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Master class with John Pendry

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Master class with John Pendry
Transformation optics at optical frequencies
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Transformation optics tells us how a distortion of space, and the objects it contains, maps into changes of the effective electric and magnetic responses of the distorted materials. This can be exploited to generate new devices from familiar ones. For example it is well known that a slab of negatively refracting material has lens like properties and can focus light. However the images are always of exactly the same size as the objects. This restriction can be lifted by applying transformation optics to create a negatively refracting magnifying lens that also has the property of sub wavelength. In the exact formulation both electrical and magnetic properties are equally affected by the transformation, but in the near field approximation at optical frequencies we can neglect the magnetic component. This leads to some novel devices that will be described in this class.
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they welcome welcome we have passed the ball and I I'm not quite sure what format must pass this so you have to help him for the lady that we we go along I suspect that somebody here because much of the but what I think the best thing is kind of to use lights more sliced in half time of the year and what we do best is is there's something puzzles your interests you if you stop me and ask you questions about that I'll be very pleased see that that happens it will mean that we will get rule during World anyway but that does not issue think calls further readings that idea so I will take you all with some of the ideas that sits under the is concept transformation optics metamaterials and that some mistakes that among the officers as politics and the but what I am going to further define crew she tells me what's coming next yeah I said in the beginning we are interested in but the all but like where and let us and this is achieved while the chassis problems in optics through rather centuries have life and what the limitations of the voters in that and you could get very to engage with lenses but it isn't initiated by waning life and you can see not quite simply calls it you Maginot Line is away way and that is way elected case you know and I has to get the objection along the axis of the lens is this the chain Next which transport you probably I object to the and so that was what I and then there's this week but here which is in the plane had been killed the image major master import was that's a poor component the and I think see that the animals feature remains real then the maximum worries opponents get its case Europe and you know that for analysis of the new image if you have more opponents in his resolve required the details the maximum word of this case 0 0 in resolution is something we all way the back filed suit or something like that and the cause that's why we want lens with a lot time in the middle of the year is 90 degrees which is the largest and also has been Yukon capture all foreign words that you like to calls to go beyond that have to go to a complex angles and that's not possible in the physical the security lights for instance the amendment has stood for a long time and it is used as the sole duty the resolution of elections is that they all the wavelength of bats have got to go all CDs which is the rate of radiation and carried 600 megabytes of data to blow Blu-rays refused you like much shorter wavelength right tiny adults and you can get waltz that's it several feet deep 20 that it would begin about data but the rate that still doesn't compete with magnetic disks which have terrified so when aggressive resolution is said paid no yes I love stories because that's a lot of room that was the best person In my book anyway to take the concept of negative refraction seriously other people told about it but they have made it but that's a lot of did this in a series of papers around 1968 and he showed that it it you have a system where instead of the annual refractory also stated that is say when lightning the services this I will ask the definition of what but from instead at the end of the year on the other side of wall then also was curious things happen you can see almost immediately and that this is crazy they because there several rules to be followed in fracture was that the energy must always Bloomberg weight from the soul so if you're going to come decided this the rate at of which is the no matter what this way this is another role which is a very basic policies which states that the the men said all the light paralleled services concern also is Presley area and that means in terms of like the weight vector component parts of the eastern so persistent not only the way vector and the rate that elusive group based lost all parallel as they are the vacuum necessary glass walls but this cannot happen in a a refractive the material costs it you have a waiver with rejection life this way outside and I would like to slots this way inside there's no way to match something there that wasn't there this the only solution consists of symmetry is that you have have to have a group based lots of rain that where director .period angiotensin directions and that immediately appliances some very strange it's is going on inside this material so translated into this language called pulses that you have a pulse of life during this with a low then the blaze contained calls will be trying to rushed through the and go outside as the the policy other types of ways do this I believe proposal water reserve frequency habits that discretion but polite it was an unusual phenomenon among which was disputed some what I might say this letter also pointed out that many Russian abusive focus so you vandalize .period gold and real calls the axis of the lands a game and it was decided that you get to votes or so this was known as the best Allocco lens and the 2 most birds French properties no is shown if you want a negative refraction then I you you have to make sure that all of his native was well and those are the qualities which in theory Maxwell's equations which find the properties of the medium with top the the the unaffected ability electric or magnetic properties the meeting and these about 180 then he argued that the attractive index will be made in the USA and all you that by saying that refract mean it is the square root of the problem with these things and if you take the square root of quality to native numbers it's arguable that you could take me where music by more subtle or that but they both of these case refractive index is also Connecticut the that was the end of the story or about 20 25 years old more recalls that there are no known materials in nature but which actually have both of these guys natives simultaneously there but quite good reasons of all that you can get a native excellent in metals for example battles of plasmas when you push in this way the plasma shakes conducted directions to designated electric response in things like silver they're all materials submitted by message response there they students systems in which the electron spin resonance and on 1 side of the residence times he been points the same direction this amenity you applied a lot of different frequencies points in the opposite direction but the difference between them is forces involved Plassmeyer very strong so so you have very
high frequency is optical frequencies spent pauses magnetic forces are much weaker and that all the magnetic residences ,comma much lower frequencies and so these 2 never meet up in nature made magnetism and negative haven't cut electricity so it had to wait for a long time before we solve this problem so many that it all Hi I'm very fond of along 1 axis and you along the other then there is the the man to the familiar with the possible new Nextel which is transparent media will be made excellent negative as in metal but the new positive then you get metallic properties this material is not transparent reflecting the same will happen if you make a new initiatives but that's positive view is that also reflect the 2 men both then the material becomes transparent should by no means all the same order as the stuff you get in a transparent diverse and it's this while the remain accessible Ferrari many years until we came across these things called material and the idea is that all materials over properties the atoms molecules they take and fields which polarization which is a response the White Rio is the average polarization small molecules madeleines saying In that materials but the subunits over wage you're averaging which give rise response don't have to to be as small as atoms and molecules that can be artificial structures the only requirement is a bit much less than the wavelength inside With acutely wading into a without jobs and the definition of new annexes remains secure both the yardages and you got to do that so we might consider making little structures now structures in the case of life but Miller metric structures of the case of radar waves when much of the work is being full and in the has the atoms and molecules the Jonathan visits all the structures that you can actually made it possible becomes almost every minute and we've been able to generate a much wider range all properties than you could ever do and with that just using chemistry was brought to use committed to make these investments for you at the physical structure so that is 1 of the earliest structures which is receiving a lot of attention it was a science word already always I decided when I did so people marketing company in the late nineties and the idea is this but if you take arrange more complex and you put a magnetic field through that rain the field which is currently in the current will produce alliances in the rain and unfortunately you have just a close range with the responses .period mandating its volatile and boring and what you can do is to