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Master class with John Turner
Photoelectrochemical energy conversion technologies - from fundamentals to economics
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This lecture will introduce the components of photoelectrochemical hydrogen production devices as well as a discussion of the economics of hydrogen production and how that determines the necessary fundamental material properties of the semiconductor in addition to the other components of the system.
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according to judges the with the Clinton Laboratories ,comma department of international and this already has been around since well 78 1978 the start the Carter administration answer to the 1st interestingly alone Trident 0 the Council on Energy was something backyard was not part of the it's just so much through the conduit speech scientists we got to the Bank of where they've been old-timers when the solar energy and chemistry is anything that I can do it and found advantages really quick
sale vestiges of the political running room where the university is Europe's the use of force by I think the decision of the I'm going and what not to do the it would be a the people some of the warrior the of on the the on the other side of the road "quotation mark went the government the on I'm and that it will come in it was it added that most of what lot of the world and the President of the United States and Europe it was a good thing and in the end of the world to and the the this is the the community I think it really at the time the state and the and so it In my testimony from eclectic group here but if so of the College of his class 1st of all of the national interest has led to this U.S. we'll teach you just hang out and have already prior to the
incident you're going to be what was going on the willing to try anything once twice city of you so that could be interesting but never to chemist by itself again you want Anthony and his questions and smiled but the physics of so you know what that is but that I never really had no history of Denver Colorado is a little bit said that although the no disease all the oxygen in the years since I was a kid through all you know the 1600 meters the area so there and listen through OK so I don't know what chemical energy conversion technologies so we're going to all looking room for what Tennessee just for that brief moment the away wander around they space places for wild animals solely worker backed away from the chemistry room and almost all corners of the interesting things of also strange objects in the middle of the room suggesting some students catalysis because of fears that would be the least likely thing that anybody would know so that
so that's going to be in the so I don't know yet for the for the online and I'm told that a penalty of death you know at 8 45 which is about an hour we have to right because on the other hand after a 45 minute that's all that I don't have that many slights and imperative that much to talk about so you know we could begin we can be done by the brakes you know we could go on and do something yeah whatever so the what's in this book but I see that all the problems the brands of
students so following chemistry is part of a set of technologies that will which I corrected
version devices during the consistency is essentially sunlight and water and hydrogen and oxygen direct and there's a number of processes that will do that out we're talking about some in the of policies has people here for biological systems for biological systems are using the name homogeneous 1 excluding what I mean by that is that people look at the possibility of just taking a the chemical compound college courses in solution shining light on just basically react as more interesting kind of experiment but by the staff we are actually going be in where energy is water splitting of selected that is something the party is a lot of people onwards in Japan on particles and the division of particles of upheaval the morning the later nudges you sprinkle submitted to us what
but bag only just like gasses that was last year as the you that operate the mansion actually talk about Burma's articles used by the water lower 2000 C of the recombination .period that Jews were fast so they generated each different kinds of thought Of of systems science that not just quick example Americans we as we go along please do what you want so far less gambled
reconversion insistence of my heart's in the right of the light-water feeder flight harassing reactions to the delight artisans and water system so my life insistence on the site of 1 of the officers to ask that capturing light energy and so we like to use them and direct them to stop all talk about how the in which a things down the area so it's like harvesting and water splitting system is there's a analog already commercial and along the banks System it's called collateralized insults so you do there's already a sold cells from outside want and what you got it was putting watering holes in walls and still get a lot of people in a black box is identical to the artificial photosynthesis systems and my systems so that the competition and that's what I wanted that they state school because I think it's important that can only stay in the world registered suppliers understanding the environment in which you may end up doing research or your job and I think that's something is amiss in this area for many years and we're finally getting it look so what the team some of the millions that our advantage of talk about why this is important for us area apartments of sold cells efficiency can be 30 per cent higher in New York also called the words because of lower demand catalytic activity falls .period that's basically got this solidarity possible letter was eliminated in the middle of plates that Islam has hinted at the end of the bouncer systems cost of is a form of what was the incitement of processing is used of unit within the context of In the music director so those some of the advantages of living in the area the understand how they
work so this is a cartoon of works
CEOs are making their 1st female students use of the that and you can see the water China Light in words and several holes electron calls the one-time grants to the other end of the year and the type of semiconductors push electrons life so here's sunlight there it's sunshine-era verbose someone hold In continuing to show organizers sunshine and the sunset of what is going on there now anyway there's the sun shining descending on so service-related reductions generate hydrogen falls in the back of it the oxygen but this was the kind of political bible place you got reaction on 1 side and the reaction on the inside exactly the opposite rivals service in and the electrons that and so on that's the concept of how
we like to see would like to see the yeah by the way In Europe Museveni of managers used to teach the city of held OK so what we know what we want in this well start with all the duties that would mean that you will to wear what
you got for years and we've been oil production has been flat for the last since 2005 so at some point you guys life it's going to go there and you have you up for you you are going to have to find some alternative and I like talk about and that's what people in the streets I like to talk about single women ,comma sustainability systems that will last winter In the last of together it's going to make it to the years of fossil fuel the use of force in the history of the nuclear infusion could figure out injured only about years of fighting I like to develop systems work consisting of community service using the son of 0 source we want to have a billion years of fuel left following the incident your but "quotation mark decision-making authority so Net internet
resources Boston and the policy of the best of them nite so he needed a new sustainable energy storage system interest there's a lot of arguments about who you want but hydrogen done so for me is cited in my definition of a hydrogen economy production of hydrogen primarily water "quotation mark but also from other feedstocks followed by the is distribution nationalizations in here we wanted generate hydrogen various processes because we want to be here to carry out chemists know anything that carries energy and chemical bonds is isn't similar area the gasoline coal natural gas propane you think anything you could burden the energy at work With chemical period of incidental hydrogen just just replace all these other budget carriers and youthful energy economy on 1 slice of critical of serious generation their feedstocks in the production of this is refinery basically taking water generators in the distribution and utilization of fuel cells for homes in the hired a transportation the story recently In some or all of the joy of hydrogen music according to census you're of those that were between refining and of ammonia production overtures over imported food and transportation and then they make these huge amounts of hydrogen so it's it's used on-site pipelines which use insurance pools of command more interest than usual so that's the idea of sustainable energy future if you will who once was removed all of us .period assumed senior volunteers should there is no reason to believe most of
what I call the hydrogen being used a hydrocracking
forming colonies have proves that the veterans of the Sultanate because of this that our of fall of gas in the car so that gasoline gained from this really that himself the pump alienation in case of
with but there's a lot of talk these days about the environment generating fuels problem by a massive has even more heroin is not part of the Soviet ideologue oxygen and takes even items you want to do that so this is a of a hydrogen this more so if we wanted to take the hills of violence really have enormous amounts of energy so this is what I want to play but in the context you have a vision of various state and local that with the addition over about half 2 of you and then the ideas have accomplished research a lot of things
that are necessary in order to take on something that they were talking trillion-dollar infrastructure and it's going to take you to 50 60 70 years to build we probably don't have been that was to replace the side curtains of the issue Of so you better generally research program that
addresses the issues and the understanding of the parameters are because ultimately somebody has to build to my goal for what chemical research is to have some company the show but there was you know the thing up and say we'll build it and that makes it so I have long said that at some questions divide successful in my research and I actually made what I wanna make your use of parameters on have the companies that can possibly I don't necessarily have to be cheese but I have the cost of the plan to be in the ball you have to be affordable because as system goes the and more expensive and if we have a problem if she misses the politicians of the taxes on the markets on so no
want is the cost of competitive with my competition exhausted .period policy that so with him development can be adjusted to market with we were not always thinking there is good .period on there what does it take Canadian backs device released program that tells me what what kind of things I need to do so cost-efficiency materials prices that's by the end of the evening going to walk in and that some of the talk you through this is so we
want to make at lower 0 actually what we want to make greenhouse-gas free it was never pathways to suburban 1 of their politicians so the number pathways which you make it to the people of this community students were once robust mobile pattern of talking energy system you like multiple pathways in the world fraud and cancer and that was the multiple places where it's found in forest still in the world so resemble busses and so we have all these different processes that can be used to To make additions or if you want the talk about this and here this is the wild pass me by while the provision of loans and it's not just talk a little bit about competition there is this is this is this is the boss as an opportunity because I wanted to get somebody else there was this that I have to do is understand To do so I think mention this this is an an interesting materials generally so the solar thermal doctors put water my side and I lost sight of that recycling barracks in the the best best set to so high-temperature you're not in the
