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Innovative inspection and measurement solutions
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we will come to the lecture all for inspection and measurement solutions by the publishing so my name as the Muslim ire and working here for the publishing since 2001 and publishing is a company with looking for inspection measurement and this is approaching clean for yields we had a big part in 1 of the city's he founded the project to you're part from of the a since 1 specially for inspection and my party's melt explain what does inspection means today so is King for
you project let me just introduce a little bit it's it's a working together of different companies tool was brought to cable unit which means we are increasing the production yields by producing products on the road to ruled process and that he strolled to roll process are mainly a matter of production process but also to detect something which is rescinds prose is not working correctly so make process optimization by detection um 2 cleans image Europe for cleaning and to do so detect if the US and some partygoers remain on the material to prevent something and to major repairs as a keen for you approach it is a matter of prevention repairing Keenan into detection and 2 doctors and part is a matter of the detection so that
Kingsley it means we uh seed products producing a large area processing at a high speed so it's a role to rolled continuous process production rose all innovative Cinven devices which means all pvs organic for giant modules or older it's enough on a flexible substrate there part of the project is to increase the yield officers production processes to reduce the production coast and to improve say performance and operational devices life times so scissors scissors goal on it and uh as just mentioned detection and inspection during that production processes and thereafter the shank all the other companies war working together are a matter of cleaning prevention of defects and to repair defects during set production but so Dr.
Schenk is known worldwide and the company the headquarter is located nearby Munich here and we have a lot of representatives in was a world and there was some mainly local offices of Dr. Shane Warne and U.S. and the US several once in Asian areas in Shanghai Beijing Hong Kong Taiwan and Korea because overseas are big global producers and In the more
countries who working this small representatives like in crosswalks Spain here in Europe but the change yes
uh founded 1985 a privately owned company and is working since 30 years smile for camera-based inspection systems and 1 of the experts for a wide which means automatic optical inspection and more than 250 people are working here at the headquarters and publishing cast the installed worldwide to roughly 12 thousand 500 systems to inspect some something and this is not the only road to roam is also gloss or optical disks all things which are flat substrates can be inspected so the doctors
said is wide it in
several the areas all from um production stole 1 of the 1 of inspection cost is Ivette inspection scissors minerals but also for oxygen for yields a web inspection means it's a continuous production process and we are looking for local defects and material properties you production processes can be plastic films for mumbled his textiles paper some many more alters products which are produced continuously Starting with lower speed of
production like 5 or 10 meters per minute but can go up to 500 meters per minute 1000 meters per minute as a production speed and then there was the next 1 is a and this is a lot inspection so here we are inspecting easy sir faces as substrates coated substrates for solar panels mainly in the same film solar market for other additionally we're going a lot of glass inspection to inspect losses from Saatchi's Teague lost 0 . 3 0 . 5 millimeters thick up to float class or laminated glass was a sickness of 25 30 mm and at least in the past we have done a lot of stuff during inspection of opportunity us and also some special customized solutions for the special applications insisting conductor industries so received at least that unit is on the road checked which is covering 1 to free applications adopt Shane sells you wrap inspection because King for use a rule to process that's all I inspection because scheme for you is working in the organic photo .period Tiger industry and the glass inspection because when you are searching on sees this as surfaces of city continues material for particles which is often a matter of class inspection so um for that reason people use fits perfectly in Zunyi a development production processes of publishing because we have a lot of engineering experience in that different applications
so for inspection why do you need inspections and manner of inspection is a matter of wants to quality control to
inspect the quality of a product or to inspect the quality of incoming verdict before it is processed at the next step is to inspect 2 production rose is to control the inspected the abrupt roses by inspection office Europe just processed for example if you have a coating process and you're inspecting officer coating you can see if the coating process works perfectly yes or no to find some coaching defects of the material you can immediately react and you can improve your coat Burroughs's development approach so to increase sealed so inspection is a matter of production to optimize processes to increasing yield as it is called to clean for you to reduce a coast and to improve the quality of the product With a goal To have customer satisfaction and to decrease the recalls 2 increase quality rating and your delivery around reliability but also it's a matter of data manner of environmental releases to introduce an inspection system because if you are increasingly you yield you're decreasing your waste so you are avoiding material which has to be which which waste that has to be disposed so this is the reason
why inspection is needed
mainly quality control means to find the vets on the continuous or on a sheet material 1 defined credited defects and to sort out said part of the maturity not to be shipped to the customer so quality control allows you to establish quality standards and to mark credited the inspected material I want to give alarm if credited defects are detected next 1 is
z process control brothers control means if you have for example a laminating and or a coating process she inspection comes off the mark and the is detected comes material to see immediately OK at eliminating defect Oregon according defect and so I can immediately react and improve my laminating warmer coating process to avoid adverse material so
process control means inspection helps you to improve yield by quickly identifying the source of defects and to fix a problem right now
automatic inspection starts always with us why we cannot use only some operators looking on a material so we have to start using manual inspections a means summary new production
process and operator is moving so produced material during production and is checking for the quality so says this is a possibility the possibility that the operators are checking said product produced quality continuously during the process so are somewhat limiting factor which has since the company to know 2 or more at the ZC operators operates on them but can never take everything and so we have here added
