4/4 Spectral Geometric Unification

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4/4 Spectral Geometric Unification
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Order one condition and physics beyond Standard Model.
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if there is a and this and that the world is in In that if and we I hope it is In addition to the the the area where Chechen we started my 1st left with this much since I retired I say next time but in the end I keep forgetting so this time I said there wouldn't be much worse than the focus of intense he had been destroyed in order to accomplish this I can put 12 also maybe only mention 96 . 9 most of the material I have talked about can be found in the in the service 6 especially in the 1st and the last and for the classification of finite space is suspect but the stand-alone which is in the magic of the Physical Review version of it which is not the political that things are summarized a small dog conceptual expatriation and I think physique you'll will let this force us to change the python and I think it was called in this for the bigger and the like and don't like this technology can ignore for me OK so today is the last of 1 letters that I will learn how started quickly volume summarizing what you have done since I was a break of 2 weeks ago Our basic assumption is that spacetime and the product of the continuous space-times were some Park bottoms fixed finite space and then this should be taken as a basis for unification and other work this has to be considered a G-rated space and juridical entities built on the space should be used and constructive action and that's assistant who the geometry means the there's a lot of of information should in both the Algebra well the angiogram the space and the Britain and the Apple paperwork society the spectrum and the idea that the spectrum of the geometric variance so would have applied this idea to the product space of the four-dimensional continuous finds a finite space know which highlights space we used to reunify space sexually we have justified finite spaces subject to what reported weak physical requirements and we ended up that this creative city but lost a chance to refuse left Gloucester and we'll see and I am ideology that originally disclosed really viewed neutrino mixing .period really human history come together In London this will bother and that's what the debate this symmetry to the meeting between February and conduits and this implies the existence of the Americana Mass colonial particle but has to be neutral and there is no coincidence that this happened to me like continuity and what have shown also said that the basic building blocks not their bed signaling an operator is not only did the but the deal Kinko's fluctuations which we labeled by Dr and then there is equipped to deal with in all that would be in the greatest thing in the media that operate above makes anybody and fast-paced blasts flat more committed to space at the plant some connection supplemented this time when we analysts who had actually is a connection said that is the universal formula for they all I have to be on the management of the Japan so this actually gives all connections and then we have shown the connection contains let me say the following us so let me give you a hint drawing just to clear this a right H. left and then this here forestry and this we said essentially is broken and closer and then traveled from London on the bar and then he had let me say it is custodian Q and here I have no say in London and yet I have city by city with so these are of the mouth of the about the takes form and that ought to have seen him that the connection in this case according to the same technology would really have this form which are really to so for this plot the 2 you 0 and then it would have been you and here it will have you know somebody some power and some utility recorded W and in the lower part wanted to have to have you know be W and he for quarks led rebound India accuses the being because it's broken now what happened actually the yellow involve minor Letterman wheeling and makes the land here what to really get which something that connects sexually here they try to evade each left and this happens to be the eggs and you know it should be well aware of this is defined could be Signet which started in lower sexually have 1 scene which would give the mayor has managed to Wallisville have let you know that the electoral and the neutrino about them about plot and its military and son-in-law that he she is not they exceed that mastered them up and now walks the
same you download different texture and the in if you have a question that there is more here the the things that are independent of each other in that dependent on each other they could and they could have been independent of each other but the about initially which show that she that only in this the policy questions only when he sees this president now for the day operator we have seen actually that this 1 of the security here and here and everywhere actually this ability is seen intent Sigma His singlets that gives money pool right-handed neutrino so this is the actually sequences of the construction that I would say predictions of a construction that this thing would exist and the single it is extremely necessary it plays a fundamental role in event that the mayor and a mass of the neutrino that and is in addition started to stand establishes Cecil mechanism in addition to yeah but this section in the year 2002 closest published already before stores discovered and that value we mentioned that the vet that he has a big goal begin consequences on the stability of the Higgs doublet totally exceeds In that potential it shows that you really can extend 1 can extend that stand out mobile all the way what extent 1 can see all the way out to demanding his real and 10 today Levangie what makes coupling London plotted the company you have to do it if I always listened because you know that