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Atoms in bainite, atomic mechanisms: APMS conference
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A lecture given by Francisca Garcia Caballero, at the Adventures in the Physical Metallurgy of Steels (APMS) conference held in Cambridge University. The atomic mechanism of the bainite transformation is discussed in the context of the highest resolution analytical experiments conceivable. After decades of debate on the mechanism for the formation of bainite, it is accepted that bainite grows via a displacive mechanism i.e., as plate-shaped transformation products exhibiting an invariant plane strain surface relief effect. But there is still much discussion on the diffusion or diffusionless nature of bainite. Elements of the theory are now routinely being used in the design of innovative steels and in the interpretation of a variety of experimental data. However, current experimental and theoretical understanding is limiting technological progress. The purpose of this atom probe tomography study was to track the atom distributions during the bainite reaction in steels with different carbon and silicon contents transformed over a wide range of temperatures (200-525 centigrade) to elucidate the role of reaction rate and diffusion in the formation of bainite with and without cementite precipitation. The results are providing new experimental evidence on subjects critically relevant to the understanding of the atomic mechanisms controlling bainitic ferrite formation, such as the incomplete transformation phenomenon, the carbon supersaturation of ferrite, the plastic accommodation of the surrounding austenite and cluster and carbides formation.
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you don't you go to In the case so the 1st of these can be begin by France's becoming is from the National Center for metallurgical research in Madrid in Spain and she's going to be entertaining us with a talk about the
distribution of Athens in an effort to bring appearances Friday
afternoon and that work in about 2 per cent is a collaboration between the spine is necessary there for maternal
depression affects and dowry national laboratories and what would we have done is
just to track ,comma got morning aid distribution the United hiring action at the time dumbest escape using Adams of the I believe that the most
of you know that a different means since the discovery of my native has been In much
discussion on the again that to control this transformation you checked every literature they you come finalists 2 very different explanations of how these reactions take place you can reach back to that by nature formation is these Blasi a transformation that is that the fairy devastated by for for buyers here and that information is his essentially Martin City connection that means that the meeting was Apple's we winnable move less than 1
battle against Beijing
during the action In that he searches for best saying that in the same year and at the same time you can read that Lopez had explanations by making it clear it by formation is that rare constitutes
defamation and that information they played by movement also activated articles and battered by the variety it would also buy back
Avenue that more man of Fred Goodall said land to on Brill faces of lying however today I think I
believe he generating affected that by
formation the the splashed the defamation and other a since it is SPD mentality against dark body into the plane claim to fairly
effective went polite by Professor by the CIA using atomic force microscope however the splashy
star-formation that's not always implies the future formation and nowadays that is focused on that Over time on it during that reaction on the role of Parliament on backed by 94 right here in Little Rock and if you read the church's nowadays you can't fight again Judy finessed the nation's you reach that by the far-right would also supersaturated impossible and hostility that they just might different ideas for the problem with partitioned into at all come precipitate insider buying it before I played at a lower temperature form would we know lowered by nite that that they was still less is budget now they see
you but also worried that the transformation that that might interfere right but is not part of a wonderful show controlled profits on these
companies lead that same transformation the same type of deformation that we must have the right button
buying fair good all the Scotland official contract and if we have to be patient given the reaction sitting tight with pretty be fatal that house tonight for the right in the face of the same time that the be what we have to do to check what is about profits that is taking place you can buy me differential that would we need to do is just too study
investigated bury any moment of that information when we have very fast
94 I and to most of time contending that the if the current content correspond to that company in the upon announced the next day we have cautioned that the Socialist office
the panel .period it's my much
lower correspond to that IBM but apparently there no role for sure to be Arkansas on the island official control would help but unfortunately I knew contenders the wife of these very simple application
of pollution for the temperatures 7 weeks mine ideas for me between 400 and 450 receipt at that time leave it to the 3rd hardware that's very
fast by different play it we would be less than a 2nd then we cannot investigative units
being entitling view that very early moments where have we been doing all these
decades in this data we have look at the problem embarrassing right and when that information have been and that but that's what we call incomplete reaction
phenomenon and said indicated by
nations of that before she snatches of the transformation of what we do is just to mess said 47 by X-ray analysis that kind quantity that it announced in an effect that terrible quoted what it operational have been it's so definitely not
say he needs to that these 8
