Chiral Auxiliary Mediated Asymmetric Coordination Chemistry

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Chiral Auxiliary Mediated Asymmetric Coordination Chemistry
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Prof. Meggers talks about an approach to synthesize asymmetric coordination compounds utilizing chiral auxiliaries.
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In view of the city I I started was basically telling you about how busy the nature makes very selective ,comma points by using complicated organic compounds in which basically the this combination of get forward functional groups and and that there wasn't as basically cold in a way
for three-dimensional structure
and that is similar to how basically nature calls for the structure of proteins by the information in the sequence amino acid sequence with organic components nature uses a more complicated approach to brave braved the cold for for the structure and function of these components and we just to it in a different way we take him at center and the coordination born the coordinator of bonds they basically more unless of course in combination with the structure of the litigants is a cold for the three-dimensional structure of these compounds and when you look at the space
having more of this the suspect wanted short you and get my seat you cannot say that the 1 is more complicated than the other examples complicated three-dimensional structures have very fine shapes and therefore also very defined biological activity and so that's basically all of fraudulent we apply to Prodi kindness because there's so many people putting kindnesses more than 500 according knowledge in all it's a huge challenge to inhibit individual kind is but not the other from 499 and at end of course wanted apply this concept or the 2 other enzymes families where you have selectivity problems like 48 is for spectators and so on and so on and that's was of course very exciting and we hope that in the future that such scaffolds will also be used by In chemical biology more frequently and will also find their uh their way into an met into pharmaceutical industry and we are convinced that in 2006 year such metal scaffolds will be very common scaffolds for the design of trucks and with me but not be limited anymore 2 men 2 2 please very simple and of and not that sophisticated organic compost and maybe add at the last known minute I I want to make the point of 1 problem and I told you that we have of course a sophisticated medical center that gives us all these options to restructure we have sought terrorism summers in them and worst-case-scenario risk 6 more but the question is how can we control
or the formation of the stairs must be cannot centers that Kompong make all the studies there's men and separates so reasons why actually this is quite an enormous challenges also we have to basically find ways to control it is very selective synthesis of such compounds and as you use your way out of the fact that in
organic chemistry there are hundreds if not thousands of EU caring apologists there selected formation of 1 their isomer at ,comma or the other and now we're obviously we're saying we need to methods that allows the full once their
isomer Order of certain that is of course a problem that is orders of magnitude actually larger and To give you an example this central Kompong just was him component with cheaper by permitting Lykins achieves this component can fall it's a very simple Kompong high symmetry it can only from twist their eyes 1 Sequoya data in answering 1 landed at an answer and basically you see this basically kind of its screws sense here so you have the right school when the left school recently actually it was not possible to synthesize selectively 1 announcer or was the answer this seems like a simple problem but everybody had to seperate the systemic nature so we move people make these composers Rossini Mitchell and then they
separated the Mitchell Piper a message Harry :colon uh pirate called time and so on and invest shows you how far we are behind in the stairs selective centers of medical board and we think that there selective centers of medical boards have to goal hand-in-hand with of course evaluation of the biological activity this is the same as organic chemistry if we would not be able to use their selective centers organic chemical once he could not make complicated active organic compost so we started a research program in our group said really aims in controlling stairs selectivity and and we saw this action test can
we find ways to make this call .period stairs selective in ensued in an insecure fashion and and we developed actually very simple a strategy that is used action organic chemistry every day and that is the use of power
auxiliary so the idea is you want to use a Cairo biden took
ligand and that it's in the coordination sphere somehow and then put forward the incorporation of additionally again so the ligand exchange reaction and can later become removed that is really the same way as use characters in organic chemistry the problem that we had to overcome it it was a matter such a proscenium and be work actually was with in all our compost being interested in America in in chemically in substitution only in the medical points if he was spotted ligands they speak very tightly to the matter so wants to incorporate them into the coordination here can you get rid of them later results basically compromising the parity at the Met so at the end of my students and Sean they actually developed something very nice which were published this year injects a few months ago and we use these um Liberty court established to concede on excessively and and related and accordingly it has abided hurtling into the Racine you so you from all miners
and nitrogen and there and either possess or position we have here Kier Group which is derived from a reduced amino acid Immuno AG of war that forms the Sox's and as you can see this as proper group really basically comes across proximity to these 2 coordination sites so be it
if we have for leaving groups what happens is that the 1st by deadly Gant basically tries to fill the according nations side that is the farthest away from this other property group that is this coordination site here and then the remaining coordination side is basically I left for the 2nd bite intently again and this way basically the absolute conflagration at the method is determined and luckily with this ligand we can removes this ligand by adding acid
important making this oxygen here decreasing the visit the coordination strength of and so president of the affair just a few problems we can remove this ligand and replace it actually in a one-pot reaction directly with the Cirque ligand and we can obtain this component in basically more than 99 . 5 % you a shoe basically practically pure fashion and this shows you basically how we think about doing stare selective coordination chemistry and medicine does and a very excited about it and our goal truly at the David L. within the next few years to synthesize stairs selective composite are as complicated as for example this complaint here that effort which require further 172 and and that's and that's still enormous challenge and we are not there OK I hope you will enjoy this short and a summary of all efforts and and I hope
that more people will use the the future medical points before the design all of bioactive components and put grandson thank you it is it yeah good the


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