Voids and 30,000 atoms

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Voids and 30,000 atoms
Molecular dynamics (MD) simultaions of ductile fracture
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Voids and 30,000 atoms: APMS conference
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A lecture given by Shinji Munetoh, at the Adventures in the Physical Metallurgy of Steels (APMS) conference held in Cambridge University. Uses molecular dynamics simulations to study the role of voids in determining the ductile fracture energy. Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of the ductile fracture behaviour on the austenite and ferrite phases in steel were performed by using the MD cells including the voids due to the precipitates. The number of Fe atoms were around 30,000. Atomic movements were determined by solving Langevin equations with Finnis-Sinclair interatomic force. The tensile test was simulated by expanding the MD cell in one direction at?room temperature. In the case of the perfect crystalline MD cell, the shear fracture was observed in the austenite phase, and the ferrite phase caused the cup and cone fracture. In the case of the MD cell including the voids, the cup and cone fracture?were observed on both austenite and ferrite phases. The ductile fracture energy of austenite phase was the same level to that of?ferrite phase in the perfect crystalline MD cells.
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but the who don't think that it would was the only way to get there it was the 1st to use the time that 1st the and so while our next speaker but since you won a
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at the beginning I wouldn't show that the demands of my presentation and that's not the reason I introduction and then I was told about the missiles over the more regular than she and then I will go go the results some discussion these outside the court system to cut London's a lonely that in this nation full ductile fracture of the
sacred criticism over few iron and then I would as 40 Greece and white article
concludes my presentation today the 2 focused on
the where and when and boys was generated during seductive disappears yeah I would he
talk about the process of that the productive but fast but we uprising stories
in the samples are all in this direction and the sample was someplace that studied by the stories and some boys the generated of the
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so in this study we knew that it would simulation was adapted fracture of few iron "quotation mark and where intuition is apart from 2 there analyzing the Crusaders and processing other Meeks gate for example previously we In this criticizes and process the audited the cynical the base of the Indonesian mission at the initial stage of the season either see the criticism and this is make it the single and
that they would he said was kept under the melting falling
on the Saudi the interface and whether it was done this time and we gallons of his criticizes this
crystallization it's that progress there from the sea the of violate the domes of the the the diplomas and
this effect but can be also observes that in his experiment and really bullets that the gangs involves the formation process of this event previously and to in this study we
use that it would to of forward ducked out of fracture of pure iron on the misstates the generational
voice during the dance of death yeah I'm there and I'm
there to explain the missile those Armageddon submission by using again and summation of the Jammu and victory over of some morsels of at 1st
this is a initial conditions such as a structure campuses and in
disarray and so and then the other closely got to by the end of the week for danger in that focus areas of function of its describes the in directional buttons and then
it was all others were coded by sorting the creates almost and this is procedure of DVD again and again in the
news media the bans on them simulation did study and this procedure to be the 100 million times by and embolden the point is if we said the initial
conditions and destination for overseas without any artificial barriers In this
study means the problem is to introduce additional people if you II and busses the
single crystal and this is the ideal conditions and you know they're doing this it's said that initial boys we use a single
remedies single grew scientists said including the vacancy next
since In a letter to an approach to Maudie artistic morning and the homes there 40 Crystal city called immediate hasn't caught initiation Of course the politics could assert
immediacy said ingress and grandmother yeah I read the logo of the Indonesian nationals saying they could use so of your idea the invisibility then and it would be set aside and mobile out of here and my presidential title is a boys and said bills
but I'm I'm sorry I use
the 85 thousand under this simulation set
size is very very small is experiment
but some kind of beer dies Beatty part was that the Indonesian occasionally users needs that much and much in animals that consecration so additional and number of items over In addition nation it is around the 102 so southern so this immunity said is the activities last in the field of ammunition and you know
that duty either you know that it that avoids that avoids the subways effect and the problem of meat uprising but we are buried Monday condition for its online didn't buy is by
using the building of the condition and began a current rates of and do you use them if this support danger was in doubt people danger it's been widely known this sport this is with junk the producers the properties of light on the this national
receives up to vacancies in the images said on the day when he said it was stated by source in and we deserve this rate over weighed about 6 of this year this is
snapshots of them international missing could use the
100 days of failure as a gross sections all already remaining said from the internal part of old dignity of his all the singers as 6 songs and there is no stays videos of vacancies on the and he said it
was limited the divide and the the so the area can be observed and because
generation dislocation and In the storing over at what the story although .
