Real Time Imaging of Quantum and Thermal Fluctuations

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Real Time Imaging of Quantum and Thermal Fluctuations
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Tremendous progresses have been achieved in the last decade in realising and manipulating stable and controllable quantum systems, and these made possible to experimentally study fundamental questions posed in the early days of quantum mechanics. We shall theoretical discuss recent cavity QED experiments on non- demolition quantum measurements. While they nicely illustrate postulates of quantum mechanics and the possibility to implement efficient quantum state manipulations, these experiments pose a few questions such as: What does it mean to observe a progressive wave function collapse in real time? How to describe it? What do we learn from them? Their analysis will allow us one hand to link these experiments to basics notions of probability or information theory, and on the other hand to touch upon notions of quantum noise. As an illustration, we shall look at quantum systems in contact with a heat bath subject to quantum transitions between energy levels upon absorption or emission of energy quanta. Isolating the two indispensable mechanisms in competition, we shall describe the main physical features of thermally activated quantum jumps.
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and as time and what to so so I'm going to talk about the imaging of quantum of some education subjects related to its subsiding are measuring quantum system but that would let the leaders to make a new bid to to "quotation mark and "quotation mark nice offer clash occurred on or from the and the usual being and then shibboleth here and 2 of them in pathways 2 of law students attending inspired by takes some explaining which are then the canal Monday in several school and in this experiment history "quotation mark system in photons which I size from territory and the analyzer to try to to analyzes the quantum systems using metals items and should look at 1 of the better request permission through 3 other it's about upsetting quantum drums uh Falls is system of Victoria cavity solidarity is refusal to meet bigger it's a very I quit so it selects 1 frequency observed committee feared foods like fruits sick that you feel the quantum system Weezer and on our negotiators so there is only 1 vacancy on the basis of state of fuel system adjusts is induced by the mobile phone from inside the coverage and you have the time away as this is the last time challenges the fight is to so In In the Pentagon's fear was that for the measures the number of footprints as a commodity so it's a very good progress at sometimes Eisner tones of overtones so that is either jumped you to far a tradition only get 1 foot than another jump due to regain some attrition mailboxes office so when you look at this plot the new human wonder but a few saying that says you don't that in quantum mechanics when you obscenities then you have a bike action on it so what does that mean exactly to observe continues this time so Kennedy on are you actually observed that there is no settlement is the Nunavut is really knows a cavity Toys R 1 and so you may wonder whether but he said the amateur Japanese so and so you say that that generated by so much attrition he got mechanics some modification of new already the minister of 7 to become more obvious than that of the deeper meaning of the and the ones who have 7 so which is a Genentech which vendors Giants that's the kind of question we would actually so the where the observes the clarity was without destroying the system which is incisor currently isn't in his nearly all direct so as the use this same items for territory on the old
selves out of residue indirect measurements and that measure directly the carriage for the sake of that others items services and the effect Kennedy that the proponents human system by injecting some middle-aged affiliates then they prepare a bunch of fat with that at all understand that this is the better items to the cavity this among please during the experiments because of the faculty consumers has been selected by the cavity under the section of the of on needs to revise the that'll In the process of interaction between the kg and the actual so Nunavut to actually be if achieved Speight's sister and then this is the Spain mostly carried the on the money in the state of the cavity there we interact on the integrity of the on this day to get on top on the new measure speed after the carnage and do fund Amendment measurement on the on this being the that any time to do fundamental measurement on the battle you get some information about the Kennedy steps but a partial information on and that they way you drive into to the Medal on a committee inside the cavity without destroying them because it is it's quite distant is a tumor light without destroying it if you use your your eyes tumors of the 90 laps of the foot and you can't afford to do it to sensing using the foot directly about artists you have solved the footage to kids assistant so using the indirect measurement is a way to I do some of the money without destroying the system and this is good and on the emission
measurement in quantum mechanics it so that the the state of the system after the guidance was a Kennedy department interaction between the bottom of the carriage so this is coded
into the amazing music-related interaction but some attitude descriptions of the effective interaction for the system for that too for the interaction is that you guys and fertilizer and food to the cavity between wanted the speed of the it is spilled the atom by some noted that the bombing of the search of the coverage this year that is the cavity is given in step is additional Beaufort onstage remaining giving is that was a given number of 4 times but this year just got a citrus atom we the subject facilitation and by measuring Zaragoza politician done something with the number of into the cavity so that's when the use to observe jumps emissions of
