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Master class with Costas Soukoulis
Photonic metamaterials: review, challenges and opportunities
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In the last decade, a new area of photonics research has emerged, that has given the ability to produce materials with entirely novel electromagnetic properties. Known as metamaterials for their ability to take beyond conventional materials. Clearly, the field of metamaterials can develop mould-breaking technologies for a plethora of applications, where control over light (or more generally electromagnetic radiation) is a prominent ingredient�among them telecommunications, solar energy harvesting, biological and THz imaging and sensing, optical isolators and polarizers. In this talk, I give an introduction into this emerging field, review recent progress, and highlight remaining challenges and opportunities.
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but the maintenance costs of Greece Ireland from members
lavatory Iowa the University and I collaborate with arm a 4th in the afternoon since
83 so I want to thank Professor William boasts that that he invited me here to do master class and you if I go there very fast stop me and you asked me a lot of questions which and then I mean here the
metamaterials effort either State University Thomas courses adjournment this is an experimental their heads would have postdoc students and we have visitors this is
Butkus from my last year and we have a lot of fun saying this professor in the United States will come in with their own money to spend than a years to my group so I to groom for and there is this year which
and this is a website offers and also I did .period funding from Dili .period Nuri all in our final Sandia and then I have a lot of collaborators I'm all over the world and I mean this is the European form ensemble the I've got these funds from my collaborators from my gaze which so like from
my talk brief history of metamaterials and I
will tell you what motivations and challenges the Odeon experiments recent results 3 d direct laser light in Cardinal gained tunable customers forces worked out a good good
doctors for Medimont tedious Implats monarchs and then we tried to understand the mechanism of popular between metamaterials and begin meeting and upbeat gestures of metamaterials in
future and the election sewn concluding remarks which so let's
try to discuss all of these metamaterials she
had the dialectic functions that part of the dialects of function in variability 0 0 positive positive nbc's their index of refraction the square root Epsilon the new easily propagates the waves and this is the last part materials now
he added we have negative Epsilon and positive and this is metals there and this imaginary if you really pulled in wave in
metals he doesn't propagate indicates over here we have epsilon pose stiff new negative then this is marking its so here the negative index of refraction in metals it's optical wavelengths Over here
we have the mock minutes piece décor and they don't goal negative Epsilon and negative news In the same frequency and
and then all that here we have epsilon negative news negative and then
if we tried to get this Cuero tough Epson the positive and negative so the early let
me try to explain what we're going to get negative the index of refraction so aerial part of epsilon imaginary part of Epsilon the real part of New an imaginary part of so
here we have negative at bottom both Epsilon and then the materials they have the minds in Nyeri part positive
if we go this way he doesn't exist in materials so he had negative the imaginary part positive we multiply this 1 of here I mean this is complex excellent and Over here and then were going to have positive Over
here epsilon annually negatives so we tried to do yet their edicts of the diffraction so here we get negative and positive the index of
refraction mind negative and if we have this 1 over here positive so a reality that causality of materials the Montanari part all fairness positive in that he by all then is negative here negative In the imaginary part of positive I mean if you try to
understand that 1 and then you will do mathematics and you would like to figure out this 1 over here this is very simple idea now so if we have negative excellent and negative knew I mean this is Ariel propagation so proper here and propagation there is completely different and I will explain that a little later opposite phase and group velocities now so what we're going to be doing it we have that edge of material epsilon positive new positive I mean we have electromagnetic naturally questions
the propagation direction can elected feel and the magnetic field the piece but I can't say said so the Times a it's safe I mean that's what we're going to be doing so positive over here and then this is the point invective he dines dates In the .period
invective that goes with Agip group velocity and they carry a disproportionate To the face of a lost soul in their
regular positive annual positive and the face velocity and the group velocity he's on the same now if we have a negative Epsilon and
this is left-handed said yes and the company that has an but if you think that you know and I think that is normally this season I will discuss the little bit later so I mean we have a material which is absolutely positive and new positive dialectic we brought by day propagate and plan it was 1 of the men in the 1 office yeah but there but the thing is of course if you have the dispassionate unless Omega versus today you're going to get the negative in Texas fraction of photonic crystals noted that GOP outside of the gap we have published today a lot of papers my student putting a polluter and then we go at it negative index of refraction is photonic crystals not in the Gulf In no now that here we
have negative absent today Epsom left-handed said in the beginning we call it left-handed materials and usually we chains now metamaterials so used usually that and as you guys they said left-handed metamaterials and it was not that good so here am in the face ghost opposite in the group velocity are there in the same direction over here and there in the face
velocity he is opposite of the group that lost
so here I the the deal 1 day mission of all here the left-handed the slab the group velocity goes like that in end the face the loss to ghost opposite I'm in this 1 the group the lost a ghostly that I and the phase the lowest goes opposite in one-day national fame now here
we have excellent
Omega Mu of America an awful made up 1 minus made up the Omega square the city's litany and was so and for that here
we have the metamaterials and I put pilots over here and then here we have a material and we have much smarts more complicated with a frequency dependence we
can make policy and then we tried to steal all the lights invite and we have
specimens in the will discuss the little bit later so now this is a simulation over here
goes inside and then change the save and then the face the goes there in the group velocity to the light so
this is their audience now visa palace inside their metamaterial goes comes so much slower so you can make a very good especially and then this life that the life of the lost city becomes much slower than the group velocity becomes much bigger and then you and then you'll the reduce the velocity of the life and now if we really go outside over here this is a
ghost and then eventually negotiated becomes the special becomes wider and then were going to use metamaterials and if you have the spot the tuna and then if you really
go this way opposite and they will come Gallo exactly if you really have a defied and you have a and then eventually you go to the fiber and then we are going to use metamaterials at 1 45 my career and then we're going to have a dispassionate here the the only yeah if you
started to give you started with negotiations In over here but special becomes like that if you really put me so I don't have the if you're really started with this 1 and then you are going to have this but they do not think and then eventually we headed the especially engineering metamaterials would become a ghost town you
on no 1 in the cities of I mean this is the start of the solely for so he could
barely ghosts inside and then outside becomes becomes Why did you know that these if you go the yearly have like that and you get it outside and then becomes so much media the policy a
