On the cycle class map for zero-cycles over local fields

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On the cycle class map for zero-cycles over local fields
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The Chow group of zero-cycles of a smooth and projective variety defined over a field k is an invariant of an arithmetic and geometric nature which is well understood only when k is a finite field (by higher-dimensional class field theory). In this talk, we will discuss the case of local and strictly local fields. We prove in particular the injectivity of the cycle class map to integral l-adic cohomology for a large class of surfaces with positive geometric genus over p-adic fields. The same statement holds for semistable K3 surfaces over C((t)), but does not hold in general for surfaces over C((t)) or over the maximal unramified extension of a p-adic field. This is a joint work with Hélène Esnault.
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advance our knowledge of rules of the recitals Forest Service is aware of the evidence revealed so long as the also of the work through all means for example the National judges on resort the union also has offices in Poland the German virgins there is only 1 of them was saying was that they saw something of some of the people of all of the people so the solution is to further than rising origins gave them only as usual will the Government on the outside walls of the genre policyholders who move was disciples of the money was pledged that all-Russian women's 400 rooms has generated a lot Maryland soldiers by analysts only on goods desserts is the area that was all I needed a hazardous and I that no end for the 1st time this weekend the people who have just 1 reaching for song all 1st this like the while this still was the only what is it but the attempt was put it in the news others so I recall a the conclusion was that as he was with 1 of the Act and act as this is that she was 1 of the few at at the and there is no longer Wednesday at the EC ECB and the reason was that the number of the title went of the University of any sort these group International almost no individual written 1 usually Yukon there has to be released at Apple so that no individual reasonable this is 1 of the was the announcement of the subject U.S. arms about the answer is in In many cases .period halted during the 1st of the students all that investors didn't agree with all these years of so fitting is that nearly all of the provisions services of Republican will act as an act at well let's conjecture I was at the at the radiation once you're using is in the ones the varieties of do presented by the the university and the mention of Britain's them once a mentioned to act conjecture the group and analysts should be responsible and suitable sense where once song variety you can do that is through the rest of the world as an actor as an act as tho I was known as the US year so this is your interest and what is known as a security services were not originally produced then this would huge not presentable the the original but the color is what symbols in public and said that although the government is among the Member materials used in any mention the that means that at the 1st this year renewal description and they generally introduced in girls find it personally when screw through to the right ones the result of this is considering it at the time and there is 1 situation in which these will rose to its view is survived but came to up and act and refusing to be crossover questions during the new recall Maryland judging by the number of traditional at the time end of the month the theories based on the job because of the low assignments as I can what is more resentment is 1 of our duties in examples very controlled so many there is not 1 of become calls to the and United at at at the refinery Veritas substitutions in the polls .period require rather resulting from the stands at the concerns of through use of injected the effects roughly as you just individually image in the world and In incident in the indigenous Indonesians Israel's the people of all over the world and for example in crises interconnecting from used that the people of the region in so the numerous of us the events be thing and yes so the Israeli situation where use all of this was so from now on the militants I am so and you don't do that the FAA hot movie procedures and I I received at 1st it was until this year because of the procedural votes including the people of the engine act as the dean of the graduate degrees smoking on the
Net numerals and so I will to 2 nieces time slot is finite source look at the level of an Islamic slogans and that only strudel told I was told me the administration of the examples was didn't use your review of the King and the Europe Australia Due to the promotional examples of possible remedies that can get by but also at the scene the scene at the end of the so in the situation that has the whose structure or your brother was also below the reserve usually do so subtle all of us who have been considered overly expensive new people the Buttafuoco clear divisions in interview that's because the United States the history of the virus at the top of that because of its representative considering that fundamentals of and so security Magellan has been canceled resources you can alter the voice of the it also grew because of all the states but is there and those who this there year's justified it is probably the United at any 1 time at the end of the book where is the evidence this is finally back at the the act and he is in his all ended this means that he hoped the force and he asked at least 2 0 0 2 the state of the presidency during Israel's was it was like this is not the the on Friday the religions of the use of the others this the problem the complex numbers as you've seen the experience of security so there is little reason to doubt its only known as the something's going on university the instance you don't what you thought we were going on my friends which is really analogous to group for years so so in a sense is there and evidence to the effect that the worst is over when I used to design it's no 1 would like to have for the 2nd half of Europe which allows examples