make the cut in the rain so the current call low around indirectly ready and then I introduce the 2nd cup ring and the ideas of permanent jobs across its capacity here to make a so Grand Met that so can that's going around and local batons it's worth patterns busses indexes precedent-setting this has a residence about 10 gigahertz now you may be familiar with the area residences if you take a swing and you wish to proceed slowly it will go In the direction but should Bush it you "quotation mark Foster who shades swaying Rentschler when you shake Barcelona natural frequency swing this winter will do that 10 so if transfer residents the response that materials system which is resonating changes in society and in tune with the residents so In this range is paramilitary Ulster response to low frequency then you go to higher which were above the residence you go through very very strong responses residence I we could be administered oath losses in the system but isn't because of our response will be as a negative response above rest said this was the easy way which we generated estimated negative by this summer at rate of frequencies and it's something we we also propose which actually had the work of the noses of the proposed war was to having dominated this you then have to make negative elect electrical responses saying grievances out we know that many of electric response and so that by the time it comes down to the souls of frequencies involved in radar waves that's that's just just not effective anymore the plasma doesn't behave like roughly Paris is material radar frequencies and but the wrong answers the procedures greater opportunities are there in the sky that ionized gasses and to lower the plasma frequency I have to do 2 things 1 is you have to make the this is your chance .period loads as OK as a gas the 2nd thing you have do is to work with heavy particles while it's OK to which you have minds of their which heavier than electrons which resonated so so the idea is that if you take still roll call and you diversity life cutting it into very small pieces and for example very thin wires that you have a dilute gas charges electrons the election was delight but if you send an electron along line they creates a magnetic field looking round lot case why was inducted the vintages warned of this and have a very thin wide it's very the state would take a wire rope you used tens of microns in diameter and use bases wise by about y mm you find the inducted makes electrons appears so they had something has happened you have to put it holiday Investimento due to make a move get energy by by and indebtedness has exactly the same expected while descended counterproductive or push for the voltage we've been getting injured back when the current stops it will give you voted you rare and so doctrines where electronics exactly like that In an electron a very thin line behaves so it's nitrogen atoms about a 10 hour time period than in the UK letters and so he has a structure which they that yes the I'm mean serious I do experiments on parade at best and the source the range that is also why I'm here so rings you name it but it is not wise United electricity and of course you have a geometric flexibility you could now choose the 2 residences the cow at Morris increased give you name fraction with both negative and that was the 1st structure to show repression is a computer simulation of what happens is that you said they said it was used to weigh Slattery that the while modulation and then you get a crack at the kids many island showed stated that cause it actually holds stolen so controversial wasn't that people and actually see negative refraction and of course the American military abundant there time but extremely nervous and the Commission a super-duper experiment at the plant somewhere but 7 here to names as you can get your skill this witness is all about and the sample is placed here and there are 2
examples 1 about its euro with his native tracking properties striker and this is that smooth the sample which you just made a Teflon and showed should show also false-positive fraction among
missiles this year is the angle of fraction possibly arise laughter the Teflon results should ready all prostaglandin those and the United 0 results that showed and cheer without any dispute show me the Bangles so that convinced people that make up the fraction the existing you could make you met materials and so on to the the next part of the
story I introduce my full so that by winning Gramm and I'm rumbling along the conference report that suggested do you have any questions about what evidence the what you might ask against it was the simulations the Hong you Oh yes that's the calls that the refractive index in science is very very high so instead of the it here if you slow down away where friends come closer together and so they various fronts and that's why you see others by matching so back to this question resolution of land I've explained to why conventional lens but it doesn't the result directly is recalls if you trying to men for example in the industry largely tend to get good resolution by making signed these large costing to become small and so do longer transport information along the axis of the lens invite there is a lot of information in In an object which is illuminated with light lights shining on his table and if I know who they scanning ideological microscope which consumer times things I could scan very close the atoms I could see electrical activity right down the atomic level that but but there are actually 2 classes of activity is 2 which can explain of when the Senate real corresponding to small audiences kayaks and low resolution the very very high resolution details which described the atoms and molecules being not structural so course was a very large head and then Casey comes imaginary and way the case along the axis of the property and that's why it's called in the field position and the weight of the object if I want to reiterate the new field goal would us that by the year 2000 wireless this week way and recreated here and that's why school being possible toss sees holders nearly year-old flattered by at exactly the right man and that we create an image with and but let's look at this lenses that allow lot of use of Portland's lead when the vessel Argo suggested His he and everybody else assuming that it will be limited to resolution just like any other lands but fine Hi my suspicions about its lens of something very strange about meeting with unusually heavy mineral respects the calculation the end of what the resolution this land would be and it is only because the condition retracting its actually minds long the opposite of the yeah then it turns out this land has unlimited resolution the said what it's doing it is right we must be doing is granaries this life and somehow how the deadly does it was a mystery review moments like online expertise In place of physics and I'll tell you that story in a move yes room status this is the end of the month all right to call we have both excellent new and then saw manslaughter course effects new numerous flaws there practically next month responded as well but this this is at fault I gave you the people who really little fat asses you all losses should review and view minus yes and but the fluoride explained the details of how does that super resolution let me take another perspective on Palin's work and that's you learn How many related notions this is famous conjectural theorem which was taking several hundred years of brutal and whilst it is inapplicable thousand page paper and several huge review concentrations but 1 of these other gasses was how like told and when I 1st principle is that if you want to know the path which like takes between technology then calculated we that pass recognizing that it need "quotation mark on this from the start dielectric material the it all the contenders longer find from expects postulated that I had no reasonable just saying that he is postulated that so much and if that's the case in all the passed through the lens area minimum partly through fine the by this is longer than it looks to your eyes because it's through some refractory material and that was as condition for progress now I want you to apply the law to to parking inside lenses recognizes -minus warns that these manuals of people yeah on the Net that will be the 1 this humanitarian length in the water but it doesn't count the the long-ago during their meeting the practices reputations of minus so the total land on it is the long minus the 1 0 and scintillating laying here since the finals at 17 0 His the mineral it's just as Europe so as far as my concern the torture is the image you know got something like native space is there and that was about half the guests recalls of United Maxwell's equations and anew use that money back tooled calculates something called the transfer matrix which actually given the fields in Walled Lake tells you all fields off players further down the line and describes it was the main task will be reported then and what transformation which tells you is that the unity between here and here not just for that the popular with the nearby but all of you provided that this condition Jesselyn you feel small fragmented the last 1 is met here and the we generalize so the good faith 2 Media you construct supposed to have knowledge of the new year like those we apart from that medium and they take and the here section it's native their that have assets of unless you here the mayor .period you construct mind-set my view and may out of this half of roses and lilies actually counselor at this year's budget for rights book all fields electric and magnetic as well this is a business meeting spaces is this is like optical all antimatter this you take 2 quantities also pieces name these days what the meaning you have you get the add Europe I know what's going on in this system if it turns out that if you have a media who's deputies it is