ghost becomes like that it's all about you know he's not yeah
cellular you choose a goes on and you go to metamaterials and then if you really come with this particular think and
you try these he will become the notion that what side of the ways that matters which I think is I mean if you
wanted to really do what I mean I don't have movie so we are going to go this way and we're going to have another metamaterials and then eventually will become ghosts in here and that's what is going to be captain and then this is very very tough so really if we
go to go to 125 migrants we don't have a dispassionate engineering for metamaterials and I will discuss the little late any other questions it was
what was the was and the right thing that would make it you will also he is really more than what year they also you're
used to having this year yes yes yes because of the enormous yes according to the idea of you go out on another fence by that I mean what you know none the deposit because I was trying to say I mean I didn't put it the metamaterials NIE ghosts allegedly was no matter material and then a delay in the past year yeah yeah that's what this company yet negative defections for
chairman you know very simple error that I kind that the material last of
and if you go to France they Bellamy although you don't say Cisneros lowered their counts lawlessness the Council anyway so now he's is the dad so we're going to season is not over here so this is there
.period invective In this is this man's slow and over here we have negative index of refraction we go this way is reflected in here these the group velocity the .period invective and this over here he he's the face velocity and goes opposite so you are going to really have the interface they gave Powell at the interface it works well over here and then
we're going to do this but particular example we have done it in photonic crystals in
2001 and we try to put this 1 over here so here is the interface and we don't have that EPA dust mites will elected and then eventually it takes
a lot of time to gold in the opposite direction so I mean this is the incident reflected in the city's photonic crystals and it takes a lot of time if you wanted to really goal in the opposite direction on the news yeah because I had this but did you ever think this is a platonic itself and we're going to go like that way all that here and this is you ask us this way that goes this particular direction although not all of will what
this it Over here and yeah and
it has been about the formation European of at 1st yeah yeah and I will give you and I mean this is a photonic crystals I will give you another 1 with uniform material and you will see exactly the same thing I mean which so I will
not discuss what was a Doppler effect of opposites integral additional preserve this impression and flat lenses so they added what
we're going to be doing if we're going to have a source over
here it goes this way this way this way this way this way this way and this is the source and months so dearly if we have a negative index of the refraction we have
flopped lenses Of course it we have a glass over here and he doesn't really so you we have a glass we're going to do it like that and we're going to focus on the other side India and there in the beginning when we started 2001 we convinced that are about to give us a lot of money if we're going to have to do flap lenses and that it is much like if we had a plastic and we put the metal and we tried nearly to figure it out we did this flat lenses India and now if it goes very very very high In frequency we don't have a flat lesser sucked optical wavelengths 48 so John Pendry he
discussed Showboat lands in 2000 and the she the normal lessons I'm in here is they months and then Over here and we did other source and they much over here In the flap
lenses we have this particular the source negative and we're going to get it over here on the months and that's what is this
kind of simulations so we're going to have a stupid lands so there are highly Scotland you know
we are not yet there Van Ness and waves of up out of the lost so here is the sources and
this is their propagation direction the phrase restoration In the vinous integrates sat lost so here's the source and
this is the evanescent waves here if we don't have negative index of refraction and minus 1 and that we are losing their Von Essen weights so reality if we
wanted to have this source very very very close 2 and minus 1 and then we are going to evanescent waves are recovered solely this 1 in negative Epsilon and this 1 is going to become evanescent waves now he was only we did it there's a lot of experiments in so what do you
say the wavelength this In their Al-Ahly limit the slammed tools and if
we can really the get here land while 6 it would have been a lot of free losses the mapped out so we don't have sobered Lentz I mean we did a
lot of feeling I mean John predicated with his serve former boss and we didn't a lot of these things and we are going to go forward on velvet and that's what is going to be happy and I was in the making of the this means that somewhere so it is president of the way you have to look inside yeah of course is the site of 1 of the things or you go to a new and I don't want to be part of this year will I forgot to I make their 2004 and we did it in the guy affairs In the brakes a a lot of time to really do that 1 but I've forgotten now probably will take I 4 good now 1 of the period between these 2 thousand BTU it's in order to the capital of evanescent waves so I can send you the paper yeah yeah that's what is going to be happening and of course if we have your sister where I'm not going to eke out thereby mess and waves yeah and that's what is going to be happening so
probably I'm in 1 . 5 0 Mega In the pilot and there probably on 1 . 5 0 megacities long over 6 and that's what we did some kind of simulations
and we put them at materials and we put losses and we don't see this supra lands any other questions which a 0 index of the factions In 0 now if we have 0 index of refraction I and the
colors you know I have a point source In 1 sign said 1 and 2 there are signs that that too In becomes 90 degrees if you really have a point source and then becomes plain away so I reality in this particular 0 index of refraction if
we can really make and 1 so we're going to make kind of lands this way and if you really come that delaying the wave will concentrate over here and die so this is the point source he gets playing the waves and then if you
can really do end equals 0 we are going to do all we have collaborated with David Smith and we have done it in draft carrots and lands and we are going to go the plane wave and concentrates over here this is the only
way to in on that as well however the many would was the group which has no no no Our I mean this is this is an equal 0 yes so really what you were going to be doing I mean already here Seinfeld fell 1 in different directions it goes this way perpendicular this way but they did you let this way
but each and then eventually on the other side of the world Gold over here yes because I have a lot of areas where we the company was over what is the point where it goes the home is on the St. Paul familiar
yeah I mean this is not I mean this is a flat plans if you really go like that then we have a very big dance it is exactly equal as you want and we play Epsilon and new very very close to 0 they have the same magnitude and they'd be dance these this is equal or what if space deflected and
that's what is going to be happening and then we really try to do it like that and also we are common these particular way and then eventually we have these but we do think only focus on the indeed efforts so he we try
to make 3 D metamaterials indeed it has of course in optical wavelength is very very difficult to do that 1 right last year
who on on the other side of the the yeah I mean if you wanted to really do over here if you put point source and he gets a plane wave in