each the then we can state that would also was during the transformation power officials but if you missed to that ,comma continue to much lower I'm follow what we call a deputy only needs then we kind of state that that the world was before she and that's all what I wanted
that the line means the deep the
T alliance would this means that when the current contract with the information stored and we
have that pointing in abundance of energy offered free energy this is free energy and
system on matters of free energy that would means that beyond this .period transform I was standard to buy right the thing competition
but the Socialists profits will be forbidden according to the ruling because we would increase the energy policies they or we know that that's not possible then even then we have no amount of born in the region of I can give event that we have a lot of people taking view and we still haven't announced today that information we that's what we call then conviction phenomenon we have been validated that by careful right growth office looking at these phenomena and underwrite about half out of 40 standout
experiment ties as well we'll come about by X-ray analysis and I call that reaction phenomenon and the dealer and you can see we medicine that housed ,comma wondered whether the formation of the next up I after that
I was the composition of the middle class -dash it is different than each these quite clear and when we come to us for what we did ,comma was ousted stating that I needed region between India and England at the point where the formation having completed for I'm already when we just thought we must confer right along with you haven't announced that enough we may sure
that I believe that the of the Internet follow that you might say this is that you didn't verification the fortunate chair of overture formation but it is the Agency's that Green that
would be really nice to be
able to in get to to to see and to restore promise of saturation in that I knew
before I during that reaction but when that information is taking place and we felt that it is not offer me something that can be very 64 industry it can be really really nice to
solve these From that Rob and here you have answered that you have already here about the development of a high animal prices according to the
when just for 200 that house the nite of composition is not now restrictions to all right before I haven't announced and that this is the other way there's so much interest
in industry because of the mechanical properties but do we here in this conference much more about that looks more details but for me it was really interesting because in my opinion sulfate about fundamental problem that we have I didn't see talking about it as I told you that this is the various no candidates profits diplomacy here and soaking it that
there and we I'm listening here devolution of that different faces as the windshield of time for this kind of Hawkeye silicon is beautiful that 200 and the transformation will take place between 2 and
6 days then I really love we will have time to look at how they backed by the far-right independent icing when it affirmations thinking that's what
we need the 1st thing we need is use the use X-ray analysis and to see here
ingredient is available of the Faces pass about how that information progress is really just seeing that kind of money in which 2 men in in that attainment out standards of English disease that haven't won independence far-right supporters and then we will validate
here that the bank will be phenomenon and it's quite clear that when we reach that T-Mobile you after 150 hours
beyond the point we don't have the same right before formation but we don't get understand I wouldn't
read many at affirmation have stopped but we were not able to morning toward the corresponding to the only station or backed by making at this point we knew that actually analysis is not the right thing they need to you adapt 1 Super situation in our mind arrived and that's because we've eggs where this is always we have prominent values of apparel .period back in faces in Babbitt announced that it will be the buying and we have sold it looked like the 1 in which man the of before we will catch that I will always those missiles that will correspond to money solid solution in that's all
that's how we have failed to act on the last thing we need at
need said that it allows us to make their mind up carbon content look idea that I our way of any possible apparently Richmond region and you half of the nation's sample is also needed save Apple Grove about
I always the spending we are able to
reconstructing three-dimensional deposition of the fanatical here you can see that problem marked out I would say that
we should not have ended .period correspond to our at the time actual but Henderson
information for orders of the that the regional
underwriters have high I will read outstanding and that no
problem legally invalid if there's anything I think that is hearing this example we already have those Carter born in Richard regions in the lost
blamed face some House I was denied by deferred right interface with the interesting is that and will also ,comma 105 that level of traveling so solution face dyspeptic late gains that correspond to a high title -dash when if you just want to have seaport that
after completion of formation that ended enough filing that it announced that is comparable
to to that given by X-ray analysis and that you value and elimination of Cumberland our way of those firing with the media in the binding is lower than that given by the United States but is still higher than that given by the high yield bond with the spending we were able to to see that super separation in the main defect he and his secondary
sources of engine of time
and this is saddled with the Lord of the resources that gained evolution of the faces as wait time that Bill Polian said they hope will respond to that ,comma with minimum announced that despite in here that we have a very wide handlebars and we will come later what that reason for that dying correspond to be fair and actual proof sample
that had happening and I think I feel that we have used this