on the wall for so for this the the city at its finest to be sold to the surprise the and look at the memorial and the general tools to study thousands of cycles is this I will not talking with it is at the time was not yet so I actually consider amendments to the act so the dimension of variety and at news agency at the time of at the at the at the year-old arm he arm the use of the they odd are also this is the wrong area I think it is that you think of the level of all are you listening to deserve all are presumed this is just the beginning that is what is going to be going along what are the little woman it's because Hamas In the and this is finally generating that all but because of this union which is use with your farm on the Net the only there are no signs that there was no way to play this this will harm in that and all of the the University of what the rest of the world him he unanimous the this units was the lost and the region especially to the removal of the Act is what is known the problem is that at the end of the day the fact 1 of the few you will have to do this sort of thing you really did exactly the right to provisions of usually going to like this :colon group was for the sale 1 the 4 walls of the region generalizations on the other hand you can answer that anyone who opposes civilian bolted the use by using its image so this is the 1st time music I wasn't from the seventies tonight is on top of the initial work involved who initiated the 1st being the cycles involvement cycles using your hands by combining these bogus theory and moderate in Europe for the 1st recognized this when the begin to removal all of disciples of frivolity on average motion so we need to move back to the act of it's not worth the conclusions of the original intentions that I will I so Rosenthal series of papers about from using catering for some of the tensions over services for from and wondered if there was generally pleased with reduced during
Israel's for a rational surfaces and monitoring services where German producer in the whole of Europe something is seriously John In this sort of thing so this year and that can be read into the roasting plant in at so I was writing this afternoon jewel there will be no requirements In the end of the stress this enough material unsettling for both the local and regional securities and based an incident was an act that would give given user act and that there this was the I act of both locally and try to answer as news sources who is working for for services to the fundamentals of the history of 100 years so over local news analyst review the researchers from the results will be announced volunteers but also to show that the situation is broken effectively reduces the volume "quotation mark so that we are here the 1st year and conditions industrial and and university over at the end of the 3rd year through because the reservists also rejected arguments 1st the problem is not that the reservists and in this respect the following that bears his name and that of conventional weapons and the means that if were but at the end of the users wasn't so with me there's a lot but here it's very sobering variables iterations of its ideological 1 workers of scholarly review in this case and the growth of the reservists and the good news is really means that there's no there there words and the German government and amendments or is this L but as a litany of anything strategies or approval of the Tech we will consider all over the area or to his but the at the that but but at the moment there is no good at all to do with the rest regular the world the new laws that allow but about this will depend on the island that are so this reduces the police they here is it was unique in that it says is that all moratorium on this out this is way to go it was the through the wall meanwhile still resisting here so I think that's this is true social and other people who promote results in a lower yes there are the law in this results in a year or 2 in his durables reasonable and this was written neighbor of recently sponsored OK so long the characters and using system so this situation I knew that involved the use of space it is not the evolves most of the rest 2 2 this will be added to but there is a direct attack on the this article was not sign the uterus and construction of a new students for the at end one-seventh of all of when I was like a little at a time when the site was most of whom the government mangled solar the rights of the sequences the ministers the generator and before that was handled was going on and on and on and on and on it during the pollution was also used as an actor in a musical Oregon which political side 1 1 cycle of violence wants is that the cycle of knowledge will violent history and you're invites to this resulting from a regional alliance this year in this is a request for 1 cycle and Is that all to I don't at the middle of this in
general until their urine or intervention but also but the link don't it is a variant of the assuming that they assumed this also involved and that the faith all in all this talk about previous again refused to use any of the requirements of the law but there is a very serious and there is 1 point which is that Israel's extends to most of whom lost his mother you know that this is the moment to bottom of the 1st be on top of the resurgence of the fact that there is a case for for for the generation of the 3 services with the interests of the thought of the fall of the wall the size of the is possible and moderately environment using his involvement frustrating dueling versions of the little for the Nunavut results really revitalization using it loans so that's really is that 1 of the founders of the news at at the end at the end of this month was developed and is known as the local listeners are so this is really regional force envisages the use of reasonable provinces which rose from fact that we have the resources to do the most secure revised its at start of region and United at at the time of the year before and after the use of humans and the use of the extent of the police and the rules and requirements those working with at is because I know there many it was announced here is just that thank you 1 is the demotion was what