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BSDCan 2015 Closing
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get through this quickly because the bars starts at 6 30 and there putting of food and stuff and you don't wanna set so this is going to be the quickest closing session and so so to them and I put this on Facebook during the freebies together some of this is why I am here some media really smart some of you you know which you know which ones you are and over the past year there's been so much work done that has made my life as much as they might have non professional life as a sysadmin so much easier and I wanna thank you for the work you've done over the past year I personally and enduring a lot more than I do that thank you
to the sponsors I Existence really BC Foundation E C Netflix terse snap scale engine for
Telnet did kill text security these from last
year you know where I'm very sorry I I I I I I I
think it here we go thank you thank you
thank you thank you I I'm I'm
very sorry about that it's been a busy week but I'm going to
BBC con and could
make its destined coast cool stuff here Scaling gendered assuming yesterday in genetics is here and I use and next time
uh like line might we know that they brought in non not spread and Cheney Christian Huygens and Citrix's bat again and if you know Benjamin Benjamin you know he couldn't can you but tone he missed a good time to go back over to the
side this is how many people
came this year thank this is last year's record and it was yet worker by 20 in this year's record is erected by twice of that year so I do guys prefer may we really do before a June of and that's really hard affiliate about but something more serious now for a moment please and we all know
all the past where can just after the Asian biassed income there will be some drinks all later on in
closing social lower jamboree you know where that is they don't know where it is as someone down on the market that tell you where it is it's a big place if you don't have 1 of these respond you won't get in you can buy respond at the door and this can be lots of food is a catch per year admission fee get your your for program committee you
know that these guys are thank you very much and
i thank you all know Jennifer you heard concerning the opening session she she takes a lot of work ofmy dealing speakers and you know kind of contains a serious enough that the speakers our a join a pleasure workers especially when booking accommodation and travel through always runs registration desk thank you very much Adam help that the hotels and websites and if you carried boxes here thank you thank you this is a very very quick notes and fresh pork is going to go open source sometime after PG kind but I want more help coding it public and and do it in get and I I forget how to pronounce his name but he expressed an interest in the lunchroom produce we call project Katie American bread with very interested in that we all over there is a
lab exam out tomorrow tended to have beta test and talk to Drew the uh details are on the website and you this is Friedrich it's free it's free and you get to see the test firsthand you don't have to do any studying it's just a practical exam get on the keyboard and fix something so they get time for after that it's fun and we
say that the Lord of the and we stated extended step how many of the corium Maria no tell this suites residence while next year we will but how many 1 beginning residents could not OK we're gonna book more rooms for residents next year it should be easy it again because they have more residences opening up this stage somewhere I did mention did did you 1 the same as those I think OK what talk about that later please e-mail me and I'm I'm on and on the about BBC foundation you the raffle something offers up and down this step is not done a do when do that right now yes please pay now I've is the truth of the emitted of had a and trying to my knowledge since last year and this has to be very quick and the things you have the raffle off of it seems you have a lot of things that coalition and so this is the option of the so Raphael thing is we reference to but ecological design and we don't have much time we we got like that much time within a year ago the guy with a given to these 2 things that usually do at the end of the session here what is the policing of our community and that means that the role of the scaling police authority in of this value lifetime achievement theories that but it's the way it's 1 small way that previous evaluation can also point out of really powerful people in our community doing amazing things and mentioned 3 recipients during this conference in this save time of have down right out of or just you can now the other than that of the community and look at this as the right all the words of the data but also the use that the will this is a story that is really amazing individuals Michael Lucas solubility and it is necessary in these theories about previously advocacy he writes about our project he makes practitioners able do their jobs by reading amazing documentation and you write and has an amazing effect on the word out of our community for constant and we wouldn't have functional the trace without marked on the thankless of accomplishments for Gavin is so long as you that you know we war of course he's writing rules of the code blood blasting postmaster and answerable and other things behind the scenes that I can't even remember right now I'm so tired from this amazing amazing conference that did at the end was able to bring us and the theft onto the rest of of the hopefully will lose the