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Fighting Harassment with Open Source Tools

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Fighting Harassment with Open Source Tools
Engineering a Solution for Social Problems
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Have you ever wished you could actually replace a troll with a very small shell script? Maybe you can. It's time to take charge and work on solving these situations from within the open source community. The internet is full of trolls. We know that this always been the case, but in the past year, the harassment coming from some online communities has become international news. There have been death threats, SWAT attacks, threats of sexual violence, hacking attempts, and many other tactics used against those most vocal against the harassment. We're going to talk a little bit about issues regarding diversity. It's no surprise that most of the people being targeted are women, and it can be a difficult thing for many to understand precisely what this harassment looks like. I'm going to show examples of what I personally have dealt with after releasing my open source project to combat harassment. The question is often raised as to why there aren't more women in open source. To answer that, everyone needs to be aware of what a female open source developer can face. Warning: there will be some graphic language. Law enforcement doesn't have an adequate way of handling online harassment. The sites being used as a method of communication don't have an adequate way of handling online harassment. Terms of Service are created not to protect the users, but to protect the interest of the companies that wrote them. However, not all is lost. With open APIs, we can work at creating safer spaces for those being targeted. I'll discuss the initial release of ggautoblocker, the problem it solved, and the roadmap for development going forward. There are many other tools that are needed. There are many ways to contribute to helping mitigate this problem. This is a new approach to an old problem, and a lot of commercial companies are already looking at ways to sell a solution. The ability to be safe should be open to all and not come at a price.
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we were we had started at the request to make of all and that is do not take pictures and do
not post on social media that you're attending the stock at least not until it's over and there's a good reason for this and that's because last time I spoke at a conference about harassment the conference itself started getting harassed immediately because people are searching social media and harassing anybody who talks about me has several people here on the so must you probably know who I am and I used to be Free BSD Canada and method impact for a long time mostly doing something creation of what people now called evolves so it's looking you before about various technical things but to limit talk about social issues evidence of the solver for that was so much easier than this talking about and social problems is really hard and I debated for a while and how I was going give stock because current time talking about myself but there's there's a power and telling people something has happened somebody they know so today and to tell you my story and what happened to me in the past 8 months and why we should care about this issue summer break the kernel rule public speaking 1 is submitted to the CFU I thought I could handle this without a problem but in the past 8 months and I've been through a lot and I'm pretty tough but the more time I stay here obviously can remain friends practically my family the more I realize standing up in front of you and talking about all this was going to be really hard so I will talk about going to read sorry how to any killings snake
coherence you really really difficult it's not really accurate to
say that all the started with fumigate but that's from the began at this point most of you probably heard of game again for those that haven't been they give you a short region it's a harassment campaign of specifically targeting women developers well wasn't initially only going after women in the gaming industry eventually history going after anyone and the
copper attention ground 0 with my friends are equal they have all of her accounts for Astor family when after her career and threatened her until she had to leave a home she was cut shopping for 6 months too afraid to stay in any 1 place for too long she tried to talk about the things are happening to her and the threats that she was receiving she was accused of making everything I saw the threat spending were in a surprise to me adding quietly dealing with some pretty major forms of harassment for for nearly 20 years I was able to act on the
things are happening to me but after seeing her go through even worse they I couldn't stay silent so I said a string of tweets that amounted to how we shouldn't disbelieve women when they say they're getting harassed I didn't expect this to be a hugely controversial statement but I was immediately proven wrong over the next 12 hours I received thousands of tweets many which were graphically abusive and sitting embedded in the dark at 3 in the morning still staring at where phone as I tried to figure out a process what was happening to me Adam
Baldwin the Adam Baldwin from the TV series Firefly and Chuck was stirring up more people to come after me I tried to explain to him that all I had said was that women get harassed and we need to believe this and in return he asked me if I was a cultural Marxists and so a
picture of a graphically tortured animal this was a real to say the least I was scared and panicking at a moment where I considered leaving the internet for a while I didn't know what to do any being addressed by a celebrity amount was pretty new experience for me the anxiety almost 1 but something else happened he might be at involvement but I'm Free BSD hero goddammit and I'm not going to be chased off internet by some do that uses phrases like cultural Marxism and better than that so and I've been angry ever since I considered I
