High strength and ductile low density steels - Simplex and Kappa

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High strength and ductile low density steels - Simplex and Kappa
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Simplex and Kappa steels: APMS conference
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A lecture given by Ivan Gutierrez-Urrutia, at the Adventures in the Physical Metallurgy of Steels (APMS) conference held in Cambridge University. Low-density steels are described. We present an overview of the ongoing activities on low-density steels at MPIE. We have developed two alloy concepts of high strength and ductile lightweight steels, namely, Simplex and Kappa steels. Simplex steels are austenitic Fe-Mn-Al-C steels with high Mn (~30 wt.%) and C (~1.2 wt.%) contents. These alloys exhibit exhibits a superior combination of strength and ductility (ultimate tensile strength of 0.9 GPa and elongation to failure of 80%) due to multiple-stage strain hardening. The development of an evolving hierarchical deformation structure consisting of dislocation configurations and twin substructures results in an outstanding permanent strain hardening. The role of the alloying elements on the underlying strain hardening mechanisms will be presented. Kappa steels are austenitic Fe-Mn-Al-C steels with high Mn (~30 wt.%), Al (~8.0 wt%) and C (~1.2 wt.%) contents. These light-weight alloys contain high volume fractions of L12-type ordered nanoprecipitates, so-called kappa carbides, conferring not only high strength (ultimate tensile strength of 1.2 GPa) but good ductility as well (elongation to failure of 40%). Multi-scale characterisation of nano-sized kappa carbides by TEM and 3D-APT provides new insights on kappa carbide-dislocation interactions.
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Computer animation
at the time that the thanks the only thing you the and the the few have led to good use to you Ewbank Goodyear as the route to the former Mets long history of Irish village where the Thailand's talk is a simplex in a cup of everyone have to of this event has led to a thank God and his organization is to his ability to deal with the person you some of our activities in highest-level electoral loadings students in
explains for items such usual this is a joint project with the several members of 4 laps an endemic sales rose muscle
here to improve his himself so on why not another banana hopefully the last month so well
and I don't have to explain to much of the world and the still
ways that we have here so I total engage with assistance was transformed in next
properties and justice so you where we have with this students intrinsic properties were in the
right direction said here on without additional density high-strength steels where basically able to develop materials with the stunning combination of elected pianist friends this is seen in a number of the careful soul of 100 percent activities after it
kind of the public funding of schools .period recent neckties with so but the reason behind this 1 is the standing industry having capacity of these materials worries me associated this so-called clean the superstition defects
and also the formation of nanoparticles or the so
within this allowance this is
where I called simply 6 students which is mainly a
purist anything higher standing still 1 this
reflects here named after a professor from my uniform overlap some time ago so
we go into the needle but simply to still
army purely abstract knows there is pretty stable due to the heightened and amenities and useless that typically have
leveled 20 25 30 per cent with Senate
and so far well we have made investigated 2 main systems the ones I
amenities swimming in Kowloon which is the development of the classical still sailing in Scarborough and the other 1 developed by Professor from Ireland the lap of America 15 years ago which is
Daily News in Union City ,comma doesn't contain any kind of an ambassadors some still sigh characterized by outstanding combination of elected to rehab where it had been suspended I and
have the triplet so the triplex sustainable a spreads because of
these are again asking to matrix we Sunarno provides his own or the Pirates before its Asustek technology coming you what this
about and that was the formation of a right whether the political right here lies not clear mechanisms of clearing tens of the facilities that according to the literature but here the formation of right is mainly on Internet Raymond but on the other hand in recent years we have and the French lawyers coming mainly from both
schools with Graham where they have developed duplex
capital as well but here the difference is that the matrix is obstinate according to the
different composers of is we can go .period duplex 2 of Riddick the matrix and there also in sequence was understood so you are what we have here is the
classical Ireland and meaning the lowest developed from some time ago
which are in terms of mechanical properties room-temperature operating yet so assisted before loading the
hangman insisted I was there the term Hyman assistant 1 isn't clear answer from that but we cannot classify according to about state
rates without contending maintenance of pain cent which is basically the same here on insisting raised developed commonly by me main activities from the softly and only there
went so that they contain basically contained no more than
10 intensifying this is the specifications with could hear and
outweighs the low-density ,comma here is maintained by the addition of new model in Union because some new before there are some still rates with cynical I mean this is the
great of basically it's personal of additional funding
new reduce lambasting so from this perspective only from this perspective of the
most interesting statements when he distributes because here we can high contending mean you have to roughly 16 15 per cent of that I'm also is some instruments it is a friend .period real analysis going to talk about the from summer conditions that this is
what I'm interested in so simple existence and this is what I
call seemed stains me just to separated with another classic government faces the biggest single this this from the point is simple but the size of Switzerland in terms of information a 2nd isn't in
the top sources said before this is merely a highly annoyed customers I'm here
we can I you to their lawyer basically there the reason behind the
