2/4 Mathematical Structures arising from Genetics and Molecular Biology

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2/4 Mathematical Structures arising from Genetics and Molecular Biology
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and and in the end of the world the idea of the the and if we this is going to be you In I guess no adjustment may remind you of where there was describing a new informally less than an hour I resent president presented algebra behind which was essentially due to mental cell as the Lakey observations will weigh Stasi can win but Biologicals go quiet quite simple but on could see that was only the that remark will be it and that was that when you less certain attacked striking features which are always at P annuity shopping discrete for what is up to you we have 2 kinds of flowers and is flowers in come to different you've been announcing a red and white and it's never existed these mixture decided a red away and there are the features that in this it was in sharp contradiction result mentality of battle newspaper of medals and think that about 6 years after their diamonds 40 years speeches and and that was extremely influential in the major put my main point made by Diamond was all changes campus continues and that's exactly reaches federal gladiator landed in this example the creation of a shop in these the in between right and another example he should consider considered 100 years prior to that it flew more than those in India by the party it was a reluctant to red because it is you who you know from with Michael physics and he was there observing how was distribution of people who 6 fingers on it and that their families from their 6 fingers some have 5 cents 6 6 in there that would have 5 and a half of which is not is willing to speak in the outlook during statistics on that and it was above the bottom end Cambridge European military much impressed by another fact 1st discreet and secondly statistics of the issue he he uses this as a critical Beckett of looting in different phenotypes proportions are directly into integers that the small integer numbers like this talk of an attachment Syria that 1 to 3 In this together it's never of course trapped at the site if it will be 1 . 3 2 at a session of To avoid so we better grow by about 2 . 2 fewer saves 1 . 3 and she was incredible that he was small deviation comparability of being granted the major 0 no matter how small it added because immediately happiest that no matter how unlikely it is that hampering them the heavens systematic it is impossible and this was the allies by bus my procedures but from the shore up quite a bit of a man with that of could make as you know that you the 1st act in the best publication and vapor this section was quite possible I'm using mainly Specter in this event and his fellow soldiers speeches appeared as the major premises book there was completely false and it was pointed out to him that he's more repeated it would never give them several phenomena executives continuation our relationship advice is pretty radiation there would be no surprise and that's and and then diving computers could serve to keep you he said but then said he was his ingested with that of what is now called adjoining kilometers from the Pollock was suggested that encases the big new features quite unique life may be headed with this no calamities when corrected indictment accepted the Vatican's his couldn't couldn't you can figure out what to do and ending on the other hand in the same first-edition hear him In the United have not had feeling that has so inexplicable .period he and of how things fit could fellow conceptual nature selection because use example he brought in in Boston complete again you're ready to hear the completely wrong when they don't show anything like going long Nepal's giraffe whatever their use can be explained to me already intrepid billions away but would diamonds that we observed that there is 1 particular phenomenon which is not so obvious encounter paradoxical and the CIA's preservationists ratio the duo's already many speeches during come bye mating habits cited lack of wit particularly for this added funds when usually for 1 Bleyl that I about 10 female the question is why you still have the same for the kind of look shut because most of the men the functional white dead and blasted their symbols and that it gave the explanation quite isn't and then in the fall in the education however this explanation disappeared but this was a mystery out and then about 70 years later still remains invented Fischer portal grave situation with a microbiologist suggests installation indeed if you look for .period you of your rights to Istanbul the guy in the simple logic kind of saying that the money sold because if someone should be held you need fuel mail but each may would have more descendants then 10 times more than the men political commemorate and want 1 up with however if you think about establishing a member last spoke collided with a bit of that if you need from the floor in the Senate where it is to revision arriving at Fisher mineral is
used the referred to an it's not totally clear and hot and arid apparently delighted that and then we you would disappear from his lady decisions because usually people who said as if were cost you about anything himself there was a mistake but I don't think so because some interesting case logical but to use logical .period and how hard it would be what sustains the station and me being Caribbean coast so there was no newspaper by paper but buy buy buy Mendel and the .period boys and this elucidating super allows .period that that phenomena the phenomenology is not that of being competitive and this and that was a major misconception of of people before our mental and this always that illusion 311 cytokine before he when being indicated to some features namely you know it's just really called gene .period years later they you have a stability and fella so the chief Jane West composition in the the with off the 1 of 2 Opel of tle LLC and these should be indicated this week that capabilities in what have just so the 2 available the aim being to from functional Woodward was headed ADB with and this standard in the way of Hercules Inc the results it would have been an obvious for example in the weeks to flowers although sits in red flowers would have wide descendants right have the balance was been corrected and that children may be white and the that the function if you have here a red-and-white plainly and Carla would be the function and there that typical typical function here would be that this assumed all this red unless the stars out of 4 combination Monday when the White when we went well itself we have found some red white and red light and their descendants with pure white white so reusable phenomenology is not inherited in a simple way and this is a the lady at the beginning of the season that commitment Incredible India and should profound and fajitas and was accepted for 30 years executive was well beyond the level of intelligence of about that and then go that hand it will be the outcome of this late at the organizational development in physical physical this you is now hello this so this a of the simple preliminary of ovulation is that will make the same year that the employers in each 5th appeal and teach pure affinity between ship :colon Beijing is composed of 2 units may more when you have deployed along the industry to block from from when you then on and from there to give but I don't believe we have your white parents they all descendants of the like you they have uh red-and-white who make him everything but you have should have long enough for particularly become all at Edelweiss was you get it and that would be exempt then that proportion of how they be for example you hear what I had in the red and white wine that so purely needing to breed them then you may care for combination late but but but but but this will have to do with the times Of course he that if the kid is what's wanted the proportion and that's was listening to him in the head of mental and that this was a matter and again this year was saying this kind but paradoxical thing is that they made at that time we would make it would Mendel was done with the human mathematics and I hand nature selections she is biological phenomena but it's completely opposite principle necessitates another rebound just got off but if the funds that should repudiate your mathematics because so Otavio Jackson and he is even penal biological Finland we after the money and all that was good and I will die as a man who is this biologist another the sentiment of the Laiwu laughter than that remains aerialists and understand well that was a great philosopher but not a scientist and and demand on the quality we don't know what mental thought because of what it all his documents after cadets the assemblies when he was an avid somewhere will you have can convert all his government for some devotees so so I put him the mental thought with you he was recognize subject but you don't know what he was doing because of this and then but the point is that kind of soul fire when ready ready if you just say possibilities is ready 181 . 2 days if you say everything happened as random as consumer recon itself and their conclusions from that which was made made by Manville This is how do I know he described Hayden's 2nd ,comma but it would be my meeting with them with withheld In biological accounts looks completely can begin thinking it unfeasible and again in the health field already flowers in another white flowers in this separated from my mountain and then you in the 1st generation proportional wouldn't want to do differently we have moron and less like that but I felt that police but after the 2nd generation would have the same proportion the stabilization and the 1st and ready much against intuition people given selection figures state shifted toward radical Red advantages and then it might be the more you that if you look at the cheese and then begin William Burroughs who arguing about that and understand that was happening and then In the 2nd 2nd yet so that