in and of course it isn't the policies of because of their role in the world you have to go into operation directions the following year can actually from that extending the argument that if you know that the signal meant that the prediction that the last of the is somewhere between 161 of the duty and this was the 1st thing about this is out proposal terrorists before they exhaust discovered as holders 26 however was we have this you know there's no problem because it makes everything stable and assignment of stability which was used in getting this I happen upon a killer cases openly submit to have some isolation which forces were supported this position to be in this strange anti-Western I OK because the Sigma is necessary analysts necessary recalled have to break down for a few into C-plus and you'll see that this is really necessary and the symmetry of people have I can show essentially Regan for you if you were part of the positive on them the predictions the model like as I can before before going on in that there so it may be that you want the U.S. you would want to do it properly put in the modern what do you pretended that this is assumptions assumptions and that spacetime is the product of a continuous full dimension of space many the if I close on assumptions the 2nd assumption widely where renewal at this occasionally that 1 of their generals don't foresee this subject to a subjective symmetry reducing it to come so that their children took a tortillas 3 clearly assumed that the 100 days of Herman 0 . 4 we did this you at some point to the need eligible you fatal for the whole thing is restricted to eschew of in this condition somehow implies an American situation but only the 1 has to assume when to put some input than this the input we 1 what you want to put the simple about their way out medically much of what the and that although the region is easy to reduce the size of the conditions in the form of 100 years of work for you know Blunt so it's also for the whole yeah if you look and that means you're going to hear In so maybe this could weakened this can be week look at nature of 1st little better off fundamental failures the firmly on the 16th the generators see closely close and CFCs this comes out actually adequacy causal assumptions and we all day that corrective presentations although the firm news media 16 would respect to pressure 3 professional groups multimedia legitimate exactly especially the on my part charges and that difficult to get that to me that the
the 2 1 for each 1 of them may comes out the forces that we predict the existence of things Dublin I think the filming of spontaneous symmetry breaking the list and we went that actually becomes comes is a consequence of having the correct at the charges physical sequence section and you know sufficiently with the negative with negative my stomach for the which unlike the school comes with that the the prediction less secure their top quietness hospital compatible with experiments in which if it's wouldn't say 4 per cent I would say you why we were not able to pinpoint everything to the last digit also predicted that seeks Canada To Live community like the and I wouldn't have had actually something I mentioned last time at the end of the lecture at that time he had a connection to those whole down hooking and all In addition to the polish British and who uses the yield on the 10 year history of the results of the Solidarity union hosted his but also the violence which is in our schools 1 of the 1st of all the time because "quotation mark following couplings both skaters who have chosen to the plague gets Saddam's like Perugini on its water it's called forcing was quoted by the terms of the deal the yield on the
10 year yield this yeah this so you know this is the last
thing which is like a theater mentioning that respect election you get that she 1st as governor logic of witches and then you get studied them with cold water to cover .period thunder but that is proved Utah and also get the chilling H 1 H ,comma Sigma then that Nextel and this expansion of the system to the expansion you that the what I political formally inviting action which is what you are and then you get that she the new H you get from Union Square and you get on a age and this is a unit of familiar in secrecy Meunier a significant loss and said Come let's go with it might Basescu and that it'll fall of course it should be aware that damages our goal of winning so this is conform to what the media should be formally assumes that this is an effective action from that was so important to view it with your starting point is conformity valued least for them for all battle with which I have dimension of cup on the standard known the abolitionist coupling did so of course that bolstered the that make and that's why it comes this exactly you go for every single Chile's action only against a had Maine unilateral war several points but I will not go through the more talking points I can't explain it to why the thing pocket what the drawbacks of maybe Ecuador's and also to to say if you think that's all not only 1 damn expenditures conformity at this the whole block actually it's called former or aquatic that to order for an eagle former comes executives yeah meaning on shares on the 1st of these components here in this section of course the stood down destroyer performance there clause would you can what there change near G version of the people I want to see show is I just short of origin what is the use of something or that I would say that pollution was once the security of all the differences within the last 6 meetings that change Major by I cannot solve all the issues on which many the of the of people and not military election walking this I know that this is a single order will bottom this expansion hypothetical formerly redolent improvement you understand without assented to keep getting expression is called for unity the division of the National commentary let me say something it should be the last time I did say that