end they slid off oxygen and that's what we did in the process of sort so it's probably not going be here are all the same colony on the southern U.S. unit members of the police force were the same thing you have to all right then you can lower the temperature just bit were see and runs team will work and will pick up the oxygen out of the injury and the water with only whole thing was snapped some material challenges across you're running that high I up from here a dancing "quotation mark last fall on the divestiture ,comma but these are temperature ranges you this separated by about 100 pieces of the standards used in
center of the universe and films because you need a cycle the everybody 1 of major movement I don't have a magic that in the media I think they have a great years old while the other provisions that that's what if they are on where you can imagine you several hundred metric tons of a lot of this tower and never came back gasses it's an interesting and then competition something in there were clients and the article's talk about this is a national writer ourselves from where you are also right maneuvers that would win and with solar of mice parking lot covered in Seoul and also we have wanted Enron journeys will hold its shape and a general is is on his way and will be used in the vain and that 0 energy Of that very very highly efficient buildings or people Texas part of this meeting was not a good thing if you can imagine how much international lenders will megawatts at the end of the world anyway so you can connect select realized what was isn't energy conversion by the inverse electrical energy and chemical there's are there's our energy storage and while so if you boogie applies voltage across the tumult to two-out electrodes that much more influence on the walls of the residential waters from 1 2 3 2 with the but water against commercial interest of the children peculiar there so In this plant operated probably about your parents were born out of the 1948 in 1990 in Norway always plant generates 70 thousand kilograms of hydrogen and a band of some some of the world's were Vermont so that would be a thousand you'll Soviet also acknowledged kg by region of the 7 . 5 million people and today in transportation I was so this was from 1990 he guesses as to why they stopped tonight but basically is 100 per cent on all the time because you know you just 890 fix that so they have all these individual units of marriage that being any idea or natural gas in the North Sea and natural gas is very easy to nitrogen Fierstein nothing the and so the
relentless formed to watch the funeral at so almost as well school 4 years worth of revival operations so that's something we do today connected with forms whatever and large-scale best competition at the end of day don't you guys want to have a system like this is how it is possible be all well after the electric car the use electric cars parked on the way to a new high and I work because of what was in it and you have given to workers who wrote the opinion and so what was going on my test England battery-operated and Lotus and the status of less than a year isn't for sale he was turning the the traction control when you get 400 thousand of in castle that I wasn't limited always humans Maryland when large losses to various laws mean 100 kilowatt-hours fixing we have been on kilowatt-hours and we know how much the hydrogen was very in From there was that anyway so this is 1 of residents here every nite along with the best you can do terms of converting electrical energy and chemical energy in the form of pledges they are commercial systems which combine it with the little range depending on where they are so slow passenger with the efficiency of the device so there 48 to 60 kilowatt hour paragraphs pretty admission and 17 of the importance of said system right in so you better Kansas until our and the year of like dollars a kilogram of I said earlier that the economical granted you it's you "quotation mark the the longest of his country the 18th for a long time he went 1 there are so many our orders it's just that hints at the back of president the 2 of us my clients since so that's what you can do that with electoral but the best thing about think about politicians about I didn't offer that particular brands basically used during years of OK for commercial use in the world that's basically what it called for it
however if you wanna things in solar PV causes which is wary of politicians were competitions schools all that usually run about 6 hours a day units Spain once every 6 hours to 27 so if you want 50 thousand kilograms of you can go out and buy the I was coming thousand kilograms of PHS 50 million dollars and you've got yourself a lot from lack of a lot wiser farm generated thousands of granted bayonets working along the here and look at every year or 2 years earlier this has generally possible what was so he's struggling with slowing down in the His 0 electricity customers still pay and loss massive capital costs of the war just based on what it costs to put his life was
formed and run simulators the frame you know this is more adult but now I want that same that killed during which only from those electrolytes and fluids always right now I have 4 times more likely to get you can only operate it's up to you whether it doesn't kilograms the user enters at No you because you have forgotten what would you out there Johnson kilowatt hour electricity the rest of capital cost as you most of the time of the year for alternative electricity around making sense of the West Germany side so that's how you have to think about these research projects yet understand competition what you need to to know and how good you have to be made at the meeting that the reforming steam at a performance that around dollar 2 dollars worth of a European have be there have been your
policies that because the the best advantage and warning said so that's that's what we have to to be mapped so you look at times it was often expensive private media generated alternative approach that would use sunlight to generate hydrogen as good as worked go forward canisters all about OK all talking about the system Japanese but while the control system they have an innovative approach and this saying the
same thing is true of biological systems of significant cost reductions were sold 100 them now This is very technical economic and analysts said they were going to be I hate but I'm not so the UAE others industry actually uses to try get an idea of how how much substance Boston unit there's something other than in a 2nd economic analysis and basically engineering interviewed many of its sell whatever they go through all Britain rural region during the whole system around the cost and some of these guys can mean a couple of other people said Well systems work this Saturday on way what kind of designs and you have to go there and at the Department of Energy uses aims to cut programs he just you the purpose of this is no way you can have for fiscal year while so know you very carefully these sorts of
thinking that another major it's very direct In the EU's 2nd economic analysis and they have the sensitivity of which says you know and you know that efficiency at this the last this long doesn't last long because this cost that was the only "quotation mark urgent nestled here and we've actually valedictorian of what the what is the the in what then was the last fearful of more than basically due to the variable but based on what do possible manager so I basically have some baseline pieces of carriages of a 15 cent of energy conversion themselves costs the change your life and you can make efficiency 25 per cent cost was down to the buy efficiency lower than that the New year collective memory change that it's like 5 dollars 95 sensibly that the cell class lifetime it again with this kind of a smaller piece solid technique cannot Mejia's combatants and look at that and say analyzed wanted to give a research program that addresses the most critical elements of this knowledge of and furthermore what elements are important and I have to address 1 well most critical moment and together extent of the next is the cost of the materials now think US for instance the materials were mostly which is a party at the expense of a lifetime is not as important as the talks about life on the system's turns out to you know get replaced by this winter so that's how you think about what I focusing on particular research questions scientific questions based on what you end up with it will ultimately wanted to do a lot so
I just know that these guys think about was never fervent about how loaded and because my 25 % waters consists of version
losses square-meter lost it was all that is well that's quite a hint of what the calls so that is the it's getting close to the thing for me is the problem would be if the character of in the U.S. anti-Americanism that is program called locks they're trying to together resistance federal law what installed the Germans on the of war installed the U.S. war for 6 but you that Cellucci materials that doesn't change that much so that's encouraging their unsuccessful and I managed to generate material world there have practices in because there was no word on the part of the decline in U.S. and the the destinies of yesterday's and the 1 states of a small part of the year just absolutely amazing course and you won't want to do so is the story of enables and tolerance as we have these available for sale in the all I know is that there is a question of the ability of the additional cost of hydrogen is always range of Working Girl and it turns out of these vehicles 600 kilometers that of the use 6 kilograms of the dollars for kilograms of scholarships for the loss the 600 because of the you know those don't know where the technology is there ready to go so it is that you can select this although we wandered around the world Just because someone asked scientific questions that meaningful ultimately the because placed this program for this kind of research we ultimately want to have any impact on society and energy provision of and so we need to understand was taken to put the program 1 has the right so you're back so long as you can we're going to do a lot for a chemical hydrogen production and now we're going to focus on the questions that are important and by way of the militant delicately on that and just as a comment on the field for industry and to to save a projection of dancing whilst going on 30 years for years now there has been no internal it's going to all search by attending a little of militant about about the technology about the where work to I am I going to have to do this attitude this and
said that this is a summary of absorb light they think induction and the world is different here in general polls and events that we have conduction band of minimum payments and maximum in chemistry call this the highest occupied molecular orbital and lost fight so sometimes see that in light of the it's exactly the same thing again after all is said and done so so many of them the concept as the operations of the 2 of them in the
theater semiconductor giant land use and working Gerald
on the other transport within the period of electrons can go to service and provide solution reduction the solution except for the the hydrogen production in respondents are good reasons to worry you can also use this you to reducing the capital reducing to products and I think that's that's a viable future but if you do it halls bulletin board services and they're basically electron beam is so can Paul electrons out solutions to the whatever problems in there In and exotic so you had a solid semiconductor in contact with so what is the use of classic salsa side now interestingly enough the semiconductor-related would instantly generates juncture the shot you effectively it's just like a shortage of about it's basically instantaneous works with sorenstam so it is a great way to do studies of music materials because all you do shown in water on the actions of organic
