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Pulsed Steels
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Current pulses alter the structure of steels: APMS conference
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A lecture given by Rongshan Qin, at the Adventures in the Physical Metallurgy of Steels (APMS) conference held in Cambridge University. Short electrical pulses are applied to dramatically modify the structure of steel. Pulsed electric current affects kinetic barrier in non-equilibrium processes and thermodynamic state in non-equilibrium systems. Application of the high density and short duration current pulses in steel processing enables the fabrication of novel microstructure and hence the new property. Our experimental observations have demonstrated the powerful and versatile effects of pulses on microstructure evolution in steels, e.g. pulse-induced grain coarsening, grain refinement, texture control, low temperature transformation and novel phase formation. This reveals significant potential in using electrical pulses to tailor the microstructure of steels. The preliminary theoretical understanding of the observed phenomena has been developed based on the thermodynamic consideration. Kinetic aspect of the effect of the pulses on microstructure transformation, however, is still in its very early stage and requires more attention.
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Depth sounding
Bloomberg the food you to do OK the next event said functional from Imperial College London will be talking about said applications of his work well letter opposing instill formation the but
I'm interested in change steel yet
extremely short time the whole thought is that if you blink your mind once I should have done makes their remains 1 thousand patents at the knees if you blink your eyes because I had their will .period was 2nd and my experiments should take less than 100 Michaels became so 1st issue some of the results and today we will discuss the Buchanan about states that when I'm using electric
current can guess is very short time is a pulse and
I use the electric current passes through the that studio so I have a quieter feel all says here and are specially showed acknowledge those 2 people while also use the you
this very special processing method this boasted the project it also was a people without number 2 so as the show you some results this better
work but cups so this is a
peace officer appeal is panicking commercial panic because of you we contending there . 8 per cent of copper is a commercial 1 because the everywhere so the sample was more and more that past cm
long and that barometer is Pontypool needed so but the matter juncture if you look at the map structure in Mexico
so it should be like these because called Trojans what we say 60 per cent of reductions at room temperature or cold body so without any
immediate afterward so if you look at a much structure it's something like the basis of semen Pat place the far-right snatched away so
what and then output Lisa steel into my processing facilities at room temperature With 1 so potently is less 100 microseconds at that during the time you don't see anything that you didn't hear voices so on all sums they finally did and AsiaSat while actually become powder or whatever is still wife and he didn't see the color of the severe wire change you to some others like radicals and after was put that finger all this deal wire and didn't feel I can hold my finger otherwise so that the kind of phenomena if
you see that as is the deal wife at the and her SCI you see this
assessment high plates original what these now Chechen into bits can you care for the scandal here is the 500
manometer sold you this
pass at Andersonville wider actuals how different appalling because there and everywhere I I go to the exactly the same much structure that those same entire place charity into a particle with family size of 70 men only so when we examined
their mechanical property we found this 1 itself with 1 was about 400 and this 1 was that it would be the high mandate in all this is the cold abroad without annealing and this 1 has already removed all the attendant stressed and it is still quite much hard that
another surprise saying what we thought these electrical conductor purity of these states this improved 100 per cent it's almost at the electrical conductor of this deal is almost a babble of these so that is 1 situation all panicky Castillo 1 and then I have another 1 this is not
another steel had it with recalled trade steel collaborator at the moment is the
cold is a Hoffer wrote the bill and without any repaid Austin that although we called treat if you look at here we have a lot of affair putted here that combined with complicated much structure if you look at look at least you do not see any anisotropy Europe
much structurally you don't see that then again at room temperature the electoral
process we deal with the series thousand prize pacesetters throws 3 thousand policies through the use of deal at room temperature at a frequency of what hurts which means Uche seconded that passes through 1 house and a power so we at this moment is a he microsecond that so after thousand times if you put that into optical
much structure you see what life black life alone that the electric current direction this is set in each of the past you see maybe is this original as a topping of property has
completed lost all of these things changed into these animals that electric current direction so if you use a higher revolution SEM you you when you fight those lines seem
and a ferret alive at all along with the electorate current direction than now we are into the kid to demand stew with all their but with this kind of market structure is everywhere notorious
just is so this is a again at room temperature for this that so now let me show you and
that so this is the last 3
wife thinks and that need Sibeal we know this problem with this list deal is if you do well and and that secondary phase will fold so if you and your that at a temperature of around 1 thousand you greet you see what all those
black particles Lysacek country faced particles so this is history wasn't fair basis deal contains very high chromium moldy and Neko safe you form this secondary secondary
