest data centers in the European countries have only between the between Germany and England and them with Germans only go on tracks to that is running the biggest data center and after Pentecost telling me that we're fine we're now that just a single injection thing we know in the process scripting yeah which on both of off this so this is exactly where we are right and what happens them they've given nobody knows how to even just if it's correct right how does the normal person is supposed to know whether you're security work is solid or not if you're damn good security guard then then nobody knows about you if you start to see you knows about you quite quickly so long that is a problem so basically what happens in a market where there's a lot more demand and supply you get a lot of to a lot of people they didn't just talk watches them because they make money would gold even sometimes some people that know that and we also have an equivalent in the cyber world by the way the only person that is allowed to say cyber there without looking stupid is wouldn't Gibson who invented the nature of the Time just it's a drinking game when you say cyber you need to drink polarity rendered impact on Hamilton conferences and that is quite a bit of conservation in that we have this this security issues that hidden units rented it the news worldwide of securities issued by people that you know better than published by them and that basically is close to know what if you can use the functionality of the network the other is a network that provides a certain type of functionality you can use that type of functionality that makes you a system integrators not a hacker even if the network has wheels right so it if you're hiking and how are they going to the how about not being already connected if you hacking of my network how about not having a as a 7 connection it can during using the than functionality where is the security risk 5 thousand other security was sitting right next to you but they don't make the news so nicely begins that will mean that you need to and that other people need to understand but the best part about medieval health care is posted right in holy stones and and other stuff that you put up your answers to you know get better and we have that we have a lot of and and which using it now I know those ideas isn't will never be in the guy who 1st invented computers called elementary has proven why it's called a holding problem and it is not possible some ideas using right there I just want is not every single military team that I know concentrates the but finding an exploitive writing on to the next 1 of them is i because also so a security server right is a machine that reads 1 protocol provides the functionality of the protocol to you in the end and that does not practice when someone sends the data were malformed packets or stuff how many secure services have you seen Britain yourself may be present with you and Tommy Gold yeah so OK so we can't get secure servers now the idea is to protect the does that those models right we take not 1 but 2 thousand 500 houses in a absolutely not managed predicted language see written in the column space of course right it because it needs to be fast um so the internet and we put it right in the path between the bad guys in our assets that's gonna make it better right yeah it makes it better for the other side and other every seen the movie had curiously from the eighties there they say if you wanna go into heavy metal system you don't get a fraud during good about today you go front door because the front door but she has the government a thousand 500 blocks that don't take he's been given just put your
finger on my god them 80 cont and I the anti-virus industry has not managed in and declares clearly that will never managed to give him the agree on the name of the virus right a trial by we look little in there so how do you agree on what is back who are and the definition of course the halting problem dictates that we can't tell whether a piece of an arbitrary piece of software will ever stop not when but ever stop if we can't even tell if it's stops how we can tell anything else not thank you note in the Guide proved that 1st and then invented the computer made so basically those who don't understand computers are condemned to reinvent them all the time poorly and get out that is a nice example for not getting it and is that for the
United States Secret Service over 6 thousand people that over 1 . 8 billion bunch primarily for the reason to protect the the president which includes his current location right out and say well then he chooses to wear a fit that what I said basically that knowing where the president is knowing when he sleeps were used to agitated or whatever at some cost as much as taking a fucking hipster inferences from company that actually has protected they're allowed server that didn't even know where a cloud is a very very well that's price of and basically the United States conducive to the support so will the synapse that may be gained by set it for the 1 of the building and here's an example in Foley enough I thought I didn't have enough material I have 1 minute in another presentation so I I'm summing up the presentation here instead of giving it to you I'm happy to give a good px he started to you and so when we ran a small conference that is basically has become conference and then everyone has to bring everyone who has to bring material for 15 minutes and you presented on request like someone else what's up to uh so I offered to prevent tonight party but if you if you want to see that the summary of lattice the everyone the Walt spends a lot of money and thoughts on 0 my god when we have quantum computers everything computes an internal wouldn't break dollars in an instant other than and they try to build those computers the United States and they metric should talk of money on at um and it turns out that the a that during myosis private evening with my partner of move scholarly really where they share severe biologists and we were discussing completeness and then so we have a formal proof that all the to incompleteness of life meaning a cell in DNA it happens to be added to the full the universal Turing machine which requires the infinite tape that into the light years as it turns out the young people leave no 1 universal Turing machine which by the way even to and thought is non-existent them in the data is the consistent out of it in all the generals that's spend on money consists of the quantum computers because they don't need for employment computers they have cells in cells are better and after that it adds then so that's the problem and this is basically what I'm trying to get at is try to get it try to understand what we're doing here because you can only explain things in simple terms to people that not computer merits so if you have a really really understood it because otherwise you're ending up repeating wisdom from people they usually have their own agenda they're only interested in you know a price tag for the next yellow box that you put somewhere to make its security right there word Biden next certificate and what not to send up the of the tuition didn't that's it that's the final when you're just finished in but when you finish your talk about basically the moment you give it give no idea how long it runs and this is why you bring to was basically the solutions that are usually offered by pen-testers and good idea lots of interesting uh we do security on so you know not excluding myself that but especially the solution supported by the Security industry such carries monkey that because you just adding more broken coat the quality of their code has solid numbers on that the quality of security software the only suffering a world that is worse is customer care because people don't like even less about their customers than they care about computer security the quality of something like microsoft word is about 30 per cent better so you should use x so instead of aging on firewall to protect your network what the fuck bearing on you know what the best security measures don't do it right if so as to how well we we could connect distant do you alliances yeah why not the and so what we want to find what we you know reviews network connections and reduce the amount of computers that you put it into steps we haven't figured out how to build a secure computer yet uh all the ones you're putting in RDF or not secure computers in this is composition you're just the extra bullying the problem and to the maps into solutions mean you putting more computers so you're fixing broken shipment with more open to know that just try it out also the variability matters I mean if I do I've seen of manufacturing lines in rock picking test is that it's got an insect well the controls the it's cool I want I want to this but in which IC manufacturing lines force and put in automotive industry for cars they started to actually killed people instead of welding the doors on the power it went too far apart in the other direction almost killed the workers why because some smarter said when you have a plan and we have to put a firewall in there is something like Packard types in out there is something like traffic delays in the probably as industrial control systems do not like it when the packets come 300 ms later and the variability matters so I understand what you're doing manageability matters anyone has announced cell certificate here where password and so it is sort of like why why why would we need to authenticate dues to power grid people and they don't rule out of power grid can truly secure with 2 x 5 0 9 certificates which is the the job by itself that may be buying them from the you know a certificate authority that your browser noticeable because your power grid needs to care about your rather right at that and by a dared without realizing that for companies control 96 per cent of all the cells certificates and world um and then roll palette Indian that expire and your whole civilization with an
additional power right now
manageability then consistency matters if your security measures cannot
say what it can it can not do provably please it is not 1 I have them and ask me later about a project that 1 where they very nice friendly government agencies and a really nice and friendly else so the question how does end what do you go find out and I talk to people and they disassembled code and data as a whole not talk that but you can actually and that's what a party for right basically getting it matter so that give our society depends on all this datasets now if we want or not get real you what matters tend to live up to thank you very much and if you


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