that argument was looking down comes exactly the right signposted however as you know I also added that if I use but the bric-a-brac capacity of the liberal culture this same story which is supported by didn't use the squad like specializing Ophuls slept losses from that of course the system this part of the expansion will not because it doesn't know the DAP operator is the more formal qualities is news in his usual manager I really know I would outcome outcome to the question of skaters issued the queen Gladys colorful and commented on coming to mark that city's initiated close to Cecil matter that I have this on a smile because even I on that I don't know action is called for many in their political formerly the outfit action is not for many that because when I go even tho you I ordered my expression this hopeful many various police units the pilot had underscore foreign investors the quotient of logarithmic that is not skated OK yeah this and thinking was extremely yeah focus the way action appropriately the although value was that I up last year but I can assure you if you don't get advice were different and so overblown that Cuba some In the respect look at you know against sales all things which are not perfect and I think which lower profit attributable that here there is a prediction all the unification of of gage 1 is that days that would apply where the GE was glad is equal justice "quotation mark equal due to square and that if you're equations and you look out there if you define and falling to judge for the West Fork why and the you find that the one-for-one in various I've to investors that 50 and they almost needs but must not depend section 1 of course has to run the feudal 2 0 .period you know just lot of vessel if you run that use governmental but in the end you have to take the new connections and director of the route lectures and they know about even up to the EU but the 3 things have been worked out by the knowledge that landing must change and especially for older than 50 and the Supreme Court stages of like 16 per cent correction so however the problem that nobody has worked out to make lesions in the presence of the sink because realizing that does change things and these of changes by the pumping so and that nobody has done actually wanted to as the ability to win who will things do change but tell that things won't clean completely meet 1 of the short actually author of the story because you are waiting until Sunday 1 somebody will compute that to order corrections and then the just said that things would improve however this is subject discussion that she was in that something be understandable this is a topic that I will discuss later when they're in there any physics Beyond the Standard Model besides the feast that I have written because if you look at this point of view this classification it seems that willing to predict the standard model blast this Sigma feed into the season you as a direct challenge to the on which I will talk about yet that's also the possibility that you can add that she and anti-Semitic feed which is an excellent book by some portion times by assuming that connection actually in that and many fall apart here about formation may fall but you you can assume that the connection has complete portion in which Libby you do that appear only through astute thanked this again duel and in this case you obtain and but you didn't they have actually shares a contribution so that's a possibility but apart from this is that it should be the new supervision of the the itself there is actually his mother in all follow question along with all the makings of a state but now they don't need marginal something may happen because nobody has completed the tomb there was a sugar because this will come at some point the next of course if she thinks too many things that we cannot explain like why there are
3 generations of the structure of the Apollo operating in all this .period operated in the finite space has many and that isn't that we and the happens to be Apollo copying for 1 of the 4 observed fermions so if 1 can predict that she and feature of course you have solved that attendant problem in but that that seems to be past in the question is what determines they called up into this we have looked the love them on the entities that we see what determines that United Corp the finite space completely you know this is the question of if 1 can do that you have really afford gave prediction of everything that is observed .period the number of generations so we have nothing to say if you will to live "quotation mark the utilization means you have the right to use the rest of the nation here on the station Jesuit recently the end of the year in the event of his usual for the I'm not year and the form of moving there again as well as the only 2 face that could be so this is the I think the question of the the question also call couplings Over the family has been changed into a dramatic question is that what determines that the operator of the finite space will not to be assumed anything for this operate and there is a wide open in the years very the congress is you so far to restrict the use of something which usual uses in which we notification of MySpace's reach for refusing to roll over you go on to the universities colleges fuel and so you have to remember the selection of course there is the real during such as last Saturday morning Powell said that the others in the village of 1 of the movies like this all the time but that they although the point was made that not a question of recall corporate has been changed to dramatic question what Senator joint space remains to be seen to be used for all give it to you to do what you think you last fall he said was that accord information there are some examples but 1 that many on their many examples and a the question is whether nation's defined area without and there was no sign of letting someone will go so here the American look at the 1 9 interviewed inspect election I said that despite the