some slides explaining the limits of manual inspection and here said 1 1 of the cost to see if we have a defect that was correct there's a certain length which starts its here need it's a left-hand side and goes up to 1 millimeter on the right-hand side so if we have cracks on a material and operators are manually inspectors but you're for cracks so small and so tiny years ideas so less is a probability to be detected by the human inspectors so was a certain size of the crack certain lengths of cigarette to probability is increasing and that starts with something roughly at 405 hundred million a media Greg lengths To be safely detected bye see operators 2nd means from all defects are not 100 per cent safe the by the operators so if a company is looking for small defects to become UN inspectors can hardly find such small defects
next Wallace is the operator who was inspecting manually is immaterial z is a matter of inspection time at the beginning Wednesday operator starts to detect onto checks material manually he find easy 90 per cent of the effects of probability of detection at the beginning of a new inspection is roughly 90 to 100 per cent depends on the complexity Of the inspection costs but after certain time 2070 40 minutes z probability of detection is decreasing still operate style automatic inspection will not decrease it's all the inspectors as saying and so operators
Have you at a certain time :colon it's a beginning said affecting more and after a certain time to probability of detection is the increasing end 1 step
more it's a matter of who is inspecting so here is an
example of having 11 different operators a human inspection and search success goes from 0 per cent to 100 per cent and so we have 1 operator which is detecting missed 30 per cent safe all the defects and since is lower lower trained not so perfect trained operator the lower-level operator is not taking his inspection pretty high responsible but on the other end we have operators you're 70 per cent Sarah inspecting was high accuracy and I said addicting more and so we got a clearer for distribution of the operators success depending on the operators and usually instead Middle we have an average of 4 operators which have a 50 per cent conviction rate at all lesser success which is the average so we have lower trained and hire trained operators and so we got a certain distribution of seats inspections success depending on operation and
if it gets even worse was imminent inspections haven't the material which is easy to be inspected the defect is big enough and if there is not such a complex kind of debate on the surface so operators can easily detected but let's see if we have for example whose 3 4 the latest offer coating on the material so maturities getting more complex city that is getting more complex is getting more and more tourists was operators To find 2 defects so sobered up complexity it it's also a matter has to be taken count if I have a new inspection if it's a very easy broad With Ferrari easy to affect local defects on the material it can be you inspected but if the product is getting more complex defects on zebra getting more complex means to human inspection getting more than ours so material and what product complexity and is a matter of detection so a lot of
different factors are influencing the human inspection so not only is it time the different kinds of Albright as so is a list which gives an idea about Captain characteristics of a manual inspection so the cost so how all the incomes of the picked up the victory which kind of deep it's different types silence the victor location complexity standouts overlays alkylation so all sees costs of inspections are influencing the result of human inspection and see individual operator that the factors like gender or age timing job experience that is influencing the result of human inspection orders in Variety environmental conditions like lighting noise temperature how aromas the shift ,comma listed working in but placed his eyes and organization means for example that homeland as operator training and some social factors like his isolation pressure consultations are influencing the result of human inspection
so UN inspection is a matter of you can do it but you have to know the limits and at the UN inspection manual inspection this also matter what can be detected by the operators so if you're starting to inspections so if I take for example said she'd and I'm looking for defects on the cheap it's a sheet so that I'm I'm trying to find some pots or talk about on that and so if you see sheets so you when I has a certain resolution and a certain cental feudal few so In a distance of 1 leader few 2 to begin the Resolution Officer head is between 300 and 600 from leader so that means I see a pixel resolution was motive was my eyes of 300 to 600 micrometres the and in the field of no range of 12 centimeters so once scanning said material input cm square pixels at each pixel went and with a resolution of 300 to 600 my computer this is a matter of fact you can easily see it if you are focusing on the deck something you see mainly as it's a certain gasses was Malta area which is home to 2 centimeters and all the surrounding its not being inspected because you're focusing on the circuit .period the better manually the picked on material surface so we have a resolution of the house yeah let sweats and if you're going away said formerly of its z predictability is getting blast this is called her at the omission of the human eyes said means you have at sea left and right hand side going away from 2 focus .period only of peripheral vision and referral mission means you don't see it was a resolution you see only in the center office if you with a higher risk that means if
you're inspecting something so here for example have a one-meter Ritz CD means cross our actions such as immature admits in 1 liter Indian means switching directions and my mature moves continuously going through and you're inspecting it you have a feudal fuel for 22 20 mm and you're focusing on Sept .period endurance and movement of some material z metal inspections Trevor Seifert means you're finding always got sponsored material focusing and trying to detect defects and all the rest surrendered area is not detected many always agreeing points detected manner
mental inspection is still reviewing the material was big gaps metal inspection
queue with his big gaps so if you want to fuse out gaps you have to focus on a certain part of some achievements of each green rectangle less clear is an area of 20 20 millimeter and use going looking left and the right and left and right it's during movement of some material machine direction in the direction all the other area in growth direction left and right and prompted to bands it is not expected so if the material is running
