The FOM Prizes ceremony at Physics@FOM Veldhoven 2015

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: The FOM Prizes ceremony at Physics@FOM Veldhoven 2015

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The FOM Prizes ceremony at Physics@FOM Veldhoven 2015
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Physics@FOM Veldhoven is a large congress that provides a topical overview of physics in the Netherlands. It is organised by the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM) and takes place each year in January. Traditionally, young researchers are given the chance to present themselves and their work alongside renowned names from the Dutch and international physics community. The programme covers Light and matter, Atomic, molecular and optical physics, Nanoscience and nanotechnology, Statistical physics and Soft condensed matter, Surfaces and interfaces, Physics of fluids, Subatomic physics, Plasma and fusion physics, and Strongly correlated systems.
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the ladies ladies and gentlemen may I have your attention for a minute please this is 1 of the most difficult minutes of my here when you're so happily chatting and there's this wonderful because then I have to interrupt you and break the atmosphere because there's a lot to do 1st of all welcome all welcome our guests for 2 nights I hope you had a wonderful day the IOC you've had a wonderful evening and denied we are about to lose thousands tonight this is a record for us it's also was directed toward the money of food that is served in this establishment is huge benefits of the kitchen and I should like to start with new to give them the and because it has no walls then it's time for our traditional dealing activity the award of the former prizes and as always we have a very distinguished guests to to hand over those prices and this year it is no less than that president of the Royal Academy Ponce played a concert in my class who could have the introduction of future of things very much need for this reproduction and this is very special for me to be inform I've heard from Armstrong and from remote the stories about how special form is and especially before meeting soon felt over our I'm humbled by medical scientists and I'm clearly very intimidated to be here with you all warning devices that I was asked to see a little bit about the ongoing affairs
in the national landscape maybe 1 word about Falco was actually born and raised very closely and Angel song we always thought
that also when was the end of the world will never go there but I guess it's a mail and the contributions of form have remade felt into what is the knowledge that I can see Livermore Vermont about felt over overlooked maybe so he met President of the of the Royal Academy for almost 3 years now and I think he tried to combine this with being a scientist and moved back and forth my land during morning to begin and end the sort of the world and they
world of the politicians and the administrators and in the 2nd World War I have often felt like an Alice in Wonderland it is a very different world from the rule that we as scientists living and as I said he had expected and may be sheared by you need and not trying to accuse anybody here but do need very few real scientists there in the world where things are decided about out because he admired as a good exceptional the scientists taking on responsibility as an administrator but I think it's a general philosophy that in all of that we try to have generalists administrators governing professional organizations so this can be health care quite well this can be a educational system this can system but the scientists professionals the nurses and doctors and teachers tend not to be in charge of the landscape that the working and I think it's been very odd very confident in the year the National Science vision that was originally produced the day's holds the whole use you Dutch words it's always easy to translate these 2 to English lettering in the making for many months year from the 20 6 of November and it contains a number of elements that are very important for our daily functioning thing there was some elements that we aside relight the creation of a matching funds for European funds in your 50 million uh there was strong statements about open access publications again here may have been very active in making this possible in the Netherlands against scientists realize open access to the the parliament fearful that if we are the only ones that imposed the scientists we might get a miserable internationally but I'm sure that the article the characters very well but there is a standing committee announced it will be run by and we'll uh to evaluate applications for a large infrastructure of this most the Sufis history much because you're usually well-organized to apply for the funds much rather than the biology aside I must admit that wouldn't 2 aspects in deciding the size vision that if they have created a greater role 1 of them was the National Science agenda and Australia would buy that and the other 1 was the fatal and and there were 2 Dutch word contol and animals being used not counseling is not easily translatable I looked it up there it means that personal needs to drink that's what I remember from my younger days in English dessert flavor to its fields to run around spilled this all conflict the bastard I like this capsized so I think we should so when referring to the continent of every need capsizing and real that's something we have to be very careful about the at the Royal Academy actually opened an online podium to allow scientists to comment on and what we thought about the various parts of this size vision and innocence for me as many people are beginning amend good things that are a lot of commands and lots of worries about the bad things is all that do with this year that this was going to be a top-down system must be stopped .period programming of what we are going to do and in top-down organization of and we'll and some bombing until what just have a few citations from that side the problem of from Filbert says it's fine for the government to stimulate thinking and creativity but steering in a certain direction is an altogether different plant that was not a very positive remarks the divorced who would never is is afraid of any strong statements says I don't know of any good scientists who feels there should be more control science needs modest administrators