continue speaking out against harassment every morning I would wake up and you buy coffee you sit on my computer and read through hundreds of people messages I would block each person the problem was blocking 1 person didn't accomplish anything was a huge amount of work has any time I tried to have any kind of conversation we would but in the process it quickly became known as the lining makes this wonderful wonder recommend meanwhile I watch Kathy Sierra get rid of the internet by 1 of the same people who didn't
harassing me since I was a teenager rocker told her that she deserved it so I told him he was full of shit and return Kevin index started threatening my career I
decided to go public with valence theory of rational in any 1 of the top 10 Japanese those that day much to my surprise the
support started pouring in but so the threats I was about to get it was can't make favor conventions and looking forward
to this all year and you would enable the go there and tweet about it and share things of my friends without having to filter through all the abuse and I was getting so tired of feeling like I was digging way of shit mountain I come from work when I started drinking after about half a bottle of tequila I decided I was literally going to replace all of these rates of the Perl script in about 20 minutes I had written a 200 like Perl script that did exactly that the script use the Twitter API pulled the follow list hoops and 1 the things tend to fall down the following list for a few the key people in the medieval instigating harassment if someone was following more than 1 of them and block to them this is very simple but surprisingly effective with an exceptionally low number of false positives but I tweeted
about it and everyone was interested so I decided to make it open source and post the code and get half if I had been able to see
into the future I probably would have chosen a language that was not and I did not
expect the drunk in Perl script to be the thing that people memory by but as far as like as you go I guess I've seen worse than it was a massive success thousands of people signed up to use the blockers they created the life got really weird the film itself
besieged by the press discovered in Newsweek New Scientist Business Insider in New York Times and many others the positive feedback was overwhelming on the other hand I found myself a subject of quite a few hit pieces the major ones being by a reporter from bright part was trying to make a name for himself he the case services somewhere even hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on me and public with everything that he wants to go in that blog posts so he is a bunch of money and the I started getting threats of lawsuits people were
really angry about being blocked on Twitter the those being
blocked so there was a threat to free speech I received definirate threats on a regular basis my boss received a flood of e-mails telling them what a terrible person I was
so my parents started the Free BSD mailing lists because apparently I'm employed by previously and they wanted to get me fired you what would be so like others picked apart and I was
told repeatedly that I was a
horrible coder this is not uncommon experience to any
woman successful in open source was just at a much
higher volume this is 1 of my
favorites then the Internet the rules they would if you know this happens all the
time and I've got hundreds more of these things saved and screenshot it was suggested by many people that I had only managed to get a committee that by sleeping with every previously committed this is typical these are the things that are usually said behind closed doors from many many female developers this time I discovered said to my face eventually 100 per
cent sure that outside my office he took his cell the there and posted it with a look there is tweets and even posting maps to my office for quite a while people around him up and he said is the come back the next time the tonight in threats across to real life in very dangerous and scary way so I feel to the for help the e-mail and screen Captain posted it was being threatened the silence was attack on free speech so it seemed like something that might catch the interest the
viral retweeted by the likes of Leighton Chris clue John so plate and many others everyone was watching and the EFF responded I was directed to a lawyer formerly from the EFF incidently she was the lawyer defended the person who had been harassing for 20 years we went to the police and I found out just how much legal system failed when it came to dealing with online harassment we were given the
right around the nothing happened I was still working full time again accompaniment times minutes I had to let it go I hope he was scared enough that he wouldn't come back he was just some dumb kid but was more about other people being encouraged by his behavior trying to 1 up there during all this and then writing more code gathering data I generated a huge where
database the world is watching various groups worked at this point people were coming to me with the problems I was watching the where the trolls of the blockwise matter hashtag turfs which is trends exclusionary radical feminists and even requested someone to start watching Isis I would study each group
and find the patterns to determine how they work so I could look at the metadata for any given account on Twitter and generate a score for each of these groups telling you how likely it was for them to be a member was pretty rad no 1 else was doing anything like this and I found it fascinating I continue