this studies 6 meters per minute when metal itself 1 needed it's the only 4 per cent sees as it between lines because a material is inspected was a highly aggressive your practice the images moves along the operators Giuseppe reliance this is green mock us and so I have a better speed of 36 6 meters per minute so too inspects the overall rate of 1 thousand million what it can do with it you can decrease said line speed so that operate as more time to although already not always prevents he to see altered material so to cover the inspection area of 1000 mm with a lot of green bands he had 2 decrees said that speech toward lower speed and To get 100 per cent inspection you can Iran's image here is only 1 . 4 we just permanent so if you're decreasing the production speed to 1 . 4 meters per minute 2 operators have more time to inspect the its not only true stripes some 124 meters production speed areas much more less combat dessert that is 6 meters so you're not producing last material you're not competitive so you have to increase the speed bonds in case you need more operators to inspect altered material over of this on the oval so anyway
100 cent spectrum operators is more or less impossible not only is it 22 20 mm the area of the human inspectors as a matter also z brain it is only processing and a certain amount of images so we have a matter of fact we have 20 to 24 images per 2nd which are processed in the human mind so I got image which of 20 millimeter a which length of 20 million leader and now I've got during much of movement 1 image in my mind 2nd once served 141 5th Mon and have all these the roughly 20 24 25 images permanent which can be processed where I'm able to classify the that's all my images so sentencing of 4 mentioned to example turns out as follows I have Cross direction once held meaning there again have a machine direction asthma to was a certain speed the says Canada's themselves of it says a 10 mm but see brain growth is only starting meant millimeter of every image what happens is I got gaps in between the cost analysis speed of processing the images is lower since his 22 20 million the speed which is a possibility in the resolution of the so I catch up only 1 track not only Milken ranks as before I got 1 track and that track has gaps in between the amount of images getting less so additionally I have again too the production speed From before 1 . 4 meters now too all . 5 meters per minute the got 100 per cent inspection of all the material so as a matter of fact so you will know I can do inspections stopped a couple of very good 1 but not with the speed which is needed to end the day production processes so what
can be done is OK I will start to inspect ultimately Kelly because cameras of Foster since humanized consumer in mind so I am introducing now a camera inspection system so the operators have time to do so to to take care of all processes and advocating this that must not be time to inspect inspection is now done automatically with inspection I know I have a possibility to use a camera and most people know a knows it to be markets ,comma so sewer 16 megapixel markets ,comma so this is a camera makes images so I have here on the left-hand side of the entire image of on 96 2 force all 96 pixels mothers ,comma and on the right-hand side have to be Kelly lines can camera What is the difference between a modest ,comma underlines come a mother's Camara is making images and offers images to make 2 images analyzed so Maddox chimera inspection is always act in which analyzes process alliance can cameras different looking principle 2 lines can camera has lower market a line of pixels also in which of 4 cells and 96 can be more can be less at you my example for housing 90's 96 pink slips now so maturities continuously moving she was a camera which is candy line by line and only in cases sir comes a defect the lines can camera is detecting signs and so on my left hand side this season according to overhaul in which must be analyzed find small box so I have 16 megapixels to be analyzed To get an idea where is defect on the material here on my lines can camera all the pictures of going through and there is no debate sees pictures on not processed only said the effect comes up it's different from standard signal so said the victors detected and can be analyzed sewer lines can camera is doing event analyzes that means events something happens in the pixel value is not to say as it should be it's brighter talk the so-called events because he's Pixar's opera he speaks of brightness or partners is being detected big advantages you got a pretty high processing speed because you are analyzing only events and not to overload images you don't need at such a high .period authority capacity because if we want to store all also big megapixel models ,comma images you need and how very very huge high amount of data could be stored on the right example power lines contended it had only to save series humans they're not all boarding which and so result of even camera stop alliance camera by analyzing events it's much more Foster because the result is ready after processing often even processing and not to wait for the processing of overlord image so To date
inspection the continuous production is airlines can't camera because here insist that this analyzing events and not the image I compare alliance can camera always was the kind of fax machines fax machine means the reporting of material with some information Interfax material moves through with a certain machine direction speed it's effects Machine is canning line by line and only sees pixels which are getting darker are detected and transmitted to a printer somewhere else wears a dark areas of printed out line by line so fax machine this lines can camera inspection system for making an image scanning line by line In this transmitting the information line by line and only the information which is thought will brighten us His transmitted so the lines can lines can camera principal see inspection principal alliance can camera principle is comparable to a fax machine is just explained before suspected maturities reflecting what transmitting light into our lines can camera and the maturities said inspectors can line by scandal and submitting components of such an inspection system are illumination to illuminate material we need a coercive means the needs information of transportation how fast it goes to maturity users can we need some cameras with lines concerns or and some Telectronics 2 processes pixel or event information so scissor to begin inspection principle of alliance can camera
nowadays so main task of lines can cameras 2 main task of and than always allusion is as a matter of predictability good news but what has to be done to find that the victims surface and says said we got advantage of 2
operators because an operator when these few wins material has 1 big advantage he can change the angle of view so the operator fuses surface or refusing transmission at quarter reflection so if he is trying to find a defect he's using different optical set up perhaps different light intensity may light on or off or different wavelengths using some UV light or some special sensors to find it so manual inspection uses for Orion inspections at up to detect different kinds of defects so he is
changing the angle of predictability walls In a model of solution sees his system hostile makes the same inspections set up like you would inspectors he has to inspect in reflection and on transmission using different light source using different angles so if the system is if the maturities complex In the human inspection is complex also the out magic optical inspection solution be more complex using different opted to generals for example To find defects on the material
