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Adventures in the Physical Metallurgy of Steels 2013 - Introduction

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Adventures in the Physical Metallurgy of Steels 2013 - Introduction
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Introduction to Adventures: APMS conference
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The introductory remarks for the Adventures in the Physical Metallurgy of Steels (APMS) conference held in Cambridge University, by Harry Bhadeshia.
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you In do you know In you have you know but they have a very warm welcome all of you not in terms of temperature but from my heart I'm very very pleased that you will come from a long distance to be with us and
I also welcome all those people who are watching this event life through the Internet technologies so very warm welcome to everybody as you
can see from the map will here we've covered a large part of the world in an audience of just 100 yet so the blues indicates people
are physically here but also indicates that we have connections in all of the new countries for Australia
and some of the European countries we also have just Internet connections with each other Labour agreeing on there so we are going
to the visible to a very large community so I emphasize that again later on we are going to use the physical conference to disseminate the exciting materials that you
have to prevent but there is like dissemination through the Internet you can even pick this up on your mobile phones if necessary and after the
conference all of the lectures we'll go on our European general for ever and that includes there that includes the questions and answers so this would be like a proper conference where questions and answers are also recorded so it's very important for everybody to stay on time really cracking the whip if anybody doesn't follow that instructions so the talks asked 30 minutes long but 20 minutes available to talk and 10 minutes for your participation so those who are not lecturing is very important to actually participate In the conference by active discussions and you will not offend anybody by asking any reasonable questions yeah now I'm very pleased that the publication of the selected jokes will be in materials science and technology in the Journal and Mark Hall who is the managing editor very much yeah is
there in the audience if you have any questions about them back to that later on what I would like to
do it is change the map took over the entire world accessing what we discuss here today
and what I can I guarantee you again based on all along experience with that technologies Is that within 1 year 50
thousand people will have access to your information the brothers lectures
papers discussion videos etc. we will keep the at PMS website life we will not send you any e-mail you want to see how things are progressing you just log on to the Web site of the believing just passive dissemination they're not going to contact you to tell you all we reached 100 thousand now you would ever see the information on the agreements website
but can you imagine you know there's only 100 people here and we will actually disseminated within 1 year to
an audience of 50 thousand so we have a huge responsibility here not None of this would have been possible without certain special people so I'm going to go out to them sequentially but not in any particular order now we are not allowed to use the CVM and logo but I happened to be visiting see the amendment Brazil and that the picture of the vinifera so that's what the CBN and logos looks like game and on this
side we have the chief executive Taddeo and the chief technology officer Marcus absolutely
delightful characters neither of them had the last could make it but they had to cancel at the very last minute you just imagine the world's largest Nairobi in producing company in the world obviously there will have other demands on their time but we are very fortunate because we have professor the varied professor
Barbosa yeah to represent CBM here today of course he's also professors who is interested to be here it In spite of that not this picture
is very interesting I completed the picture there is a gap in the middle the so when I
visited Brazil for
another meeting Taddeo invited me to go 2 1 of the most famous places in the world for dinner which is the Copa Cabana restaurant in their hotel in Rio de Janiero I want you all the pictures but you know and I'm sure that 1 might costs a lot of money won by the food and I thought this was
going to be a relaxing evening but just 1 minute after decided enough he said to me
initially ,comma professor but Is that provided by the shelling or that there is no free lunch and then throughout the day nobody talked about pipeline steel right an IBM in pipelines Diaz so you know that there is no registration fee for this meeting yet so you get the message that I want you all to participate there is no free lunch and when I
asked for sponsorship to all the people and the dimension we
had extremely rapid response that the idea of this conference is so novel when I sent an e-mail in the morning I received a sponsorship in the afternoon yeah so I was in a laboratory class when I sent an e-mail to that area and Brazil hadn't woken up yet when they woke up I had financial support for the conference because I'm very grateful for that Moscow
similarly this is origin Kwan
who now is the president and the chief technology officer of Moscow and he has done many
things for steals In
addition to the creation of GFT which is to graduate 1st technology
now the prominent steals research Institute in the world covering every area of scenes search can you imagine that you know you can walk stairs and find somebody working on steelmaking walked downstairs and you've got someone working on former ability huge groups on each of these areas
so we owe a great deal to Juergen Kwan and of course the haggling and so on who created the Stevens
