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Conor Russomano, cofounder and CEO of OpenBCI, describes how his device works for NuPIC hackers.
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and if you do want to know what we do know the people who need to go to this part of the city of the UCI side of the house that makes me so that's thank for all the time watching me about the system and so this is a mixture of a really cool logo so when you see I was started by and my all these always mining physical computing future instance and so I learned that in our know that the electron and some of the code of and was working with him and he started his seat in open-source hardware with also which you can see on the upper right it's optical heart-rate monitor and then use contacted by somebody on the doctor and the doctor was created the cost each even non-traditional users in the United States my whole here's my whole time my master's program doing you really or projects the original meaning of the word munitions absolute that after about 3 months took our 1st prototype to make a fair and everyone in the world is unbelievable we have have this so it's that it's so so
if you look that's the 2 of us with derivatives so we you we
will always set users actually build this this these electrons prototyping tool that can be used by a variety of different peoples of artists researchers game developers want to extract signals from the body and allow you to do anything you want and
a lot of our knowledge of these love my inspiration came from the the length of the 2 years later like it's one-to-one who here actually makes it's change the way they think it's essentially so leggy has this amazing model the union and instructional and how to build a castle or how to build you know the pirate ship and your little pieces and when you're done you're gone over arching theory wall so we decided to organize the widest rose to have 2 journey people decide on so I like essentially Figure 1 piece you want and instead began on and so on we know really amazing years were you know for so for those of you don't know or we know is a electronics rotating tools actually so it's really great work beginners because you can look up an LED which but then you can write if you want to push the buttons to the guillotine turn on and off on a lot of experience electrical engineers actually use it as their initial tools those fuels for the year do we know that you probably rests on 1st of the was in usually and then you to ones that working and what we wanted and we mean that on the CPU based on the shield to monitor the greater that's program also you can apply to the microcontroller on hand at every everything operating on Mars never actually doing anything on computer you so we want to know what the final aspects with the virus and so we reject
certainly late December 2013 December 2013 and we were we were successfully wanted more than double at goal but it was also we were interested in the regions of the a lot of interest in using we really and this is what you see my hand this is a diagram of a pure various components of the the pendulum inputs so there is a chance that you can listen to EEG ECG of any place potential coming out of the line and there is a high priority on digital version is resolution various sampling rates of the theoretical sampling rate is 16 kilohertz of g you only need 1 that you the muscle generally 1 with the higher severity of thousand universe universal 500 units of either of other ones over the accelerometer there is same microprocessor that we don't have such as the aggregate 20 years we have different variations of the origins of the attributes needed to microprocessor and there's wireless communication no less so 1 1 of the big issues about saying you get over here is that you run into a model and the data about your wireless communication most times and so we have the lowest you got there so that you can write resolution data item or is as the foreign and downsample together with the years that way you can visualize and a lot of individual either but you can also have all the data that was processed and what happens this is kind of a quick summary of the G bring in your body gives off a lot in all the lectures all the time but what we do is we take analog signaling Convergence The German you're familiar with this sample of the higher resolution your data that it is more of the closer you were Digital Signal ends of looking here and and so we have a really high resolution data data 24 bit resolution so
here's a little levels of your brain is like an ocean of electricity and when you're working with you you standing on the beach essentially you you're watching waves crashing region you try to make inferences about what's going on inside the ocean and so I think the more more features that you can stand on the same time the instances you can make ultimately watching waves crashing ashore and so what you have to do is just look for all of the things that that C and how many a succession of high-amplitude waves and you try and attribute those to some other contextual information so that
you would use a battery over time as you stated voltages the battery systems life voltage graph drop with EEG uses similar to that of alternative development of batteries touching it you on your head and in the minus sign your reference and that's usually at places like the usual you lower your mass to it which is the 1 behind and then we'll see is a variable times you'll see this this fluctuations this waveform that's the wrong and you will on the bottom so this is an example where addition is a must you will see what you were trying to try to look the wall where were trying to extract frequencies from them are always saying when you hear the term break away from all over the term rate with what literally referring to is very prevalent frequencies of predetermined bands of frequencies on that were extracted from raw signal so when I close my eyes and that was later by visual cortex will produce an alpha frequency and you'll see that and you'll see that form and were also very pronounced and this is
actually what it looks like so that's 1 of our early versions of the and if you look at the time of the year if you count the little waves were set you notice that there's a lot of work he had high-amplitude waves dominating the signal and use the other the graph and then about 14 versus despite the majority that is in the back of the head you see that the higher densities of those there areas because the visual cortex produces very strong how when you goes and here's a better
question this is on the order of the newer version remains the here you see marginal using my for that analysis I actually whereas that was and this