so inspectors that UPS means what we can do is but what you can do today is to cut inspector maturity reflection and Warren transmission if the century looks directly into the light source it talking so-called Bright Field said so was he Kemmerer was affected lighted started going into the camera was transmitted light by going to the camera when you're moving scene illumination although seat .period Engel the got Oakwood stock futures a doctors at opposite a
pivotal to set up to means the light comes from society and or sees not to direct reflected like sees only some scattering or something like that said some particle scattering light so depending on the optical setups we Everbright future stock feud war reflection transmissions and that depends on which kinds of defect should be detected if you're searching for black spots when the glass sheet it can be easily going transmissions for glass if you want to find some coatings on the surface coating defects on the surface it's better to debate and reflection if you want to find some particles less scratches the surface it's better to use adopted so depending on the inspection tasks z opted to set up has to be adapted I want to say that inspection task so
can use to date different operative generals to detect something here or poor transmission channels and 1 Dr. 2 for inspection in transmission usually a contrast to misuse the Congress general means the inspection system sees start defects show To give it goes was Caroline something got signal greater value is detected does he get onto peaks is getting what Parker even so created interjected this is typically contraception but Z Congress General it's not too bad things and information on the surface it's only sees dark got which is invented lost if you want to see the information surfaced new special general which as awkward as portion channel using some here we are using the specialty could set up some a purchase online ventures in front of Camarillo illumination to make said optical gentle sensitive forested information so that means it's a defamation goes into the opted to channel got a bright .period changing offices signal level because any few is changing buys and information of surface and so we got a special to set up for the day information on the surfaces if you want to see particles were scratches on the surface you need a so-called doctrine set up theory of getting a lighter its surface so light is reflected but to camera best not look into that like what happens on the part general it's it's scratch Arazi party goes users can line said parties catering a lot of light and you got a pretty bright even bright the scattering of flight
you know that adopted set up mainly also at home on your TV screen if you have a lot of dust and dirt on the screen and the sound comes from society what happens this he's DOS standard as bright particles scattering sunlight reflected on the surface these are the different channels the when they're
using different channels they're talking and adopt the same today about a so-called would image debate analyzed that means each channel give us certain information for said that the defect which is only that didn't contrast which is a 1st column season give it plus 8 bits bark Doc To give a Class a give noted formation information in the 2nd column it's saying image as before and on the searchable scattering information I got a little bit of bright signal remember such sweet shells on the slide before In contrast information distortion information and scattering information now it up 3 images of the same defect 1 by contrast mumbai distortions moments catering well the next if it comes up 2nd line defect Class B we gotta again a contract information :colon 1 come true now we get information the bride and in scattering it's a big area now let me add a certain kind of the 5th Cir different 1 from a to B. and the victor last serious no contrast information but also no contrast information needs salaries information there is no dog the area it's only had information that is it is Washington 2nd column and no scattering mission so so more information you so more information you receive for the event so more safe is a classification classification means which kind of you because it is a Class a what B for seat it's the same as for UN inspectors the deck things and the
cannot decide what he's trying to find and transmission or in reflection and send is catching up more and more information is about the same defect to decide what is that means they're talking about a more knowledgeable image giving them a lesson I I want to see you I want to get more information about the same defects have a more safe and more scoring position which kind of defect where so more complex approach is so what channels are needed somewhat complex in the victors so much as are needed so How
perspective I inspections and motion sensors that seems to be recommended inspections solution today is a result of the Beck capabilities I have to think that something then not only is the it's also the home of reflection behavior transmission behavior is perhaps from interest so I need dejected capabilities and summer monitoring and measurement features after that I need some classification capabilities that means if I have something detected what kind of defect is it it have to be classified or perhaps also separated between Class a and B so not only induction also classifications and offers that 2 qualification that means is set to mature they good or not the amount of the that's high I low sighs of relief at Republic about security housing near isn't even if it's only a small scratch to mature the goat if a scratch is getting bigger and bigger more year 2 matches getting worse so the UN inspections at the Miss today a matter of detection classification and qualification says is this better finds he conveyed inspection solution for qualification usually accompany has inspected location which is specifying what is of good or bad material but not talking about
detection we have just discussed it so 1st of all we needed him Cameroon needs a certain resolution and their ability to detect something it can be only as good as the if the elimination is worse than can use the best ,comma also well but you would never that something so the elimination must fit was a camera and need a certain look at the center you have to detected in reflection transmission boxes or whatever could get something so too did get ability is a function of Kemmerer illumination and optical and
then you're able to find defects in materials like his examples here that we got insects or some coaching defects some pin holes on a coating lamination defects or scratches on the material and here it in the center offices and Over fuel find also adopted set up particles and find Dr. particles from the material doctored set up if there is no defect the sea area is stock if the party comes up you will find bright adults so this is a party to and so you'll find different kinds of defects depending on the opted set up on the line or camera which is
used and so the vets can
be classified according proved to be effective information like darkness brightness and which optically channel Hayes used to detect something Chen that was the