talking to the EFF twitter and other companies we're believed they were all listening to me the EFF told me I was the leading expert in online harassment I always wanted to be an expert in something I never really expected it to be in parcels fortunately in the January I was laid off but at this point I hadn't really been sleeping because I was trying to work on harassment issues were holding a full time job I was told later at a party by my boss he was nearly in tears the he far from the the water come down from upper management that needed to be included in layoffs it was a gaming company and they were tired of being harassed by so here's great
succeeded began to look over my job the clearly didn't think this 1 through on the bar at home I decided to work on this full time it's the 1st thing I have ever really felt this passionate about I do something that was interesting that no 1 else was doing and would help people I know that I would be doing this full time is that the Patriot accountable to donate money to help from my work people targeting these out these supposedly cashing in on harassment
although really who we use a lucrative develops career to exist after nations have so I became even more of a target I expanded my efforts to start monitoring the dark corners of the unit were no 1 wants to go
hm here I saw the making plans ranging from sending pizza like a low Bart Simpson to Melanie explosives but is seldom planning slap me you're familiar with what this means that the phenomenon that has become more popular in recent years it attempted murder by cops so mobile phone the police say that in addressing about to kill somebody as SWAT team robust down this is led to people being killed it's very common for dogs to be shocked when I saw these threats and it was very likely they would act on them silent back to the police I write about my experiences of this on my blog and I 1 to the time at the end human so you're welcome to read about it there the short version the story is yes I was slotted there pleased with guns and they shut my apartment when I wasn't expecting it was scary but it could have gotten worse I was prepared and I turned into a learning experience so that other people could use my tactics to protect themselves I turn this terrible thing into a win like I did with every single thing they did to me they started going after anyone who is friends with me on Facebook just because they realize they couldn't phase me because I was fucking nuts I had to when people to unfriendly if they're worried the physical threat started ramping up starting about writing at the door and he's I thought someone on the way over as the quite a few days away from my apartment but I wasn't going quit when I was doing the more experience I gained in this field the more I realize organization needed to exist to address the technical issues of online harassment I've made a huge amount of impact of a tiny amount of code I knew that I could be more In March had been contacted by many companies in the Bay Area all of whom want help because they didn't know what to do everyone is fighting the same problem and they are lost I was able to go inside India's learned about the infrastructure and make suggestions would help curb abuses while having a low engineering impact as to the meaning of Twitter and even they were implemented some of my suggestions for a few
companies that already contacted me asking you to come help them design commercial solutions but I don't think protection should be should come at a price especially since all online harassment is disproportionately aim disenfranchised groups
I decided to make the jump started nonprofit volunt abuse prevention initiated only API despite still being in the middle of finding paperwork is working with a lot of secondary on issues already we're working with Twitter extensively so much so that you're able to release a mutual Shields up the is the is the feature of the data announced we're working with law-enforcement because came apparent the police have no idea what they are doing when it comes to online harassment 2 weeks ago I haven't threatened by someone who had been fixating on for 6 months he's going to come from Texas we knew exactly where he was and he was saying that he was going to a drive by my apartment I went to the police again and they knew nothing about California Penal Code 646 . 9 which apply to words a situation where they told me to call when he showed up at the apartment I was displeased so now creating training materials for the police it's gonna take awhile because laws are different each stable were gaining traction with the federal government as well as a few Attorney General's offices were also became companies approach for better developer policies that can break the code to deal with these companies don't want to do themselves this is going surprisingly well and I wish I could talk about more those things that sadly and buried under a pile of India's all the cooperating is open source and you can check out again how he wants you can project for working I want the community to be involved in this I want you all to be invested because this is a problem that in some way will touch every single 1 of us angry at thinking of interesting ways to fight back but there are a lot of people that are about a dozen me and I need the help because they can't get a sort of myself in particular I do wanna mention one of our projects that still very much in planning and that's project Cotton allows users to track abuse they receive from any conceivable platform creating individual and private case files can be easily viewed and downloaded by that user presumably for taking the police use case files include all the identifying content information required for law-enforcement ticket data preservation request to provide additionally the data would be gathering would allow us to more easily track crossing patterns of a different forms of social media we've been talking to
almost all the major social media companies are getting a lot of support from them with almost unheard of levels of access this is the perfect time to get involved in something really awesome that is already changing the world and noticeable ways were making history all because of some dumpy Perl script they're all drunk angry a lot of people want to