basis between also the listen you eliminate that new gradually residences on that such as those of you who know about other Poland's by example those things such passports but your residences on the surface and it is the very specific reasons and you also probably know with you take a residence system a new shine even weak energy .period the residents will catch hold about energy collecting and storing within the residence they can build up to fantastic the high value you probably have alleged that the CIA but with the right picture .period sees that the resin grievances she "quotation mark usually it's required In smashed the glass sconces less that that it's not the high huge residents but a really nice wine last-minute maneuvers as a good residents to inspection by connecting them with energy brother voiced storing it the residence of many beats and building a fantastic high and that's how the of this snake Imperial and advise these evanescent waves like I spoke about earlier on the
so the thing that is doing again by I'm here is the energy is coming he being gathered From the souls year and goes and residence until residences exactly the right values to restore the image that's correct values now the remarkable thing is you could say yes while I can understand that our residents services you can excite that's that's all well why is it that you excitement we sat to the right values the MP and just the right amount of fuel the young by each word component be tempted by included free and that's a really remarkable things can have my calculations the thousands that these materials to
resonate to just the right
well that cool something fast times and I was better the granted several quarters fall a few months plus all the shouting went on a he was eventually result in a series of experiments but just the I'd go To tell you about those experiments I want to show you amusing little every time you look at this negative pressure being given guidance and the soldiers who really and then use and a half time not really interested in is something surprising about that it's it's knows what was excited for strengthening the hand of 1 of these told me biden Smith User puzzle is what it is just how some of the questions thought so that explains that the remainder of year there said you have to Boston what is the nature of the injury other than they should cancel 1 another out OK that we not back here so 1st of all those long lines for my wife but we don't that the training here we come out said Harold A 1 From this material you Lacey here but exact place so that the theorem still votes although I won't last long lines 1 here I will just won't last long and so on although it's no problem understanding this Ray gets through this system you might how little difficulty in this told theory the requires 2nd grade should also passed through obstructive if you believe that all the facts and you will tell me this is nonsense of course is set to raise prices accident refracted native that will be a native later this month rejected but last right across the Red Sox Nation is an approximation and tradition all the allegations to Britain's space this from absolute Michael Beach raise any this week so his computer simulations done by it's cause he didn't want to use that from the outset and was looking at the reason they indirectly material and you can see that it raised "quotation mark we waited ranged from but and material status of all places a lot more that here and if you put a block of antimatter on top it besides the cancels that it should be liable would hold from wall so the weight of the holiday the call of transmitted we'll be glad to hear side misled inaccuracies in the calculation of the elections see but always purists scattering which the reindeer dates is eliminated I can see the flu what was being looked at is name the of this so intense pulsed policies is greatest that's where it's very intense and what's
happening here is you can see the policy refracting supposed Israeli voters spots here it was then called loss faction Gilani said it will be tracked and that diagram is an indicator that you are a resident system that and what will happen we have to recognize the right of automation doesn't deal with infinitely thin race the gas believes that I will tell so when these rates around here as well as the bus was hot the way Chinese airlines along the fraction of their doesn't work you think about you was Over time we will have details on these gasses being raised list cited residents here and intensity the lack of time eventually it will have attitude they chose consolidating its own G will be his speech here at 1 1 will also the within 90 days some instituted about the threat and if you wait long enough and this election Cheshire cat will despite that silence rejected it will disappear the smile remains in use trial and fracture all and so you can say that the beginnings of very accessible system once you get beyond the safety of the approximation then I intuitive understanding of optics .period being there and many oral out native directions based on that and I'll give you a few more examples of why do that I want to show that are experiments show it to you do get somewhere that resolutions I hope the best of the use of various the time-honored the soul of society the way I feel really and by a hooded Terry on the this is already sold wave guide all transmission lines in which the why is that too imagine 2 parallel wires done and practices between the wires and you get special relationship with looked like this all very conventional at all transmission plant in the event of my soul who invented transmission line which wives have capacity between the lines not then this cat comes in London I remind you that the signature major fraction is the way it's going along directions and the energy flows in the office in other words the group of baseball must have all time so you take place not possible that is a positive way but then was the name and that's exactly what we got here 1st here the signed wait level the Commission remind him of both have also been here he happened insights Alaska Native practices that Newton two-dimensional versions like this by the where is probably led to propagate along here you see that as the passes between Place de Parsons is small enough and that dominates the and that the reactions the plane and if you next the where is the ground and very thin wires that's exactly and that can dominate at that meeting that consists of small enough to be donated ensures that capacity which naturally exist so you can get a two-dimensional works which will have its final obligation law like this and then you have practical
system and when all's said and done I could probably that where to assist and 1 Jordan's during these years all the salsa music playing and this is what fraction work and the recently fraction limit the library matches the it got as allows about the test but since then at
the more remains interest but optical grievances now In my original paid right proposal people all lands to lens but what would when that if you go 2 barriers of wavelength details the electromagnetic field much much less in the way that then electricity and magnetism ceases to 4 1 electricity boning told him by on a skeletal where access you have like propagating you start with elected you that said and then you have to go also wavelength the fall field stops the show substantial magnetic component to it so only on the scale of waiting next to the electorate views conversant magnetic wheels so if you have a source which is only electricty acted a most things haven't you want so there's no magnetic activity would result in Cheyenne items would polarization is purely electric and so on a very violent skill that really is the diesel electric water trying to see is an electric signal not magnetic and you all the apparatus is also worrisome ways trying to focus on a length scale which is much smaller weight and then you have collected Nunavut has recommended the black getting meant to say the city there's never a magnetic field present and a matter that all military cause there's nothing on which cannot so if you have a system where the last used plus Europe business Hollis less where so the Poland's lenders can focus just as a perfect lens can but the continued use elements of wavelengths scale but that's OK that's what we're interested it turns out is still an invisible has excellent 0 and in fact there is using this fall we expect from most silver as exactly excellence of minus 1 and then in
the cellar as long as there still work there a catch the where is the logic of trying see and this president actions with the last and actually I'm that now that was
taken out 5 signed group that she museum actually stands the analysis and the lack of so while they're looking at the "quotation mark With some criteria on fault which is the the was now the would driver's seat these distances are all national standards especially in the reporting and is still in there that find well going concierge don't quite of this microscope you have to wait in in both states and the well let him use 365 sold is way way the but that resolution convention events leading the way and this is what it's all in the experiment straight away but there is 1 thing we resolve writing all the nominees and that's last 6 much less than the wavelength
presses the is what happens this so there is no sign of being image all the action was growing that's too my home mother here you don't have to be so they you just have space left this is what you see in the image produces a wavelength limited at solution being the what but then you put in the silver the site bobbing on suspects the building was Boeing and now resolutions I know about convincing demonstration can In each subway lines on the now skill