main topic was before was now prospective vise inspection systems and now I want to give you some examples the inspection is today used so scissors and be inspection for plastic film of easy 1 which is using them 2 what Wabeek channels 1 General is a reflection general in bright field and 2nd channel is serving a transmission channel Bradford so poor optical generals are inspecting some material and trying to catch up defects what's the reason behind using 2 channels because of the wanna find once surfaces spot or was it something old and so we have a reflection channel and a transmission is defined as 2 To find channels or plastic defects in the plastic film usually here we are working with resolution of 15 Macromedia In cross emission direction and we have a very low speed 10 meters per minute on a 1 . 1 meter field which and addicting coating the effects on plastic films coating pinholes the coating the stock blocks coatings or something like that and code so seas are to begin but victim plastic films
next application would be Woodward tighten Woodward inspection here we have also a reflection bright future from bottom and top side and we have adopted set up to do find some scratches or particles of the surfaces and using all the transmission Bradford said resolution is much more its
has now a 0 . 0 6 5 million and that works with the speed of 20 meters permanent sees inspection system is now for she'd material what for continuous scissors inspecting modules on the size of the 1 events and 1 . 5 meter length for example could be glossed could be coated glass could prescribe glasses disease or special sinful modules area some scribes and you're their searching mainly for the effects on describes or some coating defects during the production process of for example tin oxide coating also sees
as 1 of the inspection system to detect defects on losses coated glasses so if he's gloss there is coated with his some reflective layers to save energy or to make it more a nicer to fuel this loss of life is a slightly reflective coating on it and sees glass she sheets was free .period commuter routes we are going to have spot the before are inspected In reflection dark field and reflection Bright Field searching for coating defects which comes from Spataro coating pinholes this resolution also all . 0 5 millimeter so here we are 2 directing see coating on the surface of a glass sheet
how to combine example before said so we have a inspection in reflection Bright Field and 1 inspection doctrines almost channels and reflection so usually you need to have 2 banks of camera 1 Bank of Cameroon is responsible for the reflection Bright Field and the 2nd 1 is responsible both for reflection at about the same
techniques you can combine you can combine you have 2 combine said Bright field in Parkfield set up into 1 bank of cameras she had only 2 synchronized it's a light on and off receives camera so the doctor Schenk yeah combining systems in 1 and using only 1 bank of cameras and now we more to Black Sea was synchronizing between reflection Bright Field illumination and reflection Dartford illumination you're switching on and off said light and there was a camera got 1 can right field next can stop you scanned bright Futures can adopted so that crews cans in 1 camera and so they're saving space you're saving money because using 1 bank of camera for 2 inspection journals scissors since taking the of sink is called
Media would boot image Nunavut analyzes the combines inspection channels so we got 1 2 perhaps 3 for what generals and so we're using sees material this is all too good said up to being that maturities inspected with several opted channels now it's a combination of private inducted nation itself again
the 3rd inspection of glasses means you searching for defects In reflection Bright Field reflection .period field and now we want also Masha see reflection behavior all so like going to the camera talking about the reflection watching T so home watching is Aziz surface of coaching you want to avoid said some sheets have for example Ohio lower reflection behavior because if you exchanging some last sheets on from 2 of office buildings To reflection behavior must be always the same so this is not only a matter of defects is there scratch bottle while coaching also see how much officers chic it's important to me morning monetary if they're changing reflection behavior over a certain kinds of means the doctors
change additionally to the local it's able to measure so light intensity which is reflected electrons transmitted during inspections and so we got a good impression of feeling how is he coating behavior characteristic of some material should hire lower is there a change in the coating on 1 sheet we're talking about the so-called morning touring off z reflection on transmission later sicknesses conceived we have a change in India reflection on transmission behavior during the process here are some examples
of the sea for example left-hence highlights the side of the sheet see and there's a yellow line yellow-green Linus we have from higher intensity of call for reflection it's a gray value is higher there's pool right hand side we have lower Grayville value so that means it's somewhat darker less light is reflected compared to the left hand side so you will have in watching from the left hand side of Surjeet because the right-hand side of the ship scissors lay on which unity the lower-resolution compared to those who look at the peak detection so 1
example more is to begin production of float glass fruitless means Sanders melted glossily produced continuously so float losses a road controlled process let me say that means it's a continuous process was admitted lost as a start sickness
at the end of this 1 million class and sees gloss is detected in transmission contrast and transmission information to find bottles to find stones a glass this sometimes higher resolution of 50 markka reader sometimes the resolutions have 100 miles from the city pencil and becomes a kind of clause which is produced With a certain rates of 4 . 6 meter To begin afloat classes of formulate sickness and here we
have they are using 12 channels in 1 using the so-called tree-lined various 1 channel in transmission To that's a contrast said means the quorum for defects in the 2nd channel which is a certain upper from whose a blue light for the deck send information to a distortion of the defect for example to seize information of lost uh 0 produced by
so also combining of both channels into 1 illumination cameras that allows you to save space and money because you need 1 of the channel and you got an altercation information train line communications and 1 and we have 1 Camara legislative election between contrast and distortion again here is
his principal it's a contrast detecting owners in stark contrast Park and distortion is detecting to formation of last year was a bright dark signal and so I got a detected a formation of classes yes detection is a
matter of different opted to channels combining its reflection transmission Bright doctrine topside inspection bottom site inspection defamation and all those things so 1 example