it will be the intersection at the always sensors and it on the the components and incentive to you go to the outside of the Council of the 9th contingent on AT and AT and T among and only once and for different from the date of the sidewalls Unilever was like a brother to what is this president "quotation mark respirator which allows the job so that the 2nd part the user the new yesterday was so now we have transformed for "quotation mark me to something which is due to be honest it's the community roots so they have to use very special virus the generation of among 3 services and investors little literature about this subject you go out and I don't personally act as 1 of the worst and most of the cases were sent out of the closet .period where there is little reason many of the restrictions so you might want to be 1 of the things I mean that's the view of the city delivery service you sometimes mobile phone which are the interview was written by the it's so there is justification and if you use this attitude going off crowds the services they I'm sure you're here missions edition more services or room service is set to begin production they're using these 2 things you can't problem into a you great immediately following at so many of the from Jerusalem was little more hour later the estates
of conditions of so that the many cases in the service which generates 2 Russian services and in such a way that they drove less strenuous this year the new year give the questions about strangulation of year's about negative feature resolution of this question the entire party in general the logic of animals from the Italy wants to the this additional problems in New Castle the locals and soldiers at and once again most of the Over the notion that his the generations are not right it's only in the United States Marine units schemes so you have to marketed to this is to get it would mean the longest period of persons since the siting of this is that his involvement in the so the user as you know about this is that you mentioned you always say objectives this year was the result of the poor views on the proposal to Kulka Grafton said use of various university of such the news about assurances so so you know so in the last thing of is the review objected to the union the Verdi to prove for its approval of all of this is all about wanting to see a version of this song then at the University of Edinburgh everything else of value predicted but this is the case in the yellow In addition the viability of the objective of this so what's the big but you what is the use of the service and the result of the real as such there so that all regular and economical revival of people's faces from but this is not produced in Italy and I don't think will to get to the condition of through all the calls this is what you need to go through it I was on continued to global peace of yesteryear to use recapitalization and usually has a revision to the giants of jazz the fair and reasonable fears is that it's a problem although petroleum used what about the financial means Of the rest of the universe where it so as not to so Yukon and so on so personal that 1st step of the strategy here is year and rolled his eyes brimming any and you states at the Museum of Science Hill in the United States and the book as the exact story of policy issues like this is that it is available only in general and in particular is National City connected then it's not true origins of heralded leader of give us the encumbrances that if we have the results of legal proceedings on neuronal resource in eastern than those who got through the city of Mosul already remembered thinking you and you get in the same way that this move is through the the media that the novelist is prone to look look at the event they must use policy it was the majority also was the 1st thing in the universe that is produced from the loss of the season to become 1 of the over the some of the United manager of the city's resulting in the group with different views and you can get and the government is best for the 3 services which are not sustainable a real it's not version Russell of Martin's newly reason why the reason the users that is on the forces that will increase the specification August I waited too long In the middle of the use of air pollutants president without using it this most viable yes we always were but although there was some progress at the south so we thought because essential areas of his new show the results of this and not always here suspicion yes yes "quotation mark news of because of his role as the newsroom to start with the is everything the amendments on the conventional role which many of the justices there'll always favor the news is not very well understood and L 2 there's a better to molecules and at a level that an act and Soros said during this so using this will be a lot for the duration of his father and his major overhaul it's also services but at the end of and I really we are going to work with all of this I assume
that when this story and even the the original granted I think again raises the following will act as an act of the problem and we assume that the media all of this is our policy the those who lived there is visible in the car workers over there and do that and so have to make was Bloomberg consumption is about the said the AI R seems preventive services over financing as you this is despite the but at the end of the day at the end and injured has to do with the island variety so as you some companies are those who eventually will be looking for holes is the only institution act as an act of then that some of the results of designated as an act of effort propped up the back of the head and I was a woman and 2 . 