help but I'm a warn you against doing what idea I the very
public life there is nothing left for is privacy grade I am constantly under attack it's extremely isolating because I know barely anyone get close to me they will become a target I'm constantly having to watch everyone around me when I go outside to make sure that no 1 stairs a little too hard when people recognize me I have to wonder if friend or foe and most conferences and now require a security escort finally bring
a drink and ask me about that because I've got some stories there are still ways you can help we're more than happy to accept pull request I know there's a lot of engineers in this room that make a lot of money I know because I used to make that kind of money to now I'm completely funding like United Nations made a personal patriarch and
people the 501 c 3 is not yet on all the announcing it is hopefully in the next few months and happened the nation's though of you wouldn't be tax-deductible quite yet before we get to the q and I want to close this by reading a few tweets there last nite
1 of the best and worst things obviously can't this is now able to remember what life is to be like before every day the image of being around this much love makes it so much harder to talk about the terrible things that happened it's even worse when people tell me they couldn't do the things that you do I don't want your sympathy and what your age that this is happening to so many people that it could happen to you or to someone that you love you don't feel sorry for me feel angry for me fight for me because in the end all tell you my story but it's not about me it's about everyone despite for you I'm going to give me a
moment I have and I will answer questions at that copies very restored get what the the goal of of at that site that was not on the order of 1 of these massive they're saying what he wants to do about it that's basically what it comes down to you unless you have a lawyer with you they don't pay attention to you they're like it's the internet which is close arouses they don't realize this stuff does affect you offline and I've been saying for a while that we shouldn't say things on the Internet we wouldn't say in person in front of a police officer and that's something we really need to start pushing because we actually have a really good laws we have amazing was we don't need worry was we need police to understand the laws that we have yet so it's more of its 1 of you is generic hold so my friends user game developer and she try to get a restraining order against her actually started given and the judge told her after class he was denying the restraining order just career got the unit what was used on the part of that just typically what happens people people say it's just words it's just words the fact is people arousals adenosyl uracil everybody's Marcel sometimes the problem is when you have 5 thousand assholes coming at you when you have that model when you have threats would you have rights you never know if they're going to be real and and you don't want to take the chance that they could be that these this person's actually going back to you don't wanna be the example the experiences that actually have right now our focus in the last but I know that as far as the swelling attacks so they usually come from Germany and I don't know much about international law yeah that's way down the road for us that is something we're gonna be targeting so this is yet to be to study the use of the state through the regional yes you have of the I have a friend who is US some of you the things in the world we have rules and and institutions that we have a lot of things relying on the about traditionally through the following facts that because they will around the world you will all be you hold on to the and of all so really you know how to do things more the issues of the day she law is not possible because of course the course of the usual they will follow the search for us all acceptable especially culture but would you know what the real rate of the rule of law and this is my question is is how can we make this should you local it's the community with the role the showing of the floor what's you will take high and taking unaided time and the US is obviously by markets at 1st when starting but a lot of people are coming into this conversation in a lot of women are coming into this conversation strong loud equipment and they are coming from around the world and I think what's going to end up happening is working and consulting with them on the various issues in different countries a lot of this comes and education and part of it is people like Kathy Sierra and people like me getting up and telling people there's the stories because what all this started happening to me a bunch of reviews the developers message me on facebook like this real thing is this real life and like this and I was like this doesn't happen to you and they would no and I was so surprised by that and they were surprised this is happening to because we don't talk about it and we need to talk about it and by talking about it we can educate everybody around us and they can start looking for these things because if you're not looking for you don't see it so what you know we know about you I have started almost 2 months ago has been a whirlwind through then and 1 of the reasons writing my talk until last nite was because every week something major is changing this is moving so fast and to my borders for people but at most a modest kind of advisory and work in the non-profit stuff for me so it's mostly just me it's just me who's going out working of law-enforcement in writing code and learning how to run an open source project which is really hard by the way and and so if I had a cloning device there would be an army of me and I would be terrified for everybody and you know the trolls and hopefully go away but yet it's just so over