Interview with Mikkel Jørgensen

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Interview with Mikkel Jørgensen
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Jørgensen, Mikkel
Neely, Marcus (Music)
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Technical University of Denmark (DTU), The Department of Energy Conversion and Storage
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Madsen, Morten V.

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Computer animation
now that there is a definite need in the future for organic solar cells in the industry I don't think that I
can think of any other source also technology that can
be made as cheap and is in as large as the
Steelers volcanic sources I I I I find it is in the business of I'm a
senior scientist at the Technical University of Denmark and to good coaching role to vote according to another large scale of organic solar cells that means that we have and developed a huge amount of techniques for moving this scientific fuel from pure science and small
devices into something more industrial and related and useful I think there is still a lot of unresolved questions in organic sources that could occupy scientist for a long time on what's happened many unresolved issues in creating more efficient for ourselves most will styles but certainly the field this morning and we have tried to be a part of that moved this from from glass substrates into something more useful searches or the solar power when we installed and many hundreds of meters of length of a sort generating thousands of faults cost was very different from normal classroom teaching experience in that you can now reach thousands or even tens of thousands of students that I took part in new
Kucera costs as a lecturer who has been a great surprise actually and I didn't realize that so many people were interested in organic so it's a huge is an interesting thing to to witness that kind of a new kind of learning systems I think the concept of having an intended type conference this is great because I think you can reach them many more people with this until he calls from people not only to to their travel to conferences to see the
lecture and they concluded that the pace they want there are some negative
sides to the courses and neutral In general and that is that you do not get an immediate responses from the people that you are talking to 1 and with I'm going to talk about it in the peak in connection with walking solo cells and the advances that we have made in this subject yelping here technology for studying sources has been around for a long time since I think he is the late seventies show when it was inherently various technique here that could be used to be discrete cases for sales
because took something like that day to acquire which of her recent and all motivations course that and we need an instrument that can be compatible with the total production speed of say 10 meters community so that we needed something much faster so


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