Expanding RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) capability over Ethernet in FreeBSD

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Expanding RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) capability over Ethernet in FreeBSD
Introducing a new way to enable high-speed data transfers over an Ethernet network with minimal CPU involvement
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Introducing a new way to enable high-speed data transfers over an Ethernet network with minimal CPU involvement RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) is growing in popularity in Linux and Windows systems as a way to transfer large amounts of data with low latency and minimal involvement from the CPU. However RDMA InfiniBand drivers in FreeBSD were not updated, requiring users to create or port their own implementation of RDMA, and RDMA over Ethernet was not available in FreeBSD. This talk will describe how RDMA works and review the new addition of RoCE (RDMA over Converged Ethernet) network drivers in FreeBSD, allowing easier implementation of rapid data transfers with low CPU utilization over Ethernet and InfiniBand. This also enables the use of iSCSI over RDMA via the iSER (iSCSI Extensions for RDMA) protocol. One of InfiniBand’s valuable capabilities is its support for RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) operations across a network, which enable rapid data transfer without involvement of the host CPU in the data path, and data placement to the responder memory without requiring its CPU awareness. RoCE (RDMA over Converged Ethernet) is a standard for RDMA over Ethernet. It provides true RDMA semantics for Ethernet and allows InfiniBand transport applications to work over an Ethernet network. FreeBSD is frequently used for storage purposes and RDMA capability has a high potential of improving performance in such storage applications. A good example for that is iSER (iSCSI Extensions for RDMA), a module being developed nowadays for FreeBSD, which enables the use of iSCSI over RoCE. The main idea of this talk is a short overview of RDMA – Its principles, key components and its main advantages. Additionally, it will cover the use of RoCE - implementation architecture, obstacles we overcame in the development, and a quick browse of RoCE’s different capabilities and milestones.
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the price of the Alliance in
hello everyone a little bit about myself and my name is sending society I'm leading to the user and the software engineers nanotechnology is a lot of drivers for free the end if you're wondering I like to play basketball and like running in and out of my elaborative belong to him and of course to travel around the world and the tool to us to give lectures for free because the a bit anxious so
the kind of so I'm going to stick to the talk about Infiniband general overview OK in the nineties computer networking communications time sort of understand what is in the and how the walker that what is the main idea behind it What are the key conference of it and what are the what are its invented From there are words that go to all the main introduction of the amazing more direct memory access this is 1 of the feedback is a more important continent so understand how do we work with it and what would that what it does give us and again the advantages of it then when talk about walking walking is actually of the Yemeni over converge at the time so if I already have an at the deployment and I still 1 use AID man when using the the 1 1 1 2 the purpose of our and then how they do do it I use rock OK when I see the from a rocky 1 understand how we use it and the last 1 I saw introduction ISO is actually a storage protocol OK I study on RD may so in here we wanna see how everything we've talked about so far is reflected in how do we use it and what is the so it
starts were modeled about and verses in the event of non monotonic much about that and I doesn't wanna mention that I'm sure all of you are very much familiar with it and know much more about it than me so we're going to focus more to infer more about Infiniband anyone talk about its key components and see how it is that we get the whole picture together and it was fixed step by step to understand how the work of it and what does it give so is the InfiniBand as I said even natural architecture is an open side of the vessel it's not only anyone InfiniBand has low latency under 1 was 2nd and has high values up to 100 Gigabit there for a 2nd or and feedback is the has a low CPU overhead OK and there are the major thing that I talked about also this is the complement purposely below CPU overhead and has funded consolidation and low energy in the EU cities event can consolidate networking and storage dot over a single February and 1 7 that's a was significantly lower as it did the over power and management overhead that is acquired so in fact can actually have a firm right then k 8 knowledge and all carrying 1 7 and the routing process is also determined in late to OK between all of these thinking no so in 1 sentence we can send the bank is a high speed low CPU overhead IV high efficient server and storage interconnect acknowledge
facilitated by Infiniband we have on our hand on the physical layer data link layer we have the natural class transport layer and of course the would be used up earlier particles and applications in between we also have the switches in devourers quick look of InfiniBand packets reviewed the area to which is the local about federal OK we must have a interregional on each of the given Beckett addressed with a leader OK and the next 1 is 8 during which is a global are out there that are very we edges it will begin and the given entries presentation it's like I seeks is a 128 b then we have the based on support head that he wouldn't another had a when we keep information about doctor about in the middle panel that were sending the extension had there again more information about the doctor about this sort of stand there and that I'm using would get to it when viewing media that I want mention certain death and the message of course and India and with our chips present this event in the given factor now just a