4 points I'm not going to let the world know act the also In this situation very well known for services director-general of the World and the fire at the sidelines the United States and points to 100 and the device services come through just Rose forage on development of challenges the soldier remark at the 1st half of the draw curious uniform for the whole world it is very often the case that is the fight for 4 militants philology removal of include services I refocused its back but for which level especially in the face of a review travel services on routes services to the environmental rules we communities facing a desire is that the truth and that act as an actor the authority in the final many of these the remarks act is that this the government policies the .period 1 of the few alternatives to the Clinton tonight L so there's a little during the and wrong at universities that from ones and that the parents I would like to hear from the Commission on Youth is equivalent to stability of here this this long and so on police in the area utilization of traditional this unity is among the duties and the offered his work in the form of and there are naturally also group kernels because the problem is but server argues about the results of the Monday nite as the inventor during movies and the series role in this market there's also a new government in the nineties so you're wrong to go and with intention at Formula One at the end the results of which were conservatively all this should apply to all security services however displaying the results of our environment and our the group the 2 sides in the same way as well as for arrival of new neurons in the diagonal ball your eyes the size of a 1 also on the mold and those that allow users to remove
sections of metal is injected into the office but here in this situation we will actually grew up on a dog isn't it the leader of the group at will and of all so I want from the current international up to 2 is also really at the moment he was in the air we're going to have some of his enough but it's a process expected to last 1 this was not from the hearing to but there is always result recalling this ability I want to know about his kind handling of of incident at the center of the European Union as the director-general of the by combining the reason for the Government the rule is rooted in the fact that you can reach me at a little over month and because of the following a brief will you lose their lives and we won't be back at the end the you will also find themselves at AT and AT and Andrew went on and I want to follow his own solution must be based on the island of Rome and the environment from it but it was a coalition here is there at the end of of this year indicating that the jurors all religions of the world this is the of overseas which I believe is going to go back and that the president of initially and at the moment the wound up at the moment neither Israel's and in the entire world is being called the various bonuses they're all of you "quotation mark through this and just the major part of birthday is this you have to do something about it on your own P so the owners this is related to each 1 of the text of the generic and because the services related to history acknowledging that out this as relations the history of the region region fighter who was 1 of little after using the results of the vote the head of the facility the government waited for all services units considered so you're going to argue with what needs doing readings will that's a but a long Voronezh use of referring to himself is you always at the end of the original contributors on this year there are proper but many of the priorities the 3 and possibly lower virus or using Europe and because you're always treat and just as bad news from the nearest land on the moon and at and this is because the market for anywhere in the world your own awaits further than it was during this the lowering of the vessel that was in his use of the data in northern and central role in this part of the world revised no progress is on the issue probably it is this on the idea that you want to play the appointment of Parkinson's "quotation mark because of the use this this is the 1st someone on the phone from this the new user name you can use this space won't help you might include Windows 98 to
the know in all the world and 1 of the injured and to the person same of world AT and and at the end AT With the help of the book is about so it means just for that in the long series of overly nearly 1 out of the musical equivalent of good and because the is just a Europe that is used by the end of the day at the office of articles in the late when long the information that some of the rules of the World Bank and others desirable that you can use for this is a new Hoffenberg at least of the relevant 1 of nets and mentioned in the act as the movement here is reasonable and voted wasn't Users Group about the growth services and is the only place it removal of your use of violence or is also was involved of the voluntary and 1 of the 1st mentioned were lost in OK so you're almost on a new group of the 1st period the 2nd is the former the story will use the data for for the investment in production and employment is moved the 1 of the most formidable at the urging of the it is solid growth so if you 1st of all defiance news services unit nonsensical and also has anything to do with release form can result in some of the people ,comma reasonable but you assume that used the signal moment costing about what to the parents the individually but it also true that most users will want and so on so this is what wanted and so on until got loose on the receiving end of the meeting the services we would years the activity for this reason it is over the long run the so the steering gives itself previously served as dozens of for this reason it over or get in front of the strangest yielded promising results in mice selection from used in from John or and I want to finish by revealed on the purpose of this is not only an Indian news show you most of whom are used by the issue the latest version of what was said that the meeting so early in the morning this is to use the overall the entitled Europe which still didn't trig found at what they considered world for good schools if is not true in the group the group this year reduced by using an area of originally used to the then there then there are assigned to collateral because this or we have all the answers for a generator that is constantly related services growers in other parts of the world yet he was standing in the and
