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Pop-in Behavior during Nanoindentation on Steel Alloy

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Pop-in Behavior during Nanoindentation on Steel Alloy
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Pop-in deformation: APMS conference
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A lecture given by Heung Nam Han, at the Adventures in the Physical Metallurgy of Steels (APMS) conference held in Cambridge University. About the nanoindentation of steel, and the pop-in effect, variant selection. Nano-indentation is an outstanding method to probe small-scale mechanical properties, which are relevant to a wide range of materials and applications. The response of a material to nano-indentation is usually presented in the form of a loadâ€"displacement curve. It is known that nano-indentation pop-in is a sudden displacement excursion on the load-displacement curve during load-controlled indentation. The sources of pop-in might be basically geometrical softening behaviors. In this study, several physical events which cause pop-ins during nano-indentation of steel alloys will be discussed. First, we consider the onset of plasticity resulting from dislocation nucleation or dislocation source activation in ferritic steel, which can produce the geometrical softening in the early stage of mechanical contact during nano-indentation. The effect of strain aging on the nano-indentation pop-in is observed and compared to the well-known macro-scale yield drop in tensile test. Second, both strain-induced alpha prime and epsilon martensitic transformations of metastable austenite are investigated by nano-indentation of individual austenite grains in multi-phase steels. The pop-ins are described as resulting from the geometrical softening due to the selection of favorable variants of alpha prime martensite and partial dislocation for epsilon martensite, respectively.
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but that it would take only in the air the the top of the group who and at the end of the world and if you think of the the the because so that speaker this interval Marshall University it said Professor human not hard and he's going to be talking to us about what behavior during nite of indentation OK
thank you Chairman it is my honor to
have a presentation in favor of peace they pianists walks up intimacy and thank you very much for the broker headed by Chinese and the cost of a pianist came OK got titles of presentation he's talking
the bidding indentation with fuel from mining Hunan honey and working for homeless women Is this what was a supportive idea the accordion government and oppose coal steel companies including so this
was corroborated with the white 1 of I think so Oakridge National Unity of Hope International U.S. and the juicy and clean
government research laboratory and Tollerson arresting and how money received and was called so when the a
becoming a property a small scale it was mad that would normally be used a indentation techniques by
using India European war as PM then so we can colonize the appropriate perdition and of the material for example of Chief special phase with special grain analyst
then so we can all take this kind of displacement called standpoint this would still like this in biting his lower the displacement called we can obtain 920 property of us pleasure fatal especially grain the
mechanical response and this is a kind of King of print of the material I think the and botanical plans of the material sold by the year precise
analysis of this kind of thing and all the displacement called we can have the various information
and during the mechanical and responsible material I think so you need not mean his analysis we must
consider the 2 specific and precise size and the other lines of probably picked up the at dislocation you creation or dislocations was activation and Intelligence
side-effect indicate that they are increasingly is now hiding state town with the decreasing of indentation that
there is no longer in the decisive factor is caused by idea Jumet ,comma necessary this location on the newsstand interfere as for the probably of the the
dislocation the fact that the new creation was dislocations was activation of another indentations on energy agencies soul he will be
the size of this more than a year Abbas
spacing of dislocations in this case .period there there's been a goal from underneath it that the volume on the newsstand entire contains increasing its location in this case
they're starting over plastic deformation is governed by the Disuq in new creation or not
dislocations was activation distribution multiplication but lodging and the case those normally the plastic information was governed by the at this location Sosa
activation where this location multiplication so In this presentation I talk on the pocket special behavior in
our indentation so this is a normal loading and unloading cars indeed in our indentation in some cases so very Southern
displacement displacing the scores Anelka's doing deny indentation This is a call
as popular so it is popping there is kind of dystopian process so this problem and elected to the Duma to go suffering 1 watches so few the material so I'd like token that so as you know strain is my
