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On the Way to Language Intelligence [cortical.io]
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Francisco Webber talks about cortical.io's new REST API version 2.0 and all its capabilities.
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there are over the purpose of this is the same as the set of those of the of the of the of the of the features of the of the body language and the language that you would use of this work is to stimulate and here's what you would always be our basic approach is the use of this approach is that you to could do it takes takes the form of an interview was not actually made in each of the likelihood of the data that is so that they could use the text and 1 the great number of assumptions of that text because around in the form of an input and you have to get at the end of the year at the end of the month so
the assumption is that the United States or what you think is the the extent to which the creates problems that was the constraint that everything is to be processed and called it as a form of solvent in the source of all of this next to select you can directly read the text in which is also that there are some advantages because of this we are at the heart of the city this is also sorts a noise of was in the sense things in a variety of or in semantic web of so that the actual number of information for the convergence of all of knowledge is always tries to think much of the information as possible so this is a very abstract rules of the assumption that you're working with which is 1 of the languages in use of musical examples that we always use only URIs and all of that has to be the 1 place in the world that's is where the smallest that actually contains 1 meaning that the expressiveness of describes the mood of the of and especially in the field of language or the language in which people say the extent of the variational model then I have all the culture that that we have in mind there needs to be some sort of layer where only invasion work to the small parts of the city of something during the constant that is so this is part of some theoretical approach to this is the word of the central problems that limit use of problems with the use of semantic problem then that's something you have to buy its semantic descriptions this the art that type something to read and so the title languages solution there is nothing their time because of the vagueness of the vessel in which the are of the of the group of wanting create semantic grounding by by using all the sentences that basically the the the 1st that that used to specify the 1st words and over time more and more work and the the support of some points of view there's a switch where the user actually works fine semantic words which reads this idea of using context describe words about that has to be in the very beginning and the end point of the only information available to touch on the in so that's what we came up with is a representation of the this characteristics associated with this possible representation of what you see are there on the left and the right side of the words in accordance with the law and the environment in the work with the other people in your branch of the interference for the forward programme you can work with others you can see that certain similar as the existence of clusters of the but there are also differences it point orientation and all correspondence with the so called the whole thing is a collection of words in reach this work has appeared historically and and that actually is that you want know is there is this interesting because every individual in the same attractor with the world so everyone in the class practice of different life is likely to have that of what your experiences were what the words so far all right so far they just have to is that although this is a very also the private representation of the languages in the world in the brain of each of those of the reasons not correlation that allows you to mimic that of by external the some language of instances associated with this environment and that's to someone else should that this partially identified some information as the overlap between those men and what the variance of the nice thing is that the issue and special classes to which allows to make use of all of the colonies and you can work with different and you to massive the efficient when there is a way of comparing the similarity between fingerprints regions so that so that there is a lot of special for example is the sum of all people in the same language they have already a large part of this matter that overlap and therefore the release of the of the conversation is you by the difference of the motivation and the language of the top part of the community but there is still regularity because some of them able to be both languages and therefore cannot be reduced much of data to and so as to use shows of the last thing you want is to get the information about this so that was 1 of the people of other races and holding which means that every word in the sentence by the way has all the knowledge about about its so that the universe is actually called so this is important because it stands procedures and anything just work with the impulses come so users from different components of the input have the correct in the patient that has this is the land of the of the the semantics of the data to the company and the fact that that yeah this is a very common type approach which mapping a 2nd 1 and the similarity to bring
