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An Introduction to Superconductivity

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An Introduction to Superconductivity
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Einführung in die Supraleitung
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G. William Hughes

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Film, 16 mm, LT, 528 m ; SW, 48 1/2 min

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Demonstration und Erläuterung zur Supraleitung Typ I.: spontanes Absinken des elektrischen Widerstandes eines Zinndrahtes beim Abkühlen (Unterschreiten der Übergangstemperatur); persistierender Strom in einem Zinnring. Magnetische Effekte, erniedrigte Übergangstemperatur durch starkes Magnetfeld, Meißner-Ochsenfeld-Effekt. Quantenmechanische Effekte (Energie-Defekt).
Looks at measurements indicating the disappearance of electrical resistance in the transition to the superconducting state. Considers the temperature of transition, the exclusion of magnetic flux (Meissner effect), shielding currents, the "floating magnet," and persistent currents. Includes a discussion of the tunnel effect in connection with experiments involving an electron tunneling junction.
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therefore conductivity Perry in a large number of metal alloys and comply there seems to be no simple definition "quotation mark conduct it rather we feel here with the complex world of phenomena the superconducting state doesn't even seem to be the same in all the material in which it has been filed with that
that's the other so-called Type 1 and tied to superconductors not be possible that touch in this film on all matters of interest In our experiments we will be using superconductors but I 1
these are easier to describe and more completely understood at the present time then the other
however it to properties are common to all types of
superconductors 1 is that the temperature the involved are low the transition temperatures between the normally conducting and the superconducting phases like
close to the absolute Of course the transition temperatures
vary from 1 material to the other yet in most cases linked with union is required
as a call back to produce superconductivity the 2nd property shared by all superconductors is perhaps
the most striking their electrical resistance suddenly dropped in value
at the transition temperature not only does the resistance dropped in value we have every reason to believe that it go to exactly 0 we can now make a perfectly conducting searches
asserted in which parents precedence over great length of time without measurable and
requiring no external elect promoted for to maintain them now the perfect conductivity is only 1 aspect of superconductivity superconductors exhibit striking magnetic properties as well 1 of the most significant of these the so-called my well studied in some detail later but to begin with Will major resistance in a piece of wire at very low temperatures I had here a length of chain wire while over a plastic cylinder the 2 companies have been invited to each and ride upward through here we will use this wire in brings series of experiments of increasing precision to show you that the resistance of Kenyans immeasurably small below a certain temperature the fire has been put into the inevitable of double vacuum bottles or doubled over the other around you 1 and is filled with liquid nitrogen Thursday contained in the that American jackets together with a layer of liquid nitrogen between them provide thermal insulation for for the liquid helium the normal boiling temperature of liquid helium is about 4 . 2 degrees Kelvin that erupted 206 93 field centigrade cover over the inaccurate it credible and
threw their support the pressure and there is an atmosphere of the temperature of liquid and therefore the wired tool is 4
. 2 degrees Kelvin the
lead from the 10 wire right out of the were resembles sealed learning from each vendor is connected to a battery in series with which I really bad and an and the other pair rolled to a the parent of 1 and creates a potential problem of about 25 million people across the meanwhile it's resistance is about 25 million or so sold at 4 . 2 degrees Kelvin Chan is a normal conductor 1st we want to call application wire this window magic of over there it connects through valves called at present for the interviewers which will be vacuum tight as soon as I couldn't support the rubber stuff the can't carries up Union vapor the evaporation of local adequate remaining behind and therefore the wire to 2nd we want to keep a record of the potential drop across the chin wire as the cooling proceed to get such a record we remove them illegal and we will face it with this recording the cities so-called X Y recorded by horizontal or x motion will be so you would have to indicate the lot of time and cooling
precede the vertical or wide motion is connected to the voltage you from the June what it is calibrated in many we again that the current