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Secondary-hardened bainite
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Secondary hardened bainite: APMS conference
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A lecture given by Jer Ren Yang, at the Adventures in the Physical Metallurgy of Steels (APMS) conference held in Cambridge University. The metallurgy of a new, microalloyed bainitic steel that is capable of secondary hardening, accompanied by a simultaneous increase in strength and ductility is introduced. Ideally, a low carbon bainitic microstructure offers an excellent combination of good toughness, strength and weldability. The typical microstructure of low-carbon bainitic steels is composed of a fine substructured bainitic ferrite matrix with certain amounts of uniformly distributed carbon-rich second phases. These second phases, located among the sheaves of bainitc ferrite, consist basically of martensite/austenite (M/A) constituents. As a result of the low-angle character of boundaries of bainitic ferrite sub-unit within the sheaf structure, little or no evidence of ferrite boundaries could be detected by an optical microscope. It is worth further improving appreciation of the transformation and to evaluate the effect of substructure characteristics on the properties. The main purpose of this work was to investigate the effect of Mo addition on the development of microstructure in the hot-rolled low-carbon Nb-containing bainitic steels. The steel strips were fabricated by the combined processes of controlled-rolling and accelerated-cooling. Microstructural characterisation and mechanical testing for the corresponding strips have been investigated. The results show that the Mo addition has the advantage of producing a high volume fraction of bainite, which possesses a significant secondary hardening after tempering treatment. It is suggested that the secondary hardening effect provides an additional way to increase the strength of Nb-Mo-containing bainitic steels.
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don't to go at the moment the L the production directed to you to prove the the good thing you go out there and play in the right way to go to at the end start of the next over gave by prevented Jr Yang he said the leader the most did surge in
Taiwan as a whole I and really does an enormous amount of work on steel boat to the CBI members and that has created over there and in the whole of the
Department of Matteo Ricci led for many many years so yet a put ladies and gentlemen missile I would like to send a their good year of the wall are such wonderful organization so that I can give you here and Harry idea made this
topic and I fear is that this 1 because this good To understand may raise spatial phenomena In that last
Saturday the hardening of company had
in mind set of steel containing my song are common enemy many did not mean that morning and yet but I would like to the to you emphasized secondly hardening also had no company Fininvest a so the next book at How to but there's no companies through
careful chemical Ali addition and 0 so we need kind toward a roaring and 0 so
ascended according we can't get Hi convicted of Mike is the ignore company an ideal the bulk of band steel Hawaii fight companies the price trends an
good for Adam beneath such we
expected this clear is quite useful what but the lobby of complications and it's
my subject because we have our coverage reassessing the M & Company and CBM income be always push us to do the research remaking of ways that steel it's still not out of the occasion for money and here
I would like to show you the typical of Michael's Archer all no common bed steel From our research results In
fact people always a
always said he said granular and then when we checked Harris spoke we know Harry has has written and beautiful but review European and from
that I knew that there is a paper published in 1950 by a fabric Is there a lesson and he said that the close they're
pretty look like menu but I would like to raise a question here can
this ,comma this up come in logic when European mass signified that is that torture
can't anybody as a getting money a plus when the to to carry fight but the chemical structure so I would that incident such
we should consider the terminology of granular it's
not but in the stock I would keep this common origin because this quick coming at the communique with the people so here we can see the
substandard Bennett affair media and the figure about 400 minimal me so he so fans and also the summer and it was that same patient so the cost Frederick praise In fact
is couples the way I had something in it because the sun and it was that simple inpatient
and we couldn't distinguish the the details and the by research we would like to develop the milk of and then next year and the has prepared
to use the movement's support and what would he say CIA we have the same come holes based on holes and when I show you that this competition is there .period your wife
:colon and that is what . 7 and now being built on at this base chemical complications for what the 1 that now we call Wiedemann out the because if we do not want any was steel tool we don't want morning and we label the year now the Morrissey for the year we have little warning With herself on and we don't know you see a lot the 3 more morning some of the the museum
for us and cast into a single and after culmination and the receipt for 2 hours this year the income
word of God and my hands will roll the only right about 20 per cent capacity and the prosodic captured on Mac and greasy and here we can back
off while it straight so the reduction rates quite high so we can imagine that when you find also you and after British this were
cheating by somebody would 2 650 degrees the all 5 degrees all of the procedures for having fall they might
transformation so it here we
can have 7 Stuart Little manager I would emphasize here because we look at map of event about being 6 and that's get from the isolated from city it was the end of the morning succinctly also we have now been by I the morning the now being although he was not in mourning for his father and mother of 3 or 4 years before we have 7
straight instead were with did at 600 deg C for different types of Rome they don't want to pay our to investigate waiter in
the 2nd half of the head I think the maker of graffiti they can't screened we need them because we
would like to call relating to the problem yeah I would like to
show you that people start you off the so-called ability and we can see this is a matter of fact was costly it is quite easy to distinguish from and the generated and
that is about to enter subdued is when mainland and the spread of
infectious medical distinguish between the greater than I in a lot of money so we
tried Our area anyway to distinguish 1st we consider weakness could distinguish a 2nd we try eat EDS said had would be difficult and this is only last
