What happens when a dwarf and a daemon start dancing by the light of the silvery moon?

Video in TIB AV-Portal: What happens when a dwarf and a daemon start dancing by the light of the silvery moon?

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What happens when a dwarf and a daemon start dancing by the light of the silvery moon?
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The use of DWARF debug information to dynamically project the embedded extension language Lua’s global environment onto the NetBSD kernel’s internal state. Traditionally, an embedded extension language such as Lua is only provided with limited and controlled access to its host environment. That access being defined ahead-of-time by a set of hand-written or generated C bindings. In this presentation we will explore an alternative: the use of DWARF debug information and the in-kernel debugger, ddb, to provide scripts running on a Lua interpreter embedded in the NetBSD kernel with simple and unfetted access to the entire kernel state.
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among the on the slide fix that before I put it up on the web some educated I'm currently working on our cities 7 thousand 296 and its successors and predecessors so you can figure out what that is so in there are 2 dice talk the title what happens when you try and combine the wall of the divide information Lauren interpreter and armor can put more together and try and do things so this talks about that about sci-fi whether or not wake 1 next so we could have a lot of slides so this skip some they're in there for references sums is high what about this I can show you this is what probably going so much get so this is what all of looking at
7 30 summary to have lower scripting language it has a function and whatever have like a variable reference which is scared heights said interference that variable a people values out a new printer now who he knows about lower and scripting languages insecure so the scripting language 9 resolution happens while the program running is not done statically before time things on song beforehand when you get a reference to a nice is resolved on the floor safety throw that script at lower Lewis well what about this barrier pool called gold-standard analyzes variable but analysts state cities so it has a local variables is not in the then again hazard of the global table is it in there not this is where want all from at 1 containing environments I kind of got this variable I don't know what it is you got you can you figure it out and so in a scripting language can be set up to be behave them way Python problem really all the rest of that they will have that feature you can hook 9 don't get resolved and so what you do with enough well In the case of what
I'm looking at I take that and I'm still have Z is a variable and basic occasional ago committed by the information about information says well on either 9 notes of this address this length and lots of this part so now with that knowledge you know the kernel insight had guinea this of this link possible the way back up to the interpreter so if we go back here I'm now I am
I able to easily referred to variables of the found inside the can is not in good good good good book in quotes Oblinger to evaluate this crop is just this that's basically the idea of what I'm in trying to look at and try and implement so that's what
law well 1 and is the
developers through the e-mail outside high I have a problem I want to do but that's daily to read the text use is there for reference for that CMOS it you know this is how we should be using the province he's describing a
nutshell is that your structure instead of fields getting corrupted not comes into its allocated off the people of the KL namely a dynamic place who doesn't know where it is and then it gets added to a linked list and then at some later stage pulled off a linked list somewhere between them that memory matched and he wants to watch it was a set of what what sure why not this is very very standard bagging problem had a lie down gallant watch a variable for just this lifetime and so the question was actually saying how do I do this is a program problem from saving lasted boring system as to that's like
hot that use body is really pointed at you can't do debate is debating better debugger the kernel just doesn't have the knowledge to do you can track that sort of thing may not nobody he asked for that so again again with so I destroyed about the
sun is is jd then this is 1990 this has someone would have done in roughly 19 on y roughly explained mind is a bright linear function he said condition on the function the site high when the condition triggers data the following so watchpoints side the watch and then the late function whenever the sine condition triggers the delay the what point inside the crater time that is sitting in the queue between the add and delete you don't you watch . installed that's actually pretty simple scripts is like this is I can now 1990 what which ran to database that software watch points in 1995 that made into hardware watch can actually run this full space and then finally in 2011 so which you know what when you cite the area where you probably want to watch it if not hear about page and so they and the desperate Haitians size kind a time for them to get it working in the emotional debate is trying to catch up to this sort of thing and lots of options like really hard to type in the would assign think sex that's pretty good that's pretty claims in a simple scripting language so what happened since knowledge anointed on the sale of that
