Nanostructured Steel Industrialization - A plausible reality

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Nanostructured Steel Industrialization - A plausible reality
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Plausibility of fine bainite: APMS conference
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A lecture given by Carlos-Garcia Meteo, at the Adventures in the Physical Metallurgy of Steels (APMS) conference held in Cambridge University. Here he talks about the industrial production of two components from the world's first bulk nanostructured material, the so-called superbainite. It is not the first time that a consortium of steel makers, end users and scientists ends up with unique approaches and developments in the physical metallurgy of steels. This paper will tell the joint adventure story of a group of visionaries that share a common intrigue and interest for a unique microstructure, nanostructured bainite. Also known as low temperature bainite, as its unique properties rely solely on the scale of the microstructure obtained by heat treatment at low temperature (150-350ºC). Careful design based on phase transformation theory, some well known metallurgy facts and the necessary industrial experience were the ingredients for a further step towards the industrialisation of these microstructures.
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but it would come to the type of guy that if you plan to you have to do it and put it to you and that it it took it to the and the and that's the careers don't cost a Koloskov the image from the National Center for Missing and many images and he's committal Tuesday about nanostructures steel and the but you Lieutenant everyone have same thing interviews man in his career until I belong to to the National Center on the legal research and With represented here today is a story story of the results we obtained we think this consortia with all this
research groups companies the makers of final users and then there's this is so far European parade the understood that
distinguished the solicitation of principle clear so it was in
the same house at Cambridge University almost 15 years have cover under
this year using the lessons when I faced out for myself theory developer said the following safety said of his heels that Underwood for the transformation of Austin leading the way nite at very low temperatures the just for myself and that those ranges from 110 people 303 service sold there is nothing in this
beautiful Maryland might to drop composer when for a place the wait until we get is between 20 and 49 leaders of playfulness and some group announced adults in the range of the the placing it increases their adversaries of the transformation the but the increase of usually on the harness also decreased as a result of the increasing this so the soulful
songs and some other agreed
of their transformation is of
course a part of the high density something defense giving them and then the size of the places we are with as it is this but if transformation on the the plastic deformation that accompanies the defamation is and the generation of this location of as those you but you can see here in the GM micrograms I see this had the
flu shots this transformation that
they 1 1 7 different plates have views he scrolled trying to escape from the menu the Ferrari and goes into the pot stand on its way to my location
and dreams and you might get to up you might get a yes clustering government clusters those Minnesota by example or trapping these locations that has been observed wants us concern most years him and don't Prince tomorrow so the current season of
period means not the merging of is not the we we have
to type of morphologies of ripping out and I would have this blocks of repaying outstanding travel between the seats the right in the case of instead of being that the because it blocks with some migrants say says UCI's so my group and then we have the feeling Finster between the plates already deep-fried most of them have buried in distinctive current content you seeing these results this morning there was the nite feature is the
height of government quantities on we're out there that will more fully than even those who might come because of mechanical response on this really much
so no wonder the
mechanical properties would be look would certify microscope to wear good we obtain Diaz over to give up Moscow's accompanied by very reasonable aid toughness
and most of the strength of the city came from the sighs of the makers to put a limit to the wind before a
plate and amount of free there would have been a microscope but also from the patients but there are other ways to produce
Hernandez took tourists feel we can do by Martin Cibik transformation we need pretty expensive foreign elements we need the rapid cooling rates so we will have problems with regardless and student information or we may include the use of seamless stresses with you speak up although this year plastic deformation techniques Wikinews warming the formation known friction history
professing or lends them on mechanical professing
and this is the range of mechanical properties in there office so Gyllensten and uniform a donation that you can
obtain but says without problems of expenses allowing
elements reconnaissance and you would have a problem also with the amount of material that we country saying that we can achieve but if you think of all day the range of mechanical properties we don't think we not knowing which sets a
simple treatment there is a big potency CEO forum
for this type of followers so it
is not this strange that the group of researchers the
makers have finally induces the former would was known as the National consortia he with
warnings take a step forward for the industrialization of the for