solvents on the junction in Japan gaps units lifetimes of confidence and you don't have to try to figure out how to make area you're origination so here is the word order of things .period Constance .period With this
light absorption carrier generation separation and will eventually as this who did so that's the that's the where columns of physicists the electron transfer that's my area and 1 in interest the 1 I product formation OK now that's that then goes to the engineering partly in the form of what you get out and moving around those incidents that year so this is a very complex system lots of words and a lot of disciplines involved in there's no electric industry by itself it is almost impossible many instruments also visits which is 1 of the deaths and no place to freeze and all this year the layout of the people but the people that working in this field Minister for what became of the area I have no freedom at all then chemists or what
not so the notice firstly the right like auction
here generations so that's what's been missing this field until we get some physicists interested on work performed at General of only the best that sort of defining research so here is what it looks
like an actual sale of of the type material to .period semiconductor electric field in which the promises service this slackening goes out grants the psychology the whole goes around which brought from level was around the unreliability of the 2 electrodes 1 makes hydrogen 1 exhaustion you like Jerry several products start limited missed mixtures of hydrogen and oxygen from the water of this is what I joke about these people on the part of the policies that generate area lot of Soviet history and on and on really cheap because all his bank will walk I
think that you want to make millions of metric tons of high-energy that's the fastest growing along with various you will certainly to hydrogen oxygen waiting for lightning bolt In the past month or so the anyway he has several products yesterday that people don't often think about we're talking about particle systems and biological systems the same problems of the performance and that it was the last 2 years but we haven't you about this young settlers right and there was no safety issue was used that not separate guests standing by to you that name is reading this is a whole series started out something 1 of and also the loser three-tenths of a 2nd trial victory of so you know there are a lot of these foreign assistance because conception but not last peak-time as is the name of the depends no performance in general but I can a bit about his 1 . 7 2 years after image was always initial losses in anything that you around here in 2nd loss in Westminster of Nanda so you need a little actual which of the 2 provinces using enzymes
and lovable with different know publishing or more the things they want the whole comes out it's the oxygen electron goes for on the other side of things so many reactions hydrogen water sensible so started about it was so I started talking counting all the wonderful things this is what I tell my program manager that was what a wonderful
stuff In memories really efficient reliable cost so would the streamlining of doesn't work that way but in doing so from totalled about why this deficiency in this weather so we're going use the society interests and more convert photons to 1 of the we have to accept were faced by soul How many photons per 2nd and so on those last the December was review was during the year and activity the represent 1 meal coming from the worsening of the Scotland some solar cells that you guys know operate typically invest considerable required by 1 of some that 35 million resource area that's basically what this unjust so due for what chemistry at the same rate as current that I will have a hole in the remaining 20 of them were between 10 and 20 policemen and 20 million visitors a year you can't worry of
water so that's down here so what I have here is a bird misses current density so this effectively is the right behind the requires current Nevada introduction of tennis altered sources of energy my hydrogen is worthwhile .period don't you so the United energy that I use above that all so here's the Edge well maybe hydrogen as a function of the current so the higher rate higher rates any more energy push on prospects users cancel this is basically what we call cobbled basically tells you want and you lose the density of his down here I'm working very closely with the millenium . 3 3 1 1 1 2 5 holes of that statement .period so where's the electoral commercial electrolyte because in hall possible electoral and everything else they operate somewhere trends to the between 800 million shares worsening 2 aunts was so there is no appearance at 1st goal in itself Norway here I want 192 votes the making it 1 . 9 this was 1 . 2 3 that I can operate at this level here OK even if I have not read the years would provide the effect of the current then you know that's what I say said no His photovoltaics is connected to likewise operating out there own the latter month recessions I have to operate at the the current density of solar and another no I'm basically instead of using it during the procedure 300 generating at the rate of summer so that's where I mean that's what makes it different than the costs of providing in users more we see that this is just beginning from program managers films like these little weasel drawings that show the 2 their management but for the U.S. fleet of 236 million vehicles of war you 280 million people like these 2 products of industry so most of them this is the battle area to produce hydrogen for weather system in mg per year which is what we need the rest of the year and this is cancer sensitive issues or self-centeredness and little there is a general sense of loss and all you can see because I can divert the electoral more efficiently colleges useless energy many of the areas of the year that is that I mean what you doing years you know what sort of solar intensity is ours was you and so you know how many people want to buy what they need to make 60 million tonnes but because of hydrogen so I don't know what that is is divided by the of the new units but it also wants to In a technical question how it all that I wanted to know where
you that much so it's not that much more to you actually let that slide to the so is about a boy from but see now not about show leaders of it's about 120 million 120 billion gallons of water a year on and the average on the the U.S. News 3 . 8 trillion gallons of water from the best use of the future the biggest users of electricity and army of water and why was that of agriculture In star home of the thermoelectric generation who loses just here I think came came on the trade and opens all kinds of I and they that uses 17 trillion gallons of water a year you we generate a lot of electricity all of the rights of usable water nuclear energy saying people the people that only the energies of problem but it uses uses as much worry the doings .period walk right the reactor at the fusion reactor to get to the prom together at the end of the day because all the good but many gloomy you know solar and wind no 1 general so the water you had actually go solar and wind or water use the that because you so much and thermoelectric power generation that savings to reduce it is cooling towers walls water and now they have given you as we have seen in the West particularly here in New Mexico they have their own issues of cost more because it takes so much and so they have a lot of driver Michael Drive the means that put a lot of things up reading that really lost efficiency plan because know the key there is no such thing as you know is that the water was coming out of there may be a couple hundred greasy I mean little all in standard temperature outside the period before last Sunday's really fetched the water was responding to whatever it is the brand of energy is but I did a quick and what can remember 1 of That's Life its users are seldom material challenges what we've got to
do materialize the natives have and there's a whole bunch of York you always serialized 3 main ones firstly envisions that came out of the very clearly that we the announced which itself but we have got to have a band again police 1 . 6 1 points not to have to have a bigger in a new article reaction but not so big and I'm not using them all of the what you do them I can consider that the durability of the stable the solution of I don't of systems that but know that cannot gals that wasn't the issue as much as managers and this is a little more difficult to understand is that has to do with animals layer and chemistry is fundamentally these bonds conducted in advance that the firm of many factors travel the hydrogen and oxygen have so the reaction of Water hydrogen in reaction water posture I have the game between the universities in the world that happen and they are mostly satisfied itself I think I may have a slight won't save you some of the material durability the shortest citizenry talk about the notion that there was no accident that highest occupied but what about the world in semiconductors most semiconductors OK this transition From the advance their induction into bond rating these are bonding orbitals here is on the minds of there were some materials like iron oxide with try so it's bonding not but nonetheless have wanted so state and silicon solar cell you care unit that your rating bonds so what the that have the dual is all of you that we have this stuff right right next to a nice clothes but what and so fall no that successful elections and the same thing and it's the same phenomenon you're breaking months of service OK and that essentially allows reactions over in a intentionally results so that
the mere durability and that's 1 of the major issues here because of that particular transition is upon so I said efficiency was incredible for what are the components that make up the deficiency vocal Texas right you have your soldier current Europe search for
Will Genia velvet and also operate together and I swear I didn't play with Phil factors in play will religion only the triple junction solar cells and of that so 40 42 said in sense of like that you know what they basically are a high-voltage system supports it supports can rely 1 them so you complain that they still inside her all of this but were it part that's what chemical potential in line with inspectors so that the chemical potential so this is your classic photovoltaic and equation right you have chemical potential Georgia current and don't feel that we were basically vexed by the voltage because hydrogen only variable we have In terms of our efficiency is is how fast meaning the only area only then will only handle we have in terms of trying to improve the improve efficiency now the Rio semiconductor affordable which has an impact there but the innovative efficiency calculations that show which shows because of the of chemical changes in the ownership this guy's minutes I just read your paper often people who should know better and they calculating efficiency for water supply hydrogen to cut and chemical potential hydrogen was not in the area where they basically and that there was a was sold to someone that they're the equation acquired generators that will over that not only a chemical potential buyers it is important to people in the end appeared without just so that that rejected the president's Arizona is our respect and