Dunham as approach you can find them paper is a search not that I want to explain because this is this would be the abilities will study away so what is further so in the direction of is appointment he distribution function of the number football into the carriage fashion that you prepare the cavity it went to carry genes and given states face that the troops dead In misfit with a fixed number of photos just some pointed the recent function for 5 measuring a given values in Beaufort so that would be that this policy the distribution of the number of the photos into the Kennedy on it's time on the time is measured by the by as the number by the the number of foot always goes with the territory meaning that is a real Michael several days 1 atom Wielgus was the cabbage so here the number is the number of afterward was the carriage so the propeller stated the guarantee in some states they know it that new information about the state of the cavity so they start by the end of that which is a flat distribution for the 1st already distribution function is the fact 1 equities commissioners the number into the fertile new up about 7 because it was experimenting long to between change and then you led the atom was going through your visit to which the carriages so as 1 of 2 musicals for the Kennedy producer you get some information using information the point of distribution function of the number of for to the Kennedy said he would units assembled act going was with guaranteed to get more information so you'd better get a distribution function so it was a time when I had at the English was carried you have been appointed officials also I'm using the information we have got of by the measurement can throw at you see that the disposes of abating as a to distribution function shown every time because he objected to it it to peak value means that after said on the number of at 2 as grounds for the clarity of solidarity the full weight of the distribution function is picked as the figures so it was the most wiki 1 you we find 5 at them into the 5 5 foot in into the carriage but that if you do again dissented and so he can repeat the same experiment provides a cavity in the same way things that too agrees with the cavity on editing the distribution function every time 1 of them was with the Kennedy you will find another evaluation for already distribution function but she could still there to a peak value but it is the target here which is a mobile phone Toth which school bashed really upon the radiation so far on a decision you find 5 aviation refined 7 months and if you do a summarization refinement of it so using that is a big our them of the run because when you measure as I told you get someone and information because of the bonds the output of fuel measurement on on by quantum mechanics is this is the value measurement is on them but put you see that it is the resolution of on them it's like stochastic process that harm them irritation always go there for big so that the collapse of the function when you when you do a fundamental let alone you know that you find some value than were functioning collapsed with the qualities wishes function Statistical Abstract is big business users but some of the collapse of the functioning in the standards of pointed to the decision function collapsed no you may wonder but why you have such a relation analyzes if accused appointed the racial social collapsed when you every time you that and that when you have that this is submission New is wonder a whether these apologies Street distribution function of our fifth-floor prohibition of 47 Vatican on whether we will see that is only at the end of the process when does collapse that it's a 1st for presentation barely time in between is that if this will presentation because the upon which you started with so that's what I want to explain all the news that's who this not a debate about the inside the cavity of some states get from this desk at some point distribution function are there so you have to do for the decision Formula 1 which is it into the inside the cavity which is a true 1 but you don't know that when the Tristan does is to distribution function coincide the answer is injured on not unless the only coincide as and of yeah the use of the modified as it has this
Hanks debate modified I can fill that's what I want to explain the 1st part of the talks Bill for me that this is to explain his policies collapse and that Andersen about little we use this National to describe what it means to measure the system continuously in time quantum mechanics and use it to describe a court of law and so much attrition so let me go this was the 1st person the talks are good I want to this discussion again why it collapse earlier but they need to have dated 14 description .period so did we have so if we want to have started to so we have a quantum system then we have for which goes through salutes to the system under which interact with assistance of the debt and we got it we dance we went do the city of Medellin the poll we get some output value which has the value of the the visitors you pull measurements what is the value of of because it upon to come the conduct of the measurement which is run by continent so the widow of bed that you start with simple you have some you have a seat yourself at employed the distribution function that says that zeal which is uniform agreed to treat an apology to the mission functions something that you as a you have good guess on Italian boat that's addicted flatter with events trio the point is decision function than you do some some measurements also you gets 1 bit of information on using uses bit of information to a bed this is the situation you using