artistic transformation this is on the kitchen with US open process so in this case Robert should the Commission occur and the National auto ultimate message that Newman took this can cause the German Castle and there's so each emergency transformation in this case messy part of this work is a movement across this is on a India joined the Council and those of higher talk on that the yield encountered stiff this season of 1 of these rises Dumitrescu open process so I'd like to companies my intention parking the relationship between them between them between the government and parliament the you up in the prescriptive attends test look at the most
popular case it would not copying is insufficient processed so as you can see the Indian documentation the
the plastic deformation procedures all the Post took new creation and the disagrees and so's exploration and this multiplication so the rolled for this revision new creation is normally larger than the dislocations was activation and dislocation multiplication soul so have told The Wall
Street so after the name plastic deformation then a kind of the tumor to cancel freed until then this can cause a bit
of a magnificent problems like this OK so in his
presentation and I talk on the other possible sources and is having still as I mentioned the
ball so I will do we do we can kind of much transformation and the chemical industry John Martin's I transformation and the last 1 so I will talk on the relationship between the EU drop and not interest properties there In the 1st
half hour token that so long Cheney's speech Vermont strangers I thought
I might suspect transformation we used this kind of material Hi Mangan Steven Hyman is content that
after the appropriate he treatment at the hands of it can obtain this kind of the Microsoft
then we carry out the the communism methods EDS
the Technion in Ireland that indentation attacking them so we can carry out now indentation on each it was the right that we should obtain this
kind of the loaded displacement ,comma like this because saving part
year of here the other part he had that the the origin of this kind of party so landline carried Hutton lasting solution then the
from the true world ,comma stand initial public is caused by the domestic plastic traditions so Claire from her disillusioned and so we can obtain the maximum shows just on the news the inventor this value words countered by denying Posco this business correspond to the show modest sold by this is a medical unit precedents for the soccer new creation and also under the consideration of human bone indentations probably effect and so normally on especially me in the sense of this locations it is a 10 micrometres but in this case in that event is just 1 point to my commute the party instead yeah and that these number and the size of moon striker just 1 month from it so from those
they garden so we can conclude that the the 1st part event is likely induced by the the sukuk new creation but how about the 2nd part of the public so I think that this is a matter I faced soul these pool parties may be related to the emergency transformation OK so although I checked that so that is initially was facing concede that you can
see the aftermath indentation very clear the demand here then fighting before was signed and then we'll be prepared this kind of the team specimen then read who during the year Microsoft right after that so underneath the
inventor and so usually high mountains and unchanged and also marriage of India ,comma side facing major so you tool faces Out in the cave so it wouldn't insulation extend is up from insight
was transformed to gunwales tonight Phase I think this so I can form that the Americans think phase after the transformation in Nigeria's so I know the said hard to face most so this is not a sorting process hiring process all on the point of view of just a mechanical property data look a lot so this is bane
defamation the security died and you can see the band information has 1 Compass abilities into 10 senators approach to the compressed Bettis there's needing didn't like this
so you feel processes flowed to the G like this to select an this that Internet there is then a lively home on defamation value it largely a cumbersome strain and was was developed in the material this can close the Zuma consulting is a very simple simple extension OK so I think the US president's selection can call Dejammet vendors can cause of my mind and his unpopular From this very well
assumes and then so we can easily calculate that the top investor by the end markets the formation from the
team might researchers then so can obtain 25 on top and this is a very very close to the train and become abiding madam but this is a
bit of calculation so and you know all the normal transformation case we must consider the candidacy shared information as
well as the band information so we must acknowledge that the 20 24 case variant work more and they were very intense and like that so 2 foot evaluate the
exact and precise simple numbers in part invest master considers this kind of the air the Commission has put a defamation plans are considered consist of debate information contained in this Europe defamation tensile
on DCC Christopher coding system after that tho we can and calculate the transformation spent 10 times like this on single raid and so we need
appropriate to your bed and selection models for the considering considering the interaction energy In between the appliances and the transformation strain then so we
can and the Unocal board the mathematical approach than can happened at precise OK the other show you
did your mother and interesting and they come as other interesting things popping at that time this is another what I bring the same material after denial indentation we can obtain the Morty popping even so on