that's what we have to work on the this in 1 of 4 . 5 billion years fuel left incidents man this is an e-mail especially given the CIA right and this is a loss for scoring here or there this is not what we're interested in because Latvia this we vote and we don't care sizes forms of Avandia beginning this fall so we really only care about her so where there are integrated missiles that are current as a function of bandgap OK so this is the toll current about what they get from Systems start out annually
and so you should win sold in the 35 year so we want to start with simple comparison and there are no huge amount of work has been done and you have to do what in charge of far outside his failure to report incidents in PLO's amassed assuming said Paul a means of I'd like everything here if I have to get out of I'm a quantity of less the law but you might get some pretty high efficiencies by use Iowa .period 90 band I all this that 16 million square centimeters almost all of the 19 per cent of the that's where I think about I have banned gaps are high enough to to our school reaction to about 1 . 7 9 but not so high that I can't hear me what consider the Commercial Times those are the things get whatever right away so I need to be terms of bandgaps I'd like to be around 200 volts and all of them were modified after years ago a little bit just to confusion but if they want on this has not been appreciated in the the last year I have a cover land area just like world like pledged be more of his own sovereign gas so I'm happy the same extra water you as a whole up as much as we would like to tell you that it cannot be 4 so that the material challenges so
we're talking about efficiency and how important areas from both on 1 of that basically daughters was but lot totalled about his bandaged alignment because there's a little bit esoterica established ,comma between 1 . 1 1 but you can have the energetic position in the advanced clean electric you will find more involved in war we're not faced with that back you know you get of work functional materials were pointing to and last but not for good chemistry between Bob or bands and down depending on what happens it's a hell of generating more malevolently about what went works is that you have the oxygen and hydrogen reactions in the use of hydrogen reaction oxygen reaction Back appeared In the letter chemistry native is forced back positive
is the other way where students can to himself this would be a
hydrogen production reduction oxidation here so if the bonds are not straddling his reaction this reaction can occur to you here for example provides look like this there plenty of energy to make hydrogen but also make lots of only vary widely again materials traveled hundreds of genes and the other way that this is what scientists are mainly just all of failed land and they do it so you have to find internal matter something he can do what you love to help mitigate these things and then I'll try to make this a little clearer because this cavernous interior .period then I catch people warrant occasionally at the American there thinking about what all you can do with that what appears reluctant chemists effectively have given control of G which is 1 of the just cause of the blast pocket so are some of the year-long history so this is the
criteria we have to have formula good of
Fulton of their bank had arranged for a single system 1 once Hi carrier mobility if you don't want to buy quantity alone but remain just flight 1 of politics but for those units also should this was very necessarily electrolyte most mostly bad positions for driving and that's what has to that's going to talk about control and I bet you'll member almost never hear anybody in full account should talk about control .period you will never ever hear them talk about all ,comma which is just frightening results solicit this city you can somebody if the IRA outside that they put on this deal collapsed whatever is the contact on the will talk of low-cost high-volume said at the end of a of life you know of material that would match the role in the world it's now that's a little bit of you is that some of the units
in prices there's people that could never Hi telling them that will so it's much more stringent quite so let's talk about some action materials and a real phenomenon which may have been so I started out thinking about this and realize that we need you out of photovoltaic materials instead of the usual lots of just couldn't we myself to do what everybody else is doing it so I started an enrollee would actually Maryland Bennett the Universal's jury also invented the source of the killing
in the culture should be a gallon involves like horses there were with governments and I know that the going I said This is really can't stop carrying it has a bank act of all the 1 . 1 crumbles which is what I said in my view of the day ,comma abandoned its designers arrearages had this the revived I'm very good at all I just want to mentioned dispose of that year I have managed a variety of yours is not on the world your skin reaction right in the hands of you sent me as I change the U.S. and European bases in the management of the area in the world this fall recently with a lot of OK so we look that material minors material would be good but it it because it doesn't put water so that it can have a lot of things can itself floats and I not myself cannons along with rest
of the policies of many many years ago and I hope to bring the mission of anyway this so we have a very high waters clean efficiency 4 . 4 per
cent which is still used in pretty much antibodies proposal saying that the Irish Sea waters when it is possible that the results as you also is a little bit and you never know top of people in explaining the new seeding process of materials and analysts the form and then he goes to the possibility that we will make this possible anywhere said I came so I have a little bit and they're going worse than itself of Oppenheimer & gaps in fossil known as it's only the type I I don't have a junction international judges of their evidence was shot in the which so this is will take full control of and that was 2 years ago city not so how people always say really so let's what to I think this will work we're
to the right OK so what we have here is the soul of this is the case in Boston In its shortage his election here Saudi sources as saying in Milan and student basically shortage what out I'm going to see if I can think of a restart of the do the principal the warning that the and and the 2nd gravity moving trouble using during anyone so it's
in the light student finance and that certainly there you at that time as long as the real thing and we're going to back off here just to prove that we are signaling an end to the UGC possible assistant light off and that way concedes that the of essentially the shortest Jordan
together which is basically what we want maximum use of the initials so there you have anonymously Miss Outdoors medicines
Odyssey's use lying but the man and the statement of the picture big around late work shit but no less than a year we have the soldiers have died enroute in it and you 378 here and this city's almost
like a 6th of the the team needed something like that so it's up there provides we get sun and wind these mentions anyway you can save actually seen real water splitting of my their ears the most splendid glory I have another version of that with music this year so I can use a number of reasons cancels a variety obviously wilderness because of but there are also the interesting book industry because of the nation's earlier on when I was talking about the economic analysis I'd like to give you some calculations of some ideal cases where we'd like to be . 6 the very very difficult I want to get to the point I don't where they stand get materials you need a union this particularly to get the maximum efficiencies and this year all things I talk about in terms of materials this is really doubled when you think about trying to do in cancer yeah yeah cut the spectrum 2 equal parts troubles all doing really good here because of trouble every time you come spectrum cut the :colon also trouble now because the spectrum into 3 parts and currents will you may get more holdings but the current mess everyone so there is some calculations don't know that it is aware of that and you can get as high as 40 per cent you had like match cases with 44 .period I this imponderable lots of that was the point of this is ultimately I think that if this field is going to be successful will need some kind of but right now there's no materials out there that would that would give us this kind of thing communications so that's 1 of the things that for chemistry all 1 workers so this the tenants it was basically
it's been talked about since the seventies of the start of this year and will revive the essential at the end of the In his injuries the electron here in the cellular United cannot do oxygen was going worse vessel which is the whole energy for the election were sold this is the nicest I'm talking about developments could go on the computer and slightly after their various listening operator elaborate on sons of because I don't want to make sure people understand that the hydrogen whereas generating 2
models how whatever
so it should be the 1 with the securities Europe ascendancy over time the main source of 0 Current appears decided and that's basically the system the agreement on service and slowly from obsolete materials and saying efficiency but apparently greatest so there's a research program problem what materials will do the same thing will be more efficient thank you time to next
but going back to the meeting I
saw the amendments that together light those sausage is were complained bitterly about getting the right they could match To me this is the thing that is you the United States will be banned in the all of the sudden rise bonds that the service and made catch words didn't do that would be an act of it's it's three-day get teary-eyed but I want 1 show again again and talk about their talk about this here but it's a really interesting phenomena that these nitrites so state because gallium is what is known as fury soluble in acid insoluble wasn't so if Gordon Watson clearances the drug put that answered you put base at alternately goes away it is with another man for something about nitrogen emissions be stable of this something about nitrogen and we'll see as we move on to the next subject it doesn't make a lot of time nitrogen to really change the soul .period workers and tourists tried figure out what's going on electoral structure at service and nitrogen provides such a such a stable of students learn and so that's the 1 directions were also trying to do some work at light sources of remittances work so it's 845 litigants in response to break the units
to around outside who are right and will role of reconvened for more nitrites and other assorted duties that compatible your neighbors they enough so that it was the right thing to do found
all right because most of the spring number closer him right from the start to close the border with people no legal scholar an act crazy to questions at the break overly landslides those questions of who for some new things because talking about makers so that it is immoral and I and I drive you really want to that this is a part of corrosion scientists used during Palestinian journalists the a budget corrosion papers this is the year of
prudence has joined anyway what this tells us is that gathered by drivers and this 1 I just 20 minutes to explain those things that have been in in these hurdles which was missile large-scale no 1 has been so much as that instability as was 1 that was real the leaders of the world but it was some this is really so announced In the volume came out of sincere but not anymore .period fire both of you so the idea is but added find 180 advantage of nitrogen what it does to the stability and you were there so far about a bunch of students and you'll notice I think in all these the there's no pages the reference because of the vote will get the intervention so we started getting and perseverance requirements will again fossilized and talking about the sources his friends they said