is this for a higher speed the Yuxi on current the a plastic film be pp which is inspected usually in transmission using also between land principles put channels 1 contrast 1 foot into formation to have a better separation and chasm classification capability of the fits into plastic film and now was a pretty much high-speed they're working on 500 meters per minute Ursuline runs on speed of 500 meters per minute and see rates of some maturities 8 meters the main reason to be inspected as the deck defects like always stains wrinkles or what shelves or I poorly plastics isn't filled during production it's an exquisite material and seized defects has to be inspected went up the territory high
production speed set leads to a discussion of us can speak SoHo Foster can inspection system run With a certain resolution but they're are talking about the line speed 500 meters per minute were working on the speed of 8 thousand 333 million liters per 2nd when I
have a resolution of 100 micron media that means it will inspect 0 . 1 million emission direction we need a machine direction resolution of 0 . 1 million needed a seamless can and must have a pixel lengths of 100 might since and resolution called here is 0 . 1 meter mm story is a function of 1st of all line speed the 2nd scan frequency line speed is fixed at 8 thousand 333 million liters per 2nd virgin material moves sources Caroline end the 2nd floor is this came frequencies so how false line read out during the maturing moves from CIS is a C unit is called frequency 1 per 2nd scans per 2nd so how Foster says Ken frequency to get a resolution of 100 1 give the speed of 8 touch that is free hundreds 8 thousand 333 millimeters per 2nd sources came frequency a function of the line speed to wide buys a resolution so we need a speed of 83 thousand 333 the 2nd which is on can widths of 40 cells and for thousand 96 pixels so we got a scan frequency of the cameras can lie on significant writs of fossils and 96 pixels of 300 41 meager hats so we got 300 42 1 million pixels per 2nd which is now a speed of 8 is free so it is free cells 333 scanlines per 2nd means scans per 2nd on one's can sold during 1 2nd says Caroline camera got 80 we thousands scanners and it's Karen has a length all old . 1 million which is pretty much faster so so high as a production speed is so Foster must-see ,comma around with a circus came frequency To get a certain resolutions in wishing direction some I have
just give you some examples of Hi and low-speed inspection of Mordor there using different channels introducing principles z state of the art inspection is mainly can be can be explained easily when when you're talking about achieved tea glass inspection system to do so chief tea glass inspection is combining different optical channels To get up over all information about the gloss quality which is processed to achieve cheese screen later on so it's an incoming quality control said loss before it produced to a so-called TFT the panel and you're on such inspection system the 2 companies are using different optically channels to catch up different information officer glass quality To further inspections that is awkward party detection to the glass sheet which could be put . 5 meter rates 2 . 3 meter lengths it is going through a 1 hour before inspected because on the glass sheet particles are not allowed sociology party that has to be washed off In 2 0 got information about the washing process office of washing process of pocketed the victory comes to see how many parties are the remaining ones and lost so the particles on the surface the next step is the edges of the glass sheets are polished and certain um geometry and so are not allowed any cracks on the edges of the so it's too glossy which has to be specially adapted by class action said after Z said last goes in a defect inspection now we're searching once again asked for bubbles or stones inside the glass under the fake inspection system once you overall lost surface and because it gave it our social mall and it's difficult to make a look classification it can be detected by the the debate sometimes only addicted but was we pixels and that is hardly possible to make a good classification what happens this season defects are additionally inspected under review station means a microscope that is moving on a certain position Elazig lost debate this deck and got some new image additional image with a higher resolution to make about that but it justification for itself so sees different inspections that In 1 line are combined together and offers that's a quality of class she is specified by particles by closets quality by last defects and by getting information also in future so
we have I want to use free full water different inspection steps there's the etch is inspected in CPU steps 1 is top and bottom edge and a 2nd 1 is ch inspections a lead in and out of so since is to be Kelly and achieved the glass inspection principal convicted particles depicting local defects which transmission directing the edge quality was excellent and reviewing defects are directed the inspections that before so to show up such lines have a
short movie scissors a to Kelly chief tea gloss inspections of a system where huge glass sheets of a sickness of 0 . 5 millimeters or inspected 1st of all you see here Xu edge sends or which is detecting the bottom side of the edge for edged defects coming on the bottom side of sitting onstage seasons or looks for cracks and offers here again descends ourselves a class ghost losing a sense of heroes of bottom side and there is an additional hands on the top side which is also directing the etched on topside so we got an edge detection after the edge education she goes Swiss inspection General there's a glass surface it's a world-class incurred loss is inspected for the formation in contrast to defects is it glass Kemmerer said that so each camera has a certain scanned and so we have a certain amount of cameras put it together and each camera pictures of a certain inspection blitz and a glass goes through is illuminated in transmission and I got finds defects 5 using the cameras lines can cameras predicted class he fits in contrast and 2 formation and that the effect is the decadent inspection channel said lost is going the next that person microscope had this here is a microscope station so information officer positions of defect comes from the inspections that and now see here is unique in the delta inspection and now and that's that it was a microscope station against them must be borne in which received inspection of Cilegon outage again 1st of all it is edges detected and said microscope step comes to glass moves was a microscope station and here's a microscope is moving on a certain position rested defect is located and we got a certain image onset defects that we have detected by its inspections that and then cyclosporin Grady inspected goes up so we got to get information the guts of product information inspection results microscope preview a point is that information said the effects are classified into she disqualified principle of inspections European some microscope step and I said need out catch again is detected by the town center pictures that in transmission and always relied on "quotation mark channels and 1 meter principles to get contrast and information actions or inspecting leading edge Europe and Morty 2nd Camara's inspectors knowledge of says it lost before microscope station could inspect Cyrus solutions to defect which undetected before university lead-out edge detection sensor moves down inspecting the lead outage so is the art of