up the basically needs of decompose moles all of language related issues that you can compose them into the ontology of relations in the ontology and calls the information is so it's a semantically annotated around you and lose without any other prior knowledge and so all the interesting aspect is that we have the agent is in the interest of all of the values of so these are binary vectors this is in the plane of the and of its sort of thinking about other than the fact that they are found to be of the use of the principle of not being in the and what is specific compared to other important that you can do use is that there is more so this is 1 aspect that we found is very important to me as much as you may be aware that was a vision of radical which means that even if you remove a vector of it's the long string there are still in the neighborhood relationship with the bits of all the effect they are arranged in a kind of where I'm using this is important in relation the the the the this is the case with the text then so you can even in this message in this this year is in the history of the representation review the meaning so it's not like the of the world events including the work that has to do with just the rules of the theory of the use of multilingual inspection pages of this book is the use of this new beast of science in the minds of the of the wall by the and from all the characteristics of the actual amount of religion in the image so that should be associated with our world it's going to use the of several these pieces 1 which means that this feature actually covers the survival goal of the is the opposite direction and proximal it's about actually changing the fundamental part additional words for for the world is the right of this way in the remaining was probably will most probably still points to to the same animal model for the thing is that the moral sentiments are being more resistant to come in property of all these things picture of prominently actually going in this portion of the training points you see here is to show the same phenomenon young children being part of that in the of case of such a such a large part of what but there is another aspect the problem but it's also about images that you as a whole so the problem of a random distribution or the square of the semantic feature most and semantic features of the left right problem with only 1 binary work shifts in which you can imagine as the size of when you know it's a constant subject to the whole image and then it becomes a multivariate from these problems of random institutional provisions molten they're going to introduce some of the work of the different semantic meaning here so the problem would be to arrange the makes the way that you don't need to shift to a certain degree main semantics that is the idea that the feature space the work and the easiest way of doing this is by no means this in a way that the cities developed for all the stuff you need to know what the chances of it that was an older piece of work together because of pointing at fish for example should thank you almost to the here and of also the point to purchase the land area and suddenly you can also do that and it always really on more resistant for and this is just the original over the and the on the number of mechanisms the place in which example all the who used to show that this is process that can be done using your know that you have and some old versions and artificial neural networks to use of the additional at some point the group and find a way out of the original data set 2 forms of the finding of students will say it so what can you do with your presentation on them and things like that and it is subtracted by representation is really of the great and I can't for example in the track journal of the work and see if the stars the points remaining this means that all the points in the representation of orders are actually mentioning with john or the instructor so this comes from the middle of there are multiple meanings that can be awarded to the city was a vision of the language of the decision of of the system and so on and so on and so we have to do this is through the use of visualize what you can do with the article in the Data used in this is the sum all the ability to
get this tool that that's a very simple operation to find out about all the different meanings that can capture the meaning of the word again and again and again and you have to follow several ways also information both politics and reading the word order from 1 of 2 small so you ask for some of the people I act of some children then again also the very values of the order of events in the sense of the quality of the product the form of the prion also instruments and all of the needs of the people in this form the European cold water will instead they can look at all these different something that have this this information so that can
subtract young and not in the area who work muscle I see that also here years this region of the world and so this basically shows why the holding it actually was in and the mechanism by the existing means for any word used in the sense that it's very easy but just using in a similar so we were asked for the most similar all the words the representation of the people who work in the binary representation at and then we extract all of the books that are in 2nd representation and the remainder of order in mind the other point is just a game among most similar to to find the next largest the cluster of restaurants down and so on and they use this very simple binary correlation between binder operations by of any of any more and again you know that's the end of a word and what they the were but they were stopped in the history of here actually really labels but there seems to be the most words corresponds to a single word or in the meaning of a generator for those of you who know your work in the area and part of the clusters you have just by just so all of this of this work is to much more can be seen from our diet during the the variable quality of the 2 different sections of the original the rest of the world and the corporations and so Lawrence so and then passed this is the world around them but they were such as this 1 in here in
traditional knowledge on the part of the communication and what is very nice because there's always interact with the lady should so here's the intuition for example there are 2 reasons and also quite a lot of people in a social media and so on so the example is to to win the match them and use them on the Internet in the last 2 experiments with similar interests and that sort like and all of that that's so all you have to consider the expansion rate of the universe quantum theory energy the solution so that I can always in the sense that there is no reason to believe that out of all of these of are all policies and there is there is a very sharp on the present difficulties slightly improves the UN basically all the correlations in the interest of readers that is of the mapping algorithms and the fact that you or your children so there will be and we're going to this is just taking information forgetting about the use of children and they can be a the American representation and the user can you actually have a a problem with which we call this also along with which is almost half of the states of the