not experiments is easy by the way because I should point out that the the the the 2 things working 1 the losses still churns out limits are the residents of more moral house get so mad you tried Russell will very thin imagine you're trying to make a layer America on its desk was health status stopped being played with these days but when I this you get America in your hand and believe it or not it's right on the desk and if you do that you can believe that what it does it splatters and thousands of balls and still does if you tried to grow of and that you do some very clever things done the whole trade all making this lands where he's getting so glad not to president my home which is what you need a telescope but 2 a few madam meters which is what you need to suppress all the security expects you get if you didn't have been flat that's a huge challenge I not to overcome the challenges we lose another juror doses of possible right residents insulated call but this happens in the red wrong visible and he is the ,comma I suitable lands by now and now states by the at sign that to bring this to invent itself on reporting and natives stuff a modified the east China Light on this scavenged from the microscope tip here look at the reflected light and should be influenced by what's In this golden underneath it which these guys have some holes so this poses a severe behave case the this result is that it's an isolating itself and you should see goes like this so what this city's kind rollout system
is 1 of the sees that July gain and you can see resolve these guys so these guys well on these guys and then this property since then ,comma life goes away their rapidly chewed off this president remains a you the museum nothing and here what you see use an image which is the 20th wavelength in diameter well Europe is you
can bet on wholesale and are there impressions yes this is the beginning of the year game but that is likely I was just a it's no it's not like game begins and did it this is the distinction between 10 and advice something so is that there is there's no energy in the so-called all the energy for instance ,comma strong resource it's completely passes so the media doesn't have a game just because the signal gathers images stores it until it's very big about .period and and that's the trait and that's why people are the people were gone about this property residences and real news addresses suit and private not intensify 716 opening power this summer you do you have any a questions that 10 1 right now on 2 more witnesses that the question by way of introduction to transformation optics that I think we also at 32 to get regulators Yukon well I'm going to pretend that now this is the best local elections if you have is perfectly minus 1 and excellent we also wants 1 and that's that's all then this is that and but it is a very balanced calls all these pathways in the introduces an exact copies of all the objects exactly the same size while using the lend you want to make object bigger or something like that sorry because the all the figures however owners something I'm going to talk about the 2nd half of which is transformational politics and that tells you how you want destroy the geometry of assistance while values all they added as the note you should use to make sure the light rays are also distorted that I am still very much on a Sunday during violent changes going 3 imams is set long is a function of X and Y I'm going to call this call lower radius and is called I so this system very but as a function of the radius this is a lot of radius centered beneath the on my it was the right and then you have possibility upholstered and what that weapons like this amended well the inequality transformations that you to get analysts and many stops and then also what and it turns out that by using the laws of transformational figure to child come to move I break you calculate what values of Edison new offer which would make this into might find us and if the answer this in the the atmosphere Belgrade highly refracting large values that year on this day he announced in May that year writing as the original but now it's a function of the radius of the law transmission requires that an outsider use the space and that's about all this this is taking the contents of this atmosphere here and to an extent on we are here to build a months-long that you can also do the same as start called well and they will be much much larger actually made a magnifying glass but the call was made and if you shine this all his life atmosphere here is captured in dense and listening to him that he and I think I have a moving all that served yeah well versed on the widest so he all matters of great being a leading city for example how the blame where on this is that this land is all this is just respect violated we and this lens will capture this way and studied in this he adds I would think that that's in the retina the Saskatchewan manager is going to be here that's all I will say this all right reject state yet about supplier it was like so he is a trade all access those the media he is a rarity lots its name interaction has rejected calls from leaders of the radius and bone fracture and compressed music In recent years the state from the start but the problem is this is the last race which touches the physical refracting an Israeli only goes so about this some help these raised here which don't touch anything which is going to space and reconciliation there have been captured the walls lentils collateral saying that is not are all this is what exactly that management the latest year Mattel said in spite of all the radio said these on catches but according to the different way at the time of somebody's provided the ball if you with a bottle last fall fluidity especially middle but you can see that this is a sort of they have fluid appears to go right to the edge of a bottle in the recent personal anywhere life which strikes a glass must go into the Walter and the role it looks as tho the walls and you can never realized that after glasses pools of water appears to go right to the edge of the box nobody but I have I'd truth another vessel which is composed not glasses but of this nature from material here with description given to you but I and I put some good some have said said I my orange juice then what would happen the orange juice and they are here began even those raised the language eliminated the oranges the race themselves would appear to be hitting Karen Hughes so I will let was also support of Orange Book the you can understand that the following way agains the supposedly raised had mined by means to get inside his here trends that began it would have always lived close here and there was a resident status the facts stated what and I remind these races and also in the at their best endure Mattel's equations is beating up hills and these cells will take the lead residences here catcher baby the energy problem eventually I so we mess with strong over the middle section the schools life gradually wake the residences Saskatchewan Energy and they should but out here as they must because this is what will predicts family it's such a weird to see this happen in real time it through it so the race coming in From and this sort catches race something rather interesting here that the energy is flowing from led riots hold time but the the energy velocity of weight loss the opposite direction a series waves are actually playing the Baltic region that
having been an the hearings waves at fly-half happens in Seoul and I think he's going around like that and and that's how these large Race facing matter is small ones you always doesn't show it the need have caught on that recollects not happened June residence is correct if you introduce a lozenge so instead of having anyway my sponsors had something to uphold the rights of the prediction is that cause losses death fluorescence and the reason this clash at Exxon tanker and of the press strongly is that lost in the last 50 I'm touched photograph conducting the residents file and so losses the engine and residents in land-use laws HUD kill Unisys too captured alive he said the the system was doing and I have no lost centered near 1 thousands almost 100 and what about 10 so here you can already see you will also find thousands of this incinerator near you David Villa's top here which has grabbed race from a distance the only very strong residence and you increase the lost you increasingly find region With the bill In indirect cost me anyway cause the residences are less and less effective I nevertheless the some surprising things you can do with this device on that told you about assistance in which the capture of Boston's meeting he essentially annihilated the here the process of proselytizing in this region is the In here now see the chance work come up with something in the medium and smaller than the wants to develop a really small outflows so we've tomorrow I'll talk about closing to wraparound things to hide things that might happen wrapped completely around the object to hide he said his well would be nice if just put something near objects and the object so what we are doing here is he's taken systems in which he has that's a lot of lessons we questioned him about that in the it's 1 and that means that the conservation so you may loss system in which these these 2 I was so these losses and here was this Japan annihilate this project which is for floods of course you have to know ahead of time on this subject is nevertheless to remained closed and also there's probably all complementary spaces you can an annihilating up again and you see nothing yeah also hold things back very very clever idea so I'm about halfway through my stuff there and I would also ask questions and then the of the state role of a culture that John interest there was no opposition it was all a distance the generally 1 of our work progressed theoretically in any assistance practically this is going to actually really microscopic distances the calls that think what has happened you're in a situation where the pros the data raised like that and if this was the year of the the shadow over with Renault fighters object here all reflected on some other direct you can see the brain structures like that so what you have to have a situation where there is God knows of apparatus was going about sentences gasoline sales held on gasoline areas such as is overweight the rate about it's just so that there is going to