1 particular direction yes yes poetry In eventually I mean that we discuss with boy without power and we play we have for years and use this 1 here so we're going to do it over here and then and then if you are going to go over here so militancy sold under this goes this particular direction and that Over here if we're going to move it it goes in this particular direction and we have done it indeed shares I'm in this 1 over here goes this way go over here and go over that but for years so it can happen in a world of outside of the what will happen in the 2 it's not the same thing the that it was I want the it's your job to face yeah but I'm in the cities where case so let me think it so usually this particular source here we have a lot of firm solar cells and if we're going to data 4 different directions we're going to have a point source or of the energy of solar energy in this particular direction now if you wanted to really do if you wanted to the military applications I mean you are going to go In this but it led the election and you are going to change here so I forgot his name so the you're going to go In this particular direction and Dennis directional antennas so you goal but year you move it like that and you're going to have a uh uh the index of refraction and you are going to move the sources and you go this but did you understand that in this particular and can now if you really have outside sources so you have a source here and because you so you're going to go Over here In I'm not quite sure I don't remember that affect think it in their in their day trip it was like a the 1 yeah but this is so I mean this is a periodic think Over here and we're going to put it over there yeah what is going to be happening we put it in there in the middle and that any equals 0 In this case the people of and all all year to the central region yeah yeah this is the you don't need the you know what you say you're going to go over here and you're going to come in for the plane waves to focus over there or not when what is your question and I don't understand yet you can say something about the condition of the this related to him here which I I mean I mean we have really done this kind of stimulation and we're going to have periodic and periodic over there in the middle I haven't done it this other simulations Over there I mean this is I mean this is a good idea to think it over for Antigua 0 in order to focus and the closing of and dance it these exactly equal to the year I put excellent Pentagon minus 4 new 10 to the minus 4 and a little bit and I put imaginary part over here and it goes along and then eventually he doesn't really go the same opted to and I think this is the end of of the month of the year and that kind of thing that it was a matter of course no
no no because what we have really done it I put to that point source of it here and we have really put it down to the minors for 10 to the minus 3 they Montanari part of that and they're usually over here in the case because we have losses and then eventually if we wanted to really go the plane wave if we don't have any losses it's going to be unified you don't mean that we can't do have that Over here negative refraction is 0 reflection metamaterials I mean no we're going to have Epson the new minus 1 year and this is the In is being dense so nearly we have no reflection so this is a small size and then eventually negative reflection of the here and then over here goes negative reflection show
usually where going to have excellent and independent and you are going to really make this Of the even be and it's there and equal 1 so I will discuss their later so
I mean this is a kind of a review metamaterials full gondola of but the and that believed independent their ability to match the fight you be dense Ziegler won 0 reflect tenants he's a unique property of metamaterials with many applications I mean solar cells since on if you really get 0 reflect and of course there are all kinds in 2001 we wrote the proposal to doubt upon
and we have stealth planes so if recovered the plane's and then Zebina that's not the deflect so use only on the analyzer goes to the plane and then eventually we don't want to make this very big planes so they give us some money but the waste a lot of money so we we it they're basically says you know the ability to have negative index of refraction negative factual Platt less accessible lessons or 0 the Dixie concentrate on or beaming I mean this is beaming and cost-effective comptroller
of the metamaterial dispassion slow like dispassionate Indiana now we are going to go the possibility of my Connecticut response in their affairs invisible the region optical migrant this I collaborated with died in the and we did it In lot negative index of materials in
optical magnetism and I will discuss bit later 1 day now I mean and I suggest filled-hectically by vessel allowable in 1968 negative Epsilon the negative knew he did fury and and there are
of course ignored because of the lack of materials Epsilon and they don't have any early have Our experimentally Epsilon knew the same frequency circuit Secret Garden of electromagnetic summoned John Bentley said like that and that means that had to wait for 30 years
I mean jump and that was suggested you have to really figure it out negative news and
then of course we have excellent negative with metals and then eventually we try to nearly the dielectric function negative and the new negative in this same frequency that's when the new they have the same value and this is the in bandits the by medium can use both Epson we'll see more venues a medium with
negative index of refraction would be used the suggested structures this is the 1st experiment that Starr did it with the baby Smith in the San Diego so we're going to have wires speaking as a native son I will explain that so she added it would have a matter and then this is a continuous met and then plasma frequency it isn't optical wavelengths so if we want it to cap that metals and we have infinite wires and then we have
infinite wires in the metallic wires and a distance of 80 and then Epsilon of 4 major for Omega Omega be it goes 1 over that distance of the wires if any it these CM said mm is figureheads I mean this is
what and and then if we wanted to really have been infinity metals and we have a splintering and enables and I will discuss a bill be delayed that indeed we had there and
infinite metal and this is their splintered and as a native so we have got to wires so we have this 1 over here and this is the matter of Over here these got metallic wires the season Omega the like that 1 of the day and no matter as the all it is Over here if the 0 I mean this Omega 0 goes Over here so if you really have the dialectic functions with Infinity and
you are going to have the various splintering as a native and we're going to have the
spot the tumor epsilon before and here we have all made up the we add visa and we get this 1 and of course the electric field goal was like the probe additional like that and the magnetic field goes like that then we get out and then we get magnetic that may have been and this is negative over here and the mission it dispositive negative absolute negative
New and US mission positive now the magnetic resonance of L use later now this is the
matter of this is the capacity Over here not really you the the this is the way it darkens the square all the things that we do very simple electromagnetic the board that of their capacity assitance the vote that the borders of the cup by stance the vote that Sophie batons they induce so although there and that they'd use over here the magnetic flux the ideal that the Over here and there I all that and the induce all their and then we have the magnetic over there any case I 0
EU-wide tool I I 0 you minus-2 and then eventually were going to really figure it out the market-based system the cabin of and the area In this season there might merit a session and this is that's what we're going to get it and you so
probably I have published newspaper in 2005 with Martin but in the end there are the magnetic baseball fantasy or Slater now so let me try
to see the elected committee sponsors of now
we go provide the electric field like that and the magnetic field here so that the mission over there so this is the elected but as man's Omega 0 and this is they electric :colon he goes in the same direction now Over
here we're going to have it the continent directions and then this is the magnetic resonance open link if we close and then if
we close the gap the magnetic resonance ghosts that way magnetic response of elected at his boss unaffected now and is you
I will discuss a little bit so this particular directions they elected fillers like about and of eventually it would