information is stored in the word problems we see that the people that I worked all of these different kinds of food and so it was also case for the and so on it should so you want to be able to with this is a list of instances where every iteration of conditions of the frame of mind and the volume of the core and that each number is what
you do is use the so of functionality you just go through is found in the information that you asked for all the same to all of you and results of this gold standard of people in the context of the line of the so this is a simple text the other several meanings of words and we use them all the beginning of each of the of the of the of the of the of the the the results of the of the of the of the literature yeah so these are the features that we see in the text of some of the most this is the function of text in the same region
of the world and that's all you actually read the words in the general form of the text from the background and some of the issues we think of the function the thing the the
the the and so In this a here's what the
system because they did this in the text and that was all the groups which which is the least number of words need to reconstruct the the between most of you will know that this is a job was going to be the ones extracted from the rest of this Part just formal 1 of only constructing a set of questions and so on
the you can think of this as a because of the way around the removal of the and how to and from some and not so this is a function that already contains a lot of computation of the mean of the background and you do things like this and the
year of the financial the use of the system in which the author of this text and all of the special principle is that you just you know and so that when your when your program because you need to take additional recall this is actually the 1st time part of a range of different ways to you can think that you should use them for the next phase of when you words you can be sure of the spectrum and of this and then you can size this is also very useful functionality and the the and the text what you that many different meanings of the topics covered in the text is usually the whole of the Quixote pieces of bonding in a lot of people think this is something that is a function of this is the beginning we always use of people in in the world as such we create a graph of the Great White going along the way and the ones that next change of the number of points in you have a threshold of the state of the by change for this this is not only in the last lecture and a long period of time varying the evidence was that the the individuals in here and there the use of the use of the Internet article in the this is the this is the case the relations but also being used on the quality of the consent of many thanks to the diversity of the original text and the larger the all results then the
same functionality that can be grounds for all of the bonds expressions expressions of of the flexibility of the thinking of the functionality of the dead and so an expression of of the president of the parameters of rest of narrative so in the expression of the will of the variance of text of the agreement and guidance the hands of itself and it's interesting that this is a very small and very flexible so that the use of quite a lot of things very often but it was a very naive approach in trying to something is actually good for so long as you can use this work was partially labeled the result is compared to the area of the Americas vision it is a use the knowledge
of students in any of the operations of the function and this means that we have and will continue to always be there in the middle of the understanding and the course of time OK so this is the the expression of a little bit of the because of the flexibility of the I think that consistent with this and then the most
important of all this was similarity function this is where very you know you you you you you you know where it is going to have a word text version and what is needed to do that we used to use
all of this information to you so there are also cases of
numbers the size of of the rules of the right side of the wall that says which all but a lot of work on the optimal what the limits of instances of the and humans and the right way to do it in the sense that it's still a lot of money money from the center of the top companies also known that center which would be the number of the right to the right thing 1 and this is that the the the is the 1st and the 2nd government patterns during the 1st group doing the right thing and this is usually the case that to we have shown that the idea is that that although there is actually a small so it's 1 word is very frequently because of all of votes model the variance is really you know not what the exact all of the wrong words that the categories of yeah so the only way you can actually corresponds to the increased training for so far to the use of foreign words that we need to talk to the of so far and this is the name of state that there are between us and the 1 that's that the end of the course very often you can use the fact of the word is used in the example of the of history of the world that the more general classes In the of the reason why we tried to do all these numbers can also use of those and then somewhere in some form of art and so that all of our approach to the left of so that it was a very basic relations all the duration of the point of being and after that the arrangement we will use the fact that there's a bit of a distance measure and the introduced to the problem of and then can use the same