you know what you can use this news bargain to connected and then you get a year but we got here that I am proper 0 about to report and of course we've got a giant and lots you really want to avoid them when you're running 20 but it can also maybe use a bright point that really don't again around serial ports and the rest of of what you could include the fight with me breaking my inner cell utility because of street also ordering of its serial-port through that which I had them so I that's a nice simple
way to solve this problem will be watching to very you know watching a variable inside a kennel catching about things down the cool thing in mind is debugger extension languages ility they have 1
so this is the the history that the 1st case I could find an an extension language was G-DBN tickle the in 1999 a guy called screw Grosman basically Lüngen tickle into the gdb and got the 2 D corner work together and then 2nd guard Jia-Ming and started to kind about like work but the key thing was it wasn't really a scripting language French uses was scripting language the debugger developers is little about the intelligence in order that the user experience that was known in on then in 2003
technically before the end of 2003 was released officially had GDP added this thing called mr at that hot hot hot suffer LOD-based suffer his ility Bayes implemented online environment so what that did is it added a framework for interacting with the debugger through motif endophytes they could do things like add a scripting language that was in 2003 effectively to go decays that and nothing else happened for a long time they in 2004
I've always working on another debugger compressed it was written in Java I do not think you want to write to debuggers insidiously cost past so is in job I can submit a scripting language Java still easy just sucking Jordan high book you can do a quick look at the so that you don't care about what is still useful to that have many characters it's taken just to create a crisis is a terrible I at this when we did the time right now is wrong it's just leave that 1 sort of like a summer and fall of things but highly previous here then
in 2009 and again in 2004 hurricane JD very funny added Python born and then golf on true but again I look at the syntax and he died that the eligibility they got the sign issues that these funny functions that get past strains this I kind of give me my variable What is my variable I don't period it is now we can start doing finding things with that's not for an end user pets for someone that's hacking on the debugger in God outside thank is is using the same identifies has basically been implemented sigh mind let's go program the internals of explosion entails the use of a that's terrible so this same
problem the so the right 1 a function to a so what point when you hit 1 function remove the what point another function can you do with the tracing till later they've got the hang of this our side
system tact is like get all the sources they easily and bias more familiar with the day tries consistent had basically the ideas behind my chin is assigned but system tat is also slightly different in that it does at least used bag information to pick a random variables has some of the basic concepts of yeah look if you can refer to another variable we can look it up in the Dutch debug information the kernel instead of units and what went on and stuff like that there is going in the right direction do have dollars in front of the variable names but do not require the use narrative structure membership is the syntactic problems that something you can live with a she can refer to arbitrary variables however decided day the restrictions they got security paranoia about sticking watching products into the can they do not like to let me do arbitrary things in society at the moment but probably don't allow you to set up this I can get it to work together to get to trigger on well defined address trying he watched this address statically defined couldn't say what an address that we just computed on the fly will let you do that assume that she's parrot reasonable parasite wrong with the paramilitaries paranoia This is a running production system you don't want your Springer and and we things 2007 suspicion that authors will not go and so system Tech so question
going back to this regional problem again I could lead do something like this if you again is using lower right the and function that just a simple form the and function and then we're in that tied it paid on Lewis impacts we can't use arrows is 1 of of them is the what point on that field and then we delayed function we remove that what what can we do something like that 1 of the gang the getting away from all this dot blot that you channel interior stuff don't but don't try it something simple so
another problem this 1 from great lines can doesn't but my can also different building in that's different but I know what here it's surrenders of that information can have compiler was set I gave you structure of large chines sign is what they explained hand in Figure manner so
don't get well magic you the 548 using government and debug information and yet all very issues i a 548 just hear magic number I wonder what that variable is that for that variable and I will that topic is there from that time high probably this is time side because of that size defines how things upon the stack that's the yeah I'm not I can do that do that light is of the men died jobs to the people don't do that she got look
at languages that tried to the dwarf bonding within of this is just a random link to pull off the way part of tools for the role assigned that's well we have a dog I will get to what dollars are light here and plot things out intermediaries writing 3 children we start looking for magic numbers but s historical knowledge easier