1 C a boy Boyd was that to from this point and as a boy was the girl but there's a stories and finding only assailants program and it should be noted that the
voice was not generated 2 vacancy and the bets from these videos began that all
deserves the dedication .period of boys could yet so I
used up nearly got it will petition this is a previous and said and there are around 85 other in this industry and so
began old Caesar in denim part of so what's the problem is that many mediation by using an Dudley politician in that the quotation and can express the stability of the others so we don't
distinguish the unstable bottoms by in Dublin for jury has
sold in this only unstable others still In
the end said fighting in Azerbaijan so began creating over there was dislocation costs this is open areas to and days
of on the unstable or other intermediates in a show as a result of states and windows of some other near the biggest and the goal near and the other loans and the biggest is body to be too unstable and under above
it to criticize and that but the storing 0 . 1
and some of these locations can be over the and this is to this location time we planted with each other
on the that was 0 . 1 3 and avoid was dead from this point of time these dislocations
and Boyd grew up the Boyd was grown by school forests and the samples from all and in the stadium many many Adams emotional and Eagles the other on the
practice that ratchets up its is unstable by using the English national media coverage stories stories ,comma and by India and
been by adding false and misleading chosen for restoring calm but that only read noise goes over and
undergoes and the other force is very sensitive to the supporters all of so and we
can that began its major steps in as a profile of the brightened up data and that for for this value is indebted sensitive to the point of others so began Media sees a clear cut and yes and that for the insurance costs and those of firewood to back forward cup and
this is the point and if the source is of course the that In the
end it was you profile is
a proposal to Tuesday storing
and then someone there show although Boyd is here and regencies of Boyd was dedicated to be doing it a point on
the French next time a joke about the Indonesian initial .period producer just a mistake he support 44 I'm from here I I thought I was a boy crazy it the says size he and ability to run
cornerstone fiscal Bigelow also a bright and it is evident that the user in music in and in this nation 42 could use that I am it was used and the other
plus we've pretty bears that out it's the immediacy and the sun and grains and wheezes by a Saudi and unbiased Caruso orientation while was in the throes of it in the immediacy and and finally in
order to use the new moves stories of the on the grim vomiting and
diarrhea said was the that's the vise and and then and that when said was Clijsters who uses stencils all 5 made up of the gone wrong this year so
the snapshots of 40 critics then and it is feared that cross-sections of the immediacy frozen Indiana bottle is taken
sold 6 songs so that story and the ones that said avoid was entered
into from remand and the other Boyd was the a room by
dancers stories and when and the images was book and it should be
noted that because the generational boys many dislocations the that is agreed but according to previous mutual using crystal and there is a possibility over the old generation boys from the internal parts of the brain but avoid this void and was deleted from the money more this season because of
an experimental abuse Over the years the and the samplings of pure iron and use this video was all things for all of Part in the other French suffered and the describe these guys shows risotto orientation and Magellan's
love as a boy is on the boundaries and also the site is very different
from that of a destination was it's so this is out of commission results is that the Government of the experiment of desire but to us I would have to
show their comprising over that 2 ammunition results for agrees on this and that the U.S. shows the energy profile of Jamieson initials and the date that so is a given
and frozen initial conditions and the 0
. 0 1 6 1 of the wonders of seeks if billboards and so they're giving energy for the powerful fracture and that the incident and are corresponds to the upper 2
free energy of the city and champion but the test I the only results so this and the Pacific and over-40 criticize something is sold on the single greatest 4 targeting devoted its Singin in the ability of energy as a function grand sites and
according to this results publisher of energy and degrees a decrease of
the grain sites under this tendency is the embodiment of his Austin results and of 1 of the reasons of this and is maybe the duties of grain this but Celanese outs and
adjusted to current creation sold more heated destinations or what experimented with this vision I so this someone my told me couple homes