symbols on graphical that want to be the users this is the version this this is a problem which to is a new beginning of Part I got so this is the current state of the art world that is the best of our knowledge use of particles in the of and extremely stable and moment so that might be interesting to to see that all the of development we will use the and statistically goes in the direction that we want to extend the usability of the American so that they can be trained with some part of the thing that separates the language and everything that was told all of this is just going to all of the actual quality of life and the fact that doesn't matter as long as it used so this is 1 end of the quantum world for example when English French in the very convenient to use the word reasonable don't you know you should be of the same thing in the world French the volume of correlations between children with special needs and the prospect of a development in finding a way of doing this off because it was used to finding you can you can use the vision and and you have and
because we need to look at the history of quality of the of the of the generator so is what we want to reduce the incidence all around the world languages and we also have a similar problem to use American workers traditionally used in relation to the problem and of of the and this is not a solution to the problem of translating the just taking the representation the fried normalized across several things that we have and will also see also mean that those of all of the most important thing is to use such languages and use the language of the state of the quality of the most general developments and what we had to use the knowledge and especially with all of the time by which means that you do like right answers which the number of moles of the possible relations and and all the cities of the world of this the quality of the this is the new
pollution or neuronal scientists and the goal is to be use used in the larger than the AS and at 1st it was doing so that start of change is that you get all the relevant for this and I don't mean to say that I want you to remember the flow is 1 of the issues that we want to talk to people you know what I need to find out about that and I the election that was you see after each full of the calculations of the states of world of virtually all of and what you actually support more aware of everything move from the order of the properties of the order of the work on the properties of the instruments of the of the of the economy more and more practical application of this is that you can use it to classify information to try and get the status all of about 4 months of the year when the government of making any of those units and finding out which people say this ain't so you like status of all classifier what we should do this by this part and this is also the rate of the because there was included in the area and the 2nd answer of is that of the of the 2 most work which should be selected were followed on all of the top of the era of the digital model which results in your yeah so there were part the Working Party also this the something thank you working with him because many of you have been used to guide the user in originally and so you have to be more and better understanding of what would you do if you don't have any questions you can have both the theory right that was so very very representations in principle is that the corpus of the underlying changes the principle of the apparent change so we make sure that the original was supposed to be a little step back to the original gets through vision nevertheless suggests that people will actually be a simple sport was mentioned this is the region all a the people for example the size of the words that have been investigating action capturing the information is but captures the rubric which created the regions which were which was there was a very strange and and the French so that part of it and so if you want to do have it also because of the lack number of which would have the singular vectors and we'll biology you have made the the people actually control that could be situations and we think it could be anything you want to choose the cells that hold so much as much of the world line of many of the things that this is the 1 yeah so we have a distance for all of this information you can see the small values for these are in a wire silent not already in use in all of that the sort of thing that would kill people of the opposite of what was on the market and things like that and you do that standard is of the work is the set of all similarity through here the moles of some the possibility of the shift in the presentation of the lecture me with some obstacles the similarities the only singularity randomly its using actually in which you are much on any of its actually how that if if you if you sparsify expression and you start to lose if you win you know using a you will be cluster you know was so that the group delay is that the side of the cell that's where we are aware of most of I think this is true for all the utilities doesn't make a change of government in the past and things like that right now and you know see that it is better no no yes yes on the ship of of the input to you can cross language and the the the the the the 2 of the influence of the ship and this case is not that I would have I don't know about Islamic actually used it for the use of the responses of you do large wars of the things I want you to know that this is part of in the act of using the available semantic compressor units with to use limited that it is underlying the collection of all of the things that were here it is scaled down if you use a number and you lose some of the things we want but when he's a lot of this part of the work but I think also what happens in the most basic basically there is so the here is the capital of the province this is actually happening here the following content finally so the noise tolerant of spatial again some of you might say represent i i i i have a lot of time and all the issues that the people in the field of the 1st fair to say that for the language of the language of the user who lived in the area for example this whole thing with the whole thing for us to be much harder I think it would be to random because matching much of the knowledge of so you have words that are successful translation of mobile and absent from which we can use the information about where the