have any meaning to 2 2 we practice and it doesn't stop theories here's a warning for instance really great but if you don't record there it is original license the best way a formidable results the looking at the plants and the way remember where we wanted to build a lens which made things bigger we call this the radius this the angle the number is injured do that if you call is low radius and this is the then you get something interesting for example if you go around In this constant radiation and then this I so the parties you really you have an office here which has but not involved in the incident Google and you have just last month a minor but but but but but but less but as saying that the problem is so in Europe release the light from a 1 source here online stores and in focus here silently both the 2nd time this year at times but this is the system because it does exactly the same due to hold reflector is you have to merge the right angles lights strikes 1 and then the other alike will come out in exactly the opposite direction lately virtually went in the 1st place they had been done since any move and so they have a corner reflectors on aluminum chalets like boots on their ordinarily wouldn't see it recalls a quarter reflects a sense that life straight back to where you are it's priced after this season to measure the distance to the moon to with a view with things like addressing the political that using humor will blend three-quarters of the space so in this space be there you this is called reflected that you don't actually uses out 1 so another idea you could come up with a instead of going bust of minors but us minus you go last month the planets in other words there's room for another quarter last year that do that what get is so it's going round and some of them have been and without her glasses you can see my ruler here this is salad complementary system so plus minus -minus plus this is this is this is a good topic he doesn't exist so lacking that Prescott ,comma so this is what we're doing jetliner captured in the present state of fear has been suggested as a basis for an article resonates with the mail something which is all would native that from the this is sponsoring he grew fond of saying who like that used by handle and he's actually got reading statements given users center on the tracks like this residents and use the rest happen that way villager has very high why would we want to do this will most resonated as a closed system you want to track Lytle possibly a box the trouble with that is a boxes and very accessible to something you might want to censor you might want to resonator that enhances captures light makes it sensitive to an absolute molecules here this is a very open systems so molecular agent you want can have a very good access to the system and so the
they picture in terms of Jews and intelligent ,comma teaching assistant and so you can see that we a lot of fun with these strange things that matter do particularly with negative refraction and also the interest in these
systems that focus on these 7 wavelength
details have thrown at you to a 300 paradoxes and basis of these paradoxes has been there in the last analysis is this mysterious entities the field of wavelength pot with that it's actually created paradox remembered the glass the belt when no struck at last fall she still see no not here it was all explained in terms of a subway with phenomena that are left in the race picture In other words we going to go into new thinks we're going to have to find a replacement for the rape approximation to service so well over the centuries device the deciding lends itself systems that is what I want to talk about so that the fire so
that's actually the title like including my wife have surged what we want to do is defined as a way of designing systems that um goes beyond the rate approximations but the whole Powerade approximation Reznik captures people's imagination physically you had very very physically these lines going through space that all the rage and what what induced abandoned changes like you would think of it in the brain American Kuwait and I want to go put the picture replaced picture with another equally appealing Wong don't many years ago and that I realized something which people we realize that must have ourselves with other people realize all that if you write Maxwell's equations in any school system then it is still the climax of equations and all you have to do this change values of excellent In those equations and analysts said that I have a simple formula that the value of assets new intensity that resurrected the call system Gold the reason we did that having anything to do with the control of the wavelength light and it was only later that we realized that could influence the problem what we're trying to do written some computer code some counties in people and somebody came to us and said well if we wanted to calculate the optical fiber an article by recent Square is cylindrical and observe you get a ball a lot of things very stupidly wrong if you try to cut capital I was in custody court probably write code to be very lazy several other what book creatures looked like to violence and all this it that we didn't have to that tall cinderblock almost exactly the same as politician coordinated with different values of the new within the historical due out by the late summer later we realize that an something very interesting was happening when you make this corner translations service it the Maginot have red light all of any conserved quantity actually goes this works the level of Maxwell's equations not credit reports so this might be the real-life finger-pointing that for example or it might be another feels like or maybe the land ports poland's of what and then you called consternation leader Massoud distorted the coolant and then axles and equations change the whole and so you also questioned How does this feel lines Israel might have you hundreds of people in advance for banks and answer is that it behaves as now do you have a very visible way all rearranging fields it you I think in terms of conservation so laid down in the and instead of actually pulling all the lines themselves move them about you might think you call this rubber sheet in which there and at the store she still system and install the way the race realized who the exact same way except that this is an exact it applies level all matters relationship which terribly classic description of electromagnetic fields so wait fault or how we grew really should people and say have we win that's something we felt really really surprising really useful and we will fulfill a surprising thing to do that and I'll talk about that tomorrow but I will just mention it on this occasion and and that is you can actually something so behind something the biggest problem you have is to get rid of shot and given the shadow you never allowed to raise I strongly object allowed to freely float around the object like roster and they cannot get a side and so what you have to do take all the whole system make a hole in the middle of the year and then reversed space and compress the cortisone shot all opponents and scientists here leaving him in a region and if you really believe that all rays of light all the lights are taken that distort the new categories with they will be installed along here was small if you don't still call system you don't with life so you have missiles poems here that the trajectories that companies raised latter exactly I same ,comma for wants more not only have you decide Assistant can hide things from the blood "quotation mark created very simply tracking system recalls this and operates all concerned people to now electric and magnetic fields here so is in the area you just don't mind working in races is 1 charge for example you have made that you will be doing sites and John in this was my 1st goal post 1 and I that really created quite a buzz but I don't want to talk about that they plan to open tomorrow he said I'm going to tell you about some assets of wavelength problems that I think will the priorities of the interesting application so 1 of the problem of people like Solzhenitsyn sections the molecule example last wants major applications has is this plan by medical sensing so have settled I shot my new residents catches on fire and it produces a very strong last morning at Hartsfield units of a molecule which is bound to the silver will experience a very strong feeling you much from stating that if that happened this is the many variants on this side the enhancement of the spectroscopy by using plans sponsors is an important applications some would say it is perhaps the only really serious make about application last month the
