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Steel composites for energy generation systems


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but you don't have to the director of the and you have it in you if you think of the the In you have the power of Belmont as from the spice National Center for a metallurgical research I'm speaking only intriguingly leave a topic of steel compensates for energy I think
this problem but we will go in the program so
thank you very much for the introduction of the work on almost 2 % on experimental results were willing to it like a structural currently stationed in an area of some a lawyer incoming Aluminium tightening still and which is reinforced with particles of these workers will 1st of all I would like
to and knowledge and my co-workers from the National Center for middle-income Yukon research
in Spain also environmental and energy research in the center and the National Center for my electron microscope beyond their
potential so that's move although it the bomber on us Professor rather point of this morning and the sound and the
reduction in C O 2 emissions from and increasing the quantity of electricity then we need to produce the other 2 subjects which is spent the driving force for development of new cogeneration systems but even in this new board aeration systems in England to gaining efficiency we need to push forward the temperature of the skin temperature and the pressure so that means we need always to improve their high temperature properties of the heat-resistant alloys or develop a new 1 I am focusing here on my own race
following so there are several ways to increase the and great system of those knowledge and
just because some and 3 of them in 1 method with be that
combines the the combination of the composition adjustments
and with a couple dozen when I'm examined their thermal mechanical control poses optimization and to introduce new Microsoft Jordan's 2nd method is to strengthen the distilled by dispersion of ceramic particles "quotation mark particles which is done this line to them for reading all the
years of specialist and it which is 1 of those I am going to pursue and despair that down Is everybody knows advantage of all the of high temperatures but it and decided am going to prison how is it in ways the reason why these alloys have such bought properties low temperatures and
the 3rd method will go insisting that compositional techniques and to induce the formation of the national blustery manner faced line it could lead to the formation of the new develop or an affair man of
future lawyers therefore which country it provides an application especially in the nuclear hands forward plants so
more focusing on that type of following I'm going to prison here this time it's the seller has
varied from Item properties when you
are in dealing with high corrosion resistant blasts the creep pre-prepared resistant to high temperatures it's 1 of those applications that is the celebrities use force could be in the development of that a Federated writing system nuclear reactors and for those which are not familiar with this type of a prototype this I would just as soon as you say a few words about to putting down
so critical full is surrounded by young and equipped in or out New :colon inspiration and material which is itself leading business center to liquid and at around 500 deg C
so but there to work with the new parents and we have to put the pumping in some neutral or proton and through a proton beam
and go to that inspiration and reactive material so the hot topic of them the hot issue is which so we built this the window inside the nuclear reactor which material when you have to use to make it to build these windows so then this all the salaries were the 1st option because of the experience the the high temperature properties however said the experiment you also have to work OK at temperatures from 500 degrees C and this and a temperature of everybody knows that there is some problems with that environment due to the formation of a crime in the
face of a price which is affecting the properties so this is mainly characterization I'm going to percentage of those properties several topics that I will summarize here how the de-mining the activation energy of this this process .period and also with us and for the 1st time I so nanophase formation of the we called the deployment in that we
detected during the day and that during a meeting of those allowance and the effect of elastic stress on how this manifest that invitation the professors is going so very briefly is the composition of
Deloitte and this is the position to sample classical mechanical imposes followed by controlling rolling at God willing it's still
sold Michael structure we
obtained after this processing is presented here so we saw strongly Texas Michael and Micah structure with a long-awaited grains are them rolling direction with itself fairly
homogeneous distribution of particles inside it is highly dislocated and with a lot of the longer longer
license but when we are closing to them and title of
oxides we find out in after the Cold War both as we see that there is a different type of outside that we introduced in the mechanical elements so we detect International Union garments instead of that into oxide the we of this fall and
reinforcements so that's indicated that in some part
of the processing of the processing of the materials that oxides become the sole and then perspective for another type of the all so and
this is important I would like to highlight that because maybe
is opened the window for the development of the fail it's because there are some kind of control in the type of halted Yukon form so it
is not necessary to introduce the outside of the US a cities but you can control the compositional and to promote the formation of the oxygen the processing and when we monetize
how I was going to harness