the same abilities we use amendment does an investor the same consideration of those considerations of the summarized as follows we won't do obviously at that weight 3 makers to request and mandate these hard and
brittle phase that we want to double Adelboden stands so we know if that then additional 1 . 5 seedling weight for cent more than up for the horrible you want to have a competitive pay we will want to put it into the market because we are seeing the our systems so we keep
keeping the system that wanted government minister Croat fairly cheap unfairly ,comma we want the transformation of Fulton
it enable having reasonable as they do for generation to Blake that's a at 200 15 days and then the 2nd generation don't like a week for every more weight that that industrialists course you would never pulled up and going to the market is still so far bad Over the years the
transformation dining with the 2 approaches would reduce the bureau's to grants on weekdays on chemical composition so the free energy chains of the transformation will suit the user had in mind too but complements
1 which is believed to be under the 1 is smaller but for the
being 1 this affirmative Truman was 1 of the operated by sold both but the other 1 by Drybank technology and in any case there In addition there are some
overseas thermodynamic babies that a game playing with the chemical composition we plan to change the free energy of the transformation to so that hadn't been as we want a higher material harm
Iger's to want to keep the fractional when disarray as high as possible and we can do without playing with it the single line and keeping the transformation them but the flow but keeping the transformation the temperature role is way you have as moderately thing is to
have more thing the morphology as compared to the rookie out tonight so it suits still work for opposing them so mechanical properties have been weakened that yes knowing how to cooperate BS MS the free energy changes in play place In what transformation so I'm getting just by means of chemical composition data during the weekend he
didn't formation but of burial so we end up with a set of 9 on
1 rule with nearly 1 per cent of current other 1 with all went 6 0 . 7 at the height of government wanted
is to ensure the highest-ranked fund lobbyists and I miss them but there sequence of his quantities always ferment that the
patient manganese and groaning for higher than average people which is 90 abuse it was subject to control the bureau's than grain size through the there were no threat to to the station and makes them the money and then on Monday
ecstasy it was something to get an extra strengthening on doubts the need for Europe to the Wayne Knight is a transformation so we expect it to have been the mayor irreplaceable winner
before so you see we managed to have a singularly system is cynical manganese
chromium and in some cases some audience some material but in regional wanted this week gave the formation tempered with very low because that information it happened because 120 and 358 on it the Sandman on my list of and you
see for the higher covered 1 in the Waziristan area
was 14 and leaders of the higher tempered the with the
state of Florida they all 6 are always it was below and companies higher
immigrant high fractional when he did right at the Enola Gay said she was almost wolf 70 per cent in it was
Foster as compared to the benchmark are we use
during the design process sees that then taking for them benchmark rose 206 at the London 50 and 300 as you see in general terms we managed to obtain I increasing that information kinetic and we manage the whistle fees haven't read the book for the bigger component which was In the most politically and in terms of heart and everything this is in my
interest to people we end up the
ropes so migrant ropes and look at this kind of many of the maker of those artists who might come ropes over that announced in May that the fittings these the whiskers the black people mainly because this is the 1
currency ,comma To do that to 115 degrees
than a 16 hours so no 1 there the mechanical
properties the strength it was so will and have fun manner statement has to do with high fraction of the heart of the
phase which is when the variety so UTS in all cases have to beat up skulls we have
dual listings almost over to 1 . 7 for the higher 1 on 1 . 5 for the lower car but and undated in the delivery squared reasonable given the Hindustan Lever areas want to point out these 2 cases which are just
extraordinary combination of strength and the DPP for the 1 currency contributed 250 yet but the nomination is still is more than 21 per cent of the uniform along donations over 10 per were but for the 0 . 6 per 1 Nigerian of the sentiment of 250
the level but the nomination is almost 20 years so we were
quite impressed with missiles we must Ursula properties has running is
laden with this how will we this company that gives some reference material as for example the 100 chromium 6 and some others use it for those application with different type of micros took to be a
stands for by 864 petabytes for the corporate relates story an and as you see
those the results for all those McChrystal to run when we compare it with another way to get at different temperatures we obtain a completely different behavior even for the same level of hardness the behavior of the narrowing its 15 per cent to 50 per cent better than for the offense 1 of the outcomes of these
were people was the importance of the hardening of the souffle of many of the away always as this spring and went on the transformation of false connecting to Martin say which is a hard place kind of controlled the in the the amount of material that it was removed from the there were
another where property is this is the high price of aggression the the final
