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Architectured Steel
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Architectured steels: APMS conference
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A lecture given by Toshihiko Koseki, at the Adventures in the Physical Metallurgy of Steels (APMS) conference held in Cambridge University. Multilayered steels are described, including the theoretical framework for the design of such composites. Traditionally, physical metallurgy concerns microstructure-property correlation. In this approach, microstructure evolves as the product of interactions between composition and process parameters controlled by the thermodynamic and kinetic conditions. Attributes concerning the property are obtained as the function of volume fraction, size, shape and distribution of the constituent phases, usually described through empirical relations or even on the basis of imprecise knowledge. Hence, the approach is more evolutionary than constructive. Performance driven construction of the microstructure demands precise response and interaction of microstructural constituents under the given loading condition. An architecturally designed microstructure implies planning, design and construction of microstructure considering nature, size, morphology and distribution of the constituent phases on a suitably conceived topological framework. With the aforesaid ambition, an attempt has been proposed on construction of the ferrite-martensite microstructure, based on iso-strain architecture, aiming at maximum work hardening. In another attempt, the mechanical response of a topologically designed bimodal microstructure in single phase steel has been evaluated for maximizing the strength-ductility combination.
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that would be the you don't have that it be good only the good thing is that the good that you at the time of the of the day the the start of the day b the meeting and we are now ready for the 1st lecture it should be given by Professor the because from Tokyo University of Technology a good morning
ladies and gentlemen my name it's political thinking from the university to bow to Japan and the 1st of all I would like to thank a professor Harry but they should fall overnight in this wonderful conference and for including here and there also a directive and got my colleagues he is actually number is over there who have contributed to the recent that I'm going to talk about that the title might call sticks to the steel this name
was given by Harry when I gave a
talk from where else on the of a multimedia theater because I like the name so I used the name the yet so although both here and know that there are many different kinds give developed in the 20th century and the but they no performance and the properties of the the feel of significantly improved over the centuries I don't that development of above both men but we found 2 thirds cup Basic that would also developed in the 20th century and also achieved by
a law designed with a different combination of their them at
and also achieved by micro structure controlled by some mechanical process but also by high purification
also but we have used it fully the strengthening mechanism to develop a different steal some looks 2nd to improve the deal we have done almost everything but the still the demand still demand for high-performance did it
never ending and that with in creating the environment consciousness the demand becomes stronger and stronger for example if we look at the of
steals the highest and the high end demanded and that we
need to meet the demand we have to go this direction Hi How can we do that we may need it you
unloaded from and we may need a new of micro on none of my constructive control that we have we haven't tried in the 20th and
also we may need the ultimate refinement of micro structure and range of
fractures will come out here while we may be the expanded by its victims deal or touch external design steel
where we can Italy from a monolithic deals and which apart from the from Bamako restrictions in the design of material in the design of steel but this is my trouble over here today I I'm talking about externally designed multimedia here this is an example of a multimillion deals where we
combine them high strength of French Mountains and
the high that they believe the and then achieved by a combination of high strength and hide that today and although they said the 25 the the number of pneumonia could be futile fall depending on the combination of sales of the I will mention that
the monthly feels weak that's still about what interests
and then there are patrolled or what warm or even cold rolled for bonding and the finery which he treated to to achieve a microscope desired microfracture and previous official and the 4 the high
strength they have we use of French Frenchman
on the wonderful updating the of alternate excuse for fake the troops still audio his skillful whatever field that has In other words you Yukon combine any details of your interest and sometime the week it said this same because they use to prevent the :colon diffusion between the lady why did
they have property the To achieve the high elongation out we need to
elongate mountain of next month in that their fates steals modified if not because as president of partition the mountains and that there the stress
concentration in a far-right matrix particularly between the modified by which result in
avoiding and VentureOne fractures in the case of of structures stresses petition of both said that over the years and high street so With a plastic constrained the marked effects should be longer and then that local fracture is separate which is not easy they the
data of a strength and a gage of the nominated metals at the front of laminated metals which of them was summarized by the
year under Chapter and strength is always follow the route of a mixture of rude of average along these lines but that that it did not have not followed the route of mixture
this vertical axis is that foundation of the nominate metals consisting of about 50 per cent and that and the