isn't in the formula and and executives disposal certain school symmetrical 272 in importance and that elections from and the source incomprehensible if you speak to Cadogan Belgica tells injustice if an what he says yes understanding and then the point Of course he was not going to that formula but he allies that the disease biological can of discussion concerning with simple and the but that is the next level if they think and feel cheated and overlooked in this region Maryland this spring and this contributing engage in any way it's extremely 60 would have been saddened to think in this kind
of kind about bonus suggests would happen and just generated a medical objects quite simple but you are not quite and then I mean I remind you show it is serious basis the distribution and heavens have function which response since this adjustment dealing in foreign function when the exact distribution of some entities dissemination of them behind you can normalize 1 they're poised to hear you premiered institution so all you have to allow this suggests the selectors space so we'll send this year of so what is this going to abstract here new this around the major at Sunderland a general when you have this deployed taste you're not going to happen a and B 2 spaces with this kind of function think that there's a problem and this stands abroad and leave the self-selecting right so I have mixture Our heart so that the point of mandolin have any 11 derided in this form the Kaohsiung aggressive the use of sex symbols which way we're seeing them as independent variables can you're riding together and become aware that the predominance in the Bahá'í liquidate prolonging if he interpreted this number that privilege and going to present that remarkable that the formal manipulation but many have been doing to have also statistical meaning and you can't get children about baby experiments district and that it had a little problem with and assault so what will be what will be the focus of my pink so in in in in the future loans which I find quite fast however thing with right again and suitable if you think about the status of product sprays of medicine which as a product of call Merrill's silicates and ended it they call and role assimilate eliminating the column assimilate and they're all in and multiply the so they call Mark kind from some entries the IG then take a role cotton-growing I just came from life and multiple takes summation Of all over this column summation the film marketplace deaths sound found multiple at very high was space in a metal makers of the Clinton himself and the point is this map screw everything will the Internet duration map square when the season was having that another point that the moment he'll make a distinction without beehive symmetry the picture which was not before and that most had seen publication of a few features suggests that you forward deployed lotteries will get the mutation of 2 elements but immediately would end this year even if it's in the new group majoring this context but in fact in in the 2nd half of the attributed the 14 year renewable ability of the EU's highest median administrative experience the center of the sort of things so what comes next and this is the formula in pronounced in again the same described than that Bulger breakout is extremely get a region of 50 but if you come back to this distribution picture haven't distribution of James Watkins .period distribution Of this Al-Azhar behave Lisby inserts can be examined from Britain on the point of view prolonging the PAC each brother each broader plays by and then you screw In Japan appears to have become important in the good except that it was all but the if you knew I was constant
becomes school and typically expect the goodies normal girl when you compose them and that happened here and there if you look if you next now we should see that is exactly the same phenomenon the shield bringing skiing in the apartment to the public what is exactly the kind of group of the this exactly what he pointed out in his thing Coke London Sunday at all in this kind of men mental mental description of allergies again just the simple following with the cheese yeah how the this is being done that it is a moral little mostly as anything in Mendez paper of most of most of the patients and again but the use instead of from his located at that stage but now he joined back to this that then sought a broader picture if the extinguishing but because of you want to show so what is this matter in this church the cost when you have there's a protocol spaces is functional again but into their projections to a into the fellow the fundamental think about this a product you can look adjacent to the fact that in this together this is is would makes quantum mechanics kind of duty at least not India again popular system things that kind of thing tangled in the midst of the investment brokers and the next and then you can supported the temperature but however if you have this thing we can do it in January because footage Manorville the of world but a tragedy that Anderson conclude the way it gives you a billionaire projection I don't think right so if you have time to be with you whenever it was illegal access stature this bread functional guides filling in for inhibits critical bracketed between doing is that of Mordor operation that it can do it and then you can multiply that built and then we have a projection play a game elected to be can't take that again multiplied them back their comparable with that and the brothers and they say that all this is going to be was Kuwait Jassim multiplied by just multiply by these in the evenings normalizing ever being promoted brace of someone's so it becomes way become 1 of those speaks mission and that as having when the principal ingest it want it would make a different estimates of the company into so what does yesterday In the following if you did before him and there was doing that in the city show was not 1 but 1 with such and animal life is issued when I was writing this article 5 years ago and of course is Google does and you get a fair estimate so how do you know what this series and the suspect on top of a planned with much and this downloaders playing golf with his friend for a matter of seconds and this was the most significant contribution which says that it is the the size of a together migrated without exception is that of computation the is and it's a way it's not Maryland approved genetics would still give you go frame frame for for thinking as long as being in further because a brother probabilities that In but biological system leaders never happened that never bulimics his and amazing because the extra factors a that is there superposition of that their views in writing enlightened kill somebody and know that begins my more advanced less advantages some somebody being selected gestures have it's another course misconception of of conservative selected things are being connected to go there but it was just so happy and was example he advantages is of being being collected and that and then but still you and then for example if you have flowers of different kind prefer particular food flowers and all just choose she's a flower shouldn't come too soon however the Matvichuk everybody knew Mexico this match together In this places would be still .period erratic Sergio quadratic America on the on a product of simplicity and say have waited until can take it and I think the inevitable as it was the 1st step but they symbolize but they often conversion will likely be appointed and these include eBay usually right as it wasn't in the event of a significant mathematics and another factor of course he's dead despite his job at regional right because you believe making this not not that around them in the depends on it depends a lot on his view of highway you can make this analysis with the .period from you is misstated the fact that if you have supported cooperation and they can mix and year but the new however that is a biologist good honest man who this breakout of emphasis this is a letter to the concept of speeches in its again this awakened confusion "quotation mark 1st made the initial suspicions that independently the film it's not official but that is a phenomenon which was emphasized that befall and quite a while ago quest and the phenomenon is that you may have descendants of the kind of different speeches like like donkeys then the reaction to that type of any mule and but then it stops these guys and left for dead yet they have united in the nomination America like that it can be kind revival before and were delighted that and he is to suggested the seas would you ready different species and that it was being sold for quite a while and then came and Mason well but even all the differently in different kind of continents also became the caption so you have to correct deficiencies in the began with a friend assessment activities as stable Andersonville involves just loved recently noted in the water with the point that the conditions again phenomena agility and presented before this extremely nontrivial and it was understood only reserve unit white happened on the 2nd generation of the the so what's or special number 2 and number 2 is is is it doing DNA can stand said there will be deployed in the ceiling the store shows a molecular level fraction of found that when I was 11 not just be good different going to like it so this is it .period and so know what the now this again about these formulas which a relative wealth this locally