go this electric field I mean were going to discuss a little bit later in the magnetic field generates the cotton over here then this way and if we go this way and we're going to have any electrically spawns is different because I mean this is over here is much more than this 1 so I will discuss the Middle Ages let me see the cost Seifert's work in this 1 was such a thing yeah I mean you appointed because and in the I from what they bring laser treatment at a military you what so we
have this split-finger as an item on the No we did it with so much that In their magnetic responsibility of a set I mean these 3 . 5 million part of newly months part of New and they're all major but as in the
spherical Schofell see it goes 1 over the size so if we make it the splintering resonator Morris Morning in the carries but eventually would go to optical wavelengths the Saskatchewan then there now we wanted the amendment the materials in 2010 in Egypt so we went to
the top this salaries were discovered by Egyptian and 3 thousand 500 years ago so in reality
Alaska I'm in the stuff your what these sign what they say I mean this is
1 thousand years 1 thousand year 1000 year 500 years although there and that's where they were telling so really we
went over there with nothing that that I had land use and then we've got a lot of pictures over there and this is that's what was happening and there what the 1st laughter left-handed much metamaterials amenities
2000 probably this reference has 3 thousand 500 the references over them so I mean this is their wire this 1 we proper like about the elected feel like that but that did you up and then excitedly electric field in the wires in the magnetic field perpendicular and you did it positive and negative this is the biggest Smith in science the Decatur and
that there was that defense material with a negative edicts of the deflection India get him I want to know if no I mean they they have really done these things or take so I been so they have really done it over here I mean if you look at on the top so I mean you are going to put it like that of the electromagnetic wave it this 6 do you hear In clearly goes over here and then eventually it goes on like that I mean you can't really see this a sign Over there so I mean they have really done this winds and they will try to figure out negative reflection so you they put it at piles and then they go this 1 over here and they have In a way it's the same size With the dialectic functions and then he's going to go this particular way positive "quotation mark so over here their son of new negative I'm in their wives is very very very high there a solid wires and wires and it is very very very small past mission because
epsilon it please negative and new negative and there is a very very tiny and then I mean I collaborated with
village and Ekman lows may I mean we did this 1 over here and the best left company got the left-handed metamaterials losses policy 3 did best centimeters and there are the biggest for shares the wavelength 75 mm and the period is 3 . 6 probably Lamela Of the resonance frequency With the period he this probably to and the
Palumbo overlay 20 much larger than the size of the summer you have a question yeah it is exactly we did it not noting in
the way guy we have wires then we have 1 square and we have a real advantage and we have really put it much better in the dialectic function Over the years the substrate and then we did this experiments like that but because I don't have this set of figure we have the wires and then we have a splintering is a native 1 and then we do a lot of senior lessons and we try to duel the experiments in Jigger ahead although them but that was the 1st time this 2004 and the debuted at David Smith he produced at 2 thousand for In other
people therefore realized this design the on here all of the week what do you do they also want no no no we have I mean I was going to have it you're probably were going to have it done In the probe ideas the elections probably we have to win the splitting as a natives with their wires endit we were going to put it that want to Wallstreet for 5 and the latest probably make you can really look at in 2004 and that we're going to have it done wires with splitting a nativist 20 and then we're going to put it to 1 2 3 4 5 and we provide data like that they left the CFE like that and that the the 2 and that's what is going to be happened but I don't think that does not know if I have to ante splitting electors if you have the computer you can look at I would think so I mean
this is the magnetic resonance frequency Over the years so we have written with much of it in the next 2 photonics last year and of course this symbols they have negative index of refraction Epsilon negative new negative so she knew it this negative so we're going to go to 109 meters and then we go but and this is there copper wires and this is the 1st nite so probably we go although he refused snapped it this much better we're going to gold Dr. optical wavelengths so we are going to have going perpendicular and here we go pilot and their
magnetic field this that but the truth so let me try to explain the the new small and you have installed in the world the opposite of what year I mean let me tell you I'm in this 1 this 1 this 1 this 1 this is the
split-finger a don't we go perpendicular Let me
go a little bit more Over here so it has a magnetically sports but particular to the which is difficult to detect by direct isn't measurements so if you nearly have these 209 mm and we make 1 later we cannot really go this way in this 1 so early what we're going to do In order to get negative index of refraction going to have topped Wiis over here dialectic over here and we go but detour can we get the negative absolute and negative In over here is the feast next week to that and then dialectic opposite and then were going to go so here knew negative over here so let me explain how we're going to get it
like that the use of multiple process can be used to public demand that the materials that give both negative epsilon as well and for perpendicular directions this in this 1 now if we have split-finger native propagate like that this 1 partly to this 1 and this is but did you look weeds and that negative me or indeed we had wired like that so if we go peppered the tulip To the splintering as a native this 1 today In the electric field this palace like not no population well see
it as announced normally students so really we did indeed Gingrich's Applied Physics Letters and if we go peppered the and electric field goal was the pilot to the gap In 1986 carted over here Over here and then top to the magnetic resonance and that's what we had done it on the 1 only 5 Mike 1 you the students 48 so what
we have really done it we have a metals this upstate than the matter so Sony early what we're going to be doing we go perpendicular the electric field generates negative and then were going to explained Over here so we have a metal go but that did excellent and NBA they got why symmetric mode this 1 and this 1 no magnetic died so here if we
merely have had semantic Mort you have cabin already here and the magnetic field there magnetic induction goes like that and then he would have it cut and then you get Epsilon and mule at this same frequency now what we did it in optics Letters in 2006 we have this To Split the mayor's America's Over here
metals and metal you go the expected to away In over here we're going to have it Epsilon dates we have embarked on the other side Over here these on the top dialectic and over here and then if you have a cat wires the swine and that 2 1 they don't know that a lot the
magnetic resonance in the electrical resonance sodium early we have put a lot on the infinite wires and we'd go but that the July and then and and then we're
going to connect this 1 over here and then we had don't data and this is a metal dialectic and embarked in these fish nets did you understood me so really what we're going to be doing this is metal metal electric field excites they got life gives you a negative Epps this
magnetic field ghosts that they you although there Over here and then eventually you go with it you did it negative my Connecticut response is not exactly overlaps with the electric and magnetic resonance so really we put it like that and we discuss it that we did some experiments in optics Letters and then we have a reality applied to figure it out the fish net metal dialectic and so what can we go but the of the 6 sides I'm this excites Electric Co susceptibility at the opposite end we are going to go negative meal