particles for this sector
particles have barrier reach in chromium the motive but In that case the area surrounded these you have a pool of chromium and a promo loading so if these things happen and the back Sosa pulled chromium and a poor Maudie area we'll have corrosion resistance so we try not to have this
2nd 2nd faced
particles clever it's very that difficult to do
so what we are doing this we put too samples in the
fund is exactly send samples but 1 of them linked with the electric power and that without so so when we did our future treatment and then analyzed 2 samples 1 of them is this much structure and neither is the smartest which saw the
fact interface the motive the electoral policy has suspended the full measure of seconded from face of Hawaii is a much less seconded for as part of this site again if we analyze the composition and found here we find the men no we form some secondary phase had cos use at the Columbia on
Adam but the union difference between the particle animated a much much more so the band for 1 of the electoral process has
reduce the segregation of the chromium Newcomb and
MOD instead of so that's another there we have done so
now let me tell you another
result Richard just made everything to me but this has already published look at
this list we use Lisa technology at Luke liquid steel so if liquid state you 1 the sample here is the 1 . 2 5 centimetres diameter OK and we mount to
that too without the electric power and a "quotation mark about what we see if he established this deal we have called Macanese south inclusion had
sold inclusion of the almost surrounded the shape and the distribute heat everywhere if you look at the annual cost of cost
everywhere I go and if we do this and say that connects the Willis Avenue laptop policy for 20 minutes
what House pantomime prosecco and each has had a microsecond use a frequency of what her and that's what we find things
very differently is inside the calls internally golf is the
inclusion of free all the enclosures that comes from the inside however and a boundary Paul side and some of the Balkan we had all roles of the inclusion on the I moved from the Central prior to the outside project so at your way is with "quotation mark the lack of pulp of that and the clad only enclosures so that we can make soup the abuse so this is the 1 thing
so we have it's about inclusion from the inside the deal liquidity to about surfing that they what he not use the head of this case because of the fact almost spherical particles and look at here although mechanisms south the enclosures these very strange morphology
is almost everywhere this is something very strange and we don't really know what that
has be looked upon as a fact sheet about the Federal Energy otherwise why I wanted to go to a Araba shape rod shape we'll have much
smaller Montezemolo surface area and the law French so the answer some of the experiments we have about use of the facility now that's coming to let people tell of the technology and analyze what's happening and what have you done for so 1st to
me when that talk about passing through high that's the electrical current to subdue many people at the Asahi OK so now let's
calculate what had heat has generated by these electric covered a easily to go through this and know people don't like the equation but the basic question is a very
special to they're so users whether we we know that there from secondary schools so if well calculator the total
mandatory happy by these new laptop housing so you
might facilities have a true different options what is at half the low teacher and that that is at half its the current the electric car so
suppose athletes the electric current and that this is the current this is the electrical review read
pays all sample and this is a past
duration so use this equation sold out I had calculated total energy all the food
electric current Potts
now I suppose all almost the energy has changed into heat and he tapped the sample OK so you Matt case I have this is the
total mass of the sample is is the Pacific service in the
heat of sample and this the temperature rising so
supposed almost the electric current didn't understand I was just that he'd have to and that these you called for the these from here attended the cat that characterized the 2 Hawaii Electric 1 House aide from the death of leave you might need a and seek OK
so here again this is the resistance of the sample had calculated
resistance of sample equals to the best the
market by the last sample might by a cross-section area of the Pole OK have this up and this is a matter
equals at best he also samples to sample much applied the warden what's that say surmised the cross section the past substitute odd to hear
and to here and there that that capture rising due to wide electoral passing should be based on because current divided by cross-section area is the current intensity so I you actually have been so you know this
embarrassed simple mathematics and I have to assume all the electric current energy has become but he'd put the heat who he topped Samples and then lets you apply these 1 the
calculation of aptitude or primary topic of history was the fairest beneath the union capacity with capacity this varsity we
know them appointed aid and not electrical resist the its base OK now what had made 8 house is upon
human presented at the bases heritage tested this is an astonishing
hot actually what I use my what I used to generate a little without
our knowledge that high pieces are 100 times the higher that what have used this
ridiculous so because I want to a maximum circulation side Huntertown high that out what actually use you substitute all of that into
these that Egypt house can actually increase the
temperature of sample by 0 . 2 1 7 it's not the end
remember what for all the experiment I use the powers frequency is 1 so if output that use that to me is that he and that he can parade is at 0 . 2 2 1 7 head planned 2nd you know yeah it's due process and this is the message and he's almost 100 have a higher that would have done this is average that some people mad