keeper of the random number of ways that so that is a big deal if you know the the the the present everywhere and the because there were a lot of them and they're angry at me and the year honoring but I think he is right so it's the evolving a when or rattling off and that's what we have like that of the the think there's not that this this appears all night this appears to be 90 90 you know the rate that you think of them as we know it fact that has to do with the how only people 90 1 the 90 ranges in 91 the many that much of the various forms of previous the mastery part of the theories that might lose wrote the effects light felt sorry wrong number 91 yeah operand them goes from 0 to the man of political 1 I thought I was gonna get along so that some dysphoria I thought it was the the southern and before the names of all the all the lines of like like 111 1 of the reasons for the life of a word a great number of people who were not Johnston the nodes and the number of of 74 seem well this seem well zeocin and on down the prose of the mother and that's the kind of thing that can be Martin Kirk power prepare forgot the name among Martin Currie cracker 0 my marking another 1 and J. D. beggin here the JD JAD here next to the theory that there was a river the repudiate rate 50 Eric Sager C. J. at the source and the thank and the right graph arises but when you go to the system of around review Chris Christiansen 0 thank God it would be that the that the
option that that now we have if if your option and requirements are query with a cat are we have about 20 minutes so what I'm going to do is I have 6 books by Michael who each 1 will be signed by Michael Lucas and I will also sign them you don't want assigned by the other Michael Lucas no looking him up but I will sign the but that will depreciate the value so 20 bucks for all 6 who wants a set spent 24 during 34 44 my colleagues and I 54 my 60 over here that's the about 10 bucks about that about that's a bargain acabar for working you're gone for these 3 books so these reports on the data 50 4 up sorry you want the money for has set for how much 100 have 100 dollars all 6 110 by the way all the money raised from the material from the option goes to the auto emissions down the road you walk by them several times on the way to the market but under but they're 105 105 going once sir 100 going once and I have 1 from Iqaluit against that that the cells or 110 drying once a the time I did I again in here I have something very special and 1 as the freebies seabirds securing stability based on that I that I am better I'm also autographed by so fast testing 7 9 Scott in Devon task in Scott long wrote the boot loader code they signed 20 bucks here during 40 40 over here during your 50 50 every year 68 to 60 from anyone 60 here this 69 once 65 70 70 year during here 80 70 grand once 75 over here 75 I'll take whatever can money when getting 80 down here 100 up here is something resolved going to charity at 100 dollars to George undergoing 105 only gone intends now selection has been in 20 so what 1 of 5 drawing once 120 from George director here 1 3rd is that different later 130 she found some more money in the pocket of 130 140 drying once 1 150 wants 150 people during the this knows that your exercise another job so this is what it looks like I believe this is the only 1 of its kind and I swear I have nothing else in the box like I've not that I've ever done that those of you that have never been here the 1st time you have to take my word on you know and so where was I 150 150 grand 1 strand knows appear pyramid 150 guy once 150 going twice sold around the world in which you get that from now on he had here is is is mastery by Michael Lucas 10 bucks anyone to hear 1515 anyone 15 20 25 25 from anyone 25 for might trigger 30 25 going once 25 going twice you stairs don't be sold to I plays out well you someone past money down the man and synonymy and bring it down to this gentleman with studio mastery much more important 10 15 anyone 15 20 and 1 20 or about assert this with anyone want this refers to 1st person apart the hand gets a book for that price is I don't know the flower her work 50 and 1 1 450 and 1 1 of of 50 OK come on over here give him 50 bucks the has mastery 50 dollars 45 40 35 30 OK 40 and water 48 or for 400 command and here get what tasks that mastery 60 bucks 55 56 58 45 column will sign a colony so they're 50 45 40 37 35 30 but they remember everybody needs is networking for system ministrations of social networking for systems administrators 30 bucks and 1 of
40 bucks for 458 45 33 Allen by using the India later on we know nothing just remember SSA although not found in the book of PF 50 dollars only 1 could 40 30 25 20 25 remember how much it was worth and I 25 anyone 24 23 22 22 first one ever previously mastery ZFS just hot off the presses for what pardon but for all of us is hot from the 4th floor under box signed by both authors of both here 90 80 70 60 50 at home you know of a 45 and boarding 35 1 in the back of 35 thank you but now you really need your money for the these ones are going to find them for the for you may not be a free BC developer but you can impersonate once we have T-shirts in a few different sizes and we're only gonna option of 1 so magnitude was size is available but you're going to get 1 so that this is the biggest 1 we have we have smaller ones so anybody wanna started 20 bucks 20 from Glen all you just you can stop gland from impersonating a developer by vibrating 25 dollars 25 trigger 30 anyone for 30 35 and that you get a Scotland 30 from that you can start it is 40 from from Gerard's three year 45 45 