so this 1 so really we have done some experiments like that age we go but did you this the electric field is like about the magnetic field is like that and then these mean although lapsed they elected the magnetic resonance and also we did this 1 over here the fish net
this 1 this 1 dialectic and over here so let me try to see if we stop here let me see if I will love Of
course we did Silver base visible matter materials I mean we did 3 layers and we go perpendicular and we figured out 78 the number meters over there With smart died and then
frequency 1 over the size 1 we have 1 over there unit cell goes In such over here this is the connected conducted so I will discuss it after that after the break no was optical frequency increases their losses so lost the the wavelength we different frequencies so in shares we lost the B over wavelength probably 5 probably the dB all the wavelengths and if we go 2008 and we have minus 25 dB over wavelength nothing goes inside so I mean endeavor which a so I will I will stop now over here the challenge is reducing loss public 83 d isotropic metamaterials the need for breakthroughs and new concepts in material process and understating bottom-up publications wiped out good good doctors for metamaterial simplest monarchs June ability in external out controllability of metamaterials I don't discuss that much realized optical Martin this can increase the opportunities for fundamental Optical Science and photonic components show we stop
here and there you can ask me some questions you know yeah I mean we want to stop or you asked me a lot of questions Oh you you know it's a 10 minute you go your let me go a little bit back
figures independence on the Net meal effective permeability part of New as a function of frequency so you use only the effective permeability I mean here is negative 100 migrants the split-finger resonated and then eventually if we go very very small 167 9 millimetres and then Ladouceur said if we go to optical wavelengths 1 act
optical wavelengths and this is the magnetic variability now a resonance frequency or and
I discuss it In the Bears units size 1 of them Omega Mu goes to 1 of their and then goes anything we go very very
small in the unit-cell it saturates they connected the doctors of the lieutenant's becomes important here we discuss at this 1 over here in Physical Review Letters why such aggression of the magnetic resonance for mg 1 of them L over
the doctors of the magnetic I square and look over here and then the disproportionate way see is proportional to a well maybe I am L times a a square or maybe 1 of the the size of the unit said now if we to to vary very very small sizes 209 0 meters In the 109 emitters that kinetic energy of the
electorate's becomes comparable to the magnetic energy small-scale structures I mean this is a magnetic energy is most jails one-half L M I square the kinetic energy of the electorate's one-half I mean this is the number Coffee lieutenants the volume the mass of the
electorate and the velocity of the left so he had the velocity of the left on the cattle the area the charge of the letter NI so was what we wanted to be at the door the kinetic energy of the electorate's one-half Bill I I square I substituted the I all that here and then I go up to one-half life I square In this is L.
I Over here this in this four-wheeler M I and II the square volume Esquer N 1 although a now if we are going
to go to the magnetic resonance and we have to add that genetic again of the elected the magnetic resonance Of the splintering a native over here so L m time see a square L I dined C constant if we go a very very small it's saturates did you understood all this fear so
it doesn't depend on this display that Ingres matrix the frequency of the magnetic resonance frequency from different designs we'd goal but that the the cut wires the Scot wires that continues wires the fish net that by metallic parts and then eventually what is going to happen slob in wireless I mean this is there
visible range slabs narrow Over here slabs why all this year the fist net the becomes inside the visible Hey "quotation mark change so do you have any questions about this 1 over here
which so current and future directions I'm afraid Medical modeling design of metamaterials publication of 3 D left-handed materials direct lies dating non-Olympic lithography design the fabrication of Cotton metamaterial I
understand that reduced the losses introduced game what the good good doctors for met them until a simplest monarchs so I will discuss later 4 so all of them metamaterials they become years pioneered
experiments wore conservative faction alleges and . 5 2016 splintering resonator going perpendicular and then there are In the 2 thousand 11 we go to optical wavelengths and I will give you some pictures
this paper is that it has enabled some this the natural photonics splintering goes on doors 4th forthcoming to the again Univeristy of Japan and they started from Montana heads and they go to optics and here is the feast next vertically Kasuri Purdue Valencia and namely in this is dialectic meant the dialectic I'm in the city's so and this is the projection of Sandia that they're going to do 3
dimensional projections With matter this is metallic wires and this is an isotropic metamaterials and the cities of metallic they left the legacy for form we said collaborated on apartment with at work
in Caltech because they conform I mean this is that's where in here if we wanted to go Anthony dying national dialectic spheres we have 2 sizes the
electrical resonance is very In the magnetic resonance it is very narrow if you play with the sizes you all laughter one-day elected functions and with a magnetic resonance show she at Indiana
University this is metal classed as they have done fury so they have 1 metallic sphere inside and they give class monarch and has announced negative and if you put a lot of spheres outside and then eventually the current goes on and you create magnetic resonance so they got a lot of the European Grand National glory probably they did this lessons and they'd been fabricated the
like that so I went so fast so I want to really tell you if you have some questions and so I will stop at dollars here and there yeah so how do you know what it is the direct laser light so we have a proposal from the European Union With John Bentley a montage later and that clearly was very much so
nearly a month of there is an expert on the indirect Liza related I mean this is polymer this is the kind of thing you make designs in polymer and that some of the other times we wanted to a yearly put metals Over here and
here we applied to the early good metal and then this is becomes I mean no
optical isolated and this was published in Science in 2009 and was that on me uh I mean this is much bigger 1 tool 3 if you
really make much detrimental collapse I mean this is it the issue 1 . 5 Michael Over There is
not optics yeah and now I mean what we're trying to propose in the European Union we wanted to make a direct laser items and
what was going to be do see them in the sea the import my and then I mean this is optics Letters in 2009 I mean no
you're going to have this 1 over here and this 1 over here I mean this is the unit size this is negative New negative Epsilon the negative and probably 200 and then we did it into design over there and then we tried To make experimentally I mean this is 1 of the students she make a very good there are designed and then she and that's
what we did it and then we do work at 150 and
this is probably we wanted to really go propagation in this particular directions probably this is 5 migrants he doesn't work so we really tried to do this this
transmission and reflection and we collaborate like that but it's too difficult I mean if we want to go to you're that
but now let me try to
tell you a lot of other
people here Sandia publicist paper in their heads so the reality they have it as fears and 2 different spheres and then eventually to make isotropic Mehta material and they don't
overlap so they make it a very very tiny region and inside the I and you can't really look dialectic spheres and then the border Colorado I mean the fonts and the duty to engage parents but we wanted to go 2 of the dead heads but we're going to have a very high dialectic function there but if we are going to go to very high they elected functional who dialectic functions becomes 20 the day left functions in Tallahassee which is kind