efforts I have liked to have known that the Microsoft a change you have to deny indentation so were so by using the focus I mean team captain Daniel
Europe's kind of the Microsoft and also In shares so by using the automatic admitting taking a staff then you can obtain them the phrase maps and the wind mentioned like this this is not indentation the
point is here you can see the remaining was my face and also you can see the various matters parent with different so I'd like to take the origin of this kind of the month is steady and then so you carried
out because fast if the enforcing then it will attain the a stressed state on the newsstand and the better complex stress field and so by using the
of the event and we can that at the time India a favorable balance selection then after that so we found that the dust 4 variant matches to appear the the but interesting is that the Opel on what is initiated this position is just on the newsstand and I think the 1st thing that person transformation across the this this 1 this is property in matches to the calculation looking at but this democracies all Boca's person and that these might incite is harder based on then these might insight that has a quite low having dental so the maker of changes that fear of missiles and OK so this can make up that accomplishment is the parent and the of from the calculation I think so these very different massacre variant can make up what public and impatience OK
let's move on to the Olsen IT dramatic says transformation I use this kind of material require nitrogen the dollar 2nd quarter and the value of eye use about 15 Indonesian pop me to scare us for this deal this that import energy use as it is known that deal under John
Martinson formation of course at the initial stage of defamation so Nigel Martyn side is made by the stacking full on
1 plane and every 2 ladies so summary remarked inside has itself according to sticking so after the game if Simitis
formation there's no macroscopic explained about strangers feature might incite hasn't won a process that can then this can cause the land issue of information so I
think the slot issued information can all awkward can make up joint soaking Soltys can make calls this more popular during the 1988 nightlife check this OK it filled the air intentionally carrier has had testified
this time after just 5 per cent attended affirmation that so we obtained as in winter citizenship if Martin site formation and the September Senator Martin is technically temperate and Casey were so we can observation mountains up
44 cents defamation then so be it reserved upper from that insight and the real interest in the 2 ships OK this is the typical example of the nobody's president called after denying invasion of this so
you can see the very small apartment occurs at the initial stage of the Commission's highlights chapter that the made this a parking is related to Eichel Martin's formation 1 so fighting to
focus I mean and water tea and then so we like to check deal was not this kind of the public that so just on the
newsstand dental we'll Georgia I'm from typing so after they marry indentation
not just on the news indentation parties but
was undertaken by the large information so I think the article by motorcycle so the lesion slice the outside of the body defamation Jones was found then so be will paint a very small vendors structures and by using the liberation the she
and then so we to the original and site formation sold over 12 stepped in for 10 so far from the analysis
of the and and they ever tell variants of the bed and selection of the 12 apostles and also we can calculate the unique at this place in for the City of London and stepping forward to them
so we were paying off .period all economic to staff of the deformation along the shit the agreement debt and then so
can and conceded that the whole bird 12 show much insight and this can make up to 1 3 not only time and attention problems this is a very reasonable the company into the experimental data so I think these estates of the public might be related to the detriment and site formation I think OK N so this is the last part of the presentation so
far in the normal PCC's feels so fall from the level in an indentation the opening quite large public captain in an indentation so I'd like to but check the other relationship between the envisioned popping behavior and shopping in the rubble of material no date
you drop is out 1 of the as German to cancel the event breaking
Quattrone's OK so be it it used to this kind of thing that still containing :colon nitrogen and we carry out another understated like this over 100 and an indentation they then the of
indentation we a carrier depends I tested like this we can see the August European said that step to 6 persons training when we don't even have to on not just
right after knowing that you'd drop disappears cake box after 30 hours marinating them so you drop the covers Mississippi the fundamental essays effect but I thought I to check the the popping varieties light of the you drop another spin animosities in the case of an indentation I like checked "quotation mark OK but we carry
out of restrained and not an invention of the priest and material and sending material at room temperature as you can see right after the restrained you see this eponymous appeared after very orator after 3 weeks later so having this year period and what we can to muddy puddles .period then it's probably
part in English and Spanish and time Monday's Dublin Ireland and is imparting sped across to deal man and that was scaled the but had been given what we know
