The award ceremony for the FOM Prizes 2012

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The award ceremony for the FOM Prizes 2012
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ladies and gentlemen fundamental research on fundamental well last year to new particles were discovered my Drummond was you know we'll hear much more about those tonight's and stuff but we don't need an introduction yes to life seems to have been the symbol for food we have had dinner together with 1750 people at the same time dispersed over 3 or more I can't even see the rising year holes now that it is a feat achieved by a large team the chef and his his team and I think it is an extraordinary achievement things and you want to join me in the balls with a thank I it is a great pleasure that tonight we have been joined by a number of special guests but I want to introduce all of them separately to you but am the guest of honor tonight is the Minnesota fur research stuff circuit that this is a backer of his Becker is a great honor and a pleasure to have you here you have an important role in the evening later on in a few minutes and I should like to express a warm welcome to you then at the tables here the many representatives from about what you call stakeholders in the field she heals from industry representatives from the ministries of both the research education and culture and economic affairs universities and the chairman of and we always here I'm a representative from the NO and CW so again I'm not sure I won't go through the entire list but role very welcome and it is a great honor for us to have you here and is also very important for us at that by being here you express your interest in our work and Europe Europe the interests of the mutual interest we have to work together and to weaken to work constructively in this field where science and policy against industry meet the Golden Triangle in modern works very well very warm welcome to all of you yet another meaning of the yes the others for we are scientists and what what we do by definition deals with the future because what the event date will only b in the shells in the sometime from them as scientists we are well versed in the extrapolation also also in the nonlinear curves toward the future and an exponential growth disciple thing and we know that there is no such thing as sustained exponential growth for a quick period of time in a in a closed system and yet this is what the world is experiencing it brings a special responsibility for us because we can see this happening and we have to provide solutions so yes we have fun and yes we like what we do with researchers and yes it is important that we have the freedom to follow our interest and instincts but we do it for a reason and the reason to be blunders to try to achieve a better world for the acceleration it is the reason why form is the site of in it's a strategic plan a few years ago to take up energy as this had subjects to do research on them the future what we had research today will only be useful In the closer or further away future the new generation next generation will be faced with problems that we cannot foresee but what we know for sure is that if we do not do the research now they will be empty-handed when it comes to dealing with those problems we have to do the research now I'm very happy to say that the next generation that I was thinking about is also here today I on the 4th of September last year and the full extent you might have seen an article about the almost message and then 10 year old boy boys very special Jack and with a passion for physics so he just completely fascinated by science and physics in particular the dreams of being a a physicist when use of its yet when he was asked in the interview what message would you like to pass on to the world he said stop making war now there's a respectable Science held in front of us by a ten-year-old boy that I find moving and I'm very happy that Thomas and his mother out with us not too tonight is also denied when the 3 form prizes will be awarded and those are the federalization prize the prize for the best thesis and the prize for the best chapter on Velez Asian indices and again is our great pleasure and honor that the minister Decker but has I had taken up the challenge to hand out those prices tonight so I should like to invite you to the floor and
the union this amount is going thank you very much this really is a lot and this is big ladies and gentlemen in the summer the leading Dutch news network but in a wish you know announced that I'd Hovan has been voted the smoggiest region in the world and that includes Helmand too a comedian Dave Marcis always that's to gift this recommendation and the variety of higher profile but this region I Dolliver also includes fell 12 and if this was repeated today here and now I'm sure we would be off the scale I need a gathering of nearly 2 thousand physicist is feared to leave unheard of so many clever people in 1 room and I have to say as as the state's secretarial science I welcome the site it is lovely to see because our country needs technical experts like you you are a creators of new
technology which forms an important basis for economy and thanks to scientific expertise we can keep apace with our competitors and the and rank ourselves amongst the 5 strongest economies in the world but international competition is intensifying it's becoming increasingly difficult to maintain and strengthen our global position and we can only do if we challenge ourselves and move up a gear and to this end it's also forms responsibility To and shared research resources are allocated to the best research and it's obviously up to the researchers to to continue to surprise us with our high-quality work and I would like to emphasize that continued to surprise us because Dutch physicists have already at a very impressive Jack record predecessor Hall the cells that had only just been appointed state secretary when he was off to Stockholm for the presentation of the Nobel Prize to high In other time continues a long tradition of excellence of physics which started around the end of the 19th century enlightened it's been said before but I'll say it again because it's something to be proud of ah country the Netherlands as the highest number of Nobel Prize winners in physics perhaps half of the population it's something you can
be proud of according to many of those in the know according to many of those in the know they look out of Cowell His stumbled Felson In delisting researchers we have 2 more potential Dutch Noble Prize winners in the midst like my predecessor I ought to go to Stockholm at a certain moment as well as the former the former
discovered be lustrous my nanoparticles the letter was closely involved in his
discovery of expulsion and the authoritative magazine Physics World good both discoveries amongst the top 10 scientific base breakthroughs in 2012 which underlines the fact that this was a special year for physics not only for ordination 14 Netherlands but also internationally and that's a huge compliment to the Dutch scientific community I would like to congratulate you on your spectacular exploits and I hope that you will at many many more so far so
far you've been doing
you've done extremely well and the Netherlands is is very proud of that of course separately you never get to enjoy it your successor for 1 thing every specialist is only as good as his next project this award presentation Dow is a perfect opportunity for us to take a moment here today to consider our success and to say fury so ladies and gentlemen no it's time 40 awards which are being presented today In the best form tradition the 3 awards 1st the foam physics teach these awards of 10 thousand euros presented to a young 2nd the foam
