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The magnetic-field-induced precipitation behaviors of alloy carbides

Video in TIB AV-Portal: The magnetic-field-induced precipitation behaviors of alloy carbides

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The magnetic-field-induced precipitation behaviors of alloy carbides
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Carbide transformations and magnetism: APMS conference
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A lecture given by Wu Kaiming, at the Adventures in the Physical Metallurgy of Steels (APMS) conference held in Cambridge University. Describes profound changes in the nature of carbides generated in steel, whilst under the influence of strong magnetic fields.
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at the time that the only at the time of the the and In the middle of the field and a I I enjoyed the break and I out next saw this afternoon is going to be given by Professor climbing from the roof we're on the University of Science and Technology and he'll be talking about magnetic field in gene that station 2nd is chairman of fossil fuels like Dayton if this my since
innocents office upon invitation dividing me tell attended this a great even on my talk is on the magnetic field induces
situation beheaded reeled off in Lloyd Harbor the fortitude also saw the whole nuclear energy on my kids discredited students I'm floor Wuhan University of Science and Technology Neuheisel resulted busts mysterious was sent
to but we did China this 1 was financially supported by the State Ministry of college education China local official out in Walpole energy but not the University of John
penpal divide us in all its basement full of this world as we know can become
vision and attended you !exclamation mark field is so important factor to you the 1st shuttle missions In recent years many walks has been done on the
effect of high magnetic field office transformations such as lopsided transformation Bittner transformation fair transformation isn't
opponent transformation recalls the magnet reduce but the energy and to make this triumph also and shiver that admitted into high temperature In the
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lobbyists Coleman wanted in oil for this and the way we have to keep statements 1 is also like to bet that transformation and an otherwise Martin City attended for the cloning wanted and where we just
for 100 treatment for modern city attending this
ice shows the equivalent of 4 Connecticut treatment this
specimen is here the popular wind direction of specimen is apparent to you magnetic field direction
the chance this stuff just now you all the
experiment what happens if the all high magnetic
field is all blind to in the face transformation samples
like to be nite that his old
degenerative fare like medallions of United's attended to From this image we can that they
don't understand 7 tight and industry call buys is policing detected in figment hopping when all high magnitude sold life all M-16 is
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change we consider this term images From
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ratio even in that they make you make that decision Fecteau of annoyed ,comma With the police stations and Austin's Altheimer midfield results show
that the also race although in the harbor as equals obstinate and 1 that is the same the
high-minded field has no obvious change pulled Enoree Harbin regarding the concentration all all ,comma buys in the case hum visited Friedman we
consider that the concentration of I attendance remains all known enabled when the five-minute field is all plight we can see that I have concentration is mockery unit used compelled the whole contentment and In the literature where do all of them to
constrain demand for a modest
intended for this annoying their next but shows
there this situation with all the bodies sends all high-minded field Wearing all high-minded faces all plight with the new send height is formed in the basement if the five-state tour use his participated in his
basement that is to say
the Field pull noted is there it seems that 55 city you in the 30 cents of high-minded fields when
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attacked yeah the longer end the shall holding times
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this study shows that and 60 hop bite is beneath the detected you know the the sense of high-minded field but wisdom conventional madam containment wait just to see and to seek an emissary state is 46 stated in the specimen sold it is
followed that the M-60 is full noted by the high magnetic fields regarding the
concentration we consider that and seeing an
emissary said where can I did not see a of this change for this year final complex above and 60 In all ,comma there I own home Chechen is remarkably increased in the presence of cotton magnet field
it which shift the Tammany ten-digit 270 degrees of 700 degrees C will consider that electricity and
seriously and M-60 off all precipitated the specimens both with the bonuses and Austin's all high-minded field so it is
clear that kind of field has no obvious influence all in the the precipitation High attended tended to for the
2nd in morning we just didn't the modesty modern sitting tenants at different temperatures this
table shows this summary of their kids treatment it short and the long time when the magnetic field is not applied its short and the long time we just to see to see and emissary see is what is the detected in the specimen popular when Mulheim the field is all plight with With conceded that it was statements history really an avid apprentice really since the Opel noted in the basement
so it is it can be certain that
this do kind of annoyed harbored useful noted by the time I made in that field this
nite shows them change and also the concentration changed by magnet where can
searing to go of Sumerduck admits the concentration of different and that intercom it compared with the condition results we can see that the concentration of Ireland evidence is remarkably increase but the sense of high-minded fear they can
granted trade-related results on the morphology is where you know agreement with their although vote results
when the specimen Chancellor to all well and the higher temperature tending what happens From the stable
we consider that for all their adult children long 1 time with all all high-minded field and Tennessee and freeze the and and service history is tattered unisys basement hall able Walheim in your field is all blight and intended for use they after all detected it made and the longer hold holding time we can
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time many field at higher temperatures 10 why high Magath through change
in the please see perceived as a sequence of spectacular harbor and their concentration of iron and other imagine it met indicated concentration we use that the greatest free energy do describe this phenomenal In the home teaching Altheimer midfield will have 2 items for the release of the
false fighting is the chemical breeds of energy and the 2nd ideas and make America free halted determined
the 2nd item that is a magnet for we use