properties of these words are the number of concurrent engineering basically means that somewhere in the way in and in the possibility to use the information so in the that you would just Mary 1 shot that you think that the reality of the ones that do is not itself over time so you have have mechanism for in doing so the information of the same while expanding about which is also the easiest to see if you have a lot of logical structure in part of yeah you know that there is valid means there is some because of that there are many things that you should the to the work with things you can do all the work of the world of work that would give them about all forms of Koch said that all of this is that it's probably because of the strength of the analysis of variance here in this century that using and I'm pleased to the existing knowledge of the central region and then just keeping it because it was not you know you have lots of we assume that this was the thing that you know the issue of Polish range in the use of not all and all the title of and I think this is what you would like that part of the book it's a variant of the model could be a structural properties of the colonies and all the all you need is in the language of the main points that are at the heart of this very easily understandable because you could create the article because the convergence on this knowledge of that argument is that a way of sort of making assumptions about what it is related to the heart of a policy the initial cost of these people that is sum of all the of the people that the I think it's I thought of all of history front side of this is the the beginning of the war in Europe and in the moment fighting for this is not something that is just as bad the 1st language so you will it makes the union of the fact that it has the added benefit from the ontology of stock because of this that we can call them what we think we can assert that the writer is there is usually station this work represents the areas that which you find out that there is this just random spatial of structural it is similar to what it around and choosing the topological for engineering that it's not right it's guided topological because in relation was the on the information that's worth point is based on what we know about the visualization of the fundamental problems in the field of vision of the little things that you want to use for the language representation of the weight vector being wrong of distribution whereas the distribution of the of the of the of the of the of population we need use of all of the associated problems mechanisms developed this will not aligned with the possibility that of financing will become of interest from the data 211 parameter taller that the main island in essentially involved in the you can create a thing like that it was not the only 1 mole which reaches the fact is that we know all the the features by creating a logical that generates the features that you know that document in English corresponds to a a point on same translated response but it's not like you know that when being 1 of the things that you could use this of the other thing is it'll say is that entitled it's like you know and you know you know these users going with all of the words there and you need to move the topological properties of the of the of the cells can play it I want to see well it's very easy to see that it will stay with this so this is a little bit of a history of the world and I have a lot of apples followed by a motorcycle and and has for while a making much harder on the need to go to the I don't think that it would be a problem with all of the things that have been laid out in the history of going out that is is the point is you a should work out something because of the types that we and have and it is assumed that the 1 of the things that the unsupervised approach here because of the use of land distribution and in general the experience with the world of the In this work we felt about what you can see this in view of all or all of the continent I want to tell you what the is the use of oxygen and it would be probably using well of the analysis and generation using knowledge I I think that we are considering consist of simplicity and so you can see in this form so I think we can see that the police is constantly changing experience the greatest thing I think this is because these creative industry incrementally mapping software and so on the road to say all of the signals call causal track or type of 1 of the things I think that if they don't want to talk about what you have here the layer looks at this tree the year that it was not the primary and all of that was elected by the way the variable in the biology and the ways you can destroyed of around 1 of the things that you would be at the end of evidence about this is that not in the span of the function with a fire in the same room curial never acted on health and just seeing that those of us that we have the the logic of this of the understand what is going on and on and on the basis that the actually consists of people living in the use of the and again you know level of something like this and then the structure of the people who think there is this so that you will using the works in the bible and you know it doesn't matter if you find that this is the sort of the but this is not the point that I'm making is that if you look at the topology of people that sort of thing you want to do the work that way we did in finding the creation of the resulting from the various special oriented agreed that it is what will call but not all of that and say that I want to and not on the anyway that was point out and this is a this is a work on this framework is not as bad as they are are in the end you can you can think of this moment in time is that was was later that Jenkins parent time and then a couple of questions from reporters now I had I said that I was invited by the other the other than God with them friends and how that you mentioned like that as well so close in the very general version of the the rating of the of the place where you can store the experience of disability we know what the individual words that were based on language of course also something that you can make use of special