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FreeBSD for High Density Servers
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To promote FreeBSD to High Performance Computing or High Density Servers under such circumstances, it is considered to be very important to share the information about how to install, how to setup, how to manage, how to patch and how to fix to work FreeBSD correctly with those machines. In this session, I am going to talk about how to install FreeBSD to MicroModularServer and how to manage and control those servers. To install FreeBSD to High Density Servers including NEC MicroModularServer or HP Moonshot, you need another skill compared to install to common PCs and rack mount servers. This kind of servers (low energy consumption, low computing power and high space efficient) are good for too many edge servers/web servers at limited rack space, for example, as an alternative system for Blade servers or many cores servers like Sun Fire T1000/T2000.
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type poop type poop R. N. micromodel of dx also thousands of coloring is not really well in recent days previously the wider use it for a variety of purposes for example so it's ours it's ours feature-rich network operations is embedded devices and trick prior this game consoles etc. however full high-performance computing for there's the height of the summer as you use Linux instead of a previously I going do about the it's Salome high dim solver is a good choice as a previous debates across the system hi and
that's trading in Tokyo Japan on this is my 1st original I that the company since 2002 and a small company in abuser a consulting as the next so that company and to support busy for enterprise companies I am not previously commenter since 2002 and item as article the writings in nineteen ninety eight well
there's a lack of activity and the activity of 4 the community years until we began we have begun to study session of privacy it's cold freebies eventual crack it the freezer center opened the door for all 3 governments next next sending their gonna be 40 so this it is delightful active doing this activity as possible 1st
I don't talk about my intention of the session let's look at the next stage supercomputer top 500 statiscal
data both Hendricks as 1 of the statistical we thought most of powerful supercomputers top 5 7 3 6 has been compounded twice a year since 19 history with temple high-performance computer exports computational scientists money approaches him into internet communities the top 500 computers are rounded by their performance on the Linpack benchmark the main object of all top 5 500 released it to provide rounded list of general Papa system that I coming use for high and applications nowadays the top 500 is that the fact the standard as a supercomputer performance a lot in this so 205 product was studying that industry yes as of birth to any 14 top 500 supercomputers the most-read based on X in 6 a bit CPU's Elise and listen to use heterogeneous Venus computing most reusing the intermediates graphic processing unit as coprocessor have become a popular way to reach of the problem was what they should have higher absolute performances advocacy we the king of top 500 supercomputers as number the 2014 97 per cent of the words of forces computers that use the Linux column it was in those who was in is also not 7 of the most profitable onto the groupings zoals along things out stopped as well part of the other operative system at the 0 all soldiers never die but they'd always abusive as a system
fighting country and not always there yes it's crazy where there is more to the story previously
it it's completely finished I think that some little for this is the feet of high-performance computing History carry previously has been running on consumers PC or little speck enrolled price serotonin Soros for so for its services and devices all high-performance computing and have been expensive to cost 3 false image by reason
based services for it is the foundation visit project has been acting with some the advantages bus and orientation of this project we have few connections with few hardware vendors on the other hand there were many Linux vendors that helps the flounder on high-performance computing systems we have a few enterprise friends that while the because of foreign to establish a healthy relationship between vendors and offers project is that isn't that easy way with the work for someone personally are there any ways to improve these circumstances I believe the a key point for improving this outcome of this year's information Schelling this is my laser I'm here realities in place in the
years I'm working with is the other freebies to develop probabilistic consulting of Tokyo for Belly find previous the works well on in it's it's got an musical operations rightist Rockman sort Michael just solve all dx 1 sentence is the latest in easy high density Rockman as the corporation is the Japanese much Nacional provider of information technology services and products as it provides information technology and the network solution to business enterprises communication services providers to government agencies energy have begun their computer research and development in nineteen ninety 54 and that produces the forest trust what's leading system back to the and stability are also seen right the computer the fastest supercomputer in the work from 2002 to 2004 and the 1 of the famous on barrels in Japan and somebody X 1 7 and 1 of them expressed 588 also the the the and if there's 5 8 also finally is a rotten samples for enterprise customers micro Moses somebody exhaust sound have high in the model are among expressed 5 8 also these it is too expensive for someone to buy if you wore or the project in need previously high this summer so it the exhaust haven't doesn't emerge as the candidate be calls the land English information of it free BC and that the the exhaust out of Japanese I exception this a concert in my company opened the verification that on on the website so food for could read Japanese can catch free BCI under the DeCSS 1000 easier so I hope to have any chance to use expands the hardware trees tried to test for the world not happy so was set up what feature works on not only that on the internet to open the openness shares the formation of extends the hardware at a big step for free the existence I going to do so anything micromodel somebody excellence