what about how I have 1 variable as the function get the war for that user directory variables and stuff coming information print out the information much easier to go on much of much more intended for so what users that it was something like this be possible and now the
3rd reason why did I end up looking at the kernel I have a little wall steering committee and we get all these ideas he would you like to do this to my to wolf dividing better so in some insurance within the year year OK I want to get a look at some of the ideas and actually taste them inside does this really helped the progress get things like improving speed improving saw when system Bryant and a rather large program can a rather large progress something that there this is trying to use the kernel that use this effect the bigger program the 1st program problems due to a sore problems in customer become much cannot answer out we can divide our private why not every time I tried to be by machine stopped all how big is it well it by the invasion of a couple may initiate is 500 make this a few years ago and sigh relative either on and divider we're gonna get this have dada intended into more than half a gig of internal memory information just is this expansion was our expansions like wall solely emphasis now with the war for a lot of it is to do it with bacteria that live this labor where it is a fast index tables fast lookups you just talk at the thing in the so I made a big dataset to say hey look is this actually working in the real world can candidates across makes a challenge so now
have the theory introducing a have time so now we get into what they heck a doll using the CU is and the rest of friends gets a bit too drawing from fast so the wolf yet sections you if he ever do understand that s probably because of something silly sections thought about this talk about that topic by giving him less than an hour relevant among K 1 is dividing for 8 describes the progress it really describe surprisingly distraught every single detail of your program describes the functions I would variables I with registers memory model that describes everything and that's why I decided that it a footnote this a lot lot more detail what you like information in there in that has been instead as a guide once he gets last is basic font stuff so here we have a simple function f which antagonizes with a global unlikable and so you surveyed the bottom 1 1st that is for the global J. assesses had opium variable j this type is at 0 x 61 we got 2 0 61 all that's the type is assigned units and a source for all test as described that it's implied because of other things of this is whatever the bathwater on that mission by biconnected tell people this is attacking Indians willingly emission is you running a proper beginning emission and then you have a function of functions as high as function f this 1 am honored and Andreas I have a parameter gamma parameter paid is that there a modest 36 of some respect the frame bias of sit down 36 so that information you can find everything to do with that program the global function and everything to do it you can use that information but it's being the kernel so that 16 made really make
never use that information you can then construct an object so you have an iron like have very jetty it as what type it might have been ain't so I J I Case still has an entire and has you want a more complex structure like structures that been 64 running at 32 some complicated like that and you say that the top 1 is the types the bottom line is where rate by that type is at the moment this app alignment happens to have 32 bit signed register 32 bits in memory that's split that 64 these things but for some reason policy and things and then the other integer giants using a register notice that the registers not might not be contiguous Palestine anything in the divided impressive so this is the guy on that variable at this instant in time and if 1 when referring to a stud ji referred to the last small section of it there is a variable research context remember what do you do object oriented east stuff which is why I don't think so to go and then we don't know
what OK so we can back here we have
objects will as objects with a problem model this pretty easily low using who has type evidence of time 1 or a few pot in addition the dictionary so can model then lower that
also in Lower Canada the connexin credits could say hey look from within the lowest grade did give an address memory he paid at this address in memory SignWriting lower this is like it is it is a random byte care not the people running production system was here puncturing bottom you can directly gives a register for the kernel and referring again to this previous
slide you have a talk at the locations of the we implement
like tension is a sequence of little bites at the lower memory kind using pictures what what what get but when using place you implement that a hand rate stays the same idea used implement that
combining the 2 together we get a variable is a title that whenever you refer to a field of a table like a start giant it goes into in the time for it is not in the table the guests will matter title and look at who have often does nowadays has dictionary somewhere else so in entertainment table is a function from the next this is how I look I want to know what giants it's equal the index function or what it's going to cover the war find out where this variable really is in memory using the device information and then return at an object describing that this variable is thought ji is in this application here and has this talk and if you want to do it taking things like the guy my variable to string turn it into a string of functions get cold can be dealt with the same so we now have a wider matter in inferior they do all the lower straps lower expressions directly onto the wall we also have a wide to map that evolve directly on the kernel so
