Interview with Theresa Spaan-Burke

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Interview with Theresa Spaan-Burke
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the work that we've done was initially on the transport of foils and contactless
manner in which it was has many benefits we also looked at the air cleaning of services is obviously
something that people were very interested in because particularly organic electronics new developments in multiple processors and not limited to very sensitive to the damages I supported and traditional methodologies fanatical scratches and dents my name is said to be the
work of innovation director called on exposition ended they
think he'll project was focusing on defects on multiple processors for organic electronics that involves the inspections and and repair or cleaning and what we're focused on was actually the transport of the foil in the nite methodology or contactless methodology that allows you to avoid touching the subjects and causing the issues on the surface in the last 2 weeks going the content
with transport to add another dimension to the heir to the transport can also implement cleaning and we can implement maintaining a very novel and contactless manner and we've been able to show that that's highly effective in removing particulates from the surface of worlds without causing damage to the falls which may be traditional and approaches however have the potential to do and in certain circumstances we've actually managed through the technology in a way that's really well verified which is tremendously important because we understand that we now have little interest in a potential
customers in the long run and they were they love the concept
that the content transport that then the 1st questions of all proved to me it works and how does it work how controllable it how can I put in in my system if I have a particular challenge and I want I don't want to say I want to do metrology but not have the stabilization area .period eventually all those questions we've been able to concentrate faith and I think will therefore can make a real difference in the lives of of the 1st lecture focuses on transport of follows all went on a noncompetitive basis using a the 2nd and then that I can actually be cleaning and into that process


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