this this was sound incorporates the outstanding performance of almost all what flexibility in the enterprise cross reliability is extremely there's design after the 2011 token earthquake and tsunami performance below works is important criteria out some of the wages the did what's out at Su Yu and could systems with 46 Intel processor-based micromodel samples at the diner for large-scale computing such as web hosting and big data analytics as well as across subs provider I don't think of the node with the latest in the atoms these at the core processes for dense rocks and 1 is is the slot but answer was found
sampled operation in for the degree Celsius environment which minimize cooling costs general fund repulsive private with 80 process platinum certified pulse upright the politicians all images here and show components including fans possible URIs church management images errors which motorists hot swappable energy to replace the keyboard or
using the was 7 to interfere structure and the relations of these between what the dx 1 thousand is considered by 5 images 1 networks which to see and then what you re 7 for have this 1 truth yeah 5 from what you in particular to invest in a relationship with at most at most acknowledges chairman watches and several modules that is important if you downstairs them at its relations it's then you will fail to to insult for interesting you can access to networks acknowledges service to the other consoles 2 circles souls that might reduce the on the it's from upon forest you should access to the nettle system was you and make network structure and grabbing MAC address information on CNN was used NET also acknowledges is a key point to use the excellent so that's
next you access solvable as user using idea meant to In a stage you must set up you all its DAC piece of and access to the system was used in this 7 was used GMM 7 withdraw different configured for using the P. 2 of things the iPad cavities next axis of the 7 withdrew using that argument to set up by us here so free busy by pixel after installed you can access the using SSH that is the fault all
the examples was out the it's all sounds and to use size it could include apt to 46 CPU modules city modules a masked interested to CNN was however because of the orientation of the power units to bring it all down to costs for the would use our imitation of CPU modules power encourages you could include 12 holiday how this images for encroach there well the PCI express slots for encourages it we use haptic tuna toxic for encourager the face fits golf operation with the video like Lego blocks it push the the tool by so the preparation for
example you could take 6 encourages part so you can have 687 was used for what it means you have false thousand 864 so let's AUROC if you make 10 beehive just causality was used you you have 6 6 thousand 18 guests by if you make 100 to jail environments for possible you have 60 cells 800 jail environments pork you can reduce the number of the discuss hovers around their pockets function and states you can reduce 60 70 per cent of probable functions you would
have happened to networks which was used in each have 2 faulty giga Q s in the upper ranks L 1 1 7 the based for management and this 48 4 6 2 . 5 dear down links to several years the middle signal our backbone of the different phonetic oxygen using manage that dx once thousand in a network structure you get access to each 7 would use the Washington was you just Susan that looks at what you should consult hold on on the the next points sound front panel of the collective genetics is measure you can log in into that of models from the field console yeah
CNN what you see and then withdrew from the nation other modules you value Matthew to CNN would the poor Kroger once what you act as activists even was used on the other after the standby mode you standby mode through that a few works so it is not contrary pop standby modules you need the both for encouraging you can control similar to using item Otsu's part Paul off softer set to grow grow information Sally mission or sense of information on the right 1 here
as a supplement to the 700 region wrote to man was used at 7 was during the 1 processor into process the 2 7 5 all or C 2 7 3 0 both have a cost have to fall DDS 3 1 6 Exell ECC LBS of the instructor maximum outside is starting to do that by 1 might receive the other 80 is is this sort the apt to 120 gigabyte ostracized idea might 2 . 0 being supported and a tuple 5 2 weeks genetics acknowledges 7 which you haven't uh high-performance devices if you need a high-performance note that dx 1 7 isn't affordable to ban all many professors have a rock or competition using them as some of the right how do fears AppleDouble use case for the dx of how this
would you to put a 5 inch serial 88 had this you can choose 5 handed divide 1 if we want to use heaven would use you should use interactive process that the 2 0 7 5 villages which of the 2 sounds street they'll can't use how this would you