world and but there are problems the enhancement numerical systems is relatively modest so you might get in recent years ago here by that the use of course but it's known that systems which theoretically you control over on yet but more than that yeah this advantage or I'm not disadvantages that this facility where you have a discrete set of residences only 1 of died collected and so you essentially you have a single frequency we should be detectable to see if you want to detect another frequency you you have to have a different shades of pop so what it will be nice to do is find some systematic way of designing something which will which captured light on which concentrated at that point what transformation optics does it enable you to take a systematic approach to this by bringing the problem and to step so for example we might inside of a civil war that has plasmids interact so it possible Zadran crosses the user's life and his rise to a pool and of I reconsiders his way back help with the plane Is extends right down on the surface of right reduces that's about all get an interview whose title of the year and say you have to use resting and it would news services as to catch character of the video was brought back but it's not very helpful instead of constantly relied on Captain should go back to the source of the problem so let's think of the transformation turns vases inside out so I wanted translation that takes the quantity brings went and going to and from school the and if we want to capture light we don't want a souls like this here the oratory 1 of Seoul's alliance unity through all this inside our hearts and there is 1 and two-dimensional systems the new your familiar with fear ,comma sometimes I guess that's my rights and sex sidelined by making transfer all the new "quotation mark the prize which is functioning so I it might think this very simple conversion here which is z crimes 1 said then the very large balances said wasn't infinity they come close the the origins in space during the season promises a lot but still was for best but if you then apply that to some simple systems some interesting things France wives over example it might take a slice of silver which is in I and II I it turns out that the plane's fanciful cylinder and once the video origin and points which flows to the orally by the popularity of the UCI's said the spectrum arrested that is mathematically that's exactly the same as expected blast this at least in the field so you know what I was speculative said the same as last year this is life 2 mountain into 1 system is still not back so we that us and old saw 1 more thing tell what happens this time of year said here on boats designed to about stopping articles and furiously lawyer who would violence as reading services it if I In version of sentiment something interesting happens here as well because think the dipole to very large charges very close together 10 all of that I will be fine but about center that I will I get to very large charges against changes to the another very far apart so In this transforms this might have to China's very far apart and there was created review it is another great you have to charge very apart off you would have an incident late late in book that have accepted saying that so we now this which is the center of the region by where and that's exactly the same disease dipole exciting Apache still so you you say however this idea of introducing a transformation contained a canonical system which you understand very well that might be last service or the cheated so solemnly to a promise it can created enormous richness but geometries and regain its functions of structure so we starting is that which we understand very well which is very useful under transforms geometry into something which might be useful so the next step is to make people so instead of Bloomberg nationalists and implements like I do it on minor side which is known to have rolled out spectrum this crescent-shaped here and so was having this is this is typo creating last month it's Carol Burnett said here the I have fallen is that like by using normally revealed that creates excitation this happens in the present here which instead property to the ability of disease out all the origin of these waves go the here just as they have to get ready they had to get his point here because they go along you go slower and slower and slower and you can actually see the whaling getting short on office space to draw is that recalls the same the energy blows constantly made this a of energy and so there's a huge increase in the density of all energy here .period also show that moment and I just want to show another structure here in you tell that from the inside out I have to say that she saw a silver let's say that I couldn't believe that was so it's like this but again exactly the same mathematics which could solve analytically if you use of music still solution can build it you can see there is a field go around their energy concentration increases and will
recommend that it be workable also suggested that is what hear from case and the judge in the case yeah perhaps or instructed this Nunavut this plot all the elections the this is an "quotation mark here you have a very small feels this here and you come round manual so wanted ratings the disease vary greatly enhanced the height of the piece is proportional we think that what actually compressing the energy into a much smaller and of course the waves going slower and slower and if the system were without loss this would the provisions this unity whilst also doing well because the energies from slower and slower becomes more susceptible to loss and so losses in the silver was eventually be this concentration of prayer and the collapse of the hold that nevertheless electric field density can become more of a thousand times stronger the idea I'm John McCain and this this is real so with some losses yesterday showed the loss year don't the which is especially vital and see you you can call it will involve stated that and the collapse comes so this is a thousand times it feels strange hasn't really been times in energy as long as you do single single cylinder sphere of city show then they won't no what else can you do that yeah so I the exact analytic solutions to get people cylinders 1st bolstered as shown on any of that but it turns out that if you were major your observations and recognized all the activity takes place in this kissing here where it's great because then you can in fact do calculation here which is which is found and you get an even stronger effect in the case of cities not to mention the continuity and maybe as early as this this is because will always on at the same hospital said by myself I have seen limit but we have posted results students were not well so here's what happened to Tuesday you can this kissing .period here as measured by Grant it was great said you analyze the Holliston you get really rather will rise and again there very positive why should status 12 I think if you think of cylinders intensity of light things just squashing 1 dimension the cylinders as fears cut in 2 directions to use actually squashing the life into direction the 2nd time he escorted to appoint Roland to align and so singularity is even stronger so where government announced cases the cylinders nearly as you and at the compression of the neck you to these units intended for it goes almost 2 lieutenants and attended by congressional 100 times greater than in the case of kissing spheres now there are some experiments but the experiment so very very difficult and that's the reason all I the practical devices have been stuck with these rather low and cost it's very difficult to get reduce the Joffrey is exactly we demand this that people good beginning To do that conditions Miss universities this collaborative summoned by colleagues and what you have to do is control is distance here if you just let grows 0 associated touching metal service it would instantly well together this is a problem in space physics that you have to touch the metal components in space you eventually scrapie oxide layer off I went metal Texas special it's like 2 moments they just fused together so the ideal geometry you have to produce that involved and what they do here is that some molecules energy ITC you know that while acting as you will find it in the small used all along of the uncertainties and make all Arabs to model is not what we have so you have go straight out of service you in the long into the autonomous us and there were also facing a bad girl sphere is and then you get the enhancement of fluorescent signals from the molecules embedded in that bill some of the is actually signaling that is said to have problems factory and as they go down once the disgraced facing the loss of a number of letters to together various land Huntsman into getting down I for 1 am images 2 9 meters said last month that the announcement which is Of course 10 holes which is the incident and this is all quite similar to the 1 which account holders Hesse's novel my policies and I came across in 2007 what he did advisers registered where he got the kicked this is something that colonized it in future the nor await guided has a cut off frequency so frequency but higher than that travels through the wave guide anything lower than that and it will take wavelengths to beat this cross-section Wade got such reflective and if you take away that take over and you send in a given frequency eventually will come to I way that this too too small for it to go into not that point will be reflected but we know that the enhancement of the field said that the bill will be minimal .period worked reflect but what also in devices the way where we the couple with it it had a very strange singular point in that instead of being reflected the wages went slower and slower slower and slower until eventually stalled and of course if that happens you have to be pumping energy the sources of all time and so the energy situation but long and is a bit of absorption the system it will give rise to precisely scuttled back but I mentioned
here so Wallstreet season and that's what really inspired us to do this mathematical question where guide to To this concentration why "quotation mark transformation now some of the other things we've done with the system show this is to show that the effects that so you have to do that he said and yeah you look at this point here you can see the enhancement on electric field extends right wrongs the much-needed possible grievances about the right down will still sit there in and something else you can investigate it however there is a range so it is not surprising touching students as well as same side maximum effect and some very interesting effects would be present as well singularities and also solitude fortunately there and so I hear my enthusing about these things
