The award ceremony for the FOM Prizes 2011

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The award ceremony for the FOM Prizes 2011
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Klaas-Jan Tielrooij - FOM Physics Thesis Award 2011, Maria Antonietta Loi - Minerva Prize 2011, Silke Diedenhofen - FOM Valorisation Chapter Prize 2011, Pieter Kruit - FOM Valorisation Prize 2011.
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2 nights madam we'll we'll have the
presentation of the prices the former prices there this is a very important elements of these 2 days and so your best hope will be the 1 who presented the prizes to the winners and I should like to invite him to the podium skills the Barenaked Ladies and Gentlemen it is my great pleasure to to be here at the physics of forming a place filled with excitement if you walk around in the postseason the session and I once again like to congratulate form for again showing it to us in the world the physics is assigned very much alive and kicking things all of you it is my privilege to hand over the prices of the form to the winter and will hand out a total of 4 prizes best Ph.D. thesis
then there are the main Vera Price the best scientific publication from a female researchers Velez nation chapter price which is for a chapter in a Ph.D. thesis dedicated to the finalization of their doctoral research and last but not least civilization price To a researcher whose of food has been of great benefit to society without further on do like to hand over the 1st prize the former prize for best beach the features goes the clash until Roy for his research into the properties of water in the from the vicinity of Orleans and molecules the work was carried 1 moment and the word the work was carried out by former Institute Global's according to the during this season's contain very important and I really relevant research was presented in an outstanding president manner once again join me in congratulating but some of the this
was there are no everybody would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their support my parents and my sister of 1 of the that my promoter Bob Parker who is somewhere in the audience Michael promoter admissible who is now a movement to Germany actually and then get some other people at the Tamils who made my life organized a group juries you guards Ivory said Monday on and climbing Willis was there are a lot more people thank you all and I this evening everyone you the 2nd prize which I'm allowed to hand over tonight is for the best scientific publication by a female research the prize is awarded to Professor Maria Antonietta lawyers she received please not Susie's his rise for article about new discoveries 40 years of college hoops for all to electric none according to the during the article was clearly written in this case is going is comprehensive also known specialist furthermore it is researching a relevant area and results are of major importance for the field
concerned she's a forward group leader of the election official died Corning please join me greatly thanks thanks to changes that that would make the rule which I would like 1st of all to thank all of you to be to inform authorities beautiful Pariser from the symbolic meaning have prompted just got this fantastic and um I would like also thank Maine Boston people like the people of the National Science Theater Project was granted by St W. Monaco's have been tested the uh who believe that we needed the Non-Aligned rates are important for optoelectronics and I would like to thank my group of my students and I might condition because of the Goldstone of the Warwick and the crew that commitment and I would like to think Institute for Advanced material of the Rice University that groaning and for their for their constant support the interim theft the phones polarization took the prize goes to doctors she'll good durable their believes
worked well within
formal group so this was for opponents in the village Gunderson I'd hold that the jury was very impressed by the way she creatively translated to work in the area of metal wires to a broader market John congratulating you can good evening and I think he just for your kind words and 1st of all I'd like to thank the Committee for consideration by the realization chapter for the fond memories nation kept apprised and then I have
connected the in the 1st announced a partnership program between Parliament and the lips and the group of climate ,comma Sweden and this group is in a very special position because it is on the 1 hand part of the Center for another photonics animals and on the other hand located at Philips Research and being in this group that has the chance to to join the club here from from the Center for not returning in which I but stimulated to perform cutting-edge fundamental research but closed at Cinergy to researchers from lips and stimulated me to perform and to think about applications as an add-on to my fundamental research and I'd like to acknowledge now all the co-workers from Wilson Phillips Fox stimulating discussions about fundamental and applied research thank you How plausible but believes it is my distinguished years together form polarization rights to someone I have known for
many years someone I have the highest regard for scientists and engineers president of is a professor of industrial footage of all at the end of the only daughter of the Office of the Comptroller of the chair of the charged particles will also build University of Technology in is application-oriented research has led to 160 publications 46 patterns and intensive cooperation with the white variety of of global corporations the price of 250 thousand euros reflects the value for rightly subscribes to signs
that lead to polarization please join me in congratulating political at yeah well thank you very much and its special thanks to a forum of course and to my colleagues who nominated me for this award no Valerie's Asians for those of you we even know
what it really means why would you think about dollarization in your research especially PhD students here why would you want to think about derivation of your research but I have 2 reasons for you 1 you may win
250 thousand euros 2 it may add a whole new dimension to your life and as a physicist who should be interested in new dimensions of course and what this dimension is I'm going to explain to you tomorrow you might talk in the prize winner session so I will see you all they're talking about new dimensions
you to the people the total price political groups but according to Hey it would be Bills themselves thank you very much for performing is really important that we are looking for us also from the side of the border of the former congratulations to all the is going


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