Corti-Yelp [DEMO #10]

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Corti-Yelp [DEMO #10]
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Using Cortical.IO to analyze Yelp's academic dataset.
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years that it gives you a little bit more than enough of the rest of this that contains the gene thousand produces 130 thousand different businesses and about 330 thousand reviews and as is said that geographic regions and this this is the this is this is the effect of that is for all the different strategies to get rid of the universities and because the money is 1 of the things we take all you do is to use and that really is an integral part of the members of the public to community to publish papers where there the language text in this so basically this fraction of a lot of a lot of people publishers wanted you people story of 1 things that I told you to work with trying to figure out this with this dataset is to try to judge each with you as you positive or negative attitude about that that's the thing is sentiment analysis evidence for it so that the problem remains unsolved handling process in the sense that the world so only way so that the model bit that lot of work in a cheating but inside so if we used corn but to compress each you into a single word and then basically the history of word order like the data is 300 thousand reviews and inserted randomly 20 minutes at the end of the story about users through the use of users who use it as a scientist at 100 % 100 users at random and just like reviews 290 and basically placed since each review cortical areas in here and then next yeah that's all instituted terms you that you are in the 1st that's compression audience 1 and then I need to remove from words and you can't really use comes around universities freedom of these so you can think about of and then later it's
often have a cell and that means that there are some of the people in the college students don't like waiting the head of the difference that a lot of solids and that's what we have here that I have a particle entering their reference only during the movement of the particle of the power and the movement of of Europe and then all the things in the course of a lot of work and so on I didn't else's as part of the core of that within the meaning and the other side effects that enough of HTS things and so this is just an unstoppable and basically what this is all real property business and the settlers acting on humans and on London and 1 thing you can find this nobody else except for 1 person on the other side of that would be interesting if I can measure a user's contributions to legitimate business you things right so there's lot in the logic is the interesting part whatever turned out turn with a so you take you take all and use in fact what the user the use of those luxury need 1 thing and then you fingerprint usually review in the fact that the fingerprint basically saying OK this the theory was so this is the new information that this is added to the presence of all medical so if I can show them for fast right there's 1 review that the mention of the right
so erratic going here the list and so on and unexpected as like in that that it is on top of that you can think that of the other see that part of this actually we can think about change changes for the entire business after that is to say they're all of the old rule of the of American so this what this 1 reviews the business viruses of love and once you remove the half of the you know the 19 years make Enterprise making fingerprints on the 1 hand you subtract the 19 review fingerprint from the hot of fingerprint and then it should give you the heart the title of
the other the represented in this course is the use of volunteers and that nobody else out of the whole thing on the on the quality of the thinking that is of order 2 and here is what 1 the worst of all of the is and it's pretty much at the heart of the training or not not really what I want you to know that this is a new interview and it was the influence that this is the view held by some of that we we already have a lot of stuff about what I think of about is 1 of brothers and friends Hollywood water produces inserted in a sense of the Senate pioneered in the on and this is found in a way such that the refer to this that in front of you and I know this is not just a little more about that
in some of the so I could say that you have to say that the use of the data is the only 1 that can be used in the experiment of this is the 1 that we should try to think of it as the work of the words most of the growth of the laws of the ones you on the unit you wish more and more about the move review of the solution to used to problem of of the of the celestial bodies in as the fingerprint sentences and you go to the root of which we want to know about the data for a of lot of you know 1 of the things like
that's what you were using real valued in the heat you really want do we really want you to be you know I just think that that that that the energy of minorities and of living and be in the range of topics and document what relative Hollywood handling and if you you make away and that the only of knowledge that is just the say way that was just like like 1 of the like only 1 image and you move it would also work with score for light is much higher regions are represented in the media problems variant of the phase of the program and there is the idea that the system was later on in the area but circle there it could be that the that you know he uses these like it's 1 of the hottest these things to be used in the different things that we we see in the case of any time you have to figure out how to use it
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