quick overview of the driver of how does it work we have our Infiniband Letelier filtering to infinity is ideal so so we have our Infiniband anything about that we have our idea of indoors OK it with airports and traffic is goes in and out and about a about the individuals that are be so let's go to a quick a flow over how does it work I have my application that efficiency about very before OK it's uses the Vandal that it won't work really OK and then it's and actually quest to die before they users have died for men died according to these requests and according to the Vandal that's in each of the application sure it actually equals the right call them in the right vendor then the right to the end of it uses the right function which goes down to film are entering flow and so on OK so few more
facts about the and she didn't have the summit managers summit manager is actually kind of like the brain or we feed back this summit manager is the brain behind Infiniband the most important entities in a responsible for configuring and managing any the 7 selected said before that we had all the routing process establishing a they this is done it because of the 7 authority this at this summit manager actually does that so what this is the 1st step the nodes for decreasing the forwarding table assign each fall in and with a local identifier we believe that OK so the lead a unique in 7 at each port get more than 1 it is in the range of read and a switch it all over the the course of the same lead us to know and 1 of them is active at every given moment so that we have we all have 1 brain and if we had 2 most of us who 1 gram and if we had to then it'll be messy so also infiniband has 1 brand so 1 s is active at the given moment we have a substitute so whenever a sense of function than others said is it becomes active and take but in a
bit about Infiniband resources so as starts with that you that
you can't actually the actual object the transfer is that it is independent send and receive so you
can see here the sent you and and see you so whenever 1 of stands at packets whenever I have a sentence that I wants to enter the water they however they use a put on send you and wherever I want to sit back and the the information I use the receive queue for so inside the cube we have a standard and receive next thing is a completion Q a
completion Q also refers to seek you is you kill that hold information about all completed effects so whenever the however finished with the tacit together a actually let me know on the could the completion q OK the that's good for now a new test the provision Q and I pull it and then I can only the fear that does that in the house was successful and if not so what was the arrow of what was wrong with that also we
have a memory region in some knowledge and is
virtually continuous memory block that was there just went in and by registered it was prepared and actually p into the memory so it won't be swept up to about 8 every origin has its access permissions so I can and think that the most nodes in the and it can and can't surely from 1 of to write to read to my memory and I give myself also permissions if I can only get from this no effect can also write to this memories so I have actually permissions at the the same by by the way and registered a multiple times each time with different from other and also for each buffer that was registered with 2 keys we get an entry in our opinion and entities actually a local heat so whenever I wanna reached my memory I need to have this local you to to use it to use the LT in order to do that and whenever and amount known ones to reach my memory it has to use a remote keep their idea him OK so in order for remote node to do something to read or write that up to or from my knowledge and you need to use a mostly and we talk about this a bit later when we talk about of the main then you will see when we use the city of and if you see here
then we have these blocks that already written is that we got these these are on the sand Q and what you get in the recent you would put in a blank memory blocks 80 so we feel that we that actually that would that here least also wanna talk about is the address hand here so as I just handed
actually describe the form a lot of work to a multiple of the resulting is done based on the information in the just handle so whenever 1 connect to a remote northern to know the path the program that would allow and so I have this at center which I keep this information now I can say that these edges are descended into a few people came the you my in my cubicle and that's all I can say it on this task OK we will see when everything is done what why and when it's done so these
are our resources that we will use now we have
also plans for talks now are 4 major transport type feedback 1st is unreliable better around you the unique you begin to them and send messages to all from any other you the QP Labiatae is not intent in eastern each measurement method is limited to 1 packet OK this is found like a but in a much lower level of the 2nd 1 is Alice eats it reliable connected our security is connected to a scene that are security so reliability is guaranteed supports operation that a acknowledgment so we have with our security integrity reliability and from is it or a practice has arrived which is kind those disappear but in a matching lower level there will also be seen this is actually kind of a combination between and would be it's actually a new transport time and it supports all of the features provided by policy and how the reliability while allowing was assessed to communicate with anymore process we just 1 the so it'd be you annotated admit are so if I have this big 7 represents 10 K and also with a lot of nodes and I want 1 0 to communicate with all the iden that anyone know to have a lot of QP is which means a lot of it in memory that you need to remember of connection with needs to remember so that's why we have this the security so I can each time if it connects to 1 you will use it as an artistic you bring for their think that connect to and you can be used also as an acid be and I don't need to remember all this a connection