is the part of the report of Egyptian on a a 16 channel and injured and then what we do in here we have a lot of effort into the hardware and hardware extremely modular who was certainly as gazing and drivers were open frameworks processing a a lot of existing signal processing tools for biosensing so biological over judging thousand there's you choose a plethora of these out there is a lot of meaning and was actually history of these bridges
so this is a collage of different projects that will start implementing on the upper left is the motor cortex Classification so these institutions in France is trying to classify and reported signals and mapping and you just a simple game where he this as a binary and what we can have carriers jump all over but also more efficient avoiding gaps in history constantly runs for his job over here we have a lot of different people watching the same open BCI were controlling floating shop on the roof and this is a diagram of how it works so what we do is we have and commander is dictating to the rest of his team while which action which sharpens performance on and by closing your eyes this novel so each person's alcohol is mapped to a different trigger the shop and so the commander was correlated our goal the size of the brain when will reduce the often forward and the rotate through the respective job with weather's other ways of doing this with a single users so 1 technique is called assessing the which is the steady-state visual evoked potential so if you look at flashing frequencies of light your visual cortical actually start making those with is and so can have a story you were looking at we used different frequencies and you can have a frequency map to a different controller of work so if you look at it and it hurts that's left with 12 words that have the right to close your eyes and out of this result of the role of course once so we know that as well and we also work on controlling process that actually EMG signals from the hand and 3 printing so there's a lot of materials are now conducting materials that the radius of the airlines were looking at 3 reading
the entire you had said the iterative different and working on and here's what it terms this is the optical cortex which is you know 1 step down you that and and so the old or text has returned by the use of quality for quite a long genetic search letters to raise and distributed EEG headset that were given we're we're also looking at 3 printing everything everything 1 the headset so working with gene companies of isolated words in italics in in addition to the text elements to the electrodes and components and have the reaction to the part where the largest 1 in the back here and so what are we doing on the
people and you actually you would make sense of what matters during because everything that we do is open source and it's very driven so since where open-source company which basically weird I depending on how well on municipal what we do at the same time we believe that as we move forward as a species humanity we need to make sure that the technology to build this and he was instrumental in the future of who we are and what we do is is transparent and and understood by everyone so that a lot of what we stand for and that's that that you got a
lot of the technology so this is we have an open source of prosecutors the prosecutors creative coding framework based on job it's not the fastest framework but works especially with with graphics as well really cool graphics libraries there needs to the system and its further if you wanna
look at this code on 1
argument walls of jet and the yes so here you can
select from a very serious as you you can select the wars in the name of the file so any time you belonging to the to the recording alive and words storing is yes you then access to post processing and you can have the general words 16 Jan award but you can
play that previously recorded while if you want to generate synthetic data so if this is
called an indicator of the government was that what was found in an
ongoing and we the this is not the the
entire story because my screen results so here this is and because I'm actually connected the question so
something like connected in my head I'm going to get all biosignals at the same time so
that the genes of my brain activity that the energy which is not much selected ECG which is my heart and so what I have to do
and this is a really cool feature of BCI is a wall or section streaming data and programs that the various channels to optimize and different so she'll always listening to revive Hegel measurements from writing form to my left wrist and their costs and lost chest you see the energy so future was kind of what we refer to this as 1
of the community was remove
and general or from the you reference that is being used for like general also going to remove the bias of the bias that is grounds establishing common ground between the borderline bodies and in doing so the biases that this is built around so it does it senses common-mode noise ontology channels and then the 2nd noise waveform University and said that in your body to create destructive interference signals OK so and so forces has this is the distance that endless and will do go back the demonstration here 1 of them
was like what I do if you have to stick around and watch it afterward think this is all these history in so this is what I was going to the exact so here is where we in general or when will use the general to this huge and spite best the result of the closing my eyes and so when you close your eyes your visual cortex will produce this alpha wave forms and here you see in the region around 12 hours 12 words this is the frequency or Uriel most people's alcohols or between 9 and 12 words and so there is the regions of year you cortex like your you're visual word that is a very big part of your brain and your example of surveys on this 1 and this is as close your eyes and your visual that is not processing times of patterns and the coding and looking at and observing things in the environment and as a result the liquid whereas the open your visual cortex is such that it looks like noise that everything is doing it's doing its responsibility but they want what we want to close your eyes but you're not only there is no need to do that kind of like our original in our children as a result we can start this they will start firing instantly fired and so they finding each other in a final requiring in synchronization in search producing this itself because of so different regions of the regions of the brain behave similarly so if you relax every muscle in your body and your motor cortex will begin to produce a new frequency and so 1 wonders what 1 technique of applying the user interaction is to have someone sit there is still high and then tell them to think about moving some level of the body they engage the right hand there is an action movie really think about having the right and the entire cortex will be a