A Low Density Steel for Bearings

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A Low Density Steel for Bearings
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Low-density bearing steel: APMS conference
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A lecture given by Hongliang Yi, at the Adventures in the Physical Metallurgy of Steels (APMS) conference held in Cambridge University. The talk is about low-density steel destined for bearing applications. Both rolling contact fatigue properties and wear resistance get improved with the increase of hardness for bearings. Large carbon content can achieve high hardness by solid solution strengthening in martensite or dispersion hardening due to carbide precipitation. Carbon decreases the martensite starting temperature and therefore increases the volume fraction of untransformed austenite that is not desired in the point view of dimensional stability since the metastable austenite could be induced to transform into martensite during service, furthermore the soft retained austenite would deteriorate the overall hardness. A novel alloy design has been proposed by high aluminium addition into the classical 52100 bearing steel to achieve the following advantages. Aluminium addition decreases the density of the steel significantly, whilst it enlarges the carbon solubility in austenite by thermodynamics and therefore more carbon is permitted to be added in this new low density bearing steel to maintain or enhance the hardness compared with conventional 52100 bearing steel. In order to validate the proposed speculation, some preliminary investigation on the designed alloy with high carbon (1.2 wt%) and high aluminium(5 wt%) will be conducted in this research, which is approximate 8 wt% lighter than the conventional 52100 alloy.
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advantages for the greatness the that the company you do that Aluminium Company not not related to the current rights at all OK I do not consider about you right now it's a question of fact so just let us face it anywhere if you make damages which I am not of course but there a few remarks about Europe possible development if everything's exceed 1 . assorted you remarked you need an extremely high cleanly nests produced he'll say solely for years said just continue like this virtue begins on Monday in various fields this is likely more In a Lonely Newman take taken process metallurgy you know what they got in the way he In to the other 1 is really very busy but the highly-fancied to make a trial he killed the steel about 100 tons we will really read about 14 cubic meters set in a few at the 5 percent aluminum you will ever volume which is roughly 2 cubic meters which is a huge volume when you which is an adventure when I board system that has to make him and sometimes a goal and it was regular adventure just to put some problem inside see because you're going to be reaction this is a lot to lot of aluminum so it is very interesting in principle but I I think in the suggest that you make some agreements with the guys that go producing this so endeavor walking the steelmaking plant so you get the idea said for what could be useful for industrial work as well In the case of very good amendments presentation thinking that there were lot I'm hiding in the so thank you comment was excellent lecture I wouldn't worry too much about the steelmaking because it has a lot of research currently in progress for the manufacture of low-density steel that have even higher aluminum concentrations and I also wouldn't worry too much about the deftness at this stage because there is nothing to indicate that this would be worse than ordinary bearing steel which really don't have much in the air .period I would say yes if anyone whatever would suggest is you also try to produce pain yeah because of what it was when I began reality you know I have to go out of it's reason for that is not simply that I'm interested in Beijing yes but you have a large element concentration because the same effect as silicon concentrations in suppressing simmered died during their attempts at regulation you could actually produce a national in it's just something that and had a just 1 year on from when you increase to such levels seldom unions on you'd expect a decrease in the Yonts models and these could compromise the very dimensional stability which is determined by the when you when to module life are equivalent the new may not help the mental stability in and when you have a gradient then that would be a problem so you measure Young's modulus yet and that is that I have some experience for the value of milk in the end of its verify public for the alternative sponsors fears for their safety on the 1st day for the high very high and in addition that case some people already reported it to increase their adding true sex with person indicate almost 20 per cent over the decrees for the young modulus but so you can wait they increase their adding more trade with person is just a 2nd decreased 22 or something which the quest for the modernist adding that there had to there had been it's just that troops from street revival in the distance that if their full weight person Enlightenment ideas to the yes modernist did not decrease much that the in United Kingdom Hall toolkits there just wouldn't use decrease as as much as that of the name that had been involved in this case because in the fall with personal Latin addition with deep pockets the difference that Miers then that that's there in the bond between Iowa and I mean it would not decrease the than it the problem is always just signing an inbounds if we keep them and mean enable as some just 4 or
5 some case I'd say they just want to know this is not a problem in this case we have a question about 1 last of from union yen
from assuming the bailout that aluminum increased the and asked them picture by that degree actually all the disputes at the am Escobedo without of new united and also it's very complicated here we would have to compare well below their achievements so I did not comply but you get
yes that is a parole date so we did not give the absolute riots
result conclusion was while others predicted with that accretion this and Frankie Sara