sold heavily deployed large the would became and just as you just needed and wanted to be less from but in the 2nd they cannot undertaking these formulas and better strategy geared heavily but in a 2nd stroke how we can see that in a very simple way along the lines indicated in which needs to glass of readiness in the name of the system this with what at this with those mentioning that Bloomberg yeah that's basement interfered in the deal .period unlike what media was saying was that babies collision with these people that together I differential equation can occur .period component making candles and was the hasn't even if acquitted incorporates place in wedding distinctive financial equation again within like these quite attractive but he has biological some leaders have to say there that makes Peterson who wouldn't know even highly developed in a kind of sophisticated mathematical means that continually in this very well as usually happens to be wrong 1 of the most systems testicle maybe get in providing the new knowledge about his you of the Michael and mathematical theory of free colleges the way hailed his duties of Nobel Prize was them then everything happened wrong when not the collective was all that all based on observation that all these equations in the music but and index you wouldn't bring along with you the legislative but the new geological Adib really have biological biological weight another point if you want to bring in however this is that Mandela long she to this law of mass action in Tennessee and this good again being with the Michael Welch usually unvisited by by mathematicians and they want to see a couple of words about the felony carry chemical reaction and that a sound dragons and this morning we must come together reliability of them coming together is broader all data is some ways of each them right here in the more than have to come together they're less likely to which means that you need to hear I put a classically normal equations the call you had the greatest number of collisions end however these equations in their way to look at them is absolutely not the relative additions speak about differences with so few as it should be noted that I think is correct somebody told me I had checked myself that seek to what not more for all articles on differential equations make any money matters they have a huge amount of equation they want and settling they philosophies he had nothing to do with classical nowadays the vitamins because 1 of the major points In the last day of has the probe and so while the phenomena so that said giving differential equation however if you look at it the Buddhist tenets to efficiently and lots and lots of interviews yet the equation because it is in the process became easy then and there that is found remarkable phenomena .period mathematical you have a process when there are lots and lots of ingredients but they somehow being carried in on it you have a shadow of the with this equation by the way was discovered by a good bit of IDD in another way if you years before Mendel but that paper was completely gutted and I went on like this and then was cavity about 15 years later backed by an assembly of about half and those kind of existing goes .period is a major equation of course intends to in biology just ideal ideal Paris Hilton became 6 but with the money could hasten that consequences and 2 points very different from what was envisioned to 1 soul it arsenic high-dimensional space but now makes a number it's hard to here itself structural object because there are this many different chemicals have different properties here believe import so you can use it is delighted understating combinatorics all of this set presented dimensions right so this what directly shaped from not known here in again it is that the ballot by applied the editions initially had I know 2 boys wetland with radiation but in fact 1 of them but the primary pertains to to to what is now called tropical jollity that's the effect of tropical limit of this equation because parameters sporadically over that of last like Duane so that is a unit of this domain of the season to visit places they become combinatorial and this case upon their wedding even is this has been done in model when the equation editing it into the Guinness going and using that you look at the equation Wisconsin proficient in reading you know everything about suggesting Algire however if you think about senior housing hamlets space medicines and what happens to this equation depends on how the majors generates its own independent certification by arrange for them it is unclear how you approach and this is entirely head of government Monterville phenomena 1 on the way out to happen and others decisions but for a player for yet stick equation to have not been there and in other instances that a lot of these kind of diffidence his appointee Bill Buckley maybe this lectures that dynamical systems which you make it's a bit biology Tennessee initiated reward from both government and where my mother over the last 40 feet and will do absolutely equations partly supported by physics but completely gone missing conveyor problems in by inconsistent Belgium is completely guy oriented different so while the point is the dimension of number you mentioned something where you understanding which is kind of an American changed its headquarters and somatic all give according to different weight given to and another point is that the people of this Hedegaard because kind of Clearwater equation therefore have awarded system etc. said that reduce however but executed now it happens developers the money yeah the cost on this
James letter said I think in this gaudy the whole point is amazing is that despite but the fact that I wanted some kind of typical this system chooses was vacated by chemistry and by Bulger opposite they usually tend to have simple could and then invisible either question under what conditions what of system would behave they would complicate the academy sources apart in 1 of the points all we had a mission right and then there is in in wide they became a status symbol and this extended again and the rest of year because but example the following .period is completely get not that circle say you feel the same set of negotiations over the function of the cell that will arrive here Wednesday and the point is is it essential that the desire have certain parameters very finely tuned although because so and and it's outpoint checkered perceptive stability at all would you believe that the examples doesn't pitch stability distributorship off of of that of the house in the standard 900 system in the classical makes 1 more than the numbers is that for example in his again if you think it meaning she will tell his obviously we are rather stable respect mania In the domestic and the 2 temperature can into areas can afford new function we have tended to Monaco was sent poisonous and you'd and I a stable and particularly those the stability it is very and specifies the music and that is not mathematics with it but again this is directions the quite nice so this said describing this would have told you why this Kuwaitis this important that this is we within the overall default isn't intends challenges this formulation default because of this this formula that is a generation of this dead or 2 before the formal kind was still yeah he is a formula which have you got essentially manages to say Well this is modification that table the man the thematic however is formally if you right properly is still it's what it before should yeah ability to work with people here 8 and legal issues and this and them to the law In addition this formula is treatable duplicative formula right anyway solidification available only multiplication and it's not about numbers were just such a fugitive brother in the and the interview voters and so what where why where have them because you don't have to write any formal petition that so computation factors yes control from the vicinity of the end but then it becomes more interesting when you look for people organisms then that would greatly ,comma but mathematically CGT can become more and more amusing candid brings in the next level of our he is 1 of the mightily picture so what have come to think about that Sony employee means that now you may have gone formally speaking gap may pedestal October exhumed from parents and that he wore or beginning from this remove from them initial them as some number 11 which means that they have spaces the eyes I From height was and inserted noted for a from I wanted so you're always it at all said that you makes some not like a bee Judith communication with at other you secular uses lethargy because he was a number of this step so that is sensible and I want to think he was Spencer products as pretty in this variable right because there is a promise of course because the think about damages for Papelbon obvious heading to 1 in Israel and Egypt will embedded with their problems because so what what what it is that you immediately get gives you can much more much more transboundary to think about everything now what was the easier it was tests emotional and now when he happened on million is somewhat walk with visions it supposed to be a pretty normal aside some vector 1 1 1 scored when however the normal this all this ancient Indian they . 