at you OK there's a collection here somewhere got high density that other places that already have used 100 times higher than the average so that's the 1 thing so the lack capacity factor is Mulcahy people look at this or that I wanted and then so amended the some people say you can't do this laboratory because your sample is small but you may not be able to scale up through the industry because industry Newton had abandoned it that's a deal so can you do that let the calculated that energy consumption consumption in house so the total was
a single electric power is this take the same so
required the electric power problem is a word wanted by time so here I've gotten past the frequency but no I'm only used 1 so
if we accept you all their primary task we used to be avoiding so so that all a
private you so each of palace actually consumed 0 void the fact that the powder I need to agenda at this electric power that is 0 . 3 0 4 what's that's it
there nothing secretarial you my laboratory at the facility I used to generate the electoral policy is the 1 at this age waltz and electric current was generated at the electrical potential 20 balls so that kind of however if the method because the other home would easily find about the public 1 toward among facilities only and only 18 states very easily to together so that knows we know we kept apart is that what he mechanic OK so that's the 1 thing let's just it's this complicated I don't believe we have sold the but 1 thing is mess analyzes from famine and many ways so if we have some much structure change whether face a TransAsia or just as a director Alexei would have a soul the total free energy and here is free and
take it's a chemical-free
and change last Sophie's energy changed last year Lapchick current
associated free entry to each of those 2 we all know but what about this time so this 1 fortunately we know
there's a lot happier calculated by this question so busy pressure is free energy associated with the other capacity he calls this the Mackinac your poem ability high this is the current density distribution after after that much structural pollution OK this is the current better
distribution before the mark structure motion and that you have this term which make these calculation very complicated and
Armenia so what we have done is we have actually the rappers software we able to calculate the current the current distribution if you have any kind of place a transition all any cattle market structure change not only face a transit of for example if I have the enclosure at mall you enclosure is here by the next moment the incursion move up
to hear the look at that case is the chemical-free energy difference is the same
year the management change because there's no festive season this Wiesen said but this 1 is different because if you have include removed from these harder to look for the survey said phase and that you have a completely different
electric current to distribution so if you have this completely for
electrical current a distribution you we'll have a completely different free energy checked that because that's what so some of the move would be favored by this electoral but some of them knocked look so that the case about the removed so we tested these advanced to so this is a
show of analyze fall
on Yucca current distributed and we are able to calculate all the free and change this is something like a repair like you know you know layered structure but
that what all the layers actually described the change you separate it releases the mall as some more you integrated part of the mentality and we are able to calculate the best the
current densities in distribution and again we can get a total free energy so we look at what we know In this
year of housing you actually molecular weights 2 separately from the several things .period you actually will have a cost so this was where we
can collect views that the question for calculates the marks factory firemen because sometimes we use
that so we had this is Sabah theoretical
value and this is it's a Parramatta let what did about itself is at the back the American yeah professor
has corridors grew so we see as a great went very well and we further predicted and said we can use unilateral policy tool fabricator nondestructive material
was required to current events this has also right away and again we find out if
we use the electoral process where able tool increase the fatigue alive Of the
material so we calculated by if we put different immaterial if we use the electric current density of about asserted that deal and we are
able to hear the crack so we have done this before and we were able to improve the political life of local view was that for cats OK so
but those that just tell my
demands share in this is be process that is the conclusion German
thanks to to the the category novel topic there indeed and that anyone have any questions straight away and you can get the microphones evident spread the she's ever the question I think you're right for them the great presentation so you should ask the Microsoft to change Due to the electric current In the last part of this presentation you suggest ,comma dynamic approaching but to change Microsoft you remastered conceded the genetic effects soon but the England depth at with the somewhat and also a literature you have finds somewhat passing
electric current catalog that connected the barrier some transformation at yet another group of transformation you can electric current can actually increase the kind of about so they are somewhat and we also gives up whole and commenting on the standing of these intended for the use of very poor at the moment the lot of phase we don't understand Back at the end you a person can be pretty right out so .period 4
1 1 2nd you know the ones it yet if you use a 1 house is is certainly alas 100 microseconds
yeah pastime time is a very short there are some some parts sold each result people by the Electric Power's income increase that the civic many times that's so well that people read and that they said Chen Japan and a barrier some of them reduce the law or even come to remove the kind that the barrier another case you can actually increase the better off for rest of things is very very on basic In early stage tumors you can get
begin he talked about the employer putting this into industries Lin only sample size needs said power doesn't Ltd Is there a limit imposed by the magnetic skin