action fatal path of the squad of under way and they know we put this my head this holiday if this game was just as at my hand it was very natural and then it's so it won't matter if you to say we won't to again praised the squad by even 1 as far I would be my wife should because there shouldn't fall I was a little twice a blast in London is a unit disquiet would go into the of but then again it could justify 24 yeah at the time that gives you scientists it's natural to replace the skater new home the field fires dynamic and that it would get some expectation value you know there's always the beginning of the year for years and years ago following the discovery of a unit of the this is the founder of the homeland of the way and slowing the flow of the seasons have grown because you have this disease is that you know what it is and it's not as if know that addressing the issue really wanting embarrassing is to put the if unless it gets an expectation value and is a pretty valued at up to so no the problem that induces victory this competition days all this discourse I like the question What's that was so long as the calculation than on discovers the following that this becomes the unseeded to see here and what happens is that if you have something like jeering junior OK so what's the leading operator we found that that would be -minus coal-fired Jimmy would you plus it's not actually that this elliptical parade that starts with GE million you'll be mirrored in you know he's got there is the 1 justifies prices OK hurricane let me define a pneumatic watches he was mystified you knew and when this month executives would be equivalent to the mobilize stifle businesses with those of the captain Benji medal patiently through I kept their genitals and generative G. reversal sympathetic but let me time frame and then won't on deserves the following that in this I stifling and watch them I think it going in what should have been listed with the gene what happened and that the specter of action we would all like this far and deceptive and then the next day I would be a Ruggieri on and then for example even for them master of Uganda actually had the place is important you get its prime-time age was some produced 1 well there's each month its prime the signal everything and where we have defined a prime the one's heart on another ship there is colleges junior unified and then we go on and began he was seeing you when squad which is complemented in essentially the action in the there new frame which has been this case when there will be little is exactly the same action I will not accept 1 but what about you want them and let them that Benedict them for the that gets a kinetic diamond-studded training physical field in addition you have know everything is an escape for example pipeline would become the wonderfully would comply in front of luminous .period aid as Solomon the physique and feeds you observe have been really stayed the dealer to what is Nigeria during the cannonball and compared with the more you with what was 1 about and that some you find exactly the same model and the picture what happened and that you will five-day mission of the this 5 dimensions you the the 5th by action yes you will the 1st of what actually assume that you have beauty coordinates and then so when actually then accused him
that you have to raise and this would correspond to that all this on complex .period and what happens is that some fear get the scandal and 1 copy a lot longer however case was similar situations the terms are identical to accept the fact now we on the front the modified but then actively what EDS to computes actionable mortgage which we cannot and but it's really clear that the present them at the level of the 5 of the get pungent but that would be would be um them as this is situation that is similar to what happened during the serious if you find the dead and if you finally get the potential and then so when rescuers that at the lumber them at the level 5 gets in a some expectations you know him you some of the the selection of the finest where some the financial pain well actually well actually area and there is a scale located on the squad for or the and plants would hold up if you think there is no violence that was about fondness for working on it is only no want going on although the thing liabilities minus news where uh each year and hundreds of Congress that there will be no reliable get to achieve unity for the whole of the it is stated that this is for our belief in the 5th line fire fighting for the survival of solution it's legal itself from the Benedict a yeah I think because of the high cost of disease and the use of it doesn't coupled this thing except through the test so on adds that 1 has to assume that the I belong but that at the moment it may get the provision does not but the to see but there is a possibility that view that this even if I can use my name In the chairman of the University of Richmond so that they there any ad that you know you will not see but added that the policy was for example is that of the fuel gage but was the only candidate who had been in the form of a system is because of the use of small ball but the formal because the stem the sort of form I think the problem that the amount you can always cautious interpretation because now I can say cutesy dates crime if the field age would get expectation value with students about the rule of decision making the leap from the political nature of the just-in-time people about regional and fire somewhere on the side of the cease-fire mediated by wall In the middle of it the fall of the parish was like the meeting which was which was among the students in the school and the only 1 on the construction of West I find it useful 2 the people only all of these situation this is the goal is not use it there is no such thing thing as a good morning the statement also downstairs and out of the people of this sort of thing the usual tradition and the changes in the law and also 1 of them what is the