Kickoff (2014 Fall NuPIC Hackathon)

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Kickoff (2014 Fall NuPIC Hackathon)
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Taylor, Matthew
Hawkins, Jeff
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Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing (NuPIC)
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NuPIC Community Flag-Bearer Matt Taylor kicks off the hackathon. Jeff Hawkins shares a few thoughts. Matt also makes some community announcements about recent projects.
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during World World of rose to say that has to do with this long and this is really going to fall out the fact that I would like to
use the internet and mind the whole thing and if you like that you know media and like the the the the last and you can use that 1st of all I was already there
so that the way it is here that there are of the walking around with some point now livestreaming so of the editing all these years and a lot of the things that is always assumed that there was a moral supported by the United States the problem with that of the molecule that you will and so this year arises from the use of the refined you get there and get your energy in the model of the universal around work you have to be viewed as long as it is doing so thank you to use the accuracy of analysis this happens in the departments of samurai and his mother and here's the variance marginal myself to server is 1 then we have some much support that the rights of standards stream of people in the of the words is also talking about 200 that my wife actually they were also helping out so that you don't know when and how fast is sort of the effect of the
thing to do here once again this is the space it was used to be a very nice of of them and the pretty much a free rein to the whole space and type of talk about I would like to bring up just
for a moment to say a couple words to start up that just because it's such an inspiration for their help in itself you know what I would call in Europe work on so all of this came up with a lower we get in the way of the world that we had some of the people in his and this presentation of what is the reduction in the extent of the of the of the slow start this model of Local Functions pool of people from around the world so that actually and and that and that was kind of fun in the and that that was just something I think you can think of this as part of the whole I want to introduce you to some of the things that we need to sort of thing you in front of the list of probabilities of the top of the people who go on and it's gonna it's going to be very clear about part some of the theories of any knowledge of the of the of the of the of the of the United States to use the little like that kind of thing would you would like to talk the about the size the of the of the center of the world around you don't have the structure of the the world the and that's what we see here what we were doing that you would not be happy all the events at the beginning of a comparable 1st
of all the way to do it for themselves and their work that of of the fact that the way announcements that the registered access In the current is we had just become complex because both them are restricted in certain areas of the world so there are other cases that you you have to be sensitive to the reference do we think that the presence of the rest of the group so we start out that but there is a place for you to register as now I what you go to the end of the course so that there is a link to that registration and is just the you will warm or even the media that the members of the group encouraging strivectin groups that your rate and there's a need to register you have the right to be a good idea of how many days has they have tomorrow somebody reminding you that's walking around work on something you're you're ready I was going to run with but it's also posted on the website of you media the announcements and so
steadily today is the same as this is over if you are having problems getting nuclear running on your computer go into this part of the Centre for Vision for going to this fall and 1 of the things engineers and their a friend of the graph and who does not have to be installed on the system and if so what you have you tried it had problems but it so maybe it's easy needs that was needed in the full meaning you want to help you solve the problems that have lots of different yourself a water clock Francisco where a horrible I'll give presentation on the and intelligence about their involvement with the product various and 238 genes are on top of applications of these if you're works out to be basically the same presentation will have more time to go into more detail about that so if you're talking about and tomorrow
just the back to him and remember all aspects of we and something called a can and we just throw away important people all around and talk about the new world memory features but it is the similar to that I think just as in groundbreaking new to talk about where we're trying to implement some of us but I like the the format of the data from Whitewater but of the set of course but it was locked tomorrow we're going to start at the and I don't know how long it will last last time was public 3 out to of the incoming data we have I made timely and targeted communication that is not actually the attitude you perhaps these registers in here you go back and the later that idea how how certain about that don't want to be here until you have to been going on of this matter is a so of it but this is the upstairs building that I have some work stations upstairs to see a long tables of civil loss and shares of power the degree which were this along the back wall here here's 1 over the right to tight presentation there are also downstairs of distributed with the no confidence that was all the more so you're and then you will get serious so that kitchen and this again with those parts that the interest rate of walking around with tags and things like this room OK to use you know because sometimes is the that is a this is a do not injure so that it is the research and all the spaces you see a workspace and it's OK to use user that something was somebody lives there and there's people know on which to build their work there and these summaries of
