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EEGs and NuPIC
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We talk to a neurologist about EEG characteristics and how to preprocess them for HTM analysis.
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back the the tone and upset and so on and so so much because of the
use of the of the features of all the things you know of as a knowledge there's the a place the experience of I read of binary day patients to see the seizure of the people in this area has no the provinces and the people we don't know whether they have seen about making keys the we need some researchers suggested that he would say to that the other so that the of definition of our problems will be given to you know there's there's a series these review will have a population up by EEG data in the form of different densities every examples of the last thing in the world people involved in that world University of points where the process of EEG data into a format that was to be so of because the data also got word string that's the part of the sort of thing you can do better than the spiral plot tremendously over process that data and so Richard environments and others you're talking about about that data and how would you like do you really want to do really want to think what we want to be digitized in the same way that it is displayed on the screen in front of your eyes when you're making decisions about whether a patient is on your they were just looking at objects whose grain of the data and discussing what the density of that is that you get a little bit of experiments and processing lots of people here in the middle position in the probably just subsample of this really don't scale of the Americas and still be useful to pursue it would be to make the decisions that might try to prove that you have to 1 of the things we try to to do is to ask for it and what you in order to work theoretically you will that we can use the question whether you use the data and what is the needed for the people that I used the years theoretically from the inside of using data like the testing several systems of the 90's the technology years users lot you have the cite the source say by people back and look at yourself in terms of what you read that we have such I think the room was packed with with the same despite this on the what is usually movement such that the notion of what kind of story that period where the this system itself this probably this is just what the source of the possible break right and what is the application use was horrible it was right and bring so I think that the the the office in the data that you have jewish people there on the outside of the muscles to those rules as well as the scale and then another when you move your eyes so like the created by just think of the whole thing could be used to model the baseline the use of the of the of the particular if you have a radical here in science you have to function so the data that we have not found what is some of the documents and communications and this is where the system it's for you in the hall and getting from sensors of multiple channels using bipolar channels if you will do this part of the that that was of only 16 channels would you want to leave the original watching watching the size of the cell in the eyes of a lot of people just as well because the following so we know that that's right in the eyes of the history of of noise help users of the and here knowledge this is part of the community and very many questions that you might be helpful if you need any further so that you could maybe drop cartoons of what is normal with its what kind of signatures to look for some of these false positives and you will have the same energy to the contrary what for the my story is the 1 set stage and help the cycle frequency is used by some of the basic statements and the lateral line and 3 about how I learn rose by sitting next to book about for you when you need to give you a basic description of the use of the background of the activity itself in is the unit of activity in medium-voltage this image as a single can word about the health of the narrative of the signal goes about like that and you must all the the title and the reason for the title of the the skull area I don't know the the details of the Bible Belt while I don't to clear a lot of time rolled out of so you figure out that that's this industry repetitive from now on you can have all small instances of the 20 minutes and 20 minutes and you you can have you know 30 seconds or so that 5 seconds from within the browser is the drowsy they all have the same words words words and state so that technicians over here the comments patients drought states in the nation and the whole of the dataset so when I'm looking at this area I will talk always comments and I can see you around the time of the you of so so that draws on so there's the beginning most people with this text and working with what already know we so most people falsely stuff so there's a lot of start out there in the beginning because you have sleep enhanced with what see how how later on in the genes that called stimulation so it's a way of saying the nominative all stimulate flash lights and as you know we we we got really want to know so a lot of the universities around the set of state of thinking here with the dominance of particular audience with to this sort of iteration over the top of the head which operate in the point that this way or that way so you don't have to about that part of sleep and then you go on so you don't like that most of the time we get the rest the where the I I was going to say this is so you just have also been questions about the content of the and when you ICL activity goes away the love the this hybrid high-frequency stuff like that in the same frequency profiles uh over 30 years however there was a time of 30 35 40 the million content the you really don't have the tutorial amplitude so the amount of time this is the frequency of of
higher but hybrid will always be they actually used just all these all 16 that and that that's information processing centers around the theory and the theory of what goes on 1 of the things that you all of these information processing by using this about the frequency of the coverage of the letter that was that it happened I really have gone theory much of what I mean when I was in progress and maintenance of water so as I read all these kinds of this I think about processes that go through these procedures to see when you have something that no scientist so this person illegal initiating find these thinking you what it's a bit of structure and use it to people that both sides of the brain when away demonstrates the light and the examples of medieval and also it's asymmetric means there's pressure on 1 side right it's not really a pretty much pretty unusual to recent using in the asymmetric study greater than besides the pieces such give them with a stroke you that so you from 1 of the things that need the 1st step so when we when we when we look at all of the channels are always in the neighborhood that so that there's a saying about the sun was a variety of knowledge of the history of the young and sometimes you know don't is very easy use and is based on the father saying where we will be here I mind all selects the Hamiltonian human I know that this is has almost all of this is that you can figure out whether or not it was the but that was the occasion where's your pattern recognition have anywhere in any where most of the time 1 temporal to provide you with your social shock waves everything that that's except for those of you that my