so often that it is difficult reach find out ways of making you have a friend this week you will hear about it summarizes will reduce systems are you imagine the is that which enhances role and you have sending 7 like the 1 we would see the excited molecules and then the arrest was made think remiss if that's OK for passing the ball and 1 reason is that so I think detect wide-ranging molecules most spectral analysis of molecules and for example if you ask that will signal you could use use ,comma so that this will be very useful in any systems wherever want to to applications so that there's all the songs in favor of assistance that and what was lost well this marks new field observation that the systems to date b of all these very intense states there excitable actually read that cannot we lost the system instead of accumulating residence system will lose energy to radiation so colonies an ascending all knowledge which you may have heard of which you don't bump into that any direct assistance unless they really small and had to do with fact that it if you assume that the dielectric constant is just a function position then when you a dielectric and surface and you put electric field on AP service then there's some charges accumulates that's it and why most of those issues where we do about calculation that chimes and in but let me think she and that's what I call the local approximation that you have absolute 1 absent here another acts that shot discontinuity where all the charge accumulates in the back ,comma had cost the you ,comma president electrons into various things that the best you can do is compressed them into a since the Venezuelan OK that's very small incidents over its few there is a substantial amount you begin to see is that as your amendment so consider the charge being very strong concentrated at the .period or service is actually smeared out back electron as finite waiver so for example if you encounter lady the latest electrostatics that have a point to the electric field that points that we listen the strong OK you don't calculations but it is because whilst also being the strongest charge doesn't accumulate in evidence the against .period is anxious to get out into the little black as the the radius something like that register the Molokai that of course demanding these extreme properties of services which comes very close to 1 another we don't know exactly and at the moment the chief problem is scaled manager at manufacturing Kingston management decisions the Of course we can that others scaled cm we can make very perfect spheres song you all heard of this silicon sphere which is being made to finding of a gathering number various will have experiment forget it when it comes to making nanoparticles that nanoparticles standard along the bluntly rather they look like Christmas pudding when you look at the electron microscope and if you want to do the 6 burnt you go about things that you really smooth and with think you raised proud that have the experiment that you may be bring black services making very smooth a metal spheres is another issue so that gear decision these were going need to do a lot better so full of exciting theoretical ideas be challenges for experimentally but still so some way to go before we can realize everything mention him and going look at the curious thing is greater losses and it turns out to be a practically if steers the touching Morrison is touching her diamond lesson about 292 then and the the reason that small enough of this theory of what recently well and I'll show you some calculations of that so the euro is black here then and that's the can Jaffe theories this fall the section this is freezing actually normalize sections the square actions the area current saying that skills this is where system but to losses then were diverted funds managers theories vary very well and is beginning to come out of 100 managers at 298 is this is the last skill the way really was really killing residents here this enhanced costs here and so story for the kids said at present users but some theories scale the square this year really both situations where heading into the calculation that the computer calculations well just a few more things to I'm aiming finish about old it's Janet you have some questions now's the time to come up with them groceries in ability but that just throw a few more ideas that you the number transformation to remain now that much of the the nite
I have a faced Chinese students New York and he's looking at it is new words that having just 1 side so when you have a whole array and then he hears transformation in which he calls this final radio and then you go around an angle so this was a lie dialect we all Astle's Elizalde as those citizens who have to carry and use here must battle that and it is further concentration which is virtually universal on this line you alliances since I have some insight balanced line and other lines go goes to circles decisions in life so all these releases them here we are excessive this angular system with wages in is about In our party and solid all have exactly the same as they were robbed Institute calculates promises wants system and another version of that you creating where which cause it's just a case where you have silver and a new version of the truth .period and I'm pleased to present the evidence at all that is to present the facts touches like that still has a shot .period but and need and so you can fool around with the geometry and this way show that shows you this 1 series of examples of transformation optics enabling you to this system which is very very much the way thank you couldn't possibly think the systems and the rare approximations and yet this is a very physical way of thinking about rearranging fields actually seeing before you're done the calculations could be much was quite obvious looked like and so guiding Europe inspiring you to maybe you structures are just throw to 1 or 2 more and interesting notion this is the way the transformation of these things all a lot of land use like bullets factories for sorrow if you think of the life will playing like this then can tighten found to have lived through a transformation in which 2 successive scoff middle region of this place and then the dielectric constant over the proprietary indexes will be at the crease very much because the last half 2nd phase changes across suspected the region is the crossing along the bit and then you get very uneasy alliances the thing becomes available retracting with total of 2 and then into the fold space out just as this paper's collapsed into itself so now and where we're actually actually see at this point he had racked 3 layers of space OK so I have created finally the which the line traverses earlier in sequence so if you have an object here and I have get his past ones while the times by the lights that a different perspective but it's not like doing things is alive and actually see things 3 times the cost if you go along with trajectory actually see something 3 times you that life and the response White is the fight was cited the slightest traffic 9 I just remind you of something we right across the the binding mind last room to do transformation this is going to to come from transformation of we have and we to stay between said year and the outer space that and then we will do this impression job OK so now where we take this out of the area from King began this means you remember that problem we do that the goal is still on the village hall on the way we do that is by proteins in their space so passing out do you think you do this in a restaurant decide was news that so there is some devices such as and when we were at the ready approximations and recording Q results always take mayors of right-hander was the race riots 1 and the other and send it back along the same direction that is something that only works approximate if you make those murders really tiny this started Frank line they don't send it back where you think you might go according to raise the simplest example the shadow if you take out a point source of life and this all direct material which is but the way when you get a very shocked shot if you make that is really small of the older wavelength you don't shop chatter because the line if fracture and the age and begins to fill in the shattered by fractions so problems if you're out on a sunny day parasol everything's much bigger the wavelength of light but if if you I'm talking about wait a much larger wavelength or talking about really tiny objects in what makes shadow there is a problem so what do well you make and really
really tiny parasols and you would be here and then the the lands they want to hear really really bad care so this may impose such analysis of whaling this promises arranged correctly you make the pressure exactly pressure something that he really they have assumed for which we who has done this kind all other outside of the so obvious that taken and they interacting cylindrical lends a pudding decided something black as you can see how the wavelet is it's the overstating between innings there's here that this is only way and yet it's creating a shadow which is being the object itself the lands G-string exercise which really small grade really b the check and will last courtesy of translation politics this is according which is it's much smaller wavelength I'm glad about this is you and what it's doing is reducing I promise that we object of being which is refracted almost entirely in the background so was this is right here in the course using back almost exactly where they came from so I could go on but they Knight is not young and um but I think it's funny ,comma that I think all this said enough to cope with provincial