version of that have already been treatment but I need is more clear on the right where I
changed ice ice-skating now Airways's that's been it's quite clear that this with this indeed we can see that the polarization of that might be the right and the promise of a
oversaturation in debating the right is evident during that whole painting by nite reaction of course we were not able to To see I find that very early momentum without fully paneled supersaturated that I anything that without final content of the powerhouse tonight because we have to have the receipt where title is the panel
but we are aware that is looking at 4 by now it has been always I to the sea air arable land or
that the pollution and explanation and
fairies and 190 cents because that's that we cannot explain how the arrival and shopping center .period varieties painted face is moving so slowly that it's hard to to understand for for this reason when we to perform best saying ,comma London the communications for 3 very different fields I need you got lost in the what is the that for 2 other by nite we fear it in trial last and in the meantime to be patient and you might actually just to lower by nite with lieutenant in celebrity station at the same time that I never actually thinking I need your column on high seas and feel that had advantages afforded by the working temperatures that we have to interact with the patient and action and
additional attended to 4 the high tidal crisis deepening fears that these things have very different Connecticut and we are able to track that I was the separation and the 1st half and wide range of information
temperatures and as you know Solsville results correspond for the end
of the reformation and it was quite evident that have water formation temperatures in the low 30 75 feet the even when the reactions of things we have to undertake analysts said that promise of a separation in thereby that I haven't want then in that I fluoride for higher
temperatures approach by the EU but with this interesting is that the tendency for the promise of a situation that I have to show temperature is that is quite similar for for Hyundai lowered temperatures continuous behavior and is independent of government all of you will have a lot precipitation during the final section of the thing in my opinion we have here is enough evidence bring mentality is that by the
far-right supposedly the problem but when we in thrust the lack formation temperature on a secondary prophecies that I put that are controlled by rival wishes
had activated on what crosses are they we have investigated those profits there at that moment
history as well 1st of all
is that rival petitioning for the bank before into their retaining To happen
investigate that's away we were were able to to the text said that had invited investors to on these assumptions correspond to the
height of all -dash feel that's where they don't have to but if not it is beautiful these very sophisticated facilities have also fallen so mightily and by the by now and that's at the 1st sight of
Rittenhouse tonight up very different amount of arable land sea and air chaos have much lower unemployment and back to micromanage the use of regional sin and doesn't really beautiful photo images to cheer because we know that we fare come on we understand and I think we had any experimental or where house tonight and that some way without a wide range of size of tonight and otherwise range of unemployment and we are able to control and to half a progressive 3 that that allow asked to announce the TT and
toughness in the face of skills the utility's transmission and provide more
because it is quite clear that it close to the parade obstinate in the face many people it's just
will have a high dislocation density and when the country is moving from the center
of the dining right to lapse into that but announced that it
will find these 3 I is not a strange would we followed by corresponding items of commodities that that problems with segregate on
those reservations on the part of that is that we have an extract is just me in my constituents throw quarters atmosphere I'm
finally depending on Friday that information temperature and the precipitation that it's
maybe they tied of before that time .period with escape from the binding effect in that case we will have internet preservation and the right what we have what we all know by lowering by I
believe that at this moment we have think of his body
mentality evidence that today but that's we understand that by formation is this method on the .period less nature thank you
very much Francisco barrier for entertaining talk as well thank you very much and thrown into the floor as we have done so about-face for any questions he talked about justifications accumulating in the course of my wanted to ask you know that the work being done with the speed and transmitted from the Austin I can't go into faces of the people From those dislocation and generated by that plastic accommodation authority announced tonight during binary
action but said he who is thinking about being done please Castano defeat a match between always binding deferred right and that was apparent Britain announced the narrative we have some possible their playing its match it's that ETA it can be passed by the US that those dislocation of the HA to entrust their American announcement that this is the
Chaudhary denies that the carbon going very little continuously going all the way to the bar 1 of the it's the demands because so there was a word long and the couple the usual suspects growth can develop model colleagues in the months and
years it's going to the scene of
chemical analysis a Carboneau with we all have crystallographic information promoted by the nowadays in
our investigations on what was back in lower all that variety that is traveling so much ,comma that's 1 approach to the question images said why so much violence and I know that approach that I think that we call them forget is that when we see Ballybunion distribution of cardboard in before I come before you look scene solid solutions and I don't doubt that but always do have also back and sees a scene emergency because still I need I have a bad he never region I sure that come will become applicable as well but I'm not going to notice when it isn't dislocations we that but would be isn't about currency is not then I don't think you know the France's stance that the CTS the FCC by the way no BCC ACT as assistant to explain their