I just quickly a skip
that 1 but will do this 1 so I acceleration titles isn't mentioned the dwarf is 16 making size for the can there is an accelerated timetable pub lines at certainly true Meghan's on that's the old wall standard to try to figure and a new 1 optikom polis ahead generated that is considered not very reliable and there are good reasons for it you can trust that this stuff in the back is expressed on a trust the plot lines is just that they but basically so the divide information if I every single 9 in the Republic 9 cents a global or a local so there's a good got that address memory fits in memory addresses that he should be in the public mind and this makes a big long list of them and say then instead of going through the debug information can ghosts gained through the public lines Fonda variably looking for most of her look so the here in the divide information can get a quick access to get a lot quicker access in theory but so in skeptical friends we don't know
that there is a question so
how we got so I can step 1 and looted again ask easily suggestion the kernel papers please credit library His like I just best yeah this is a hat compression sizes is that that follows the debate was was the the files they go into the middle ear stickers extremophiles and then become part of some did some good work but having a lot of pulling in the easier the other things that you have to say to do what war I had to take 1 on so the average of the
bottom that wanna guaranteed pretty easy you get the book this is this is how you learn lower dimensional learning law the copy the text and then you discover that it's for the old variational lower you go and read in the internet in its as well this is the sign of the new vision leader Ecole database rate law and you remember to times the prompt to lower otherwise you get very confused as I the 1st on this would indeed be prompted this has really screwed up some so have a from the pulling the text thrown at lower too low to interpret and then this is a really simple vision of is more famous invasion that that works and the mind at the moment the yeah Angela you operations and then drop it tries adaptively given really I should take the little state around so when you come into database 2nd time you have all the old lowest state media so that it's an experiment some classical
thought about all i so that's some simple think the which right you print 100 thousand solid line wanted through the printer million again a candidate who was freed up thankfully that 1 wasn't someone somewhere decided that he could assessing printer gives you Louise is its printed today s size it's Nicholas this is a point on size of this is for manager office history who so 1 by then the journalist as witness pretty good again next thing or we needed
about information Net understood were already turns out aid to bond but warfare agent of the can be dropped into some reasons called GBM ensure some instance I have a strange LOD the next week or whatever so the type that can only and the mind what happens is that you need the can get hold apart opinion that the strict can open stricken was what you load into memory under the opposite on throwing away all the useful bits in keeping the debug information so what numbers that we have now so have takes to the careless coupled may dada is point 3 the major I think the numbers are net is they don't about his painting make is getting bigger so tell about 20 22 makes when I got 20 to make stuff from about 2 gallons stuff into a kernel so
I've got what we get for all that money or memory yet but I because that's 11 12 make divine information abbreviations so I that that I strains every 9 you say is string title i ranges these are either side will quickly die from an address since the debug information line of the table stop somewhere tell me what the following along numbers that sodium made government such as is to make the new 1 proposed change will be bigger applications ranges that so to do finding variables and finding addresses because things are necessary contiguous advantage by private that leads to do 1 unwinding just side but
so net the state kernels for some reason include I'm 1 information I have no idea why is no 1 wondering if you going to debate it wants to do and I want probably you should just stick about frame information in side you said if you really have you know Mom is 1 of looking at any 1 so
I stick this you'd be guiding made in all staff that would a that guarantees it someone's done this before maybe not that like this but I would like to there's a thing called copy syntactic copy of precious intended to the kernel so so stuff to copy memory in source false systems in the kernel that I'm still that kind of fashion a few times and theory have we had what 20 Jamaica can also do that kernel and his huge huge chunk of memory containing less and more information I think they are fond of which to be honest
is pretty surprising again only 1 nation they who in their right mind builds 22 megawatt channels side Bible is on the on some machine they can whenever the 20 make centered adjust point handled and camel but it's still easy so then we have to get back to
lower the and this blog contains divide information got lower the and we can get into the lower and get into divided into lower so let's give access to renovate summary what it is that a couple functions couple of books cold on page to literary dressed a and a couple of variable signed high this is minor and this is where the huge equality buying information it so he's figured out what those numbers are brimful engaged in the kind read ASCII in decimal place is those it it this is it works the with his bacanals and I can get at the l-th header of the divine information from lower from inside the but this is a good thing this is science so far we haven't screwed up my duty off on the build system of bit prior on the 1st day screw up I don't end up with anything in and the did you build so obvious and things that the text file you statuses and by officers lunging on that the kids
