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Contactless web handling
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Dam, Teunis Van
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Technical University of Denmark (DTU), The Department of Energy Conversion and Storage
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Madsen, Morten V.

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welcome to this lecture on average for contractors were pending said musicians find mysterious phenomena work as a
mechanical engineer for IBM Precision Engineering which is located in the south of the Netherlands
so this letter will be on hand the use of force media bearings for contacts were pending and in typically in enrolled rope production processes for flexible and Optronics clean and damage free world role processing is critical for the yield in the lifetime of the product so um and
appealed to the Web handling equipment is a major source of damages and contamination on the foil so therefore I'm ideally any contacts with them films should be avoided and therefore contractors planning is really a nice opportunity to increase the the yield of the product so for some introduction
about and bearing technology and ranks are already widely used in all kind of precision applications for instance for semiconductor industry and the working principle is actually and very simple so the flow of pressurized air is forced through a kind of restricting surface and that is if the surface is pressed against the flat counter service than an acquisition is formed and typically 10 migrants
are more thick and and that cushions that allows frictionless and contact with motion between the 2 components and while for this restricting material beginning the use and a solid material with 1 or more tiny holes or offices and made into it or you can use a fully porous material and the difference between them can be seen on the next flight so he received
3 types of evidence the
last 1 is a round and then with a single office in the middle of the of the surface the middle 1 has also a single office but also some distribution group to did to disapproves the pressure and India film and the right 1 is is 1 that uses a fully porous material and and the grass on top of that the schematic pictures they represents the pressure distribution in the air so as you can see and when a porous material is used the press in this region is far more even
than in the other cases and that makes it's um especially interesting and when we moved to flexible substrates apart from that course media events typically have also better stability and build capacity so In order to
move toward a flexible substrates and world processing and 2 types of embryos are developed and the 1st of them is the natural which is basically just a cylinder of which the 2 cylindrical surface is fully made of this Boris Boris material and the principle is is very simple as you can see on the figure on the right and the film is wrapped over
the surface of the edges just as you would do with a normal role and then due to the airfield between the film and the cylindrical surface film can be moved without contacting without friction in any direction and um obviously is not needed anymore to have a rotating surface so well with the normal roller and the services actually rotating with the actions of the services
stationary so and there's no barriers or other and moving mechanical components in this In this type of temporary In order to validate this technology for 4 years in Muldrow processes and
just said it was developed where and a close look films it was wrapped over
to atoms and 1 of the agencies is used to create tension in the in wet and for this the PET film was used and also its steel belts and to compare the 2 and a capacity of displacement sensor was used to buy actually measured to fly heights of film above the average surface or in other words the thickness of the acquisition of the the In order to
validate that there's actually no contact between film and surface so the next light show some
results and the flying height of the film is typically between 50 and 200 migrants over the surface and then in the bottom left figure he can see
that the the Blues slices give an impression of the of the heights that defy heights and forces for different part of the surface and you can see in figure that there's actually no contact of any place on Monday where the better supported when a film is supported by the edges and would also is visible in this figure is that you can see a wrinkle in the film where the film is not supported and then right over the accident you cannot see the wrinkle anymore so it really has a kind of flattening function
then as the next step the the
thickness of the airfield at a particular point is is represented as a function of the preload force will actually
preload photograph is twice the wet tension so you can see we increased the tension of to a level of 200 Newton's for 30 centimeter wide web and those still then that there was no contact between and the weather and the entrance and from the asymptotic article nature of the craft you can imagine that we could increase the tensions even higher still have no contact so this really proves that conduct was but timing is is feasible on well on 3 thin airfield there some general
comments and said the air consumption is typically less than 50 meters per minute for 50 centimeters wide entrance which is to compare its it's a factor of 100 or more lowered a typical and that would kitchen hood which used in Europe above your kitchen stuff it is not capable to any size In principle and what was also done is is the electrostatic charging of the film was measured so and we know from the fields that typically a normal rollers and a lot of electrostatic charge to the field as sometimes up to 5 kilovolt on parole and therefore also the charge was measured before and after the film was transported over natural and no charge buildup adult could be measured so this is also a massive advantage of using Nagin over regular roller and then something on drinking behavior and from principle itself due to the lack of friction in the in the
context there there will be no tension created in the lateral direction of the weather and therefore as this might be a good improvements also in terms of wind behavior and so these were some general comments than
um the atoms are actually successfully used already in the field for more than a year and they have been used
with all kinds of subsidies for instance the PT substrates in most cases but also steel and aluminum films and also trials have been done with that paper Webster and well the 1st results are really promising so it might be impossible to support paper webs and with contact with the with an editor and and 1
kind of typical application is this 1 where and
what you could see insiders and steel-frame so in rope rolled steel frame and to be have to and 2 rollers parallel to each other and mounted into a frame and by rotating the frame as you can see in the drawing and the
army the outgoing side of the Web is moving left and right and this is normally used in order to and keep the went into a stable position and the lateral direction well if rollers normal rose I use for frame than and it might be necessary to have front side contacts so contact with the coach it's too sensitive side of of the field and so to avoid this the trial was not where the rows were replaced by Agence and intuitively you might expect is not to work because of the lack of friction and you might expect that is not possible to create any force on the way in the natural direction however the