year this this year for not being involved the history we have 25 what percentage of automated farm and successfully with Microsoft models that all was not faces as discussed at the general per and indeed the bravery reported to have these countries that they have been to understand and I cannot be here I would like to assure you
that that pull people understand what is
happening for the user to distinguished variety and then here is that people to show you the disorientation man-to-man defenders supplemented in Grenoble it's a supplement
8 as we can get in which met here and this is suffering you can get a good you can and yet Jerome Supple have we can even get me started pitching angle but
fascinating we tried to describe and this orientation
by insisting on so format
suffering a weekend and you yuan he said from the subdirectory we can European got here but in fact we have revised the priest so we can get this was a relative to the letters Chris for information the latest and also we can get separately relative to rich so we can have these tools basic for intention relationship and that we can get the Secretary of sovereignty location metrics so yes I would like to show you the
Commerce have always children this and why because we have 24 basis and will pick and the coverage of always choose so
think we use the somewhere we must however some social engineering has step for us because we should understand that Christopher critical of the media and he backed by
Uganda the minimum involved is
quite easy to use but we should understand peaceful yeah I would like to show you too example what they're
not weekend at the beach this
orientation angle From and we have told this going and this is the end of 460 degrees C maybe somebody will understand why In all 160 degrees so and for what will likely Casey
disorientation always hiding so rather passing here is very easy to distinguish them on their region so as of these
concepts and technique we conductivity estimated the day before the strict liability for
future united in mourning for the joked yeah we consider it they don't want 1 morning we can have a higher
180 will be sold but when they are not from 6 to 3 With presented what have increased to 60 6 persons and the whereas the
critics wrong by what too "quotation mark the process so that the model edition of
event questioning only on weekend it lobbying by the staff and much morning what but it is not what was on see there are many of them encouraged to
61 62 granular he now being planned this year
compared to 87 what was the French and here is what was in so as for
the defunct company to be so it's very important that we started the market quality we always which get cover that quantitative they have in order to understand what's that what's the McCain became so that we can cancel the Michael structure in the middle of the family policy
yes I would like to show you just
as come forward and I'll be employed by the history and for on nite in what he called strike the because the structure various said you can
see the many of the 6 2 66 16 40 and make anyone might me and what percentage of course and 1
was universe so you can see the because
of racing and according to the studio we have invited the all political while we can see this month the contend and this could
show it's check up on him
because 80 87 . 1
indeed and as to the Maldives
45 they use their practical it's not great for me because there is still time 1025 ultimate and that's something that might be by the end item 1 of
the after centuries for different types of people this come on you know when you
think so the based no 2nd
involving can be detected problems have fired the for not morning my with Casey after 1 hour the
problem is the result of quickly and
there's a very strong case occurred on up to 10 of the 12 10 he is also we show
how the body of the certifying
content when and 66 per cent and the 63 per cent and we have we can detect the
2nd problem after 1 of country's 600 people see and
that's looked at the school just
across the band this shows now the 65 without and the scope and now the
63 reorganized and
after attending 1 hour we said the scope of the rest of the century
quickly so this question and the
2nd in the 2nd half occurred in Vanity Fair but the Microsoft
since Reagan soul I would like to show you the but then quickly source since the student who could and would consume vitamin B I would like to
show you from the BSE we can still the that case precedent all the morning 1 because they are not bringing also we sadly that the
stock as walked by the people of the
mighty morning both in and out of cities both van after attending 1 our and an 8 hour we can see that security button changed soul is missing the
structure is such a property that discipline such a property is quite stable for and also we used highly sought in year 2 of
the the problem and we can see the call I always love for take on the location and it's very very and because I always
wished that NEC structure and this is they are not orientation relationship there was a lot more matrimony we can see the
NC Clark and and Newton orientation relationship
and we show that nothing in it
because of the commentary by and we will Michael observed now ,comma
Tennessee and we try to use to this but would not be of the density
and in fact the cards very kind and from the I here and we have made oversight of and that the number of culinary we made up about 300 Park and we can see that qualifies
as the case may be small or by the end of the morning for all the wrong
just the idiocy no we also but when was chemistry for complex in here is that the and can be axed 600 BC for
8 hours and hours and morning commute ratio is about 1 . 8 4 the samples and for not obviously more the quality of and the accumulation of about 1 all 1 and finally
I would to to show you quickly and here
is quite significant weekend have the 2nd half of the show
and you back walking past we should consider the and consultants and also known nation sold after 1 hour period the policy but jazz sentences increase and also the delegation also the cell it's very good
to use these materials for the month application because he agreed at the weekend that chose the probe public process and and after a full name and we did it just a portion of time and the strength in the Beijing also increased finally the use of the
competition in mind the power of the novel companies you and we
find them on the beaches as they should have had the advantage all of this I wouldn't recognize many of very much and he's good for 2nd
and another unit handling and having his name more than what not patient and his major me I see there that will culminate in 1 year and have 1 question take precedence
that I I think it would be among those days is that it has the structure and even the entering its extended you maintain the strength of the discipline and it is angry that the so the