size of the youngest
1 and what size embedded all that's the last answer so the last thing is the lower we wanna run little we run and was script inside the Korean our no but just do what I did before you get much scripts can capital together in like tried my to probably patented LIF format just lousy archive which consists of 9 now file now and threaten the kernel then we got all the scripts that he kind assume for debugger in a kernel that well he get to the file system to don't get description of the rest of it so in my case on going into the bargain at the time was it is asking for the root file system and industry on on the debugger this what we got nothing so although scripts erotic get stuffed into the case it could be done better you could probably build a proper false system put that in there and all sorts of things and hedonistic source code and is small so did lists and say this is the source that you're interested in that consistently and that's also and make so zion memory as
the thing is not form a lot more of excellent tackle sorry for high for k in the trash I will have mean if you if you run this summer number 0 and civilization yeah what here so finally let's fine and will fly rewriting the wolf libraries of done 1 would anyone happened space are I want a job he has 1 dwarf logjams stick that in there avoid somewhere well this get through the latest this out of the eyes and this led to Wall studio 3 . 1 conurbation the best option for the money is just so it is no GPL but that 1 of the worlds of error cause a little over here so you going down this hall on the other hand live the walls is now being used to churn out experimental the war for the proposed standards such use for that site where whatever happens all probably isn't evolve to generate information to stick and again applying the itself you told which I discovered recently changed what was being built the duty of the 3 for a while but initially it was a challenge the that comes with an attitude you know the to then live online of what actually use that on 1 previous projects not really my friend is not good I say it is but it's really not good for some situations when you try to do the bagging instance trying situations like we had here we crossing boundaries between 1 language in another it struggles is Lv-en CEC past class I think we should add the entire switch to the kernel to reduce the you might be bits there that are salvageable like the unwanted might be I would get stand-alone and then there a new trusted rather getting desperate trick in job we got realistically put it in the Middle East I have a reference to say this is how you do need a more finer yachting director that's and this is what I to do so I do not want to run the world sigh
claimed that right to war so that's on the left is to be operations for ion divided backtrace printed it like a variable pretty global variable right a function right father-in-law number and things like that a and on the right is all the bits of the bike information you need to be up to read for you can do something useful in some in Sierra and like print a local variable need the frying dress range needed by finally brave then debugged ranges it's a a lot of stuff to get through but print global with that 1 astronomy reasoning in time sometimes announced that we can out and say I can be underwrite
again after radio source get an Elfriede in lower although yes was in text is Messy insulin and lower should not made those parentheses that under some required reading clearly there is a little objects regular stuff to the here are lower and the gets given the addresses like device information is how did he's now files I Nightingale fall you that you that our model of a hero it's time to get it there we go
impossible not we have a so mixing to those that will often say hey look got look at nite so guys offered by information scandal footnote here remember on using little bought peaks doing this since gender the other slide scan through the the whole thing with fast linear search to go through a whole tree was tonight and it takes 30 seconds and have altered Tom status at that time to go and find a fast table or little library so that is actually how far gotten coming up to this so what I well
inside from having got just that file with the city exercise the 1st thing you
a stock yeah the irony here sigh areas is the is wonderful the thing and you cannot do that again I like it to be a pilot symbol 1 is arithmetic there's not anything decide given my object Turner's object into an integer form so I can do injured arithmetic easily instead I'm going to have to implement all the little functions that do add subtract and all the rest of the room while objects and so so I suspect going to be a very painful when it comes to dealing with a variable class while doing all the hopes to do that is little 1 let me cite here this minute table here what you and variety that's a complacent against with
blew it doesn't pass was known as the copy paste test the boundaries of the parent and live with that copy-paste is divided by the is there when I retrieve source tied copier brought into the expression value of rigid presented has a really high but said and lose syntax you cannot make that our mind we can happen over bit to the of let a few more things through but I cannot think we can leave that some of those errors intelligent adults and whatever else so I just the guys limitations and the other