it well 1st of all had to admit that we tested was between the 500 deg C 400 increasing so I put here with some very big and adults In which are added to the treatment most of results I'm going to but they're just to say that these are inside admissibility got but outside as we although the competition region in Indiana
system when in doubt as I was
saying so would we monetize how the harmony evolution during the heat treatment way so I suspected
that the steadiest increase 475 degrees
C but there is suddenly on increasing ,comma so it for 435 which leads us to think about that there will be a new or
secondary but importation and the tools and going to users that
and other growth demography and basically the 2 of them and told spell from Madeleine which is the common cold at amounts which is presented here when it's not on the reconstruction of the sample it will correspond to an item here is present in the coming out of soda .period Arias and it will be that of a primer and that the matters of the soul Slicer
concentrations face more particularly if you don't mind resource I'm going to percentage 30 per cent ,comma nicer concentrations for face which indicates in the future
here that is In the surface and you have 30 cent concentration in coming but the increasing the content of along that are going inside those particles because of Monday's newspaper who in the end it with about a fight that sent by tiny mice concentrations were afraid that we have by tightening
rates particle very close related with the Alpha prime
going so that on maps
and so because there is no escape Nunavut from here to here is 29 interview can appreciate how it's call finding is that the spirit of employment growth which is
costing as long as you are increasing the time but also a new
kind of seeing how is the partition of the elements :colon united by tightening India's processing and you have here Armenian and Daniel plotted related and you can see here which is that the top I'm a face and I
presented previously and in how these leader
primaries deflecting coming out by Maryland has gone from primary deflecting Aluminium on it in and time which is concede but if we want to
be sure more precisely which
is the concentration of those particles so we can go through the proximity to his terminally thing which is set a statistical tool analyzing from the other end up improve rituals and then you take all the particles as an and then you analyze accompanied the composition evolution with
time for all the practical you have hinted at and I Isa concentrations referred representation and find
just news highlight here that
is it gunmen increase it when you are increasing the time and that and the other for primer particle but there is also the place and another union on the
Titanic From that saw concentration on the surface evolution with fine I
guess to highlight how is becoming more refining it when you want to question the temperature soared high temperature half isolated particles relatively coarse particles but when you are decreasing temperature those particles have become final
and also are becoming more percolated so that means that the Micro structural kinetics of the but invitation
is going to change and you can see it here From the valuation of the common an amplitude with an annealing time so you can see that the fastest connecting with communities of 475 a disintegration that in making it takes for you when you increasing that at the time but if we want to go to
exactly that coarsening great we need to go through that meaning values of the particles so then we use dealt correlation function
analysis and if we that results for the difference in 2 and temperature which sees that he sat following the tend to the one-third of which is the traditional Ellis W.
theory for questioning but Baghdad and activation energy we need to go to another tank so that we go to the
electrical power mature which is basically based on the Civic affairs when he plays out on the
town example here between 2 rows with which I take to arriving and that will be appear the all difference of this magnitude as we called me and this is sensitive to that that the things that are currently anomaly so we will not this
the but would love this TAP Resources calling without the type of waste when we have found our arranged by the temperature dependence on here and we brought in this the Jerusalem we obtain a different tentatively came up with an activation energy which is pretty close to the sole devotion
of chromium in Ireland which is basically saying that the both Dick subdivision of the
haven't in them the final phase of and roughly before so going through the protein in the history of analysis we see is that this will be the primary form where there and tightening continents is present in the foot initiation of the of the of the process is not tightening and
concentration in the Midas truck
so they're going through that and
got their composition profile from the I'm afraid that this weekend we could came out with him in question for them at the Committee of those particles so
is basically actor too on Armenian take time with tightening
is served with a summons and had come into my constructive we are going to see the idea at the
end of the the week observed
that a hike of Tennessee with the Maddox of those particles and we have have that written in this in Nicaragua have served on the 1 1 0 plays from that mattresses concedes with a 2 0 playing from the end of hot air would become final article on from there to the inmates from
that in the end feature we cannot withstand the crystal structure of which Princess which killed 3 in instructor with the
lattice parameter of 0 . 58 so this is
consistent with the 1st there is With the the concentration with effect on them in the dark ,comma particles with this
week and among which is the sum of structural plaster composition and
finally does going through
the hallways that Elastica stress affecting this process of half a primer precipitation on the deployment
precipitation we can observe that there in the snow
