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Introducing OpenBSD's new httpd (part 2 of 2)

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Introducing OpenBSD's new httpd (part 2 of 2)

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Introducing OpenBSD's new httpd (part 2 of 2)
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OpenBSD includes a new web server in its base system that is based on relayd and replaced nginx. OpenBSD includes a brand new web server that was started just two weeks before the 5.6 release was finished. Work is in active progress and significant improvements have been done since its initial appearance. But why do we need another web server? This talk is about the history, design and implementation of the new httpd(8). About 17 years ago, OpenBSD first imported the Apache web server into its base system. It got cleaned up and improved and patched to drop privileges and to chroot itself by default. But years of struggle with the growing codebase, upstream, and the inacceptable disaster of Apache 2 left OpenBSD with an unintended fork of the ageing Apache 1.3.29 for many years. When nginx came up, it promised a much better alternative of a popular, modern web server with a suitable BSD license and a superior design. It was patched to drop privileges and to chroot itself by default and eventually replaced Apache as OpenBSD's default web server. But history repeated itself: a growing codebase, struggle with upstream and the direction of its newly formed commercial entity created a discontent among many developers. Until one day at OpenBSD's g2k14 Hackathon in Slovenia, I experimented with relayd and turned it into a simple web server. A chain of events that were supported by Bob Beck and Theo de Raadt turned it into a serious project that eventually replaced nginx as the new default. It was quickly adopted by many users: "OpenBSD httpd" was born, a simple and secure web server for static files, FastCGI and LibreSSL-powered TLS. And, of course, "httpd is web scale".
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what this so all these issues years that so I have a kid I can tell you
hold the name the versus of have I was sitting in in a number of and next my my coworker Brett lumber and we were just joking we were joking about why is there OpenOffice and leverage offices and what's the point about all the liberal saying and undirected his humor especially if you ever met him and I really enjoyed working with them is that what we were looking for a name for for all of this is
the 4th is that the rest of so I mentioned it in ICT or developer chat and then bought back answer that immediately after our that's great I reduce that all the domains so and
then it stops so that's why the aggressors that happened that never happen because we really like make that much of the a turn out be something that people can remember and I I think Stallman probably last fact that we call it the rest of yeah automation . net as saying is taken by weird project that looks like an open project and it says open as in your mom and I tried to
contact the d you what side with
registrar and then the male balanced and I don't know so if you if you can get this domain and donated to open is the
transferred to a to anyway opened http the dog or reject the richest that like 10 years ago or so but so we decided OK
if you read the username
that's the discussion in the get up issues about the name
actually which was hilarious
and just call it
opened we use the
HTTP D is 2 words but I think it should
work simple names of the
best I've not a big fan of using using like
fancy name entity have an
explicit rule in my company to not use
fancy names like
calling and light verdict
or whatever that's called
HTTP the the name of what
it does but what we do in open this
is all about you know the the the 1st of all the size
and that's a good question
actually so the good thing is an
open this data we have an ecosystem so
we maintain an ecosystem so is really really recent goal lot when we do a change and 1 1
team we we think of to the other 1 and
parts of the shared features and up in library like the I'm message framework is an hour later you told for some time now and other parts just get sick but I think it's a very nice fact that we look at the complete thing so um it's not just that's my project not only care about this 1 project is is call who did was PST and and a few other
demons than does change in his messaging also then and I look at it and think it to to uh over the uh other a whole lot
of arguments that I have an obvious or the maintenance of people who helped me and taking care of 60 actually I'm thinking about going to talk about this in more detail in future conference about whole all these demons are written and maintenance of his to because it's like very big topic for all the time you fall on him and and that basically means
uh argued that changed to to ACT PAT thinker to relate to you and me and what
also happens all the time in the course of the war on the related we
we just 1 tool for job we let you already does a lot http the we want to keep it small so the my suggestion as combined related and it should keep but of course we're looking into
ways to improve this
by and there are some limitations probably but I really really 80 has all these features does help checks and and all that in in the basis and you don't even need and class version use the variable port what are you in the in the key and we lady is or have been supported by previously folks in a free with the ports tree and I think the Bulovic years hence the linear well that's a real lady is already on previous the sole HTTP GET should even be the easier and 1 because relate the does mora open is the specific stuff that has commented out in the previous deport like cop integration in the routing and all that and HTTP should be a big issue to port span the
problem is for real portable relieved I
would need a reliable portable maintain somebody who shows up stays around and is excited about doing tests built on 10 different operating systems using whatever is the current state of the art of all to make or similar and all that and I tried it wants to do this for I think I t in our field and that's not my thing so the good thing is about of musi we focus on base system and then when we find a portable maintainer we have the p version so I'm still yes anyone wants 1 and here but this is you would volunteer but it would state anything or not should be fine should just work at some of the things appear so 1 must thing element when imported http 80 to my
surprise people started using a very quickly actually and for some insane things already and the adoption is so fast so low that surprised me but what came that's that's a good thing and as always with all the software that we write an optimization that I write I'm really interested in some testimonials tell me a story very using or stuff and that's something that's the contribution that
I enjoyed actually there and I enjoyed race talk about like relay DVX land and all
that and so let me know if you using it and then maybe um we we can talk about issues and fix stuff but it's really also busty giving back is also about sharing what you're doing and if you have something really secret you don't have to tell me where but that's a currency we
like up here that thank you