preferably those that are active themselves in science and know-how discoveries are made the optimistic view that have Ala international terrorist experts says the jargon around innovation Baltic Valerie's Asian appears to reflect a relapse this simplistic desire of the Turning Stone into gold and that was 1 of many scientists who remarked that as the protesters signalled at the end of free sizes neuronal and although they have no longer appear in the Bill of Rights so that despite this the academy has decided acted together with the property here the United universities and the old and some other organizations to actually helped write the science agenda and we hope that we will actually by actively participating in this process we will have an important influence on programming our own science and particularly against the academy but also the university will fight for space for free research the agenda should not be blasted should not be programmed entirely with no defined subjects but this would be significant stage and eroded argue over this significant space for free research and and then maybe this agenda we Dominy agenda support sector would arise in 2020 the university profiling but the combined agenda might actually be 1 that is the mother of all our research agendas and might actually make our lives easier because it's the only 1 that we really have to look at the mother of all these all these different but well then there is the other issue the capsizing of and then we have to be realistic is that you get into with valuations of embryo that's in the past 6 years so that both said that there are problems in real and your knees shake up there there are Chinese walls between the different communities and disciplines for most of the 1 of them a tennis also felt that the government can be more effective and that those walls have to disappear every arrest you more dynamic organization what however was not appreciated in the original evaluation individual plans for area was the role that embryo plays in the national side's landscape and glare all-time try to take you back to to your 19 18 and this is where Richard holding advised the British government to let basic scientists themselves decide how to spend the science projects sought not top-down model grants and is the site themselves decide who gets the money this inside bears his name is called the holding principle it was a fundamental step they all the predecessor of and we know that it is the holding principle that we are probably trying to defend in these past months when we talk about and but all examination Oregon accepted the academy ending last year he spoke silvery wise words about basic science and he said the
holding principle has proven itself over and over it places politicians away from decisions as to how the budget is spent but it does not remove their responsibility for the overall size of the science but supporters should not program it just should give us money and real progress that's the that's the message of volatile Oracle L there when I tried to explain what and always have in the landscape the following seems to work quite also 80 per cent of our research budget is giving to universities and the University standards vary widely in a I would say top-down manner it creates a very stable high-level bilateral where it can very candid solid however in the absence of embryo we don't do very special things at the university is every all that its own ruling and we all will actually give money to young talents to unusual science to things of programmable might not fit in the strategy to universities and the tension between his extremely well structured stable university system and that the 20 per cent of Monday that
scientists in the bottom way gift to the system that together create a unique
system that I think it is 2nd to none in the world that science decide despite effectively spent very little money on it is consistently in the top 3 of 5 countries in the world there is surprisingly when when scientists unmasked started protesting that it widely used within the loss of the university's the individual cited the economy and the old protesters against this change capsizing embryo the employers
organization the analysts a very surprisingly also supported this we thought they would only support Bob sectoral like programming but actually they did like former NSC even more the lack of sectoral serving as the main reason as strengthening says a lot about the strength of foam that activate the employer sided with us in our fight for the identity of any real I think at the moment situation is such that the protein no longer in danger of losing power and we'll in the room did this year was that we would have to assist the University that the other 40 universities make due with no knowledge are angry over and we will continue to create tension between the stable plateau of the universities and the unruly bottom of science all the scientists 1 last thing and in the process of writing this this decision we're often consulted together universities we have consistently stated that we would really like a paragraph in that vision that says they're not spending so much money in all and I don't have the money at the moment that the moment that the reduction economy does better than we are going to invest in science and very disappointing the ministry has refused if you read the text is not a single sentence that states that possibly in the future although spent more money on sites very disappointing is also very smart I think because we have very little natural resources we have people that we need to educate and we have to innovate and we have to do research and that can only be will you invest so it is a theory and I don't want and only very negative note but I think it's very very disappointing that our politicians do not want to make a statement that science is important and science deserves more investments at a time when is possible for a while and on a very negative notes and all of us are in financial problems for people here that will do much better after tonight's dinner before tonight's these are 4
prize-winners salty you through the yesterday's starts Of this evening 3
prizes the first one is a form of physics his award
is a prize of 10 thousand euros awarded each year to the author of the best physics the subject of this