experience life so you want to find out the normal hopefully I you know where they're trying to save space as long as as you have to give a suggestion universal because is then you have to treat so it would be really sure that you're saying it's an abnormal EEG the world states and only is in the goal of the office on the basis of see trying to here on the side more power forward looking for all this stuff there said there is a lot this is all too full of were shocked but as you get a shock wave the point here is that 1 of the shock waves twice the frequently that was always there in the sense that the engine them really 1 way of finding useful things then you know you have quite a few cities like slowly you got a standard normal component of the tree I might listen to a certain series constraint of its place which probably need show or that it's like a little later in time so that despite the fact how was the duration of spike of stop words from long very in the universe theory and those are the history of the we're talking about the same the data we don't want to miss this spot so you can you use them for so you still seeing those things so that you can see that it's 1 of the core of the and then there was lot and then also there what you know about this but I so users of these you talk about about signature of such a serious problem this as this is our last strategies sometimes you in this normal that might be might think the spirit in who would you call that those signature is a critical state variables what is the the meaning virus what that means of algorithms with unique he sees really what and what you see is you will be seeing some little of because data in these things not really the claims they active in this step to this work and make sure we maybe you make a lot of useful isolates always In the 1st stage where you're stuck involved face In spite of the theory and the 1st of all I I see it the you can think of the obvious thing in G of the World War there is the normal cells coming in CBIR
so I see this as future occasionally seek those people I know have changed the fact of the matter of the differences in the frequency and the fans by medicines only you follow what think and of less free that desire characteristics in the EEG that purchase they're all top right that's about as there is no there a critical states I don't see this because the see you right so that's what happens during the combination of QCA I see this intense period that we're doing continuous monitoring policy policies and stuff but the point hours and we can actually see here and back in order for me to start never work because this general for form therefore will start to go before the see from the terrible news channels on and is that the other side of the general but you really need this for transient dog the 1 we were 1 chance channels if you need up activities engaging in spite of the sharp way what you what you see is that the weather characteristic of that someone change notice physical where produced because of what it is supposed to be known to to the rest of the world OK so this is the time this is defined as the fact that they think about all sorts of this I know you know you have over disorganized which means that contains this switch from 1 frequency there are some very worrying about it you know it's not going to have to do this we know that that's what you get out of bed in the mixed because you didn't need thing that it is in this incident is typical of signatures to just sort of that it's it's referred from all the thing that really good and all of the digital camera around you have to stop the learning and teaching stop learning finding out the novel they might go in the bottom 3 treated way this place that's more specific specific type of shit you're looking for in the whole that really related to 1 of these guys going on because you know it's going to be doing on a good detectors for those of you automatically in and then you will have the necessary despite the factors in our world we can false-positive 99 per cent of all stars and just so that the treat waste their a shot the diagnostic so that it was all about this during the this is very reason don't want the rest of the time you can find a summary and analysis as they have these strange smells that if say that is if you look at here and say how often you have so here's the here's the thing that you know it was not that she was 1 of the 3 different sites so I this functions the shop diagnostic tests the patent annotation that works for you that's what you you see any of that so there's not only the reason he was he was a result of the whole you never see those spots all busy and there's just the normal and the person has the mission to preserve the operation of the leaders of the moment of the normal version of this procedure so that they it can be careful of test is also the point bar are you know people do we want our yeast and you have a higher yield rate point on the work of the I don't want argue keys in and of you so many architects point of walking around truly student of something that people like she did must the electron so I was never this is partly development of new so I was 14 interesting hold on hold back and forth back and forth on and there's a there's by the mostly but you're not looking for a period of 2 years looking for characteristics so so that was going on in the normal this is this is the right that's only 1 5 and the size of the thing is that the in general conversation there are there are 2 processes 1 is you have 20 minutes with patients that there's some suggestions on this what we were doing the gene which is expensive and procedures you know that you have some sort of probable cause that he not enough and then had no example of relative requires an investment of our time and a half so these patients following was the probable cause you get the meaning of the term and its screening exercise you know words you're looking to see are you going to have this page that is we don't have some event that happened here is that the evidence for that work the evidence that you're looking for is 1 of these 3 part of Jesus in selecting sure we have yet to you have a random 20 minutes oneiromancy person having this thing where you are going the on way to do so that's not the purpose of the gene that can help the need of the users in have and what we're trying to do with the kind of challenge we have patients who you've already done or they have seen all the letters so they don't fall into this type of thing you already have some during these 1st of a longer term monitoring process and what we're looking for is evidence that degradation is created at the end of the area that is moving forward interventions that we have right now in where we use that is the stimuli so many times in so we have in it goes on all right all along like greater than that and that has that she frequency but they also have a magnetic here in the areas those we know the answer to gods not today the baseline over a the bias in the middle of additional words about the notion of the cable that's what we're doing now and that and depends on your ears this year's not gonna use that word is the random directions from our but there are always other words I that's the kind of sea frequency Roberts years and we think that this is 1 the caregivers he's going and sometimes notion of what we're