formation and that's want about is assumed as one-dimensional because we're not going to talk about in this lecture is securely connected to a single security liability is not guaranteed and just so you know about in this said this such our focus more about our security and you the cue period it I will mention a before that they are descended from members sometimes they keep it on a cubic context sometime I keep it on a task so when we're talking about our security which is connected to 1 QB then I'll keep but they have no active my understanding there all of the information about the remote node that allow to it and keep it on the QP who's connected to 1 cubic while when I'm giving you the QP which could connect each time to a different be then I would keep this center on a certain test OK now when I'm saying texts what are tasks that I'm talking about and that's the that's the waterwall kids have the will of course the press Select task is actually a walk with a walker I and then the hardware should perform so whenever I wonder how the 2 standard things OK actually was awarded quest OK of saying so well it wasn't on the sense that you select and how do I want to send packets of both the walking west of center on my thinking progress led to walking cues actually walk you there is a cue that they contain the walking question I have to walk you there descent you have this on your thing and see if you OK and everything a walk quiz and have it considered an outstanding and the hardware cost it will completion on my completion here so when the house was done with what I have x into doing what they the test that and then he posed a well completion of and then it tells mean that the service and before the completion few if any if the test was OK is the work is accomplished a if not so what were world they what was the l what is wrong and so on so I just wanna
show you a little bit all decay of local quasi head of the 192 I have all the forces or will quicksand send send the median of the main and all of there's and a a few rock with the female and then you probably know where a lot of them I want to go back a little bit to my chart from before so we said before that the application it's it's about the cordially sends a request so what are these requests that the application sends essentially uses the verbs OK in order to communicate with the AID
so whatever and where essentially even in an abstract description of the functionalities provided full application it is not an entity or an API and there's several implementations for now I want and should have said before everything that I'm talking about the about Infiniband you can find it and of course more Infiniband state no the events that when you if you respect see that it's a in terms of a how a 18 market this also so hours and that that everything I don't have a key idea I have something you need to update the Q and you need to allocate the completion Q but it doesn't say how to do so over the years more firm API was established and this is the API that I'm going to show you that use but just so you know this that actually describes verbs as of what should what should we do events can be divided into 2 major groups we have the control that which manager results as usual I OK if you really like we said uh OK to secure and so on and I have the death of his use the resources to send and receive doctor so if a 1 area send something any to both the toward watercress using the death of a these are examples for over a I have they they create a create QP modified QP once and I have the post and and the post receive so knowledge we know more or less a what is in the event a unwanted about the main which we said before is the most important more important ability of a feature so I mean Marion said easily mode that minimally acts so what is that this is 1 of the key capabilities of InfiniBand and actually you that that that's the between service and between 7 and storage with minimal involvement on the host CPU in the that so like my picture over here it's actually like picking the Ramones break so I'm thinking he's I can write to things I can read from it but it's about his awareness and he is not aware of what am I doing so yeah yeah I say and above the law and in the and of course it's there but if you actually do it as we see so
in order to understand how are the work so when I go over the traditional and for 1 2nd so we're talking here about sending you just the the classic model that that it is ready and local side it sent over the wire as a message in remote sites specify whether the message will be sad and
we can see over here we have a western and we have the least ponder the responder must post a deceive request over here OK so each message must consume 1 received requested that for the last lost in the similar question actually mentions where the doctor is going to say OK and then the requester posts and requests only that the best on the wire the responder opposed CQ to see OK to see if he has a Biewald completion like we said before it in if it went fine or not and he sends and knowledge meant if they would talk about reliable transfer time now in RD main
argument that as transfer model used for other read alright local can that that we said that is likely to win most cited memo also open-set local committed that directly following mold not side isn't aware of any activity no CPU involvement at the remote site so how is it done
we have again the requester and respond to the request of posts secondly quest that that emblem memory attributes are sent so like we said before if I wanted a quote on life that up to the moment 1st of all the model must give me a an access permission to do it so when you register the maybe it's memory you must they must have said that you can do it always motivated multiplied to act and moreover it must send me an hour now when the RDF costly to regular sentence but you can 1 RTN and 1 address so I where to reach 1 time and then I can do as much as odd e-mail me the right is that once so students sitting in CPU and then again you can see this bond is totally perceiving doesn't do anything I'm getting in acknowledgment of candidates were still quoting the CQ to get an acknowledgment by the way if I use AID medium then actually they adopted the directive is my acknowledgment cause I know I did if I have got to the end and the responded again doesn't do a thing and the performance that