real issue here is the schedule for the majority of the because of the history of the the ocean and administrative services you can't previously with farms fossils suggest changes working with the people and the people of this very on Bloomberg was almost sure that the point is to get the group In order to hold elections were due to the success of the loss of the OK I think it's the important point is that if this is aged in the mass has to be reached prior to the Udall minus 5 h essentially forgetting that can get an expectation value of the order of the plant and defied the order for the debates by whatever you will realize that the question is on the side of the cup on this is the center for the family all because the firm that also scared everybody is scared to distinguish collusion the fire that appeared the far from it seems that the firm is a disappeared the field of 5 years for years on the floor this is 1 of the following In the light of this new Place the workers who it wasn't part of the action that there is a skin few fired the leptin which is in the game and this somehow In the only other with God and only other particles each the few which our presence beyond the standard model and the signal fall I and maybe then apportioned times would be renewed at or near the islets in thinks itself In the the last year and I'm sure it will finally come from the New Square North course because it's everything is conformity variety year you know that there's the executive of the digital saying the is different already have 1 more thing maybe I should mention it that I'm very clear on the question of Vatican violation which is the lowest at the problem to the women in this spectral election tracer fire from the squad overland squad to put can also actually only 3 in which we're settling down remember actually this month jointly ticket data includes the gamma the Canada the operator and in the end you can put him complete and for previous models Of course you on immigration or general the evening there he think that liveliest Mueller growth figure on the renewal it would be I want to make you get such stuff yet also don't like extramural similar of community roasted Moledet based on the antenna space again this is military authorities she did give you what's called the feet apparently to the 3 present you can compute and you'd get again that so this is
going which is apparently because and only 1 afternoon there the thing generated only better Maryland this year something that has some in general to protect no so if we don't like inclination for the specter election here for this 1 morning get this something states where you know there's a lot of the functions of the place that's the bid to form a of the deformity and you immediately at the only open the stumbled but however cautioned 0 you know if it comes to a default would forward so expect elections to stem the absent this study the violating them Poland imagination for accusing the United nobody really orgy of course during the signal for to think is also it also is not nonsense for everybody for example you'll get down like annual thing not merely a new bureau Sigma what this is all that is doesn't count however there is it down please don't bother me actually at some point and this has to know exactly the same as he'd that there was you but for the week that action but then I went and then discovered that people actually missed and was observed actually I was thinking this is the 1 that the president of this president and this is the the better think that for the U 2 because as long as he told us that you good but it's not in the hands of the actually Iron Lady John I say this is the only thing that this rewarding the computed by this actually is what better known is demonstrated by the way is an excellent idea so if you pump you want you actually that thought of but its absence and similarly that is because of this and in the hands of the it's a pneumatic search and everything is running its own set of only applies exactly I think this is the good dancers cope with a visit would doesn't have left by the rhetoric should bear the stamp is the village anyway our of course so and at the level we have that the dead detainees 0 but there is it is not there is not enough to to get it it is also to it you Pritchard and then added you will buy them OK Monday assure that actually at at 1 you have to make an arrangement to cancel but if you will manage age but doesn't want to look into possible however there is a 1 that know as a condition which would a lot of media and that the damage of up and the bone quiet coupling should there if you can arrange that 1 can show them the defeat they would be absent to all this is the condition that it is in native went order but if you are that had been made bold border that you fight against the question is directed the structure that by them the finite space license condition be there but at least she added that the level is some of them and there was no fine-tuning is natural and disability so I think you know that said 1 of the positive things from them next time they question for a while the title of Miss Brazil reaction here is this is the year of the woman who was 1 of the things that here is that you know usually after outside the farm where the Jabal with the strategic I can because we had we should understand with this city it means you have to get part degrading my part the said broiler the threw it in the genitive people is a condition all this spring connections and this condition spring collection it freely I think you can call it like this along with you being put to the yards detainees of the connection should be equal to 0 and this of course is satisfied by connections with the portion is competent to stand in the way of saying that the the huge usually go by you have 1 of the following conclusion of international community here in the UK and because of this and this is the value of of the University of Hong Kong we need that excellence is the smallest of mental block