The Poster Prize ceremony at Physics@FOM Veldhoven 2015

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The Poster Prize ceremony at Physics@FOM Veldhoven 2015
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Physics@FOM Veldhoven is a large congress that provides a topical overview of physics in the Netherlands. It is organised by the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM) and takes place each year in January. Traditionally, young researchers are given the chance to present themselves and their work alongside renowned names from the Dutch and international physics community. The programme covers Light and matter, Atomic, molecular and optical physics, Nanoscience and nanotechnology, Statistical physics and Soft condensed matter, Surfaces and interfaces, Physics of fluids, Subatomic physics, Plasma and fusion physics, and Strongly correlated systems.
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so at the moment you've all been waiting for the announcement of the poster prize winner but before I announced the poster um let me explain a little bit of how we reach Our decision refusing to elaborate and in fact impossible process when you have to look at over 300 posters from not mistaken so in the procedure is as follows There is a committee of 10 members and ended their listed here young researchers that each In a particular scene look at the posters in that scene and selects 2 posters for further consideration by the during the jury this year consistent at all British Finnegan Elisabetta From house and Lara fields and myself and since we have been themes we received 20 posters those 20 posters were then looked at again by the jury and then we debated 4 hours all the best 3 posters now before I actually Will move on and show you wouldn't the best posters let me 1st say also adds that we couldn't have done this job without the amazing support of my realigned O'Brien announced that who I ask to put on fire on the slides but they system so let me ask for a round of applause for a committee members this jury and my airline announced so move the 3 best posters and 1 of them can only be winner but let me 1st introduced the 3 posters that are nominated at the 1st ones it is bad policy direct photons unchecked by Boris the favorite the Committee and the jury had a couple of comments outstanding act like explanation I standing but no information overload clear introduction and discussion clear pictures good approach of audiences as should have mentioned I guess that the 4 categories that we do look at that we juxtaposes him 1 of them is actually a presentation by the author of the cost a lively presentation was 1 of the comments made by the committee we're so that's the 1st nominee let's move on to the 2nd the 2nd nominee
is the line on flake Golden controlled electrical agency but the Committee faulted that had a clear use of Syrian experiments original idea and explanation of the reasons research and results was very clear and very good indications of implications in future research good drafts very competently stories so let's move on to defer nominee for a nominee
telephone overbanked title colloidal not crystals form to the Montecristo super lettuces by oriented attachment through intermediate phases so long title remarks interesting physics explained the help of props will models that you could actually start clearing good use of colors interesting and talk the jury just for that this was a very good but there are no so scientifically very strong work well explained that those 3 nominees and now we reach an exciting moments because 61 of the rules Of the post surprise is that the author of the poster Of the winners this should be present if not we move on to the 2nd and if the 2nd offers no theory move on to the 1st so let's build up some tension the winner are they actually I should also mention that the surprisingly jury was unanimous on what they thought was the best poster so Little Drummer couple amidst the yours bemoans the loss of London London on foot we need to do this we will do in the regulations um and now my friend over jobless to hand over the March 2 were needed that for concluding remarks thank you How can just cannot close off and I will try not to keep you out too long because of you probably also want to travel home so it's been a very exciting conference as usual that I think it's been great to see all the discussions and interactions that have taken place and I also hope that that particular than the younger scientists that PC students in both stocks have made clear to all of you there and they're great scientific talent and it's been exposed to a wide audience and and I want to thank all of you for cheering so loudly for formed during the Tuesday at dinner when David Blunkett made a movie
of all of you and those of us who were on the board will
will will keep that in mind when we navigate the science politics discussions over the coming few months thank you very much and then I also have some and some other people that I wanna think this of course said that this conference is not possible without some organizational input into what interest I want to think
that program committee that's a select all the posters and all the toxin which is also always quite a bit of work and difficult task a let's give them a hand to start with the and then as you can probably
appreciate handling 2000 for approximately 48 hours is also a particular talent of its owner and for this we should thank both the governing sulfur for hosting us of course and feeding us sector and also the the form Bureau right of which I think almost all of its members are here right for Bell telephone Company
in particular I wanna thank Parliament than in some other cases and Martina for make were really responsible for most of the organization also give them a hand search and then I
discloses some practical matters we have of course conference next year no matter what happens there felt of animals that continued so you can mark your calendars with 19 19th and 20th of January 2016 the deadline for abstracts the 11th of September 2015 and you when you leave the building today and you will get a little tag a piece of paper which also will remind you of the states and then you can take you can leave your majesty can handle anything can be recycled also at the exhibit coding sulfur and the busses will leave in well is in theory in 2 minutes but probably in a few more otherwise there be a massive problem at the exits and I want to thank you all again and I look forward to seeing you next year thanks much