from what you know you could have up to 10 from module supporting encoded the biggest program although the excellent haven't even these from would use the found modules of daily life this is similar to that 1 candidate Dyson Corina's run in the same room at the same time building was working with the dx 1 7 that is in the same room and it's impossible you should lie at the end of the and for that reason you should like I did the excellence 7 in and out of the the polyoma last summer
60 what they trust set fire to halt or across a priority yet different
clonal the dx 1 7 have to serial console you get access to the nettle signal addresses these boats but this is a simple
diagram that describes latency and 7 was used to him was used at during an amount by different settings management drunk that argument having to axis as all these little RJ 45 interface assets into several modules data is only some Q S F interface if we want to use larger 45 hours they interface to you must change of setting using argument to and logging in 2 networks that modulate exchange network structure using some comments I describe in detail at Appendix B
this is the justification of the southern was a itself illustrated for Intel Atom computer well you
meant that this 1 sound to a rock which is clearly the use of them carefully and take operations that it's what's happened is right writer right of the other similar products but it is don't having so when you take man police do carefully the 7 wondering is straightforward to add machine that is here can have abilities however installation is a little bit confusion you mass can then be exported Savin and set DTP networks
that this 1 7 has 2 networks which would you you mass sets factories that force networks which would you 1st that you should all day MAC address of the was used you can update the Louie formation from medical treatment soul program into them that oxygen was used to see rest of in the front panel and tax incomes consoles bolt right is qualified to other BBS different user ID and a possible both adenine there's always chapter rest
boulders ability to the 1st little security right holders connected to 2nd the use the user can always these subjects 1 7 bucks nickelodeon from previous it's terminal using see you come and write
this changed that uh see you a user to your environment that option yes means this switch to face greater than there is a problem that looks like model you can change the network structure using the common source so that prompt next you out market address all the networks acknowledges and curry great Mac address all the which was from that of the confusion on in a type shows
system that's just system commercial the information about that oxygen was used in this case the 7 for the 4 C. 5 9 8 2 6 2 at the MAC address of networks which modular itself you can tell curry greater Alice she mn would you from this met errors and average subtracted 1 from MAC address of middle signals you there a MAC address of all in and and Abbas some directed to from my data submittal signal you know as much out of so the semen was used in this case brought our signal analysis in you
and you should all day IP address assigned them that addresses human motion the same images different settings the the so the sooner was have had Abbott's all the use if you use of privacy as a duty of some wrong and into the predicted without and halting IP addressed by our article common wiik those to if that errors similar during 1 9 1 9 2 1 6 8 1 2 9
next you should all obtain management portlets that address all the 7 was used so an unfortunate tree the marriage and above the Nyquist come that included index were examined the utility disk is sent always 6 binary you must set up always 6 to obtain the information that eyes and its center was beehive as 1 goes away you gives him modules IP address to action i you can obtain MAC addresses least so that was used on the encourages the same way in
Addis subtracted 1 from the MAC address of the subimages management is matter addressed all the 7 was used in economic and address of drop to from the MAC address of the cell was used the internet address all the Savinja number 1 and the computing well
sold we grab that all data that might address this is and I the others and not others right so the CBD coal-fired to outside IP address to CNN was used in the several was used unit cooperation for picks it wouldn't you with an offense to the variety of the IP assignment to the was used as evidence that already drives are coreferential book it's a good and notify systems previously exhibit extra steps was that the the the are free this fractal are the hours and give the information from this example the 2nd steps the holes tried to world the pixel to come from a T T of ticks of area so that whole tried to roll the sorrow for open from 1 in itself so you should set up at the tips of our activities however in an of of each collected base system have no logistics our sold soul I suggested suffer from package and set up to enable this right disagreed the enable yes into qualified In the editor has suggested sort 5 days to be developed come look at 2 strides back that
exhibit conoidal already using TFTP that yet this summer at the launch of but I the server still at why I this enable yes into acetyl co 5 next edit undated coal-fire will become comment of gifted right define and distribute here is defined as in distributed that called the finding must be the same interface takes wood-fired positive structure could be both structure and the false arrest point once prospects the but exhibit the kernel 5 and is that directory after fixed with the