understanding history handling capacity is what we call a wonderful story has in favor which is basically 2 estates hiding cable the further when it's ready with dislocations distracted on the other 1 is the formation so basically what we do here in this lawless its instead of promoting things is being like happens in this so-called keep still so literary system were rated thing can increase the early stages of the race and his but stress and in into the classic having the strength and users will now hear what we do is basically we
gradually increase the strength of the nation the government With the base what we basically do
is that they exist stations on the state had capacity of the
law is served a tool highest so basically as a
consequence of that we are not making use of all the of Footballer of the of the training in terms of spending has been in
intensive refining the maker said that the 1st refined like a Estrada my agitation suspected illegal life so
up for that we need specific at this location configuration order to promote standing straight capacity by litigation so this
is their 2 because the provisions of 2nd version of simplex still be careful uses an atomic research out so that the formation of a classical configuration of components in it next theory of a number of blocks but interesting times formation of high there's there's a they're lattices with
characteristic actress for Africa and this and this and this location which sector be careful you don't understand history having mechanisms we need to characterize because the electric orientation dependence upon features I domestically and this is the case assist factories evolved into
a more when the tide of these locations to stagger which is
basically and the frequency of precisely this so at higher stress levels and this is the basis of structures in place include cellblocks dislocation cells also contain a characteristic going this independence this SIP have decided to cancel access to on
their next of dancers threats so this is their deformation
assist the 1st state of harmony and analysts sectors while we promote the formation of mandatory and snow into gratified the thickness of all the speeches because we only have to place the
planes of this interfaces it's on I know into practice the thickness all of these features as you can see here at
this hour Texas material but mannequins are followed by distributing handbills and is
against the we have a distribution in thickness also fine up to 10 because but we can go up to ECU 50 fever so you can again this is Industries based in conditions so even at higher stress levels we have
princess directories rise by corresponding to stir up a condition benches which means
that under act things so stressed we have found remains close to 1 1 2 with other militants suspect only 1 train system is mainly active and remains close to the wall employers would then selects as we have with systems and of
course we have that stable against Net services
especially today the nature of the floor slipped training which is stressed and that's so we need to understand the crystallographic orientation dependence on so
this is great spending to us simplex and we take a look through the eyes of many innocent Union Carbide fish there this was don't 20 while you work we can take a look to the island
centered person its so basically I well this is this simply experienced nothing but as soon as we have meaning they're going in this direction where the formation of Phi Kappa face this is fun and also as you can see here even now fear they haven't talked about the formation of right because this is mainly a former everyone me the controlling the damage mechanisms basically
lying in the triplex there we just concentrate on the Austinite think so I was against it fearing it will reduce their amount of money is basically the right is much more stable and this is what we have
In this state's rights here so as
you can see here is practicing this system we have asked the as many as right handcuffed so this is very interesting so I couldn't live literature cap on Carbide's is it's excessive all the phrase Spurs sky tied it 1 1 2 like the classic alliance the car window in Maryland now so clear but
I was picked to the literature this is 1 of the sticking medical status would be so you can surround around motivate him across told because personally can
perform tenderness specimens this place no 1 else Alexis and you realize that
this is an exorcist apparel that no more information so now I would like to say you are the difference in a couple of days where's the matrix this Austinite worries so in their
most anything matrix here I was in the law that we are currently
investigating the lap an atomic research height along so around the formation of decapitation is like this his friend the various different kinds narrow size boiler
plate had particles are followed With the arrange it into what kind of
weird angles and you can see the
size of this nanoparticles up after 2 weeks of 600 which there own only receptive 50
49 with those inside they follow through Cuba engaged similarly the game that we have been in chemical ,comma principal lawyer and also invest in the high thermal stability of these spaces in terms of size up to 2 weeks at the end of the areas where
currently below 50 meters in size and also the high level of competency of
the interfaces so I of course 1 of the time but basically we have a and cynically interfaces and this has future of mechanical problems so I understand from McAlpine interfaces this is undergoing a collaboration with unit we're running at high risk of microscopic analysis of the interfaces so basically interested in them the detailing the Chrysler sector of the capital a much more interesting is the largest misunderstanding much here was there nature of the differences later upon information so this is some some of their earlier screening analysis of the Democrats the faces of the
different times this
playtime particles so so far or or estimation that improvements were my question before because we have to
deal with 6 races some continuing to nasally characterize the interface but so are alright history it's
right now I have look like this where the computer interfaces that we have right now is in this conditions as we all want to but we also have to make the interfaces about 2 3 per cent according to the latest book going into the classical textbooks such materials science is smaller scorpions and so out of this is
ongoing but just to show you the interest in Paris and analysis of data from this spectacle so we also
characterized in the capital by its the matrix by 388 so this reconstructed icicles envisioned surfaces where