0 this so this may be understood just freed from the prison on you guessed this newsprint on negative energy immediately all follow the disappear all this from using genetic Canadian distributor what feature you have to make submissions jet because as principle as invited stage spread so this isn't looking now our described all these maps and this should become quite nice weather description where labels you had to some of the groups at this point to different colors and there have been a priori agrees 71 each of them but you don't have board about this anymore we kept saying they just plain how human space a predominantly it in themselves In this kind of stuff so what this match on now there are as follows there is no describes class of MEPs in general so I have this projection remember 8 times indeed I have projected the aimed to be
provided of course I had this operation so it meaning can prolong authorities but normally would in many variables I want I sent normal fuel labels so but if you lose valuable spring I just project MySpace this quarter than it projected back so I have additional projection from the anomalous on the whole space and they didn't become the promote looking then again extended the calls against was ended in the moth is an indispensable just use the projection of the it was the 1st line and that is the ceramics so I have and the more reason in the prolong the mission there wasn't a sponsor projections to the senses of space and then multiplied the moment about applied and that under mortars anymore but they will too because the weather so and and and these maps In general maybe rather erratic complicated but consider projections Dole mutually independent substrates this is a proof of 2 2 2 2 2 then disappeared principle applies to have such a map the course of the map itself dance escape that's still a product where skin abroad comes from the peace with Jordan the formula solve you have this call themselves spaces can adjust to the new relationship given daily and get to the Jefferson was would saying nowadays is formed so I have connections have actually such as the projected that collection of projected when accompany them I created all intersection multiplied its regional reach In the case would you by the way central the beachhead suppressed who has had to be said he would have an empty substrates operation makes sense it just taking the free to concentrate the problem but for empty empty set and to instead of 0 and still give you if you have something to give you is pretty chairman of your call me up and on like we knew we 0 at Olquin 0 all you future so you can this 1 unit another way you make the prime Jake so what you do all day intersection and examples but the constant kind exactly what their parents intersection so the users from if you come close I you come up with this statement but we efficient reserves free concentrated uniqueness .period coming In this section names madam this Aziz was general underlined the formula if you look especially from the woods where side because it was trying to do in this in newly depending on a limiting the use of from you you know this huge formula describing the and this is so huge because you know what that is but a man but this is what happens now so what's but this and other the letter suggested another industry official Ahmad again about this kind of match so this summer .period each he that is staggering sums leading its place in the simple elections here projection under a lot of them because mentioned in space of phenomena and this match you have the care that it gave another remarkable feature that they did the doesn't girl broke out of only on the constant care when you look moment composer the became like this formation of of the pointedly groups this is it it is future and that is the next level yeah I it is another .period this matinee non-Indian magnetic that complicated matter you should think about that and it was mentioning this too sprays of media form political die from the 6 square right this witty innocuous operation being all of this is sum and In this kind this kind of thing steal your heel you do here yet but messiness again distributed speckled with nothing Howard looks
like something very illuminating it remains didn't real dromedary so fee applied to the unions fear in heart there and what are and it goes to the unions feeding the space-age defensively last wonderfully both hands it's use and defy all bridges .period Sohail projective space he met and this is kind of chimpanzees as of and as a manager right so it is projectors baseline can this fear could would seem rhetoric and a well-balanced and that and there's a steady fall in the example probably too many conjectures argument about his and ready an unexpected property as a lesson for what resembled you found the example immediately welcome Boston conjecture about the future says interventionism immediately people he give you a especially fitted in Quantico area now I the whole matter not only of the sphere he wishes sounds again that connects however this is a call of eventually fall so have this boys review follows an ancient symbol .period exactly image of In this is of course the most Arabs kind of significant corn in mathematics at this point in the people people the appropriate cause is just an hour voyage of awards but this has been a fanatic .period matching committed itself imitation group EPA best-selling when this occurs the fundamental fall for for quantum mechanics itself call of poison objected several joint operator and got a job at the exterior of just to think about that he has a convex set of domestic gardens where widow next .period Maine can perfectly cemented by Genetics Inc so I know all this can secularism arrived in means when emissions but their theory that has guy and Janette generated goes to the next level now and this going amusing suggest we would suggest Emily something so you have this kind of maps again indicated there @at maps at the day camp at Oriole here that to certain substrates of extending constant in the opera prepared perpendicular directions in Adelaide project projecting they do producer normal projections of the senior steps faces and they induce transformation belong and then multiply several of them where the space and right and that was that have been made a :colon aggravating weapon a 2nd expert said about whether she would accomplish contribute explain why they can Watson bank agreements then there and they're something extremely this winter been invention but their handsome the problem is my family but the idea is confused about status at all this I find it would fit in with you because of bad weather or visibility confusion about when coming here because and there was some problem that time was concerned that there was no so smooth so I just can't explain why it's obvious and an obviously really quite obviously that this annoys stationery that things over this and then another and is this is a different kind of being out of everything involved agree with now enable good example that looked and greater I I felt see them and then but then the point is this is this for the you is this but so what is good about this matter they can you know all this magic described the commuters in full media group operating EU laws come .period might be place you you right into the goal .period probability would them and the whole she them to the action or who vision be given the digital world the depiction the In particular he can skip anomalous just oblige each Villanueva by constant then we bring and if thing from afar Of the block Elijah which shows that these maps actually being Izabel of course there is another kind of any decision is made of radiation had permission before the 1st but he she will deny but in other areas of the reason for that was the last fall that if you let make clear this match preserved degrees of Polonius so the Ponomarev beginning has substance the remains property for example every year for the multiplatinum toppled DVD growers but did is that he is ready doesn't grow show and you can't think about them as transformation the space of a candidate but not which is its hearing an industry is plagued financial mess expenditure level lost onto that I've been able anybody nominate status their use poised to freeze voyage of preterm constant counties and and this again show this embittered by a friend in me that in this tendinitis people carry United to give farmers who fear I had sufficient funding the expansion of the big thing extremely complicated plan but this is taking a quite quite quite remarkable that these new hadn't been influenced coding Izabel except of course makes with another reason for the unionization somewhat more beaches doesn't depend on that in a more general is that this match I invited the economy which is very large group in division the essential part of the group with cascading from them in the clothing when inspectors carrying a global phenomena brings to 1 point in the it's it is at this point everything depended differential and backed the large scale of this match them last year became the same small-scale which means the economy and then there is a consequence of that the United officials said essential Surdam is began much what you wanted much-awaited bye bye bye bye bye bye bye genetics so you will be going to the last In step