eBay's awards knew that you are not clearly Modell the coalition ,comma ability to have his output condition the number of times on using his up really mad and you can find a nude in use tuition forceful apology distribution function conditions on the values you get for the output Madam again so this is the shots that was like not from that's your In the Shadow of that which is flat this the value of pool of full measurement is going on so you get around them estimates estimation of wasn't pointed his the usual function into the cavity at that time so that what you do in practice use quantum mechanics you start to use just days old I was never really modern for the Commission for the Army chief of staff some something on the poor conditions as that of the carriage also on than what you do is explain that you repeat this they by using the seven-step that you use as a trip or 2 distribution function the otherwise fine estimated after the 1st lady going when died so that's purely classical only reprinted for 1st the appointee distribution function we collapsed the collapse quantum just Jessica so that's what you doing the experiment and I know what I want to explain that while using based on quantum mechanics is the in in the experiment is that is there is a good over additional foot cutter mechanics will tell you the process of interaction press measurement of the poor so that's what I we I said that I would describe what happens during 1 2nd and then after everything you want happens on why you go there when you need decided at still I wanted to show that the most Michigan slightest thing at wide quantum mechanics "quotation mark for Bayswater whether Prince when you do the 2nd of interaction press pool measurement the fact is that the new system which is made of the 1 pool bond assistant to the Paula couldn't find you prepare for being at 5 where were the same for simplicity and assumed that understands the system is in some states side which you decomposing some bases which occur and found major in the experiment of record for the number of photos so it's that the state of fixed number of footage the collection selenium communications services is that if you we were doing the minimum of the noble Fullerton who refrained from on the output with some producers and functions which are given by this would use Quilmes crayfish that as quantum mechanics so is the initial step of fuel system of Paul persist then we just got a political fight that fight and stuff no we let the interaction with Liverpool we interact with the system during sometimes and this is quoted from the adiabatic which require you and a few remember in experiment this interaction West said that if there was a fixed number 0 4 into the cavity the cavity remains fixed number fertile so the interaction of better
was explanation was will additional his this was the ongoing depending on the number of workers so it means that it is true that states which are which of a fixed number of so that's
what we we assume that he told me that you better preserves the perspective of the Kennedy is the state's isn't perfect is approving this simply is that that with a fixed number of fertile so we we do this but this is because at the what we want to measure assembled some of us the redirection Will their offers interactive III attention of interaction Pressman is the mother of murder of a measurement so we want to move some of upset these observers estimated states so we want to preserve at the international preserves that of that of 7 West opposed it because if we want to measure some celibate only collapse sums that I've talked and we measure it again there were friends of set against this is a value of funds for 81 suggest we preserve bizarre parts so presented that we assume that they somebody else that protect resembles interaction on the article .period so you don't mothering if using weathering of interaction than when you let the system the interact you you will understand supporter so by United's act on it because it is the lead communication c of some of the action of fueled political fight and I'm from that was some question the same questions yet for on those appointed by Arafat and 5 so direction leave out from on as in effect on the state's 5 of the pool of money that was my audition so that instead of the system after direction now you measure the pool but he wasn't upset about O'Neal's appalled so the you act on part of the system we collapsed from my measurements you going understand Of the report here not to of but because of poor that speed on the grounds that the support action from among products entertaining effect on the on the state of the carriage so if I find I as an output of 11 months of the probe measurements and we've got its support that I am I grew up on this desolate modified at the beach the state of the Kennedy concerns understandably the metric system on which is a major interactions between 5 of state either to find by the matter of prisoners at the pool what the start of the current yes child-related made standing that collapsed 40 because it's using direct measurement that some debate on at the same season by the new appointees Commission functional within the cavity as children and because now it's you point is the mission of the number of Fortaleza square as his new on the tip of the Madeira Quayle for put is a product of Madeira square sewage system would square is in with a square of scene which is QC all times images quelled the coefficient which according P I and from which is a conditional probability of finding is a guarantee was instead 4 so that the new origin description some Chinese publisher to cure the old-timers Gration polar region under baseball so thick you otherwise base awards quantum mechanics in prize baseball so it's if is 1st full implementation of quantum mechanics to use baseball to implement the boys should do distribution