year's uses fluid dynamics and in layman's terms and I can understand that it deals with how drop liquidity evaporates there Isabel's very is apparently supporters research and experience to media why
do all the states of Europe the way they do the jury lost the attractive and transparent style of
writing and they invite HomeKit held along from university to enter on states to receive the for the use of
public health and if yes you have and I feel I am extremely happy and honored to receive this price and I would like to thank very much the jury and selecting I also feel very likely not only because of its price but because of an able to perform IDC research in a very nice inspiring environment which is the physics of Louis group at the University and I would like to thank all the people that interacted with me and that might be easier and most importantly also might be she advises that left those and was nowhere for all the
support confidence and for giving me the opportunity to work on that thank you very well on arrested so we move on to the next lies the form Valerie station jet surprised with his prize from encourages the use the soon to be voted a separate chapter in their speeches to the validation of their doctoral research it is a prize of 5 thousand euros that can be be spent on anything that aims to encourage the use of explore possibilities to commercialize their research that the laureate of this year describes the nature of seismic movements always affect gravitational waves and how such noise can be filled out the it did not stop at the science he established a start-up company that France's Wurtz with Shell a great example of basic science in commercial applications can go hand in hand can I invite my begin from the gives me pause
for the for the 1st time Newfoundland I don't think that the so as many of you would know criteria they been the bases can sometimes be rather tedious task amid having to write another chapter Nunavut might seem like a rather unwelcome In addition but I believe that it is important for for
4 years and for me to show the rest of the world that fundamental research is more than just amazing physics that also has an added economic value for the rest of society I think it's great that Poland supports this through months of things this prize with John I'm very pleased and to be the said I'd like to think they won't think bigger than everybody at the gravitational physics group for making my reasons and his brother possible but did sort of 3rd and final awards to the form vandalization Prize 2014 the price is 250 thousand euros is to encourage the utilization of knowledge from physical research this year goes to 2 of the most successful and well known now technologies in our country and jury reporting evokes an image of 2 Siamese twins and verified when they come on stage their research bridges now physics chemistry and material sciences it to awardees invented analytical method which allows the development of superconductors that our superior materials it had already led to the uh starter across to you companies the enthusiasm of the lorries does not stop an elaborate the sunspot has also just of the year at festivals like the Black Cross festival which I think is soaring 20 about people go and will move in the understands there and they went to the lowlands University may I ask you saying this and they belong to the states at
the time the union today the number of victims so while what a lot of people and not allow it feels great to win this year's civilization prize and I would like to start by thanking
people for awarding these prices there and I really wanted this price I never considered that as a scientist win with OK maybe it's like that I also want to thank of course at the University of plants animals and not technology because I think they
gave us the possibility to do fundamental basic materials research but always In an entrepreneurial said so we are happy to To get spin-off
companies starter to collaborate with a lot of industries and still work on fundamental questions and that I have to say this is really fun I always liked being here at the university and these were and I would really encourage you all to do this in this sense but having said this I also want to think of course to the members of our group within days of because of course we are not doing all the work only a very limited amount of work but most of the work is being done by our students students or pensioners students and also our former students starting on the suspicion of little companies like transfer-listed knowledge installments they are the real prize winners and I'm happy to share it with them so thank you so it might at 1st I want to thank the soul mates cleared the way for 25 years trying to give science into products into companies and I think that but today I think it's a very nice moments to share with it's also the entered into final University universe expenses and a maze of those institutes and that I'm very happy to that it is here and because he was the initiator of the maze of this and we are having more than 50 spin-off companies already from the Institute thanks to all work but also may only on consulting in very good community here but as the authorities said the real people are the young people will start this spin-off companies the group got the guts to do so and hopefully also the glory of 2 and was false this morning there were some words with make about the house phone is going in the next 2 future and I think well if we are here to get a phone in our hearts and if people know me down at the end of speeches I like to cheer them up with 2 terms so I do this experiment also a Facebook so I ask you to do 2 things up and make a movie out of it and I know that behind the curtains on both holes we cannot see you but we can't hear you really hear you OK so it's now I will think it's short movie cheering for default because it's a heart with 2 tons of a you may stand up and you may be allowed to make a lot of noise so let's start with the movies now he history Hey normally I was a
kid you'd have once again because it can be loud and clear the time is not allowed the utility office would soon I think you can laugh OK with this with this we've
reached the end of the year frivolous prize ceremony I'm a seasonal physicist I am surprised at what you this are capable of another from my colleagues will get the and in my view this and other resource that we have another photo moments and I guess after this he will introduce a series from the main political process