downstairs there are some workstations if you are a whole lot of faith and don't want to to be a little more than 1 or summarization and you you might find that it is 1 of the things we have a lot of time so that the person and otherwise you work in these rooms say using his part and were this represents a no a OK so just go through the program of work this is silly and you can come and go as you please but somebody has be tested on that so there is a sign that there was no numbers on and you might use yourself side and nobody's ever going to all the numbers myself on number theory of the Soviets In and on the basis you see here if you like and you have to you know the pressure in works art but I'll probably arose in light of the people and stay of the so of in the area of ideal toxins leading max that we rented from worry at the workplace and so much closer to here so you can just do begin to sort of bold find yourself retired in such a way as you have read over all of that but remember I think there is a lot of presentations more on what the to the steps of our white
line is on but they are at also known as the New York Times is using real find pensions you might want to think
of using your people for the presentation of 1 of the better is much better than the last time you were here what price up here since we expect that this network as a a whole the activities of the steel waters and so and so if you have a problem with you know there will be receipts from the sale of the here and that the different but I would like to but there are mostly white
lies in the problem OK the protocol lower regret
around these the ball but also you know in this way so you'll sort of operator announced when food arrives it represents the cardinality of the biggest reasons I will have less stable and there's a watered-down seems like last year I always been playing around of trying the results to is this idea of what you're doing this and suggests we have seen that were the reading of the issues that we just don't have problem of and the reason we do not OK so work at that the communication we have suggested that this might we also using will also give life you check which I have I and usually on and also on the seas and so on so there's a public through my theory you you you you have to of the of the of the of the of the and the nature step in of the history of the 4 and if you have any questions please feel free usability was that there was a a resource the user wants so you know you discuss that technical questions and I'll be wondering who is also in the beginning finance in a room environment mentioned logical and what's going to all the all of during this original work but it's this the the work of link and you find that you find here you have problems doing something they should be simple to support as well so that we can I have stayed in the back of the mentioned that that's what strategies of you use of the these word part of a only if you have access to the and on on what you just recently is the create a new organization called you this is that the you units issue this is a mediation something you want 1 of the places where we collect new projects and and that's what this so you currently contains about 4 words from the cortex and the value of the studio and during of rather general waters from images is the product of the article in there and that work of for the this is you really and you want to know what appears but no you have to know what to is area is others you at know the start of the and that is my and a loss of all
of the products of the nation and the reason you would your rather in the middle of the year that is that this prior of what they that the visualization tool that is always structured these and shared among the people that I have had the time to really this project was cool about the is 2 and there's so many members of the and involved in and out of the house and you do have scientist this and other community projects is the radius
of the future work of spatial pooling and the needs of every and so this is a school and he's speaking to us so right I just want you see that it is actively working on the given the code to the mentors and guides our proposed for use in our job is not clients or new words using the course of the other unsatisfiable and go to the right this working on for a few months it and is a really good job that was what correlation between methods and functions and 500 try to to stick to the time of the year is a lot of of you that think up these down so that's pretty much that the algorithm down and so they did that can also be used by bugs in a new based on the reporting really getting down to the right and I think that the rate for out of of OK so what it did get some answers from you guys who has a really bad on the user built into in order to do some of the things I guess that was built in the future to do this kind of installation of 1 origin of the running you example code you have pass your own data from somewhere you got your there would be something and then the feet so if the resources of the
popularity of the work in going to give it would really be replaced with that of the of heat that edges from previously know uh what about this kind of walking through the steps of how to that and now that I'm talking about a
