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Large-scale plug&play x86 network appliance deployment over Internet

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Large-scale plug&play x86 network appliance deployment over Internet

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Large-scale plug&play x86 network appliance deployment over Internet
An example of nanobsd, openvpn and ansible integration
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Presenting a project for large-scale and plug&play network appliance deployment. How a lazy network administration do for building, deploying and manage thousand of network appliances all over the world ? This talk presents an example of solution combining FreeBSD, OpenVPN and Ansible for answering to this question. Starting from the initial needs of providing: multi-role network appliances: VPN Router, Wifi Access Point, Captive Portal, Firewalls, etc
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so and hi how wrong uh I'm really impressed I believe is the 2nd time and came here the 1st time he was the it was in 2007 they believe that when I present my 1st open source project is what it was not but there's a problem with from it's I'm not the system and the structure and that the developer of online developed Belgian professional life and my life long before enough was just trying to very strong long some company have a crazy idea of using it on exists afraid militant but no resources furious the issues to produce a project to exist and 1 day they asked me if I need help on and give them an unexpected uncertainties and of the project the domain name types of Markov model of the stuff because I I don't want to to continue to this project because I'm not that that's what that a staunch guys and I think can give the duration of this project because how to to create a query stock ages storage several if you don't know what you are training we all about summary where all the money we are blocks is network engineer find works for the wrong on after processing let's sends good brood under the operations on 5 credited be of the water project to very easy stuff is just a freebies the dedicated to working distorting the light on its next target home users the 5 no where you really only it's very it's targeted enterprise world then let's say a constant
very rapidly to promote the orange and what's orange
branches of the chemical that we have lots of customers that's from pre would provide lots of different kinds of Cervantes was deletion or a mobile phone on prevention I walking into the professional entities only where we we're for all the knowledge of IPP in walks along on this in this and again work for the Internet but when it long for example we have a problem just an idea we have good to fix cable chips for all adjusts the submarine cables on you have lots of device of that 1 device to manage on wide very let's of solution and the is just to let let's try to imagine the the resonant peak traffic from managing the device effect tested do on for the information so 300 is freebies define for for this the only on this on today I'm the internetwork my job is to manage the income what all Holland of networks on this is a core is a could position because I think I do that face customer on this slide the to use some experimental stuff spectrum with differing only in because in this company and it's a it's a very hard in mind difficult when you can use open source software it's very very hard to to accept this kind of solution but it's the they trust and generate porosities cost on the floor for pencils what it's going on held but in my position I can't use it on that try to China's online is very difficult because I try to gotten so some of the solutions on it so using this this on t t that I reach to to to pollution coding rocking onto the on this project it's just an extension of is the water projects but use the how we use it in the in the 1 on the orders of codes also will present you are online since the last week I have to pitch and management for all the provisions of the Treaty that's where
the their farthest project network Ward tradition at what would we have a big big problem to the uh the system the system and the structure since a few years was the neutralization of all able to deploy a large number of gestural matching funds very great to for all the commission this is not a machine but in addition since the term matching wants to send a packet and tomorrow it's really like it and the 1 on the network guys for the little in the whole company we still continue to deploy physical problems on its value and it's not easy to deploy you find that so easy as that of the emissions on this we assume that we have a problem with in the talk word-form offerings of knowledge on mean I'm waiting
since 2 only the solution for that that what manufacturer for example and that calls I don't knows when the helped but that called perhaps ago now I believe we are more than 20 just for managing a simpler network device on still not usable for the network like like from that 1 them and since it's a property it's from any a several lots more complex to manage that simple water but we still want to do today to to manage it is not like a summary for several then I say when using the same tools has you would perpetuate considering all stuff like that but for that I need to use several alone pushing some of this warrants so the middle columns can harm that's that's more easily because you you have both stuff like just software device that work on the structure became more moral to the middle and it's more easy today to 2 Christians kind of solution of solution like you the DB in the beginning of the company at 6 lines who's who who begin to Persian into to a single high-performance water basins from that opinions it's it's it's it's brings this was my 1st my 1st and the fossil OK I should use a solution for simplified images to the the 2nd solution is directed this is for
all of his for why only in because we article we use the same company the kid indicated each part of the rot given so far in the country of Africa with Cisco water all Cisco switches on Geneva would it cost a lot of trust so what was the same it's it's quite expensive and when you check how many people in times of maximum the is small close of 1 or 2 it's quite an incredible to receive this a surprise to pay for this for this this was my signal 2nd salt for this for this project bond with another serious went out and trying to find a solution for all reasons the cost on my solution