1 in doing a list of found accounts overloaded properly the quality of some sigh for instance if our compared variable strange you read the manual on the shell I wireless adjusts the oddest thing colliculus it'll get go and will work now let has tricks in there to use this just with Sprint strings and doing comparisons is the island is compressed it is 1 of the spatial patterns in strength doesn't work so so the gang at times some had to get around the owners or until we have to do this and say none and you're wrong used in this please please
so what next to the between all you what to do next about sci-fi things haven't gone completely patient of the problems so the 1st is of going back to change database so that when need they comes in like what would trigger something the straight into the interval basically got 1 or if I had that coming and then you can start to sigh handle set up this what would the what would run this script and of course the wolf test model of test will evolve in more testing and so that Canada scripts throughout on it back there's been a lot from the markets and don't create proposal was taking in size 71 . 7 days that I like that the inside of that any questions so he from 9 information yet it you always yeah so you can hacking lowering quite useful details really had just like that I think I'm going to have to add another huge chunk in memory until lower this is you this is where you get your memory from late manage that separable is if the preallocate that memory right you can use we was the I think that's a race shouldn't be yes side the wire and that's 1 of things on trying to data you figure why that so here but it's a
traditional debuggers would that a lot of doubters sucking and it was steps there is no intervening table nothing so just strong speed up by sucking it all into memory and that is a lot of memory trend as his naturally everything on dates and drop stuff if it's not being used anymore if that's going on here it should really constrained the memory requirements of the haven't did that mean the scanning all the pumps it is it takes 30 seconds every single string is pulling at the moment is creating an object but the algae has been dropped on the floor into the gadget that would be taking a nap pretty quickly and you tell another you this much by civil really aggressively so I think we can constrain as well but only to Hackett again and to give it a predefined chunk memory and say I guess this is you know this you apply grant the other reason is to your point newer should not be screwing around with memory allocated purity but usually the memory allocator rely is you probably debugging certain back many of the word central was number 1 but there is no such thing as what can we do understand that became known as just client of of what is going on in the course of the past work on word
right side of the all of the atoms OK this arises 1 is what people do at sort of channels that sort of this constraint is the Ganges at the top by single useless suggestions and widen which Anakin even get said forget that that use what's the next thing is like a 2nd all this proposal the time for the war to generate a proper hash table and a pretty compressed hash table that contains actually everything inside Anderson DI is do that vision people that kind of this gene pondered the other 1 of the regional it's of type he's hacking he's think is the source of the community to generate sort of information is he wants to verify what's being proposed inside if I don't understand the standard enough to generate the data they in probably the standards I can In modern addressing with audio and that are quite happy to take this compressed information which we call the like what you're proposing stick that in there instead and it would be a lot faster proposal is roughly if you and I used to a single hatch animal cops and that'll tell you the compilation unit compilation units for fall in every roster gunfire and the proposals and opinions then exactly what should be in the hashtag with someone have names this it a credit should as to whether the variable would be in there and all of from mentioned local variables to study the sampling is that in the public table depends on what mood to compile a writer was time because the standard never said you you need all these things in the title to make useful and so result is stuff wasn't in there at the next consequence was the divide as when this is useless standards high I find the function how hard it is given by the information to see really the singular useless site timely great obvious suggestion here generate better dividing information and long-term try and figure out ways to get it also smaller in simply rewrite the car what comes out and say you make it smaller more compact like this and all the son this
is added GCC and see how this thing could do reality frightened by city when from composite now you have a friend buys you have an offset and you have the variable the stack that things actually completely redundant later because I call from information Vegas at a friend buys for and say can eliminate redundant information in the and again I'm compacted up to be right see tied to metastatic will compact probably wing look at it and get the change in the state to make the dialog more and that is you know my astronomer motivations service look at this let's push was going on yeah the mention is that yet but we have from the area not yet considered all the errors in the adopted and the hijab Java in the area of the world it varies from area what I think he actually is I just the syntax is like you know you have an object you know would type is to see a doctor you know in this context that adopt means the following the problem the work of the of the fact some of so if I say print food what 1 main what what what other the questions here what do I mean what