1st renewable fuels all the other parts of his agenda just and also over this research is part of the general well so we were all surprised by reasonable this year and 3 act that these words both sides video but there exists and that includes the movement the service both gold proceeds from the float in the world is the here where industrial base so we call on the issues the only contains information about the degree and buying on the part of because it was really looking this fall you're going to result in the whole world and you can think about what group at his little at the plan was endorsed at at and also that once notorious as the site of the known for its making we don't want to get in on the new that the president somewhere in the interested middle of this year was that both foreign and local variables like the urine from the bank is you can go over and over this "quotation mark this so there's no holes in the the hearing was the for the final of another experts national as far as something which I think it will produce the expected investors and also get examples over the when this very that such an example where the service is survived by a son of your food that is accompanied only and through the so what you get in the services work attitude which was organized and directed and the same energy level the reasons I Anderson or anything of that if you get on the wrong way that this is because of the need to abide by the rules and limit you never know what think it's strange phenomena over its arms irony many years ago for getting users around his results except when the price is using the launch of a petition with the notion that dollar will answer with some Republicans also hosted the local users will be reserved for veterans association with respect that also environmental candidates most of the so far worse than the same white hair dimension which could be interesting because needs for about good mentioned cycles congress radiation so you produced the thing about the outside world religions throughout that's about the only police were mentioned during the is this fall and you're going to to all of us and we will have a problem with all of the organization and an example of the following questions on his visit to the West who projected directly in the eye these are the only and the world is which of 2 men at 1st arrive it's known incidents cited so the goal is to promote stability in the whole year and that's something we really going mention would you like a the because you from what you want is for them to do I can't walk the good news is that from the beginning of the end of the year but its use not all that you have on the inviting all seemed anywhere there is a lot of the time it was for the material
fall from the unionist also doesn't want only their arrival of the new subsidies from the border of the use of your home and the site of the new writing during his 3 the good news is about that the loss of the these all I can do
so with the generation reasonable origins the union 2 local services which we longer and the start of each of the services I think we have have want there is no and after the announcement the government licenses In so you can see the world were the market of will I need to do something yes yes so actually there yeah With the environment I was result referring to the other so it's not a self-correcting in general was admitted his services but in general it's almost as if it were a variety which is in is that is said that the more you have to move out spite on the same day here in the form of a virus but I think in this version of the free services you want to win trivial so better again produced little fiber so the problem needs to get his examples literary such doubts but generally I received in Israel as the work of the view that the numbers during the 2nd year of the city where the it's the most number of you and your family the inflationary service is always but he at the moment we following a 3rd In the honorable but there are the areas of overlap only so we we have some versions of the but in the end of the No hands to say and then head that I wanted to in the same house which is how you know it's 6 something about you know that this the sole about this some passes to the delivery of loosely there's there's this year experience "quotation mark you very well during years that security was saying that so there is little interest organize only thinking of some getting used to the surface is the final result of the year and to this office by the so you have consideration where the services are attending and so on the study curriculum some of militants and still getting you go the bodies of the 4 major and minor exceptions from but if you will until that's the applicable to both the quality and commuter rising because the locations of the militant provisions because of statements made the industry some questions that kind think of something that you mentioned that there is a view that there was a time duration here guests who could give specific examples of the year is not a good thing because work with you it's all about it has authorized during her it's really use just approved a general sentiment the result is a member of the major multiple physical registration of Persons and and and reducing history work with the provision that the restaurant and certainly the mysteries reported getting enough money questions that would be the time to the state would like to remind you that this is the last of the major is still has the question of the year this place is used so you don't want to question their own pockets of user reviews the more local model the so it doesn't intend annual security means you won't have to prove that they should give advice during 3 years so what it is that the party think that he was the resurgence on that is why we do very well the National involvement what was on the loose Of all the original we support the and so the little during the hearing allows you to itself the devoted to this evening that in the year of New York but money-losing because you're not because this is where you read this as we move through food is not your ignore the rules this and will take assume Europe said there were no universal the yeah right from the beginning of operations due to where economies therefore we can use alterations the president so if many with them to the top the flesh


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