about there being CP violation "quotation mark the question of the anything the oldest In other words you know it's now know that experiment that started looking for Newfoundland whilst in the form of supersymmetric mocked the fall of anything actually everything is open for possibilities and the 7 question that anything beyond their and for the people the samples we have seen that in our case these are the only possible because then they have been all the courses as something akin to the 11 with Sigma and with the neutrino masses and things like that but that the question anything observable little innovation In other words you is that the wall From that Sunday announced that they discovered in the news so far is single what would correspond to the questions were asked and that and then you for generalization order I would have we been exhausted in our analysis of the people 1 of the things he's going to do it all it's just the thing for obviously remembered that a long police said there is a non-Canadian mixing delisting levels does exist and this broken into steep losses each have you see and this week as you know we did my assuming that this condition now I mentioned before this condition does imply that the connection is via a bust me actually means if I defined which is the last day of absolutely journalists then you know that on the sofa example of unit cycle was you all posted Indy would go on to win the case in this case it would be used use would you estimate of the new unit provided you know this emission is OK provided this condition persists for you to sign off on because of a few years this year along the lines of what it is that you can use that as you use and he said You said this is the direction of the region you clarify Oracle which is you soccer here here we have to take a tribute comes to the right of the Jewish New year and you get you did I the actually agreed not you you have the were redefined you ought to be J you a few days he used to this is the question
of whether the goal the was environment of the actual decision but over the years use you know that you need to know we can see if you that this case archery and reality was ruled to find their way when asked before they are something like a hat and what is your new year during the war you know you can and do you really want to assume the regions Europe you law the course of the year and you use your views you have to a new era community you this year social scientist when you to be usually in dealing with what do the well actually you remember I was talking about the case where I didn't assume this condition is the thing that if you assume his condition and of course this reversal of Batchelder upon the whole thing going the at the end of this sort of thing that we have a the 2nd anyone here but you know it's not that anyone here she was condition would go into you will prepare a new storm Abu plus other than a year after the city particularly for the food and the so that the especially in the United to introduce such transformations and the what then Ryan and operate there for us and that is the quantity you can produce and then the suspect so discouraging testimony something like a on it she had to conclude the deal you know that there are several patent between about the outlook brightens several the there hairy can make without any loss of generality the consolidation of the online because you can always set May 1 in which whatever you have you had 1 more element and so that this is satisfied and the solution lies now remember actually paid or I just hat is equal to 0 and this was the order which hold the view shouldn't that left right actions commute with each other madam if we tried to computers Of this object with discovered the following that you're going on in the ad and then I want to get the be on we assume have last the only thing at some nationwide Japan let me look at the last out 1st to the last day of the 2nd give it the isolation only on a the new logical this the all I am behavior the 0 both who commutes again and of course that you this down because they idealized 1 this doesn't become a junior division so obviously I obtained my next stop which of
the OK no wonder the 1st step the 1st step this 1 I have to commute to achieve this this guy so obviously I get that damages had DDI into BG had lost some of them which is a on A the reality agency region but this a long to measure the Jr and this of course is they want known pointed at 1 but we are left with this stuff but this stone remember reading this you will know more than 1 condition which only that they had commutes with the be and of know someone entitled perfume 1 of the main it means that there is a connection revenue down and this you don't gamble at them as you know because this commute from this and be effective they couldn't understand was nothing about it can better than it can be written as and the data all also anyone With this is due in Britain the candidates and energy have been warned me not to that'd independent by monument of love worst depression islands in the area of diamonds and they all and its most obvious why City .period pick the dependence and those with a KGB before side so he's out if Durham's but once we admit that you have the standards that we introduce connection than in reality will go more durable matches than the 1 who requested them and these connections I would have settled preferred solution among your connection you can proceed without assuming lower than 1 could have had a very to be here the decision of the court the passing of the regional offices of the nation and the refunding of the United States and the inclination they almost as well as our new referred to all of you on the offensive against the industry in the United States and United will not occasionally as you younger very and I signed on to the title game in the office duration should also because there was I know that the situation is used to get into the union that allowing the there is this is the only it's an extension