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Soft particles
Plastic deformation and mechanical dissolution of Cu precipitates in steel
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Soft particles: APMS conference
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Tsuchiyama, Toshihiro
Yamamoto, S.
Hata, S.
Murayama, M.
Takaki, S.
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A lecture given by Toshihiro Tsuchiyama, at the Adventures in the Physical Metallurgy of Steels (APMS) conference held in Cambridge University. How particles such as copper, which can be penetrated by dislocations in the ferrite, influence the properties. The second phases in steel, such as carbide, oxide, martensite, and so on, are usually used for enhancing work hardening to prevent the plastic instability during deformation. These hard structures are effective for increasing uniform elongation, but conversely, it tends to deteriorate the local elongation and reduction of area. To improve both uniform and local deformabilities, it would be desirable that the work hardening is enhanced by dispersed second phase in the initial stage of deformation, and then it disappears or becomes invalid in the higher strain region, leading to work softening. Authors believe that soft particles is one of possibilities to exhibit such a functional change and call it hetero-to-homo structural transition. In this report, the effect of soft Cu precipitates on tensile deformation behaviour of ferritic steel will be compared with that of hard VC carbide precipitates. In addition, the plastic deformation and mechanical dissolution behaviour of Cu particles by severe cold rolling will be demonstrated.
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thank you that you don't have to at that point that the only thing you can do it and I think in the car and and the the big Glover and welcome to the final of the Paris conference although billion journeys after the talks the first one will be given by Professor of Toshiki and all those who Gemma from Catia University title salt particles yeah they determine my name that's tomorrow from GE's and I and the
co-worker the recent years and particularly right then a professor and remote from Virginia Tech who have a need for among
members of the title my talk with soft part of that meander up this debate we that's left with a role similar that belied moderate so under the program about the prospect of metal and mechanical disorders or walk strangers disorders of pop-up estates in here because it may improve their performance your high-strength for the last 3 attracted
defined the pound hit the structure the comments commenced or had their throats in my talk means my coverage of company
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cannot go through the hard part In the Piura at the new deficit therefore the 1st concentrations were all part
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response and would also
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opt-out figures show the relation between tennis our friends and they're all in their ambitions in the wrong lined up tucked between friends and or expunged from being ratio as you know there
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for now look at the property over trips there and the which said
that keeps car hit the front of the materials containing high mountains the owners over these materials and is very high that compared with other last year which is due to the
rise uniform but that the government expanding racial
this year is very low it may be due to the poor local Anderson the derived from the stress concentration at the heart of of the when the all-around
hum of structural material such as Benedict seeing
structure the material that I do not agree around sun but the "quotation mark funding
ratio this year is very high so this result indicates that the irrigation and the horrid funding ratio is in the trade or relations just right our
strength and the the so but we
want to improve both property at the center it is this guy but I think it's the Orizaba by using their
qualifying for the party such as copper priest 4 as you know that please petition cut
Kosovo the precipitation hardening over here but this means Our article strongly interacting with the focus on and
prevent that at this regained some movement In the idea moderates said so for this
situation is a senior 2 the decision the Sierra to the case although our convention or had their structure
In this case but this case is in the case of being the artificial however in
the highest for any reason copper pots Greece trusted deformed in there and get it right tho it is just but
there are no prospect of miserable couple partners serve our readers to read opposition over response and the rest of the
engulfing it in the fall 1 of the significant more for scholar stands and sometimes the solution
tour dissent canceled
strengthening affected by a couple but this is similar to the castle the instructor by
such a structure attention will cut this presence here I think that the head to form a structural transition the
microbial information would be suppressed In the redirects up "quotation mark a uniform and brokerage areas would be
short and we don't then I -dash steering is that the former beauty this is my story my argument of source and that
this is the last summer experiment
there added it is my idea so they say that friend there envisioned by last in cup of bearing role problem here which allows I reported in Japanese national our project coordinator ,comma Barakat was president those against either the kind of properties will cut a very modest 6 years as shown by their etc. However I have better friends and on this Obama compared with the cut Baffi low-carbon
Martin another there are a couple of despising varied
exterior of France breakout third-string gobbled couple by dispose of it exceeded this 1 is characterized by a low
hazard locker room that do not solve area compared with the Harvard
College's wasn't here arrived in Seoul from this desire Monday's resort I sense that the presidential couple is effective for not only
friends but also by maintaining that the strategy that Kennedy and spectators especially the requirement so you don't to demonstrate my idea with that of several targets for active in the final of apartments all this studies to establish Desantis broke soft spot
just wasn't there but in a today I to to forgo from the fossil that is to obtain died it is a woman and dissolution of with the frosted euphemisms and I
also I directed to mention about the distribution mechanism are
correcting its strength above the was business the EU
also amending the idea to