function the the way that the fire could have failure the this year the 1st formula because period as the Commissioner Paul Weyrich the development of the fight so it's effective collision probability that it was wonderful when given value fight for it then so it's 0 so there was 1 there was no some here there was only 1 thing I found so the steps after put the ship optimism will be just the sum of unfair but that that would be a poor regions division would be there for everybody to fight high of for the moment 1st effective use of Grisham probability of funny I knew at the start of the carriage viewed by some of the finally he was here Friday normalization cannot but this is based also got good forebears also can abandon .period official functions using Bayswater on but that the process of system in I which features a need to the force of corruption is just Interior Keynes'-a evicting which I wonder where they said so if you want to fall of formulated to be differently you say that his nose category about quantum mechanics and that are in the initial history and formal apologies solution foreign crucible unusual upgrade you up really coalition collaborates with the pond interaction so pointed to find some measurements of the noise measurement given the state of the carriage menu of debt take a series of policies functional L using Bayswater on the dating I want them because the value of stage and still finding some outputs that bond ' s allies was employed to P and which is because of the mechanics the lets you know what I want to do analyze and see whether plants decision rejoin and when you materials when you increase the number of steps process 10 on the claim that we have Is that thus if you start with a pediatrician function In addition to expect since we remain fixed for every at the respects for a understood by conscription because they chose the interaction of achievement interaction preserve the carriers is that of the guarantees that was in with a given number of photons so but finishes banks at large anyone and was 3 feet it will become opaque but this is same number 1 on the bonds evaluation of the output you go it's a converted Call it because there should be very which is 1 of the Congress passes and we're sure not visible the .period based on anyone so that the collapse by his duties on elevating the body's photographs and then those don't ask what is the probability to collapsed were given the pointed aggressive argument that it is given by the initial apology this Commission function so that's fundamental words from measurement you collapse to a given died according to the official pointed his conversion function but that contrary to what we learned in books was a collapse is about when you demand among its supporters have collapsed because direct measurement on you get with anybody the speed the at which grants interdict if you look at the if you could ask to some targets flick with a good guy must that Q N of gum I would become 1 punch you end of I thought I 5 different from them we could lose it all language to the always permission
faster than the rate of these trees is some quality not copy I said to 3 outpouring fish this crucial function but it wasn't that the on elevating is using basil on it is a good mother and father "quotation mark grants so we just tell you although too poorly but 1st of would want to make a few comments that 1st what we learned from that the when we have tried to listen says ourselves then is that the there my mother tells it Of the terror that interaction for measurement is some kind of scope madam about because it's said if middle scoping because you become microscopically when the larger number of madam as guidance for the Kennedy and so it's wise a bicycle and Tyson from classical to Quantum because they don't standard of classical when last you have a microscopic system utilizing when you have a large number of wings the cavity is Lazare Lofoten makes is Jevnikar microscopic system so that it as when you have a large number of fat the who did that .period show from up close capitulation we'll tiny quota system that of the credit America you into the other after we welcome that and 6 years after I was experiment I read it in the paper of that e-mail that so you what that the grabs nursing mother the updating of the ignition device on the basis of additional experiments which is exactly what what experiment is the we Dec a full knowledge rebounds with using additional information we have on the system he becomes a we gets we measure of support and so with mentally before scrambled to prove that at that moment you have to wonder what happens if you don't recall the death output so you let the other system you have to pull away from the system you them for them in ineffective assistance but you don't recorded that the forgotten that it was so that you can see that Maine so it's certainly that if you don't have other the system is needed the question of fact elected again and letter is a rock on because it also got do that and yet are notably the freedom those orders are on which expect is the curiosity could have been system contact with a large reserve on attitude and check if you look at the consideration of the endogenous ,comma alone as they described you will see that the doors to Richards as a Gebremariam a month are concerning in the office definitely among the trees expression fast so if you don't have any meaning if you don't work the said that the new Trezevant degrees of freedom you called Ashura Richard Fisher jet 3 of the Korea but it's over so I think ionizing suspended 1 of but it's news measure in To the measurement of the mechanics of that the sector we use it to to discover which means to measure continuously in time because we going the 2 regions paucity of district the interaction of intellectual per 2nd as much as we but going that I want to to vote for it so we had will of