The dilatometric and microstructural response of variant selection during alpha' transformation

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The dilatometric and microstructural response of variant selection during alpha' transformation
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Crystallographic variant selection: APMS conference
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Kundu, Saurabh
Mangal, Ankita
Biswas, Pinaki
Singh, Shiv Brat
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A lecture given by Saurabh Kundu, at the Adventures in the Physical Metallurgy of Steels (APMS) conference held in Cambridge University. Theory for the selection of specific crystallographic variants out of all possible variant, when steel is transformed into bainite, martensite or in general, displacive phase transformation products. Variant selection during displacive transformation is popularly monitored by assessing the pole figure or ODF of the bulk texture or pole figures from single prior austenite grains and also by measuring the physical orientation of alpha' plates in the microstructure. However it is known that when variant selection occurs the shear strain associated with each alpha' plate does not get fully cancelled and it is reflected in the measured transformation strain. We have shown in this work that transformation strain is the most reliable measure for the variant selection. Mathematical models have already been developed to calculate the transformation strain under various loading conditions, and to support the same extensive experiments have been done to show how externally applied stress and plastic strain can affect the transformation strain. This data is used to describe the extent of variant selection which is further supported by EBSD results. Interesting observations has also been made on the nature of the strain during transformation. Finally mathematical models have been developed to show that variant selection has negligible influence on physical orientation of alpha' plates when transformation occurs under external stress only, but prior plastic deformation can change the orientation to a great extent.
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at the end of the world it is the only 1 who 2 and in the car warned next lecture is it going to be given by Serb commander who is said at that steel he was formerly at the University of Technology in practical and also in Cambridge University and he's going to talk about variant selection during thank you when morning dew their mind up it is development taken my
constructed response of various selection during item might affect as missions the authors said
with me I on the back of the neck to life from the state should
the thing sitting over there from ID card for residents out of it
also from I like that religion is was from Battisti and most of the Budapest issued done a very good program for the summit had helped me with the provision in the man in the ear of the conditions I would like to thank the agreements organizers for giving me this opportunity to talk for With these people that of
experiments we have transformed inducement
might acidic transmission in in suburban 68 at Gennady associates with only don't load when we induced the Benedict transmission with Lord we have used what competition and then sailed the other 1 in which it would rarely have induced manager of mission after you have plastic energy deformed the Austinite at 4 in the census unloaded the
specimen and then the transmission of bird activity census for the
Liverpool the kinds of vinegar does missionary had stress-induced no stress and strain induced so In Orleans selection of what is important to identify the variance precisely and this is how we
did it 1st it is important to know the ideal addition off of the Benedict readiness for the iPad for various weighing 1 dominated by reviewing this is actually we make use of these that at this orientation of government and that is that we get from the idiot experiment we calculated the idea that essentially using other phenomena logical fury of Martin said crystallographic multiply this too and we get there is in this aggression against the 34 for ideal ideal
orientation of Bennett variants No this is important to
identify each and every point that you get from the is the analysts this too c which which vary this comes from so let us say that this is 1 1 particular point indeed using that having disorientation given that in the interest that with respect to the Sea Island we then title calculate the missile rendition between this point and stood before a variance indeed we get plenty
for the angles over there and that is
the name of love that meaning that the Service that which they did this .period belong to after reviewing that for all the points that the gathered and used did we actually blew up propaganda would actually get there are only want to get
the feel of the world infection of different areas know how wide a stress which will affect the variance
election it is because of the interaction energy and the interaction energy origin it's from the stands there from the from the strain of
acidity each variant that interacts with the With the stress and is extremely at athletic and of course there different because all the variants and differently oriented so this this different variants all have different interaction and yes it that and that interaction energies add to the
chemical-free energy available for the transformation so much of the interest in energy there should be more and more in although we need to see how were discuss all the time
.period this is you know we're getting
