Mechanochemical Synthesis as a Tool for Modeling Properties of (new?) Iron Carbides

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Mechanochemical Synthesis as a Tool for Modeling Properties of (new?) Iron Carbides
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Mechanochemistry: APMS conference
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A lecture given by by Fabio Miani, at the Adventures in the Physical Metallurgy of Steels (APMS) conference held in Cambridge University. On the synthesis of various carbides of iron, beginning with elemental powders. Mechanochemical synthesis by simple milling devices has proved to be an efficient experimental tool for the synthesis of nanosized iron carbides. Along with the milling action, which is basically affected by the specific chemistry, ball to powder ratio and milling times, simple low temperature thermal cycles are effective to stabilize structure and promote/dissolve specific phases. Some collected data by transmission Mössbauer spectroscopy will be presented, along with some considerations - by means of the analysis of the hyperfine field distribution - that will be proposed on the kinetics of the formation of iron carbides at the initial atomic composition Fe 5% C 95 %, which - to the knowledge of the authors has not been discussed before.
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but the at the top of the food and the end of and the end of the next speaker the zone a professor at uneasy Fabio from university offer would made by this time with a new channel can this fall and also colonial solicit advice from the players and will move in I hope it works there was wasn't so good afternoon
ladies and gentlemen I'm very happy to be here and not on the excited because analysts by Professor Butt a show about those women must thank all stuff so when I sent e-mails around 10 o'clock in the evening and had an answering 3 I was basically in the nite so it was fantastic there is a lot of young guys that's working here and I
suggest that everybody procedures very hard work so not only did the big professor but all the young guys that arguing a very very good work this is my own opinion I think it's not must be shared by everyone here OK this is
1 point the other point is that I will take your attention for that say I wouldn't say this is the focus of the conference but I think that most of you know that that is not just 1 at a stable Ireland Carbide there are several Ireland Carbide said we shot interesting in steel metallurgy and I think 1 of the simplest technique to obtain them it is the oldest story now it is not the only as all overblown milling so milling you can call it mechanical following you can call it
that McConnell Amy calcium disease it has been known as sincerest basically the American guys they went on by the work of Benjamin and you know all the oxide special phantom yesterday we have been hearing about oxide question factory but that could do
Russians called it was a little bit more owner especially disobedient branch of the Academy of Science would you which and some many of the guys would see also called for there isn't here we were much more on say this a special branch of science so I think that I am not a on 1 side or the other actually in a professor of steelmaking but I am interested in this
techniques since some 20 years so there is a lot of experimentation and even the reduced and more work I think there is 1 paper on
Oct Mujica materially I think a few months ago all by myself but the German group so I think the broker a would be world wide to be studied again because 1 point is that there we know most of the things about
Ivan covered which is Simone type I think that we should improve our knowledge about other guidelines for
extensive excellent provided you know it's important role when you are considering Martin inside the and you're considering their motorcycle I would say that also had combined which is a hybrid seed to it is another important provides so all of this is just a suggestion because of course we've been hearing a professor Boston just I think if there were 2 days ago and it was speaking about the events of fellow density
functional theory which is that which I am not at all and expertise not ask me any question about that but there are also recent results by the Group of this methane Queenie
I think you know about different about so I think that having some practical information by a very very simple things you know that mailings if fewer patients you can even do it by your you get some possibly made at these might steal some steel Wallstreet can even Bulgaria steel balls and then you put some elemental powders inside and then you go on milling possibly not with your hands but maybe as more laboratory developed device may be specs meal which is very popular even the defeats so police at New is very popular you can build your own device like it needs some time ago I think it would build another device to with my students so that that's going on with the story so
basically you can Is a tight OK this was what telling you about 2 M I will present you there's equally so McConnell chemical synthesis if you want to call it will merely OK no problems but the point is that between the lawyer and compiled
might provide the reason air something which is not that not life and so you should consider the whole so so as Watson Acting
position I'd been using here most Bauer spectroscopy normally adults say that most ballot because that should be correctly there
because that's what I will just say most valuable and mother about it so I will propose a QinetiQ approach to mechanic
negotiators is so very very simple ideas because when you go to compare
experimental results it is nice to compare 1 device for every other so basically to see Ricci is your own actions did with the million time which is in way you imparting energy to your element of bothers you go not restricted to elemental bothers you can nearly newly-born McMeel anything if you want more of me Leadenhall salt-and-pepper you can do about it maybe this is going to forum for our topics here and so I think that there