of the because all the limitations of his village and which is the usual fundamentalism in the this is what analysts purchasers the addition of fluctuations to corseted with the argument you capital and that the former some goal and I would just be issue fluctuate with respect to the news generated therefrom tuitions to fluctuate against it's gives you terms of the same form so in tuition Rosales delegation French regions which summary group look at the University of Science and more and more people in the world and who was arrested on this list is lands going for the duration list of their property Of the solution June should Maryland clearly most of the opposite such that AGB during his one-day visit said on 3 Strong conditions because you can always make it as such that kg regional posted equal it's the start of itself just critics of a lot of rising as a approach this point so this nation over there so we had out of order because they're their competition what informed the family of you the future of the clinician who was killed by a land and water and were and want to present to world results of the test of prices the the following stories and we you know what I mean is the last thing coalitions so this is the only 1 of the New York Times this is for the dozens of society the nations of the region witnesses of the it's because of the collection so that we talked about this a few questions what happens if you will allow Ford Escape practically all of things would look like normal banking because further of ordinal condition the have to combine images of the bacon must be attained by the king and of their knowledge we conclude the direct operating units ,comma the color but there will be the 1st of all the other HIV left Piglet imply that you engage groups is as futile right and to left and the Montpellier have you for politics so animals and this would be right laughter and color so obviously you know that the gains ruled in this case is that she writes the 1 major amendments this 16 so loud production long-cherished but now you're 16 American Hospital right plus 2 Alaska and 4 so for them a stained and this is the way
it's become comply and of course this is none of that but in certain models the Wichita let comes the full good what about actually How will the Britain looks we know we have not achieved that whatever happened to that of London amendments would be so you need not newly acceded the newly acceded would look like as followed in all of is that may give you a an example of this would be and so on the court could signal a the money will be used for a lot of time so it's still right to to left figuring that this type of music CDs and that alone of all vital elements are going to get that analysts remain illegal be jail so you saying at higher representations with respect to that issue to ride horses due to the cost of courses to 4 so you get nearly so there is no more 1 bubbly you have which is necessary because in the end you need money to to break the symmetry until the lawsuit that now you know that technical details because if you read part from the operators that sets fine more than 1 condition because of this and my group structure you adopt a Europe they've actually new phenomena when the Hanks In this hour composite of his youth of period so you don't they get independent the students there you know fees that depend on only a very small set of fixed seats which is the poor right to left and you get mother 1 which is good this is a poor right to left and this is to right and then yet so now actually you may ask the old Sigma so if you don't the question which all figuration would generate for me the stuff about mobile as it said and it said the following yet this was so they look upon if we take it to be being if we take this index to be 1 1 of them at of again this is the expectation value and if you think that I could be 1 of the areas that don't would get involved end USA similar then that and similarly to those guys we think it's quite being you take it to read that the available to 1 excluding the scene you think like that then you can show you everything reduces just under so you can obtain the standard model as 1 of the vacuum expectations Of the 4 series but of course the chair many back what the question which market due to consider that dependent is of course again I consider the following the basic structure is completely fixed so that I like gage theory engaged drop you had fight theaters like this 5 the following inventive I see it is 1st of all bank sector this computer services 1st and the settlement he added that brought on decay yeah we want to be the official people please give the very soul of concrete and well did didn't look I give your however the long-oppressed predicts a Dassault and then what possibilities you can 45 because of 200 210 thousand figure of around 120 126 and all the Achekian put and if you look at their potential you will discover that in order to let it get every prisoner 20 counts of some all of the people so Broomfield economic up help you in this respect because that many possibilities wants to start the game problem for presentations than many things are possible and the reality not I Ohio the example of that sort that in a nigger and unified the group why actually things they become very complicated for grand sightseers because 1 can say OK you wanted to concentrate as that we will also attend as I crossed the pheromones all administered in the alienation presented the however that's not only representation you that have actually many other presentation you know like that of cities this success in the 2000 statistics the petition for us to develop a representation allowed 16 and the only thing which you can have In addition when you popular spot election all the things that production of 16 you compute Nelson on the list on the loan for maneuver and the nature of it achieved its more actually there where you find 2 cases the Bill Gates 1 case in which you start from which does not satisfy or that 1 condition along with the you know the thing that performing fluctuates violently which is which shops under the state law and order during the German generate a pigsty which on which again this section is the only candidate ride them it's a lot to right to left and 15 and so I them you into them and blew blue-eyed to last well plus 16 3 1 left standing 1 line 1 6 and so on so this if you can have all if you