any chance that we can detect and when that meeting process takes on the elastic stress of not under the UN flag flying 1 of 4 Pacific Basin as weak as we can observe it here but when we are going to be the crime that is a significant effect of that elastic stress when you are proceeding with
annealing under the last against this the world I forgot to say that the tests were performed on all points in between 0 . 5 0 . 8 this year history of the material and the
temperature however we also the dead ,comma score sending
those particles which is in the values of those particles have in becoming major when you are proceeding with milling on the elastic stress but there is no change on that and held no significant change on the number density of those particles similar material so it could be seen in explained in
terms of how that elastic asterisk environment the
diffusion of tightening the material and this is especially important when you observed the grave on yields of data that you have your material after the heat treatment under last against us said you can see that significant and In in Richmond and tiny
wandering ponderous on this continent concentration will
lead to the formation of precipitates on on-the-ground bodily which is never good in
terms of property but to be sure what's what what we have from the
grain boundaries we will go to that this STM analysis and we will analyze the high and low grain boundary and also along bundling in these type of matches so when we on go
to that maps that we obtained with the DAX in this
very high and bundling without fear of again tightening segregation on the higher end of the but also coming in and
segregation so that if there is some correlation between the union and the signing of the UN interim storage area for
that type of photos we
happen to these and other ones which are more pure history than that and that many in the
original meaning got mad
regarding that there was no longer longer however that we cannot despite the heavy
segregation with the Texans certification and
also some segregation income so this probably argue too that so this concentration and time will be interestingly terms how evolving .period and Mike restricted during directors delectation and moving those longer
ramblings and high temperature and heat treatment and we followed these resources will need to to the conclusions so just decided
that it was basically a week for the 1st time we didn't mind existence in this type of followers of up kind of intermetallic so the prime fate and in the air
analyzed with hadn't protocol that will fulfill them in the face of irrational primary but also with the opinion well in the person of
structure of the heat of mine fields and you are a must for you attention he very because that was the same way he hearing on most things are expected of quiet but yesterday have will question so I think I use this many popular books said and other half it nonetheless recently put it there was picture book said all it is we are talking about the high temperature size have been more effective than that but a primer for controlling great but the
problem is how remained at a low temperature running temperature ranging between 500 and 700 deg C there when the bitter primary their faces a stable and how it's affecting the properties we are in going through toughness that analysis and also from the low temperature on those samples and then missiles a but indents of their grip it and rip assistance but also indefinitely Sunday we observed in the fracture analysis the presence of those primer particles the In this year
all the Net yes we need them still
the yesterday was assigned especially this 1 with a lenient because you want to combine corrosion-resistant Lasky a greater strength and because of the obligation during can the problem is this is still was assigned for all that type of publications where is always
working at high temperatures when their toughness and that some of the properties has not been a big issue there but when
you are working on low temperatures because the system also have to be good at low temperature of all of this promise that came along so it is that the type of reward him ,comma and thank you
for your essence properties that it probably is not an imperative that we have study as being on the nondestructive fall and I just wonder weighted the have called the euro result from TN EU
example use shows quite clear we can see this in although structure in all temperature you can have a small you can have a small as small pot then it happened shortly you can have not had an answer that because I use yet is quite easy to attack the suction that have the Kansas wanted halfway there it you can you have studies Institute is unsatisfactory in Khiam before
and down in the room there which is world this 1 interviewer referring instead of the
deployment phase I mean this is not intermetallic particles so it's not that
of a primer which is coming from that has been ordered out the composition we couldn't get a teenage it we are still enough to get you made on them for primary PM but with this article even if
that is very fine particle Union talking about 3 or 4 nanometers in the amateurs so maybe you go undetected in the distance a
better primer structure In fact I would like to his study outline our product yet and it's quite easy to 2 of the subject because it's 1 reason I'm prepared and rich and that the other ones from reach new hands and will that the people who I know people in operates where they used to word use them to work with him in this type of a structure that would use and I don't like low-energy Indiana analysis so 2 maybe you can edit that it's a type of particle half because of that you are basically mapping the iron content you have so when you decrease item the continent in your June not so then maybe will correspond to the office .period particle and then you can focus then and we don't 100 solutions that staff but we didn't that was so we can see if these OK structure in the past in order structure opened heavy with their ease us after the before new novelty yeah only set