year and a half ago so there 1 thing I know people are used to doing that he she said I don't need you to try to see the new projects that several of us got together and you know we got to a certain point in that block of or who is interested in doing the EEG parsing really EEG analysis with nuclear and 5 was 2 3 4 look around and then union the union and the and look around want to get that anybody's interested in this is my view he put together series some ideas because it's hard is that is that these are not available in the EEG data that we got to get out of using with the word from 16 to 64 yields and the that 5 thousand words so there was no part of the so that we have knowledge of we can share them with friends and there's also an idea there is there that is greater than each 1 of them was a recently tool comes to use for model parameters Lecture so if you have a lot of things that I have here I would like to do my graph that paper is interested in that you have created might have lots so I just wanted to this geospatial quotas and what the it's where the coordinates for minor all moving and using game in nonlinear equations to display the game so that a walking around and see where we find something that's why I'm here because it has a lot of them I like to invite you you have ideas right now to come up and say a couple things about this last record well you were about to think about that little try to deal with kind of full of our framework environment and the promotion of the role of but I like to call a similar many of these will be useful in some of the new the function so I want to use the same kind of the the of problems of the public was from the user what the user base year that our practice of a lot of you know I'd like you to think about what the and so on so you have like a gold mine of projects all yeah so I'm going to say the fuel of the function that like to start with the 1 of the samples used to demonstrate the and the like the some of the functions of of all the things that I like comparable to the sort of the graph and those graph theory is 1 of the last in this problem of context using that something so basically the 2 of them and only by the group revealed the code of the sample of the the of the that this could be made the wrong for another level problem is that where it was it was it said that there are some of the stock market right now hand and then 1 of them will be used to understand the exploring on the 1st is the use the year that you predicted that anomalies in network structure the binary structuralist including the right to use structures in which nodes represent distinct elements and links edges represent connections between networks so or just typical examples of social networks biological networks protein the or gene regulatory networks citation network of them there are and what you can do and the other idea actually really interesting functional programming stuff so that it wouldn't do anything with functional programming and we would like to use involved to what the wherever a serious and that believe this is a very probability at this point with the of all occasionally analyze data that comes in repeated sequences and was talking about you which is a set of sequences of cultural practices in Europe and was a lot of things which extends to use a lot of different machines at once so that's what it's like to be used in distributed environments you kind of conversion introducing model would be a lot of multiple instances of you work the theory of the value of the group that took up a lot so I used to think about what kind of relations or formally and a serve as example you can use for for the rest of the time so that you can they there's a there's a chance that I found through the use of that because of this you get all parts of the world that is to off audio analysis of experience that is as big as a whole lot of apart someone that you also have the right out there on the gender gap on your understanding of what we would like to go talk to you about and for what you have to be in the form of a union what did you think of the original the of the the of the part of the user and learning that would be really useful and so what did but in a lot of time trying to recognize what about other thing I want what would you like to mention analysis that we have in
all of my colleague mark you are interested in a natural language processing of women trying to train the network with the aggressive deriving from WordNet that of semantic dictionary and then use that to predict sequences of meaning in the sentence generator generates grammatical but meaningful sentences after having trained all of the text book so we've got some ideas on how to deal with the label start on it but hopefully by the end of the week and will have sentences coming out that are based on the basis of that there is no work or all this we had a long talk last nite about this and differences in the approaches with a view to generate this year it'll be interesting to watch as well and that's really ought to be this we still reasoning network communicate talk about what we think you want to people and results in better on on a limited in doing research on sensorimotor and and really are small very early on you have been working on the application of the online case so we have we will move on to the virus center of rotation of quantification can provide control so that was a world around it didn't quite work on she's at different distances and on the ground and only learns and human sequence and try and put in different worlds and have of the table representation particular world and recognizing all the way around the world the stuff of that I think there was a lot so here is the average of about this is that this is what you must do ever wonder what that will be a leader in the use of force so some of these tools that you will probably get idea here is that they're all just think of this is noted that the rate at which the French are optimized to beginning with the size of the images that we use the same variables that are produced at the water of that you're used that for you this fact just use more yes but that's the end of the day that guys this site you to go back to practice in yeah work hard from money you are on the flow of the emergence of some of the people who live in and so was the only thing user model the analysis you really trying to find a surprise in music in level of the sequence of the sequence of it involves the gold find patterns to use it in all 4 belong years the use of pattern that due to the and so you all this is going to review the phrase and the right side and the other thing that we have analyzed that's another another reason why we need to be able to extract what patterns is reported in some points like what I was going to be part of it is possible to imagine that at at the at the time of that the school and the very 1st act problems are stars that you guys came and they tend to be out of the here and included in the same values and then you can about times during playback so it's a it's a 23 repetitions work out perfectly because thing that great great data about the performance of the of the


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