5th path of brittle component and then this elongation come
down here fumbled at the root of average had said elimination of brittle components becomes law what
was that we have such a low inundation that because we have a riddle fracture
during elongation in the brittle later show here which is caused by a denominations and and the resulting in a chain and
also so-called opponent we have to suppress those that local fracture where to
obtain a budget and ambition the attempts over the nomination and a shipwreck naturally in creating inefficient toughness of
agreed that inundation of multimedia and when when the dairy the domination of Britain later behaved like a single component and the without the plastic concentrated in it rates of its fractured but I would say no
elongation here and if the inefficient toughness is not enough the denomination is still below the required uniform animation predicted by rule of mixtures and there with
increasing in the face of toughness of the materials fractured with the dishes making enough of that and this bonded can be product of abided equation which which has also developed in the research of compulsory and that that
this criterion is given by line looks like at all just this criterion will for the
prevention of all From the point of that also will about from the front in the research of the mike them which is given here
they added that the thickness of a readily is that which is a function of fracture toughness of Britain major so you need to
reduce the thickness of Britain related to to aboard the funding but this criterion had arrived in the domestic
situation in case of metals you have a plastic with In about by making in the vicinity of opponents we have to consider the confidence the not trusted situation we derived the described in the again the thickness of should be
reduced to it creates inundation which is a function of fracture toughness of under the strength of that during the
decrees of the layer thickness in created the nomination of aspects mountain but by decreasing the
thickness modified of this type for 28 icon what think of tennis there can be no longer that up to now 20 profit but without much
structure we can't along data has pitched mountainside in this also the fracture practice changing from brittle the doctor
would increase the other day thickness of unmodified radio is decreased this is the effect of
the thickness of Britain 1 elongation and these 2 lines from the elastic modeled on that of the model and many use of alternative type 304 thing if you for that kind they go the type
often you have the good will come of it the transition from lower elongation to the high
among the nations is trusted it's nothing more than many use the far-right interstitial free fair at the back of the year because of this field most mature outlook cut so that transition
behavior from low inundation the heightened issue is close to
the left of modern for the transition in multilayer still transition from on a mission to the high animation is somewhere in between and the
elastic plastic model we develop argued that lower boundary in the design of multimedia still also the limitation of the of breakthrough of the year is the
function of fracture toughness so I didn't come from the here we provided still having a different fracture toughness and the measure the transition from the settlement increasing a fracture toughness give the figure Britain they you know the weather you can
increase the thickness of Britain if you have not acidic feel with a bit of tough on it you can reduce the number of Canadians some of my concurring in the face
of toughness and comparing the thickness of Britain that we can now along data have pitched mountain and that if you now neutron diffraction understood that without
you imagine that for the partitioning of stress and
because the partitioning of stress modify it in being when the here and there but the revolt we
obtain deals which have high friend from behind of the state both the property here both still have strengthened more than 1200 Mayor of gold in the Feilhaber however innovation of 20 than any past and the
product strengthened inundation is more than double the Commission of and this mockery of feels of people
are along gations even under the high spring defamation here the friend called of all under different late and the maximum 800 succumbed and give the strength increases with increasing a friend but that it engaged and the most
popular the result of a high-speed but which simulates the collision of the front side member Walter Mondale and that cover 100 men about the multimedia still on the forms perfectly in the same way under the 590 . 3 of the still there is space
for additional information because
of the high street and I'd like to know if there's no denomination local truck
during this friend the formation yet another hyphenated information listed the impact
bending which to simulate the popular of Baltimore and the bending strength is increased in there multimedia deals that had BP 590 for comparison
and significantly the bending strength is increasing here and and application of multimedia feel we need a welding so we're trying to weld the multimedia Steve using a friction still and is
cross sections and the well-being of successful on which which have joined efficiency more than 90 per cent and that it'd be interesting to know he had true this and they have is still remain not only making effective on but also in a state of by
using a mountain feel and that now we can to get that information behavior of fetched more than which of which was difficult people because of the Lord of the the city of Uzbeks mountainside and that we are now conducting and many if future observations on the other
information of French mountainside and giving the this said the amount of the of the scales on that visit the monolithic model law that excuse and we found that it's always all along .period it in place another
plane and that at this after the sudden strained level and beyond that on this trips across addresses nothing left direction that the appeal and then this is concentrated in