time and you see this solution used be the that we have in the following way so you know that and I don't know as mother and depending on social networks and remove obstacles in the on way we need to do is just speculation is the face so that they can use to use which would be linked to the United States the were that you you you see that happening with this just to follow the wording put unless we again come back here and in the social network based on very conscious about US and Europe rules that you do in you have any here can lie on data protection raising China a major major issue and also provides for that long that would be the creation of what we is Jerusalem the least by some of provides that people started using data so the idea of variance and like you would going around the point of I very American mn thoughts about free speech and I'm very wary of imposing any type of filtering software or trying anything like in that little despite everything has been happening I think people do have the right to be announced on the internet they do seem to be better about it and we need to have ways to filter things out and and when there are serious things we need to have law-enforcement involved I don't like the idea of actually preventing people from being able to say things like you I'm very aware this is the this is where the user likes me because I can see both sides of this I'm really scared of stopping people from being able to say things on the internet and but on the other hand if there were if there are no consequences then it's silencing minorities that silencing women silencing people to getting harassed so there has to be a delicate balance and I don't personally believe that implementing an effective safeguards in your operating system is a good idea that can be used for many years of I don't know how often has more so actually tying in what they were talking about the chrome and it's a way for people who aren't necessarily technically competent to be a little longer harassed because we're you're getting harassment harassments usually coming over many different forms of the Twitter Facebook e-mails and taking screenshots is something there anything studio and they don't always know what data they need to same lake on Twitter for example between 80 so this is more making it easy for people to save the harassment they received because it's a good idea to save it because you need to take it along cost and this also is a really great way for us to do some data-mining because I can find lots of harassment on Twitter we're going to other networks is a little bit harder and so I think getting people involved actually saying hey this is kind of messed up is a good idea there other projects they're kind of similarly there's anything coming out called hot which I'm a little bit wary of because I don't like anything has the word mob in it and that has to do also with tracking arrested but it's more publicly facing it's those that presumably you go in and use and being harassed and these people descend on you with love I don't think this is a good idea personally I think it has a higher likelihood of being abused and but that something else is happening in the space really and 1 of the people who use for all of all of our so this slide you have was actually a great start and just talking about the fact that there is harassment is you know it lets people be able to talk about their experiences and seen guises surely white guys talk about you know how we have a problem diversity we have a problem with you know people being assholes and that sends a really good message and it makes it seem like it's a safe space making safe spaces so women can say hey this guy he said things to be that are good that's that's something community should be doing and and whenever you see something bad happened to call it out to be that guy be the 1 that's like you shouldn't be doing well because guys stimulus and the other guys more and they listen to women when they're doing things like that you know it's the it's the social was really cool because of the most use what we want to what you should know we know all of that that and so on and so forth so what do you think you have problems and social that genomes all so the terrifying part of all of this is that a large number of these people were CS students which means eventually we're going to be in our industry and hoping to grow out of this I don't know if they will and personally I think that this is the result of so when when we were growing up we had gives some legal see so much anymore instead they have the chance they have for 10 and they have a chance and if you remember back to when you're a teenager you feel really powerless he felt like you don't have control over anything he felt like he didn't belong and whenever you part of this anonymous message board this month forms and variable that you think it's not necessarily nice things but they're able to accomplish things and they have this level of power and there's this level of acceptance because you're part of the model to pick 1 applying critical thinking and we're getting to be really really cheated and there's no and the thing and it's not a good place so if you have children don't let them go on the chance because that seems to be where all the cells originating from and it's not like this is a new problem existed this problem existed of the chance is getting worse and I think that that's the reason why at the end of part 1 of the things that you know which 1 the people in the back of the book so that you don't have to know you're here and 1 of the top of the talk that sort of that was that was all the things that to so what did you think that the world full of all the time and this is a song but I also think that the length of the physical world which leads to the left of the of the of the of the of the inverse transform along lines of work on it but it is also a lot of the low calorie is sort of the same this because you know what you should do