metamaterials so I mean John Bentley introducing that in 2000 6 income metamaterials show not a decade ago I will explain alluded to the new to this policy so if this is that college Over here if
it is Strong calamity might that Epsilon the New York and then will become negative so we have really done India shares with Nicolaides I would have done it in In our
group besides negative index and we just discussed with them and we did experiment with Martin betterment and negative index last polarization repression loud said "quotation mark bakeries let me try to tell you a little bit here here we have a splintering designated so
this is they left except the magnetic field over here I'm in this I mean the cotton Over here and goes out the magnetic moment goes up In over here negative tests an overview of the polarization but particularly to the magnetic resonance now if we wanted
to really make catalyst actually so sold we make this wire put it up put it down you make it's much smaller In all this year
so here negative negative negative I mean no the goes like that she said the :colon
goes this way and then all that here patent the magnetic moment goes down and then the polarization the
elected polarization negative to positive and the goal apparently at the palace in power but here so if you really go down this 1 this 1 this 1 the lectern polarization positive the Cabinet the magnetic bullet-resistant part so
the city's exactly carnality now this too difficult so the anyone where are going to be doing we have 2 cut wires Over here so if we can't these wired and here we have it my this way -minus over here charts this way so this goes that baby
the magnetic moment and then here minus minus polarization to about 1 In over here and then I mean of course we have different designs and then we're going to have the displacement :colon with electric field and we have carnality and
then we have really done a lot
designs so she had I mean we did it with an equalizer eluded India heads in 2009 and the
is opposite on the other side and we go perpendicular and then here we have these violent Wu at the
start that we don't really see that once this and that and we go perpendicular and were going to get negative index of refraction N so
this is big carrots we did we make fabrication with Matt they that 1 . 5 Michael and here we have 4 square wires Over here and this is negative index so in Germany they don't call its vast so dearly
Martin invade in there he asked the university To make Gamaliel the big guys sold Kamala solely on the basis I mean this is there much stronger carnality over there and
I collaborate with Solomons then the call the applied physics you know I mean this is they will call the Applied Physics India shares this
1 this 1 rotates and this is opposite directions perpendicular and transmission but circular polarized left circle of lies the fact that degree in antiquity and I will explain a little bit
here some definitions
so let's circular polarized over here and I'd say local the Fed and the trust me the best between the 2 circular polarized so we can the reality applied to measure these differences the degree
of electricity leaving ample allies :colon medium you maker polarized electricity in what is there I'm due Over here polarization Asimov little testimony of the measure at the Ellipse axes within this Alexis so this we measure experimentally and
and I had a summary for all of these but the particular structures so the cease-fire that the 5 3 d that a rotation 19 With wavelengths to 149 I mean
the Palatine so it is very very very tiny and here we did indeed affairs 7 gigahertz 400 acres the US mission the Stamper said 136 6 feet tall protester
I'm in this series In gigahertz and better hurts we did it .period Martin bed in then and last event in we collaborated with the European gun and then over here we did it 6 . 8 India has now allowed any piece of rotation 833 so I don't discuss the customer forces so use only we
published a paper In Physical Review Letters and
we use a colleges and the week To have Atty custom-made effect not that practical custom effects and there when the work and we did it the effective medium series and then we have published a lot of papers and I don't I don't want to the discussed
that left the firm the reduction of their practical similar forces during college what so I mean this
is very very fast should number look optical activity with cattle metamaterials and In of Salomon's and
then she we have won a gallium arsenide and we really put a lot of light and we have a lot of Claudius and then we destroy the college 48 so I
mean the transmission this so experiments and them and fury and that other power and leave the city we have published this state I don't want to waste a lot of time now do you have any questions about the colleges
yeah here in this 1 over
here the bill most of the what is that we no no with the blue but
out much tonight and I forgot it uh I forgot it so use only when we put it in a locked of tune Bill carnality so if you really put a lot of flights and you can be a precarious and then eventually all over this week ,comma met yeah and then carnality its 2 numbers yeah yeah that's what was going to be happening so I mean was added to signs we got some good reviews and there we said to physical review letter and there are some of the other accepted so widely Lenahan and then there I would published in physical you be but that you have another question here I Minnesota sorry for that year only the company has been working in India once nationwide the yeah there now what we're going to have it we have learned to metallic plates and then he would have a carnality and we have very flexible both carnality and carnality and we have both diagonal the reflections on the S P R I B S and then we deny to do an effective medium theory and we have and they all stay organized a reflection sp In the defense of the carnality and then eventually we try to energy use that factor for and then eventually we've put it might still be dead Gallatin and then we have very positive force
so they that comment Over
here so this is their reply there we did effectively deuterium we've put it very deep talented and we reply and this season this is the common that they did it with reply to this 1 and we did it
different directions so In case and if elections because I can I haven't I will tell you a little bit later I another talks with calamity and then you are going to but nearly have the force any depends on the reflections of the metallic and RSP our PS and that's what is going to be happened this is in line experiences with the potential as well to it's although not in the interest was right Michael In I would like to call on this year's rise in England Maine that year yeah but you need to know what you mean yeah but we really did it and we integrate all of the 3 courses and then eventually uh we try to see what these this strong forces we really looked on their frequencies endeavor and the distances and that's what he's going to be happening so it was not yet yeah know
I'm in there I mean this is the first one of the ship and uh I mean this is the common in this 1 and this 1 3 papers over there and also there I mean some of uh in-laws Alamosa I they do
surfaced last month In order to reduce their productive passing the forces yeah decoupled from Argentina and yeah yeah yeah In other questions "quotation mark what is good but after 4 simplest monarchs yeah now on the Net we discussed this
matter photonics in 2010 so use only what we're going to be doing this is good model all this year Metallica Metallica and we're going to have our elected presidents and the magnetic resonance so sick with the question of a here and this is the magnetic susceptibility the
magnetic resonance 1 of a series Gama on our wealth and the city's therefore is the dimensions of this size so 1 II
bpd if we're going to go to very high frequencies losses from soured now let's try To do so the natural photonics so dissipated power billion itself is that power unit said so I
mean this is if you go back to supplementary material I mean no you try to figure out what is going to be happening so this is succeed N Z so they connected to the dunked it these imaginary part Blvd Over here is proportional to the the material dependence their lost faster it is proportional to the party all right and the filling
factor does not depend on the material properties then we can fix to a certain value now so
