Interview with Roar Søndergaard

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Interview with Roar Søndergaard
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Madsen, Morten V.

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Screwdriver Mountain
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this also can be Little cut out afterward industry he want Golota's promoter William Carter 1 higher-margin you take it I have have my name is not on the ground palestinian scientists in the hands of
primarily involved with
manufacturers of chemicals of larger-scale using central mission of the organic solar cells became interesting
for the scientific community and because of the possibility to use very little material to produce energy this is
low-cost technology everything all this has to be adjusted so weighty price and efficiency at all times the main advantage of the affiliates concept is that we developed a concept where we can print and total organic solar cells indefinitely so the limitation of how long and how high voltage that can be gained from the module is defined by the length of time the
you have to enter and if you have the floor over this rolled out then 1 would have lost someone in the mountains the driving force here is speed you roll it out and limitation so far what we discovered is
only how fast can you drivers like the soul Partners initiative that to took the military
tried to show that you can also can be manufactured on a large scale aiming for power production in the
projects to be silly connected solar cells that stretches up to 100 meters you have gained around 10 thousand people have been added this is the main thing about this source of the years can get high voltage and power or something like that cost trying to develop new sources of science increasing the output of the source of organs also on logic here is always a challenge here it's also always very motivating to see Universal's 1 get to stay in the program


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