was a mystical manager you when to do what you want you when you I just want you a solution for the uh this this comparison is pretty good on
this circuit would be the solutions that we try to and belong to walk sums project on and that's it for 40 what they want only I tried OK I would read my solution my parents on I want the present paper uh what I mean by prolonged place the event if you want to have services coordinate promote you need to put it on your desk woman was consul caber to bootstrap a minimum configuration the for the minimum I don't I want to some 20 that management all the care whether the where you really have the k a bridge from that's the time that it would be fun because for large scale deployments there would you read on each device to the listener I don't trust any more about it is that I believe from managing the 12 device 1 by 1 and like like so it's only but they manage what you want to with because it into reduce Hall training costs for this is perhaps a good idea for the 2nd idea was that stopping to use a dedicated link but using simple VPN of internet based on the coast this 1 my the respect my my energy by on the slide 1 them from these ideas working
on the options I need this kind of this is for the for fertilized biological I the books but they would use Wi-Fi it is it would be a VPN life water and you want find where with access to my years of he will be behind the Internet modern Bridgewater I don't know but behind something that give him internet access to the internet on in to be connected to the bin gateway on the hiring manager this review and 3 . 2 6 3 future when my my solution but I'm on the on the dissolution looks at a distance of limited in intelligence OK we face the problem for managing a large number of sites in only
needed for scalable solution this meaning they need to be able do provide follows on the European gateway on moral of the European water library is only exist so how I try to put in the back of my energy uh care to make some kind manager who will get over the configuration on sends a command to learn the individ Pingit way around I need to reduce organize management or administrative task for example knowledge if I want to deploy user 102 Wi-Fi access point I need to share 100 formula because they're just for all asking optimization to access to the reduced alone I need to simplify this is why I'm using a wide use proxy with this situation because right now I just have to figure 1 form for the VPN gateway on the right to the hides the or the root behind just how to reduce my and very lazy guy on they want to we use a maximum age owned by on just 1 OK and that's what Ward because this family which were right you understand just roll disk image I don't want just to just 1 session where for or this feature sets by it was legal from the next is OK there today when we need
to deploy that 1 device we by entities could you need to have same to 2 and so on then we we deployed then to causal model toward the pole this solution they said and now I want that my manufacturer my solution for me on this morning I will give you this technical speck of device on a from 1 but he wouldn't start sent for me that this is the 1 that's the idea for the Princeton ones device right
on the future today we need a technician who access to the water of 4 works for the us think about structuration I don't want this go for this process of the site I want so to say you just have to correct to care 1 for the borrower and 1 for the behind your books compression of confidence and the human on that's that's it what
on this solution that you just ask there should be leadership United at this time because just came from the factory we have no idea but with the coffee on because intensity case the need to have a good time honey will automatically apparent that you to overcome on on Monday it will it's a gateway that we accept anyone is this this means all of the DPN we have the same that they forced the fact with sufficient data on here except on this new device but you would brought them because I don't know what this is about 4 until Sept it all just a cookie units for security reasons they just want connected due to only once connected my an
instructor have just released to them didn't stop talking would be this this is that the phonology can just see the new ingenue device connecting just a list is just the table putting OK you're house we were dropped on only to new 1 wants to know when thing up what you should know you can get you can choose a market a of the uh was of all the same number if you want on on you should know if you off this you of some of the books and so they can cause a guy site for taking on is don't just so you just have to on on this new device on this is done by
by just selecting just selecting profile for this water for that but it's a median where Wi-Fi water don't begin between the is running currently or uh we've got to future or for example so you can have some of this is specific to a ranch we have lots of point of privilege in the war on we would would like managing the whole device the the by using some of the alright and this is the energy on the same energy captive bottom just because you don't like to offer a West wife accessed on for that using captive spot the perils for wants to use would be a good idea just present them the administrative just the profile of the books on some but not he push the price the price or the controversial misunderstood Greenwood works on the you would and then he would have resisted fusion and sophisticated ones were which is it will be connected to the to the left this was my target of this form is on this accords walking
only after all this just this large concept I had choice of the software with that he was because 1