that all the users of the problem was that the rest of the world you know and so on so that you have to consider that the I'm up here time story of a large group of people most people wouldn't be doing that's and most women are not going to do this I probably wouldn't be doing this was obviously can because this is a friendly crowd because were used to people coming up in providing something like so feminism that back in like getting interfaces and other BST seems fine but those people a great like actually have encountered any of this immediacy community 1 of the line I think that is instead of having propose that idea that the few years not only because I'm not going get you were all the time and energy change all those values which the EU during the worst of that 1 and 2 things from all around world the people who should be and for implementing the senior people in the industry you know in the network walk and people will be in the middle of the day you have the a city in the same way the were comes out of cultural well so there was a lot of it has to be greater In the context of this kind of signal that is the sum of all the model was correct not everything about the Linux community in the way have that Warren recently started there's probably a bigger problem it is a problem solved it is really frustrating because I got into an argument with ESRD of no didn't get me I never talked to before and it's great use like sexism doesn't exist in open source lack of 0 yeah you can come I was actually thinking involved in this stage of the problem of the of the same people like out of all the security of the state of the art and the country and the destination of the of the of the of the of the of the experience of his and then I wonder what would you say you know have people in a more likely to be more like the problem is that order of the day you a lot of them are teenagers and usually that all circuits is like 24 what we've seen it's mostly teenagers and CS students and mostly white males CS students and there are a few older people who are involved in all this but they originally people their profits so the lawyer guide and the melody Annapolis the the water from bright part and the people who are speaking out are the 1 like the older Prof somehow they're making money off of it is what we can tell like Milo had nothing to write about the organization and now and this is his bread and butter but there is a strong problem which various so I think I don't know if it's because if people are growing up in a different environment or if eventually people just go out of this if you because 1 of the way in which this is all of the training data so we have this is in contrast to the bottom of the of of the of the of the of of the of the of the of course this is you all of the time you log in and of itself last we have to work with normal people want to be part of the plan of is the way it was on the other side of of the city and even if you want to solve this stuff in the case where all of the other people so that all of that is and here we have the about about socialist so that all of you will have a lot of people who have a kind of a set of things that will be on side of that the world has also thank you let's say I'm going to go up to about the same time people tend to think this is a problem of the extradition of the very very strong things have think my impression is that even in relatively good you know you are aware that still have this disrespect of the of discrimination and the things that thought was just talking about things tend to be of the everywhere you here like and you want some of the universe is due to the analysis so we were using problem in the process of discussing the policies of the body and as soon as movement started talking about the topics that are often regarded as public usually come of the President of the Executive Committee of you really good guy was aware of things started talking to your neighbor about of the different things and that work is it really context where you you would expect that the question of testing that in the communities and detailed data with the other guys are not that many questions happening right now and maybe that that was the last thing policies have not so much on the on the on the page it's probably a bit more about what happens in the end in mind but discussing policy and that we only to realize that everybody's a little bit sexist everybody even I'm a little bit sexist I have those inclinations and we need to stop being so defensive about admitting that because we can start saying you know hey I can screw up sometimes making these things they shouldn't be doing we capture capture cells doing them and we don't get quite offensive when people call us out it and there's also this idea for people who are problematic in the community and of the broken stare it's an idea and communities to where this person you to work around because you know the vital you want them there but the kind of a problem and so it's like having a staircase in your house and you walking up the stairs is a broken stare and is Easter walking around like maybe you just take 1 more step you just forget that it's there after a while you accepted as being a part of your everyday life and then somebody comes in like a new person and they're like why is this American why haven't you fix this yet and it's like a light bulb turns on and so we need to be careful of the you know the broken stairs in our community which can be a person or can be you know something like an event that's actually happening so we use the fact that the quality well not about the graph and the political culture and the chances if you take that chance you want to say something about the quality of the units so that world mining images but you will not necessarily so long that they have these things that went to the chance of being that the whole the soldiers and something horrible said yeah so commonly enlightenment patterns can be just sit back and thinking