induces usually does that type of experiment where we brace in overnight a tangle for where material of for a while In an agreement together with President gains an abrasive material at the scene there was during this time with these forces and what we we believe this company that goes into it the reference material which is the heart of oaks which has had expensive material which I need to hire more Leon and chromium content to to half of the year a disheartening adjusting their
behavior which is seen a white good compared to the reference material but the final USA don't use only the stadium Hi preserve Robertson Europe so users there it choppy had to make a selection of the material so you we comparable to that of the
governors of the HPA or we can see is not really a selection of 3 estates of these men awaited them perform much of it than the reference but the
properties of probation bending on not just the same as there are
several reasons to use the not persimmons as they define a probable harvesters concentration fatigue is sensitive to those denied the
composition and political unionists and inclusion of all we see is that for the
3 different states that would this be a mail . 6 currently favor far much but there that the hire car OK and system some with the reference material which was 100 grams so
based on the resources that we
have so far with the materials selection to fire brigade these material at industrial Parliament for
the for this moment complement it will look for a strength and the DVD by land so we went for a hike of 1 city Gunawan 1 currency got for this moment component in sort of for the component that keeping in mind that we need to have an and all we will we wanted that would warrant sulfur it's BA and choppy performance we went for the open 6 car 1 item on the way during the this election persists in we realize that these that the salary was giving we will perform some further cooperation and we
realize that you we were wrong how we anticipate some problems with the primary Nigerian Qua writing the liquid with so we
changed and the approach and we decided to to go for a run by medium systems to control the bureau's tonight size we didn't want to real based on lab escape to In past and we find out that the migrants to is the saying the hardness maybe a sentiment tempered or what
exactly the same but even there the Canadian was slave so finally we fall regained that investing this case on Net the story is the 1 considered 1 of the 0 . 6 currency because and for fabricating components prepare
components for a demonstration of demonstrator we're run about 30 of this tool to take the things where changing or what exactly the same very fast this is have comparison of the
result of the lavish scale and industrialists in themselves strength from the BP which are roughly the same no big differences it we
compared their results in terms of where his lighting of the National when I love
escape comparable industrialist did we need proof even the where resistance of the material and for the same level of hominids which is these 100 chromium 6 and indeed the the level of where is almost just 1
person is take a look to these 1 that correspond to the Walker wants go with phone
was not aware at the so we work on the final user
was printing press with with those missiles and intend Sevilla type of where the
HPA papers pressure on we use the 0 .
6 ,comma managing we did do between 220 Witty was there always tempered and 280 which was slightly higher and the performance of the 280 compared to
the heart of material assistance With this their fatigue properties are
receiving Dustin material under different conditions when you see here is that it that's a for the same material
same cleaning and level U years behind the New year is the higher the the deep
resistance is at you compare the height and 1 on the lower car indeed the
results of the 1 currency "quotation mark rewards than were inspected somehow and there were some problems during testing an the
cleaners level it was another suspect it would competent industrialists in the industrialists Galan the lavish scale of 0 .
6 we see that the performance is birds Our was the was 1
of the final USA here that the foreign expansion pensioners persimmons which is even more representative for the inject those they were aiming for heavily loaded this and James what we have here the
results of the reference material state and as you see I gained 0 . 6 Garland 181 really is performing much much but there what is performing like in the 100 chromium 6 months with much lower duties which is
also riddled holes in the won currency because it wasn't performing artists as
the suspect and assisting on the research but boys went a step forward on
fabricated what they call trade-off for the injector pressed the state and the results they tested both are always there being the guy
ruminated and on the woman ,comma once you got and I think they're pretty happy with the results will . 6 government area more than happy with the 1 that wants put on making their system room for
improvement as most of the Fabio single-currency Scovell money competence on on that inquiry writes that they've gone the softened some on the cracked this is the
big components fabricated by midsummer of on this is the size of the components of rekindled
the 0 . 6 culminating that 118 I have to point out that the makers to put up the featuring was completely human genius through the whole section of the Of the
peace which is pretty big bear the space issues such as corruption Blake on but some analysts admitted that they know for almost 20 per cent due to the use of significantly cheaper mentors before leaving for the conclusions I would like to highlight what do we think it was the biggest achievement in this spring it in just over 3 years in underwent period
in the course of Fernandez took away the biggest fields from my laboratory experiments of full getting this temple
in Brill pollution and this thing and we need that
disorderly by using the faced information thank you and