Newfoundland 9 upon person in this presentation at different times you can see that it's very nice for a analysis because in 1 needed them several some solar
particles so we can indentified petition cable so we won take a look to them additionally
character there when the profile Of the concentration of fighters who played this well
instance when I can barely see something that's pretty interesting variation between Ireland and assistant to 1 so that means that With
hedonistic amid faces we are all for the the proposes the committed phase but on the other side we have an extremely
coherent officials of what this system is the right system to to go so I am more allowances for In terms of the concentration of violence we can use their so called prostaglandins which is made an analysis a through ball of the different interfaces is even more available and statistics on the way from here 1 can calculate the petition races will basically 1 can conceded
I thought was stability of these faces McGuinness's no provision at all and Carolyn after 2 weeks is the race ratios almost 3 1 can also use this type of
dioramas of to estimated 1 fractional here of particles with in the continues to have very
few of them so this is only going to have to re-evaluate this as the formation mechanisms of this material so this is what you naturally in this the process trained perform simple still it will use this triplex well you we only
I need be no the formation of this capital faces is very interesting because this the basis of sector is completely different to that a review by the simplest laws we have made
formation of migrants so basically investors here is there additional funding you it changes the formation of all
development of this is the basis of sectors also analyzing across traffic orientation dependence
upon patents on the basis of home in time was capital by the seller Cervantes meaning that
vision is pretty genius recently here we have hired annoying solid solution I would go to the formation of applications for instance 24 hours from the race but we have and lessen the formation mechanisms like any
American city find themselves up properties reduced it's like
a factor of 2 and it's also quite good that did so this is what
we are currently evaluating the information conditions misses quite complex because of this arresting images or where we can see all this lined with boulders litigation matters when when I take a look to the different areas of these particles of dust and like a sector we can this is our weekly the images we can organize a city or 1 type of passing
here kind underlined Lumumba's with these education
higher than the nation's seen here but we have a meeting with would say this is an arm In an
indication that Crossley this was his maiden name this serious and also we have series of particles localized about this may condition is this is
not relevant to this Midas so as you can see I know and understand the role of the particles in the
inner strength coming for this system is this is pretty much more complex because we have different areas we have different locations have been strained since of this additional patents and this is much more time
suggested included said before what happens in operated as
the matrix so this is a recent work for 1 0 4
plates and you can barely see the morphology is completely different so capital bites the interfaces cynical he
incoherent ABT analysis found more has
revealed the notice the committee destruction of of the spectacles this suffers from the proposed this type of loss of life in the sector
would basically it suggests that the higher fees they insist Indiana the insights and this is depending on the temperature of so as you can see
here to analysis by a party of deforestation rates and half of indigenous to commit to it the structure of this particles is suppressed because no 1 has done before with such kind of course Of course if we
compare petition behavior of the different voices this completed this is a bit different hearing in the frigid winters you considered petitioning the hero ,comma the
students higher than in the matrix and undermining its
is also petitioned to cap a respected they ask so this this and this and that and standing of the formation of a a couple of basis
indistinct images cynical cleaning cooking and cap of existing frigid said
yesterday included well this materials are quite from Iceland intensifies the love interest stills intensifies think having the formation mechanisms the subprime interest materials we can consider like modern systems to analyze the different restrictions here and also on telephone and
restrained had in favor but also from the point of view of understanding the formation of this couple faces because this is also interested we can analyze down a cap but of a cup or even duplicates what is happening
we have made it with them I'm just living in a deflationary conditions at Pinterest into
move was to theft if you a much for the Surbiton talk and all we're open for question I want discussion is not delivered to the mike secure Lucian everything I have for joining the Thalys and involving and everything so
because of the stability of the quality that's so this is good Western Illinois into yes put that sainthood technological application these materials with sets level off ideologue like cabin or whatever so the stability of the faces with this particular so far is up to 700 prisoners 750 there the solved but we have to take over the the stability of this size of where their crumbling how can have an effect of welding so this is something that is going but of course this is something that has must be evaluated according to have and it's a real
technological materials and academic matters I'm excited about this said that there was only yeah we all social knowledge of Maine service started this relic nowhere was this mentioned is thermostat affiliated with I know the system is a present so hot that to 2 weeks since agrees we still remain in an apparent particles this
indication that this Lowe's lineup can exceeded that with mechanical properties for higher temperature In terms of so this is
made by the eyes of no questions beautiful Kennedy sees work here and I congratulate you for that but if I my question answer is very simple question but I am not familiar with the system he just seemed simplex idle Moloney said leniency because they're a great duty do you have catapulted tolerable East Ariel Capital didn't you don't have cabinet ease back into any