about what about yet it's qualifying and yet at the cases 2 answers 1 is the the horrible arches is so the variable function so as as bright as the it's a good from streak was truly probably it's I see function in the header that is in 1 everywhere so if sums it bright extra copies there really main bright straight copper binding area single instance abstra copy needs right would put on the virus has to deal with that situation to the long time GBD figure that LOD the dust a lot but because I knew that was a problem very early on and contributed patches to duty trying to handle multiple breakpoints so that's some history that so you need to deal with that situation sources such shiny is the monetary meaning all the different instances divided fertility all the different instances that made it can be a lot as the 1st and the 2nd 1 is the better qualified the he told the group which existed in the nineties a parallel candidate parody by subtree like cannot the syntax that looked like the that is composite the farmhand hand she can go that 1 feature so far this assumes that follows a hedge fund that work in lower but probably you can come up with something here and pets level should I'm sorry that's the way to specify the following I'm in a local variable of Z is actually really good syntax the people looking at it must been thinking you know what follows a column for users to screw up the Count has that reliably you don't know what that is because of synset across parts and so this probably had assumed text quickly and come up with that have the same effect as they just don't want to have quite it follows files on this project some silly like that it's suggestions welcome news on and the internet you have to decide the so you can get this
front-runners so 1st you have that in the model that was like you think I I get this change when I what problem and look at it returns a list so you went watch this here but you a problem attaches to show that you should probably run at the what was really quickly the long answer is the appeared when it gets there it has like Haitian this description signed we're and you need to look at that location assigning the so this is where if guys for this life variable and yes settle that and then you have to go and look at all the instances functions being lot because of all of and you just the of modern information and a lot of writing and we'll be ready say that this is during 1 of the hardest that you going to run out of our problem what what's long before you get to the this is what we found was use the variance of the number times that the parameters of what you have to talk about shortly which the world this that the same what we want In this operation and the rest of the world where access to the people in the company of the common at the start of the a single jingles stepping should be horrible people and and watch always or the not mean another evil why is if you know roughly if every instance tried it into high performance good bright points and stuff are and where instead of sitting the bright point on this it'll be here using hybrid register that you given the pride we decided that useful force applied for the type the thank you she breakpoints points to Schuyler more and then from there yeah if it's got the dialog structure the data structure which should be a list of well when we say what she was actually belong this thing you start pruning the Madison square of the central was here the central west but the thing is you know make it accessible answering heightens the wide the department JTB in little just terrible part of the of of it's what was it called yesterday it's arms from the but it's evolved in . it has all the heroic works on the other hand you can guide bright something and it always works you know I have to get the dashed as follows is just as long as it's since it is more gives the almond trees is if someone is that in order to use the value they get that was users that use the debugger they use x count mixture it happens to you is that about which will disagree but that's the trick yet another this the way you yeah the things which it's in the kernel so at all so I did that because it's easy is like someone's done this summer nights had stuff extreme wall jails all copy that can that you thinking more of the lines of you get the look the way in which a lot of you get a free loader whatever it is probably not the provider problem sigh he lied can In this new to you at that point that mean that that point I actually want to what might be I can hack that to say heIlo collide more simple table then why why can also and have to smash the 2 together as yeah what's called disease tweak the I'm headed for the debate in front of his and it would have died intersections sections to set the Hajj crime happened not onto the program headers of the 19th times the get loaded by default but you can tweak when the size of the largest chunk as well what we don't want from on speculation all it just says Hey look I see this section here logistic and these brutal minus section memory I told you about the rest of the day yeah it is so I would that's not I did get along 1 of the it doesn't work so aside segue so what that trade in charge of my laptop accompanied didn't show but I'm going to debate at the root that the false system Guinea moderate file system prompt we don't have a fast we don't have an occasional monitoring like mean is option but yield bring a kernel you don't have much at all around your lucky if CIA if you like if had originally has screwed up the serial port is almost encounter was a serial-port codeword well using this oscilloscope inch wide all have HaCaT solace already just serial-port note works anything else you can think in case


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