thank few
would you but the question I said I on this is very interesting and as you know obviously your work has previously
can produce deals with their values in a famous sequence by Harry is taking toughness said about 45 million Pascal releases foreign exchange levels around she pastels and the thing that was your work and this 1 they became once he value has dropped quite considerably and Nokia wants see William assured here you were saying Turkey because the resources the Schalke in their original I will be buried within this is isn't assigned yet the twentysomething there and that these were reportedly been going
rumor which publication it's so they die that's not sound honoring this heavily in these fellows we only fracture with this
review was choppy and he was assisted by midsummer know whom to find out which materials and hasn't said what and what action he might be again safer exceeding Moscow's I
think you will see in this instance yeah it's should here yeah I know last month as she quite impressive in its and
the material is interested would you like me I had the the highest of the Sinhalese pockets of something that I don't think that coming close to the end of the week up West Coast justice assessed the review 2 years I think is approved will see hadn't fractured Nokia wants no idea them in we we're running a 2nd European produce focusing now on fatigue properties and trying to understand what lies beneath and at the same time we're performing a lot of research in terms of what is controlling the duty which is separately deficit the
question what is the time of the constant that included In your views Our formidable 150 is lower than 15 hours up
to 250 and that is for the Wonka warned sequin again and give you did they wrote their final report this on the way using the rupiah and so to have the exact numbers there but I'm sorry this is already meager scale but I'm talking of
all that 200 20 something like 30 hours and at 250 between 12 and 16 success they will follow industrial yeah always yet the army would you are obtaining is
something you cannot chemical tang In such a chip manner otherwise I mean we within the shoulder-to-shoulder with finite deuces and we faced the makers and heat treatment company so the use of the Internet
transition temperature from the complete enough with how many you know that we made a commitment to ultimate makes computation to estimate the most important elements contributing to shorten the treatment and we concluded that monitors reduction was very very sorry not any reduction last strong contributing to reducing treatment so you Chantal urologists Of the treatment temperature verses mountainous
content to you see that trend Of course this year but it is not represented here to be honest I bring Nikon answer but
we we always trade yeah I mean it will be increased demands among
them is lower due June I mean that various a moment where you have to to violence between these how further transformation have been at which time but you wanted to Hopkinsville heads into the black in the obvious enemies it's truly makes this affirmation various luggage NEC has a strong thank you thank you the Internet
questions the what about you you choose for the 2 . 5 per cent I knew what the hell unintentional yes then I did not choose the quest from the the damning because there were many interesting things applied but as you see I mean they go to these were sold here and the combination of a strengthened the belief he's pretty impressive given the political conditions will know the energy I mean we we're thinking In terms of the deal with the knowledge that we will be the 6 ,comma because we
knew silicon is a solution on the strengthening of the those tonight and we expect it to half or even thinner many different plates but it was of the same order as they go there are always so it's lay we reach that a lower limit the we result but I don't have an explanation right now we were brought up paper and we have speculated build some operations maybe is the distribution of the repair announced tonight but we don't know if silicon is digitally linked
it to look for it is the stumping fault the yield on the issue but there given there when a deal was used on another later-stage justice of the problems within it
was for control of bureaus than any grain size a during of standardization .period police of market trend it's more bureaus the Nygren size creates more sides therefore at Federated transformation
it was another approach to accelerate the transformation I can some so what do you think the difference in terms of them mechanical properties between them and the pain and DDC the panel produced by the Commission released by to the
moment we you to I don't think there is saying I think this concert any tool to look for I said the following that sold their portables will have final users they have a pretty clear will be wondered where they wanted and what was the mechanical properties ranging which they come or so we
were looking for a new family I yeah they just the composition of the properties all identical to that what was what was
the productive industrial production grew field industrial and Soriano have that the are you will see that our get about now and anti-war says ,comma the ones that produce the same so it would be an
electrical of please the
warning program I'm not going to
lose my BSE social from the constructing construction
Akinori tragic and said it was not an abnormal and root 240 industrialization so they just put in industrial heat to them as as far as I know Frost ,comma just put in industrial heat to them in enormous sequences and to um fabricated 100 tons and 90 tons of them and kept 10 foot for the
experiments it was it was a political culture the idea was to young and any further questions I get in that case it was


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