Well you know we just little nitrogen into loss into the United boss life and make a direct answer to the value of the assets question about whether or not these materials music director With nine-percent said certainly guests and the material get you 1 of these it's also need to be directly opposite like individuals the arrival of they have modified the selection policy in regard to of we have a mixture of appearance it's like cancer and will insist that any we like to drink and arterial blood and so this spring pool on the you narrative and the absence of Baghdad following the goes on here for really drops
fast and his followers morphology of cyanide and concentration of this because last regional talks were about to lose of some of the more than at the nitrogen Bruce Williams so here is that you start with . 0 6 per cent hydrogen and banking get house fights 2 . 2 5 and years basically these user :colon voltages rising material costs in water channel and what we have on photographs from which we can the bank city you increase the nitrogen concentrations of the bandgap drops per year precipitously and so far this is some work student mind you talk to each of his PhD but here's what was in the literature and this is our said so knows all the variability in terms of when things are all part of the problem is quantifying the languages used to be that nitrogen of tuition it's hard to to quantify those things away the direct currently leased for our experiments that really really love a lot lower than the Americans the system so that you missed some young
understand what were the work of the saucy physics will have figured out think their get down to where there needs to be which is well browned 2 levels and we want to have a piece of material and so you've grown up gallium phosphide worldwide and then you end up with so much nitrogen your there was no less because of the cartoons it was used in this kind of thing is good for me anyway already because the last time will always you can get a team of more of you new more nitrogen into silicon will talk more about this so it's so it's last match some of the factors that have to on the silicon pursued substance interestingly enough in the world world you get you get exactly kinds of samples that you want creatures really worked out of it it's sold think this is a lot of violence and controlled
Soviet Morocco this material that to "quotation mark diatribe on entire Sullivan and basically what you see is the gallery possible to use funds managed contact with years of substrate and study just that we're itself however if you grow up in a piece of string and that you can actually
work of it was
awesome because you put a little of the America past life here and Bosphorus users in their names and it's
actually right direction remains of this attendance
just like throwing 3 firebombs obsolete and Americans which was really exciting in Nuremberg on wickets that really great stuff still 1 from material study of a possible high high efficiency at himself so this is no conceptual picture of what looks like a gallery phosphide nitrite on top of the selected himself units and everything's wonderful world in the world every year obviously have been
excel at York noticed
were as well as I will also use the band is only at the end so it's just for current consistent units in the transmission would cost me this action flowing into space at the same what do with the the beautiful once all this is a couple of students will demand a lot from this particular area any again want flood advantage what is the use of substitutes want to just like began area himself show the world that so 1 of the Solid so you get the unity director at the gets so look so here's where life with his energy level that is what we is flat laughter and attention tell us where the energetic are of the bandages at service with respect to the hydrogen and oxygen you know and so we'll need to classic measurements that I know of it "quotation mark takes people in terms of
trying to find a flat tensions from various chapters of various systems you can do much of the past .period spectroscopy funeral planning a sequel to look at what you can do a concern for mortgage also once and for all French researchers reasonable numbers but so what responsibilities Susan investors of pH when you ask replaced so strong acids strong base and then look at all the age range because marriages the journals were the stairwell were
the most active so use oxygen evolution years and allusion affecting over here so this is a lavish attention or other material by itself In the year the gallium phosphide drawing everybody on top of a and self drops down here now this work needs to be so this essentially the entire material and so you want this level during gamble such normal right from Alaska gamble the oxygen but In the end of the 10 men on silicon and it doesn't go that it matches man the lowest things moving the flat-panel and digital 1st level the fact that moving the DH so this 1 is different about the chemistry and this because you can't change the relationship work options essentially by changing the charge of the industry's charter service where did you changed by what they which is a pretty interesting where you have all this is just basically I know the derivative for what was on energy equation can think of me as to why in the hydrogen oxygen reactions depend on the hydrogen ion concentration interchange that changes that the reaction that doesn't change don't transfixed by the reaction of which a reference to the world has changed and what each circuits which can trips that's OK what about this and that you can sort of see so we tried various aspects all of these materials to try and find something that will include the use of military material properties and so many various operations various thicknesses of care of you that's a spilled of the Menelaus state is US President or a last stand in the way of letters so the morning of June United is not used to this plenary last year for a last season they all basically come down and they coastal waters in 1 form or another it's a lesser standard 1 that has to happen on the Net chemical reaction that's chemistry service as the during energy position of so about something and worry that's that's what's going on here starting with this picture here actually worthy
of note in the living standards not all of us can do with your by having that extra bullets on that also you talk to about this so here it is famous experiment but we were hoping for a much better than that of the year memories said unit 8 million square centimeters wanted him so were splitting warriors current well right here and we have all of 150 miles west of is this 1 now act as a result he made a big deal periods we he doesn't want of organization you a late-night right now said his group is something of a picture of your
2nd but it was very electronic formats that look at nitrogen with people staying of the school and so we worked
on various things and finally got all away at 2 .
7 4 the percentage now that's about where photosynthesis look at the interior of somewhere around there so you know we can almost uniforms and is of this very interesting material as this is an asset in different different things but you can see this is your current abuses hydrogen would because it does put water but extremely low you can't see reported that inventory so here's this long similarly plot and
basically what you is you variant solutions you match it and the solution analyzes solution for Gallion and see what you get from that no 1 religion so that higher losses that a gallium indium phosphide and we're doing many of the services of experiment proteins elimination so we have a lot of things about 24 hours and illusion and yelling many of us find edges away the earliest possible inspection more stable which is interesting museum phosphide itself over the last 2 years ago impossible and I . 2 % language you can see the difference that's just anyone with nitrogen is so here's the gallium phosphide with nitrogen conceded that attracts the pollution on Wednesday January nitrogen the
corrosion goes up the reason for that is no longer a lesson
to you and that but defects on this and all kinds of problems and those that so drive mutually try you expect to go lower here more than just just can't get used to this and this is basically this sort of some experience needed you want proof that the system black and white communities that .period domestic visitors and essentially it's unilaterally .period some of their best because involves said so here is the regular 181 . 5 open circuit anyone they don't sign it would be so bad if you're breaking bonds of certain corruption doesn't need to her so durable open circuit the system is breaking bonds stand at the end of the year the rules under current but more stable and this is interesting week but still I mean that instead of a the film like
that movie I showed you the balls times because year's Back itself makeable small to become officers to stand test that and you know corrosion chemistry here look at this and so looking at the reactions as they
occur and we're still looking at this carrier generation 1 remind you what we're looking at here films of the year the semiconductor interface problems so what are the limitations of what could be expected to make this thing work on will lie experiments have been done to show that we have somebody impurities from the
blood with the real issues that might arise that will carry
a huge standards along for citizens working on his the White ideologies of their houses a lot of work to do so immediately Is this but if we get things working in silicon gallium phosphide nite drive but and we can get 15 million was year the for himself the solid-state world figure finally have some things we will endure for some reason assistant this is basically you know here's the quantum yield possible slowing of very well because she I here too but it seem that the of nitrite nitrite basically kills the response and that's of benefits intrinsic to these materials unit that never fixed but of that's that's interesting in was so again as the tandem cells I just assure you that you know why saluted the museum was the bottoms of U.S. workers but I'm still here but we
just go look careering Utah relatively nearly 20 % this was missing 1 reason why we like read something solid and we're going to have to have a smaller lots money in but in the also someone to movements in the that'll cartoon
about lands so we like it more nitrogen and we want do a last stand I thought the nature of the US-led forces because I want to show you corrosion could simply because they remind them things but just to show you what the cost of ghastly was really really for various things so will attracted more nitrogen in person next to you the bonds are also being used last In you so you can last match
with more than 2 per cent nitrogen is used and so we no of higher dietitian see very little looking for requires a so if we can do that you so we had some experience with that so here's a gallium indium my drawing phosphide last match silicon and even see here 6 years that yelling impossible I wondered what it was logically always alive in many many within 24 hours of protest that emissions was going on but at the same conditions and this materials so we find it very intriguing
and like to see the government worker leaders of the time explained corrosion What this is very important in this new understand the world and all of whom how you my major so what is this year's
Golden Shears again but that is inverted I'm sorry provisions and so many hills that you were going to say Watkins degrees but can we get this way because what we're doing here is were oxidize the down years hydrogen production everything stable those direction this is along for the ride running from 10 to minus 7 all the way up to 100 million and abortion and needed a lot so that's why these things which originated which is positive for this ferocious so this is not and layers on top of getting involved and so the argument falsified substance this would again boss substrate that looks like this so if you drive it in more observations in trying to dissolve faster faster if it comes up as the black Lung here and amazing locals often is basically as fast as they could so if you take a gallium arsenide phosphide mindful of material you do the same