research in universities about in addition once again but I ask for sponsorship it was immediately given without any discussions I'm very
grateful for that the other 2
characters and extremely well 1 of them is in the audience there's Alan bag who is the chief of
technology in a SKF and Don Johnston who is the chief executive of SK and not only do they
support 5
university technology centers in various universities throughout the world including in Cambridge on bearing related aspects but this aboard this conference wholeheartedly and provide additional financial support which made it possible for us to remove things like the registration and
last but not least we have that as the achieved by attitude you
vary yes there is is the
chief of technology In that there's still a worldwide and this is a picture that I took In his house in India that his daughter there and cleared areas where are you yet cleared areas is there John not all of these people have connections with carriage so devoted himself it is still pour stock In came in 2nd member of it's because I'm so familiar with him now the
battlefield supports this conference all of these together have provided real financial support at the time you know when industry it is having a tough time get some very grateful for that start of
steel in addition endowed the patent shares the
game is so that's the celebration we had which means that we guarantee
Research in Cambridge for ever get so supporting you know I fall under a bus or retire we will have another Batistuta professor in Cambridge and so all of these sponsors are not picked randomly they all have steals research in their hearts and were very happy to contribute to this conference now
this is material science and technology which celebrated its 2050 anniversary in 2010 and Mark
although there is the managing editor there he is
again you and you know that this is the lifestyle that you normally exemption not that
but In 2010 I wrote an editorial it in honor of the 20 5th anniversary when I said that this is my most favorite journal and I'm not just saying that I published approximately 90 papers in the journal over the years forget about any other journalist 5 fatalities concerned this is the best journal on mentality in the world and we will be publishing papers In this journal from this conference and it took just 5 minutes of
conversation on the telephone the explained the concept to mark and immediately he said yes to be happy to published they don't publish conferences forget so the papers are going to
be independently refereed In other words we are not going to referee them yes that's quite different from other conferences this would be a totally independent refereeing procedures so if you don't write a good paper it will be rejected and
we are also very grateful to non-tax for providing the technology by which we are disseminating all the information to
the Web and to the Magezi said Society for advertising the meeting on on the Web sites and so forth now in addition this concept for this whole conference was generated over coffee in a really really have a lot of the breaks
in Britain you know famous 40 rates every 10 30 in the morning and treated in the morning the whole department has a break adjusted a casual conversation and you know the holes student body who was there just went into action and created everything and I cannot stop here without thanking them enormously so the the extremely
smart characters that I worked hard for this conference so
add bickering they're not Pickering is a very famous name in metallurgy there so this is the grandson of Brian Pickering the famous men on base not yet any always dresses Motley on with Chris Christmas but where are you Chris it is in the booth that so you can't see him but these 2 worked extremely hard created a Web site which would look exactly identical on any Web browser and Weiss at and worked perfectly collected all the information about alters abstracts presentations were handed in a couple of weeks before the deadline and so on so I'm very grateful that did this work completely while entirely elusive feeling who you see around taking the photographs here created the logo for the conference because
this is the logo and it actually represents a displays formation of Wiedmann said imperiled by a power equilibrium Grant McCann the ethereal micrograph not only that but
we were thinking you know what title should be used key aspects in the metallurgy of steel sounded boring and so on suddenly she said adventures in the physical metallurgy of steel wonderful title we have Steve White who handled all the Internet technologies but he's a postdoctoral researcher in our group an exceptionally hard worker and I don't know where he is but there there is that these 2 ladies and I need them and then did a huge amount of work to arrange all the registration and many other items including the choice of the venue they inspected the venue except to say that it's the right size and the meal menus and so forth so I have no idea what we're going to eat but if you have anything any comments you pass it on to them very grateful to them In addition there are other
people in the group yet the the real picture you can see they have a lot of fun if you need any
help during their stay then any 1 of these people would be very glad to help you with so the ball contributed in 1 way or another to this meeting so that's my sincere thanks to all of these people the sponsors as well as those who have helped in the creation of this concept and you know I 1 more slide so all
that remains now is the we've done everything to to organize this conference really like clockwork all that
remains is for the speakers to deliver to deliver the most exciting builds up their life again and there no entertainment organized for this conference because every lecture will be entertaining In itself again so once again welcome to the meeting and I think the
appeal hearing