effects the judge you want to put a sharp rise and fall of current into something that can occur at any tends to float to the surface of the sea that .period so that the city
in fact it's his to that current of frequency you know they can't calculate that I correctly if you use that direct the current name and that he was happy with the fact that war the wholesalers are not
equivalent to a single the meters high collected because for
example the the D'Amato automotive you saw what we into the heat assessing collect yes also y Cia although the at a few centimeters of fuel mm thick you can't ignore that erupted Pacolet about one-third of the increase out of the agreement so it is it is it is about 20 microseconds .period determines as is the highest among moderates is a little water rights so that if use the back about Africa's efforts of 300 years and you see them thinking back to vote in that time there some of our experiment reported to be 4 people use that it will modify the surface is the property of the material in the act actually generate humble 1st at the surface the layoff of liberty to get her
extremely about high frequency yes thank you I think it's going to thank you for your interest in this should I have a very basic question that you did really really mentally consolidation in the beginning and so if you are going to
melt steel with a intellektika furnace normally you spend something around 400 people that I was for a long so let's say for key to lower for people going into the Yemeni number were the thing on mask over time of
course or anything about relating malls it but you also know much in its use Spain for a unit of markets in Europe process physically comparing it to the melting of the energy roughly speaking and the entropy of Murphy with no it which is a good number of bringing with them again so to the total amount of
energy with that it's extremely somewhere it's not comparable with Maliki was a material he'd have of it said extremists somewhat what we did a calculation so these happy this can be illustrated Obama facilities marked the city pizza parlors ECU walls so what can you do use ECU was facility if you have about this a and rewards you will not be able to he taps about 100 about what 100 was up so that energy consumed extremism or if you want to leave Papua temperature you have to use way 2 the increase in temperature not badly this is just that you use those amounts of structure but not his what the letter of the temperature will continue I'm
having a difficult time for maybe 2 more questions circumvented headed friends you make the wild animal data you battered regions to just talk to each of which is 1 reason the foreign to foreign leaders resisting Is this initially Sony states the Masisi the 2nd question is different the ingredients redefined so he regions inside our
units of Kentucky some are
not the unique to come to was that results on different kinds the ingredients in stews we only needed the the
inclusion of what might be its itself because of that at the start the history select these although I should do all the experiment 1st about history is that we got a request to out so we got the passion and the calculation added that use that top-level funding that Gadaffi again behind postdoc and announced that experiments that the kind of story but it so when you do the calculation we find out is this removing inclusion by the Samak said is a completely different from that in these 2 method of removing crucial week because the system after the use of the physical property like that the off-ice all the inclusion of those kind of things but these aids accorded to the at the electrical properties difference so moment pending conclusion only to knock back and a uniquely disabilities is the result of good reason convective in cells and
there was this battle calculation we can have recaptured altruism only what is adamant that the inclusion of whatever but of those my commands makin needs itself have relatively high and that he would keep their aluminum at all as the become so we tried the most difficult Hawaii and the 1st try was successful so we but investors studios throughout the closures removed and charitable demise of technology since the Carolinas question better OK you mentioned the on refinement of the political structure associated of foreigners increased with the mission which 1 was but if you want to personalize was a requirement the fragmentation of the political structure yet and you mentioned
was harmless improvement yeah I
couldn't hear which 1 was interesting for decades and equipment of population
. 2 2 per square meter in of individual energy and they come into the staggering amount of attention 4 he looked into 4 wants to do fragments that might researcher so might mean something wrong in the calculation and what is promising but only that what this what we gotta have missed the increase because what we find is that because the foreman and the structure of the group but marginally
marginally increased this is about a 430 these about 455 but the important thing is this what you got all the slip dress Europe Utomo stressed here is what you have computer removed this draft so the so what you not able to avoid any more and that what you can draw 8 foot coupled with the press so that's the case so if you think interim respecting the you know about and the therefore 10 to the 2 meters of
interfacing minuscule 1 cubic centimeter and that gives you for
those pulses and to the fore what's what is wrong in my calculations that catalog
for you think the head of the
people on the lines the the fact
that you know this is that the interfaces are broken or created investing in the stock of the year so we know where the young ones yet said yes you're right so we did the calculation when the 1st families we give the
calculation if you just the use regional all the surface Landry but has a full merger suffers an injury to the particles were Friday besides we've got use a similar day theoretical sounds so we
shall have to be "quotation mark reactor Catterson world problem a we have put you know extra
energy that electoral policy the camp this might run
run run you can tell by suffered some rate we have to move on said thank you
for much


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