the region Hi we had a estimate factors alone the in another plane is hard and not sleep in those regions where there factories low this is a
series of you're using a digital image creation using of the woman a particle during the tense again stress concentration in the bloc modified broke out we had this factor and that in that plane this is how I
and other policy is not to default on significantly the
even Though the suit factor is high which is about the last thing and the suit
factor the number in plane involved because because this is about so far the improvement
of their I want to be effective when ticket improved profit
Reinaldo cannot the lower temperature lower pressure bond which makes the fabrication much easier and more efficient than in terms of a component are not only use higher cupboard Modesitt excuse we
are now using it's payment of the 2 of them Asian pertaining to achieve like the amount the of of and we're now using
a steel with high impurity Riker dropped steel so that we can use of
crops to fabricate the high-performance give example of above among nations steel market markedly we
have developed a good of bonding process to join them on agenda still and we have regained among three-day you when agency of monitoring and when
necessary commercially available like this and that and that but the problem is that the data because of its it's EPA structures that animation is up to 20 per cent of what people know that by
employing multimedia structure we got we increase
in activity of nations without any break and after 35 to 40 per cent to standardize strength is
also increased because of the some this is this is a summary of my talk With my and we
I am so I was wondering how he deal with said Alan differential
volume contractions and expansions get when you quench the multilayered because of Oceania at different polling expansions with the Martin site transformation in disaster light residual stresses between delays that might result in like crack propagation being easier Indiana nation becoming easier had you deal with
that you're right on the mark with some forever that we are not
measuring how much you wish you stress and what effect on the mechanical properties the federal data from students the
saying that beginning Martin St. indebtedness is increasingly is it not do do
the locally-based including conditioning is starting
those only democracy Dick Leary well you right up the thickness of the previous situation come to that but there
also the thickness can be fickle if there if the fracture toughness of modern side of the if amended medium will not hide the dead today I showed the modified which is type for training the couple the multitude extended the dissident really brittle the fracture toughness medieval but that the normal the outcome of the mountainside cover ,comma is it not so subtle so we can increase more for the situation did not did not simply a plane so far
I knew made Greece materials by starting with the ritualized enrolling them together such as I write right of use other methods of fabricators ,comma structure additive land manufacturing looks like you be well-suited to allege structure out electron beam of laser depositing powder and just about lot flexibility to make whatever material thickness you want know what market
structures by its review by the enough in my ,comma indicates that the mission of the devoted to the year but this is the practice field we need the board for the evening and the simple fabrication is that so at the moment we thought of many possibilities but at the moment I think this is the simple way there was also received aiming to get it will also use besides crude all volumes interior walls or sickness volume interested in fabricated it in our case the thickness of it the anyway this achievement yes so the author committees about . 5 to 2 mm with the the final the cape that she "quotation mark White gives yet again area and it in our recent which already made 60 meter steel "quotation mark to "quotation mark so when you
do halter Odell warmer my Prince Igor marked you play so the markets that the phrase actually during rolled
a situation pact was denied it's a mountainside you culturally and a warm concluded that is so halter rodeo all warmer rodeo fuel market later this year also while supposes Simitis act so that might site in that temperature has actually changed back to Allston I call and that during the publication mother-to-be the that at the Microsoft of it's like a mixture of welfare and defendant from during a patrol and acted after that that the heat treatment it made up-to-date often within the region and the French so where their mother is full thanks very
interesting presentation organized the fundamental Eleanor were practiced on a few years ago thanks to shipowners and metal as together we just wondered if he'd term Germany corrosion studies from realizing dissimilar metals off to properly matched that of the rest of the way how we called
there I think the product of registered victories in line
when did you measures against of something much enhances materials we have met them at the moment we while the there is 1
of the things this seems Munoz said just 4 is a mixture of ghoulish areas where just because you know I was wondering if
you do fatigue testing
on their stressed localization testing for from ability where where collecting obtained but the only 1 the 1 thing I can say about the fall under federal the loveliest effect on but the duty on maize can stretch vocalizations experiments to understand the risk of plastic behavior under forming or for forming a kilometer away from Washington thank you through the Norwegian banking following last the nation's on that could
explain the interview That's what is the difference between your ideals are of promising material on the you with our after example
emotional honesty along last year it seems re-enacted the same on the need for raising in the thing is ,comma really capable of running around the middle of a lot of things but there were in the path of the fact on and method of management on 1 page at the doctor the people private in French what are the most urgent what is the name of final the U.S.