authorization chapter award of 5 thousand euros which stimulates believes the students to dedicate
a set a separate chapter in the season's about the aspects of Federer's finalization and 3rd the former authorization a word award of 250 thousand euros percentage to a researcher who was able to make his own research useful society what makes all laureates remarkable is that they only
undertake is that they not only undertake fundamental research they also consider potential applications
of the Pyrenees pioneering new knowledge fundamental science and another in an innovative application certainly don't need to be at odds with with each other a letter we would say "quotation mark it out they must this is also demonstrated by the top sector policy in which new networks of researches and emerging are emerging at universities In businesses institutes and so-so chose organization the work of the award winners underlines the fact that fundamental science is the basis for many economic and social innovation and that there must always be room for free an unfettered it's also like this government this new cabinet has decided to invest in fundamental site I want to and I want the extra money Dexter researchers to actually reach the best scientists and research groups through healthy competition because only then the top people will come to the fore just like today's laureates ladies and gentlemen I now have 2 great honor of presenting the former awards 2012 and I will start with the winner
after physics the deceased
award to 2012 the jury considered his work to be an important step In the direction all vacant and computers not surprisingly this worse together with they'll call also His publication lists is impressive don't comprising 29 articles and he has now decided Over 700 Ed 16 6 not over you decide exactly 766 starts the jury also felt the city's research clearly sets out how is findings can be applied in the future and Recchi offering a few words of the American comedy series the Big Bang theory will be familiar
with his work because 1 of his pictures has actually been used in it ladies
and gentlemen let me announce the winner of 2 former physics thesis award 2012 on building up meals it would be a lot
of things regulations I think this is this is the most important part of but I'm sure you you're going to do many good things with this as well and I would like to wish you good luck with your 3rd research said that this is really a non-aggression I was extremely happy to hear that I won the prize but the the truth is that I won a much more important important fried rice before that this prize was being able to come to work at home in light most I learned most of what it is to be a researcher From my Subaru was gonna be enough and by the way this would also not be possible without active talking with with my colleagues light and with my friends and also I wouldn't be able to carry alone I have to work a lot with many of the people I think the the jury was selecting me but more than that and I think every person with whom I would thank you ladies and gentlemen Our 2nd prize here tonight the leader of the foam federer station chapter water also find much all this inspiration income creates applications it was he was said and I quote that fundamental science is best when it ultimately leads to an application and was very interesting and useful the think of Dutch while riding Jesus and the jury presented this award for the chapter in his thesis in which the wintery describes possible applications of optical 901 10 the jury feels and I called again that the laureates describes a wide range of applications 40 scientific result
and that he is not only consider the potential for the station but has also actively begun to work on it and go out at the moment he's involved with the start up in Pasadena which develops new solar cells technology very important interview on our future energy supplies ladies and gentlemen the victory of the foam Federer's
Asian chapter toward 2012 areas this year we might face traffic among status the nations he'll slot .period the excellent torture thank you so many of surprising I working industry now but I still read a lot of research papers even PAC the seas and so realization rise or not fertilization chapter in are not research but still find applications at the same time I really enjoyed writing this chapter myself I think it's very inspirational and I like to think form for providing this incentive to do so I'd also like to think that the I don't know if I was going to be an industrial partnership program with them finally there is the old Form for being with his adviser was really the stimulating environments others were injured feud
I think it's wonderful to see how
research and business are exchanging ideas and and it this can be educated and brought up in academia ladies and gentlemen this is the moment that you've all been waiting for the winner of the feminization awards it has also been awarded a European Research Council advanced Grant and is now in the company of a select group of Dutch scientists for we are doing extremely well In the European Research Council last week I attended the presentation of the 3 thousand European research grants and I hope that there will be many more laureates previously has also won the Yacob Kistenmacher awards and today he received the award the former water for his groundbreaking research on surfaces and interfaces for example To enable applications in catalysis of friction reduction don't ask me what it's the jury praises the ability Of the award to win to combine fundamental technological developments and the generation of new business in the market sector and it is notable that His work with is conducted in an environment where the emphasis is actually on curious curiosity-driven research ladies and gentlemen the winner of the form factorization awards 2012 mystery Yost thank
part the state regulations there it is not big on that's that everyone the before all but the deal at this time thusly they got and maybe maybe should also tell much about the deal with the With the grant the Bush a property curious obviously more research yet now so obviously this award is is for a team effort for which I am indebted to the enthusiastic members of my research team enlightened and also to the Aladdin Institute of Physics with wonderful we support groups in mechanical and electric engineering and also to the industrial partners with which we have been collaborating over the years Kevin true privilege to combine FON so fundamental research will matters with the subjects that have an application potential and I think we really this it applies to all of us because if you will integrate over the years I think about everything that we are doing here will be applied 50 years from now I think that you could do the calculations backwards 50 years from now backwards almost everything that's been done more than 50 years ago has been applied now so effect all in the business of acquisitions nevertheless I think it's very inspiring to have a look at the stuff that you're doing yourself with with a view of more records of those issues you might get some sort of impatient and want to do right now so I think I'd like to pronounced an invitation to especially the younger generation to cast that you upon your Ph.D. work your post-rock full research projects and who knows many very soon you here to collect a very wonderful parts thank you very much few
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