conservation officer where novel technique which is is taking beyond the approximation and is true choice where you get some British Optics if you have any questions I been judgments of otherwise and Hymie south of Boston .period but it can only be held in love morning the Fernandez on you so you start the introduction the majority of the Bible was this series the animals lands or form of losers moreover the user In the witnesses language yet the only instrument was 1 of the world's only either of the 1st half of the things that I do utilizing the call and so I started them on the use of England In the light of transformation the next year you see something you have to lose Luis Fernando all that that was the only thing you go well it depends on what they had the idea of your experiment is a lot of experiments have to prove the theory and then manufactured both gay and check on the another in it more engineering approach is the design of in series he uses of logical step so in the case of harvesting device what I want to do is to create something was called I'm OK I did that which was staged Lairdsville so that it doesn't do job on policies broadband OK with Sullivan said you you then say well what what I and do to make this well band system which which will change its program prompted the Gospic crossed the let's now make its geometry into something which is will do the job and the job we want to do His of broadband policy so that user transformation to bring things from a lot closer another example I care this 2 take the family of devices which were periodic systems and then transformed the systems which which had rotational structure rather than periodic structure and those are just 2 examples so what I would recommend is if it you already have made a very small fights and it has a certain shape and so on it does something really they should ask all I made a difference could be even more useful and you don't you don't have to think like you just making this bit here making it as cheat it is true touching cylinders are really really radical transformation but it doesn't have the spectrum so I think in terms of families of devices geometric families don't just make 1 device that it's somebody's going to ask the question about permitted doctors was listening time (left parenthesis development the In the end of this problem and that's the end of this year is the people of all of the city's yesterday that this has been there was only 1 some of the incidents in which articles about is OK well the religious questions that have become broadband someone has that in turn blackboards ,comma conceded that the airline had to be in basis and we could have so and so "quotation mark and the services had the support of last month and it still is very they were these charge densities of plasmas of services inventor but it is there is not these electric bills for 1 another and the show the way wavelength remember will last long if you have very show wavelength along here too in this direction and the express that is the case it is a scenery strongly show me there is a long way that bonds sold 1 of which strongly short wavelength pastimes hardly at all so the interaction between the depends very strongly and weighing less so you just have a single service the residents will all have the same reasons but when of this country again splitting increases enormously there a way that gets long that's where all the character comes off eventually these are not always the frequency all the oscillation forces 0 successive and programs that can be so that's where the world Council opposing this is where now the waves propagate To this day and you have some people who responded to here there is no enhancement the natural enhancement just getting close to the sun the point by the damaging isolation is here you have a constant energy the flow of that and you know you're going to hospitals in which good and it so the energy density of his way goes on doesn't increase it just stays the same level but now the change John so the example amazingly Krantz the energy flow is getting slower and slower but it's still constant the great-grandson of taxes that have been density so is life she's so it's like a procession of calls on motorways if it is if the cost of slow because the density of calls goes of course eventually crashed at which is of the Times executives say it is wasting includes again maintenance the South and hence in the enhancement the beer is exactly what awful the compression of the way that you get problems consternation here solicitude vectors of rollout effect which is something this system and the compression effect which features the it's clear that President the government the if if you if you have once they have then there is it once and then Pasadena has long dipole residents and that's it but bring to strangers together and that the dike along the since the couples to multiple on the next cylinder and so on so also every moment when 2 to stand close together every mode has a little bit of dipole activity it's an environment on this when they touch the hybridization is so strong that right way thinking it is not in terms of individual residences anymore but but in terms of these these waves playing around in this show In fact in what work hadn't had time to show you can actually show that the the and hour approaches bring to seduce together sizzle most together but the old couple being the Harold roads once together because of this talk hybrids to the I would have wished but actually at the time yeah the agency yesterday on the whole well OK this is the problem with that .period generally offer transnational the result is that there for example 1 problem which people trying to it's always is how to make a wave guide is really really small and contained Our light across service instead of coming the doctor if you have 100 managers may be a few tens of meters and you can do this with last export problem is the resistance and so are lot you know the best do it's very difficult to go long wavelength across the surface the very highly .period last month and is lost so people are looking to put gained system there are many ways to do this ,comma diabolical that I molecule use of its last fall and now at that time that's been it's firm which is being done in Berkeley Cares successfully but this is another way that is too the pontiff systems commented the development of paramedic from firing that if I take pendulums and it's swinging at an average of softening I and II look at the was on supporters of attended OK and then the best pendulum swings that forced downwards on the support is increases its wings quickly because the center will also you have rarity plus the centrifugal force and the centrifugal force doesn't care whether wings this way or that way for the proportion of those square of the loss the social costs on the support is at twice frequency all of swing swing of Omega Force goes out to him again so if you're able to move that support against boss in some mysterious way be doing work on the pendulum so when it was swing and possibly lifted up and when it was is at this point you push down I do it a lovely example of that in northern Spain with the killings that sent the original Compostela and the Middle Ages pilgrims went to church from all over Spain from about trafficking in well and at the end of their journeys not change their clothes were much along the way they they and the movement so there will be a good idea to have some incentives to overcome this smell so that made it a huge uh insistence but it really is serious 1st of outside park and this swing this thing across the whole of with the name and the way they do business the better suspended across poorly when the row that 6 months put this twice Omega missed Rover this tremendous something to skills of the candidates promised to come back now to translate that into terms all the Baltics did it you if you have a way of moving through a dielectric and it is vital that the long list of things to close scrutiny the this is the way it have right of this of course is it is you call me months Robert wrong place that you actually kill oscillations of very basic much and then into the that every month the region the energy against depends on and service like the "quotation mark and you can actually energy will wear passing through the government is is twice as big as the last 1 was out line here like ghosts uses but to do this you need be here which originated in you tune all nonlinear so if you have a certain way at 2 of which would go with I and you In this way and that's the a new direction metamaterials non-linear media materials in which reduces promontory trigonometry as well and what materials have come to view is that this is actually this past 1 exists that they're able to concentrate energy is some part of cycle in 1 small part of the system when the highly the energy density the more chance you have of getting used to be very weak on the effects of 2 to 2 houses factories Hong Kong you can only do that by announcing plans that have been the like bloodshed leaving the band had been very much for him in the 6 firms family it's a catalog but let me just say no to very briefly about wanting area I'm excited about what I have managed to excite experimented with making the rest of the world he if 5th falls I'm in designs and all material has versions the realization that wave that which has a positive way vector positives led the group very small on and then the media would have also like that which is always the sign of waning so that we prior the but by Jose is 1 of only a positive reviews solutions to these equations but there are also many things in his institution might which all but you immediately think there if you choose to possibly through the use of possible by state and if you choose a name recent you have this stage but slow where hell that the site and was for 3rd lossless because this a solution that's all a lot of value it said that the the exploit and but understandable way recalls Kennedy is not all the absolute size of recommendation to get any refraction material costs that have possibly wrecked buildings and the other native will have a negative impact next and Snow's volume of Postbank was the racial preferences in attendance that the back so that was named Britain's I think he's concerned in the year great loss universities the right but if you have a certain where he made transition from also in name of the there are several things L what is it you know a mail bomb materials dating back to the origins and you get controversy so this transition of 2 Omega watches apparently actually creates a time wrestle it also creates a name but when it is very difficult to adopt because these people are just beginning to do it with that radio waves but I think that's quite promising way forward or making a fraction of the dozens all nonlinear systems I think in that role probably pretty tired the drink I thank you very much for being here there was warns them without