dissipated In metamaterial did not
think the doctors exceed and the dissipation factor dissipation also depends already held part of that is a stated so this dissipated isn't power Over here deal it
please we also very low loss In over here it's high losses so if you really go over here dissipated
the genetic it Dr. Spock tho it doesn't depend the dissipated is that if we increase the dissipated velocity increases I mean this is real increases the dissipation of delivery of bottled and then eventually the losses become lots now so
we are going to any Ali here look then my Connecticut resonance Over here dissipated incident power dissipation factor so
we have meal equal to new inquiry 1 you'll minus . 5 mu equals 0 so the reality if you wanted to make plans for massive optics if you have positive and the negative this is a kind of resonance so the aerial part of New Over here is negative
minus 1 Over here dissipated 5 z and she the dissipated power Hebrew it this very small dissipated power at the residence Over here but the you want Over here and then if we go all that here then the new ones becomes negative In their losses it is very very high over the here and if you really go much higher dissipated factors Over here we don't have negative New and then losses since over here so dissipated losses victories in functional foremost factor we lost 5 to a good figure of merit Over here now so Filip descent she recalled In order these materials and then we comparison of metal in the seals we have had a yellow part of the good activity and the imaginary part of that is stated so collision frequency that heads plasma frequency Over here so we did it all the experiments and then we put it over here
10 to the minus 5 10 to the minus 8 that is distributing video part of that is to be sold that is all madam material losses 10 to the minus 8 Omega and tend to the or maybe I am Hi madam material losses so she microwaves you've heard in city so we're going to have metals Over here so Over here microwaves it is much lower than silver if another Over here this 1 and then let me see and this is visible at Silver and there all infrared over here Gordon this 1 and this 1 now let me try to see I aluminum zinc oxide Over here is IPO Over here Standard let Over here aluminum zinc oxide and die we're going to
have a different materials but this experiments we tried to put it in 1 figure and it depends solely this appraisal losses because of financial losses after the idea that is distributed I
mean any questions yeah I will tell you a little bit later but it works in the offense the
break if you really have a lot of fun the heads the Coopersburg breaks and that's what's going to happen which is now I am
going against the Guffin so the Guffin optical wavelengths In their parents in photonics so he was only a lot of the people but they are going to really do matter that materials with Garfield if the poll by the guy the saddest plasma ones they don't provide aid to 1 wavelength anyway so I mean I mean on the Noble Prize they got it uh they they don't discuss the Photonics I'm in there they I mean this is therefore the gusting to fit and to fit do it modern start from experiment and that the 4 good activity of graphene this
is the boss of papers in 2008 and this is the area part of the good activity 1 . 7 to 10 Michael In the imaginary part of good faith and we buy us over here now so that only if we are going to biased 1 . 5 Michael intend Mike
and now the model is a stated it would do at model to be considered to fit state that there is no debate physical significance for the direct model so probably we wanted to compare with metals so there's is a stated that this is a surface called activity 1 Michael and this is Omega .period and .period over here imaginary part annealed parked and we're going to I think they do modern get good doctor
material and that the materials this is based on fact lattice constants dollars Over here it is that as distributed much lower than effort
and over here with dissipated Lawson material with Geffen is at least 2 or 3 orders of minds Lazard than gold I'm in Garfinkel cannot transport :colon well because he's too fit and here written connector could back factor the Guffin is much larger than gold so and reality the if you have regiments In Garfield
is going to be stop wavelengths and if you have 1 merely 1 Michael all gussied this at a
magnetic resonance at the shore 100 uh my components of the residence and then we discuss it a little bit later with a graphics no
dissipates in fact or this 1 and then we're going to really have every other part of it doesn't become negative very little and then over here the dissipation factories very very hot finish to the very solemn as announced no negative data may have been now so really I will discuss this sort of thing or on the years
uh yeah it is it is a 1 . 5 to 10 Michael although there but I have normalized Omega 0 who is to say 3 migrants 48 now
let's me that I to do the Guffin splintering metamaterial at their heads now we're going to have 1 Michael I mean this is a good thing this is the unit size 100 not only so we used it do model fitted and experimental data for the census conducted in 2008 transmit
dense wavelength born in 1990 85 . 9 9 I mean it is a very very very low Sinaloa resonance the absorption heat these . 0 5 8 times 10 to the minus 3 now if we wanted to receipt of Guffin Over
here the two-day mission a gamma I will make myself this is a 1 . 9 10 to the minus 10 gamma 2 . 9 4 From this paper then Over here we have the better graphics and this is their furious this is as far the gunman Over here and then told DEA seat model of God and I'm going to the LEU I sorry 2 21 animators uh 4 golds so let me try to do the better graphics show I mean this is fury mutants 1 born in 95 Over here this is the wavelength of the resonance it is
a 100 microbes this size Of the splintering caffeine the please sobbed wavelengths these One Hundred they wave length of residence In the size of a golf initial 100 the absorption is . 0 5 Over here now so we tied to comparison Guffin with Gordon can affairs gadhafi and that's what they did before pouring 1 . 95 goalward SLR if
IED make 20 my currents of Gordon don't be all of seed of gold in the cities 1 2 .period going 55 and the absorption is over here so if you really
tried to make a call if had to enter meters and they have a very big transmission and their absorption 1 candidate my and then 20 Michael on the size In his 5 the measurements although the magnetic resonance
divided by 20 5 but Over here we don't get negative meal In Garcia what so could back in matters for class monarchs so really what we're going to be doing that we're going to have a metal kind of
dielectric Oregon so use only uh we're going to have an enigmatic interdepartmental and then we're going to work discuss thin metal
In air with infinite metals so plus monarchs ideally requires different document materials we need sufficient genetic adapters for chased as the waves brought by gesture left this surfaced last long wavelength is that element so this is an approximation the probe addition length of the surfaced last month over the wavelength over here and this is the part
of the imaginary that apart can be considered figure of merit for use of the plasmonics some very simple as Monaco ductile materials I mean both the server and Martin dated but eventually
what we have done it that seemed to interface the mental Over here this is the electric field the magnetic field to date mention of seats Over here and I don't want it so the Guffin metal and metal and so we're going to I really do welcome find lawsuit poorly confined unless over here so all major
versus Over here this is the 1 and over here it's these these matters so I would discuss only the graphene the infinite matters so the proper additional length probe additional length surface plasmas wavelength the figure of confinement 3 space wavelength lap length he sold the home I mean this is like that of the length over here this is the metal and they wavelength for space wavelength laterally lengths so confinement
tools for 8 3 space wavelengths lapped at the tail length now the probe additional length surface plasma wave length so
probably the silver 2 4 8 so the confinement is much smaller what now Over here in Denver has silicon carbide I