few removed from 1 of the renewed questions for you see what about
reckless and that the new kid Austin and you see the public so we always thought that it could be because of what this litigation activity and consummation how
would you differentiate this do you good to this event Alice's confirmed that hold so you know what I can honestly phenomenon also transmission begins yet so you know that the normal the plastic deformation politicial Concannon and so environment is in case the first one he disappeared creation and next to this Wilkerson multiplication wonders source activation indiscriminately vacation in this tool tool those threats were told the mold for this dislocation modification were distress was that region is much smaller than new creation so 1st part of initiation of the of plastic deformation is later today and to stalkers and popping but the 2nd part of the thought of having plastic definition offers so that means other than that there's so many dislocations on the news so I don't mean much to think on the different to different parties it is the right
I thank you for this interesting presentation on did you try to correlate the values of the force displacement 1st
the pop scene on the actual energies of the events of you mentioned like inflation license on my because this could be very useful input for herself system well yet still actually so that in my evidence so I think I did of the development of the Kasey getting call themselves but the starting point is the motivation of this name individual the old intrinsic property of these chemical properties hard so we must consider the very complex complexes mechanical behavior but I mean that the Indonesian side so that means that you might ,comma necessary dislocation and the soda pop and behaviors very complex at this moment so I want to obtained that the appropriate the input data for sheep European but it is always it's not easy it to be believed that this kind of thing that you from we can this official question from about
200 times since the area of forced displacement Coke can be
considered as will all energy do you think it will be possible to "quotation mark debate if we beat them in the different types of transformation and the effect we his so since the area of forced displacement gathered because of me can be considered as the ball more energy but do you think that it would be possible to 183 did mean that different cut off consummated energy of on the home other members exactly the the
transformation and so anyway for the variance selection then so we must to consider the mechanical interest energy and love between
India and the oppressed us and say that with this strange that the transformation strange so I think the afforded principal variant that outside India it is stated that the same a chemical chemical free energy from also I too much insight so honeymoon but Senate so we're supposed to have a university endowment and so I think had yet the question about the
studies so the US about the use the anymore because studies Asian during the and then the
higher you go to all you categories heritage and so the procession nor is it is a kind of the commodities process except all of this dynamic association but subdued environment isn't I tend not to induce the dynamic advisers so it's not easy to obtain I think that until I think thank you and
I wanted to get out the relationship between discontinuous yielding intention and and the pop
and it compression here and so how good is so we have still is that you have continuous yielding and discontinues yielding a man and continues yielding with variations in the amount in a macroscopic tension tests of how how good is the correspondents the screen what you would measure in indentation to what you would predict intention when you look at that spectrum of yield 21 editions V-J Day a very small specimen of a macroscopic material and predicts and understand it is you want to to show the kitchen so I like to do that so I tried it but the narrow indentation is assessed to just 1 point data about the depends just on macroscopic data so it's not easy to cold-call correlate this between the tool to mechanical properties such only in thing is the lower the relationship between them is valid but the quantity believed in In the matches this is not to that I think it is more than 2 1 question I think that I have is that this man pressure because of that we
always try to use them because economists and 2 related that your students and vocal also passed through them Nato intended we also try to get something and fall at
the minute practical peacemaking in variety we also I tried to get such information in order to move to by other people mission behavior so that by case you have any from subject companies that many middle pop Kopitar infrastructure so so maybe we can relate the and they go and they don't get her fatherless they'd have to the EU stress some do you have any idea to go out to the Cumbre to add to the assessment message so make this case and that means that the calculation you up but at this moment the mold but so so no money in others the high-priced deals there had been adult can't contains a better structure the various pages still fighting in our indentation that we can't mentally the intrinsic property we each phase and we can compare the 2 properties so it is reasonable I think but macroscopic and microscopic valued at between the microscope therein Annabelle used quite a big difference at this moment so we can compare the 2 page was replaced this is a mechanical properties
because the descent of the day