that with Morgan a few serious to described the 5th transformation of old annoyed Bites Is that check into the fence and it the role is the applied field fence and not by Morgan
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function and another that can be of by this new creation
home-buying answers to questions we're trying to to get the relationship of mechanization With this
nice shows that can connect results this this page shows there can adults on
the energy hopeless all dividend and hot biased these figures shows that magnet free and a chance when the scandal transport it all you need 10 mutual we consider that the 6 3 Is that has a high magnet for energy so it was fun
noted by the magnetic field solid is not a cure
for that business empires
which also techniques in making a moment and made the free end of free interchange they Hi this is Mick a fair chance is every year 5
so this entire
55 to willful that did it at a low temperature 10 minutes when transferring to Ohio the
tentative agenda which this can I could make the free energy for on the floor and 60 is the most remarkable Seoul and even
attended to there representation of atmospheric and 60 is noted by the time a regarding the
home the Chechen will also take negative energy for I intimacy and when leading a this negative and chance for I and those
much larger than the 1 obtain it on sold them Holmes ingestion of I'm there
is it's not Martin larger than the 1 leading :colon Jason Yuan the precent of high magnetic fields 1st the
grown men and women will have similar results yeah this
figure will consider that the Medal of Mac negatively a chance for and so 6 3 and M attendance ever 2003 the has the largest maker of the energy hunted with other energy comments
so it is it is Kandace you will have seen that there In my heart tend freeze the
states and and 7 seriously 6 of those
history useful noted by the high magnetic field this
go to 100 no the fact of high-minded field on the on the North Harbour presentation the fabulous is informal the precipitation sequence of specific and Laura Hart buys is changed by the high magnet
field the content of substitution folded evidence of Ireland is the
increase in the funniest sense of heightening midfield where these will influence on the North Harbour morphology the Wallstreet Auspex altimeter the magnet for the energy giant's with
and sense of high magnetic fields sentiment Oh no attention from the government permissible and York talk and all that
there's certain point of your conclusion that no visible inference Eva is on our recovered more authority and finds it out while because then we can provide things that we always have stream every year .period and for whatever BMI there have also we can have a tool of Aaron up in your tests are under the command if you feel Our we we all always suspected that they have reduced the various and you erase our architect initial continue to tell me that you are not exactly but
yeah a unit of different and it's Wiseman and on obvious course funding when began annoyed the morphology with denunciation the change we're heading out of
the of the Met and change energy for this what have we have seen the gave connected to that effect of this treaty is much more than that there the maker of the energy sold as soon this it's much more content was there the Hong Kong digestion and also all of
them make the changed by and so yeah I was altered
text I have not met each week we have different of party into quarters center the 1st question I and give a sobering impressive talk yesterday and listened to Dr. Cheng and their who's doing
the electrical field and that they are solidly you magnetic field and the fall Hayes it's very easy to apply and what about you feel aren't we apply these magnetic field even industrial-scale production would be a you they seem to belong to him ,comma OK case now is
American Christian Way the containment of unit different competitions for all of this before the Senate and when we do get figment for pasta-making
interference it's quantum University of Science Technology and we not see any chance there if the EPA's magnet Vissel result light or not sold the past magnet field all cordoned of vitamin results no way you all on the make up only Michael torture and on and on and on lawyer combat for the past the original deposit a wave we did some experiments for I didn't mind which of 2 of them were appalled lied blast fair right we are send phenomenal my book box flowing in .period through from the view of the industrial on occasion the power unit to Palestine is small Blackduck fall making that magnetic kid figment because 48 American fit we can't just do very small specimen of the whole unit Protestant His especially for full force there while it can be contact at all you up go so for the a phone call
from the 0 . 4 yuan that on occasion hiring
still has a long way to go as saying but thank you this a
wanted to ask and so
the magnetic field the increases the stability Of the precipitate fares of design also reduced his is the idea that that might reduce its coarsening resistance as well as reply or something like that OK sank 2 free recruited for the coarsening of
another combat we'd like to do some research on innovation stage we do not have the duty of this kind of research in the near future of where to of the
research on the the condition Alzheimer Nate field I think that the coarsening of Finland ,comma by the the suspicion is final kinds of Inner Harbor Institute influence on on the whole thing regarding Internet
questions to any professor for the old set of what those and seeks C and and plant history see do you have any further information for stably and history a half what amount I think they are all what amount of money that although tree it added to Qatar
forms the Ackerman haven't had his rebellious side we have a home held to hunt distance for the 1st time this and we do not there ,comma
part of all of and 60 preceded this edition with also the magnetic fields soul we begins at the tough
longer reach you but for that and then dismissed 6 where care connected is the concentration of you know that in this inner harbor we also get the experimental results come compound these 2 bid away consider that there RIO home told the Chechen is much higher than that the president concentration earlier this year the harbor the 1 when
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know the kind minute few it's numerous remarked on it OK so
it was so you can get a free energy of the obvious face yes you have spend 23 copper about now this is identified history you have more I am that the normal and his 3 years as the case you need to have some magnetic making net
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yeah we show the same type
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employer combat and that way With contends making the energy thank you forgotten war more questions
than the doesn't affect the orientation because of a problem because the magnetic field affects the orientation relationship between the Pacific the match that
OK I always try to find the making available at old orientation or textual buddy in the place and what we do not find other views changed you the textual and old also we did not see any change in their own interest in intent I'm
from the thank you get some few