pass an uproar office 6 years for the unit is on the other hand ,comma disposals skiers I will use the proceeds to that is that I am in awe .period 2000 Colorado 0 . 9 per
cent but added and that can come this at the kindergarten and was awarded is Steve while control too for the same amount of prospective
and that means that 1 . 4 1 per cent of its from cut power in the brief the
Carbide should be pleased dated indeed materials
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fostering subjected to transcended temperance to disband the police
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rest call divisional foes by finest footing to call the diffusion fared transformers during the aging treatment the hundreds and the structural couple particularly since Directive
folded cut by the fast 3 priests of the BCC's structure part but that it had transformed to 9 hours In the final David office's structure
according to a couple 4 from the industrial point of view the people ?question mark area is the most important but in
this study we used up all biased the material
used always a specimen because over the it's simple without information to stifle and the of drop
over 4 by using GM we good or very good dispersed particles the design
the couple bought it from a property within the dislike the police economic policy but again the
the hover the Nero more authority 5 and the 5 distribution
marketing In the meantime 5 the
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was performed for this is that sends harbor his call
roaring of the functional and strain and the ample by
steering lawful for sewn up before the frost so we can see that the and the harbor as a lookup bustier and with the higher than the 5 year Due to the displays strengthening
by chunk complained breezy called In this thus strengthening
effect you can't even
after I had equal for here
To battle to drive Friday effect of this past but was worried the hottest was the
product of the function of the square root of this invested
and we could obtain a trade relations for portability so in the eye the year the hottest could be regarded 2 the increased
only about soldiers of France because there is no prospective partners fire in the belly seized there are hundreds attended almost
500 to I have to for this means of disposing strengthening by a breezy called Biden's seemed pretty obvious 2 different things focus strengthened although it
is difficult to understand the interaction between the surface and strengthening disposal kuchma disposal but but but
but anyway that nothing about over the figure at the heart of this overcapacity this present strengthening thereby cut by almost senior out to that we see a call by writing however the
hundredth of a cup of theories significantly country lower in the Heidi's friend reason regularly for this mean that despite strengthening by corporations decreased but we couldn't by
I the roaring or
introduction will just focus on for the the internal structure of the apart this
isn't in at the amenities of chunk of a
particle in all ours as of this business effect but where there are a small
amount affair 900 fracture was wonderful developed but only after all part with
war the FCC structure in the city ancient couple but like
after clearing we could
get them there are many kinds of various kinds of different instructor at the same venue that
broke the 5 per cent over the over whole of the role of the space so I
think I think there are many as saying formation chain of form within the Cup apart
and also the toughest part of the regulatory body but so
this with the business results
indicate that the cup of popcorn fare "quotation mark prospect euphemism by 5 5 answered the call of the running and after failing to present
"quotation mark during the more formidable copper proved
complete returns and don't get it to the roaring direction but do think the thing that the aspect ratio the the Cup apart it was not constant the fund particle that marks 300 and the high by realizing it was Patricia wired and that some of Ireland's
hardly deformity however for more hospital so we
haven't got a call from the call from the yet but I think the before mortgageable couple particles depends on decrease erotic orientation for the couple part what barrier and
that this is the modified cut it omitted cup you know
I did 80 per cent of the role of business the deficit this year In the from the dimension and a lot of we could find a
dislocation here and we could see a US-Iraq contrasts within the couple
particles this suggests that the of significant model registering store indeed the undated couple and this
is part of what did people
there omitted but are sold this year is interface but to
become of the country around the table so I showed that day this Barakat particle
is distorted into the Fed moderates here so we
measured them given the composition of and by
using the media along with the threat a disease called before the grand jury that keep all of the density the concentration of
iron and copper is gradually since the on the fly line and that it should be noted don't the Confederation Cup a year you origin I think it
is due to the differential copper here it was that we need
a much more 4 for all the matter of
Coptic again I admit we measure the Rockies barometer of the what's called
the role of the cup student you In the predator as a function of the reaction Michael roaring like this but in the pure iron so much eyes never changed many laughter had equal rewarding however that the cut tends to
Friday threatening to his ideas and in the 70 per cent of all the warnings the Registrar middle copper futures increased by there's a bond there although they have their femininity you may think it's too small or
not from the bottom good
terrorism Orion's showing the artist Palmer died and the concentrations of solid cup
that this month's morally and correspond to the increasing fruit cup by 0 . 6 of so since the initial Armando precipitated couple with 1 point often 48 this
body respond to real almost one-third of this
for the others if the couple was truly for the PlayStation woodwork by his encouragement after for we attempted to detected hippest dozens of cop by using DSC an so this
is undesirable a of the Asian material and aged and that 90 per cent all the raw material so we can
clearly see that the high-temperature Chico around 490 In birth mother for this big races are known to
correspond to our growth although each from cobalt the transformational couple from to assist but that
low-temperature peak opted to 166 66 their receipt is visible warning the call of
the roll for this decree is due
to the aforementioned cut a profit for this without means of the this vision that goes on the cold rolled the market in another differential cut off I rotting about use