mean poll by dates length 10 20 fed the 40 50 60 60 wavelengths I mean this is the experiments I mean we got to the experiments and we put to prop ideas selected in the frequency of it here now so if you're going to optical wavelengths that metals that are very good and zinc over here and over here in this their parents silicon
carbide circuit all of them all this year so they graphene In case 1 probe ideation wavelength a lot of the people they say he used to 100 lack caffeine and then the
confinement tools In the end ,comma yeah 3
spades wavelength laughter J. length so if you're going to I will describe so surface plasma wavelength 3 space wavelengths
1010 ahead you figured out what is a 3 wavelengths and then the surfaced last month DJ and that what it is so the confinement so dearly if you clearly have their surface plasmids so this is their confinement and this is this confinement so that's what is going to be happening so if you really go back so
already here this is
therefore the line and the the wavelength Over here and if we go over here it this much much more qualified would take yeah faster yeah I mean because we wanted to really try to figure out tool 8 I mean it wasn't yeah I'm free space
wavelength lapped at the tail-end you know what you yeah yeah for different figures earlier on in over here so this gold copper and so on Latin things here and that ain't over here so the Guffin need this confinement 264 and portray the Guffin so this is bustle from group that was published in the last year in 2012 and the wavelength of surface Class 1 Guffin it these 209 emitters with 3
land the 0 1 11 Mike but by additional length of service last month's these tools land the surface plasma said that is with a previous experiments over here they did it go with them I now know what he and then eventually
electric field it goes like that and then eat these wavelengths and then I will say this and their land that PE land their speed you will try to figure it out 1 of the 2 2 0 2 5 2 1 and then you're going to feed you overhear any piece of land that the alter their land that surfaced last won this one's going to was in the I'm in this season I have a have a company in Germany and the Germans she went to rule in Spain the north and um I forgot his son this isn't non-lawyer imagined they haven't done anything and now no
imaging and they would likely lead to figure it out what is the saddest blossoms home while I mean they have they have a very very deep you know a lot about and I will tell you I forgot his name and they have a company In Germany In the 2 wars since they gained the unique they make you company so that's what they would they would try to do this 1 change so 1 . 2
other advantage offered Garfield gaffe 1 knocked on the delay yeah it takes extremely little space in the Photonics June ability optical conducted in different can be controlled food aid volunteers fanned 11 more tunable metamaterials but how to circumvents the smaller cross-section of grafting with optical irradiation users feel enhancements of metallic constituents now so Nicolaides
intuitive she has this designs madam and this is kind of holds over here so complimentary s In their absorption 129 Keller hairs 1 . 78 and we published this paper In Optics Express o f
129 dead they left the field is like that and then over here at 178 this 1 this 1 and this 1 3 L although 2 more in their complementary split-finger now what
they equalizer eluded she put gas on the top of the metal so he was early the in he has dialectic functions it if you let yes and then you are going to the reality the effects of the graphic mission is reduced to less mutants without caffeine With the Guffin
over here there is a must-have borrowed and dumping their absorption if you really put the Guffin becomes much larger and becomes much broader over here and there there and we figure out exactly that and we agree with the experiments so far that has eluded now graphic does not disturb the modes of the metallic elements significantly cotton distribution in just follows the elected field distribution of the structure without Garfield so she added if you structure
without caffeine and then if you put it on the top of the Garfield and then the electric field ghost partly to 1 layer of glass and then start and
dissipation can become significant when there's another fields I have lots lots in the line we we can show now we have another name we I have a lot of
photographing people and we have feast net and we wanted to but he had only the use the graphene and probably we didn't we did use the
graphing in order and make better metamaterials To date the field that has meant that as my elected officials must be playing in the good efficiency while Betis actually feast net is similar the magnetic diet book that he failed to perpendicular to the Guffin over here so we have put together fiend Over here inside In over here we have pilot the electric field on there end of the Guffin and they don't change the transmission where a better system that materials
without the Guffin in a little bit less landfall but over here they absorb 4 per cent over here and points of the wire so use and if you wanted to use the Garfield if you have a metamaterial you are going to have the electric field parlors tool Garcia what is so
I will finish over here but I put it a lot of things too and conclusions for a good productive for met the mightiest simplest monarchs what is a good conductor differently tearful residence by the market as simple as monks the optical Acer's student is the best figure of merit for Kodak and other materials Garfield the 2 dimensionality Finlay must be taken into account government the Mateus has lots dissipation losses
Heidi she superconductors and has domain do not perform better than silver Kodak despite excites had losses for the full magnitude larger than silver and gold losses for surfaced plasmids Megawati from Garfield seem to be significant
good afternoon hairs very strong confinement the view put quantum adults very close to the surface and they have to really do that 1 so I I don't
want to get you and I would feel there what so future directions 5 new government about designs with stronger about it but it is usually at at the Chernobyl :colon metamaterials we didn't like that and the electromagnetic induced the spices metamaterials likelihood that idea should not be that they would give
electromagnetic induced absorption so it was published in November in Physical Review Letters and gives it sort of Beacon absorption and the experiments so usually we have electromagnetic induced past balances then we have discretion engineering and we try to reduce the speed of light and we're going to make spouses said what that would good after for plasmonics nonlinear response for Pol Pot Sapien metamaterials
and tunable and suitable terror-has has metamaterials In the Gestion shorefront photonic metamaterials 2 years earlier this is the Salafists madam materials diaphanous reaching and modulators 500 field there's benefit absorbers and although here the field of Madame understand developed berated diagnosed promptly fell applications were going to have city the metamaterials solar energy harvested biological benefits images
optical isolated simple analyzes and medical director diagnostics and some of the views from our group sorry that I took a lot of time so you asked me a lot of questions here yeah I wanted a lot of things this year if you have any questions I went so fast that yeah think that the installation yeah so but what we're going to be doing we have their speaker Lincoln as a native In gal you must enact they did it .period a lot of times in Los Alamos so a nearly what we're going to be doing we're going to have an electric has announced a magnetic resonance so if we really put a lot of like the Carter they closed this meeting as a native and we Her or lost their magnetic resonance in this issue so Sony that's what is going to be happening so yearly we have been splitting it as a native on the top and then we are going to really put a lot of life in the car they go up and then the Carter they have lifetime nanoseconds and what we are going to be doing In 3 to lithography so we have we make imprinted itself directly in gallium arsenide splintering originators the counties 1 9 0 seconds and we do pump probe experiments they do it then because seconds can't have 2 seconds and we really tried to do the carriers we did some experiments but that it doesn't work that way no


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