because of their age and lack of sleep apparently seen anyone would able to hide it when they've been part of chance could just it becomes part of the article they treat people and they slipped up eventually you can usually tell when somebody's Munson primary relate as a kid like only the person is being targeted by the she spent time in the chance and she's like yeah I understand this mentality and she still has problems of to this day so what are we doing on time delay when system also I could really use lakes insecure right about now so long as the thing from the my Italy and that's enough and it i so as we will see when we have 1 don't do it because pattern we announces see the game developers conference in San Francisco and kind of thinking about it for a while and they're kind of planning on so he was giving a talk there was that you know what we're gonna do it tomorrow we're going announce tomorrow with the name and so we can put the name for it and make somebody made an ugly as slow the woman we just like we did all it was pretty awesome when you have a lot of impact Google actually tweeted at 15 minutes after we announced saying we would like to and so it was a good time to announce it but they are decided to if you go to the site delivers there and were were working on all of that so the presentation was less important than actually be able to start doing work would use yes where it happened a couple designers of will use OK it's it's not just that they're anywhere mining goes they follow and they've already e-mailed the milling with several times 1 we tried this and he said to my apartment and they set an e-mail confirmation of previously mailinglist except they send to the right building the wrong apartment in the city I living anymore so somebody in getting pizza don't you I thought it was interesting that people have used the whole contact me and competences among like something you've never used before because they have been trying to docs everybody who's involved this and be a contact me privately side who it is designed to be really really careful about who you know what worsening because 1 of the ideas was actually to insert an XSS exploits they wanted to do this this was like the big idea on how to hack g of yeah for those that have a problem with your the you want me to of I think we should have citizens and citizens are different from being anonymous I think that's fine I don't think anybody should be forced to use their real names because that affects a lot of people who would be hurt by it being anonymous can be helpful in some situations it's it's my ideas on this are evolving style I obviously I'm biased because of the chair and In a forum I think as long as there's good moderation it can be a good idea to have some unknown and going on and people can post about things they normally wouldn't be able to talk about but you need to have that moderation in place so it doesn't become of use of self you work on the which is that the basic theory and in practice the job of dealing with harassment and and attended that was a good thing it is impressive to the press of the thing and with management of the real world we know all I did this year and I actually contacted the parents on Facebook the parents could not believe me also the other thing is you don't really that there are the day it is all of all of our that is an area you know that the true meaning of narrative of the sort of thing and so on and off will you be student learning actually recognized the cases etc. even when are motivated by fact from don't that used to the strong so trying to break that used to to link to it from my father so long as the child of even we might witness the child is something that is different from what it was the following year he must to something and not making use the make sure you know you have moments of course this point that's definitely part of that parents I believe the kids to be way and it's also the gotten Google many and varied who I am D'Alessio uses a real thing and there's a lot of bad stuff on there about me right now as early as you were here all you have to you when you prepared the top rate of which was actually a world which was written by the same person it was written by the same person you horoscopy 0 going after me for 20 years and then the emerging found it and they built upon it here and I'm actually going to Google directly because I want to see encyclopedia mounted the list 1 of but we don't to it's going to be a hot topic and I know it's accusing them talking to them about it to make all of them as we actually do have a secret of all we do meet up and talk about the so we're all kind of working on the same stuff and we plan together on how to attack companies and how to go in and make use of different contexts and still getting Encyclopedia Dramatica idealist it would be really good there's also other sites that are specifically to shame and harassed people that we're gonna try to go after that use the big 1 the that was the 1st and then would you like to have you want to call it the opportunity to be used for his job and and of the world online it's a really bad idea it so we have to be very careful that as angry as we are inasmuch as attacked as we always are we have ethics and we know the real names of a lot of these people because we're really good at finding things with that there and we will not publish these things because then those people would be harassed just because we don't like them just because the stupid children doesn't mean that they should be harassed these rules should apply to everyone and so we have to we just can't do that it's about that being and a machine cycle eventually produced from Google contributing to the code getting involved in some the privacy of going on culture is a big 1 it's an idea that I had on the did have has a lot more info on because I put basic planning . but I I'm deadlocks I'm barely had their hand I can't friendly system architecturally well that's scary