anyone save the free with the project 45 of beer greater 50 and were affected you know that I can sell fit but but not a 45 45 going once saved the free history brother 45 going twice sold their which means you could so I have here it's something which honestly only exists 1 place I a teacher signed by seaborne my and 10 among and Kirk accuses this 1 is a large so now but I agree I will begin wonder where I get these 4 signatures exists in the same place in around the world 1 100 dollars here 150 meant to be honest there are 3 they're in different size but I had a they're all in different sizes I just want to point that out and let you know that that so where 150 at the at the site yes this 1 is a medium sorry not large the sums a large there is a medium and there is a small so the largest going 1st not this mean large so we're 150 had 150 at the Yediot 150 during here 200 going to charity 160 got 160 and 1 1 of 4 1 6 8 1 6 a Jim Brown to here 1 7 days 169 once 160 going twice sold Jim Brown so that I can get large uses the sums medium I started 150 100 down here 168 from Bolivia it's more his size really matter so 160 once 169 twice so thank you live this is the research work at the small 1 and it is I I couldn't grab it begins his so 160 down here this is more suitable for framing and all the other ones you don't have to spend so much on protective glass and it does have a list of all almost all speakers it's an exercise left to the reader defined what speakers were were accidentally or intentionally emitted now it's got last-minute additions is called ordering the T-shirts before everyone gets sent anyone else 200 reader and you you can pull your money and share the teacher from 209 once 210 through here to 20 to 20 year to 30 to 50 to 60 in 1 of 2 6 2 59 once 259 twice so thank you now has a beagle block of
of the Beagle board and lack of yell at certain 20 20 bucks here 25 30 40 50 50 where was a 50 58 6 8 6 year 7 8 70 here 7 8 75 became now's a good time to show you what's inside here says BEST can has a year this is from Jim Thompson k so it also has the power core corpus of sorry you speak able it has a power supply and it has a serial cable so now that you know what's inside we were at what price 700 dollars to David Maxwell appear don't let him put net BC honor and Scott David Maxwell 100 110 guidelines so 100 once a here 1 100 I once on our going twice sold the David Maxwell thank you didn't you can all the systems which is the key is that of the book it's the book by people you know the design implementation the fear is the opposite some 2nd Edition radical thinkers injured evidence and lots of and not as good as Robert is speaking quickly they will sign a century except Robert is not here but if you see him will to here 20 bucks 50 bucks here 60 there 70 and 1 7 8 7 year 100 dollars down here from map all look about glare between the tool and 1 vendor here 110 109 once when you're going twice sold thank you for you but said this is the last 1 you know was there anything else those starting off this may be the very last year 0 yes pass that dampened so this will be the last item for options so anyone interested in this 20 bucks because territory at 20 25 anyone 25 29 once twice sold condemning again by the fact that 3 BC masses storage essentials by Michael Lucas trader 50 dollars 150 1 40 30 35 20 25 20 25 25 at the back 25 I went on predicated by 20 and 25 28 30 . 20 25 so I can now this is the 2nd last item for sale all those can be in 1 I have 1 a Michael Lucas's tilted when no press maize thing he's has 2 balls and 352 right here for 3 or 4 dollars anyone for 5 6 and 1 4 6 6 dollars and 1 6 or 7 dollars and 1 7 7 and 10 10 10 10 major tendai once 1515 during 20 20 right here 3 25 25 anyone 20 going 1 style item right field with those 25 dialogs what's 25 over here he was already 25 women you would appear 25 greater 30 anyone 30 over here 30 40 45 anyone 45 for the span 45 dollars 45 going once 45 going tries solve and I've been told that this is very disturbing it's like a miniature Grosz but there's like a key chain type thing but it's actually a and holding it here at the end and there's another disturbing part is it vibrates 20 dollars that are not you you'll be able to get this through customs and 20 dollars or 38 audio rare 40 dollars 50 59 once 59 tries to 60 directed against the 70 dollars 75 75 and once 75 I'm tries soul who may not have all the money in the world were them condemns violence but that all the rest of this stuff I can't do it now because we need to get to the event the after we will deal with that later now and this but almost all the random giveaways and there's some stuff down here T-shirts and stuff like that but they will be at the top so if you need them you can come and get them there now and that's if you bought something before you leave go down down and pick it up a the gentleman here who will deliver the money to me later where's my guide the city was going to do the clean all the packing up and stuff of thank you sir can Muratore where the user guide the city can do tourism stuff where like that that gentleman over standard plays you will meet and down here in this corner if you wanna come and do touristy stuff tomorrow in the morning and afternoon he's going to help you organize and clothing so
few event again that's where was if you don't have your wristband unite going to get in and see me at the front useful and you know what 1 has sentenced a 2nd so located on the house of the and I'll find out imposed on Twitter how much the auction raised by them pretty sure is over a thousand


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