example for pool to from different Austin agreements with you and that example that is line actually talks about the interaction energies on different variants and this black columns as showing that 1 infection this is the you can see that only the general and I must say only there is a general trend the higher the variants variance with hydrogen energy we have had dozens of partnership that is also the the population of various I'm won't hear list here but this is not really applied very so why
is that that we need to understand no we're not really worried about the fact that the steadiest all having similar energy but all of them
are not present in similar volume infection or the same 1 infections that might happen and that might happen because of the physical constraints on although the traditional
advantages Sunday nite somebody and we get due to the new provision would be the position of the new PM but we had
worried about the fact that that's happened the ensuing years or over here like over here a deadening going into action
energy but still it is possible that their presence in considerable point that we must not here From this up with figures that all those years of the poor where there should be some intensity it is present so none of these areas is actually it's none of this is actually happening at a very high intensity is at all were listening so as to the point that came we we we get from here to the various election may
not be very strong in this case
no a bit and explanation of variances election under stress can be given so this technique so this is again
another example from another green we have classified the
variance in the 2 groups distinct groups of 3 billion Jordan's so after the classified them into provincial we get the cumulative volume fraction of those bands on off those variants and you also get the cumulative interaction energy if we do that then you get a much better fit and they see that red that the Hideo and the bans on setting the maximum interaction energy have the maximum chances off by having them Hi fractions and so on note that his and other points within these dangerous how the variance undistributed edition over here if you see now if we actually see the variance within 1 particular different brands of then probably we can say that the had hired interaction energy would you haven't infection although that's happened 8 years later he was here when it doesn't happen and it can be expanded to a more my new expansion to the by seeing the Microsoft in which we have already given respect but not expend a lot work that I did scientists explain why it is logical to distribute the variance into 3 bands were awarded the band's this is really a black and green areas on the 3 been very small Benavidez doesn't actually there in practice but the variance which form part of these this might affect the audience had been which also was variance who be there in within 1 in and the similarity is with all the world's variants lies In the Miss Miss orientation that they having between them the missile addition between these variants all here and the whether the missile envisioned would in any event in or he had and when he had a quite high so actually the variance within 1 stands on as they have less mystery them the actually held in the wobble integral and that's why the behave as a group and that's why
Will we get that would match off interaction energy and 1 infection when a group them into different groups in different brands what we have seen so far
under the bed insulation under stress is this the
installation under stress of Snyder's is not strong that insulation under stress depends Weekly on international G off its I did get a better predictions of an insulation when he considered the cumulative intervention energy off all variants within the beans it has been observed that the volume fraction of variance in at least 2 of the 3 vendors wide-eyed maybe the current 1 is less but at least until bands on the ball affection is quite high the variance within 1 bans on homelessness orientation and believed that is actually causes a list of hard impingement of the actually they actually promote the growth of each other and that's why it is it is being a bit out alignment within within
this area no the variance election have hold different than it
impacts of the stable different ways 1 it's actually James is the Microsoft
options all the alignment of she's not influenced by the institution so this is a matter of being a transmission has offered under tensile stress we haven't had a poor person US-made remaining in this my perception and been a 6 2 6 per cent an agency that there is certain a very weak maximum at December's which is owed 60 but it is not very strongly that the busiest emission is not based on we're going to have a shot at it in here well we wondered why understand whether this is just an
experiment at all it is actually that is something was happening In order to understand that we today In this we take
all them I said this is 1 minute and the stress and the address of the haven't been on the surface is this we calculated the I the trees of the had been and the direction of applied stress where did that we don't know who did this for all all the matters at all the big denied that his fund no we won't 1 stand that if all but before that answer forming with immigrants or the analyst number of identifying that means where there is a selection it a visit that installation we can assume that their hooligans forming among them within the required for possible once or more what about is we predicted DDE sigh assuming that the will be forming in that case which would have got a very sharp peak at fortified again but that doesn't happen for them part that there should be a variance a variance informing if we if we assume that immediacy that yes there is indeed a week Maxima or here at 60 the and no then he said the plane that whether it actually happens or not what we're about is what we have seen in many of these games you have formed the example for 6 6 different brands hollow Peter the 1st 8 energetically favored by the end of list if we consider that the 1st aid incident in adjudicative evidence of forming an against most other brands that was a 70 per cent of the pro-Taliban present so we planted that might be 1 1