the present orally and finally I drive to talk about my opinion on the possible mechanism will kind a differential come apart I assume that the dislocations coming from different turned go through the cup or bottle by
cutting red tape in that case the Ottoman scared that in it's real reform directive so in that case the corner and new interoffice should evolve all high intensity 40 severity of copper would be Our robbery increased according to give orphanage grandson but
this is just the necessary conditions we should consider that another forecasts but the time to users which is caused
by sweeping will become part of the the Bible focus on like this but this is just an idea for half to confounded distribution for bottom so we are now considering
to university out on Prop so now are we have studied art over to study results through companies he had a shot
directors by saying that the current missile these awful was for example in the reason is that while the powerful mature I think so I should qualities have proof of a new book about never said their
father this is conclusion Minter Vermont will have thank you
very much for professors who generally the interesting talk nice open for discussion cigarettes interest I returned your high-resolution images In the end the foam material while you service shall be on the index's yeah you
mentioned is the industry's top what I said that nearly during your job I think at that point we should allow that but that was for fall I'm not confined the terrorist threat which the others but your sample the strictness of your
sickness that just had that chance GM a fabric all say I have sorry that this was the vision with character down by
the profits of grammar the Bosnian so I'm sorry that that is the director of the
concern about it's just a common to Europe and proper the mechanism of mechanical dissolution and this is what happens in more aging steel and under fatigue assessment of you never dissolution Due to the crossing of the year and dislocations several times the cancel In the
mildest I hope you will see each heat to project the neurons but stressed there are many after some of reports on the what of this fishery and there are no so rejected some papers but I don't know that for free I'm sorry and so it is not published
on the progress that has been any other questions can I noticed that you use the phone specimens final renal by this and I really am looking so well in fact he we make use techniques so what Have we we we and we should conceded that there the fall of the formation so you someplace we become elongating this is PCC is quite normal case for the self-respect of course also we should conceded in the face and I just wondered if you not even nano-sized particle might you a new experiment I can use the you get elongated shape of particle because this sort of thing wasn't you that you are so high ,comma opportunities it's very
clear parameters and their ability to foundation become you making yes unit so I just wondered if you use a small size
comical nano-sized as part of
our the staff and nanoparticle review he he in fact we use that denies this and what about his departure but in the case of people's mothers from the couple of Sizelove none maybe 10 element of the Lloris so I'm interested in doing our differences structure the she is the material so we're now starting to interstitial that she cares about but I confounds that rock suffering records indicate she much this mean that differential the at it is also in the manner In another part of that in this case we we
conceded accordion boundary in preparation going on my soul I just want a leader that has been the formation mold I'm different .period not all these pages will get in the
kitchen cupboard the none structure of the particles have the PCC structure that you have a different chemical accommodation for size and beginning
of impersonal and the structure both difference in the case of the Duke is the mother being the case of deceased structure the freight trains Our continue so
I think the cutting is easily or grounded to 1st and repeat or the city a any other
questions you should not be a citizen yesterday you were use of the course of justice this month but the people of the Gulf was used to not just completely but completed this sort of thing that officers of do look at the you fundamentals part
207 couple disorder so in this case but that further cutbacks can do apart of further cut Chan calls the trees the it would be submitted all of the these I was thinking about that president stressed or the consensus
on the argument that when he was request that it was the only existing was based on the clusters while there are replaced listen or growth and because it is all political parties the as is this With because they did not and restless it also asked that has happened
in news on the disorder the copper Beatrice station on the aging treatment after Colorado so you that it took over a copper when the 1st think of it this 1 is like saying that many we believe this is the
criticism yeah yeah that it would fall under the existing rather than listed rather than trust he is asking whether you when the repressive will that proceed to the existing up living wise at all not to form a new cluster of Waukegan fight over this December 5 cycles of dress that
I have not to articulated new prison inside but I guess the deer many disorders and where modest affecting the Phantom of the eye I think that press Trust of the formed that the district not wanted under strong .period a history of
aggression what do I have to question against 1 of the helped measures like Parliament over the phone company secrets I'm concerned about the effect this because if to lock up the nominal we say we didn't a measure of the writers from adult couple that we visited rats from the Oval much but moderate so coupled
is golden couple goes into the ferret moderates the rats parameters changed due to the differences other midsize Hawaii and concentrated on that this is the
user diseases common in this question when it comes to retreats this and maybe references to sites use all 3 this thing of excellent no already there in use in a Jakarta of the form it should cut union the kitchen cupboard becomes an interesting side of trust maybe the rest of the aggressive stance on solving the issue instances In the world of justice I think this is going to come from the end
of this year was "quotation mark I believe the interim it's OK I think
aware of this when while I think we have to move on and that we can have this discussion later in private cars sold that sent again to the speaker


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