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Packaging FreeBSD base system (2 of 2)

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Packaging FreeBSD base system (2 of 2)
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Use pkg(8) to distribute, install and upgrade the FreeBSD base system. This talk will describe why packaging the base system, and what is/was need to be done to allow packaging the base system: - Prerequisite changes made in pkg(8) to allow handling the base particularities - Prerequisite changes made or needed in base build system to be able to create sane packages - Granularity of the packaging - Plans to satisfy most of our users: embedded who wants small packages, old timers who wants big fat packages, administrators who wants flexibility, developers who wants to be able to provides custom packages for large testings and all others. - What new possibilities/features will packaging base offer to users.
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that's is the way that was the the and of this is the 1 at the top of the amount of so automatically we can but you have all the answers of self which you want to do on the
so I just show how you cherry-pick into new but couldn't read about it but this was not also something which is then dogs so if you the task on the on the following a given point and you have to admit that this conflict is you want to target docks but dogs who will not speed because that is on the user shall box so it doesn't it's here but if you want to create new dyads because tomorrow we want to do more financings or I don't know what you want to use those tags then there is a pragmatic that's good guarantees automatically handled by the the the assumption that thinking of when you're using the fires microtubules the fight that and you have friends who are already right now you have 5 new jobless that is in that group and you have you have now added up to 5 guys and fries package so that attribute you say OK everything in that group grows in that place in that package with those tax anything I can do yet is saying that this is only specific our fight is going to be a configuration file so why do right now is I create a new work in that case for that should be merged in the same place so thin that this tuition there 3 uh on the on the target but anyway so maybe it could be better but understood 1st Hey there it seems to be said to you that we can make a lot of ways but basically we have built up it was the stages and in but we require all of them is like data in the world but that also the very files that you want if you actually so you might very well with the remainder of the below proposing a form that he that that was left to the was used but this the basically requires that we this statement will also be a factor also probably somebody else we used we used the setting mechanism already here so useful what but know with all this stuff about that for a while and 1
of the usual usually
development year said that right but what I'm saying is the old world mechanism also sold directly analyzes that goes away because we know the variance and the mean people who will very fast and that is will away and we think that was set so that the idea is that we are postponing saying that we can have packages turned back intracellular multiplicative devoted to and so that the mechanism is from willed through staging area package also about some of the problems where the all this and in the middle of the from the mistakingly built directly into the final and in the staging area so if we makes most notable and what we do that we reduce a lot of that the overhead of acidic area because everything is directly built in the right place so we have sitting by default the phone any other questions
speaking more ratcheting the version of the and the thank you this year I would like to be in the order of theory and there was a need for a month and we will we will In the process of and this year we provide support proposed for the formation of what has changed can you hear me if on this you want to that that's what yeah so there won't be the interactive part I mean if we merge I like iterative inverted in the bucket system because you might want to run that through puppets and see but whatever 1 could say that option for that but I have been it's that's a good thing to do so the idea is to add we discussed that yesterday for example and that is to have the packaged that this would be this would happen a package resolve that we you not resolved what I would allow you to remember something that will allow users to just average and show you the baseline version of the back of the fight and so you could to these 2 conditions like this but if you want to do manual something is not able to mathematically and you will get into some maturity when just installed before 100 per cent sure the register OK we just insonified along with the previous 1 was about you and your use of February tools to emerging in the 4th provide provide all all that
could be all solutions that have until the political forceful could my last only was useful for a well there is what it is is that it makes it so you don't need to all of you have to figure that so it's not that many fires that really needs to be merged I mean I've been a reviewing and most losing see that out of my memory sinking should be around and find that remains to be merged something like this many more but not such much because most of the time when I was saying before it into the full so if find their major is that you have modified and we don't have a something someone in that place where most of the movement of now and the is not true emergency is said that goes through a merger might you use of the the of book on the management of knowledge and you this is what you can do that but think 1 don't of the wonders of the state of where I was thinking of this 1 you know that some of you you like it or not you want to know what that they always use a lot of you know and you know all the manure really thing if I not supposed to modifying and that you all all that have you that there is a lot in of that world war the world that they never that's not we can really do about it except it's a having I'll dating this educators but rather we have a lock updating their and everything is cool this very coarse initial building yourself and this this kind of things in all the default is sending issue of something already said it will be irrelevant with a new version this is updating and is still going through baggage that it so this for you because you will never written during its in the sources so the idea would be to provide the messages inside the package so when you package of great and the end you of the lease and it says OK you're ready DNA configuration is so this job already is a confirmation for the make the new change you might want to review it again but I can't see how to do that to explain more than a message to do that that was so basically that's a thing but for the binary packages this thing on yeah so that's something even for ports we need to have long and we don't so they can once again like to do this I have a flag saying I want to keep somewhere which will be lead combat but but somewhere the old version and get events so this is not done yet in the package that it happened I before we officially ships packages like this because I think it's important in particle or when you have grading former version to newer versions there is the knew where to be aware that there are not so many there is no what 1 that's what want and what I actually you get a warning for sure you get a warning saying that his father was different right anyway I overrated for another who something that might be 1 of the I mean and have you have to the budget package and then when it suggests that something we could probably do and my opinion what we should do is the way we do the difficult regression financing everything which should not be modified by the user shouldn't be probably in ATC on but should be elsewhere and 1 that's a very long-term project and want to go there but the idea is to hide from the user everything which is not supposed to modify and if we want to allow him to modify all right then we in the software to be able to say OK this is my default this is a place for the user configuration file is really 1 to modify you would create ETC ordinal where which services and that is what we already agreed in idle users share whatever I my opinion it is it should be almost 70 or from everything in the system which is going to be modified and should be kept tracking and the packages but still years we could provide a notion that allow us to do that is to keep a copy of Noam produced 5 if if modified from the 1 that was the 4th and yes so that the world works at all and all for 1 all or their the 1 of the things that if you you want to play so that is going to be if you want to know what you're not necessarily going to operate on what is the source of the universe so 1 of the things that we you do on on on the on the right and that's what we don't want to model your accidentally this sort of thing is that should the durations is reduced what Europe so violent the old so you know you're not it on the wall the wall of the order of the that we have to follow the rules and so if you were on your own theory of free and the other 1 is that 1 from them because the mass that was a long 1 there is so we have made that that on the roof was 3 I haven't checked what we have been looking at the sink a Brian on a set that better than I do this but it was all about the me that I was supposed to be able to define and an offline and then missing and so we can say message the universities that are going to be a lot of energy that is to so this 1 yeah so this is you know the real so world we have all the work on on on the on the yeah like for for data when you say that OK you where you won't have any of the of of the soft of this new and annotated by the user the smaller ones and operate on him at the point where you want to promote evil it thank you very much task