continued to determine if just leave it so important the future ,comma garbled between these 2 leaders will
provide local schools as variable as the president ,comma and there are many ways I call on the different there we always think about the extent of common during his trip so that minute-long yeah the the diffusion of pop on virtually evaporated the charities to measured the interventionist trend "quotation mark will use them when the equipment manager who is an official strengthened really a hard on everything from and where and how do you control it you know what I mean by that I need addition meeting
indicated a toughness that some authority over the case incidentally just about 480 degrees so that the more general that in our studies will sustain itself is soldier during the rest of the quality in and yeah how can I change that it will cause allergies in Munich is a very very very real In the disastrous itty-bitty started areas but it is in a case of the crowded through the hallways proven that the whole of 500 deg C it's only received that the jury here it into its effects on
himself ,comma home world my mom of the president they created 1st part of the article
about the attention of all None of the men nearly half I think you get yes
social based on Microsoft and what it would it be possible if he did have quite a high and stress in the at the interfaces will design ductile face underwent socialite plastic relaxation at the interface
which results provided at work hardening and then you wouldn't have the the way Barry beneficial awaits us produce any stresses that you might get generators In without the feasible or with the work hardening and limit your you layer sickness and death this is further work hardening and capability of it With that inhabit operation that conducted cheating Connecticut move but so early With the residual stresses the ceremony interface if they were reasonably high would it be feasible to design your ductile layer to have a yield strength sensors that can be undergoes slight plastic defamation chair and relieve the residual stresses and with facts work hardening then have an adverse effects on the activity in his sounds while probably haven't thought of following the arrival of I just let me
it be a bit but dangerous here only about Elizabeth respect speculative as well
um perhaps you could they could use the Taliban diffusion between layers and perhaps improve the cohesion effect if you'll dealt with let's say mental a structural steel so we would get strains Ault of members structure is still there and deep your software but as well as this is a highly speculative receipt so it seems adequate analysis so To do that what the euro by the usable by independent music and growth in effect but we allow our research on them and we want and we wanted to live in a way that it the price of the 30 but only about the party Australia and so that's why I'm lower temperatures the necessary they include our 1 the potholes along the way and we have the feeling that the the bond interface if possible directions and there was no and when I landed on making hearing increasing and officials from are you did you look at the interface is a tyrant litigation and are in general how important is the cortege of interfaces with children have rough interfaces sold so he will the interface using the profits to 1 of them 1 of the and the are discontinuity and support of gay men who didn't help the development of interface on the macroscopic question you're reducing the thickness of the modest declared the trees along the arrival losers traditional by phases the philosophy you're also saying that strengthened of mixtures we don't then expect strains to draw if you sacrifice strength to increase this is exactly what happens in a bike is made out well the message that the combination so we can go beyond the next so far there is some compensation but with the highest France feels like a very high income of the people so that we can increase the printer and the nomination is always there if we went out on their own but you have to move if want know and entire increase the so far there no
to on high spring million animals with and fixtures were
I have determined that the working on 1 by using our
highest friends thank you very much
indeed tragic accident over taxes


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