of the formal genetic then doesn't going on then the other straightaway when can go from there so itself I was thinking about what lockers so you use a genomic and faces and dreaming about me like a Jamaican when you economists the case everything goes saying history 1 local resumed amassed and there is a category of what's going combinations to have a mixture of the features so many have to Jews Oregon something happens to understand that Tuesday and again I assume that thing happened as independently that can be and so independence existed before it together with the assumptions so permanently is cannot exist without a break it's all previously depend to some degree of independent all need independent or some other way just wasn't nothing can be said is and also at issue in this within here if you think what this means it means exactly that this heightened fear to go on on this and this why can't accept such an assumption that because humidity applies to Jews prior to to to any kind of privacy for example the statistical mechanics this is especially against the united think about classical this regarding the suggestion which use much more you tell me you I had here will use the space so the morally assemble particle in the thank you bye for each particular state In this system has Bermuda subject no this is what is listening physically request makes sense that we don't this numbers of the laws of the more we can walk 146 and injection plant scale even then was unavailable would beyond that it makes no sense however exactly where the mission and we operate at the premiere of the appeals however the point eased in the afternoon that you can accept that the cost of the seasonal fully somatic radicals all particles of the same eagerness you the addition and then and then you can say about this number makes the meaning but it is believed that the point is the difference as number this is important to make sense despite the fact that the 9 the stood on instead they will provide even that all this is not redundancies and that is the voyages Patterson's can that prestigious operability of 30 is very much like that of the representation of the connections the beginning when what happened to me that when you know you breakfast ,comma distributing Mississippi if his presentation 13 entered the and that he's a sale class complies to to total delete them in analysis but so has a future mutations is in this genetic so imperious in the case all all genomic finishing the day and have long denounced and you can ask switching call up like it so I said really big group which operated their ready a familiar group which is the same story required just have ruled knew I'd like to way power I so you have again extremely small reviews in any event but individually and then and assuming everything is independent you may ask what what happens with visitors can give allusions to speak not know nothing changes suggested this area organization of genetic material from the point that in all the speeches there is no change in genetic material always you diligent change but but who will have their content and the state right so that the basic you used to be competitive in there arrange a proportion that has not changed so nothing happens which is visible change attacks around the locomotive of certain process but he but that could have been the fundamental genetic material the population that change and this exactly what principle of mental where it was not signatories that in effect and that article that obligation but the secondary effects of all this a mid-ocean headed elections the slower and slower scale in essentially invisible in she graduated reported with with what he sees going this mixture of the area management of all under a new law in in population which is at 4 under making it cost is not an however that many of them which not a stabilizing on the 1st step however EPA is an expenditure converged figuratively and this is this system of this valuation and this follows from the fact the ones getting convergence property it says that if you have this now and you kind of population and they change they have a random mating end recommendation the explanation defense conversion communities station where it could have been me the opulent only on these products often anomalous of but you what and this is where come from and the formula therefore that the match ashamed all adjusted issuing described they're not but then this original multiplicative random offices but they can excommunication but however because them invited the big media group this in became is as lineaments essentially this investigation on that became a key yeah absolutely 1 of lucky export and then immediately when asked what that kind of position deformities in time when he arrived at mathematically in the following classes of all the 9 it's inherent community evolves In this case contained phenomenon or it may be fiendish allows 1 and a half some we have and the more often this as red I and
this even committed Roger it's this and the more than few pompous self-selecting the spread reluctantly so they think about those functions and space of some caution such basic functions and felt that a simple distillation certain and then take collects commercial this madam occupy some of them and that they can excommunication and from there to produce often kind of simple comprehensible pursuant to the next and this kind of out short of formal mathematical point of view and what he can't you can kind of denial she won't understand right from the start from the skin around embodying the company's classes that that unhcr assistance and you won't understand the shower other other examples or 1 of the examples which is running and the 2nd examples of mall more classical and the machines withheld it's very the Chimneywood yet he sees he killed reality skipping just Newfoundland variation the 3rd right so look at the algebra of a lung function to use space with respect and consider these characters emissions and then there can fundamental further says that it has had the unique attractive features .period vision thousands the normal law is exactly the same nature and the 1 this is mental formula of civilization of population in this algorithm and amorphous at exactly the same nature and that he needed it becomes clear that there might be many many of said normal kind of lost right it's going to different the more Salazar but end don't have to the government international language of course it is this in the music of music In the leaders suddenly couldn't couldn't accept this was finished you know what I was saying and then in the 9th the guessing together if you will allow us to insulin and then switched entity and condition and then delayed anxious his close the game so but these were less kind of with an eye to knowing that many suggestions in general have been pursued but they still can the injured in the USA erratic but then there was the next with a simple steps again biological parents and hubris that simple by description of simple by without was you quite ingenious which being but will you a different kind of amendment money which has not been adult that don't buy buy buy buy mathematicians I was wishing SA-7 wanted to be together it was not baby global temperature you and collecting the level of Morgan and that the same kind of logic similar sentiment then that of logic allows you to reconsider majority religion namely that before you get an understanding of molecular knowledge of James just knowing that they can the that other unions behind you offended that could bring able a particular feature major you know that you can find that may appear in certain forms and that you know how big is this is out of the composition of a fusion cell users enough to be deployed on Newman that element to all levels so that he genuinely 7 patents which had not been attached to the old they but knowing Henderson might again said the genes which a combination of these out organized dramatically liability so acutely has collapsed after the queen on fertile land slimy come by just let them if you don't have concede and that is so they here all of Huizhou and was extremely simple and their Kentucky because I think he's having 4 he would reside brewery .period that might be lenient but would kick should not be you Jones but issue of about a dozen genes only on little 1 the chromosomes who was positioned to it and so what what the input he had thought the import was this collection of these voters are full of lies in the lack of modern became bread flies way way Pua properties and there reading them with statistics of abuse of different features I think that will be that of purebred could saying how different gender recombining and at on the basis of this statistical data I would say I have these features responding to represent the views that you nearly all of those leading injunctive and it lost 1st completely incredible but then is very similar in my view toward conquering point that I was suggesting our brave because that's so this is a problem that you have to to tell you I knew there and you move your head image moves so he mission decision-maker mapping the controversy account euros to different places and the brain in different spots in what sense ,comma know that and that's so people .period conceding this and you suggest some solutions to get a deal with use of course and there is using a thing where match in the spirit of what we know there a few your assessment of resents the mold of Banca it's usually you know about what either about mathematical this very similar phenomena and what and this she announced it is the bosses want much easier ladies as follows so you can recognize the jeans by features genes are just some of the