headed for this intracranial the electrodes on the spot with spike-wave comes in need this to know when turn that so we start start of to the year so we want have widest inside bring insects it's going to the like of the heritage of with the less I think that's why of to cylinder which the downside of doing that that's not being aware that there was false positive cause of the and you want to check the and you see like that you will creature they're about the you know that the I animal experiments what they do with so you're going to use these kinds of things that must be a success because the right but that we area of all points frequency of some of this happening and then we don't get that using this this you so this this is not the 1 that you were you saw last time information there we give me we give them with a sense of what it is normal to the if you have that bringing people out of the and companies that have to keep the body
alive brings death rate is on the way out and you will not have any clinical manifestations global recommendations in bed doing things we think it would be a great see this is a this season it's not really a breeze in these last to know what I mean is that if you see this part here again anomalies in dominant in the 1st place but then I can ask you know if you have any advice has only intensified this this right is no so long ago more like the a lectures on how often does it do that then goes the the producers of seizures is the signal is the highest status is 100 without without as it goes along with the magnet and lots of room and services that are going to use so seeing how would be enough to support your writing so you might not justifiable this it's I have here the value of what this bias term and so on and some of my thoughts of the heart and just using the meaning of the word is alarming because I'm 5 seconds it should be mentioned in the context of this so yeah so what is things that you just in the creation of tradition what you do for training on something that exclusively the so that if we have a set of data with all the intention of this part the you get from the stored states you ready for sentence that would give you get the information in the context of his business and find it to be true in the back of the voice of the people with the condition of but what I mean that's important things there's and also your you will focusing on the other hand there is the chance I would have been more about the fact that you can tell the people in the political temporal culture focus in here here of the same thing and this thing they have created the people of God but what about words you courses year we don't know where you want to make a query work but these are all is using this year in the world and that just as the language China yeah
well in that case particularly for the dog you just don't model for every child and then we just check the creator of cases where
decision is that of which channel that displacement of having the a relation that's not to natural together for our challenge we're trying we're going to trying identify which child-focused in Indiana so you will see can start to In this kind of data when you log only between channels so they the decided that is really when you see that R are is of time possible in the channels to save let's it is there anything else going on in the other channels Irish to less than because our no exactly where
it starts but so this kind of a a lot of searching you should be out of the others with 2 different applications for a 1 of them the is in this region in which we have shown you know the ones that we these guys have different users and Torre difference so you don't know what it actually is to take from this similar trying to get the anomalies in the data in a period of normally period of the season of the would you use different mechanism based modular that allows cation yeah so that's classification of this legitimacy is basically the idea for this and you will use that knowledge or non persists over here on this threshold so you get this for score many of this characteristics over sufficiently long period of time that indicates yesterday so the use entirely different sets of the inference process and the product and I think you this is a lot of the things you know something about the variation between the 2 so large that you can come in a little we also have other people in the cost to give the core of that in all of you can do that but don't think that's the and that the perpetrators of some of the so this is a summary of the things that we we did however whatever their great is for you to get rid of this it seems like we did a lot of words in the United States to start as I said you will recognize that words which have also been we still see that that's is a range resolution what if there's something going on between 125 thousand years you need in the United States and the question is whether it's this right so this is just problem in the competition so you can do with this then you have to be in the future if the get with this stuff that maybe there is no the of course I would find out can also maybe that would want to do the best you we have this very very you know which seems to have been there and what what exactly the diagnosis was once there is the sea water solution simple resolution then just 1 of his would you get this thing set and you have a point behind that learns a model for that and then by the text that we will not classify those indicates whether or the things that go on and once you have that then you can it's that the status of the theoretical work really doing the work and is is something that doesn't work and it doesn't cost any more to increase the resolution and the resolution of the data and you remember this part of the meaning that's what role the Union may be this I would like to look at the of the log of the of the of the channels in here but highlighted to here guarantee the so in the early the early start immediately following with chances of going to university and I mean the right knowledge for all 16 channels the ones so what we use the same model parameters for all of the people in it it should be should be used to model you have traded on the visual world over the
last few years has been mentioned in of right so that the region below 5 our work across all and use that knowledge for all channels for we don't have train model a version of of the brain you know what they need to be careful of that minutes that varies widely different channels such as this over there In this variable in the change of the usually the track so that so when you when you normalize with my point was that the people the with which we want to is get purchase the integration of but this I think this should allowing users to at the provide changes and without lot of you material
here the university this kind of discussion data we find this 1 1 1 1 n the the the the the things you can do it and I don't know of the of the of the


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