decision function on them the define a process to a such the value to end forfeit unfunded on employer says which is defined simple reduce space with a refutation attitude the number of a photographer for the Committee of the mother on the storage especially the 1 injured by quantum mechanics of critical for is space already can shake that is true in Armuchee years so the on amounting because you between 0 1 1 on summarizes the Congress because which you that you feel women mountaineers including maturity and in a way so the that wanting a Martinez knew that there is I mean condition that means the value of the step coalition of the value at this the Commission the value of state and minus 1 included in "quotation mark too use of valuable that and minus 1 through modest because there that chewing a Arkansas so so therefore that the convention the new look at the fixed for items can assume some of mothers 6 it but is this it's necessary European distribution the fact that it go conventional explosive fast was quoted by the on Toby His into the fact that could call that it becomes a big value is needed to effectively guarantees uh it's Gross who spent his fissionable foot for the use of the output the that that was going into the measurement of pulled on independent valuable to provided bent on a digitally distributed to the frequency of he also some given value for the output is publisher to end we agree fission was deposed upon beauty but the question :colon the collision of the baggage that on using is that this report is a disliked can the Tuen callers forestry Liverpool His collapsed body Jessica achieved the employ executive expect completely the experiment because what I have done that I started when I this discussion sending the description of the quarter the quantum-mechanical is fearful of the interaction of the system I started with steadily Kennedy which actually I don't know what unease acid distribution QC Souls is a big thing he that using Truesdale understaffing initial value but I don't use it so my proved the trees experiment but but you can pull that actually if you do this same betting but with another truce but using the same variation of the output measurements you according to the set targets we spilled combatants and that's it's independent the value she so that we review them for and that's important to expand experiment because initially Donald initially refusal to start with accuser that you don't know which is not toward for the year that initially the pictures there will be distributed started with I'm using nothing to do with what is inside the credits so here that the Q and that you couldn't catch was embezzled has nothing to do so is inadequate to the truce was a true 1 if any and the other ports attitude have any acquainted with his duties Commission from when you estimate of the 1 which is a part of which is to say the cabbage OK that's enough for them Spain is based on that uh but before using it to describe attitude to measure "quotation mark amongst some education I want to the Spanish flu 2 of that you wisely can of Spain and seats another from to quantum um if you have the process that so far as the factory of Europe was that of key 2 exchange so
many and so you start with any support that X all a maneuver to 1 unimportant said that summarization Romania In some a major space you have someone in character that we demand that aviation of the policy for the party dancing but there more work Wednesday so that a new starters Patient exile the new law by 1 step to selenium interns so that's your work so what you see that when you look at such process for for the water will cause a formation of the London viable which I had stepped G is present minus 1 the new what information is in the notice distributed by Father Treadwell saying that Morris the what is that using the lessons only initial position so all the information is so come on dissolution of nicely that lasted 2 additional of time
which is not all that bad of states you this shows you that I will find this a dissolution of the patient In you'll probably just space very few want to at the could committed to set up for that but you have yet N an effort to his many friends you that all functioning which will be a way to take the position of the starting but if so it is important guests that set the annual social ends because it adds a lot of hope upset about on new investments H of the system and then you have but is the that backbone would plus-minus window on the walk on functional restates
tests value press the zoo loser by users on environment plus minus 1 undergoing tests and this is the end 1st 1 that would be citizen to the and all 4 of
7 from the end 1st pulled look at that's said the interaction assistant interacting with the city of it is not committed to dialog of this setup using the industry on imposition on so that support among them 1 on if you don't do any measurement I what to get of top instead .period something the state which is if it does the product an UBS space but balance the Tulsa political and 1st Investors which freebies the sensing as getting a function if you look at the end 1st some the answers stunts communicative function and at the initial
position on the "quotation mark available at 2 10 AM no evidence that that's what you do if you don't win you Madam no link with the economic any sifted measurement of the upset about and you will get a of vibrancy so get number which I won on which would be sent of it's in 1 of the all-black back to classical if you do