provisions of of the 7th that right and then get jealous of Trinidad's often go along right for example you have we may have you know but but with the Bibliotheque hand-blown hands more often than not course of is given infusions woeful flies like basic features the color of their eyes the color of their boarded the ship with the board ship with readings did during the Cold English only describe processes features observe the summer's features we're going :colon more often than others and that is a hot so how it happens that any combination I guess when you cut store rents in switch histories and those which are close together being Swedish restaurant endorses refinery registration completely independent action 1 of the Laws of mental or independence of of this case falsely futures position different promise of it when they give you a chromosome the kind of independence and they thoughts and even the highly dependent it means there is reported to coordinated their calls and because from this matrix together because that was statistics not knowing coordination ,comma appearance at this point the pigmentation between features whose pointed even just because there's creation interpreted this as a distant date for a proper functionalism become useless and that is how it happens to London and of course it wasn't like that of a sedative 2 hours on the ordination of the matter but that the logical and in the same way In the eagerness is simplified you can speak about would not the bemoaned greater leaping again this mathematical question which is not very well polished but he is as follows his so called because send geometry you have as set in his dramatic structure so it is a set of genes right warning label screamed the southeastern dramatic structure there was superimposed with images from a screenshot of the space and the space to space promotional assumption however reflected here and the point is that you can manager on the set of subsets but example conditions Wall possible in the key indicators of the owner of this case so you look picture after picture after picture and you say on this said something to widen their search to measure the sources say bricks in so merger on the set of the substance or petition to set of course you cannot truly observers measures huge space but have samples so there would be the representative sample and from that you understand this place has 7 John now can do that here or there it is it the leaders of the Senate and he had another image fell again led the way you measure that you can pixels and then they knew that I had this ambiguity declared Aloha how the innovative how your brain enumerates if it does offers doesn't do it in your yard this led service sector selling during the course of that but so using just this set which has no structure and sometimes see those images follow them being molested some being quiet this systematically pitch can you say that this came from around is function all of the reality that they have set up so sentence has not structure but all you have become many instances of subsets of him immediately copies of the same sat in the same sentence to anybody vitamins but you have like Carla all given substance I think it's safe these came from however but not from the new and that in many 44 at the end of John the particularly on the part of the job backgrounds and the logic again as extremely simple the lifted cell he James future course the general Lieutenant that often together because the Commission happens somewhere with some frequency and the and the but the clause to the Avalanche small attributed and the same is still about 30 of image is aware all structures it is starting up with if you have and this is the 1st use the euro without image we're not going to put him in the Brown Palace is contribution which has meant that bought yellow light .period also brown around the edges this kind of enormous effect looks like putting the cart with legal advice at these
many times and explanation of is change we got because in the past about mentality you know with replace sport race formerly however because having systematic that no matter how life should they In brandishing maybe different between that of material Maryland insincere or one-half of Europe kind of and 4 9 9 9 9 by thundering but this is enormous and even if it could be admitted that there was a bit many Danny goes on to explain filled and about its association with by where the hell is this novel careful reading this number is going to make sure that you if it was finish was 0 when right so and and because of united that against their Hoppe Tool .period they distance between them is due to and Musial poison coordination between the .period that there often comes with him :colon your book take any function makes a difference and if you do system I couldn't he observed this function in the variables that we have to have submitted all their decision BBB function of justice but they all have stations so but the problem which is the spontaneity of cadet was then obviously but the issue was if you can't make it any 6 can begin with simple irrigation needs and all the other reason so you brain would follow path and so will the island's Cassidy taken so what what can be and what can we expect in this way punk and think about and disappointment on assuming alone we won congested but unless you understand this with the management of the humanitarian problems here few logic because we quite elaborate process she can achieve by knowing the microscope on this ship thank you now I want to make a decision come to 1 another .period what they were saying and the impact of the kind of mathematics the reality summarized where movement there in the 19th brings at last that some point remained intermittently and they want to know about it and work so someone was in bidding for the following glass and then consistently have community the political algebra he said so case .period in the case of contempt and give free Nomura's you have a linear space become pours into the product of such places you have projections on this this year and the more from this algebra but there made the big difference obsessing different products we now these long multiplicative 1 the disgraced Greek sold his thigh injury including religion and so that kind of Bernanke's Toshiba Corporation the in this ideal ideal genetic suits with a simple AIP March election majority for the not your premiered you can't leave class all the numbers and the basic food and we just can't of growth speed would hear from the office says that this with you you can virtually the effects and now I want to say what is included White said including so far it was it the denied and isn't that widening declined another this class and then I'm the system which can come In many occasions that's no we sense it's not quite clear that the point again would be not just look at this in the general case but fine condition this weapons specialist algebra is algebra functions so they come from and the mortars from them what will be continuous of living on the space of much like yield when such matters behave in a nice way a nice way would be with you would be at the feast voice I'd like to ask you would get 1 soldier that actually except we find in many directions may be listen I'm future understandable and visible the simplest possible against operated of our use of the 9 years that this is a simple space and local complicated and I'm assists Haiti go complicated space but you want to know the superstition and this is the responsible 1 unless moralist who do biology and against you use complicated space but then that there are simple other robust the essentially like you make the the deployment how these can be and this is a model this is what 1 thing In another thing about including until added to this concept around every so 1 can show that yes just mm general condition this example of no 1 was there again so if you look at this matter should describing the development as Jerez Spain quantum you you know you know is what makes it easier it's amazing with mathematicians said Maddox but what is making was asked what is made when I was in the mathematical definition marriage you're a few homes also the Maddox said Ferdinand's inside square table at the end of the world and if it's not it's not so obvious admits In the different context when something different but anyway is the sector that consider this especially with only the occasional and emphasize ended upwards of numbers in the sounds at last summer's 1 and then a that special medicines japan so what a special about them and if you know this community 38 state they are made of and that they would continue Friday on what on 1 hand there is the lack of movement and has occurred since she was submitted in the interest of some variety is enough to preclude a priest picture in this in the projected space submitted on the other hand the soldiers who initial problems and now I want to get DTP producing a little bit more about part of the process and how much money it's a matter that we know it's going to be able to put numbers this basis their boys to some who won this match disfigurement all of this government there has to be the 1 to tell you .period boys wait analysts glass Fagin some of the savage unit is sending what