we have with the feedback this is as it can see a 100 Gigabit so we get to line right OK if you haven't been with about a 1 case and when we deal
with and then we have a also infiniband latency that is said before then we get a less than a 1 6 days OK so 1 of
these a OK so like I said before now I know what is in the and know what is of the mayor when use it but I have already a at in an atom and deployment and I don't want to change or amend it working on just the use of the unique so for that we have will what is undeniable converge at them which means I can use of the manikin using the I use it's great performance but I will use it on evidence so will go
back to our love charts we used to have Infiniband include now what we have at anatomy invariant instead and if you have ever we also need to reload a we also need the inventory OK now why do we need the and
that as major jobs OK we're OK 1st of all he's configuration of the sports I don't have a subject manager anymore something to someone to configure my body beta MAC address 80 expose in Manager for the minutes on and communication with the network stocks for auditing purposes I need to communicate with the network stock so actually I need to load might be anymore so when aligning with rocking the in model has to be loaded as well OK this is the effect that you need to remember now what
the pack so we solve the following feedback that that which is the fact that I'm not going to go over it again and now we have a walking version 1 packet and you can see this is the idea that that without the and they aim at unintended is actually wrapping their Infiniband back OK so now watching is done by the the on head and not by a range of years ID and use the estimate veteran check someone at the end just a quick mention
of what you versions nowadays virginity and even implemented into free BSD upstream is version 1 of rocky OK this 1 but we're working on a version tools which will be implemented very soon and will be pushed drops in the near future we consider the inversion to Elsevier and high the header which means that agent 2 can be allowed to bid for version regions in the food is the is known about the thank you for the my
job very quick and you get its on not so maybe not on trial now it is indeed a rocky flow the aim of opening a new cupric OK a b can be either like said in our security and it can be the European what the thing I need to do 1st is actually connecting a the QP to another QP knowledge using RG Maciej so
communication should be established between the connected cubic in order to connect the Cuban when to exchange information with 2 ways to do so we can do it out of bounds for example with sockets or with the management board all we can do it by using communication manager which is this year so actually if we have a requester ends of this fundamental center ciently quest and then the response of the 80 answers with information and it's actually like a few steps in this process and is represented with events so this sending addresses was all of the event and allowed dissolve events and he shall we get any event then the process it is getting into to the end until we get the establish event which means connection has been established now the required fields of the QP number over the other side they begin to address this issue we said your agent address at the beginning so you need to know my soul speed and the destination need and my source market destination not so actually we give a degradation they destination I think and after the connection and the connected processes that we have all the information that we need to put in the address and then allowed to the other side in order to send out that packets this is
a a just wanna show you example use of the events okay is the other this is all the other so if we have an arrow allowed to resolve and to get established over here is a few of the functions of k of the mean is all about was only before arguments over the others all then of course a lot more on this call by the way is now being sulfur drivers Infiniband so if you wanna go check it out you can because it so it enough so I mentioned even
before so I I just want to explain what it is very very shortly a the driver manager actually table of configured genes for each pull the handle of the begins from the table and use of them when sending a rocket attack was set in a rocket back and we have a GRH here OK case and we need to to address it with these so sold driver actually hand as a tender and whenever they hardly need to be at the packet it uses the gives over there and put it in there and put them in the pack now the version that we have now it's a IP-based these OK so that gives based on our RIP so whenever we configure airport with I the item before I give this 6 we need to convert it into a given and then the hard put it on the table and then the hardware would know to put it on the packet when it will continue
with our Frau said out information OK we've got these 2 QP connected now we need to save the information do it like this it before in our secure we said information on the QP in the QP context and giving you that you be reset the information on the Walker quest for the shining and send the with to another cubic in the security right away also we save it on the on the QP each time for this AD AT like and I can of you we're sending the doctor anyway we chose the following if you wanna use opcode all 4 of the legal argument might still be if you just want to a regular sand and put it also on day in the right places for their hard to take it for the the headers in the back and then what sent that according to the local delay chosen of course would adopt also in the memory to be sent and then the hardware actually build the packet it takes all the information put into right field and build better and send it to the other side the other side receives the rocket back and according to what that was defined earlier as to what's version of Rocky will walk with and what is rocky then they the 100 as knows how to win the packets and how to read it said headers and take doctor and the doctor the ones for its own if its argument is the idea that aside doesn't do anything of course like said before and would have a connection and transfer of dot so these 2 kids can talk about that