thing the running various all right this is entering the new year Intel can added later dissolves away and then announced basically the substance on the other hand just the gallium phosphide nite with not a lot of and you can see but all almost more than were amended to lowered her and yet really push hard so you have to go have this much further so this is very useful to hear what is the matter of the film is falling at the wrote that corrosion where there was no such distances originally that person it's not a good player in this game so we basically avoided and we tried fits with the nitrogen millions of separately the picture sorry about corrosion while focus of the water's going efficiency of this material this is no the language adult turtles that I
know of basically decrease electrical properties so were looking for some of you bright people to figure out nitrogen how to make a good material released how to compensate for the for the year of the electronic properties for while still had not arrived like like your of back to the Italian Mediterranean to around and about the time in his gallery in drive systems were abilities and so that that's pretty good because you have no white man they're going to try to avoid all of them have really the controversies involving sort of thing .period 7 so you can get a large all I have a lot of energy aptitude and some of them looking them with some years go this is actually the
national budget of and use this of this season physicists executable and stuff but he worked on high or low at 5 loading and concentrations of power installations and with them
and the Internet diversity very interesting material the bank yet still too long will stand there and you list that was 2 7 so that these materials in the belief that it was stable and so we were very interested in seeing what people do and more recently group that of the of Berkeley
will use and unless there is evidence of this but you can see are
about 50 per cent in the event of a gallium there were just below to Evian and that's what light on what I see is a new semiconductor out there that may have brought recently filed a slight change in the still still out there but that's where we want be so we
immediately started thinking about that and we had some people nowadays but very sensitive to the needs of the of as it gives the opportunity to look at you can see the colors were aware of events followers of against 2nd necessary Meza materials are known to be held next faces because they they want phase of the medium 95 on my work is too far to get together but immediately set out of office and some clear differences in hour the authority in the face of knowledge In addition the different laws of compared to using substrate Alonso promises you don't like right in the butt you can unite right has a decent transport from this summit with so the
others hope instituted a
system that we produce something someone so here's the transitions you can see where the Indian reasonable in all situations of working band gaps were really you what am I going to 1 the these are these are pretty interesting I have injuries and there's just something standard of the implants In the event that the Mexican
workers across the making jobs I just don't think so energy and socialist governments lined the the bottom line is this is the 1st materials of that we've seen with many gaps of less than 2 years of a single dad
since managers with not announced incredibly low this is only a few hundred micrograms still but nonetheless we use the electronic copies of his experiences is that would be the 1st of all the others in the journals only so here we have some some some banks and materials at the outset of the invisible hand of canceled 1 animal durability anything yet but of respect the review because the my rights and so this is not a pretty sight on monetary issues the things is that people royalties and this is 1 of the reasons why it is very important work in a collaborative environment remains consistent with camisoles this the of because you need to understand what growers can do what they can and there's a lot of variability the sample
on this as you know regular old pieces in view of the regional variations in the properties is clearly on the intelligence now that's a good thing and a bad thing to homogeneous but that also allows you to use the common foreign and the various regions of the proposition that you can look at it on the other issues we have these materials and this is true of solid-state were also is that these are typically granted sapphire and so there is not enough substance you may talk contents it's another very successful he would call
contacts so that current as low laterally across central and and of wilderness insisted on In the last few months we managed to get samples that are grown up I don't think so far and we're hoping for much of the results to oversee about this is what we think is on next interesting material in this 1 has the blast was Australian but still talking my images respectively so that's sort work by just as you would sliced Justice 0 that's not too parochial about nitrites Ireland and you know what said I mean if you really want to do this it has to have the same quantity efficiency same internal efficiencies will take devices well so I'm around role current will take materials so that I get to their level of care worker but the public propaganda someone wearing at around 1 . 6 is very interesting and so we would there all it shows we get the samples from
University of Hawaii that's a direct transition between the and In the transition used in the holes in walls water because it needs to be done here that in the less the shows produced stability since the material that of looking at the matter listened to because 1 of them which is another way to make these materials in view of the
opposition to the use our people in the CIS world making a serious properly so formerly of demonstration but just to show that we can make some pretty decent material here but there is still happening in but it's interesting interesting material now by itself across the blue waters and we have to them all but Silicon at about half actually goes state rewards of it's the same system the problem of course is the making the kinds of shit between soldiers and the 2 of Gallagher propaganda in trial case would you can possibly imagine going to Moscow by that time judges forms the basis for the incident the interior the mountains so that's something we're update back
criteria to use these are all the things we have to have a material if we want to make our world wonderful television from become fruition of we think there is some but about most is with this 2004 so we haven't always materials previous although all of the people people them and with that of the human body fat ones that people worked on for chemistry last 4 years of Albany's oxides animal ultranationalist very very the message is only a little bit but I kept looking around the
find new materials on came out of the city is
basically a computational approach you give me this overview moment of the weapons but they calculated daily activities and things some of them in the against you but is a saint 10
nitrites 10 phosphide combination of making use of the using interesting properties just thought was thinking about what it would be 2 of the you may know nobody's nobody's working alloys like this but but the question of abundance here of you so anyway I got me thinking What can we do with with with the theory is to take care of them fundamentally searching for work and withdrawals so it was that if I find
material workers following chemistry like it's supposed to it could be as better for them to hold on to because the brighter this record is all the I'm criteria for so the whole world was go outside because of state number 2 maybe the synthesis properties are such that you know there's a couple of this is the world that 1 has to think about this moment Velox right now over 200 at the festival
with chemistry and there I'm sure most of you know all you know how many blocks science today or but because the problem began to slide properties of parts of the world while some not impose approaches with tens of right who would have thought applies on the world War viable horrified component ,comma
outside the United States so there may be material out there who find that would give us the properties were looking for but is clearly 5 but this analog is going to be momentary mostly nearing final soon question is in how I all fine Institute of me nicely thank you notes and work on it may have been provided stability 1 but I have have that classes for the fall of the Soviet Union start understanding of these materials and you need to get together this solves it physicist who works in this area to look at these things because they them as transparent
conductors or insulating layers were popular something like that I never got sort of a outside to a policy is the source of the individual year the 2nd so here's the attraction of the have
same soulful don't look versions will find a way out of this thought this particular product like to forward camps OK I just really this yellow because this is not something that people think about me :colon area so we have the materials of the lopsided was generally forbidden transitions working qualifications work-in-progress suggested that material but I have these oxides or higher recombination we talk about this the worst thing is that you have to have that material but it has I recommendation it's enough to know civilized and thank caramel buildings of all talk about mobile users will shortly if we could find no 1 outside the next president will have to select a said of the most widely used in workers there as a matter so this allows and started talking and I was hoping
that came out on top of corporal call litany of Valencia which was was they had more searching for or exhaustion but was also his friends
said that while the children would get an Indian and so we made a major gallantly invades the bandgap trends correct so deities the bank trend was correct but the performance was because of the long flight that falls dozens of short the itself you for mechanism for the transport and this is something that not
really appreciated in the In the community for chemistry community that you conduction
mechanisms that some of these oxides at Princeton the metals and iron oxide is a physical of redox change reaction as the carrier goes through system the EU has called for stopping we called electron beam for example and pulled the global 2 3 iron to 3 that the redox actually change mean that the year reservations the number actually changes as the electron whose whose system to 3 equal to that of the same thing is true paradoxes about the advantages to system changing oxidation states that story collapsed and so any kind of invaluable on something that is that it's really really important huge effectiveness its effectiveness worlds and cost you the increase saying that decreases day of the general well-being of situation minis also known as Mott insulators but for those who are familiar with that you just can't look away took away and this is 1 of the Solid State Physics teach us a lot gives notice interesting ideas that we think this the theoretical physicists believe that as long as there is something nice to say that this is on this in the office the last phase is the computer and I started with a copy of side but cannot use because you already know and the experiments on you there in Austin why now is right this so but now my best friends because you know now the point where they can actually help talk about electronic structures and that's what I'm not aware of any of the recent predictions here and Hollywood where they can take a look at this look at those and you use that things that princess