parent to walk this project was produced my audience is network and sort its main network and its fraternal bond know how to manage several photo bread package of sort to read the party they want just for example for the bread the woman just to get the new camera image for the state to report of them on this is what known and this is what will be if you were project do you could just that we used to be the the water project for this usage alone and that if you find me come in no only 1 the patent system distributed from long falls in the project the use of the bronchus and because performance so lots more his interest support using and then the other which is on it's quite stable for the coffee motion management in the primal and users consider because like a explained today network water we are changing the subproblem find what funds among the edge to know the language to nodes become the on similarities between based on this slide for me it's OK it's a good opportunity for learning Peter alone on symbol was very easy to to use the just 2 there was able to to craft endemic to carry on plate for configuration fight on this we have chosen to go to the 2nd part for the DPN I start my project was I P 6 but it was a nightmare will because they I want to use the wording particle writers such as this mean uh I need to add a layer of the generally that I had to admit love those accused for support for that only it's walks that you really with open European and why using this moment this way and using the but appears on for the Working software on was used to use a quarter of the Cisco guide but that have discovered a broad owns issued on the shore watching guile don't move brought you really should try to here very rich feature from for featuring between the different there 1 this is the the what himself to have and useful
novels hollow solution that I try to use the kid amazing from someone they already know completely because the
sunshine on values in some of the new more books that you want to other the from looks a low-cost most books only in on the other half of the last summer some books that might be lost and books on the beginning of this very very very easy blocks to to use its belief in a online do some benchmark and this
only because I say 5 or 10 people maximum I don't need a lot of bond with only when they see a harmony how the performance of this book that's OK I can I can use it easily Muybridge on the B the water projects try to to try to find a good solution is a good way of doing it what benchmark this very difficult but can use the products of the previous along this is just 1 example the forwarding performance of of his books on the impact but when we never different water like it they divert you will be don't concluded with the kind of slides that survives wonderfully award details of those of the i don't compile fireworks just the impact on the preference or didn't have the don't talk about is the period for the open depend on the deep affection for the moment that I started this going because it is very difficult difficult to bunch of water quality Figure 2 but you but this RFC for a halt to bench water on or how to bench for your work that you have to teach you know how what kind of parameters you need to do research for the sake of the lesson the must thus but she'll months ago I fall the popular it's was the university of my but through recast on propose emitted energy for all for correctly to bench be circuit with when I start to and what a simple shell script on hybrid I believe it emitted energy for that 1 start to intervention the critical political this 1 is what I'm very happy with and we get to the more than 6 months at a time with this piece and is very very quite stable books for the bank it was orange we
are quite high class can you project used to use is very expensive water so were like you should be available them and that's because I was already create this project I tried to come across it's lot smaller cheaper or something and we used to works with all and only the other side of the talk parents this is for for that 1 kind of Ivory you works with uh and to but I'm not very happy with my time which I never reach move to through to reaches a Saturday at that time this is the highest in the nation he to previously head of the device with the goodness of program for the 1st time it was introduced in after a 20 day he stated he was about to day of the of the of the data along with and try to force abated by home he refuted the same sometimes like to which the 2nd time is it was like this is this is the disk could be the brown repressed bonds I don't know what case at all this issue here and benefited OK he events that I'm very happy with sometimes at the you with this in this 1 about the preferences edge call the atoms or the left top my benchmark and it's on the wall so what explain the different
value a free b is the other way to uh by the forward when you have a call the driver HQ although we have a little problem with reviewed is because the United bench because better result is a firework when the bread that without defining on actually this is actually a CPU then I got to examine several which they correspond to the same the same program alone in that I try to reduce the number of Q 2 fortune on this is a blue on this you know more rigid but the only example when the going along the wish for call a good lots of better performance in each case but under this for because I get left behind also misfire warning that he failed to use it at the root of I need to reduce to 4 but if they want to use framework I need to keep the data is quite complex so kids the than the way but think that it is just a water opportunities to work is based on a lot all right now for the
manager manager just consider just some SSH confined just store text find lasting and just on simplifying your she's nothing on just a simple example of a apiece and I'm happy you is the national these for the manager is very very you like that but constant
use of this project uh it's still we have I'm still
on the books prove conceptually is because I've deployed water on you up in America but need to target it false the Americans with Africa because the interior of the internet link very different when you're using OpenVPN interviews practically then you to continue to do to to deploy in this country before to to which the project on the need to do to solve the when you read it that very affected by the late 20 to do it on a that and another the idea is to catch up on the piano for example right no independently in general list of multiple or open European of VPN gateway opened it then would try fill it with on each 1 if you don't answer which was a signatory in car a with books everywhere water on I don't want my my books and Japan and try to connect with bring someone Europe on only like to add a patch for trying the best that and see if it you get to it and connect to the best that circuit with but the problem is they need to follow the curtain orange whom except through to could be so open European project into user depends on this just an effective program for which it was beautiful it that so our we