good idea that 8 or 9 variants of farming in this particular case although and then we can get this done explained that experimental developmental just no the Nazis out of
under plastic extended his when one-minute forms and a plastic strain and scenarios like this that is a very shot Maxima at 45 degree angle and this against from my perspective we want them to see that's what this is where this is coming from when it actually predicted the distribution of most actors sit paints In this Lancaster said we have also whatever the Maxima and for defending the and appropriate been a weapon which forms from the different last nite the various selection in that case depends a lot on the steep activities and we'll see Ramada that also will see
the subsequent slides the island with apart from my perspective the international
influences uh the properties of state it is in
the dust emissions trading but this doesn't stand firmly is not properly in now this southwestern states can be predicted but in this manner this will only be published said that is often and then like this is it that even if amended forms like this then it will influence the this they got you link so that but will Victorino becomes the and then we can be expanded this but this family this speed is the said before mission Maddox associated with its and this is what is remaining that this article a formula if we extended but before variants and a then it becomes too and so it is not properly then it becomes a then you can predict the the transmission strain in among and it can actually saying how many variants of forming an and then accordingly we can predict the dust emissions to what he has you
Umuahia here is the strain
associated with each benign late attracted to each other this year's Stan Getz consonant with the voluntary and remains and prevented if we get a strong
evidence election the we also it had transmission strained by the need to check that and we'll see in the subsequent flights but that doesn't always happen so this is an example of this is somebody will experiment this
in the southwestern state that office when transforms with and without any loss and this stuff was a stand against these very this if you compare with the volume the formation and the shared information associated with it's been a we can see this number and this number had actually been close Lansing this is close this this is what we have done that in a in experiment the experiment is transmitted only in the others direction of what is 1 of the actually might the and then in this but it would have been this particular stated about 60 per cent is that so this this but and strength that could get from the from the experiment is close to what we actually get there from the animals eventually on Martin insecticide however this Janeen pleases sponsored when we transform the
bench for the dance from the Bendite
under pompous and it it becomes 0 1 4 that means the variance selection in this case actually influencing the DOS version stand and increases regret extinct the
same thing the same thing about those of
us in this effort in case of a transmission when of tensile stressed the important people observed is that times mission stand in this case is needed if that means in case of pump we did ask missus trend which is positive on expansion by in case of as much as in case of does mission operating site it is becoming negative on untouchable
no interesting fact we can
check he said when transmission offers from strained Austinite you can see here the various selection is quite strong only 3 or 4 variants of forming an from figure that it is very strong word here but the transmission
stand in this case when misled we saw that it is very low it is 0 0 7 and compare this with the with the transmission standard has that we have seen in case of India's upon persistence and incensed as when the numbers were like 0 1 5 1 0 who headed it becomes 0 0 7 0 the consulate here benefit that is very strong that insulation from Austinite restaurant you are forbidden from a new spin on the evidence at present in 1 day in and just wasn't strain is extremely low we have
modeling and of course I'm not going to go into detail about the if
the model is used to say that whatever the activities in different disciplines and we have actually worked some some
balloons to select the for the
selection of the other variants that is it this is the place I'm sorry
if this is the plane which is
having maximum speed activity and these are the 24 variance with fussy which either but before we don't that without the having planes that this movie is based best with this but it will be then we get married this age 8
but the ingredients and then With all these variants and having a specimen direction without defined the angle of this disbursement direction With me we didn't sleep that action over here and then that gives us the famous such even and we get
these buying these 4 areas analysts said with 1
of the others sleep not 1 or the other you know as sleep system and according to weaken demand them we've got a very good match you can see has a lot going to get all ended the discussion of this but I want be so sure 1
particular thing over here but again see their selective selection What is that if you are predicting for evidence to be removed most beloved once we get only 2 Why is that what you have done it without the 1st final the
angle between having been
almost all this quarter predicted variants there is no
correlation however when do the same and see the Michelin addition between them we actually see the mission envisioned between that in went and form at a minimum and indeed this various other variants which are the same observed In other going
over here and chemical agents