beginning provides a case of this is that the bandstand induction and the atomic woman's bands of any look at this and they say will be flat that means electrodes were politically decided last year 1 so this material you just look at that or what but has been 4 years of research on that is that goes on today on the fact use funding huge program and the outside world it there have been program by squeezing the last case against let alone and then hearing in the experience of where you have to live in the area outside the improvement of the material but the only way to break the those things cost of major at the beginning of the molasses .period so you now various involving we can do that at 50 billion USD so you you know you have to be Joleon you're working in semiconductors and you remind you reach the pressure in your user outside visitors and we could not enough trash that impression was that so so the size the
mobile none of it but they have thousands of acres of water I think this is made of I'm Not There is people because you know my promises result of lots going over 10 years ago and people still love so when you stop being nice to know that know the sunlight
comments so the reviews
all the oxides the highest in Europe so you can see uses very rare and the reason for this is that oxygen to the level is very positive level and so you have to have a huge banner strongly implied 3 117 b in order to straddle the hydrogen oxygen and Washington there is a gas family but nothing else but has so all of this so the International Court Justice pressure most there's a lot of that these days in this field to try and to hold on some reason that you don't know what you want to do is to essentially what remained the faces the same you can be lucky and find them this century saying you're the whole idea of world finance material on the Web site worse still going I think that's just crazy whenever you get millions of possibilities and well so there is lot of friends the government because they have not developed his interest payment structure which is due be effective and agreed to the point where you tell the property issue before they come back with the compositional I have started possible what we will do about and said that this is what you need we need to get rid of the whole set of materials and not make him because some of the materials really part of people talk about using the Nunavut you wrote transitional that because the abundant was based rocks and it would be wonderful to make semiconductors well you think about some rocks require really and wrought borrowing pressures in you know just because materials cheap there that should also you'd like to go through .period right materials produced by the time of the interior is that were so what you want is basically understand your requirements and which is based in part day forms and you back some materials that could be used for a lot of things that go along with this the the event structure can which is now because you don't get to your knowledge of the bank pay and so on a lot of people dismiss because it doesn't matter which lost friends can just get a 370 set you would think that is what you can figure out of the at the American League East Judah corrections in the current directions was so that's not that's not that's what people said we need to do more than this because that's what the problems so anyway so sophisticated you so we but if you get a group of terrorists in the wasn't so as to provide that will you "quotation mark so just looking at outside in this is what I've learned from sources this has understand the Spanish energy diagrams would you
want is a structure in these bands because that means the electrons mobile carriers mobile the flat like this that's not the Soviet iron outside the levels of this Arabs as well as the transitions so this is bonding anybody at this is fundamental of to so your spot rocks and proper access to that members of the most of but it's got problems of the simple outside the great interior but let oxides very interesting 1 because this is the to the oxygen levels at the end it's very positive so that gives the bank you know I'm not saying this is the world growth in India but here's outside ideas as well which is be sold the only thing I think about time or levels of localization those kind of things to find material that you're working on I just use them for the guy right which shows In the material the wants
structures during here and services that I will move the halls of problems as you anything about your mail stores 1 and so all this was 1 of the 1 relations with the countries in the world so we need to
design new outsiders
and you understand what materials or what the time rules do construction and the characteristics of the settlement all I'm talking about what kinds of things you can do it so you won't enough all of which he is different way of doing what would reduce the danger of these kinds of things that will affect
production varies but was utilized for rules because he was curious caramel-colored something that is not really thought about a lot in what was in it and use it to try to get that although various electrons can also reduce the bandgap instability and uncertainty and I'm listening to their oxygen in the annals of these things have to be something to think about the technical solutions to also back
so sense in this started is 1 of the the additional Honda
put together a fighting outside assistance and still 1 the American inside and so people looking at you to persons wanting to avoid it's what sometimes used to toothpaste face using fish sticks and you know basically wife and young band gap was nowhere near with the the people that they try everything they can to stop you have to with smaller banking and they ultimately what they ultimately made his call because anytime you anything without understanding the structures so people usually chromium may have they had made regionally and his new things to work without understanding the electronic structure of what these elements due to poor structure the is of the worst during now it source of visible but you also state last charged in the case of the universe want so basically what it what's that we want to start something that people in the area of medicine work so we started with JI to send outsourcing business
and say what we do on acting to remain work what alloys in here and so near a surveillance conducted bandages to use the band gap so I is about years with water and then get down like that to be reasonable and that a is of so they go back with the now I have you know they have structured the GIO too and they have parameters that can build
theory and figure out some materials you come back to this which is basically a tradition of material from this is where ultimately we need to
go at some point down the road all materials for probably the 1st time you want because they're getting better and better as examples of what now warning to make some of these materials .period the media but nonetheless here's what we're looking for the Red Sea the
analysis red here are where deduction Benjamin raised above the hydrogen evolution in action using some smaller than that of some of these American was so they're there and they don't know whether or not to be named so that's inconsistent with the way weather that you make you probably can't make they falsified unit a nite answer what Sinatra would you probably can't make a possible end to the to but you can make lots of sociology can you get me it's only Spain gets reasonableness is only 3 per cent of the oxygen place of that sort of making an alloy so this for example you take the to any replaces recently oxygen nitrogen and uses a cane with a view of the handsome no bank that was so that some of these things now that the horrifying layer Helen frustration 25 per cent on getting better the band gaps and systems and so that's what this is all about and that
is where the field has to go on ahead this was willing to push that way see from living materials remaining in the warier about you know this is not the kind of thing you're going to get out ,comma tourist the review period and now we're going to move to a more and more evidence of just that they are and I think it's actually out there that people want to live in this analytical criminals in and other elements of the case it's materials necessary for all of us
just basically how it's calculated by American history replaces allows allows you use your place of Of the most Of all
use the band was used the correction here but that's what's interesting about this is you had talent nitrogen for example you can see structure In the band's option up and so this is a very important phenomenon 1 that understands the sources is incredibly important there a new way to get this discussion OK back to the sort of thing you want to have a little bit about some energetic whom
talk about we can move the induction of the expenditures with respect to that merely by the service and that's the that's what happens here service so you had
negative charges this service made it you have positive charges was positive so if you have a a system like this and the it's possible charges and served as a movies where with water and so we
experience to show that it's possible I just want to mention is because of this is something that you would find some of the world that use of bandages moved quickly to begin control so you can control it by changing the charter service and this is basically an impossible job security much of the plot was going was well cause to charge removal over policy by of politicians
were barred from international more than more than his name was already then this now that you know that the
big moneymaker in the U.S. was it is abundant now
can now goes for energy which has recommended that the logic the London yet no new manager so but UK man doesn't fix everything that's the point of this particular slide is the main comments that the last nanostructures fixes a particular electron limitation of material is nowhere I think it ultimately would like a solid and that's where you are and what we didn't think it was announced that the structure is contemptuous of universities and you have 1 of these forgotten mechanism and you can imagine and you've got a hold that releasing people say well finance structure that carries out from that is that is gone but it is an outsider tasting it all out but not electron hop around like we saw in order to get out of it if we had an instruction to wonder then that for him says that we can make the region's main source of help is needed because the water you basically and so if necessary the few just meant people deserve organized mantle of outside knew this and the remainder were you know they don't understand what the problem is 1 of the most Windows system also is just the way it and about about and I was
Damascus I don't 1 1 of most top and no 1 wants will gallery in regions of the galaxy .period will so the number of users with more valuable in the world led the nobody seems to be concerned about that part of the game the issue is just the that is what the whole point of abundance we have lots of yelling Arkansas also collapsed down as 1 of the highest Lou ranges having material is littered with you know at 46 years almost all the nutrients in the water was almost so Europol this is what the call because there were so you know what a lot of people watch any interest in the mood to the sovereignty of the Colonies the violence the question is where to draw the line abundance is not diagnosed as sick
we need to his work delighted this OK again Moreira elements on the ball and rare unusual tellurium as against the relatively more than usual platinum and palladium right on your so what sampling here is that of large-scale use of platinum palladium and you all very familiar with this can we all have the a platinum palladium American is over 600 million correspondent wrote today can birds now and again confirms 1st announced release as well is none of likely work to make a number of courts in 2000 and 2007 we made worldwide human society makes 16 million forest land to foreigners everyone knows firsthand that please it's not an abundance this scalability they were looking for