will lose a wealth will results on board meeting although ironic cobbled alleys the work was started by parliament that
the enzymatic I have I think that was nearly 20 years ago and now I've be working with the about was a Ph.D. student in the all we needed to get out some work I think that other carries variable that was well with spectroscopy I am Dustin applied guy so I can interpret uses some and make some experimentation Ballard did some work about a mechanic nicotine disease and synthesis of 9 0 0 interest I'm behavior I I think it is still some industrial
spin-offs and Song of using nanophase of bothered by this that I'm more on the university's side so what it is that the new for this presentation you you know that you ready uh move on carbon content and you can obtain very useful to
alloys which are known as the others so what that you have the pleasure to present you she added it is some discussion about very very high ,comma will compare uh materials and I'm trying to understand what's getting out for them from my opinion impression what a role and what I hope looking in the list as I think this is outside quite interesting anyway were To be studied on the other side
I would point out that there is I would say for this specific failed but there is a tradition that sounds from the Senate to really the 1 which is the French school was well as part of a bid had been obtaining a lot of results and anyone in the fields considering people find feel disillusioned latest those resources so this is most
but the point is that you can select lies in Europe father because you think about this by means of X-ray
deflection and I think most of you is much more exit than I am in transmission electron microscopic so the game as for me it is and the adventure by the way Professor Malaysia is the 1st of all
how about studying different Carbide's stability that he has been done recently by the group working on the operation synthesis you know that combines the plane important role for the ills but the important they have an important role as well in a special the chemical technology which is obtaining oil from US indices spectacle industrial than by saves all of which is a very big South African group so I think there is a lot of interest in this technology even because she loves us cover that you can put into all about some of you know this summer so so-called material that you can also galvanize input into always so this is a topic another the hot spot for these kind of guys but so they've done a very nice in work I think that sensing more could be done by they steam community so let that you go on show
this is anything I was mentioning to you so you get some Will you have a job
and you shake it basically around 20 you can be
as more as a as a glass he can be a big bigger you can produce a policy and delays from Sundance difficulties expects me with his producing 3 or 6 grams so you can make some
experiments on that you can produce kg without the scaling up his other believe it could produce more than a lot of people around what with did last but 1 never knows about it so
this is quite well known so I am putting inside the elemental powders Ireland and graphite and in obtaining a sound bite so this is a scale
up so this is a little bit bigger if you want To this Act may be it is not just 1
wall normally there are some 20 balls inside that so you can't just liberated again and went here you have the the speed of the
ball surround sound because of course if you are increasing
Europe on change your to Jerusalem obtain advance the goal of different
results back to normality as their respects this that sort of part of the move forward more laboratory
experiments this has been done scaling up the things like the velocity in that strange soul from 2 1 2 5 0 0 meter on the 2nd which is enough to to make U.S. and
light so we did also some other things that the big
issue with have not sold yet it is to have a little bit control on the temperature inside
the vial so this was the idea to be making a
prototype while buyout sold to make sound in their conformance on so that you can control the temperature inside I don't think this was really successful so so the
topic is that but when you have
this reaction locally then you can work monitoring you well here whether this is obtained by the experimental me about
anything else could be a good song please just considered this
BPI what does it mean little to bother racial so it is important to consider the weight of your and those in the wake of the material you are acting on because basically it substituted in a new way the final meeting so if you just going with this to bother racial around
18 lighter than you go out there and I was willing them it would be
that if you with you the media are even higher than you can mail for shorter periods so this
is just a spectrum From what I close to be I hope that the most you won't be offended
but what you can distract from there it is quite easy to it's laughter and keep final field the distribution from there
previously that you can affecting Nunavut propriety through shot in about the
mother which is which was then visited by elected Medicare this round of moda 25 years ago and that
is working for any kind of violent and by in the field of Catholicism wealth in the fields of antique kind of useful for for this deal as a science and these science and business activities so you can it's superfine fuel
distribution and well you've got to to have some
ideas about so what's going on so you will assign no we will not even speak about
his the probably pretty well let's say that everything is easy and please not be
offended if I'm just simply by industry that it so by the U.S. sign because of that there's been a lot of work with the U.S. and Europe and