level of problem in know using this new work up hiring had been
investigating that and is not evidence of calculations can be but is that mentality against yeah this
fall that your original question so there is no evidence for continuity otherwise there's nothing to stop
the reaction from proceeding to the fact Bolivian Coca and the evidence put tracking these things could experimental evidence Beyond
that you are not very clear in developing this morning you were you have to I have enrichment of a cover-up of the greater participation of the important to hew defused the fusion of course but
this year the conclude that the reason the yeah that you you were right that's it seems we have location of paint their faces competition in the it's been announced that it didn't literacy last is not as high as we knew where we got state and is like a how much time will contrast where you will be aware of In is with
a copy of it I knew that if you the only undermined their 2nd and offices I understand your point of view of the future the formation of a nuclear UPS of
company it's also but the problem is that it was OK we we have seen in that they're in that I needed stitches to
effect we have seen that kind of supersaturated needed for right back in of Britain announced an additional patients with a accountable here we have a certain type of the patient in the lieutenant in the nation that is a good idea of what the from where the managers of the plastic or glass panel
glass that we have seen is that it with longer agents a not later than the transformational completed all duty not appointed by those at a time when which location along incumbent justice and those kind plaster we believe about the inflation played for additional agreement with the I
have to say I was doing this issue in the case is that of the meadows and I agree do you have more problems than for
because you have any comment on that yeah it's a question that has half-brother it announced that is only that progression of the moon reaction then buying goes it soon Michael landscape feels at between 90 different plates and blocks on between seats and can be ill-served by nite of 2 guard Michael he's back we
have a maximum of infection pioneered a kind before according to exit phenomenon those bills would be that remain customers and the end of the world and the idea is so high silicon is to suppress formation and you should remind image the very small segment of
particle is it's surrounded by reached area of silicon or did the silicon actually have to do use that the way at 200 degrees C to about the same and OK I believe
that this article you can see that that the sequel we can conceded simultaneously distributed
at his job and said that it you they practical the the last we
have some questions from them the guy from the Internet a few days to prepare what is your call for
low-carbon steel where the bayonet transformation happened at higher temperatures especially for Opel being used you believe them that I will be right Is that this year the major OK I agree that
that that guy was supersaturated with you but this operation is that has we didn't go no way possible .period
and they're all going to be with us then and I believe can be much much more complex because we up goodbye to all for the and everything but I believe what's there as Professor John still has to date not by nite is that it can be aptly led by now and it can be formed by the same man and I have agreed that we will have a statement even if not the table but I believe we have how wide range of temperatures
and we think that we will have that 984 acknowledged by that was and all their secondary purposes will be anticipated in the area donated the height of the latent images and that there is
no logic buried this not the same types of my name is just thank you Madam
President is based on a mixture of of bringing before the end
of what about crossing the line the mean a mixture of the for the day-night and Carbide view of the state and the shipment of for that reason why
we test and needle ,comma knows that even if they would be circumvented by nearly 50 that has fought out
between 375 degrees
C of 5 25 degrees C and you have Endesa's lights and we had going out with a we have to act samples of transformation for that is the 503
75 500 appetite and 375 his
conventional lower by now and I was a separation was neglected because these then integrity be patient
there was the promise of a separation correspond to
those viewpoints but is still there saying Paris was a great feeling for
375 but of course for heightened information temperature of all of this presentation profits as data that can a
number of the In 1984 and we cannot detect because it's already to OK we
just about have time for 1 more quick questions her efforts so at the end of the presentation dimensions of year 4 so this is littered with should be used to this kind of pollution rules In the because she is so convinced that reduce the speed rule the means used to
conclude that interferes the question is what want the thing
is that he died variety -dash we we have had incidents of commodity that is almost universally peace you know he's
not problem segregation at the interface of some of the things that they would we have the interface I'm back I'm a very difficult doubt that this dialog with the United States is that we have that in the face of high dislocation density harmful higher-resolution TN hard To date in mind that I to stitches are part of the occurrence of a situation we create also distortions that I industry 2 but I don't know what you mean about increasing bodies location at a state that page judgment there have to leave them move on so goes appreciation tuition


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