and code architecture that's all continue me so having helped coming in that stuff in people telling like this is a good idea with this is that idea in early on in the planning stages having the community work on this project in a very very start and so we need help us so code and money money is good but I'm actually having to leave the surface covariate because it's really hard to exist on than 36 k here at my apartment is like getting jacked up 3 thousand dollars a month so I'm going to Portland and yet we want to do it because so of don't of that day in the field that would be the data with the the the of the view of the universe that is is what you think of of of the of the image of the parrot you are likely to want to use all of these 2 you have to so in a way like you he lost some of and the security there you get it from the people and the problem is that because of the size of the and I want you to know all about assuming that often it's actually think the same thing as like assuming that everybody in open source can agree on the same license that yeah that is how broadens and later and friends of any that I have the friends of after all decided that she lives close to me we hang out and talk was like once a week and it's amazing because we have different views and very different views on a lot of things and there are people who we generally don't talk to you because they have drastically different views which I think you're actually abusive and terrible I used to be 1 of those people that didn't like feminists and I will talk about it as they can be discovered intact and they're making my life partner and I actually blame previously for that because you guys are awesome and I haven't had to deal with like all that much in this community that everybody else is having to deal with so I was like when he's talking about sexism and OpenThesaurus the source is great and then I have my thirties and I started like looking back on the things that happened in McLeod that doesn't happen everybody and maybe I didn't bring down myself except outside of previous state and when women in their thirties we've noticed in general their views on this stuff can change a lot and realizing that like not is not your experience not necessarily indicative of everybody's experiences and as did you realize that to that everyone is different every his experience different things that we hold different views and occasionally come back on us to have to explain ending guys and to realize that everyone is different than this isn't just you know a label these stick and somebody to put them in a corner LU you obviously believe this thing they think that often he poor and that all of us want to have a lake or women in video games wearing like all that farmers so everything is covered and we all have different views so at other really answer the question about and I think the question is thing I what you there this is the same as those of the history of of the universe and not for those of think it is easier to somebody out of all of the real data in and out of date the I think I just want to say that this is not just a problem but rather that could and people to fit in with what is and the title of the issues that takes a lot of talking to people it is a lot of women are also tired of being asked questions and tired of being asked to explain feminism so you may not always get positive responses and I try to be patient sometimes and Not here I am because this is kind of a new thing for me but he got into a probably tell you off and on Google and the ad we need all also you know doing research on these subjects 2 incidents going to research other stories for so it will allow happens all the time and it'll happen it happens to me it'll happen to you if you on Twitter is something that you realize you're talking about a sensitive subject and people are hurt people have been through a lot and it's not really so much about you and they could be you know their experiences and we need to stop being so defensive we label maybe actually that were wasn't the best way to use and we need to listen to what they're saying and maybe they have a valid point so it's about being like you know we all are growing we all need to learn these things is that it that the to so I actually have special levels of access and into some of these companies and I can report things and send e-mails and for example at the status of the of the week when and we're at Microsoft and we said this was picture together and broke the internet because everybody went nuts and the amounts reported might Michael for spam Michael got shut down on twitter and so I made a phone call is turned back on 5 minutes later there really receptive to me because I'm able to sit there parent all the top tech with them and I have been somewhere in the middle of the road point of view I don't wanna come and say we need to get rid of all free speech and and the so we did was we were working on actually developing solutions people can escalate harassment through us and pressure right is another organization is only runs and deals more with people actually being targeted by harassment and they can do things like escalate directly to Twitter so a threat does come in they can contact wearing usually get a response than about 15 20 minutes so obviously that doesn't scale were still kind of working out the kinks but it's a good start Twitter's trying really really really hard and I think it's safe to say that harassment an issue that affects pretty much any site the has people 1 at the has where people can interact Twitter's coming under fire in the in the spotlight but this problem is that you need to them but there the public the company or interacting with the most and I've been telling them since January when I 1st started talking with them because they an amazing job well this they sometimes think about it that's not something that can really work rather locked top my head and I think we're actually over time from a set of principles