find field and from the EPA refined feel that you can a slap developed the body and on
the relative order you can count your irony of film and a slap them which is
the percentage of what you think this is just the technique it is not the only you can use the X-ray diffraction you can use as many analytical techniques that you want I think the withdrew to various parts of the month for instance I and I will show you afterward as main a deflection late that
which we must move more than a technique like where the technique and many other regions group using actually you can accept information actually the whole thing is a
little bit this is that because you ever a lot of plastic deformation so you will
have a lot of defects and you have the formation of although but sold the stock and
I therefore seen from another the point of view but the the assignment over of
the EPA find fuel distribution so 1 once again you can would
that once we understand what I am saying maybe not
so I will say it once again so you Afghanistan EPA
find his revolution From the respect and then assigned to different kind the bride said in this case you will see for sure you will see sound Tyrone here which I think rather wrong because it is the 330 solutions should be put here so you can have some problems but but I'm calling it but this is a component I must be very careful because they don't want to speak a lot about that this conceded that normally I have a lot of problems around so I'm not considering small
amounts cover like because I am looking for
differ with very very tight problem concentration so I'm not focusing on that will reach compounds like salmon like had combined like er I would soon go by lawyers but she said I think you have much more Ireland come by that area that enumerated here because you can have different forms of air epsilon combined for instance this depends on structure and then additionally which is my parents question you can name the other higher carbon compounds which is what I I'm am going to To try to extract about the I'm not that she was so
about the IRA correlation racial so
said this is the the initial composition of the Senate died so 75 of Byron in
25 of of car
and this has been done extensively in very very different way so this is a new way out it is going the danish up 100 per cent known converted after wins over Ireland going out with the time evolution so you see here the million time so you see this is a traditional of the work for the technique at 10 to 1 with about the ratio
for 3 and you can see the different evolution itself a UN but
yes thank you so much because I love my was so I must be the effective so you
can see that the ferocious that the from the different compositions I wouldn't say we could say a final word about it because it's fun so if I am speaking about talking about the other saying it I started from 95 % affluence of tablet is very very a unbelievable but stealing yeah films are reacting in a different way I would say and forming different thereby further moments and
identified basically the same provided is so here so was that you had to obtain those results like it you can never rule and the this is what is the new
presentation of this result so so you can have some eyes I don't find
any other difficult from my people find distribution but this must be discussed and investigated as well this is very very fine because
if you use it's a deflection I don't know if it will present them careful because it we look at the time but you will just see a very big brooding about cabin so you can see common problems and it's very difficult reflected from each other so this
is in honor of the composer sold this our quest and the results are you can
obtain the other groups later Monday with intermediaries outstanding is quite safer because he didn't know what
it is not so of well known and maybe not well presented here it is this that the
stability of those covered by the thing this is very interesting because once that you understand you have different provides
understanding which is the stability it is important of course these are very plain I don't problem about them not that companies can about you may have filled
by the elite is interesting and I think this is basically you know just when I worked uh I annealing and a specific material you can see that the people find the distribution is changing so these are the most and so can you see that the friend influence over
different temperatures I
think this would be very interesting to study and to explore
exploring different situation and positions here because we know something about Simone died in the thermodynamic properties of 7 died at his very nice work by German people but I don't think we had a lot of work about the thermodynamic properties of other abides which may be useful not only for this field but because if you don't want to use it in the Gulf and approach you need to have some data about the limit of people they face so
about my conclusion mechanically because is it is a very simple and remained politically for synthesizing Ireland provides I think it is worth to be considered by the community of physical metallurgy of fields
and I think that this topic is prospectively interesting for people in the world over the considers it a
function of simulations and I think also that this would provide some additional data that could be useful even maybe not he but for the whole of the physical with knowledge of the community thank you for your
attention few so where the questions so today I think the the 1st principle people have already published in the thermodynamic properties and many of these and that should
