Laboratory tour with Silvania Pereira

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Laboratory tour with Silvania Pereira
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Sheet metal Optics Hot working Machine
Sheet metal Screen printing
Ballpoint pen
I'd like to introduce you to in text itself
machine that we have abused here at the Delft and optics research group for our projecting for you the idea of this machine is to inspect plastic sheets for possible contamination of his small particles by small tiny particles that are under 500 nanometers In our goal here is to the able to detect and to localize particles from 501 192 holders at work but we have is a laser that comes from the optical fiber here in science and Weatherbys the follows very tight on the way to
the sample and the sample is scanned founded this
fall spot in the inflected feud is sent to a detection systems the detection systems ensuring that at the right side on the screen you see as a CCD camera and that article which it is under these changes sheet here is being scanned with appears just show when the article comes goes away so is continuously being scammed up and down and the right picture
there from the camera shows how the particle
about all this is not what we attacked because this would be to his role to take pictures from Cameron so what we have a simultaneously to that is up a signal from the Dec . high-speed detector which states an aide to House bowls of balls in health the and that
big a difference and the difference than shoulder knows who is also the signal that you've seen going up and
down now and oscilloscope is useful signal which tells you the days of contamination there and by
then the home brought the
signal using time we can also tell something about how big a practical ways so this way we can end in a real system which allows you to hold holds center will be continuously initiated the groaning under this machine and every time and small particle will be needed detected by our detector


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