inspection is key the glass inspection and said Bossi example which leads me now it is a clear for years project so I will explain a little bit more such tasks With skiing it's project team for yield where doctors shame is responsible for detection of defects and we have different tasks project so we are we have to detect particles the size of 10 to 5 10 micrometres abound to 500 mm finding mechanically onto glasses scratches cracks doing some code that defines and coating defects sic material right the electoral process is coated and we wanna see also see layer sickness foreign nations at home watching as we have discussed before How is a reflection behavior explains the latest sickness is Sara relation in reflection behavior are presently sequences so we need some different opted principles and set ups To solve sees inspection costs to find 2 different types of defects that material but the changes is using a camera based party counter to find especially since smaller party does 1 might from leader 592 poor migrant defect sees party decided that it was a special camera and will talk about it seemed most get learn later on explains and principles for particles smaller 10 micrometres To find sees defects additionally abuse camera-based inspections emotion was that most camera With the so-called blue lines ends or we're interdicting particles the size more than 10 micrometres finding toting defects and also looking for sickness for relations in reflection so inspection costs find smaller particles was particle counter the Senate With an additional optical set up we are going to z reflection transmission inspections to find the particles and to find layout which Inc Was he unsurpassed we have a
party calendar C P principle is a part so we need a lot of light and if a party to a small particle is detected said party givers candlelight in the inspection systems supported account reading Dec Siskind applied on the surface said Monday using TDI cameras toward 56 scanlines so-called sends or see Canberra-based inspection system is also opted principle is a bright field set up in reflection and transmission using here in need principle would've been in which the victim realizes in reflection and transmission to save money and to cut z reflection and transmission information together In 1 Bank of
it's party counter that in principle is Prince abilities the same as a standard lines can camaraderie and the camera set Kemmerer needs a certain Hall to focus system because depth of focus on a party counters for a so we need to focus on the back and on the front side and so we have a party contradicting particles of back front site and 4 sets use need out focus unit but then the the nation's to Katz's candlelight and we like to try to avoid a scattering of flight outside the glass the inspection area but a good order directed ends and we have a certain party condemnation and this system has to ever relates party become the images and this is a matter of particle detection then
rocking principle is Saskatchewan light intensity raise cantering means so more so because the size of a party is so more light is scattered by the particle Sosa light intensity is increasing but small particles or during last flight big particles of scattering more so together a calculation about the size of a party to the has only 2 can equally Saskatchewan light intensity on jails different because so big see this is somewhat like is scatter to the scattered light intensity corresponds directly with the party concise so
like this kind of light intensities for we need a certain principal total increases syncytial Cosenza usually alliance can as 1 or 2 lines To be and they're working together so principal z sends off for a party to depict a year for king for you it's using 2 wanted 56 lines each lines offers the next 1 and sees lines are integrating satellite which is candor during movement but means if a scan Vicenza arrest detected 1 on 1 line and defect and scattering defect to next line and the next lands over makes and also lines are integrating step by step to signal together and so we got higher intensity of measured light when the 2056 lines so you can easily see said principal on that slide here if I only once can at the figured that was a low contrast only a little bit in which event lines and we're integrating to Giza TDI means time due late integration a contrast of defect is increased and now we are integrating with 256 lines so we can have very high signal-to-noise ratio urination and at very high intensity for scattering of flight this is a principal of the TDI Kemmerer so the
objects Sosa defects scattering like defict moves from right to left and the TDI sensor is increasing by line-by-line the intensity of the of this kind of like so that a higher sensitivity compared to a single word will lines and so on
additionally deserve high sensitive 56 lined with the scanlines answer to the islands or made out of focus failed to focus is responsible to have z focusing the level of C optics currently owns a pulp to bottom side so if you want if you want to discriminate between particles on board only topside need all to focusing unit to see whether the defect is look at the top or bottom of class so the Delta Force principle can be active or passive and publishing is using an active about 2 focusing unit that means a light is going to surprise is reflected poor sends or and with respect you this tens of sea uh of reflected light still focusing would going is focusing on two-pronged on the bottom side of City lost you need the pope was would be Corsica lost during inspection is always moving a little bit back and there is always a little bit vibration and said flexible funeral to production is moving up and down and so we have always performed with accord position for that reason and particle detector has been focusing you need to focus sends or on court positions
additionally and he died illumination to creates a light we ought to go fishing determinations nowadays are illegally illuminations water-cooled stabilizer temperature and to increase the lifetime has some certain lands on the surveys and usually using a white light because high intensity and then some additional light designation pretty light trap "quotation mark buoyed by unwanted reflections outside of the inspection area no 1 wanted scattering takes no unwanted reflections and a defined spectrum of assistance for that reason as so-called like crap issues so 256 line TI's cameras and out focus sensor illumination and like crap results yesterday at the party come and that party congress now depicting pretty much more particles Pisces less candid light intensity so this is a
typical image also pocketed both 1 2 3 4 particles detected on a sheet with loss sheet and the debate size is not a particle size as is displayed here in match it's a matter of the light intensity so so bright support this so big Garissa potluck so the seas party disasters light and creating an intensity of light and how to calibrate justice system to decide whether it is a small or medium will be pocket for calibration then artificial condemnations reserve spit cific size are used so we're