start from Indian Basel find audible condition because of the summer group structure you go out there and you stay there ,comma developed and in that case the exceeds that you can In latest these 2 guys at which happens to be polite cannot and this happens to be for the future have and then there's potential buyers become simplified as the priority in this case of course that their connection becomes quantity what that begin this fees than you have done you no 1 has to understand the phenomenon where there is some migrants staff and had to that of a vicious Q of this was that investigated that said it may happen Woods may but there was a possible that you can have more of this not all of them have this break in the case of 1 of his regular the stumbled mobile and in this case if you ask me in a lot of up and if this case Of course not even going to generate this due to Super right for example that should delight has extra the sheets and the 2nd for his use of course of depends with scan of onto the baking if you the breaking of the intermediate-scale review the scanning of the unification escape union involved get the front physics so it's too early to bed actually that 1 because you constantly in which 1 man can go beyond the standard mobile and the thing would have consequences but the thing of started seriously and government-funded the thing seriously because nothing in world that get the love you go to jump until game because as we say the possibilities many up there at the moment is fixed that wilderness 6 this you know what that enough expertise will come along the 1 thing about the proper problem is not actually the destitute people trapped by the salon on a triple right across the street with gross report must not have the problem indicate prop probables and the In this with this symmetry so you avoid and and the idea actually offered 10 best 5 mobile and that's sort and northerly mobile Melissa preferred the courts prosodic Islamabad and that is that the unification scale mechanism aims to put the exchange EVA there some cancelations so that this problem decay which is invisible and you know you cannot you cannot see it you need a case for orders of magnitude in order to become observable supersymmetric unification of just but here we don't have much of the problem through this problem all those books on it but it has no problem problem decay it has the advantages of unification it did give you physics beyond the founder of mobile but the visits below the standard model it's somewhere you know I unification Stadium which is something like that to succeed had that would be higher to the symmetry depending on whether the company was the need and whether you want to say the gravity that because you know that the the order the monarch and at the Pentagon on all along that some members of that would unify the unifies gravity of either the interactions and that and it is possible that the gravity those unified in all the guarantees of the plank of the building if I would would say 16 because you have relations with numbers coming in and it's easy to illustrate thousand with Olympics ,comma so that conclusion In the following and that if we allow the more general possibility in which we dropped 1 of the conditions on the local middle dramatic properties which is what call the order 1 condition although condition the views copper connections are blocking it they could declare that they could have wanted independence there then you can go to the Patterson a model but again this is uniquely candle thing apart from that only show which ended what discussed said that what happened if you ball and also the area now we stopped at the 1st case was by nature of their birthplaces 16 bubbling under the next dimensional demonstrators loss for fourth-quarter minutes dimension of 6 quiet would squad depending acute with them want to consider we you have to take care of them 6 of and may be out of date and feel free to accomplish what if we insist that this to be even game this will really take off and land for French lost and a message means you really have 64 families it may you a firm is the analysts said the big is to be accepted some people are still maybe in all this is about I'm not I'm not really going to want to do something very speculative and that any member will write you know we utilize a product of space-time finds so that president and then you say OK maybe this town for afraid Chavez also the Lawrence Group inside In a one-to-one can say some things but 1 has to prove it and that it's a realistic picture some people did this you that likely company but that's a suspect the suspect them not shown that it works and the allowable cemented by the it's a dreamy would need to many new family anyone until they find something I don't think it's that it's wet venturing into the fastest division of the New German so he's we use yes remember actually understand something which will be and I said I said it was say is that we have this relation between the change and that the summation of the square off then we did say I was quiet during this case the last and screw and the and loss of plus we have a bittersweet section explosion this will always be there this independent of what to do tested over the stealing overtakes he wants his skin makes you go out canonical Cottekill urging them stuck with this religion within Tony and I obviously it's not really possible to Wall way beyond what we have and it seems that the picture is extremely tight this year with her in all my time is up posts appear to feel the question and


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