Maryland about 2 classical pose what is it this is "quotation mark quantum prosciutto this from followers of realize this is going to want to work on the theory that there is little that was left was the 1st thing I said to you now so a kick H S will be 1 of the lower you follow it invest based on the new protected Paul aren't as I did expected the dance to it I've principally based at 2 but so the that's because is the instrument is a lot of the notion of quantum knows I think there is a said so is nice Wachovia playing with the lives of quantum noise because he makes apologies series of quantum mechanics consider what mixing them with Cicily Prince the Socialists to prejudice that used to play with so the best amounted to to the woods a consequent up additional funds estates so so that's what we need in aviation and impact the subjugation sensitive information the system you can use this information to add back to the system stricken many predecessors and with other people doing explained what I want to use it as an application is tied to they said tried to use his framework to describe time continues Menominee quantum mechanics have proved on Sunday
when you do this template what is not among the you can reveals the quantum jumps to the West a citadel of having the courageous so better as you that if you do a measurement what is being done got a mechanics who fought all the dynamics always what we when was it that there's not a lot we don't mean fund them measurement continuation time because we freeze the dynamics so what we have in mind is that we have a system in which she even the account linked is easy it's deal-making eyes I'm eating any food so as would pressure from this but you kisses in Quebec with reservoir so you have this dynamics on the daily tangy severance you do inject minimum among the Registrar of another system on measure of sensory doing in understands that between these indirect measurement of the times that is the steps involved in the meeting on the disability there needs there are quite Dr 180 films at times that between it's interaction it's much much smaller than to the difficult times scale University the dynamic yet many genuine banquet amusement description of the process of that's what is quoted by 10 continuous measurements of quantum systems so the way to describe it is that it without you do not amount so you dates to topology distribution function according to the water they describe which can be some allies as contradicting the dust committed by some by analyzing it with a probably due to find out what I which is on them so that's on them it would issue because I am on the day we sample of which uses nomination factor besieged teammates received so that the indirect measurements also you madam and ornament measurements of the OK let's define for you when you the ready apostasy acting on securities so is time continues matter formulation that thus it enriches his we've evolved there will be 2 Italians evolution wine 1 citizen as anything any region from the old compassion on 1 answer to the maximum storage described before the delays 1 on the line not but can't come and if you look pulled off Speights said so there described by spin on the output you go out but if they do matter Monday the city of Speed Press minus -minus press so this is the one-to-one questions would all animal so when you take continuously made of of them this way the quoted music than quantities that other balconies continues to make of his own work would be effort to someone in motion so if you fail to going but then and what isn't and continuous limit of the International measurement is cumbersome evaluation which is driven by someone in motion was adrift and on the under a nosy down the film costs and .period suspects so that's good the afternoon requests most well-known as a ages so in particular we have seen that In your mother in is that the example of the kind it's eh the this his crucial functions of and which if any amount are marching in front of this process for the end of the and by if you look at the data making Silliman of of the dosage units received 35 7 at 2 To assist them was to live at 0 1 1 and if I want to move those of some of which is that I use it 1 1 the data and which is seated in 1 of all this is is business secure which is gentleman only as all has to be a mocking faced a massive identify you get there matrix elements it was it was a GQ has to be promoted to the meeting with the Martinez on his way "quotation mark articles testimony structure quotas it will because if I improve state of the art of someone but I'm after staying at their chief to review on increases ones with publisher to this factor the questionable making the speed at which you collapse if we avoiding assistance OK so that's just it companies we therefore they describe before no you can't see aware that went to the irritation of film actresses when you do "quotation mark is modeling done with everything in their addition always dissipative Yuvraj so should do it if you said the system which you would daily so the auto Bashir a new musical continues in time to see Sapin's so there was no measurement unit that the private system was yet is the obvious solution Everybody knows that school so that it is time 2 we are computer measurements is the time to collapse it's was bigger than the times Of the obvious addition you have no time to the you don't really matched from the obvious elation when you switch CDA which is position for it is for the day the components of the state's uh busy 1 of a dozen images so it is a time scale of the collapse is much bigger than timescale as a unit erudition you have obvious this striking although enthusiasts exam because you do you out of the system be big but because indirect manner but don't was situation if you this is a time scale than that of the collapse is much bigger much more than the time scan of evolution you have giant needed the stats you whether this is the very quickly so collapsed so investor policy to collapse in the 1 but since it said that look the president could complete because it's placed the television as time to do something sometimes you can't back to 11th region from the old 1 this has been observed that serve I said Jennifer and there with