purpose with this and the specific it was created the representation of of the theory that the inequalities of access right like like on although law that all of you all pain in the neck and the last thing you train on the linear basically used in only 1 the general language which is in the form of a small number of people in the world experiments using the more if you think of because that's easier because of the structure of the variance of about something if you have the pieces of text to explicit about something very useful virtually free will and that of the moment of friends problem locked in a lot of work in trying to attract interest smaller than it was in the knowledge that doesn't necessarily to something to stop it because it will mark for a long period of time was the works the walls of some of the basics of language that you would see the use of the structure of the problem of regarded as additional information training for rescued and trained only on a lot of like ontological understand what happened in the context of them have been in use the opportunity to review them actually read a book about the system riddled with problems that might have a wire here right so that people would use statistical interpretation of stimulus something about what the public think it's necessary to have this property that picture of the human condition stuff but you we do know most of you will bring forward 2 things about an hour and a half of the our specific for example they are generated the children In the case of so far so this should hold our extracted from all of which were trained in the universe distribution of means the company uses the associated with all the other end of the mechanisms that promote of tribal fighters they're really related to that I used this because have a function of the idea to read the book from 1 of the reasons that attracted a lot of more and more of the the In is the that so this is what have to do the work of variables and on just questions on top of that region and user that's not what right now to come customize the retina based on what you evening and then you know that they this currently being so what we used to use that it the motion of objects and relate it to the requirements for people who want to the results of this but there is basically that you do the of the so we're going to use that word in there for a small motion version of what we write and all these things using the the interest right of of all of the time so there is some called the local people who create this this visualization to transfer to the vision of the advantages is that you know of the variants of the problem with that was created created everything from there so when you look at the end of the fall of the the the the the the the the the actual technology will be so uh and that tell something about the current businesses which use and and and have you ever applying to search maybe you like indexing March sites and using that everything in it create retina and that research and of that is most of the we are actually working on module which was which was the invention of the function so you have this searching provides this is where and intuitive of and this is the 1st thing you think mechanism follows you and specify a period of about 1 of the things that the have index of environments in your courses through the use of government if you don't have to and you know if you were the only once in the population and you get match and you can easily write holding discussions right traditional methods of this very important issue because there all of the parents similarities and differences between the idea here is that the right and that some of what about some of you year as opposed to the you know which is then used to capture the users of by having the solutions that will talk about this so that was something that the interest in them again this because we now you can really solve this by selecting game theory problem but instead of directly ranking the integration the world and that was basically the same period of the same problems due to different results that show and their Experiments use of worldwide model in the use of each of the different views of the body of the traditional relations of the American writing and the writing of 1 of the of the of the induced by using the origin of this is the respective and you may think that the use of speech didn't actually reduce the important of thing the solution which started to go make use of the results of the so this not over all of possibilities in work of examples of the use of interest in very different ways of learning to use this kind of on the size of the samples of the of the role of social status and of some of the rise of the park there's a lot of fun and the relations of the major opposition to the match job-seekers and draw a description of the state of the art in the sequence data of the that the mention of the words that that you mention playing right think just to the right from the production of matches that of our model it was because of the object so it's it's basically the original and so we have to have a lot of this of which you can't belong to the monitoring processing units that we have found that using this general English around the world have that here is the sum of the scores of the of the of the painting and generalize the unit of land the in the on on the on that and then when that have a lot of things that we have lot the the book what you get people to contribute to the problem and what you can do all of these different so but it's not as simple as saying some of the some of the more general but they get more of you are less sure which we call the experiments with this is the last thing annotations that model and it will be beneficial to the of specific properties of of correlations between the 2 qualified at all so that 1 of our experiments we actually use of the small fingerprints to major and by engaged in also considered I you will also be involved with some of the experiments were isolated and take smaller but as we have the right to to use the information of you that the use of the the thing is the if the Russians because this is going to be a good good thing in the


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