we just need to explain you OK and I'll do what you want to be in this kind of infrastructure from scratch if you to to use it to to really how how to do it we usually refer to the children the I or my tests or this design was buried in the in the same superfamily could and it was or actually machine away the generation of image for
example walking I want to create this kind of I want to manager I want to utilize making crawl into and out of the water is them and I want to have been Gateway wanted water to the deepen water all known to laptops belonging and use of force just 1 could 1 1 component and for example is shown
to use it you can be generated the last reaches the demo from where I want to can then at point guard Donald's the bit the IPC codes that because so scarred on you can just make specific you find image on once you observe beanery mention with the B is the appeal of screen you can you just have to be a you like that of I want to get your books created the following those just you just say OK can you start 9 PM with this image honey start 9 for match the variance is whether using
workers criterion for the before the items OK I started the in 1 of those values of lots of in each 1 is connected to to which it pays name of the Viennese collected on and then you will obtain this kind of
general on you just have to use the interface you want to use on for information these 9 then I started on the patient and at the you when it is running through the only once since
don't know the you you just have to let us so the number on the internet for for using a for generating your your your own I don't use of you may just like that because because ingenuity or from a disk image on unwanted chest or the boot process for the beginning to the end because they want to be sure that the major which you will hear a good that's why I'm using you forget to add images to be high I on that in the image of that size along reasoning seems to be of your is that it's the entire 1st name this is the point
putting my PC and time since user read and I got to the rear and do they use the war you won't follow my supreme accord with meaning on the show was to a different to image to a name or as an example to come on the Internet facing the of device to that the world on on the internet and that 1 this suggested that the script of however long list of of warning the delays on this is important for just for the world then once it's been you when you start the the then you have 9 the affinity of trying to get on trying to reach get to but you need to respond to the the can't you use as a manager in the legends from your manager on you just have to to be chattering OK you that the and you are managing on 4 that's uh because I'm using such as you have so you even use this H that you get to know the practices she it to you the provide such a gatekeeper opened at the end of the day imagine you have this on this flight include this went through the with the new prediction you on this if you think it's all we are device because you have read your on the major you just have 2 sons this is this discussion but can you give some information to this server manages the OK how is my internet business name hired by Internet domain name on will set that and this is just the Persian script will you can just look for this just click on it really deserves open been on on we just generate before us about your sheet is for of words that they with all the pin claim he would just do that the generated considerable work efficiently 1 departure is essentially seeing OK now you got a manager the so long as beginning to uh but there where hardware you don't have to named interface because it's the same on of this land because the kids really just whenever the the interface on say OK now you are a gateway to the same script that produced a joint between how is your Internet IP on your Internet gateway and this is just the reward justice shell scripts on 1 study because pintail and a coffee doesn't like people stop but because we have a light until all the whom we used was pivotal on then you is tied to and on the on accurately with the but just bootstrap was dependency and just started just region where that all of them all for that
although I I spin you have a rule which had a water comparable to the best of the just war and this is a table on the and the rough idea and about successful in just this is had just create just for for the when the receptor or the stuff that denies that there should be then OK now
once that once you do that
you've got a manager you've got to do want to be a lot of European gateway to bootstrap mergers that didn't start only to but to water into the water on your training to try to reach they VP it with it that would thank you need to to
foster peace to reduce the the target device get with this is a common the common gateway his his circuit and create all the just creating individual has Hazel's name hair like he like some of the both of the new back for management of some that to be used uh for the and was used throughout all the the internet for the to only difference information on this script it's a variant of you just Creutz on simpler fostered by and fight for this the device just this on once you have that put words of emotions you will be put on 1 of the advantages of the former rather when we would just just 1 also finds that appear in generator was of the order viable 1 gently push the risk of the on cookbook literally having a VPN gateway on the device now once Cisco you have the depend it running long
because you have 1 have been determining stemmed from the manager Kantian now show me the horrors of the pit water but not connected in this and was just 1 with all of words in the usually OK however is that a good to client has a public IP alone have eventually IP on this is the idea that you have to write pieces like pieces of beginning betrayed you all of that knowledge to receive your order uh said if you use the VPN gateway that is to open the pan process is the process for the knowledge structure and then the 2nd process for the reduced row of Table 2 but once you get this adjustment is the networking you reuse if you want to which is so strong