using for calibration 43 melodic spheres and certainly has a certain sighs which 1 might really 500 Lederer .period and so you're mixing Z's Roddick spheres in a liquid solution and Senor spraying since I pulled solution with the particles with a specific size on that last surface and then your or mushrooms and light intensity scattered by C 1 like from the party to 592 particles or poor particles and so you see how much like scanner and then you have calibration according to set put history and not Expedia's peace and costs reference Spartacus
1st of all and you're using liquid you have to be on the safe side liquid itself is not creating some scattering of light here is seeking class and now we are using to clean glass with dispersed solution without any particles is he's signal level is the same so was he liquid present parties inside are not influencing the signal and after that you can put some parties into a liquid and you can't
few with the party in a microscope here is so left and that is a microscope image in bright future with smaller particles can seize more particles all these same size sees Ozzie put history not excuse and his party count in which gives now bright adults for each party on it In brightened doctrines and that intensity 5 micrometer particles as a matter of how big is supported here is a
microscope image in Dartford now on the right-hand side you see 1 micrometer particles on party to counter and say small to freeze more party and so we have a low was kind of like and also particles 1 2 3 4 5 particles have the same light intensity of this kind of like and so seize up 1 micrometer Macromedia particles and and now but change is measuring the intensity of of pixels to great Minnesota pixels and this it's more writer said parties getting bigger this is the Greyhound
took any brake thank you can them images of 1 micrometer particles 500 enemy politics is free and number departed great value the intensity of light is increasing for the 1 micrometres highest-level 500 American Alameda it's getting lower and 300 mm it's getting lower again and here on the gray images sobriety need you can't intense particles pocket protectors differentiation
of bottom and topside party did you using the autofocus unit so if we find him party can we can focus on the top or the bottom side and bike is getting pulley which is 1 of top and 1 on bottom side we can differentiate whether a particle is located on the top or party giving painted onto bottom surface by analyzing the images that's a principle so light intensity gifts z size of soup particles and of focusing you wanted by focusing on top and bottom side gives information is a particle no 2 particles are detected and to attend got
information about abortion cleaning process before we
coating on it so we have to Kemmerer based upon ticket counter and often z party counter to coach comes announcing coaching has to be checked in the camera placed inspection system in reflection and transmission 2nd inspections that and now we wanna see optical a reflection and transmission behavior again was indeed principle multiplex illuminations In a reflection and transmission into 1 camera bank twisty defects on the surface or in the material for that
reason using a camera based inspection system to detect the particles mechanical defects in to see also differences in latest sickness variation so then main differences for the party to count on now the depth of focused so we have not to focus on the bottom and top site to focusing depths of September replaces system is much more bigger competitors pocket account of using the lines can Kemmerer and z and types of detecting defects are different so big particles competitors a small pockets optical resolution is different because Partick you look for a big
effects since Tom camera system in reflection and transmission UCC Red wants alive going in reflection to the surface is reflected in the took arrests and green 1 is a transmission and the unexpectedness clearer matured debts inside rescinds king for you project in bright field 1 channel and transmission and 1 in a reflection In reflection we are using a four-color illumination To get up home watching T offices layer To get an idea about the disease Lee a sickness by moratoriums on reflection intensity also sees ruminations water quality to stabilize to temperature a typical a
defect in a transmission and reflection is a little bit higher resolution has been using it for looking for you but gives an idea about should be candy coating defects which of course when coating process um In the transmission and in reflection Chen said that she is additionally responsible to get information about see layer home watching T in her later 6
would you need a map gives an idea about reflection behavior and see home T was sickness of Monday toward so by using different wavelengths 479 leadoff hitter and 570 millimetres I got different intensities in reflection behavior so light source said light wavelengths is creating diferent a deflection intensities so by using more different
angles somewhat different wavelengths of light we got different formations of reflection behavior to calculate eroded relations for sickness of layout by Silkwood ,comma cheating maps too much energy map itself is on map which is averaged 2 get rid of small local defects and the sea so much in demand has a very low noise only 0 . 2 per cent noise competitors Grange noise of 3 per cent and sit on which he to map has a very high Grain which range of 16 bits which is 65 thousand 536 gray values usually people look at the effects using an 8 bit which is 1 at 56 Craven only Cisco local defect from which unity using them much more higher arrange all Zia gray values was intercepted a 16 bit image so you're using only
1 light source was 1 wavelengths we got a certain reflection behavior and so SOS Elias sickness is going from 2 . 8 to 3 . 2 micrometres into reflection is going up and down and up and down the garden certain curve which gives you an idea about the light wavelengths of 470 0 9 the curve it's difficult to decide what sickness two-and-a-half that was 8 per cent reflection behavior when have 1 2 3 4 5 different points of the diagrams that bears signatures related so totally pull this year's season want with 3 4 5 points haul to improve it you're using different wavelengths urine said diagram leaving 417 Alameda 570 and 6 Missouri and now with 2 different wavelengths begot also could for affliction behavior by by combining since lines to Gazza regarded as 2nd level approach this and much more higher range of Fidelity um forces seek his calculation was in see reflection behavior and now we have a simulation of seeing aspect with Oxford Properties and a millions amusing algorithm to calculate a sickness out all the result of free different intensities all by using different wavelengths for soaring "quotation mark :colon nation for reflection intensities gives information about a sickness of silly thanks to thanks
to was a researching leading so research leading Percy's results as receiving funding from the European Union's 7th Framework
program and work together in seeking for four-year project by using the new I'm making detection for particles to England sickness Iverson engine which ETA finding local dividend material to improve to rule production process for 1 it's awful organic affordable tied modules films that see inspection costs and there was a lot of great experience for the fishing thanks to all of people


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