be in the literature yes I said to you you're group that some of this business said you create it this very Excel and work with appropriate 1st principle it is not the only 1 I think the professor but so we'll know a lot more but this is what you have in the past we did we know relying a lot on the medium approach and for some experimental legacy may show and I would say empirical estimation although the end of this formation now we have this more fantastic game about the density functional theory and I think that there is no having both later I mean the
experiments of course of his orders it's about making some money I think it would be in interesting end and also in a way exciting yet topic is that may be is
Florida the younger guys that I and so you have all these developers which and I have a lot of data and I can
provide you even now if you want the although deflection data so we can put together and stood studied together the phase
evolution so there is a lot of experimental work done by myself over the years so it is asked to put all the things together that because when you
are using very short million pamphlets and 15 minutes to 10 minutes in the item that was system at at the initial position of 7 types urinating and signed a lawyer formation so you have all the games that you are playing usually so you over the formation all high government Polaroid than you can ever summer as something frivolity and so on but the point is that to put together it's a reflection precisely at the size weight and also the most lowered they think the site with this I think a game should be very nice to be played again the reality that
thank you for putting a presentation about you had the time you'd incurable altered a fall presentation makes a dated May but how you can say it's that little about this said about the company and its today is on the ballot I think the whole game it is to be played I have some ideas but deep the good thing would be candid with on camera so I just put them here but it didn't work but so I can I can I have a lot of it's a deflection late that I want to be more precise because of
all the work that they've been doing over the last year it was just considering of course Aksaray line broadening of course only step-by-step manner and you can see that the information from that you can use a very simple approaches but now that we have more sophisticated stuff that I think that the 1 one-game should be the most valid this analysis you have basically Lee and uh assignment although EPA fine feel this emotion and then look
again and will become more analytical because if you have qualified faces is that would disorder well it's a tough game but if we have a fat and happy
and that we can play the game together because it's already I've sent directly to the to the guys but maybe I sent them an e-mail at 2 o'clock in the afternoon so that they have not altered yet but the on and there will be available on the Web site it's the sound not that programming and you have already the that and urinating at all and I think that at least 15 different time compositional exceeded facility opened I will make available are also the most lot was validate that handed the -dash distribution as well so we got to connect them to 1 another and this is another question but then distribution is
very important for the part of the state the information about the the it's a lot comported information probably about-face you know what although only is likely to well you know and I think that in the words that I believe that over the
years that this was not normally if I had had this to eat even on the explained I wouldn't have had the 20 minutes for my presentation today and in any case that I am interested because I want to check whether sound other than that of stable Carbide's out from on for this fight that 1 system I want
to be a deeper inside the investigation of course they were really excited about it wanted to on the other hand with less cavities thanking value it's a work has been done so so many times that it is not a problem with that and it makes confers perfectly the EPA if I feel this emotion but the point is that I want to win more quantitative even then it was in the past this is the point OK so your during your other
observation is welcome I think we have a question
online so Will any different for example high-profile field
distribution not between mechanical To make this indecisive come and doors this day in the deal well know uh in my mind these is those systems if you consider just the as milled about they amassed more disorder as comparing steals so if you are going out with a temperature now you can never tell that more more than that in the uh extended their he refined fuel distribution but this might be compared them With steals but think that the game is properly in for for this bottle but I think that for the Amsterdam also more like Metallica graffiti and so on so much more important techniques that there any other
questions hope for full Morgan saying you want where is the you find the
Martin sites because you can I have a problem that explained value you have an 8 x 6 in the new oversee axis and you can even if it is not my work but it is the work of German people beginning this fact that presented by the enormous overall but sort order like position about the they don't see election that you can expect that the problem position so I did and independently quite a lot of other people is that it is in the news and act on the musical material worth the
following is directly into the but the
problem is that U.S. basically support I along with some of this is commercial orders so it will have an impurity let you can use even better fathers because uh but this is just the water optimizing their reviews probably wanted you are you using currently interning applications so yes you find mountainside but the focus here is not Bob Martin said because you have this but we we can we can discuss this topic and I suggest that if you want a candidate Lincoln and we can consider histories and paper that is being published right to have any more
questions I've not slept said again to professionals


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