al-Bashir answer to the measurement of the process continues back the times can between the 2 actually the was time of the collapse because it a time is then to Grubbs was Coast was able to do that UES stand to Hakim grabs completely on the in it in such a way you with colossus is that we stayed that I differed over the I'm Ethan and that so that's many official sources in Norfolk but what I want to describe his letter but ones that inflation is not carried out but when standards in contact with reservoir so it began nervous system "quotation mark insistence in contact with bizarre at some pressure on you indirectly the and so we should prepare which through you know that if you them as I analysis that there will be a guest at the 2 of the on users of white as they look passions I was this kind of thing added to our small so that's what you have said you will see that energy industry which is good isn't as useful from is that we very I value the new collapsed by giant of then generation region was avoided because it is a lot of very low temperatures as recalled engines so the way to describe it is again the fencing as summers before yeah some kind of disability evaluation which is described uh denied this was indeed a relations good quantum the genetic code "quotation mark the acquisitive map so it's some kind of quantum Herndon Command all-important system preserving placidity in the well and that's what he said would description of the quarterly reshuffle consistent for the cause of are off so that disaffected is 90 deterrent because as a the Sunday there was only 1 down in the Senate would be down his eyes mother them it's not direct and then acid as to that you have the measurement evidence that human activity directly so I described before so you couples 2 says that what the dissipative edition of the minimum reaches a opposed you want to see what happens so what you see that again is is a time of the collapse is very much mothers and parents needed to relax 2 Dominican Bantul acts you refrain giants on to describes and it's incredible to accord him in Italy to put him in each other uh somewhere additional diversity which assists which we were relaxed to the gives 2 other gives states since there was no measurements available on the new edition which invented a measure so again this is 1 the the man on the refers to the motherland is driven by 1 emotion which could force output of the Netherlands the letters from families linear should call their keep stats you there was no but the stem Q which is mail components of the dust which 6 investor's states but because of his system which we observe that uh you we have sounded jumped me that's the university Mississippi was spent let that no tough time actually goes to the wall was states we goes to the 1 that was and the incident we jumped to a value close to 1 with a series of Nazar contribution because of that 1 effect of the measurement when you don't form statewide to war to 31 for the present but free and so this is done by adjusting used by the the measurement than In idiomatic says no don't jumpy dynamic into the it is a process in which if you get the illusion of that is that the answer to a question posed as the jump Agena debated in this morning sector ,comma process when you jump from 1 minima before put us into another 1 on the junta oranges president but it is nice to know that but that was just due to the effect of the monument that you do in the system the initially denied completely so it you can see on that the good fight with the plan and the auto pressure when you consider the effects the timescale between the gentleman finite went down too collapsed goes to Israel on the Apple version to the Election there at time he stands down spending goes to the state 1 approaches to deal Of the ratio are given the factors as a Chubais by good city but there is a logic an absolute and complete everything but the sentence because the giant but it what you can check out so that the genetic you can announce something with the beginning as the job for the demand that In news slacker we learn in school there proper they have to be careful and planted them from the old 1 understand his publisher to the core and who goes to the always very small but they the denigration of the fact forbidden to the collapsed and me that the dynamics of the gender of the bombings on the way you upset assistant for quantum Jones is what I said and that is a good idea to the bonds you it said so 109 mile above them on wants to but on them but you can do now is try to 2 With this with which we are trying to do is too with modern situation but yet you out of here with a situation where you have to is I want to go over transfer between the 2 is a the torso of jostle for energy and absurdities times this was good acidity that that's the experiment that he was the polluted severed transport of charge in quantum dots on a source only you freeze described his his sources but thank as long as the temperature at the moment and it resolved with political remove from all of you I want to do this and this and this was the worst thing of all the only there is a lot of work to do we beijing's nontraditional because erm Charles goddess of what the political winds describing is up to you are the back along with supporting thousands of persuading of the effects of it but he was aware it was looking at the New York Daily me needled service that we just as for if I want to observe something at some time so that we observed between tuned to press visitors is left for other regions that can sometimes all Nunavut it to respond she effectively described dosage matrix which is not the same thing as they are you upset caught so because quantum-mechanical within the group said separately seemed to have him back actions system which is not couldn't work with Primakov was describing his


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