thank you we are open for for
questions yeah the the
reinstallation in light of the confirmation so fundamentally this is my curiosity that fundamentally reinstallation in March the transformation and Benedict operation of the Seymour Monday distinct difference so much as a den of B'nai Pacific leaders was a lot
of debate and as vote against especially Italy the same so the election rules that applies for a month as adept as well for me yeah thanks are very interesting and lecture but I would like to know if I you you take into a blocked they could have 2 parts of my
question so far 1st if you speak about the interaction energies which you considered as the domain of mechanism of various elections do you take into account on the elastic interaction or plastic and plastic interaction look at it and
this Quebec OK so what we
have we had actually considering you know if you see them so this is how we calculated the this the if if if this is the
attraction that we have to see from the externally applied stress this interact with the Stanford
that we go which is associated with this particular event and then then I'm sorry it's not very visible so the 1st before we actually considered of what
the elastic plastic injection of the but this isn't a case where you have
and and the plights external stress like turns have condition but of course also in if you multiply stress the transforming grain will be embedded in
a In an apparent matrix so this also will have will apply a local stress did you take this in into account yet so we know we have 1 publication that when we tried to pretty
brilliant selection from the strain of Austin I know what we have seen that if we can pretty Oregon calculated there is still a stress that is demeaning and that particular and that also uses would selection predictions so
and also there are quite a few publications where people have prepared to predict the variance selection from the stress on the standard of from the stressed that is generated due to the formation of the 1st make a decision that will be formed last also that also can impact Davidians selection for years this goes back part is ignored over here what we have done In this case we are only considering chest which is due about buildup plastic
limited below the extent of the media and then accuracy but how that particular stress interacting with the strain that is associated with the Nido Martin said and then we get the energy injection energy but the other 1 retreat which I described it at this stage but then we are trying to see how the plastic exchange he's in it is in particular 6 systems and how those systems are associated with different variants with respect to
go to the habit then add the specimen direction and I think that what is new because I have not seen of course that is part of this paper by Dr. John Wilcox about the in the is the Bushehr dislocations know this 1 on in the other leaders of the same because we're talking about that he's talking about provisions of was weather-related asleep activities and adult here also we are talking about the state
activities and how these ad in Lhasa said that our elected with different then thank you thank you ii was assignments lives of dusty .period selection depend on strangely and I just wanted to have a common interest of Thank you for the excellent presentation thinking frankly I do not know all get some bad writing their austerity there's literature from shows that the strenuous martyrs transformations :colon dependent upon strained right passing by Morris coffin we will receive the you know the 1 thing that I definitely know that this trend will impact the candidates of the formation of the but whether that will impact the installation on our idea so we need to see and when he calculated the volume fractions of your variants and independently you take into account serological effects because of the take into account any sociological effects of for example if you have
some and if you have a plate thing if you have something that's with its headed plane lying in the plane of the surface it's going to occupy more volume than if you've got something of a user would not literally but using the EB
is the when we do maybe on surface it's believed is the only thing that made up of the Islanders was describes its orientation now we will see that how that that from that and the idea orientation that quality we had this calculating the misidentified between the 1 which is getting the minimum is additional and we are saying that but equally warned that so this is how it is done and I think that will not change that Martin if you consider the additional article situation because those should be the same committee and I think it wasn't what I'm saying is that infuriated combined of the the amount of how much of each particular variant is there in your sample and how much is there might be a thing if it's if it's a steroidal object and then new taking some cuts through the middle of the the decision was announced logic the plane in cutting it is actually going to get some effect on how much of is seen depending on the orientation of the president and the better the permitted glorious that is better than that of the 1 9 3 and you just a quick 1 thank you is excellent presentation I just wondered where these sorts they would fit into granular stresses could have an effect on during selection the motion is saying the microscopic stressed doesn't have a significant effect would about stresses that arise between grades or I'm sure I'm sure that when actually I would be sure this when we these gender divide their transmission from Stan Austin and we had ignored the interaction between the but that is definitely a will have some effect on what effect it is not known to me as yet but yes that might have some but it thank you very much indeed as you can thanks


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