now a 1 thing I want to say also about rocking when we use rocky we need a way to do it on new lossless planet OK in order to use rocking we losses 7 and of course I'm I'm sure you all know also better than me you can do it they would pause frames inside some until you can we can do it also with ECN across 7 so we have a way to achieve losses at that but we need to remember this that when you use rocky we gotta make sure that we do it on lossless and analytic performance
of rocky can love this is altered bandwidth you can see a bit as we get closer to redundancy of 14 of the year and if you look at this disappeared variance so you can see that this is the messages message size so you can see as you getting on 1 OK and hearing around 2 and this is a rocky low latency disappear latency and that said he would get under 1 across subbands and in here we it's a about through each about 10 in this disappeared
OK so we've got to the last supper and which has a so we know what is Infiniband idea may and rocky analysis and I wanna go through a which is a storage just so understand that it how do we use it in the within the so we have a chart as the following day in the core and the vandals and now we have also if it'll Infiniband I want started stars a scuzzy is a storage part of what we said before age eventually a set of standards for connecting and transferring data between a computer any devices and they said defines a protocols and defined commands and that's kind actually stand along the machine so we don't you them use a connection and management so it uses me as it is approached oratorical on my machine but if a 1 connect to other machines and to exchange information with them and I cannot use uh scores for that I mean that management layer so for that and the SLP appearance on over Infiniband over a and also I have I spend I study actually it's another a management layer which runs over a TCP IP and over X so when you start a connection choose from when used for 1 right over Infiniband and use this is something I for 1 right over it and use the ice that's now I have here ISA in between so I said actually extends the use of i started to use to use also of image OK so when an Uzi isotherm actually using the management layer of ice that's a sort of a planet but use also aid in the the uh the may die before so it's time talking actually actually uses work now they in the alpha version of ISO is it currently under review and also we push to previously also added the isolate itself and also added a little bit of code to ice scuzzy in order to have the this choice of choosing whether to run TCP or with AIC and a bit of uh
how I still works have been initiated R. N. A. had the target now whenever the initiator or wants to 1 to read or write down the toll from the target what does actually sends out of date and then the target is the 1 that is using all the mainland and of the main line to the initiated so we find shouldn't and I want to write them down to the target that and say I say I extending the docking and I tell you what I want and then the time detection uses of the images and with the doctor to his memory without the involvement of the initiator and again you find the initiator and I wanna read data from the target the ice in the Arctic and the target actually used by the mean light in the night got to the initiator of that energy and actually said is sensitive features the data was that ended performance of that all ISA so this is the initiator A I per 2nd with 16 connection and the name and you can see we increase the cost and get the 16 and this is I so so we so we get thousand and while can see with eyes guys then we're just about here OK these by the way of the course on the target so here it only took care to cause target but each year we use 16 costs this was message rate and this is 1 actually increases bandwidth so we considered now because of different so now that is I said so it it's not my fault so now they the ISO also can reach land rate OK while increasing the block size and you can see that with the ice spazzy we get to about half of a
a undone in any questions case of you know what
you would there nesting whether
self injury here what if it's not only according to steps I just wanted to see how each at each of them they are using the other 1 but it's not I didn't try to be stacks so that that 1 might not but it's just to show that these are the management layer that is very it wasn't my and my for it is so feel free museum sure that it plans to the lives of people of these things to do what we want you to fall for now I guess there are no plans but if you want to have my e-mail and show it again and then it goes
on a quest say you can send an e-mail and we can think about it yeah know what again all walking it's inside the office staff so we Infiniband drivers what the area in the latest office that you have in the quarantine in yes is s were just where we're working on it do this when I'm not here and the sort the yes what I'm not so familiar with the I will so I can't answer this question but maybe there's someone here that's the the in the the local maybe you can answer but I'm not sure OK which is it that and I love walking that of course that's what I do that there is an answer so it where you can assume about I will others what what same allegations that were I the because of the the of and no you know you need to have the for the hell of new you can take a lot of hardware and the use of reducible to it will only last year from 11 to 12 HHA support meeting has supported that of the program which is in the region of the world and so on and you want to be in the form of the lot of the of the of the of of the world so who will tell so on that and that of the Nautilus questions income latent then coming up with what they that it and they have how


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