kind key state Feinstein can you miss anything he can best some events that so that system that I have listened years without city but no less you had the duo in the other direction in Cilegon invisible and the current contenders burial is so what have because full also with the addition of city because Yukon come promoter or so
would you can go in direction of violence receptacle so we carefully but the take
faces that there is no law that says basically the game of hide Lloyd Austin where basically you're promoting asleep between unions and because because in the duplex systems where the money's contenders lowered their estimates that this would be very nice of
service of the of the 2 types of if there are more questions the very interesting now in the nickel base super Lawrence this is a very very clever mechanism of controlling the lattice mismatch is that you varied Aluminium detected immigration Is there a similar thing you can do with cap
hopeful sorry carefully but what can I wear it we're still and also what we have done so far is the 1st step is this weaponry systems let's hear evaluate ways the lattice mismatch with the a resume later on as you go as soon as you suggest they do here would be how can we control the Atlantis mission because here 1 game there is still a soul in the table is controlling the dismissed much for higher temperatures applications but
this is still but we have for high-temperature applications but you know the passage of dislocations kept by is not a particularly penetrable particles right so it depends on the size of these nice but I mean there's a is extremely orders so I guess that there and divisible only with Rehak so
that's why we have the very to but I and so my comment in terms of the control unit dismissed through the chemistry this
is often areas ongoing undervalues shows that captivates give the sooner so
I know that this is we saw and not so going to the diffraction patterns commencement him you can nicely said son or the 1 2 5 1 this is quite simply because it 6 the spots but what we are currently interested in doing this by Harris characterizing abilities perimeter I wanted to the action when this is real could become this is the ongoing but they're going to leave its abuses having never done so he's had only been unmolested by excited techniques have different enormous assuming and it went to the type of respect so the really
soccer "quotation mark is different to control that clients cut copper copper in order to improve that's the location In shipwrecks and steel that so 7th question because the provision of CAP have intensified in is
of promoting them for right so this is what we have seen nodding this allotment but with another lawyers you add more lenient for instance this is the beginning you have quality smaller particles of Veradis forming Vermont descendants of them mechanism of tennis that Peterson Watts so it's a compromise between now and what size of particles would you want to have the interior of the reminders on at the Raimondas themselves this trend activities is not only 1 Palomita like cap but also
correct Spain and this is depending on its system and that of course must be evaluated everywhere how into question get a comment from you and from at the moment Little who carries question there's a paper
from Japanese researcher in the topic "quotation mark uncovered the Cold War "quotation mark reveals that let the between cops and you think will know where had at 1st I'm interested in the system
understanding of nature of costs less welcome wanted do we have any more questions thank you this is not so much a science questions about he tell us anything about the state of technology or implementation of this law because the user very interesting and properties with low density and what this because of that not even call have control of the soloists up to 50 per cent 1 no problem at all that some people to have to come back to John this but please that's a rebound is the decoding of I'm Nassau as well as wide as as
as you can see we have mainly focusing on the formation mechanisms of understanding the influence of the major sector industry has and mechanical properties but you know enough because of that producing a real technological material we have to consider releases like like a Russian and pursue the manuscript and colorful and intensify the industrial applications so that's why I basically the most success while it's a risible material signal to produces right now it's this lower manganese content from South Korea the thing that ranging from Posco and was there a producing an value amounts and with high-mindedness contends I'm world
of 1 company in Germany where they're pretty interesting that Johnson in forests campaigner industrial-scale but as you can see from them like a sector pointedly mechanical defects of this critic's yeah my question is not who they are scientific 1 is so this East Hong will I the the slope density accompany the problems that I know that when people cannot hide money steals medium oil case at the moment steals you pull to eliminate the date and then some a statement and the probably after 1 per cent more that college but that doesn't really reduce the tentative
much of it yes so it's nestled so that the body was discovered it's just just come to the net job completely right and also if it is you mentioned here was that factor for that is that but we only adding In 2 picks let's say 10 per cent 12 per cent of moral is excited the question is is can you call this
northern serious sales yet the answer is said yes you can because if you reduced by 10 %
there is no Aluminium alloys In the word reached and
compete on specific trend for automotive applications for half of what was the director of the note that's exactly what I said is that if you can reduce it by 10 % there is no Aluminium alloys in the world this can compete the state yeah here we
can go up to give us those of Wenger Pascoe said you can't do not enjoy the size of the
covers dismissed wherein spring act all right as soon as they can with our focus referring to canneries is there any information on the mechanical behavior and changing spin up and the
religion politics is steering past busting their faith in In the couple I'm not aware of that In simplex In simply as you can take a look to the warden in the last 10 15 years in the 2 distills finding my way of another publications the congressional attention and said busting the effect but include I'm not aware and this is
a good idea because I would 6 horses have been having this is I think
that's all that's the goal this session