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Interview with Dieter Karg
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Photographic processing
Finger protocol Hose coupling
the main challenge was the question is it really possible to develop a system which is able to detect and localized electrical defects in the rolled proves that the system was continously moves was approximately 10 liters per minute and the release of a possible to get here good image of the monument to the cops and the application system development manager at Beatitudes System GmbH Technical
responsible person in all companies for projects and especially for the thing for you our role was to develop and wrote a long process and a couple of infrared system which is able to detect and localized electrically active defects In organic devices like melodies or solar modules also is 1 of the
task to work make an
image-processing that we really have the positions of the defects and also if you know how harmful these effects are and where we give this
information to the the company's publication and holds
sentence and they use this information for their repair because of the high road
rules speed of 16 centimeters per 2nd but you only have approximately 1 2nd of measuring the time for an area of 10 by 10 centimeters and 2 nevertheless it you need a very very high sensitivity of your infrared measurements and looking some of fears makes a good combination it this very very fast and improve signal-to-noise ratio in comparison to the single image infrared image very much
as looking tomography can be used for any Electron Devices everywhere where you have to have short
circuits or anomalous heat distribution you can detect this by looking the demography and this means you also can use it for organic devices like organic affordable tights or organic leading


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