results of that were really good so In an experiment the
preference position over the weapon was was changed stepwise missteps of 5 mm and then the why as results you could see that the Web was really following the reference position up to arrange about 20 mm while they're in In the year-earlier situation with an overall as the range was only limited by about 3 millimeters of range of really increase also the response to a step in the reference position was actually quicker than before and as you can see it in the picture on the right the the steps taken are really visible In the in the role after winding so December this clearly demonstrates that not only passive transport but also steering and without context to the Web is is really possible and he's really good results so this is a this
was actually the 1st type of Arab ranks of the enter cylindrical entrance and the 2nd 1 is unknown and at table which is
and it consists of a flat area segments in which a divided by groups in which affection is applied
as so the as the DMA sections they actually while they creators air cushion on which the weapons floating the vacuum grooves they pull the suffered toward the end 2 was surface so that's really thin and and stiff the Commission is formed so currently this is
used a lot in in flat-panel industry to support Richard and glass plates and now as a new application did this is the trials of 4 flexible structure substrates where you of course would expect that the subject is pulled and into the vacuum groups and I'm want to validate this again as small set
of course was prepared so you see again a stationary for oil which is brought to wear to a certain level of tension and then supported on the horizontal section by an at table and again in the same way as before the and the fly heights of the film over the active surface was measured using a capacitive displacement sensor well as the 1st results them in this graph you can see and the fly hired at a certain point on on the field
and while the the air vacuum pressure levels were where what changed so um and number 1 in the and the air pressure on the band's was on but there was no vacuum so that you can see the follows list of very high it is basically just blown upward slightly at idea pressure and then and number 3 you can see that's a situation when there was no pressure on the bearings but the vacuum level was on and then obviously the film is just a pressed against the surface so as 0 5 and then at number 2 at both the air and infection were on and then the the fly-halves really stable at a level of around 40 microns and the next step
was to automate to make a scam in the In the last direction of flow and and they concede and several runs were done at the same level of of 2 pressure
on the on the bearings and the vacuum level was changed between 0 and . 3 miles below the atmosphere and so when there's no vacuum of course the heirs as long as the film just blown words and so that's the upper lying in the grass and then when the vacuum that was strongest so the lowest lying in the grass that can actually see them in the geometry of this group in your signal so amended rules are really a a that the film is really pulled down mostly whether groups are still there's there's still fight 50 migrants between the surface and and the and the film so there's still no context an but the best thing is in between so if and if some optimal
settings are found then the in the surface of the film is really flat so and the purple lining the graph shows and a setting where the flatness of the Web was actually better than 5 microns over a length of the 55 mm so this is really useful in some applications in In Motorola processes and as an NEC said the same was done in the lateral direction and
again he conceded the Fed is a bit less blood because treated without any aren't able support their work wrinkles in the fall the cost the flatness to be worse than 75 migrants and when the at was used there was a what he and tie with of the film is was improved to 15 migrants with the exception of the edges which tend to curl up a bit and so in both directions and the sentences for year ago as the next step
the stability of is is measured so for this and that it was integrated into a cultural life and and yet it was supported a piece of the film that was between 2 rollers with a distance of about 1 meter apart and the without and the support by the
unstable and the vibrations in the in the field when the film was running were at more than 250 microns and at 1 meters per minute which is a bit compete fairly and then with the active support so using both the pressurized air and vacuum and then this vibrations were actually reduced to less than 19 micrometres Peter peak with a running failed so still without any contacts and between the average surface in the field and there was also no significant difference
passing between 1 meter per minute and finds the minutes and there's no reason to assume that it will get worse with higher officials lost and well in this case and the sensor was place right above the table in the same thing was done while
the film was supported by 2 at tables with the relative distance of 15 centimeters and the sensor was placed in between and then still we could achieve stability of better than 25 microns speak to peak which is not as good as has rightly above the active of course but still very good and it is useful in
applications where you want filled stability but cannot basin at table for some reasons and directly at the point of interest so also the at table is
and has been successfully used in the field already and because
he hadn't really makes a flat and stable feel this is especially interesting way want to do online where in-line optical inspection and cultural lines so several trials have been done where an the Grant and in line and optical inspection step was was necessary somewhere in the in the process and typically WEF operations and make it impossible to for the equipment to have proper focus on the on the film's should face and we could see that with the at tables enough stability was realized too well to enable the the inspection and the same was done for In 1 application for printing process while you also want very stable well and there are also the and the head table prove very useful and finally but in different trial the answer it was integrated and able trying often were typically you want them the film to be horizontal and flat over very long piece of while several meters um and there are also the head table was it's very useful so as a summary and with the
engine Texas where transport is enables on I'm John Avery a thin film of air typically 50 to 200 microns and the edges also and are able to realize contractors let steering and even improved student performance and then with the at table flat airbags and a very flat where this is that about 5 microns on a smaller area and better than 15 migrants on a larger area and also the Web that can be made very stable so operations can be reduced from most to more than 250 migrants to less than 9 microns and below the action and that it will are already successfully integrated used in the field so finally
I'd like to thank you for funding this research on the day field projects and this was the end of my lecture so thank you for your


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