incorrectly called and ability of this waste supplied some of -minus several of them is that the deficient I just want to say that this would you find within days lost any of course you can take it as you finish while long way not act when not signed by the percentage ladies can upset as information however temporary and then because of the addition was together and beat it was written it's as if it was written by 1 of which was interesting enough not with be further planned this formula and that was good news for you today dance preservation in the context of under mental concept but but the my in Baltimore it would increase if it was really prove this was defined differently than they want a repeat repeat educational but we can in modern Johnson then this will be the outcome of this however the fundamental properties this channel was hosting quality that if you consider all measures you projections then can debate all of these will be smaller than the sum of the state and this and that they had reportedly is even on this take notice of this area and 1 which and this is not difficult inequality in the pursuit of the city that lies behind look now that we explain in but the thing is that better better they again you again understand without from up to a point but then after movement that is following the county's significant but it was very kind got the last so this is so you want to say what it would have wanted to do kind of reconstruction that leaves thinking cover of all kind of pieces of physical Weissman was not in the way if he the worst active cases giving not taken for the piece was considered applied mathematician was extremely with a modicum mind that ended the marriage and condemning the version to physical would essentially mathematician and that so what she was going through and discovering new physical laws he was discovering how to put them into new year with my friends and not just the modern language at the Guohua thinking too said that this could work against the longtime legal but these between certain member that the feeling you can get is as follows so you have this objects to find produces pain and exterior daughter just Meijer stores in a mall either way somebody wants to take the menu you use a resident said that that awaits well and the invited his fellow visual and the annual inflation values numbers and it is the number that they're not order and then you can bring some solace together better think about them not as stores as drops of what Republicans embodying this together was likely to undergo an industry given and this means that this last tribute traces and there are more things between there is a category and that In a 2nd explaining how physically sexually you have that you don't have the numbers have political think this objects service spaces ability which issues more and this is the point they want to make it look again yesterday was saying but it keeps repeating because said how we this error is is if you can just sit in the water right displays bigger given than I got all its members rejection vote but that fundamental even a conceptual litigation is when you really need to think about and appear to show that have entered program Buchanan denied and from site the then logically different of having what it all means and there's a very good looks which we look at different about this completely changed perspective so I want to think this is an error the moment have might be cattle dislocated categories of a logical political right because it is the policy this real numbers and the fact of course this makes sense from their arms training in Europe however can but we had number deal not restore Adam Lambert opposed she but but when Bennett said Haifa heritage according and I would obviously want to produce something simple and this simple you know that are spilled that we take that graphically group of this category without thinking right a priority another group group is the next level Texan which means just when have more efficient manner you talk page right is said their class J. people aged growth and progress as simple as you just make everything if it doesn't don't take a logical have fusion accountable to them but you take it it in topology you want apologies and and the Molitor said In the latest thing when will in this room with the symbol of 47 if not all numbers greater than 1 on the modification the computer and this this equality and is called the lowlands numbers and then lost so 1 reason that each object which is more friendly to 1 . 8 1 points based he said this element about the middle and this happens to be a number that for some reason along this again with fairly In the land of his wife the but you may take a long stagnation market because you were to take a look and then went indicated do his governing group was the subject of a talk given to use inside of the structure now as explain why this thing is going quite like the just cause you know technically anything new but in a statement conception thinking anew the was better but and you know if in this at the house but some think about that Sprewell and then it follows the moral universe from because computer once you but it is a lawless numbers behind otherwise it makes no sense formula makes sense only because the lonely and then loss of property NTP which we've improved publication of the fall of reflected Nacional from dialed an entirely new in particular Shannon quality she said namely that if you have a manager and has a store projections and tend to build the call think lesser recalled this summer to reduce have become this the exact figure physical maybe Shakespeare in the physical including becomes illegal schools because from 2 for everything which was and blamed about on was that he would not meticulous and I think the point is with my I monitoring with American English to say what he was saying and there were 2 . 2 points Yolanda was from from door English in mind and this I think it's applies to reality the his balance tumult transformed to the
modern which there was an equation right there for example this is a voice romantic and you can say the same demand growth in group and I have questionable while the numbers that you know beforehand what now wanted was the question of questionable unload the antiquated upset give us if you think about this you know what this equation I have directed that again said and United following the where you have no mathematical language to say exactly what these doses of fountain between 7 getting but you don't know what a getting but in this how was was thinking and objections of mathematician particularly because he did what he was not your stated on the menu from the article no legislation in and out of course that the he was using all the time in principle it was non-standard who think endorsed housing against Lange was not operator as you can see it now the new know I enterprise might be understood in north India Growth often non-standard completion of this category and with the better way to think about that it will use this as an unneeded in the beginning but a new going deeper but we see it becomes absolutely essential if we have to take so-called non-standard completion of these Millicent model is getting worse you have to look at spacious windows number becoming was on the environment and this is not surprising given that what he she received from the time the number I cannot let me explain why the soul why did nothing new group and there so what is really all those numbers professor in this context essential after the latest study would them saying in a slightly different well but it wouldn't find a couldn't find them of the need references Priscella fountains the last people use and they'd been (left parenthesis 30 but not for everything show what in the lowlands numbers they disagree she just that mathematically out the ways similar to what was happening in this Mandela in the months led different hospitals that and so you but I will display speed and this is a bunch of Apple's different rates and in this category off of and this essential off of the abuses places you have cut brother which is the original thinking this example of multiplied them sets and we have talking here not to hear that the way to the product of plot then but they have said here said was square even then questionable productivity carefully actually was sensors In the product but this confusion product so what little old ladies numbers said when the Act applies to deploy as it applies to this Captain Power until missions and Michaelis tendinitis in effect much of what you do you don't have to be this kind of power delivered just place and my this region the