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LBIC tutorial with Mikkel Jørgensen

Video in TIB AV-Portal: LBIC tutorial with Mikkel Jørgensen

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LBIC tutorial with Mikkel Jørgensen
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Madsen, Morten V.

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Experiment indoor
Outsourcing Klemmverbindung Kopfstütze Movement (clockwork)
Experiment indoor
Experiment indoor
Experiment indoor
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Experiment indoor
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Computer animation Experiment indoor
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Computer animation
this is an example of the free OPV so that I want to the image with this LP technique in news that other artists here it hasn't 16 stripes will want to see if they will work if there are any lasting deletions on the way that we do is that we connected this frontier
direct electrical contacts in this measurement here actually there 2 terminals of solar cells inside this Chamber there we have to set up with the laser on
top here which scans rapidly this fixed direction here and when would then start experiment will will also be still movement in this direction to get the rest of the of the whole of sources lodged
inside the European instrumentation close it
down and we tried to adjust parameters for the so Estonian here it is
what is scan along 1 ex-con looks like him can immediately see and then the image the solar cell here we will then
make a fast buck
scan to see where we have put the soul sewage of Brussels and can see how fast this big technique actually can be all
the 16 stripes of the solar cell it appears in the image and we can clearly see where in this space here which can be 25 by 25 centimeters where its position weakened them and make a higher
quality image of the solar cell by taking a small portion here and then to the hassle a more detailed scan this of course takes on a bit longer time perhaps in a few
minutes to scan will start due shortly here but 1st we are in an area with no also basically a blue background that we see here not only terms the solar cell and you can begin to see the stripes the 16
individuals so solar cells in the model that we have here and always in the
wake onto the images finished we can live in large at the and Games receives more details for instance where there are defects all called to the north of the stripes that we can see you would remember
that really stand out because I think that technique this would take at least 7 dollars to to do article right after so now
we don't think the images
finished the scanners finished and we can then enlarged the image to see the
details in in them and you can immediately see here we have the
war so audible devices of all of 16 cells and you can immediately see that we have some very large .period liable bobble like defects have different positions here which shows that something unpleasant happened to this device we consumer maybe
even closer on on these details to see an
even smaller parts here for instance in the wrath
of the solar cell is about 2 . 5 mm time in 8 states sentences so we can see quite small details the solar