1 of the sample almost the same as previously just take no credit new water vapor and water this is mentioned that has universe form of the beginning Harrison and allowed Senate on for the kitchen you put the get keep on the really like previous being just this create new rejust creatin on similar host inventory for this device only we run this non-significant look and it will fall the playing or the controversial you want to beat on because I'm using open in the land to land you had to modify the upwind appeared the partition gateway for all of the things that with the conversation you find him to the fight on then you you of that all that it's magically we would say that this depends on those appear and receive such trying on the ends of the period of device we would only know he would be tried to connect to the reporting channel between we we reset his own sophisticated and no human behavior you have access to or all into 1 of the 2 because it is assigned the security thing to me yes but now here we stored your books but is that enough is just just a harmless books that you restoring its access to hold that was on this why you have all this stuff like you became the
candidate device only the and Kronecker remove my device only real toward its online assessment on he connect to a constant factor here is that the different information on but it really just that it is sophisticated but that's the sort of forms of bigotry this suggests that there on its just single its main issue
our previous any structural because so that it is the the exact that you fall on your from B equally rich find that that this product with if you already know and say that it's just a strong balance simpler way of doing that there's nothing special just the script form that you can try to 0 yeah come on you're you know how to use it on there's nothing magic missing kind I tried to to follow the correct way of fusing impossible urushiol and all this is that it's for the moment that I have to to some sanctions against profits for also upgrading procedure of this device that like exercises the film where does not take off future I can put it on the internet that this must seem very very coefficient of the film well because they can connect to 2 of the VPN but they can do the thing after on this way for example of grading each of 1 so of the opinion that were to have to upgrade you you should not use the the 2 from wedding because you really impact on your use of will walking but you can ask your deep in water to produce good that on this indian tonight all that is needed the tide exact fraud from managing the Oscar deployment of this is the this is the work yes so
different person words some the promotion to the you know these things the things that they can so because it's so to read and is what do we know that if uh I had the BP this 6 I will use it just the public interface when they on cups like computer for inside for example of size you find good only at the highest speed Give me only 96 that will open the open European research fix some of the IP has 6 but inside and would for traffic because the right no internet we don't use that for but into this into existence to use acoustics and distance of active policies there was ordered is to it all the widening in and user never I don't use the title but then I don't use package from a great package is just a few more so that it is the the the the knowledgeable adjusted for the VPN gateway using the for we find article version 5 because I don't want to which might have been due to its sister the way I deployed playbook the being due but for the uh victory the what of trials of for the client I just push a new configuration and there birds of this is to a different way of managing the the move that that was the because of the use of any prior to the final and that we can look at the next 2 years but there part of the we by theorem and the relationship of all of In this part of the interest rate and time in the world and the the all of the group this is a and this is something you can now buy runs functional functional look some have the use of the year for which we use all of the all all of and the here this and of the of course also find the level being but also maybe some of you will use all the production of the members because of the of the complexity of the and also for the the the you people will be are because it wouldn't be a Georgia presented in 2007 benchmark like you see my today I don't seem to that have been the guy is aware that we have more than 1 course but just just for that is also 1 of the things that have to do it so there's there's yet if it's based on each of the and that it is based on each if you want to form the competency mixed today it's it's just more easy to form a simple problem anyone no hot water 656 is less to I really guy I granted I have had a lot of so yes it it's like the physical but with this kind would be I think I thought 90 and was BIC I won't come it in the midst of the course and also deformed quite good it's very very cheap to be certain that the system that we have here 1 of your of your of doing it is 1 of the things know that because I don't use that is that that that that wasn't a needed for adjusted user interface things need for a drawing or that was also of on literature during the 1st is the idea about what the on yes you're right that that that that that it's the way and using all might have be just was created she could on my which often measure we use just the the link and I need for my platform of the bridge of I'm lazy I don't want to do it manually least like Janis reform upon you have to click for sitting on those 2 1 9 the question and various years response you know what about the the most important parts of the world that we have about the world that well whereas this way I don't say preference a hardware problem person had since I don't have a pronounced for judging a good more than 10 % giant OK I can do some stats and remains today for the adjust 1 of the key and that I do it so that that this is not enough for a form that you will this will work with with with I didn't have my slide recently the of the book the beginning of the have lots of difficulty because I didn't understand this is a very large suppression resorting table builds on when you understand what you mean by exporting the export of this OK what about once you understand that it's a very rich feature you can have a filter between the different table you have a rooting integrity of the chemical system you have the question if they were the it's separate table you can play like you want with during on between on this is far from it an I on for the poetry of what's over there you can have the BP table but not link it to your system you can think of this is great for the if you have to to use all of the