something that works in still another example of your probably last generation said to before we had originally in this is the means and the jet printers reactors that called for the parents probably have some on Wall and you know your box to Barcelona-based that photographic film OK the active phone actively was sold so In the Lueders Silver Silver has about the same violence in over the lifetime of floor filled podium by itself but just kind will rock accusations made about 14 thousand square kilometers 14 thousand square kilometers 1 of them that's happened worlds almost 30
thousand square kilometers of photographic films made with silver as the active overlapping material you have canvas it's always wanted to travel Anderson lattice of a Mexico Mexico Nunavut testimony was used in this report about the end of this year organizers and so it stable I mean there's not a a lot of silver in there because they give unique we don't want to eliminate any materials and because "quotation mark 1 with abundant materials we may never find this material said something worse may have to operate on the phones the operator little probably Indian lopsided only service of and that's very
important because that represents interests time it was all this energy losses if you have a lot of losses in reaction from if you lose a lot of efficiencies this a bad arterial your shoes danger of sharply the Hall of Fame
sharply recently quarters over sells varies from person but had lot dozens of a near-perfect that he is up but there is no losses but what choice but you can includes about two-tenths 1 considerable figured that was good it's about what you already dead 15 so catalysis at that event is incredibly important understanding but out holes on producers and so that's what himself but is that a lot of injuries that it as indicated in Paris losses and Sylvester squad here so what you have here is efficiency here on this side and energy losses on this you remember the other there descends were 1 of so it is essential that material can see it was have that's half the energy you he said that attendance at the recession comparable and then loses the 4 a lot less so you can get away with
a higher loss of the Japanese
the institute a reasonable reasonable sept what should I suspected it was the most injurious falls in business that like cancer and make it work In the business this is just about going to Have you sp but essentially this is what flattened this propaganda
and his orders 0 currently 2 17 million data which will be millions of years of life end of the savings this is for the material in the public is
probably of occurrences killing was the same kind of thing huge differences in what is going huge differences in health most students of it but if you will
recall calluses wanted so we have In terms of analysis that outsourcing isn't what you do something but you can build a
chance of getting things started do that because you go charges that they had elected to play so the power system here so manager but hydrogen oxygen reactions could this isn't right with my new role as a
way as to shine a light on it the battle started moving to the time if you don't have good
talents all right because they have you accumulate electrons service and that those things that you could have water splitting here that lost and so that's very
emotional issues that the Government of Canada so this is part of an
experiment basically looking at houses so of Latin potential here and so this current density here In the idea playing with catalysis there should be a straight line as you increase the curtains as you increase the current density UK a charter service to stop the flight control they agency say untreated moved up a bold move up to 10 million has generated thousands troops whose made but just a little ,comma device structures of the things you can do
still many a so the material limitations and vandalized some interesting properties what we came up with a new junctions says a couple of nice transparent oxide something of a service that give you stability you can use of different kinds of remember semiconductor systems and even some of us have some Silicon Systems this year is a normal like concentrated system using index refraction of light take clear piece of plastic pipes for water it shined light on the American life wants it because of the intervention but last class like this is what our hydrogen production laments this change will be congressional division in the expensive achievement Virginia will be unstable that is the division is stable and just before you went 1st that somebody will get something better writers were not in which case they haven't generally poison was used substance all more likely than hell I originally conceived and this so that Arab world chemistry and thank you for your attention and all that stuff happened answering questions in the yesterday big Fuchs meeting you won't what this on he said the group responsible the company also so you have to get out of the house for the nations of the West and the fact that most of the Of course I mean what we're going to be used as a means of the band have undermined realizing justice not revenge there then there is will want you don't want to be part of the people that you know the result of that we know that was a part of the losses now we have we will be this it was also announced that appear on the part of the industry analysts the woman was really what the answer is that you know all the others the crowd of the of alienation and the problem was that the policies that would probably be 1 of the following year it's hard to control of more than are but the report available here and I don't mean to be the to history his British Davis was not under the weight of my age where are you maker of the governing that very it's what you need I don't think it's time it's time to change the world some stuff that's not the way you back when you can drive it the world there I told him as the Soviet goes into winning 15 PM Koreans said during the working the about the only filling stations actually available stations in Europe of busses and cars in in Japan and what I mean 1 thing that hydrogen use is energy independence comes to a fuel the made what you needed is a lot what the beginning of the end of the factored in was California financial institutions where is the cost the and the 1 quality of the kind of the IOC as of of really the only alternative rock you Europe might be injured by you want to know about returning to growth in the current so that get your CEO 2 from the air make liquid fuel and that when it decides to do it for various places of work and that the requests of this nature would you do if you are working on some of chemical in the period that sustainable in the Kennedy won a government review of security at the parish anyway so why process along so yeah I think you will
see well I use and make this my regular talks with the view that year but since you asked him this day only who can make the decision to move destruction politicians retirement on we're talking about a major investment in human capital and the end of the capital general changing the politicians that can make this the work things politicians are not science fiction so I always encourage students at some point in their career you did involved in politics behind it all decision to halt the U.S. Marines the of much politicians were not so new we have we have politicians worked with the Republican base you don't have time to change unilaterally you notice his on bullying and Unisys scientists Europe you priorities the think but issue is in the form relationship and understand how it would have been out of the about technology mostly you know lawyers and that sort of thing scientists going into into politics so we need to interact with politicians get to know them they can go on us and we can do that then we can for diet on what we can do and what it was and this crazy veteran here is because you know it's not helping us all the ups and downs of supporting renewables urea production taxpayers have complained when Germans and in some politicians decides what's really students about what's meant to get the that off and that justice for all of its you know at some point you might think about using your scientific knowledge to forms but that that really you know you'll have considerably OK so I have no doubt that it's important in the future of mental health parity himself of that's 100 years from now you used depends on politicians are getting convinced me that oil-production flattens 2004 the prices higher it is it's coming and you know someone to listen and say Well we need to hold her in the embarrassment work here in the U.S. state of what there was something of a materials from the center of the so the British French and other sources of of socialist state owned by training so this is something which is not he should know of coordinator said production was of the major part of production of the rarest of the USA amendments will and also for the so the credible all of the International University where real but China is the EU's members of the future path of 1 man and someone was telling me that they found 1 in the U.S. in Montana somewhat like that of the issue is not the Of the abundance of were that China has 1 of the year materials that reminds all of that but there are other deposits will let him on the other hand is concentrated in some these the Bolivia show the children and you have a little part of the body of 1 of the of things that are going the terrorists the madness of Romanian media despite China holds back to the minds of the people who told of it and you will be happy to sell your soul for the yeah I think so but now I'm about what they done to source of right wing basically destroyed the a number of companies that are still working panels that make the Cellucci part of it is that they put in the most modern factories with the highest that necessary along the way it also gets a looms on the on the other hand me from the media and the people of the receipt Federal Way of the interview questions put in this said
yes I do OK so this the famous and raft of all the things that you don't have to work for the because this you know the historical of 4 alternates see OK they all start the rally ABC our men and slowly rise up in their faces little Indiana wrestles got 1 here that started up his Land recently some of longtime your amenities story of slowly but surely but this gap here where there's nothing everybody would love during well what happens United States typically happens in the world this is the funding profiles OK
from 1978 to 2000 in constant 2006 lost 2 thousand dollars of day notice 1978 1980 to the U.S. spent almost a billion dollars a year inclusion but that's where they were and since then has only been basically flat and level so I would say to you we need investments not to make this happen new investments in new billion-dollar range for a year while from America for the technologies will that's not just because right now so in the unwillingness scalable pointing out what's wrong problem so he was a huge amount of money spent the natives that he considers Lawrence and
without relying on the other way but it was America's so what's but rest of the team that was 1 of the major land and wealth from the perspective of the cruel and let it go beyond the end of the year and the year we made the best of the weld steel costs of lovers as well as follows it will also give you might generous of you in large scale the world on the union that will take panels 1 of the few cost 5 million less than 1 would think about 40 out them all almost half of hydrogen is that if 1 doesn't work there it's robust it will not happen the Department of Investigation opportunities the driver this year in fact actually this imagined and that it was too high and that it should remain hood something OK great tension along to reshape this standard for putting b thefts


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