idea would be that the 600 deg C happens during quietly yes there is that you have learned
in the constitutes policy so you ,comma bombing in there or in those immigrants to hold you to finish 2nd is but because that weekend we can
see but in the end I really think we can see the subcommittee as I show you and users upgrade and is completely Roman and faces so you don't have to ask you
very also goes in the months and this summer "quotation mark can read minds are always give you .period always getting what we can discuss later and when did you use for example my old and 1 of them and what the boat when you which is known for is very effective as for having for example in high-stakes deals and the 2nd the question is why did you use for example only 10 Brink at the temperature of the 600 departing expects increments the qualities of the desired effect we should give we should have had more information on him so hard to get water originally and I think that now in the morning pay an important goal was often because of their so this work we bad-mouthing enables the No . 0 reversing this reason we use by state of the because we would like to to increase the funding of and USX which is about what it is that because because of the time I could show my new novel landed and 550 and 650 justification for a 2nd we have a question from a baby food the kiosk in excrement procedure on you referred the case equity this that make including putting 5 new fixed-rate all
comments you assimilation 2 I saw so much as mentioned in the same 50 degrees C and called the suit "quotation mark major To the images we suppose day sorry there so we don't need to use fiscal and final stage is that we had and a question from the Sioux Jane you say something about love and I'll give
increased at the US and you follow going into the 9th U.S.
and help you set separated the full right and when you move in and that's what wanted because this
not the so this way call to get completely companies that are subject so we always have that we also have some very so this that we need
etc. "quotation mark also we need my heart condition so that from the Israeli border for us so we just have to be prepared you but that in the question is
saying how do you distinguish the varied from the thing I think you answered it in your presentation rages waiting just 5 meters
we can distinguish because of this there and also sought yesterday we had the years a summons you comment
on the fact that Nigerian and molybdenum and it's all in the same house there has been no that doesn't happen like that any do you know whether Clinton's unicellular ignited it's an only because we use to for example now then I will be in the
high-speed steals and the completes the call by its very strong reach their conditions for example boasts when you know
when we did the 1st was calculation of the the allied with molybdenum and the energetically this Lefevre for the moment ,comma it contained little that is the 1 that was not mentioned in the letter In the molybdenum at 1010 and lived in new we found that the summer edition of the Moly living in the text and cut by relaxed today strain energy interface
to between the director and that in some but it is not
clear .period at the same occasion controlled the more legal problems in their living unit to the nation and that I think you can see here is quite interesting of
the the couples in bacteria microscopy and that and that is announcement was because we need and things you because you that is that a problem which we wouldn't have been that competition was held by the Muslim however we always will we have seen some cool quotient was in no doubt that if you get both the the United and my my vision is that because we just over 1 hour and we can increase the stress and also with the so we suppose the knowledge that they will come to think for of her initiative we have
been involved the end of the year asked us almost 90 giving you have already been this bad before and during and how
effective these niobium that at this been 2nd regardless of the I think that's a very very good
players we need a break with that me 2 of his research in the region None because because of the time and again
that this specimen from the and we need theoretical work so we need there the despite the performances of tropical woodland in the U.S. as usual the
shortest of the 1st things some documents very difficult story on the shorter felt directors microsurgery effect the operative question about abuses that you'll use separate between surrendered and by next year and use invention profiles what well jitter tycoons told to use in opposite fashion profiles with Kevin is renovation of some but that of matching abuse dating as far as serves to draw customers that have different disposition best it probably would be better revealed that I'm going to to what they all different detectors staff all this unit is a version of this is you could use even a general met only image quality so we have some some experience with them OK I think that can qualities
that always also we wish conceded recently that the effect of however I think they are several major we can win season which runs the bases and in that we have to use them according to distinguish and maybe this is partly because of Knox and places where the steps and
variety basically we know I was something it's awesome he
will reconsider the image ,comma impact we still see the know of the whole of the best guys that causes the size of a quarter of of the surface of the state's "quotation mark
revision was to use the consideration of all the other is the site of the a unit of the year of the axiom that all of these criteria and I'm not going to various issues must be in of the summer of color so we can distinguish but at like to confirm that we also we've also measures would them in a number of Levine's Carbide's you're your presentation showed very clearly that you have secondary hardening its extended greens and I guess that's
probably the peak of the Of the
hardening my question is what about Carbide formations strengthening formation in the Benedict might the structure itself so it's obviously incomplete because you can begin increases
strength by a secondary the treaty but can you tell us anything about the extent of precipitation during or after the Benedick transformation itself in the primary cooling stage of that's that's
really it great rotation because we have come here .period might want work with samples this a
book also also we can use them because of his past so well ,comma there was because conceded I
think that you know directions because we have to go for lunch at the time of
coalition yeah yeah yeah was it's not just a matter of policy for the original 110 members of the gang and youth violence worked


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