kernel is fixed by the current tried to rules is solely using manifest adds lines of the lines in 2002 called for an editor exports fire collectively In this case and the home takes privacy as allude possible for this the installer this facet defining the that D-CP that go fight to the past and they must be the same and the
whole picture the last 3 you need to install a content most easiest way to destroy user commented extractor based on but she acts that included in images then the call common Jamaica device 5 from from the is initializing misfire mounted and extract based on the set fire to hold extravesicular next next step is important to enable serial on loan by default editor solar contents before installation 1st add those 2 articles of cooperation in to stress homes as fixing previously fresh etc. so slow that call and the boots such homes will stress boot all this along like that good Boudreau that provide an exit the home the exuberant etc. and it was sort chain that life TTY it's unsecured to all secure networks at motor running same was running on a PC with environment works well that's it is racial the power
power on the tenets of emotions using documents to ideas and interconnected users have Jerusalem learned using IP meant to comments by
0 alone you can manage 7 was use like common PC from obligations like those 1 this set of Spain's type function to enter into by setting screen visited by
setting 7 would use you can say that bias recommend to selectable menu and change with the CDS order that the simple the the 4th pride priority with weight said cooperation and this is a exhibits
against screens IP addresses the assignment and try to roll speaks about the column using TFTP
apixaban to kernel that would
sequence you should type tematike BT 1 candidate for next so there's no other choice choice after this
training so operation is the same as common PC well is so noble 107 was used by hand is unintelligible idea cast the solar and Louise social work automatic theory is the minimal away conclusion so
initially micromodule but it's 1 7 with affordable has happened crosses high computational works using many house or to ban many of his ghost harbors into a rock roll power consumption and high space efficiency is a lot of women costs that encourages you can use previously on the micromodel 74 however the installation is a little bit confusion to understand the relation in the structure of helps you to do that so the modules are straightforward until after missing after iteration it works well and backed up and it's 1st by Joseph P. as they try yes summary people
don't have to indifference ask 7 was the have the tubes also data on and the other for management of and that all such model has 3 interfaces to to others also to at the interface and the other is out here 45 by default the dilemma of 7 which are connected to Qs F of little and the management of sub-images connected to our object 45 that sequential in some cases you want to use additive would for balls and bake a lot of money from in it's possible but some of the confusion with after bullet
frost change cooperation by using idemitsu right those so then there specific commands to changing network structure and
next layer into the middle so would you solution local console the fault of the dates oneself the
entire comes right is also that so this change will destroy after reboot that it's so if we want to agitate 45 for the Bulls state alone element around which considered to use old typing feature of any time in our applications or it by hand this little reasonable
yes at rest if you want to buy a different of the novel and has contact point at law US and as a post peak regions 4 1 to buy
this device here that the rules and North America NEC Corporation of America compliance and the enterprise solutions and data in the energy has become regions as cooperation access points yes my story that any questions yeah I know you had to use the the the the station based on the the interests of the use of that part of the the of the release of of the fact that this is the ability of the machine it's very highly efficient machine learning theory so you don't want to each of the so of the use of the road it's 1 of the best we can use the tools that it was best to get in through the green and this should be a policy of the people who want to change to how the price-conscious In such that the function so that you will be able to reject the null and the use of our reserves all of the set of participating in the year yes it's a it's a around the world yes yes you can construct data types of networks so network modules yeah you try to extent but when they want to do the exam you anything like that of a trial being that is I don't know the graphic interface transport and said that CLI only a few years which we have not saying all of how long in its modules has a BNC port so you can control as soon as a web browser and a web which where you yeah the and the violence of the of the of the of it's a good question no the event of sales ban bits that this product of the developed the next high-performance lodging obvious for that but it's a use graph was the whole so you can solve thing socket and you and then you know how many calls us to the of the of the world 1 1 CPU core each sample was used to call yes seen back what it is that a quarter of the size of the of the the the of memory we could all be in the form of this I don't know what the very small what about about a 46 46 more Jews policy is that it's 650 5th points that are not realistic as the sold Enron Chianti use 6 modules at the same time because of the limitation of the power unit so that we the get 40 40 and that the only the communications were here and that includes 2 share which so sad having 8 7 was used pine Kroger is a limitation any intervention yet they could be much


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