new frequency in that region it's responsible for activating the right hand will start looking like step so you can build classifiers around that we you can look at the right hand versus left-hand vs. the on so that common technique for building interactive tools using EEG but interaction I would argue is like not the the best thing to do would you think that there are many better ways of around tools for instance the energy so communities in very easy to produce and you know what objects can we eyes that and unity signal we train ourselves over over lot to to have very strong control so that a lot of the novelty of BCI EEG on you realize it wears off very quickly what would you media a really bad job the industry about saying control this mindful that our when when really like that's not what what radical cation years the G is the we were so far away from hitting the factor of noninvasive BCI and understanding what it's capable of but I think it was was practical cations are not getting the interaction with the understanding brain activity in the context of environmental stimuli by looking at diagnosis for medical dental of vertices and things like that so combining EEG with neurostimulation link transcranial direct current stimulation for closed-loop systems that way and so on on what I think it was working on this whole thing with the stick around all set up on the image of the questions and answers the right you close your eyes you know you actually see it that it would start thinking about CC so here I show that there is a greater buying that anyway were we somewhere on the right we have yes users degrees on so it will be as strong as it was quite imagine what imagined movements of all activities in regions of the world that actually it's on the thing that's not on on neural scientists that is that you get those regions of the brain and we react so usually close your eyes and this is temporary activities signal that you gave just because you close your eyes and say what you start thinking about seeking seeing you back to what used to be before you all that but then we will lead you a contract like that something that's so this is very difficult to detect with EEG so for for instance 1 person writing like would be almost impossible because you were an ISO universes as close is possible for alertness versus mind-wandering states and the current war it's a emotions were higher-level mental states as it was a very granular patterns like that are very difficult to do that we're going back to the ocean knowledge you know nodes it's difficult that times we 1 usually when you can see the wind patterns influence which it was actually still use and so you know you see themselves writing and reading and this is the kind of thing that has been 1 of in the world so people and injuring rural numbers to represent the union movement s all project and critical part endurance and so they actually reading activities of the EEG unity ECG in all of the sensors and trying to map to optimise that we performance both physically and psychologically using the winner of the vector of the internet right through them on we you have a sensor somewhere in your text because you yeah and so I just these electrodes were where I wanted to but you you could or a them all wherever you can tolerate more specific we also want to manage our systems the digital Jerome straddled room had where target there's this application to the various common in high school is going to affect the health of the individual working in robotics but another question but you imagine that this the people who set in motion response when you are somebody question on which the line on which could he could infer from the single layer on top of the response on natives of there people claiming to be doing this already with the G so there are other companies with software companies that are developing proprietary software for emotion and emotional detection and you know I think it was accompanied Israel is out for range that that was doing this on our running people through that ad campaigns for the election of the recent election in Israel and they were getting worse classifying emotional states and emotional responses to different political and so on so that is happening think it's possible that some of them even even with with this level of others as opposed to the classical yes so that means EGCG you if you have a high generating in the environment with low noise and you can build very engaged prevent alternating current waveform influencing so you get a a signal of your eyes and and and the like in connection on think it will be easier as overpower for a lot of applications that is being used for you the the the the that's where the issue of the corpus was the yeah actually was top of solicitation for beauty solicitation and recently about they're always wanting to embed EEG and maybe even neurostimulation like TTS techniques and have a closed loop systems inside of a well known but I want more than that but I think it is the reason just got a lot of research on this based on the ability to detect when pilots when soldiers you know you know so what point they really want to push the result of what point can we say about the soldiers in the course of the really decisions without their sleep to you and that of of all the wife of words over there there's no that would reduce yes that's the 1 is that a user study them with different operators and tested you this GCSE somewhere with PCs transcranial direct current stimulation so there's a whole new world of the blind test which is transcranial this or that stimulation so that the trying direct current alternating current and magnetic of random noise and basically sending electricity in head and trying to influence brain activities you happens it's what and there's a whole DIY TCS subreddit it's a very active community with batteries and trying to find out all but 1 study that was done apparently found statistically valid results was TCS used for really improved or its performance through like that essentially closed-loop systems to optimize alertness and so the tested GCS against our brilliant new visual categories and the control group in the county yes work more consistently and for longer durations of time than any of the drug program so that the watch and we we sorry so all i've so we don't do any TCS and I don't have done much research going on at this tension is interesting and terrifying at the same time but I think this standard of like acceptable ranges to 20 milligrams of the year most people not sending more than 20 mg and low voltage signals to the brain uses it with all these years and those that use we do any of this somehow the only a single occasion resentment against each other yeah I think it would be wrong it was 20 words but would you use and how do you


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