not the limit of budget final review displacement energy feudalism it's a number of industries fighting the find the phantoms of the standard and about and that is not good justification to think in those terms that make me that with a microphone I didn't deal you don't boys exploiting the new brewery hot believe well think but made no alleged members so what is there not only among all the various places there are some really can call homogeneous space technologies employs were all atoms have equal weight None of these together scope could support a coalition that makes sense putative radical he said from which was genuine knowledge of a hydrogen and their lawless numbers says that these things will end Boston were restated to prevent these items particularly original now why is this would benefit settle this matter about grudgingly group and that in everything so appeal but materiality if you will permit me Phoenicia was into group tonight might multiplicative underbrush we may take longer to become editor but look so well if you're right editor with the group .period somewhat rupiah right attitude over here and there they were territories of prayer at the times you might be and your feet that's the kind of "quotation mark consequence of so it here I speak about and degree of objects rather than more offices in this particular instance is that if it is sufficient the question you Gold Cup next level Maryland becomes not responded to close and then on the other hand so he found is homogeneous they got the kind the only country to the category of sets these point you can run the new group without of course everything you have just the United Services so you and entity about the kind of digitalization of could do not so when homogeneous subject in this equation of normalization has said it in a group with a 77 ambiguity about what is widely in the order orders is what that what is going to get multiplied quantity but is given base of loving them and them innovation would be all applicant pool you want this entered the illegal collusion that as you scrutinize the multiplicative which a lot of criminality bandages so this is the realization that it but there is still a little loss of function was brought a priori that I enormous Noboa's for example if you take some for waste scoring all alone to deal with this is quite a few multiplicative under and this is 15 but Rick there are is lots and lots of many of you because thinking you can develop last for is a whole can meld with weekends have always wanted to rise to the lien recession space of functions all of last year's from forms of all waste while essential for the life of the parliament and a combination of huge numbers and that species .period last the disappointing contingent but the point is not that the use centerpiece has extra properties sold I'm not a for a long way but the individual stock would be not including that of marginally motivated the only under the condition that some the items those in Britain or can check the has Schaeuble computation would affect the kind of every obviously of the chatter that they think he is this enterprises friends property work well does that but only no discrimination
if you take something like that we don't need a condition it would be level In this things Montevideo but the listen this Norwegian multiplicative but but but but but that mandatory advantage of London and at the end of the show them that it is a matter when continues to circulate when said this but it said this there kind of logical Tennessee where he's supposed you you and you have to use exactly apology which getting with all those In a sense the number says the things asymptotic damaging going to take very high-powered almost all Afghans who have followed the same way and this is a large number because what you'd like to long so if you play formerly edited by the multiplicative but few users that your father take a lot of people think about this function distributors for the this function without loss constant editorial unit which means that all items become approximately equal what did approximately in what sense so it's it's in another week said but exactly in the street apology which used to be she used for and so they can explain what used there was but can just to present June so I have to compete I wonder compared to different prodigious places and say what musicals and then because they were to to close close close to a homogeneous but they need to introduce some kind of medical displays of reviews praise and he immediately wouldn't know that I have to let know standard numbers so as to provide a very large number be not proper to individuals based on makes says the number you wish noted that the used that we don't care about space being closer there are my cause and Boston features all ready to think about this the governor who just non-standard number and you would not specified number like and this is the following things the Norton of being close and they being candid brought up together editing environment because N this is again quite significant worse in Bermuda suited boss Eddie teacher export motivated go from brokered of independence that you have to use most of the very symbol because the boss leave you can do with it and it was really simple affair 1 letter space in story wait subset of small measure it is not the disclose and is in the you surely is the only way if he small piece of metal and they become In the limited visibility and cost infinity it is you throw away smaller and smaller but the the rest but he made is close so the can and 2nd because of what it would mean a lot to victory but the victory so he is usually the number and doesn't end yeah yeah something small this makes sense to get on with the multiplicative to spaces that have weights she enraged that you look at various shows you want to this to the follow-on and flows to another way that operation which makes spaces close you multiply them by awaits but said that when would take this route this factor for the Klosterman so users do not show policies and then it can say Well that basis depending on parameters and another parameter and of the use courses around that makes sense 1 2 by Khamenei fury that to you at we think multiplied by as "quotation mark on this the quoted the Herald will small and the large number says In this sense for any info police power to the sequence could you end of quotation of homogeneous space on Saturday just conversions so fulfill fulfill his vision to light and evidence-based approach amid the homogeneous space and then the woman to say you had a floor think about and cost and multiplicative by definition right from the United States and now we know it is also where the continuous respective is always thank petered out because without conducting a homogeneous this entity would be equal to the editor of the but quality books and power and to build plasma and further you right they can't approve the screeching you there In this kind of growth into payment but all those numbers the novel because became constantly becomes the United States local land to sell everything you have know about entered the U.S. and Kennedyville Connecticut forget about measures is the same couldn't exactly mentality off I want to know what is and what we always system is the number of the states and the breeze along with a number of states so there is no way made this appearances that was always become people and end itself Everything is used to this kind of homogeneous based and anything you want the boulevard and follows from what you know about so next time explained how you get it would wait on that this is NDP about this friend registration as ever the big big advance of NTP was and then an assistant thing that made you think might Kolmogorov ruling that ended services this kind of entered researchers in writing of the 9th system introduced and I'm glad to be in the interest of Portage which tonight and then endured interested 3rd Indonesia see that if you take this point of view the cover-up you have to given watch formulation pro-independence know what to wear by well what what delight at the mine the only division because just extension is beauty functorial to article extension would assess the extent this language and completed away away the arrival the city and its modern dance more recently about a couple years ago there was another line of injecting even following Jess boy some kind of reasoning that just a voice of reason and what you were saying consider distinguished and you get all this and color Boston entered resolving finish and then and that just remember me for that and just leave reinterpret the boys from 1790 equally and with this as just and right with the nor that of the hot ,comma but but but but much more subtle point for that he said he you pursued this another line of thought this point to is standard and do saddle and this was about it to the balloon boy and you have next extension anti-pollution much more what was sophisticated so and that and so next time I'll start and speed hurricane arrive at all that my kind of thinking the kind of physical attributes to read as a reward physics is what I was saying he was remote from Belgium with his status which is the most physically as a mathematician just when they win they think of the mathematical should pack that and then they can do it in a more limited next but so today House


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