and new simulation of ductile fracture of drew up and this is a case of the missing producer of oil
executive rooms was shown of at a time of the visitors locations and is a case of the 40 criticize of Boyd was
dedicated to forms of the 100 year anniversary of the 40 criticize emission
ratio is lower than that of its a single criticized that it says is set a bus stop Pacific Energy at 1
of the reasons of the degrees of positive energy may be duties and Graham they thank you b The Fed
thank you for all the years an excellent lecture and
I wonder if firm in your polycrystalline simulations he few had "quotation mark varied the character of the grain boundary because you know that is different types of grain boundaries depending on the crystal
structure Chris orientation and the Valley plane to you look for a specific configurations yeah in the my presentation I didn't Togo was approved preventing use of these images said and this this'll grew so impatient is quite random I
cannot say current periods year is the morning I see so more and the data simulation 1 more yeah the who observation enticing according to what criteria did you select your Crystal orientations just random peak just run thank you Hi thanks that was that was very
interesting and different from I have a question about the
stress-strain curve that you share it with us I think a single crystals and for restoring cops to yeah :colon I'm so I'm not sure I understand why there is such a discontinuity at 10 % strength because it seems to it looks like the kind of shake you might get yielding Due to the Catron atmosphere the car in dislocations
and obviously he didn't have any so I wondered what was reason that Europe remember this quarter is that this is what makes in and
drops down again summer In the fact that it's my mind's mission is
based small size sold under the dissertation source is nothing so if the scientists said was induced the dislocations you could name it was stressed forced quickly
diamonds stories what what hundreds of hunting it is watching in this area so quickly opposite the stories saying only
injured can I can I know that the agrees size we emotion In the brewery weekly wages that you and that there small fiber I have 50 on so far sizes
that will divide follows the experiment only the soul I need "quotation mark buildup loves the look of it I am I I do research on this solid state bonding and diffusion bonding and so on so I wondered is it possible to use Europe simulation on the reverse
process for instance amounting be put to pieces of metal
together we have avoid ending up like compressive stress and then tried to simulate how long it takes to get rid of the water that would be
very much of interest the remains of the video or use a nominee will list heaping being ordered to close the woods I just wonder whether simulations capability to previous calculations the random time and for example this
is the very essence my studies and the the not mention the time is around for announcing weather this has been
short but the the supercomputer logs the simulation around the city reads so if you division In of opinions that after this you down here that there
is a failure by the what will be the buys needed as think I think it really really crystals or lose contains defects
city with the solution results on Monday showed defects and other randomly introduced into crystals In I only tried to 1 in the
dismissal of big 1 of them some the victories and I didn't sold so you know that the expert on from Deborah's
question obviously you know you know what you're doing with molecular dynamics but you comparison with the experiment in that day's terrible yeah
yeah you know the energy to former White is not the upper shelf energy it's all the linking up of many
different wards in the plastic deformation that followed after so I know this is a difficult disease of modeling people again while I'm a
little bit interference or whatever the heck are offered from offer further to go toe-to-toe with the our monitoring them it's a powerful tool but are you use classical
potentials are how the verify the applicability respectability your potentials and that you
can use them for this particular program maybe there are other areas or another not was the EU for this particular problem so what I verification tools that you only use to justify the your potential describe your systems and of course
I we have to work on that yeah yeah
yeah right in Wauregan that's the key point is endemic .period intelligence the important thing OK got a gun question and you're single crystal simulation the showed
generation of sucrose dislocations Is that ticket instead of 1st his classical I'm Schmidt factor slip plane
deformation theory taken against them sought for a single PCC crystal this is a business agrees that and the so soon
Procter Shamit factor I'm sorry I didn't bother the question


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