interim effluent presentation so you said from the beginning but the level of motivation use our they increased temperature and steam pressure he
can you clarify what are the target precious each of interest having in Boris Giller Basel the Dow when
we start to work with these materials with Harry and 10 years ago time than the pageant was around 15 knots 1200 degrees C. so
where lost in this case will make
their on last Lloyd he was looking at segregation under elastic stress yes do you have a relationship between
elastic stress and the degree of segregation 1 of these elements no
no 1 will you have at the suggestion as it were a lot of
stress might be royalties these government the equilibrium on all equilibrium segregation
when I was a dismal includes hundreds of friends and I don't have the proper relationship between that but it's a the good thing that we have surprised not all the elements that's equally sensitive for those segregation is especially
dining is more sensitive to segregate them in the wandering around the elements the elastic strips please your
old looking nervous assistant multistory moved the soldiers and you've got
sort competition you might scattering the behavior from the unstressed stressed that you ought to be in balance the government get 1st stop yeah thank you I think
you Ellis said that pronounced but just to refer to Abbas government and also Eagle comment the said fighters have another function and then they there want a fusion reactor program looking he explained that other functions with all the others all well that India has a right for them the funds and that with the bubbles is how they are tracking down and pulled out of condition element here is what the nuclear reaction functions are talking elements like hydrogen or for the that kinds tightly helium and a
study like they are reducing down damage for introducing the material yes but this says there is strong competition with the NFA yellow it's actually benefit that problems in the manufacturing on the back properties of toughness with it in all the years following it doesn't appear in there in fail Internet that there and none of feature alloys which are basically the same as the composition of the audience but you are not introducing their oxides by itself so they said they have a very good properties in dental low-temperature I toughness and strength good properties because the stability of their it's among notes each in tightening oxides at high temperatures I mean by high-temperature for between 800 and 900 degrees C in terms of the radiation so those alloys are more pain but my seeing that the original but of course all the background we have with Tobias the city or the grace of chromium might you referred on all although on the rates saying that a
couple questions from the Internet .period missions problem 80 steel research do you have the feel
of fall any difference in bed that the the effect for all health of crime was beat up .period this invincibility the that the utility knows all this pent-up that collecting ending the days Menendez we we didn't test with and testing indeed what they president
write well and let's the what I saying thank you to all of the speakers here presented this way and the audience relief at the tensions gone from in manufacturing scale on about scale lay down to the quantum-mechanical hiding in this area covered the all this chasm between his wonderfully adventurous and I personally particularly excited discovered I can build large-scale manufacturing plant is incompatible off eBay I have battling spices Dalat endearing at rival projects that now about alleged handout will see an outstanding in the afternoon
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Title Steel composites for energy generation systems
Alternative Title Steel composites for energy applications: APMS conference
Title of Series Adventures in the Physical Metallurgy of Steels 2013
Number of Parts 31
Author Capdevila Montes, Carlos
Chao, J.
Serrano, M.
Pimentel, G.
Urones-Garrote, E.
Parish, C.M.
Miller, M.K.
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DOI 10.5446/18608
Publisher University of Cambridge
Release Date 2013
Language English
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Subject Area Engineering
Abstract A lecture given by Carlos Capdevila Montes, at the Adventures in the Physical Metallurgy of Steels (APMS) conference held in Cambridge University. About oxide dispersion strengthened, mechanically alloyed steel. In order to meet future energy demands, new materials will be required to withstand extreme environments. Ferritic FeCr(Al) oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) steels are an example of engineered steel composite that have excellent potential for use in next-generation high-temperature applications where superior creep strength and oxidation resistance is paramount. Originally designed as heat resistant steels for conventional fossil-fuel power plants, the high-Cr ODS steels are a successful example of development to overcome the issues to meet material requirements for next generation nuclear systems. In order to maintain mechanical properties under harsh conditions, i.e., combination of cyclic thermal loads, exposure to highly corrosive environments, and a hard and intense mixed proton/neutron fields, to the end of life of a component in a nuclear reactor, a highly stable microstructure is essential. Nanostructured ferritic FeCr(Al) ODS steels are ideal candidates for those applications, because these alloys usually contain a high density of Y/Al-rich and Ti/Al- rich nanoparticles, high dislocation densities and fine grains. As it is reported here, the presence of nanoscale, uniformly dispersed oxide particles act as pinning points to inhibit dislocation movement, retard recovery and recrystallization processes.

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